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THE LANDS OF SCOTT. By JAMES F. HUNNEWELL. One vol. 12mo. Uniform with the

Library Edition of the WAVERLEY Novels. $2.50.

This book contains sketches of the life and works of Scott, and of the objects and places with which they are associated arranged in the order in which they could be most readily visited. These include picturesque scenes in nearly all the shises of Scotland, in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, France, Belgium, the valley of the Upper Rhine, and the far East. JOHN WOOLMAN'S JOURNAL. With an Introduction by John G. WHITTIER. One vol

16mo. Uniform with the Merrimack Edition of WHITTIER'S Prose Works. $1.50.

“Get the writings of John Woolman by heart."-CHARLES LAMB. MARQUIS DE VILLEMER. By GEORGE SAND. Translated from the French by RALPH

KEELER. One vol. 8vo. paper, 75 cents; cloth, $1.25.

This story is characterized by those qualities of thought and sentiment which have won for George Sand an unquesa tioned place among the great masters of modern fiction. WRITINGS OF EDWIN P. WHIPPLE. A new uniform edition in six volumes, including, ESSAYS AND REVIEWS (two vols.).


And LITERATURE AND LIFE. Price $1.50 a volume; $9 a set, in neat box,

These six volumes rank among the best in English literature for critical acumen, vivid perception of character, discriminating appreciation of literary and persor al qualities, and for vigor and purity of style. A WOMAN'S POEMS. One vol. 16mo, cloth, $1.50.

Some of the poems in this book have appeared in periodicals, and won no little attention by their subtie vein of thoeghat profound sentiment, and lyrical expression. These, with several poems never before published, form a volume which wil be recognized as a valuable addition to American poetical literature. SOMETHING TO DO. A New Novel. One vol. 8vo, paper, 75 cents; cloth, $1.25.

A story of to-day, picturing characters, scenes, incidents, and accidents of the passing hour. Its rapid movement. interesting and varied conversations, and graceful style, will make “Something to Do" very popular with readers of the best modern fiction. A TERRIBLE TEMPTATION. By Charles READE. Part First. Illustrated. Paper,

25 cents.

This powerful and dramatic story promises to be Reade's masterpiece. Those characteristics which have given his previous novels so wide celebrity render “A Terrible Temptation" a story of most absorbing interest.

NEARLY READY: THE WORKS OF NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE. New Library Edition, uniform in size

and shape with the Library Editions of Dickens, Scott, THACKERAY, and George Eliot. To be comprised in about ten volumes, 12mo. Including, in addition to the matter contained in the eighteen volumes hitherto published, the “Dolliver Romance," and other papers never before

collected. CONDENSED NOVELs. By F. Brer HARTE.. A revised and enlarged edition. One vol.

rómo, $1.50. TEN GREAT RELIGIONS. By James Freeman CLARKE. One vol. large ramo, $3.00 POETS AND POETRY OF EUROPE. By Henry WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW. New

and enlarged edition. One vol. imperial 8vo, Uniform with Longfellow's Dante.

JAMES R. OSCOOD & Co., Publishers, Boston.

Late TICKNOR & FIELDS, and Fields, OsGOOD & Ca


ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BOOKS PUBLISHED SINCE OUR LAST ISSUE. The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed. Imported Books are marked with ar

asterisk (*). In order to avoid too frequent cross references, Novels and Juvenile Books are also arranged alphabetically

by the first word of the title in the Classified Sammary. Adams, Charles Francis. The Struggle for Neutrality in Arlot, M. A Complete Guide for Coach Painters. From America. An Address. 89, PP. 52.

N. Y., Chas. the French, by A. A. Fesquet, Chcmist and Engineer. Scribner & Co. Pap.......

. 50 C.

To which is added an Appendix containing Information

respecting the Materials and the Practice of Coach and *Eschylus. By Reginald S. Copleston, B. A. (Ancient

Car Painting and Varnishing in the United States and Classics for English Readers, vol. 7.) 16°, pp. iv., 196. Great Britain. 12°, pp. 173. Phila., H.C. Baird. $1.25 Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.....


Arnold, Rev. F. The Farm on the Mountain. 16°, pp. Ainslie, Herbert. See Pilgrim.

347. Boston, H. Hoyt....

$1.50 *Akenside. Poems. (Aldine Poets, vol. 14.) 169. Phila., Aub, Theodore. Real Estate Transactions as they are J. B. Lippincott & Co........

.......75 C. and as they might be. A Plan for the Insurance of Titles

and Mortgages. 89, pp. 38. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & ALCOHOL AS MEDICINE, and how its Use affects the Tem

Co. Pap...

50 C.
perance Cause. A Discussion between an M.D. of New-
zrk, Ohio, and Thos. F. Hicks, M.D. 89, pp. 32.

Syra- Bailey, Rev. T. J. See Church of England.
cuse, Wesleyan Methodist Pub. House. Pap.

Bainbridge, Wm. A Treatise on the Law of Mines and Alcott, Locisa M. Three Proverb Stories. New ed.,,

Minerals. First Am. from 3d London Ed. By George

M. Dallas. 8°, pp. xxviii., 584.
with 4 ill. by Hoppin. 8o. Boston, A. K. Loring ..$1.00'

Phila., John Campbell.

$7.50 *Alord, Henry. Truth and Trust : Lessons on the War.

Barnard, Chas. The Strawberry Garden. How it was Plant.
Four Advent Sermons. 12°, pp. 110.

N. Y., Scribner,
cd-What it Cost.

Boston, A. K. Lo

12°, pp. 100.
Welford & Co.

. $1.25
ring. Pap.

..38 c. ALMANACS. See Annuals.

Barnard, H. Oral Training. Lessons in Natural Science AMERICAN EPHEMERIS AND NAUTICAL ALMANAC for the and General Knowledge, embracing the Subjects of AstronYear 1873. Published by Authority of the Secretary of omy, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Mathematical the Navy. Roy. 8°, pp. 508, 16. Washington, Bureau Geography, Natural Philosophy, the Arts, History, Deof Navigation. Pap....

- $1.65 velopment of Words, etc. Intended for Teachers of Pri.

vate Schools, and also for Private Instruction. 12°, pp. 138. AMERICAN TURF REGISTER. A Correct Synopsis of Turf

N. Y., A, S. Barnes & Co.....
Events in the U. S., embracing Running, Trotting and
Pacing, for 1870 ; 'carefully compiled from Official Rec Barnes, Rev. Albert. Life at Threescore and Ten, 18°, pp.
ords, with an Appendix. 89, PP. 393.

U. S., Office of
148. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc.

.30 C.
"Turf, Field & Farn."

$3.00 - Notes Explanatory and Practical on the Acts of the

Apostles. Designed for S.S. Teachers and Bible Classes.
AMONG THE KALMUCKS. (In German.) * 189, pp. 79. N.

Rev. ed., with Map and Illustrations. 12°, pp. 478. N.Y.,
Y. Ain. Tract Soc.....

Harper & Bros..
Andersen, Plans Christian. The Story of my Life. Now

Bascom, John. Science, Philosophy and Religion. Lecforse trans, into English, with Chapters additional to those

tures delivered before the Lowell Institute, Boston. 12°, published in the Danish edition, bringing the narrative down

pp. 311. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons...

. $1.75 to the Odense Festival of 1867.

Author's ed. 12°, pp. xii., 569. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton

- $2.00

Barthe, the Abbe Edw. Meditations on the Litany of the

Blessed Virgin Mary. 12°. Phila., C. F. Cunningham.
Angell, Jos. K. & Sam. Ames. Treatise on the Law of
Private Corporations Aggregate. gth edition, revised and Beard, Geo. M. (A.M., M.D.) & A. D. Rockwell (M.D.).
enlarged by John Lathrop. 89, pp. Ixiii., 865. Boston, A Practical Treatise on the Medical and Surgical Uses of
Litte, Brown & Co. Shp....

$7.50 Electricity; including Localized and General Electriza

tion. Illust. ANNCALS AND ALMANACS FOR 1871.

89, pp. XXXV., 698. N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co.....

Annual of Scientific Discovery; or, Year Book of Facts
in Science and Art, for 1871, exhibiting the most impor- Beauty is Power. Reprinted from the London Ed. 12°,
tant Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful

pp. 310. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co............
Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geo Beecher, Henry Ward. Common Sense for Young Men
logy, Biology, Botany, Mineralogy, Meteorology, Geo-

on the Subject of Temperance. A Sermon Feb. 5, 1871.
graphy, Antiquities, etc. Together with Notes on the

16°, pp. 28. N.Y., Nat. Temp. Soc. Pap... ...15 C. Progress of Science during the year 1870: a list of re

Sermons in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn. From Verbacent Scientific Publications: Obituaries of Eminent Scien

tim Reports of 'T. J. Ellinwood, “Plymouth Pulpit." 4th
tific Men, etc. Edited by John Trowbridge, S. B., aided Series: March, 1870-Sept., 1870, 89, pp. 456. N. Y.,
by W. R. Nichols and C. R. Cross. 12°, pp. 349.

J. B. Ford & Co...

- $2.50
ton, Gould & Lincoln.


Belcher, Lady. The Mutineers of the Bounty and their - The Merchants and Bankers' Almanac for 1871. 8°, pp.

Descendants in Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands. With 263. N.Y., Office Bankers' Magazine...


maps and illustrations. 89, pp. 377. N. Y., Harper & - The Trade Circular Annual for 1871, including the


$1.50 American Catalogue of Books published in the United BELLE LOVEL. By T. R. Y. 16, pp. 324. N, Y., A. D. F. States during the Year 1870, with their Sizes, Prices,

Randolph & Co.....

and Publishers' Names ; also, a List of the principal
Looks published in England; a Publishers', Manufac- Bernard, F. Wonderful Escapes. Revised from the French,
turers', and Importers' Directory, and Alphabetical List of

original chapters added by Rich Whiteing. With
nearly Eight Hundred Articles suitable for sale at the

26 plates. (Illust. Lib. of Wonders.) 129, N. Y., Chas.
Scribner & Co.....

Pook, Stationery, Music, and Fancy Goods Stores : a
Summary of American and English Novelties, and Mis- * Bernard, Sir Montague. Historical Account of the
cellaneous Literary and Trade Information.

With Por Neutrality of Great Britain during the American Civil traits and Illustrations. Roy. 8°, pp. 780. Holt & Wil

War. 80 N. Y., Scribner, Welsord & Co, $8.00 lianis. Bas...

$2.50 BIBLE

See Barnes ; Blunt; Burr ; Chalmers ; Cowles ; See also American Ephemeris; Am. Turf Register ; Geer; Macdonald; Taylor ; Vincent ; Van Dyke, etc. Martin. ANTI-JANUS. See Hergenrother.

BIBLE (THE) AND BIBLE READING. (In Portuguese.) 169,

pp. 192. N. Y., Am, Tract Soc. Arrua CULTURIST (THE). See Todd.

--Sec also Mpongwe.

.. 20 C.


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Bickersteth, Edward Henry (M.A.), The Two Brothers, CAMPBELL, ALEX. Life. See Richardson.
and other Poems.

12°, PP.
324. N. Y., Robert

Carter, Rev. John P. The Elements of General Hinory. Carter & Bros...

$2.00 89, pp. 317.

N. Y., Univ. Pub. Co. Hf. roan. ....$2.25 Bigelow, Melville M. Reports of American Life and

Cecil's SUMMER AT ELM TERRACE. Illust. 18o. Phila, Accident Insurance Cases : being all the Reported Cases

Am. S. S. Union... decided in the United States prior to January, 1871.

.........59c With Notes to the leading English Cases, and numerous

Chalmers, Thomas (D.D., LL.D.). Astronomical and References. 89, pp. xvii., 799. N.. Y., Hurd & Hough

Commercial Discourses. (New ed.) 12°, pp. 377. N. Y.,

R. Carter & Bros..... ton, Shp. ...... $7.50

... $1.50 Bill, Ledyard. Climates and Resorts for Invalids, Tour

*CHAMBERS' MISCELLANY of Instructive and Entertaining ists, and Emigrants, including a carefully prepared esti

Tracts. New and rev. ed. Vols. 13 and 14. Illust. 16. mate of Minnesota, its Climate, Resources, Air, Water,

Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Bds. per. vol. 50 C., the Soil, Scenery, etc. ; also, carefully prepared Notes on

two bd. in one, clo..

$1.25 Florida, Nassau, Fayal, California, the Adirondacks, etc. Chellis, Mary Dwinell. The Hermit of Holcomb. (StandIllust. 12°, PP.

225. N. Y., Wood & Holbrook $1.25 ard Series of Temperance Tales, vol. 4.) 16o. Boston. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES AND ANECDOTES of Members of H. A. Young & Co.... the Religious Society of Friends. 12°, pp. 427. Phila.,

*CHURCH OF ENGLAND. A Defence of Holy Orders in Tract Assoc. of Friends

. $1.25

the Church of England, including the Statutes, Doc*Bishop, Rev. Nich. Human Power in the Divine Light ; uments, and other evidence attesting the validity of Anglia

or, Active Powers of the Mind in Relation to Religion. can Orders. With a facsimile of the Record of Arch

12", pp. 296. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. ..$3.00 bishop Parker's Consecration, Photozincographed. Prini. Blake, Wm. P. Mining Machinery, and Various Me ed in Latin and English. Ed. by the Rev. T. J. Bailey. chanical Appliances in use, chiefly in the Pacific States

Folio. N. Y., Pott & Amery.....

.$15.00 and Territories. 8°, pp. 245. New Haven, C. C. Chat

CINCINNATI. Reports of Select Cases decided by the field & Co. .....

.... ..$2.00

Superior Court of Cincinnati, General and Special Terms. Blandford, G. Fielding (M.D.). Insanity and its Treat By Wm. Disney. Vol. 2, 1858, 1859. 80, pp. ix., 653. ment : Lectures on the Treatment, Medical and Legal, Cinc., Robt. Clarke & Co. Shp.....

. $6.00 of Insane Patients. With a Summary of Laws in force in the United States on the Confinement of the Insane. By

- Superior Court Reports. Vol. 1, No. 1. Ed. by Charles Isaac Ray (M.D.). 89, pp. 471. Phila., H. C. Lea.

P. T'ast and Bellamy Storer, Jr. &", pp. 48. Cinc., Robt. $3.25

Clarke & Co. (Monthly.) Per annum.. ...$5.00 Blunt, J. J. (B.D.). Undesigned Coincidences in the

Clement, Clara Erskine. A Hand-Book of Legendary Writings both of the Old and New Testaments.

and Mythological Art. Illust.

12°, PP. 497. N. Y., An Argument of their Veracity, with an Appendix,

Hurd & Houghton.....

$3.25 containing Undesigned Coincidences between the Gospel | Cockton, Harry, The Fatal Marriage. 8°. Phila., T. and Acts, and Josephus. [Together with Hora Paulinæ; B. Peterson & Bros. Pap.....

75C. or, The Truth of the Scripture History of St. Paul cvinced. By Wm. Paley, D.D.] New cd. 12°, pp. 361,260. Colburn, Jeremiah. Bibliography of the Local History of N. Y., Robert Carter & Bros....

Massachusetts. Roy. 8°,

Boston, Wm. Parsons Liin. Book (Tux) OF BLUNDERS, comprising Hibernicisms,

84.00 Bulls that are not Irish, and Typographic Errors, Select Colburn, Zerah. Locomotive Engineering and the Mechan. ed and ed. by the compiler of “Gleanings for the ism of Railways. (In 20 Nos.) No. 17, 4o. N. Y., J. Curious." 18°, pp. 212. Phila., Evans, Stoddard & Co. Wiley & Sons. Per No...

$1.00 $1.50 Collins, Wilkie. Works. New ed., 89. Phila., T. B. Booth, Wm. B. Rights of Dramatic Authors. 12°, N. Y., Peterson & Bros. Cont. :-Mad Monkton and other Diossy & Co......

..$1.50 Tales, 50 c. --The Queen's Revenge and other Tales, 75 C. Boston History. See Shurtleff.

--Sights A-Foot...

....50€ Boylo, Esmeralda. Thistledown. Poems. 12°, pp. 159.

COMMON SENSK VERSUS JUDICIAL LEGISLATION; being the Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co....


Review of a Law recently enacted by the Supreme Court

of Massachusetts. Braddon, Miss M. E. Fenton's Quest. Illust. 8o, N. Y.,

By a Layman. 89, pp. 34. N. Y.,

G. P. Putnam & Sons. Pap.. Harper & Bros, Pap...

.....50 c.

*CONCORDANCE TO KEBLE'S CHRISTIAN Year. 12°. N. Y., BRED IN THE BONE; or, Like Father, Like Son. A. Novel.

Pott & Amery..

. $2.50 By the Author of “A Peggar on Horseback,"etc. 8°, pp. 141. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap.....

.50 C.

CONNECTICUT. A Digest of all the Reported Cases de Breed, Wm. P. (D.D.). Handbook for Funerals. 16,

cided in the Supreme Court of Errors and the Superior pp. 95. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub. Roan..........50 c.

Court of the State of Conn., and in the U.S. Courts for

the District of Conn., down to those containcd in Vol. 35 BROKEN BUD (THE); or, Reminiscences of a Bereaved

Connecticut Reports, and Vol. 5 Blatchford's Circuit Mo:her. 169, pp. 325. N. Y., Robt. Carter & Bro.

Court Reports, inclusive. By Simcon E. Baldwin, Roy. $1.25

89, pp. Ixxxiii., 694. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp. Brotherhead, Alfred P. Himself his Worst Enemy; or,

$10.00 Philip Duke of Wharton's Career. 12°, pp. 374. Phila., CONVENT LIFE UNVEILED. See O'Gorman. J. P. Lippincott & Co...


Conyngham, D. P. Sarsfield; or, The Last Great Strugo *Brougham, Lord. Life and Times, written by himself. (In

gle for Ireland. 169, pp. 224. Boston, P. Donahoe. $1.00 3 vols.) Vol. 1. 8°, pp. 560. N. Y. Scribner, Welford & Co.

$8.00 Cooke, J. Esten. Out of the Foam. A Novel. 12°, pp.

340. Barke. The Celebrated Speech of Gen. Thomas F. Burke,


N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co.....
delivered May 1, 1867, in the Court House, Dublin. 12° Copleston, R. S. See Æschylus.
Pp. 23
N. Y., American News Co. Pap....

Cousin, Victor. Secret History of the French Court under Barns, R. Poetical Works, with Life and Correspondence Richelieu and Mazarin ; or, Life and Times of Madame

of Robert Burns. 12°, PP. 331. Phila., Claxton, Remsen de Chevreuse. Trans, by Mary L. Bouth. (New ed.) & Haffelfinger. $1.25 ; pap...

....60 с.

16°, PP. viii., 172. N. Y., Jas. Miller. $1.25: pap..75 C. Burr, E. F. (D.D.). Ad Fidem; or, Parish Evidences of

Cowles, Rev. Henry (D.D.). The Revelation of John: the Bible. - 12°, pp. 353. Boston, Noyes, Holmes & Co.

with Notes, Critical,' Explanatory, and Practical, do

$1.50 signed for both Pastors and People." 12°, pp. 254. N. Y., Byford, Wm. H. (A.M., M.D.). A Treatise on Chronic D. Appleton & Co...

. $1.50 Inflammation and Displacements of the Unimpregnated Orocker, John G. The Duties of Sheriffs, Coroners, and Uterus. Second ed., enlarged. With numerous illustra

Constables, with Practical Forms. 2d ed., revised and tions. 8°, pp. 248. Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston..$3.00

enlarged. 89, pp. xxiv., 744. N. Y., Banks & Bros. Caballero, Fernan. Elia ; or, Spain Fifty Years Ago. Shp...

$7.50 From the Spanish. 12°, pp. 324. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Crouch, Julia. Three Successful Girls. 12°pp. vii., 382. $1.50 N. Y., Hurd & Houghton....


.......10 €.


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Curtius, Prof. Dr. Ernst. The History of Greece. From * Dixon. Wm. Hepworth, Her Majesty's Tower. (In 4

the German by A. W. Ward, M.A. (In 5 vols.) Vol. 1. vols.) Vols. 3 and 4. 89, pp. 760. N. Y., Scribner, Cr. 8°, pp. 509. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co...... $2.50 Welford & Co..

$15.00 Cayler, Rev. L. Theodore. The Moral Duty of Total Donai, Dr. Ad. The Kindergarten. A Manual for the Abstinence. A Sermon. 16°, pp. 23. N. Y. Nat. Tem Introduction of Froebel's System of Primary Education perance Soc. Pap...

....15 C. into Public Schools, and for the Use of Mothers and Prı

vate Teachers. Daisy MAYNARD's Four PROMISES. 16°, pp. 188. N. Y.,

Illust. 12°, pp. viii., 132. N. Y., E. Steiger.....

..$1.00 Robert Curter & Bros....

......75 C. Dakota Priser. By Rev. S. R. Riggs. Illust. Sq.

DRESS AND CARE OF THE Feet. Showing their natural, 16. N. Y., Am. Tract. Soc. Pap..

perfect Shape and Construction; their present deformed .10 C.

Condition; and how Flat Feet, Distorted Toes, and other DAKOTA READING-BOOK. Illust. 12°, pp. 80.

N. Y.

Defects are to be prevented or corrected, with Directions Am. Tract Soc. Bds...,

...15 C.

for dressing them elegantly, yet comfortably, and Hints DANIEL, LIFE OF. See Taylor, H. W.

upon various Matters relating to the whole subject. Illust. Darwin, Chas. The Descent of Man and Selection in Re 12°, pp. 202. N. Y., S. R. Wells

$1.25 lation to Sex. 2 vols. Illust. 12°, pp. vi., 409; 436.

Novels. New ed. 8°.
Dumas, Alex

Phila., T. B.
N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Per vol..


Peterson & Bros. Cont. :-The Black Tulip, pap., 50 c.- Same. Eng. ed., 2 vols. Illust. go, pp. 910. N. Y., The Count of Monte Cristo, $1.75 ; pap, $1.50.- Edmond Scribner, Welford & Co.....

$12.00 Dantes, Sequel to Count of Monte Cristo, pap., 75 C.Davis, Mrs. C. E. K. Faithful in Least. 169, pp. 360.

The Three Guardsmen, pap., 75C. ; fine ed., clo., Boston, H. Hoyt......

$1.75. - Penny Rust's Christmas. 16°, pp. 150. Boston, H. Duplessis, George. The Wonders of Engraving. From


the French. With 34 wood engr. Hoyt...

(Illust. Lib. of Won.

ders.) 12°, PP. 338. N. Y., Charles Scribner & Co. DEUTSCHE (DER) UNTER DEN KALMUCKEN ; oder, Schick

$1.30 sale eines geraubten Knaben. 16°, pp. 79. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc...

. 20 C.

EAGLE CRAG. By the author of Golden Ladder Series."

(Drayton Hall Series.) 169, pp. 203. N. Y., Robt. CarDe Witt, Mme. Guizot. Motherless; or, a Parisian

ter & Bros....

......75 C. Family For Girls in their Teens. From the French by the Author of " John Halifax." Illust. 12°, PP. 253. EARL WHITING : or, The Nameless Boy. By the author of N. Y., Harper & Bros.....

"Little Pea-Nut Merchant." 16o. Boston, H. A. Young DIARY OF THE Besieged RESIDENT IN PARIS. Reprinted

& Co.......

$1.25 from the London " Daily News." 89, pp. 131.

N. Y. Eaton, E. K. New Method for the Cornet. 4°, pp. 81.
Harper & Bros. Pap.....

60 c.
Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co.

Dickens, Chas. Mystery of Edwin Drood. A Novel.

Ebers, George. The Daughter of an Egyptian King. Au 89, pp. 113. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap. 25 C. Historical Romance. From the German by Henry Reed. -Same, and Master Humphrey's Clock. (People's Duo 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co......

$1.75 decimo ed.). 129, pp. 440. Phila., T. B. Peterson &

Elwell, John J. A Medico-Legal Treatise on Malpractice Bros....

• $1.50

and Medical Jurisprudence. Third rev. ed. 8°, pp. 600. - See also Field, Kate.

N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp.....
- Beadle's Dime Novels. Nos, 220-226. 18o. N. Y., Beadle

EMMA PARKER; or, Scenes in the Homes of the City Poor.

By the Author of "Witnessing for Jesus." 16°, pp. 408. & Co. Pap., each 10 c. Cont. :-No. 220, Nick Doyle ;

N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co.....
-221, Blue Clipper ; --222, The Mad Ranger ;-223, Kit
Bird ;~-224, Mohere Captive ;-225, Black Arrow ;-226, *Erckmann-Chatrian. The Blockade of Phalsburg. New
Mustang Hunter.

ed. 18°, pp. 272. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. Pap. - Beadle's Am. Tales. Nos. 27-32. 12o. N. Y., Beadle

50 C, & Co. Pap, cach...

....15 c. *- The Conscript. New ed. 189, pp. 220, N. Y., Scribner, Cont:--No. 27, Red Trail ;-28, Sea Bandit ;-—29, Old

Welford & Co. Pap....

.....50 c. Tiger, the Patriot ;-30, The Bush Ranger :-31, The Outlaw Hunter ;-32, Great Jake.

- The Forest House ; and, Catherine's Lovers. From the

French. By John Simms. 16°, pp. 272. Boston, Rob-
- Beadle's Dime Song Books. No. 27, Heathen Chinee erts Bros...
Songster ;-Dime Exhibition Speaker ;-Dime Dialogues,
No. 10. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap.........each 10 C.

*EPISODES IN AN OBSCURE LIFE. 16°, pp. IV, 442. N. Y., -De Witt's Ten Cent Romances. Nos. 75-78. N. Y.,

Geo. Routledge & Sons.....

..$1.75 R. M. De Witte Pap....

...each 10 c. ESSAYS OF AN OPTIMIST. See Kaye. Cont. :-No. 75, The Red Arrow ;-76, The Ocean Blood Evans. Journal of the Life and Religious Services of hound ;-77, The Sailor Crusoc;--78, The Demon Hun

William Evans, a Minister of the Gospel in the Society of

Friends. 80, pp. 710. Phila., Friends' Bookstore..$3.00 - De Wit's Song and Joke Books. Nos. 117-121. N.Y., *EVENINGS AT THE TEA TABLE. Illust. 16°, pp. 394. N. R. M. De Witt. Pap..... ....each 10 c. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons....

$1.59 Cort. :-No. 117, Put Me in my Little Bed Joker :-118, You Know How it is Yourself Songster ;-120, Burke's

Faithful Rover, and other Stories. By the Author of Dublin Carman's Songster ;-121, Lawlor's Barney the

"Little Kitty's Library," etc. Illust. 18°, pp. 174. .N. Gude Songster.

Y., Robt. Carter & Bros......

50 C. - The Ten Cent Oxion Songster. N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Field, Kate. New Photographs of Charles Dickens' Read. Pap.....

ings. Taken from Life. .....IO C.

New and enlarged ed., with - De Witt's Acting Plays. No. 81, Vandyke Brows, a

illust. 12°, pp. IV, 152. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. Farce in one Act. By A. C. Troughton. 16o. N. Y.,

$1.50 R. M. De Witt. Pap.....

...15 c.

FIGHT (THE) AT DAME EUROPA'S SCHOOL: showing how -Star Novels. Nos. 56-59. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co.

the German Boy thrashed the French Boy, and how the Pap....

each soc.
English Boy looked on.

N. Y., Aug.

169, pp. 28. Cont. : --No. 56, Valley Scout;--57, Black Dwarf ;--58,

Brentano. Pap....

....25 C. Silent Shot;-59, Iron Hand.

Same. 26°. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Pap......15 C. - Starr's Fifteen Cent Illustrated Novels. Nos. 16-17. N.

Same. With 15 illust. by Thos Nast. 12o. N. Y., F. B.
Y., F. Starr & Co. Pap......

each 15 c.
Felt & Co. Pap..

...........25 C Cont. :-No. 16, Fair Schemer ;-17, True as Steel.

Same. To which is added, "Why Johnnie didn't In-Star Songsters, No. 3. Johnny Roach's Variety Songster. terfere." An Answer to “The Fight," etc.

12°, PP. 24. X. X., E. Starr & Co. Pap....

.....IO C.

Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. N. Y., Am. Disturnell, J. Distance Tables across the Continent. Sq.

News Co. Pap....

*****.25 C. 18, pp. 110. Phila., W. B. Zieber...

See also, True Story.


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...... 50 C.


- 50 c.

Flammarion, Camille. Wonders of the Heavens. From

Greey, Edward. Llue Jackets; or, The Adventures the French, by Mrs. Norman Lockyer. With 48 illust. among the “Heathen Chinee." 16.

Boston, J. E. (illust. Lib. of Wonders.) 12. N. Y., Chas, Scribner Tilton & Co. $1.50 ; pap....

$1.00 & Co...

- $1.50 Guild, Curtis. Over the Ocean; or, Sights and Scenes in Fontaine, M. Rome and Geneva. A Letter to the Rev. Foreign Lands. Cr. 8°, pp. 558. Boston, Lee & Shep MM. Merle D'Aubigné and Bungener, Protestant Min

$2.50 isters of Germany. By a young Student of Law. Trans.

*Guillernin, Amedee. The Heavens. An Illustrated from the French. With an introduction by M. J. Spald

Handbook of Popular Astronomy. Ed. by J. Norman ing, D.D.

89, pp. 38. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co. Pap...

Lockyer.. Fourth cd., revised by R. A. Proctor, Illust. .25 C.

89, pp. xii., 432. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons....$4.50 Forester, Frank. See Herbert.

Guizot, Mme. See De Witt. Forrest, Col. Chris. De Wite's Complete American Far- Hall, Frederick. The History of San José, California, sier and Horse Doctor. 12°, pp. 200. N. Y., R. M. De

and Surroundings. With map and engr.

80. San Witt. 75 c. ; bds....

..50 c. Francisco, A. L. Pancroft & Co., $3.50; shp. $4.50; Fouque, de la Motte, Thiodolf the Icelander. A Ro tinted paper, clo., $4.00; mor....

$6.00 mance. From the German. (New ed.) 16°, PP. 308. N.

Hall, W. W. (M. D.). Fun better than Physis; or, Every Y., Jas. Miller. $1.25. ; pap.

...75 c.
body's Life Preserver. 12°, PP. 333-

Springfield, Ø. Undine ; or, The Water Spirit. Also, Sintram and his E. Fisk & Co...

50 Companions. From the German. (New ed.) 12°, pp. Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. Thoughts about Art. xiv., 238. N. Y., Jas. Miller, $1.25; pap.... .....75 c.

With a Preface written especially for the Am. cd. by the Francillon, R. E. Earl's Dene. A Novel. 80, pp. 187. Author. 169. Boston, Roberts Bros...

$2.00 N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap..

.50 c.

HAND (The) or the DILIGENT. 18°, pp. 151. N. Y., FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR. See London.

Broughton & Wyman...

...65 c. FRANK AUSTIN'S DIAMOND. By the Author of "Golden HANNA LEE ; oder, Ruhe für die Müden. 18°, pp. 200. Ladder Series." (Drayton Hall Series.) 16°, pp. 196. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc........

....50 c. N. Y., Robt. Carter & Bros....

.....75 C. HAPPINESS (THE) OF HEAVEN. By a Father of the SocioFree Public LIBRARIES. Suggestions on their Foundation ty of Jesus. 16°, pp. 372. Baltimore, Murphy & Co. and Administration, with a selected List of Books. 16°

$1.00; gilt, $1.50 pp. 39. (For Am. Social Science Ass'n.) N. Y., Hurd Hardy, Lady. Daisy Nichol. A Novel. 80, pp. 144. N. & Houghton. Pap...

...25 c.
Y., Harper & Bros. Pap...

50 c. FRENCH LOVE SONGS, AND OTHER POEMs. From the Origin- *Hare, Augustus J. C. Walks in Rome.

2 vols. 80, als of Baudelaire, A. de Musset, Lamartine, Victor Hugo, André Chénier, T. Gautier, Beranger, Parny, Nadaud,

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Harland, Marion. The Empty Heart; or, Husks; and Curwen. 12°, pp. 192. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co. for Better, for Worse.

12°, PP. 353. N. Y., G. W. $1.50 Carleton & Co......


HARRY AND HIS Pony. By the Author of "Little Kitty's R. Author of “The Book and its Stery," etc. Illust.

Library.' Illust. IS', pp. 180. N. Y., Robt. Carter & 12°, pp. 500. N, Y., Robt. Carter & Bros. ... . $2.00

Bros. Faller, John E. Complete and Perpetual Calendar. Com

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Haven, Marion. Joanna ; or, Learning to follow Jesus. Day of the Week or Month required in any Year, Past,

164, pp. 280. N. Y. Broughton & Wyman.. Boston, Lee & Shepard. 75 C.

$1.25 Present, or Future. 12o. Gas CONSUMER'S GUIDE (The). A Hand-Book of Instruc

Heine, Heinrich. Immortellen Heinrich Heine's. Ge

sammelt von Adolf Stredtmann. Mit dem Titelbilde: tion on the proper Management and economical Use of

Der kranke H. Heine. Autorisirte Amerik. Ausgabe. Gas, with a full description of Gas-meters, and Directions

16o. pp. vi., 216. N. Y., S. Zickel....

$1.20 for ascertaining the Consumption by Meter. On Ventilation, etc. 169, pp. 148. Boston, Alex. Moore ; and Lec

- Letzte Gedichte und Gedanken. Aus dem Nachlass & Shepard. $1.00 : pap....

des Dichters zum ersten Mal veröffentlicht. ......75 C.

12°, pp. Geer, Geo. Jarvis (D.D.). The Conversion of St. Paul,

196. N. Y., S. Zickel. Pap......

.....75 C. Three Discourses, 12°, pp. 82. N. Y., S. R. Wells. 75 C.

*Helps, Arthur Conversations on War and General Culand...

ture. 16o. Boston, Roberts Bros...

$1.50 GHARDAIA. See Naphegyi.

Herbert, Henry William. Frank Forester's Horse and Go AreaD! or, Jack, the Cabin Boy.

189, pp. 144.

N. Horsemanship of the United States and British ProvY., Broughton & Wyman...

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$15.00 - Faust. Trans, in the original Metres, by Bayard Taylor. *Hergenræther, Dr. Phil. Anti-Janus. From the Ger (In 2 parts.) Part Second. Imp. 80, pp. 536. Boston,

Cr. 8° N, Y., Cath. Pub. Soc. ....

$2.00 jas. R. Osgood & Co. $5.00; complete, 2 vols. $10.00;

* Hidden LIFE (THE) OF THE Soul. By the Author of hf. cf


* A Dominican Artist." From the French. 16°, pp. Goodwin, Prof. W. W. Greek Moods and Tenses. New xvi., 256. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co... $1.50 and rev. ed. 12'. Boston, Sever, Francis & Co... $1.75

HOLLAND MEMORIAL. Sketch of the Life of George HelGray, B. J. Stories of Palestine. 18o. N. Y., Carlton land, the Veteran Comedian, with Dramatic Reminiscen& Lanahan. Pap..... ...IO C. ces, Anecdotes, etc.

Roy. 89, pp. 124. GREAT BRITAIN. The House of Lords Cases on Appeals N. Y., T. H. Morrell.... $3.00; large paper, $5.00

and Writs of Error, and Claims of Peerage, during the HOLY COMMUNION. See Lebon. Sessions of 1862, 1863, and 1864. By Chas. Clark. Vol.

Homespun, Sophia. Much Fruit. 16°, pp. 292,

Bor 10. 89, pp. XV., 601. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp.

ton. D. Lothrop & Co..

$1.00 Greeno, Geo. Washington. The Life of Nathaniel Hooper, Lucy Hamilton. Poems. With portr.

Cr. 8° Greene, Major-General in the Army of the Revolution. pp. 196. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co........ $1.75 In 3 vols. Vol. 2. Royal 8., pp. ix., 514. N. Y., Hurd How I GOT MY RICHES. 189. Phila., Am. S. S. Union & Houghton.....

$4.00 Greene, Hon. Mrs. The Grey House on the Hill; or, How IT ALL HAPPENED. By the Author of " Dorothy

Buy the Truth and Sell it Nor. A Tale for the Young, Fox," etc. 12°, pp. 25. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. 12° N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons...

$1.2; Pap. .

go c.



With portr.

30 C.


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