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Story, William W. A Treatise on the Law of Sales of Tyndall, John (LL.D.). Fragments of Science for Vasci

Personal Property, with Illustrations from the Foreign entific People. A Series of Detached Essays, Lectures,
Law. 4th ed. By Edmund H. Bennett. 8o, pp. lxxxi, and Reviews. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co.....$2.00
677. Boston, Litde, Brown & Co. Shp...... $7.50 Same. Eng. ed. 89, pp. 450. N. Y., Scribner, Wel-
STREETS (THE) AND LANES OF A City, Being the Remi ford & Co...

$5.25 niscences of Amy Dutton. With a Preface by the Bishop

Tyng, Stephen H. (D.D.). Christian Titles. A Series of of Salisbury. 12°, pp. 168. N. Y., Macmillan & Co. $1.25

Practical Meditations. New ed. 12°, pp. 354. N. Y., Strong, Prof. Theodoro (LL.D.). A Treatise on the Dif Evang. Knowledge Soc..

..$1.25 ferential and Integral Calculus. 12°, pp. viii, 617. N.

* Tytler, 0. O. Fraser. Jasmine Leigh. 128, pp. 293. N. Y., Clark & Maynard....

Y., George Routledge & Sons.....

- $1.75 Stroud, Wm. (M.D.). The Physical Cause of the Death of

* Tytler, Sarah. “Noblesse Oblige." An English Story of Christ, and its Relations to the Principles and Practice of

To-Day. Cr. 89, pp. 600. N. Y., George Routledge & Christianity. With a Letter on the Subject by Sir James


$2.00 Y, Simpson, Bart. (M.D.) 12oN. Y., D. Appleton & Co...

• $2.00

. - and J. L. Watson. The Songstresses of Scotland. : SUNDAY SCHOOL WORLD. See Gray

vols., post 8o. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons.... $5.00

Underwood, Francis H. A Hand-Book of English LiterSUSTE'S SPECTACLES. (New 8500 Prize Series.) Illust.

ature ; Intended for the use of High Schools, as well as a 16o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co.....


Companion and Guide for Private Students, and for gen SUZANNE DE L'ORME A Story of Huguenot Times. 16°, eral Reading. Vol. I., British Authors.

Cr. 80, PP pp. 299. Cincinnati, Hitchcock & Walden

.. $1.25 Xxxviii, 592. Boston, Lee & Shepard... - $2.50 Swift, Maggie. Pro and Con. A Story for Boys and UNITED STATES. Reports of Cases Argued and Deter

Girls. Ilust. 16o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co....$1.25 mined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the SYLVAN GLEN SERIES. 4 vols. 16o. Cont. :--Breaking

Vol. 7, 89, PP.

Second Circuit By Sam. Blatchford. the Rules ;-Out of the Wilderness ;-Jamie Noble :

vii, 606. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp...... $7.50 Deeds Louder than Words. Boston, H. A. Young & Co. See also Abbott; Robinson ; Tileston; Wharton.


VERSATILITIES. See Newell. TABLE (THE) OF OUR LORD. 12®, pp. 279. N. Y., Evang.

VILLAGE SCHOOL CHOIR (The). From the German by Anna Knowledge Soc..............


B. Cook. 18°, pp. 168. Phila., J. P. Skelly & Co..60C Talmage, Rev. T. Do Witt. The Evil Pieast. Temper. VIOLET FLETCHER'S Home Work. 16o. Boston, D. Loance Sermons, No. 3.) 16°, pp. 23. N. Y., National Tem

throp & Co.....

$1.25 perance Soc. Pap....

.....15 c.

VIRGINIA. See Pollard.
Taylor, Rev. Charles B. Found at Eventide. The true
Story of a Young Village Infidel. 18°, p. 95. N. Y.,

Volckhausen, Ad. von. Why did He not Die! or, the

Child from the Ebräergang. From the German by Mrs. Carlton & Lanahan.

......35 c.

A. L. Wister. 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. $1.75
Taylor, Geo. H. Paralysis, and other Affections of the
Nerves ; Their Cure by Vibratory and Special Move-

Walker, Mrs. Mary Spring. Down in a Saloon; or, The

Minister's Protégé. 16°, pp. 274. Boston, Henry Hoyt. ments, 12°, pp. 149. N. Y., S. R. Wells........$1.00

$1.50 TEN ACRES ENOUGH. New ed. 12°, pp. 255. N. Y., James Miller

$1.25 : pap. 75 €.

Wallace, Alfred Russell (F.R.G.S.). A Review and

Criticism of Mr. Darwin's Descent of Man." 16°, PP. Tennyson, Alfred. Complete Poetical Works. (Author's

36. N. Y., Aug. Brentano. Pap....... .......25 C. Household edition.) 12° Boston, James R. Osgood & Co........


Notes and Comments. Forming a continuous Narrative Thompson, J. O. Gardening Made Easy for the Million.

of the War between Germany and France. With Maps. Every Man his own Gardener. 32*, PP. 40.

a vols. Cr 8'. N. Y., Macmillan & Co. Per vol. $2.25 George F. Nesbitt & Co. Pap....

......10 C.

-Same, with Addition on Culture and Preserving Sweet Anna B. Cook. 189, pp. 154. Phia., J. P. Skelly & Co.
Potatoes. Pap...
.....15 C.

60 c Tileston, Edward G. Hand-book of the Administrations

Wharton, Francis (LL.D.). Precedents of Indictments of the United States; comprising a Synopsis of the lead

and Pleas, adapted to the use both of the Courts of the ing Political Events in American History, from the Inaugu. U. S. and those of the Several States. Together with ration of Washington to the present period. Also, a Record

Notes on Criminal Pleading and Practice, embracing the of Contemporaneous English History. With photographs

English and Amer. Authorities generally. Third rev. ed. of the Presidents, from Washington to Grant.

2 vols. 222.

89, pp. xxxiii, 600 ; xxxiii, 754. Phila., Kay &
Boston, Lee & Shepard.
$1.50 ; large paper Bro. Shp...

See Hope.

Wheelwright, Samuel T. A New System of Instruction

in the Indian Club Exercise ; containing a simple and ac Tourjee, E. A Plea for Vocal Music in Public Schools. curate Explanation of all the graceful Motions as Prac An Address, together with Extracts from Horace Mann's ticed by Gymnasis, Pugilists, etc. 89, pp. 41. Illust

. 8th Annual Report to the Mass. Board of Education. 12°, N. Y., Thomas O'Kane.


... $1.00 Boston, Alfred Mudge & Son.

Whitney, J. D. The Yo-Semite Guide-Book. With maps. Townsend, Virginia F. The Mills of Tuxbury. Illust. Pocket ed. 18°, pp. 133. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. 16°, pp. 363. Boston, A. K. Loring...

$1.25 TRAPPER's (The) NIECE. (New $500 Prize Series). II. Wilford, Florence. Nigel Bartram's Ideal. 8*, pp. 125 lust. 16o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co.....

$1.25 N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap.... TRIAL AND CONDEMNATION OF JUDAS WOMAKER. A Drama. Williams, Henry W. (M.D.)

Our Eyes, and How to 189, pp. 36. N. Y., Nat. Temperance Soc. Pap...15 C. Take Care of Them. 16°, pp. 103. Boston, James R. TRIED IN THE FIRE. A Story in the Life of Faith. Must. Osgood & Co.....

$1.00 16o. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co......

$1.25 Williams, William R. God's Rescues ; or, the Lost Sheep,

The Lost Coin, and The Lost Son. Three Discourses on TRIFLES. By A. K. D. (New $500 Prize Series). Illust.

Luke xy. 169, pp. 297. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co........

12°, pp. 95. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph &

Co. TRUE TO His FLAG. (Drayton Hall Series, vol. 6.) By Wilmer, Margaret E. The Lestrange Family. 16°, pp. the Author of "Golden Ladder Series," etc. Illust. 214. N. Y.,

Robert Carter & Bros...

$1.00 16°, pp. 184. N. Y., Robert Carter & Bros........75 C.

Wilson, John. A Treatise on English Punctuation
Trambull, Chaplain H. Olay. The Knightly Soldier. A Designed for Letter-writers, Authors, Printers, and Cor

Biography of Major Henry Ward Camp, Tenth Conn. rectors of the Press; and for the use of Schools and Acad.
Vols, 6th ed., revised. 120, pp. 335. Boston, Noyes, emies. With an Appendix, containing Rules on the use
Holmes & Co...

$2.00 of Capitals, a list of Abbreviations, Hints on the Prepara,

tion of Copy, and on Proof-Reading: Specimen of Proof Tuttle, Rev. J. F. (D.D.). The Way Lost and Found.

Sheet, etc. 19th ed. 12°, pp. xii, 334. N. Y., Woolworth, 16°, pp. 285. Phila., Presb. Board of Pub....... $1.00 Ainsworth & Co....



N. Y.,

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PP. 22.


.50 C.


.75 C.

WINDFALLS. By the Author of "Aspects of Humanity." 12°, WRECK (THE) OF THE LITTLE SHIP. By Luo. Sq. 16€, pp. 108. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. $1.00 pp. 40. Phila., Alfred Martien..

.60 с. Woodhull, Victoria 0. The Origin, Tendencies and Prin- Wright, Mrs. J. McNair. The Best Fellow in the World. ciples of Government; or, a Review of the Rise and Fall 12°, pp. 360. N. Y., Nat. Temp. Soc..... $1.29 of Nations, from carly historic time to the present, with Yonge, Miss O. M. Beechcroft. New ed.

Illust. 12°, special Considerations regarding the Future of the United PP. 303. (Vol. 4, of Series.) N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. States as the Representative Government of the World,

$1.00 etc. 80, pp. 247. N. Y., Woodhull, Claflin & Co..$3.00 YO-SEMITE VALLEY. See Hutchins ; Whitney. Woolman. The Journal of John Woolman, with an Intro YOUNG MECHANIC (THE). By the Author of "The Lathe duction by John G. Whittier. 12°, pp. viii, 315. Boston, and its Use." Illust. sq. 16°, pp. 300. N. Y., G. P. Jas. R. Osgood & Co.. $1.50 Putnam & Sons......

$1.75 WORLD Essays. See Among My Books.

Zell's Popular Encyclopædia. . A Universal Dictionary of Worth, Mrs. L. L. Smith's Saloon; or, the Grays and English Language, Science, Literature, and Art. By L. the Grants. 169, pp. 299. N. Y., Broughton & Wyman. Colange. With numerous illust. 2 vols. 4°. Phila., $1.25 T. E. Zell. Per vol., shp. $17.25; hf. mor.......




For complete titles see " Alphabetical List" under the italicized words. WORKS OF REFERENCE. -Appleton's Annual Encyclopæe of Wonder in California.- Macdonald, Siam.- Mitchells dia. -Brewer, Dict. of Phrase and Fable.-Ebener, New Outline Maps. - Pollard, Springs and Mountains of Words. McElrath, Dict. of Commercial Words. Soule, Va.-Whitney, Yo-Semite Guide-Book. Dict. of Synonyms.-Zell's Popular Encyclopædia. POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE.-LAW.-Abbott, U. S. THEOLOGY, RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY.-Allibone, Union Bi Courts.-Butler, Lawyer and Client.-Claflin, Constible Companion. – Anderson, Regeneration. - Baptist tutional Equality a Right of Woman.--Corvan, Justices Hymn Book.--Barnes, Epistle to the Romans.-Berke of the Peace of N. Y.-Fawcett,' Pauperism.-Flanders, ley, Works. - Bible. --Bickersteth, Rock of Ages. Law of Fire Insurance. - Great Britain, House of Burgess, What is Truth ?-Colenso, Abstract on Penta Lords Cascs and Chancery Reports.--Heard, Curiositeuch.-Daily Prayers for Young Communicants.-Davis, ties of the Law Reporters. -1 Uinois, Digest of Reports. Death and After-Life.

Dexter, Congregationalism. - Lawyer's Docket. - Michigan Reports.--- Mississippi Dick, Philosophy of a Future State.-Ellicott, Prayers. Reports.- New York, Precedents in Actions.-Ohio -Fifty Catholic Tracts.-Froude, Calvinism.-Greene, Reports.-Ray, Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity: Facts of Consciousness. - Hall, Notes on the Gospels. Robinson, Courts of Justice.-Stephen, Pleading in Civil Hamilton, Lessons from the Great Biography:-Hanna, Action.-Story, Law of Sales.- Tileston, Administrations Life of Christ.-James, Transcendental Philosophy: - of U. S.--United States, Blatchford's Reports.- Whar. Jones, Kingdom of Heaven.--Krauth, Conservative Re. ton, Precedents of Indictments.-Woodhull, Governformation. -Lacordaire, Conference on God.

Love of Jesus.-McCosh, Christianity and Positivism. -McElhin MEDICINE, SURGERY, HYGIENE.-Attfield, Medical Chemis Key, Doctrine of the Church.-Mansel, Metaphysics.- try.-Buchan's Domestic Medicine - Chavasse, Woman Martin, The Atonement. - Moody, Popery and its Aims. as Wise and Mother.-Elmer, Physician's Handbook, Mansell, Psychology. - Naville, Problem of Evil..

Fleming, Animal Plagues.-Harris, Dentistry.-Hope, Nenport, Indices to a Revision of the Scriptures: Till the Doctor Comes.-Jeffries, The Eye.-Laurie, Questions of Modern Thought. Randolph, Sober

Homoeophathic Domestic Medicine.-Lewis, Talk about Thoughts on Staple Themes. ---Reasons for Returning to

Health. -Ray, Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.-WizChurch of England. --Sadler, Abundant Life. --Scuda

liams, Our Eyes. more, Steps to the Altar.-Shedd, Sermons to the Natural Man.-Shipley, Counsels of Holiness of Life.-Ste

SCIENCE. — Abbott, Heat.-Attfield, Chemistry.-Jen phen, Service of the Poor.--Stevenson, Christ on the

kins, The Barometer, etc.-Mason, Reduction Table for Cross.--Stroud, Physical Cause of Death of Christ.

Qualitative Chem. Analysis.-Tyndall, Fragments of Table of our Lord. -Tyng, Christian Titles.-Williams,

Science. --Wallace, Review of Darwin. God's Rescues.-Wind falls.

MECHANICS, TRADES, COMMERCE, ETC.-Bolton, Telegraph EDUCATION --Text-Books.--Banvard, Great Promises of


Romance of Trade.-Callingham, the Bible --Banvard, Little Pilgrim Series.- Blackburn, Sign Writing.-Ernst, Commercial Calculations. ---For V. S. History.--Bliss, The Charm.-Burns, Steno-Pho syth, Designs for Headstones.-Francis, Lowell Hy: nography. - Cæsar, Hanson's. - Cicero, Hanson's. draulic Experiments.- McElrath, Dict. of Commercial Corson, Anglo-Saxon and Early English. The Expiation Words.-Riddell, Elements of Hand-Railing.--Sloan, (School Drama). - Gray, Sunday School World. City Homes, Country Houses, etc. - Young Mechanic. Maury, Manual of Geography. -Mimpriss, Studies on the Gospels.- Mitchell's New Outline Maps. -Ogden,

RURAL AND DOMESTIC (See also Medicine).-Allen, ComSilver Song.---Randall, Hist. of Common School System

mon Things.--Cassell's Household Guide.-Cornelius,

Cook Book.-Greeley, Farming.-Harland, Common of N. Y: ---Rosewald, Solfeggio, 60 C.-Saint Louis in Chains (School Drama).-Smith, Smaller Scripture His

Sense in the Household. - How to Get a Farm.-Levy, fory: -Sophocles, Antigone, Smead's.--Sophocles, Electra,

Jewish Cookery Book.-Lewis, Poultry Book. ---Mer

rick, Strawberry Culture. -Our Farm of Four Acres.Jebb's . --Soule, Dictionary of Synonyms.

--Strong, Differential and Int. Calculus.--Underwood, Hand-Book of

Purdy's Small Fruit Instructor.--Rand, Rhododendron Eng. Literature. - Wilson, Punctuation.

and "American Plants."- Richardson, Englishman's

House.-Ruth Russell's Rules for Making Bread and HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, ETC. -Adams, Temples of Ancient Biscuit.---Ten Acres Enough.—Thompson, Gardening Greece. --Last Letters of Rich. Allen.- Appleton's An Made Easy. tual Encyclopædia.-d'Aubigné, Hist, of Reformation. Bayne, Life of Hugh Miller. -Blitz, Fifty Years. -Boyd,

SPORTS, GAMES, ETC.-Chadwick, Base Ball (see also Reminiscences. -Brockett, Year of Battles. -Brodhead,

Dimé Books).-Forrester, Fishing. ---Nugent, Acting

Charades. – Rorer, Croquet. Hist of N. Y., v. ii.--Brougham (Lord), Life.-Chal

Stonehenge, Rural lice, Memories of French Palaces. --Cooke, Life of Robt.

Sports.-Wheelwright, Indian Club Exercise. Young E. Lee. -Life of Alex. Jas. Dallas.-Ellis, Mem. of

Mechanic. Count Rumford. --Fairbanks, Hist. of Florida.-Halsey,

LITERARY AND ART MISCELLANY.-Burroughs, Wake Life of Rev. L. W. Green.-Hyacinthe, France and Ger Robin.-Carlyle, Sartor Resartus.-- Collections of Casts. many-Janes, Wesley his own Historian.--Moran, Life

- Forsyth, Novels and Novelists of the 18th Century... of O. Plunket

. Neill
, English Colonization.


Griffin, Studies in Literature.-Hall, Papers for Home Life of Major André.- Tileston, Administrations of u.

Reading.-Hood, World of Moral and Rel. Anecdote, S.-Trumbull, The Knighty Soldier (Major Camp).

Hutton, Essays.-long, Art.--Monroe, Public and Pas Wer Correspondence of Daily News.-Woolman, Journal.

lor Readings. - World Essays. GEOGRAPHY, TRAVELS, STATISTICS, ETC.-Bill, Minnesota. POETRY AND THE DRAMA.-DeWitt's Acting Plays.--Ex-Crofutis Tourists' Guide. --Handbook for Immigrants. piation (The).-French's Drama.--Harte, Heathen -Hunnewell, The Lands of Scott. Hutchings, Scenes Chinee.- Hay, Jim Bludso.-Hay, Pike County Bal

lads.-Hymns and Poems for the Sick. Lazarus, Admetus.-Longfellow, Poetry of Europe. --Milton.Nervell, Versatilities.-Nugent, Acting Charades.Saint-Louis in Chains.-Stephens, Convict One.-Ten

nyson, Poems.-Tytler, Songstresses of Scotland. HUMOR AND SATIRE.-Fight at Dame Europa's School.

Ginx's Baby.-Gray, Castles in the Air.-Harte,
Condensed Noveis. - Harte, Heathen Chinee. ---Hay,
Jim Bludso.-Hay, Pike County Ballads.--Monroe,
Public and Parlor Readings. --Newell, Versatilities.-
Rowley, Gamosagammon.
FICTION.-Adele Cathcart, MacDonald.-American Car.

dinal. - Anteros. — Beechcroft, Yonge. - Blockade of
Phalsbourg, Erckmann.-Bragelonne, Dumas.-Bread
Winners.-Callirhoé, Sand.--Conscript, Erckmann.-
Countess of Monte Cristo.-Dime Books.—Dion and
the Sybils, Keon.-Foe in the Household, Chesebro'.-
Gabrielle André, Baring-Gould.-Good for Nothing,
Melville.--Head of the Family, Muloch. - Hotel du Pe.
tit St. Jean.--How He Did It, Dupuy.-Invasion of
France, Erckmann.- Jack in the Forecastle, Sleeper:-
Jasmine Leigh, Tytler.-Life's (A) Assize, Riddell.
Lost Life, Moore.--Love on the Wing, March.-Mar-
quis de Villenner, Sand.-Married for Both Worlds,
Porter.-Mills of Tuxbury, Townsend.-Monarch of
Mincing Lane, Black.--Nigel Bartram's Ideal, Wilford,

“Noblesse Oblige,” Tytler -- Ogilvies, Muloch. Poet's Bazar, Andersen.-Sartor Resartus, Carlyle. Scott._ Twenty Years After, Dumas.-Thecla, De La Grange.-Tried for her Life, Southworth. --Truce of God, Miles.--Waterloo, Erckmann-Chatrian. Why

He Did not Die, Volckhausen.-Wife of a Vain Man,

JUVENILE AND S. S. Books.--Agate Stories.-Agna
Carrelton. -Alice Leigh's Mission.-Ashcliffe Hall, Holt

. -Best Fellow in the World, Wright.-Carl Bartlett, Erickson. Children of Mt. Ida, Child.- Country Children in Town. Cyril Ashley-Darry's Motto.- Desk and Debit, Optic.-Digging a Grave with a Winc Glass, -Diligent Dick's Library.--Docia's Journal.-Dora's Motto, Mather's.-Down in a Saloon, Walker.-Edgar's Struggle.-Edith Prescot, Marshall.-Flower by the Prison.--Found at Eventide, Taylor.--Golden Motto Series. --Heat, Abbott. SHelen Freeman.--Hester's Fortunes, Plunket. — Lestrange Family, Wilmer.Little Castlemaiden, Greene. -- Little Pilgrim Series, Banvard. - Locust Grove Stories. -- Lynda Newton, Frost.-Mills of Tuxbury, Torunsend. - Myra Sherwood's Cross.-Nervlyn House. ---Old-Fashioned Boy, Farquharson.--Plaid Pincushion, Guernsey:-Pro and Con, Swift. Roger's Apprenticeship, Marskall.Smith's Saloon, Worth.--Sunday Echoes in Week-Day Hours, Brock.-Susid's Spectacles.-Suzanne de l'Orme. -Sylvan Glen Series. --Tattered Tom, Alger.--Thco dore, Dunning:- This One Thing I Do.--Three Little Sisters, Marshall.-Trapper's Niece. --Tried in the Fire. --Trifles.-True to his Flag - Up the Baltic, Optic. - Very Simple Story, Montgomery. - Village School Choir.-Violet Fletcher's Home Work.-Washer. twoman's Daughter.-Way Lost and Found, TuttleWreck of the Little Ship.-Young Deliverers of Pleasant Cove, Kellogg.-Young Dlechanic.


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PROMINENT PUBLICATIONS RECENTLY ISSUED IN ENGLAND. Reprints, or Books introduced into the V. S. by agents or importers, will be found, with their American prices, in the

Alphabetical List," page 3. Armour (J.) Iron and Heat, izmo

3 6 Lockwood Austin (A.) The Golden Age: A Satire, post 8vo..

0 7 0 Chapman & Hall Barry (H.) Russia in 1870, post 8vo....

o Wyman Benson (W.) Manual of the Science of Colour, 12mo.. Crawford (T. J.) Doctrine of Holy Scripture Respecting the Atone

2. 6 Chapman & Hall ment, 8vo..

O Blackwood & Sons Crossle (Rev. C.) Constitutional History of the Church Examined, post Svo...

I 5 0 Longmans Curiosities of Ornithology, coloured illustrations, 8vo...

5 0 Groombridge Denton (Rev. W.) Comt. on Epistles for Sundays & H. Days, 2 vols., Vol. 2, 8vo..

0 18 o Bell & Daldy Elliot (Sir H. M.) History of India, as Told by its own Historians, Vol. 3, 8vo...

I 4 0 Trübner Elliot (Ř. 11.) Experiences of a Planter, 2 vols., 8vo

4 English (The) Catalogue of Books for 1870, with Index, roy. Svo, sd. o 5

o Chapman & Hall

o Low Ferguson (Rev. F.) Sermons, post Svo....

o 3 6 Hamilton Gunther (À. C.) Record of Zoological Literature, 1869, Vol. 6, 8vo.. II Van Voorst Hardy (Sir T. D.) Cat. of Materials Rel. to Hist. of G. Britain, V. 3, r. Svo, hf. bd, .

o Longmans Harvey (Mrs.) Turkish Harems and Circassian Homes, 8vo..

o Hurst & Blackett Harvey's Sea Torpedos, Instructions for Management of, 8vo..

5 o Spon Helps (Arthur) Life of Hernandes Cortes, 2 vols, post Svo....

o Bell & Daldy Lightfoot (J. B.) On a Fresh Revision of the New Testament, post Svo o ő o Macmillan Logan (W.) The Great Social Evil, post 8vo.

2 6 Hodder & Stough MacCormac (W.) Notes, &c., of an Ambulance Surgeon, 8vo. o 76 Churchill McDougal (J.) Sermons, post 8vo....

o 50 Williams&Norgalt Macleod (N.) Peeps of the Far East, roy. 8vo..

o Strahan M'Letchie (J.) Sermons, with Memoir, 8vo....

Oro 6 Blackwood & Son
Papers on Banking and Finance, post Svo..
Connected with Duties of Royal Engineers, Vol. 19, roy. 8vo. O 16 o Mitchell

o 3 6 Bemrose
Ponton (M.) The Beginning; its When and its How, 8vo....... o 18 o Longmans
Pusey (È. B.) Minor Prophets: with a Commentary, Pt. 4, roy. 4to. o 5o Parker & Co.
Richardson (W.) Remarks on Diabetes and Treatment, 8vo..... o 4 6 Lewis
Rollwyn (J. A. S.) Astronomy Simplified for General Reading, 8vo.. o 10 Tege
Sarcey (F.) Paris During the Siege, post Svo....
Sporting Sketches, Home and Abroad, post 8vo..

6 6 Chapman & Hall

7 6 Warne Taine (H.) On Intelligence. Trans. from the French, Pt. 1, 8vo, bds o 8 6 Reeve Talbot (Liext. G. F.) Analysis of Organisation of Prussian Army, o 3 O Trübner Whyte (W. A.) A Land Journey from Asia to Europe, 8vo.


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NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS. The Union Bible Companion, by S. Austin | ent position, and on that account will probably Allibone, will rank among the most valuable and fail of acceptance with the great religious bodies of useful which the American Sunday School Union the present time. A work of more profound and has ever published. It supplies a want of the thorough scholarship has rarely made its appear. present age, which is as difficult as the want is ance in American literature, and although the dogpressing. It is a manual for the defence and study matic discussions to which a large part of its conof the Bible, popular and didactic in style, present. tents is devoted, possess little interest for the gen. ing the evidences of its divinity, authenticity, and eral reader, the personal notices of Luther exhibit uncorrupted preservation in a manner to meet the a glow of enthusiasm, and vigor of delineation, cavils of this cavilling age, together with a compend which bring the great German reformer upon the of its fundamental doctrines, all within the compass stage with almost dramatic effect.-- Tribune. of a duodecimo volume of about 300 pages, and Calvinism, by James Anthony Froude (Scribarranged in a form convenient for recitation in ner). -- This address, which was delivered upon the classes, completing the whole in fifty-two lessons- occasion of Mr. Froude's withdrawal from the recone for each Sabbath of the year. The work is torship of St. Andrew's University, Scotland, is an characterized by the literary taste and graceful eloquent vindication of Calvinism, not from a thescholarship of its distinguished author ; and we mean ological, but from the historical stand-point. It nodisparagement of our own profession when we say abounds in striking and brilliant thoughts, and in that we think it better adapted for its purpose in passages of ringing eloquence. The earnest discusstyle and method than if it had been written by a sion which it has provoked in certain quarters in clergyman. It is not only adapted for advanced England, is sure to be resumed here, and the result Bible-classes in Sunday-schools, but also for all cannot fail to be increased admiration for the genius institutions of learning in which the Bible is made and power of Mr. Froude as a writer and thinker. 2 subject of study and recitation.--Lutheran 06.

Congregationalism, by Rev. Henry M. Dexter,

D.D., a new and cheap edition, revised and en The New Testament Text-Book, by Stephen larged (Noyes, Holmes & Co.), is the standard auHawes (Lee & Shepard), is a manual designed for thority on all matters of Congregational Church use of students of the New Testament, but it will Polity, and is indispensable to those who wish to prove useful to all readers of the Scriptures as well. / acquaint themselves with the history and practical It contains tables of the books of the New Testa- working of Congregationalism. ment chronologically arranged, a historical enu.

The Atonement, by the Rev. Hugh Martin meration of the events recorded, in their sequences, (Smith, English & Co.), is an able work on the sublists of the parables, miracles, and discourses of Jesus, and of prophecies and their fulfilment. Then ject of which it treats, and attracted a large share

of notice from thcologians of Scotland and Engfollow in separate chapters general and explana; land when it first appeared there. The publishers tory observations of the historical and doctrinal have done a good service for ministers in this counbooks , the several epistles

, and the Revelation of try by bringing out an American edition. It preSt. John. Other topics are, biographical sketches, sents and maintains with great force of scriptural Paul's apostolic journeys, geographical descriptions argument the Calvinistic view of the atonement. of principal places mentioned, and a synchronolo- The work is more or less polemic in style through& of the principal events in sacred and profane out; and ministers and theological students who history

. There are two charts, one of St. Paul's wish to be acquainted with modern discussions of journeys and the other of the path of Jesus. The the atonement will find this book of special value. work is reverential in spirit but in no respect sectarian, and is suitable for use in any society, relig. Sermons to the Natural Man, by William G. ious or secular, where some help to a complete T. Shedd, D.D. (Scribner).-This volume contains study of the New Testament scriptures is desired. twenty discourses, three of them being in continu. It is a 16mo volume of less than 150 pages, bound ance of a theme previously treated. Dr. Shedd's in flexible muslin. We know of no other manual long career as a teacher of theology at Andover for the student of the Scriptures which is at once and Union seminaries, and his previously published 50 comprehensive in scope, valuable in material, works, have made the religious world well acquaintadmirable in arrangement, and compact in form.

ed with his system of doctrine and his power in ad. The Conservative Reformation and Its Theolo- vocating it. Some of the titles of sermons we quote, 87, by Charles P. Krauth, D.D. (Lippincott), is

as indicating very clearly the author's course of a elaborate contribution to the history of Protes- State," "God's Exhaustive Knowledge of Man,"

thought : “The Future State a Self-Conscious tantism, designed to illustrate the conservative ele.

"All Mankind Guilty, or Every Man Knows More maent in the movement, as represented by Luther,

than he Practises," "The Sinfulness of Original rather than to portray the doctrinal and practical erors of the Roman Church, bringing under a sin. Sin,", The Exercise of Mercy Optional with Ble point of view what is usually scattered through God,” “Faith

the Sole Saving Act." many different volumes, and presenting the devel The Problem of Evil, from the French of M. opment of doctrine in connection with the course Ernest Naville (Carlton & Lanahan), a fearless of historical events. In its maintenance of the and thorough discussion of the great difficulty of theology of Luther, as distinguished from that of the evangelical system--the existence of moral Calvin and Zwingli, the volume holds an independ ) evil.

The same house have published an excellent

volume upon George Whitefield, entitled “The of the most important events in recent times

. It Prince of Pulpit Orators." This book, which is illustrates the career of a man who, by the mere compiled by Rev. J. B. Wakeley, is full of anec. force of genius, elevated himself through all dote, incident, and instruction, and, like everything grades of society from lowest to highest, and for which Mr. Wakeley writes about the Methodists, is a long period may be said to have controlled the capital reading.

destinies of his country. Not only the general Culture and Religion in some of their Rela- reader, but the politician and statesman, may tions, by'J. C. Shairp (Hurd & Houghton), “isa peruse this book with profit ; and to the young i work of surpassing merit, and perfectly adapted to

is of especial value as a brilliant example of the the actual state of things in our seminaries of learn. / fruits of long-continued and patriotic effort. ing. Had the lectures been written for our own

The Life of Major John André, by the late 19 university, they could not have been better suited Winthrop Sargent, first published in 1860, now to the needs of its students. I have seldom seen reprinted by Appleton, with a portrait of the formu to so great a degree as in the tone of thought and author as well as of the unfortunate André, is a feeling in the volume, the union of profound reli- very complete collection of the incidents connected gious faith and the highest intellectual culture with the life and fate of the young officer whose from t'a mutually interdependent."-Dr. A. P. Peabody.

career was so romantic, and whose fortune has to be Papers for Home Reading, by Rev. John Hall, forever connected his name with those of great D.D. (Dodd & Mead), will be warmly welcomed men, and with great events. The book is a great by the thousands who have been delighted and in. treasury of facts and anecdotes concerning our structed by the writings and preaching of this dis whole revolutionary period, and will always have tinguished author. Its contents, which are of a

a high value for students of American history. It highly popular, and at the same time practical na

is written in a graceful and lively style, and quite ture, are characterized by the terse and pointed deserves all the praise it has ever received. style, directness of purpose, keen insight, and ready humor which are pecuniar to the writer. It

General Robert E. Lee, a memorial volume, lt will be fresh to American readers ; no part of it, prepared by the Faculty of Washington College and with the exception of a single chapter, reprinted five portraits and illustrations, selected by Mrs.

memory of their late honored president, with with acknowledgment by the “New York Led. ger,'' having appeared here in any form.

Lec. N. Y., Union Pub. Co.-This volume is

prepared under the authority and with the co BENJAMIN THOMPSON, Count OF RUMFORD, operation of the family of General Lee, and its whether as a philosopher or as a statesman, must materials are drawn wholly from original and be reckoned one of the greatest men America has authentic sources. The entire profits from the ever produced, though no one here has yet sale of this volume will be devoted to the Lee thought of erecting a monument to him. The Memorial Fund, for the erection of a Tomb and American Academy of Arts and Sciences have Monument over the remains of General Lee at published a memoir of him, and for the first time Washington College. will issue an edition of his collected works. The memoir is by the competent hand of the Rev. The Knightly Soldier, by Chaplain H. Clay Geo. E. Ellis, and forms a volume of more than Trumbull (Noyes, Holmes & Co.). New ed.-600 pages, illustrated with many engravings. President Aiken, of Union College, says of this The works will be contained in four volumes, at

book : "I know of no memoir that within the five dollars each. Notwithstanding the fact that five years since it was first given to the public has some of Rumford's published writings passed had an equal power to attract and impress young through several editions, it has been found exceed- men, And I know of none that from the comingly difficult to obtain them for the use of this bined charm and merit of its subject, its scene, edition. Of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Essays, and its admirable style, is so likely or so worthy transcripts had to be made from the only known to live in undiminished popularity for years to copies of them, in the Library of the Royal come. Society; another was copied from a volume in the British Museum ; and still others were de

Hand.Book of Anglo-Saxon and Early Eng: rived from various collections in France and lish, by Hiram Corson, M.A. (Holt & Williams)

, Germany. A large outlay has been made in this is intended as a manual for the student in tracing enterprise, and it is almost an act of patriotism the growth of the English language from the to lend it support. Subscriptions may be sent to purest existing form of the Anglo-Saxon down to the Academy (in Boston), or to the publishers, the end of the fourteenth century, when it became Messrs. Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, Phila.

essentially the same as the uninflected language of the present day.

It contains ample materials for The first volume of the Life and Times of Lord a full course of English philology, representing Brougham--written by himself—has been issued the best form of the language at different periods by the Harper Bros., in library style, and is soon by selections of considerable length, and in many to be followed by two others, which will complete cases by complete productions. In addition to the series. To read the Life of Brougham, is to the valuable selections given in the work, it fur; become acquainted with nearly everything em. nishes a glossary of Anglo-Saxon words, notices of braced in the scope of modern English politics, works represented, and several brief essays exsince he was intimately connected with public hibiting the grammatical rudiments of the lanaffairs daring a long period, covering nearly all guage.

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