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L'OETRY AND THE DRAMA.-Code of Health of Salernum ;

Davidson, Poems ;--Furness, Variorum ed. of Romeo and Juliet ;-Gage, Verses ;--Leland, Hans Breitmann as Uhlan ;-Morris, Earthly Paradise ;-Racine, The Suitors ;-Shakespeare's Merchant, by Rolfe ; Stanton, The Moneyless Man.

Sergeant Atkins;- Trollope, Sealed Packet;-Woven

of Many Threads.
JUVENILE Books.-Andersen, Stories and Tales ;–Bal.

lard, Building Stones :--Children's Victories ;--Cige,
Steps Upward ;--Guernsey, Child's Treasure :- Keers,
Heroes of Asgard ;-Lessons of Experience ;-Londy
Lily :- Moravian Indian Boy :--Nurse Grand's Remi.
niscences ;--Nurse Grand's Stories ;--Riches without
Wings ;-Ruth Hawthorne ;-Story Lizzie Told;-
Troublesome Secret ;--- When I was a Little Girl.

NovrLS AND TALES. -De Mille, The Cryptogram ;-Gage,

Steps Upward ;-Sand, Snowman ;-Schovartz, Birth and Education ;-Schwartz, Guilt and Innocence ;



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No. 6.
In preparation : Lists of Works on-1. Architecture and Industrial Arts ; 2. Field Sports, including Horseman-

ship; 3. Domestic Economy.
D'Aligay's Beet Root Sugar and the Cultivation of the Chapman's Flora of Southern U. S., $3.60.. Joisor
Beet, $3............

.Phillips & S.
Chaptal's Agricultural Chemistry, 75 C..

Allon's (L. F.) American Cattle, $2.
Moore. Chorlton's Grape Grower's Guide, 75 C...

Judd. -- Rural Architecture, $1.50...


Olater's Every Man His Cattle Doctor, $6 .Scribner, W.
Allen's (R L.) American Farm Book, $1.50....... Judd.
Diseases of Domestic Animals, $1....

Cleveland & Backus on Cottage and Farm Architecture,

... Appleton. Allen's (R. L. & L. F.) New American Farm Book, $2.50

Cline's What a Farmer Can Do, $1.75.

American Agricultural Annual, pap. 50 C., clo. 75c..Judd.

Clok's Diseases of Sheep, $1.25 ....... Claxton, R. & H. American Farmer's Universal Handbook, $3 .. Desilver. Cobbett's American Gardener, 75 C....

Judd. American Horticultural Annual (new), pap. 50 c. ; clo.

Cole's (S. W.) American Fruit Book, 75 C..

Judd. 75 C.......

Judd. Veterinarian, 75 C......
American Rose Culturist, 30 С.......
Judi. Compton's Potato Culture, 25 C......

American Weeds and Useful Plants, $1.75. Judil.

Comstock's Botany, $2......

Sheldox. Armstrong's Agriculture, 75 C..

.Harper, Copeland's Country Life, $5... Baily's Trees, Plants and Flowers, $1..Lippincott & Co.

Crofts Suburban Architecture, $5..

Baker's Fruit Culture, $4..

Lee So Shepard.
Cummings & Miller's Modern Am. Architecture, $10

Barnard's Flower Garden, 25 C.....
.Loring: Architectural Details, $10.....

Bock's Botany of U. S., $1.50.


Dadd's (George H.) Modern Horse Doctor, $1.50... Judd, Bement's Am. Poulterer's Companion, $2.. .Harper. American Cattle Doctor, $1.50..

Bommer's Method of Making Manures, 25 C....... Judd. Dana's Muck Manual, $1.25..

Book of Roses, $1.50...
Tilton. Darby's Southem Botany, $2...

Boussirgault's Rural Economy, $1.60..
Moore. Darlington's Weeds and Useful Plants, $1.75......

Breck's New Book of Flowers, $1.75.


Darwin's Variation of Animals and Plants. Buist's Flower Garden Directory, $1.50.. Moore. -- Family Kitchen Gardener, $1.. ... Moore. De Voe's Market Assistant, $2.50..

Judd. Bicknell's Village Builder, $10...

..Bicknell. Dewey's Colored Plates of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Bland's Farming as a Profession, 30 C.... ..Loring. each 25 c. ; of Grapes, Flowers, etc., 37% E. .... Dervey. Books for the Country :-Pigeons and Rabbits ;-Sheep, Downing's Architecture of Country Houses, $6.. Appleton.

our Domestic Breeds and their Treatment;-The Poultry Cottage Residences, $3.... Yard ;--The Pig :-Cattle, 75 C. ;-The Horse, by Cecíl Landscape Gardening, $6.50..

Judd. and Youаtt ;--Bees, their Habits, Management, Treat

Fruit and Fruit Trees, 85.

Wiley, ment, etc. ;-The Common Objects of the Country ; Rural Essays, $5... Small Farms ;--Rural Economy, Domestic Animals ; Mrs. Loudon's Gardening for Ladies, $2.

Il'iley. Farm and Garden Produce :--The Kitchen Garden ; Lindley's Horticulture, $2.

Wiley. The Flower Garden ;-Agricultural Chemistry :-Our

Draper-Croffut's Helping Hand for Town and Country, Woodlands, Heaths, and Hedges ;-British Ferns ;


Wilstach, B. & Co. Favorite Flowers ;--Hints for Farmers and Agricultural

Da Breuil's Vineyard Culture, $2....

Clarke & Co. Students ;-Wild Flowers ;-A Field Full of Wonders ;llaunts of the Wild Flowers, 75 C. ;-Scientific Farming

Eastwood on Cranberry, 75 C. ......

Fudd. Made Easy, 75 C. ; the others, each 50 с.. .. Routledge. Elder's Cottage Garden of America, $1.59.

Mess. Brackett's Farm Talk, $1.....

.Lee & S. Eliott's Western Fruit Grower's Guide, $1.50......
Bridgeman's Young Gardener's Assistant, $2.50... Wood. - Lawn and Shade Trees, $1.50....

Kitchen Gardener's Instructor, $1.
Wood. Ellwood's Grain Tables, $1.25....

Florist's, $1..


Emerson & Flint's Manual of Agriculture, $1.25.. Tilton. Fruit Cultivator, $1.


.Harper. Browne's Trees of America, $5.50..

Eveleth's School House Architecture, $10....Woodward

Fairbank's Farmers' Barn Book, $1.50. Claxton, R. & H. Buchanan's Culture of Grape, and Wine Making, 75 C.

Wilstach, B. & Co.

Farmers' Record and Account Book, $3. Claxton, R. & I. Buell's Farmer's Companion, $1.50.

Harper. Farming for Boys, $1.50..... Farmer's Instructor, $1.50...

Harper. Field's Green House as a Winter Garden, 75 C... Putnam Cider Maker's Manual, $1.50.


Field's (T. W.) Pear Culture, $1.25...
Burt's Vegetables of America, $5.

Flagg's European Vineyards, $1.50.

Harper. - Garden Vegetables, $2.50...

Sulphur Cure, 50 C......

Harper, Bullock's American Cottage Builder, $3.50. ...Bicknell.

Flax Culture, 50 C. Caird's Prairie Farming in America, 50 C. Appleton. Flint's Milch Cows and Dairy Farming, $2.50..... Tilton.

Judd. Caldwell's Agricultural Chemistry, $2.


- Grasses, $2.50... Caseol's Gardening, 40 C...... Cassell, P. & G. French's Farm Drainage, $1.50

2 vols., $6.



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Fuller's Forest Tree Culturist, $1.50.. Woodrvard Mead's Grape Culture and Wine Making, $3. Harper. - Grape Culturist, $1.50.... Judd. Meehan's Ornamental Trees, 75 C..

Lippincott. - Small Fruit Culturist, $1.50.. Judd.

Tilton. Merrick's Strawberry Culture, $1. - Strawberry Culturist, 20 C........

Miles on the Horse's Foot, 75 c..

Judd. Gardner's Farmer's Dictionary, $2.50..... Harper.

Miner's Domestic Poultry Book, $1.50.

Dick & F. Gaylord & Tucker's Amer. Husbandry, $1.50....Harper. Mohr on the Grape Vine, $1...

Judd. Gray's Botanical Series :-How Plants Grow, $1.12.

Morrell's American Shepherd, $1.75.

.Harper. Manual, $2.25. -Lessons and Manual, $3.--Same, with Mosses, $3:75:--Structural, $3.50.-School and Field, My Vineyard at Lakeview, $1.25...

Judd. $2.50.--Field, Forest, and Garden, $2.... ...... Ivison. Norton's Scientific Agriculture, 75 C.

Fuld. Greeley's What I Know of Farming, $1.50.N.Y. Tribune. Onion Culture, 20 C. ....

Judul. Gregory's Onion Raising, 30 С.......

. Gregory.

Our Farm of Four Acres, and the Money We Made by it. - Cabbages, 30 C....

.Gregory. .-On Squashes, 30 С.......

7. Miller .Gregory.

Packard's Insects, $6..

Peabody Acad. Guenon on Milch Cows, 75 C. ........

Pardee on Strawberry Culture, 75 C.

Halstedt's Am. Standard of Excellence (Poultry), 50 c.
Halsted. Parkman's Book of Roses, $1.50.

Tilton. Harney's Barns, Outbuildings, and Fences, $10.... Wood Parlor Gardener, $ı....

Tilton. quard. Parsons' Rose, $1.25.

Wiley. Haraszthy's Grape Culture and Wine Making, $5.Harper. Peat and its Uses, $1.25....

Fudd. Harris' Insects Injurious to Vegetation, $4; col'd. $6. Pedder's Land Measurer, 60 c.

Percheron Horse (The), $1... .

Judd. - On the Pig, $1.50.......


Phelps' Lectures on Botany, $1.75.... Lippincott. Hearth & H.'s Handb. of Poultry, 25 C.. ..Pettengill. Planter's Account Book, $1.50... Claxton, R. EH. Henderson's Practical Floriculture, $1.50. Judd.

Preparation of Cooked Food for the Fattening of Cattle, - Gardening for Profit, $1.50......


25 C. Herbert's Hints to Horse-Keepers, $1.75.. Judd.

Quinby's Mysteries of Bee Keeping, $1.50....... Judd. Hitberd's Rustic Adornments, $9.......

Quincy's Soiling of Cattle, $1.25.

.Loring Hind's Farrier and Stud Book, $1.25.. Claxton, R. EN H.

Quinn's Pear Culture for Profit, $1. ......N. 1'. Tribune. Holly's Designs for Country-Seats, $5.... . Appleton. Money in the Garden (ready in March), $1.50...N. Y'.

Tribune. Hooper's Western Fruit Book, $1.50. Wilstach, B. & Co. Hoopes' Book of Evergreens, $3.


Rand's Bulbs, $3..
Flowers for the Parlor, $3.

Tilton. Hop Culture, 40 C....

Seventy-Five Flowers, $1.50.

Tilton. How to Farm Profitably, $2.50...

. Routledge.

Randall's Sheep Husbandry in the South, $1.50.... Judd. How to Get a Farm, and Where to Find One, $1.75. Fine Wool Sheep Husivandry, $1...

Judd. Miller, Practical Shepherd, $2..

Moore. Husmann's Grapes and Wine, $1.50......... Woodward. Rarey and Knowlson's Complete Horse Tamer and Fas Hyatt's Hand-book of Grape Culture, $2.A.L.

.... Dick & F. Bancroft

rier, 50 C......

Reemnelin's Wine Makers' Manual, $1.25.. Clarke & Co. I Marvel's My Farm at Edgewood, $1.75......Scribner. - Rural Studies, $1.75.......

.Peterson. ..Scribner. Riddell's Country Residences, $15.. .. Appleton. Riley's Mule, $1.50...

Claxton, R. & H. Jacques' Garden, Farm and Barnyard, $2.50. Woodward.

River's Miniature Fruit Garden, $1.

Tilton. - Manual of the House, $1.50.....

Woodward. Robinson's Mushroom Culture, $3.... .....Scribner, Jennings' Cattle and their Diseases, $1.75. ........Potter. Roosevelt's Five Acres Too Much, $1.50......... Harper. - Horse and his Diseases, $1.75....

Rural Church Architecture, $12....

Wooltzeard. On Sheep, Swine, and Poultry, $1.75...


Saunders' Domestic Poultry, pap. 40 c. ; clo. 75 c..Judd. Johnson's Farmers' and Planters' Encyclopædia, $6.. Lip

Schenck's Gardener's Text Book, 75 C.

Judd. Johnson's How Crops Feed, $2....

Schleiden's Poetry of Vegetable World, $1.50.. Wilstach,

B. & Co. - How Crops Grow, $2.....

Judd. Johnston's Agricultural Chemistry, $1.75:

Fudd. Scott's Beautifying Country Homes, $8. Appleton. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, $1.50....... Judd. Silver's Poultry Book, 50 C...

Silver. Kendo's Silk and Tea Culture, $1.25... Roman. Sloane's Am. Rural Buildings, $2.50..

Baird. Kemp's Landscape Gardening, $2.50........ Wiley,

Homestead Architecture, $4.50..... Claxton, R. & H.

Model Architect, $25..., ...Claxton, R. & H. Kera's Practical Landscape Gardening, $1.50. Wilstach.

Stewart's Stable Book, $1.50..

Fudd. Klippart's Wheat Plant, $1.75..

Wilstach, B. Cow Co.
Stonehenge's Horse, $3.50.

. Routledge. Langstroth's Honey Bee, $2.

McClure's Do., $2.50.

Porter & Coatcs. Leuchar's How to Build Hot Houses, $1........ Judd. Strong's Culture of the Grape, $1.50

Tilton. Liebig's Agricultural Chemistry, 25 c.; complete, $2.

Tegetmeier's Pigeon Book, $5.

Poultry Book, $9.00...

L'outledge. - Agricultural Chemistry, $1..

Wiley. – Letters on Modern Agriculture.....

Ten Acres Enough, $1.50.

Jas. Miller. - Principles of Ag. Chemistry, 75 C.. Wiley. Thomas' Am. Fruit Culturist, $3.

Wood. Natural Laws of Husbandry, $1.50.

Appleton. Farm Implements and Machinery, $1.50. Judd. Lyman's Cotton Culture, $1.50..... Judd. | Thompson's Food of Animals, $1..

Judd. McClure's Am. Gentleman's Stable Guide, $1.50.. Porter.

Tim Bunker Papers, $1.50....

Judd, - Diseases of Am. Horse, Cattle, and Sheep, $1.75. Potter. Tobacco Culture, 25 C.......

Juid. - See also Stonehenge.

Todd's American Wheat Culturist, $2..

Moore. McMahon's American Gardener, $2.25.......Lippincott. Country Homes and How to Save Money. $1.50. Manual on Flax and Hemp Culture, 25 C.. Moore.

Am, Nerus Co. Mason's Farrier and Stud Book. $1.50. Claxton, R. & H.

Farm and Workshop, $2.50

Woodzuarit Practical Farrier for Farmers, $1.... Claxtov, R. & H.

How to Make Farming Pay, $2.50. It'oodavard, Mayhew's Illust. Horse Management, $3..

Trimble, Insect Enemies, $5; col. $8.

...Woort. Lippincott. Turner's Cotton Planters' Manual, $1.50..........


Indian Corn, $1.50.....

- Illust. Horse Doctor, $3..

Union Colony of Colorado, 25 C. ........... Tribune Asso.
Vaux's Villas and Cottages, $3...

Warder's American Pomology, $3.

Judd. Hedges and Evergreens, $1.50....

Juild. Waring's Draining for Profit and Health, $1.50.. Judd;

Tribune. Elements of Agriculture, $1..... Judd; Tribune, Hand-Book of Husbandry, $3.50..

Trcat, Earth Closets and Sewage, 50 C...

..Tribune. Warner's My Summer in a Garden, $r.

Osgood. Watson's American Home Garden, $2...........Harper. Weidenmann's Beautifying Country Homes, $15..Judd.

White's Cranberry Culture, $1.25....

Judd. Wheeler's Home for the People, $3.. Woodward, Rural Homes, $2......

Woodward. Woodward's Cottage and Farm Houses, $1.50. Woodward. Country Homes, $1.50

Woodward. Graperies and Horticultural•Buildings, $1.50. U oodmard National Architect, $12...

Woodward. Suburban and Country Homes, $1.50...... Woodward. Wright's Pract. Poultry Keeper, $2..

...Tilton. Youаtt on the Horse, 1.75...

Lippincott & Ce. and Spooner on the Horse, $1.50..

Fudd. and Martin on Cattle, $1.50.

Fudd. - on the Hogg, $1.

Fudd. on Sheep, $1.


DISTRESS IN PARIS.We desire to draw the attention of our readers to the following paragraph, which appears in the current number of the (London) Publishers' Circular, and ask them for their assistance in carrying out the relief therein proposed :

" It has been suggested that the Publishers and Booksellers of Great Britain ought to unite in the benevolent project of extending help to the distressed Assistants of Publishers and Booksellers of Paris, upon whom not only the siege of the city itself, but the devastation of so many quarters of France and the wide-spread destitu. tion amongst all classes of their customers, have brought so much bitter distress. Assuming that the Publishers of Paris will welcome this brot rly aid, we gladly respond to the appeal towards the - Paris Publishers' Relief Fand," and with pleasure announce that subscriptions towards the “Paris Publishers' Relief Fund” will be received at the office of the Publishers' Circular, and at the office of the Bookseller, and its receipt acknowledged in their pages. We may add, the more immediate the aid, the greater will be the benefit."

Messrs. Firmin-Didot, Hachette, Plon, and other Publishers in Paris have been requested to see to the distribution of the Food, and relying upon the good feeling and co-operation of the Trade, Mr. Sampson Low, of the Publishers' Circular, and Mr. 7. Whitaker, of the Bookseller, have already taken steps to send a first instalment of relief, consisting of dried and preserved meat, rice, lentils

, coffee, &c., &C.

Donations or subscriptions on behalf of the fund, if addressed to the Editor of the Trade Circular, 25 Bond St., New York, will be remitted to the proper quarters

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D. M. DEWEY, Rochester, has issued a new of New England, Rhododendron Culture, with Catalogue of colored plates of fruits, flowers, etc., notes on American plants, and a volume on Herbcomprising over 1,500 of the choicest and most aceous Ornamental Plants—the latter to be provaluable varieties of Apples, Pears, Peaches, fusely illustrated. It is probable that two editions Plums, Cherries, Strawberries, Quinces, Apri- of all these will be issued,—one cheap, and one cots, Berries, Grapes, Roses, Evergreens, Flower more expensive. ing Shrubs, Flowers, etc. Cold Fruits and Ever.

J. Q. A. WARREN has prepared for publication green and Ornamental Trees, 25 c. each ; Grapes,

an elaborate treatise on “Hardy Breeds of Silk Flowers, Roses, and Flowering Shrubs, 373 c. Worms for Cultivation in America." It comeach.

prises, with its original matter, translations of the Edward S. RAND, Jr., one of the most intel. best European authorities on silk-raising, and is ligent and authoritative writers on horticulture fully illustrated with colored plates, inaking altoand kindred subjects, has nearly ready for publica- gether a most valuable aid and guide for beginners tion a series of works which must prove important in practical operations. contributions to our literature of floriculture. These are: a volume on Parlor Gardening, the n. Y., is the most elaborate and finished illus

Vick's Floral Guide for 1871, from Rochester, Management of Wardian Cases, Ferns; Ivy; trated catalogue of garden flowers and vegetables Aquaria, etc., in which these topics will be treated that has yet reached our table. It is printed on in a manner somewhat similar to that of the author's “ Flowers for the Parlor and Garden," but tinted paper and embellished with three hundred at greater length, and with the aid of the most plates, and with the necessary descriptions and di

fine wood engravings and two beautiful colored recent discoveries and improvements; a volume on Hardy Garden Flowers; one on Bulbs, with rections for cultivation, &c., making up a very directions for every kind of culture; one on Green attractive and even elegant pamphlet of one hunhouse Flowers, a concise Cyclopædia, containing Mr. Vick's connection with the press for more

dred pages—all for ten cents, not half its cost. lists of the best species, etc. ; one on Orchids, or Air-plants, embodying the results of the author's

than a quarter of a century accounts for his skill experience, and enriched by translations from the and taste in such a publication. latest European works on the subject; and a vol HARPER & Bros, announce The Apple Culturume on Botanical Nomenclature. These books ist, by S. E. Todd; and the New York Tribune will be issued by one of our leading publishing Asso., Money in the Garden, a vegetable Manual, houses, in elegant form. Mr. Rand has also in prepared with a view to economy and profit, by preparation works on Ferns, The Wild Flowers ! P. T. Quinn, author of “ Pear Culture for Profit."

NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS. Books and Reading" is the significant title of ton). Mr. Darwin had originally intended this a volume written by Dr. Noah Porter, of Yale work as a posthumous publication, but the contin. College (Scribner)." This book is of very great ually-increasing interest manifested in his first importance. Prof. Porter is one of the ripest work, “ On the Origin of Species," induced him scholars and one of the most comprehensive and to believe that the public were ripe for the most discriminating readers in America. "He is familiar advanced deductions from his theory of “natural with every branch of the literature of the past and selection.". In the present work Mr. Darwin asthe present. The ideas of such a critic, in regard sumes, without hesitation or qualification, that to the merits of different authors and the ends and man has descended, or perhaps we should say, asuses of literary studies, are of very great moment. cended, by gradual development, regulated by the His book is written in popular form, and in a di- principle of natural selection, from the lowest point dactic style. It abounds in illustrations from the of animal life. best authors, which serve to give point to the prin MR. LOWELL’s new volume, says the Boston ciples laid down for the development of correct correspondent of the N. Y. Evening Mail, is enjudgments and tastes on the part of the reader. titled 'My Study Windows, a most appropriate The very important questions which parents are name, happily indicating its character, inasmuch asking in respect to the best and safest courses of

as standing at his study windows the poet comreading for their children, is answered in a manner mands a view of life and nature without, and also that shows a vast range of knowledge, and a deep of the books that enter so largely into the life withiconscientiousness on the part of the author. At in his charmed study. Among the papers in this such a time as the present, when there is so much book are, “My Garden Acquaintance” and “A of light, trashy, and hurtful literature, and so much Good Word for Winter," —two of the richest of superficial acquaintanceship with, if not total and most delightful essays of their kind in the ignorance of, the productions of the best authors, world's literature,—and articles on Josiah Quincy, there is greatest need of just such a book as this President Lincoln, Carlyle, Percival, Chaucer, by Dr. Porter. Its careful reading will not fail to Pope, Swinburne, and Thoreau. "stimulate to a wise selection of books, and to en

A New Variorum Edition of Romeo and Ju. lightened and successful methods of reading.". Watchman and Reflector.

liet, edited by Horace Howard Furness (Lip

pincott). This work constitutes the first volume A very useful little manual for students is of a proposed Variorum Edition of Shake. Moore's " What to Read, and How to Read(Ap- speare, edited by Horace Howard Furness, A.M. pleton, containing a classified list of books in each The Text of this edition of Romeo and Juliet is department of study, with hints and suggestions to

formed upon the principle of following, where vathe reader. The lists are divided into first class, rious readings occur, such readings as have been second class, and third class, which arrangement adopted by a majority of the ablest editors. The enables the reader to take up first the most impor- TEXTUAL Notes embrace the various readings of tant in any series, and continue at his option with the following editors: Rowe, Pope, Theobald, the subsidiary volumes.

Hanmer, Warburton, Johnson, Capell, Steevens,

Malone (the Var. of '21), Harness, Singer (Edd. I BARNES.—Among the last labors of the late and 2), Knight (Edd. 1 and 2), Campbell, CornRev. Albert Barnes, accomplished with very great wall, Collier (Edd. 1 and 2), Verplanck, Hazlitt, dificulty, owing to his almost complete loss of Hudson, Ulrici, Delius, Dyce (Edd. 1 and 2), sight, was the careful and thorough revision of his Staunton, White, Chambers, Halliwell, The Campopular “Notes on the New Testament." It bridge Editors, Clarke and Keightley. The Com. seemed eminently desirable, both to author and MENTARY contains all the notes of the Variorum publishers, that these Notes should be made more of 1821 that have been adopted by editors since valuable by incorporating in them the vast that date, and the original notes of these editors. amount of light which science and discovery have Illustrations and Criticisms are also given from in the last twenty years thrown upon Scrip- the following sources: Douce, Nares, Coleridge, ture. In the new edition much has been added Hunter, Brown, Sidney, Walker, Halpin, Mitin the way of notes, and many valuable and inter- ford, Hartley Coleridge, Craik, Massey, Lessing, esting illustrations have been inserted. At the Goethe, Schlegel, Franz Horn, Gervinus, Delius, time of the author's death all the volumes were Ulrici, Kreyssig, Rötscher, Sträter, Mommsen, ready for the press; the Gospels, in two volumes, Chateaubriand, Villemain, Marc-Girardin, Guizot, are just ready, and the Acts, in one volume, will Lacroix, Mézierès, Lamartine, Chasles, Taine, and be published shortly. The volume on Romans is stereotyped, and will soon be issued. The other

Mechanism in Thought and Morals, by Oliver volumes will appear at suitable intervals. The

Wendell Holmes (Osgood), contains Dr. Holmes's success which has attended these Notes encourages Oration delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa the hope that the new edition, made so much more valuable, will be eagerly welcomed by all students Society, at Harvard University, in July, 1870,

with copious notes and amplifications. It discus

ses some very curious psychological questions with DARWIN. -The literary sensation of the season great clearness and force, so that a subject which will undoubtedly be Darwin's new work,

“ The in ordinary hands would be simply tedious, is inade Descent of Man," the first volume of which will exceedingly interesting by the wealth of illustration probably appear during the present month (Apple and characteristic freshness with which it is treated.

many others.

of Scripture.

Life and Nature Under the Tropics, by H. Counsel to a Mother, by Pye Henry Chavasse, M. and P. V. N. Myers. (Appleton.)— The fol. / M.D., author of “Advice to a Wise," etc. (Liplowing pages are a narrative of a scientific expe. pincott) forms a continuation and the completion dition from Williams College to the tropical of “ Advice to a Mother,” by the same popular regions of South America. The desire of many author, whose works should be in the hands of that a complete narrative of the expedition from every wise and mother. The present volume treats our College should be given in a permanent form, of the following subjects: I.-Infancy: Preliminary and our own wish that others might share with us Conversation ; Ablution ; Navel Rupture; Diet; the pleasure we experienced in viewing a tropical Wet-Nurse; Vaccination; Exercise ; Sleep; The Nature in three equatorial regions, where she pre Bladder and Bowels ;-11.-Childhood: Ablu. sents herself in forms so strange and grand, coupled tion; Clothing; Diet ; The Nursery; Exercise ; with the fact that so little has been written upon | Amusements; A Poem on Childhood; Educathese interesting portions of the continent to tion; Sleep; The Hair of a Child ;-III.-Youth: which sections our work is principally devoted, are Ablution; Management of Hair; Whitening the the only considerations that could have led us to Skin; Clothing ; Diet ; Air and Exercise ; Amuseundertake the preparation of the present volumes. ments; Education ; Household Work for Girls; -Extract from Preface.

Teeth and Gums; Sleep. The History of Paraguay, by Charles A. Wash “Simple, practical, intelligible.” -- Phila. Ev. burn. In two volumes. (Lee & Shepard.)

Bulletin. “The first volume comprises the history of that Insanity in Womeni, by H. R. Storer, M.D. little-known country, from its earliest discovery (Lee & Shepard), is chiefly devoted to the causes and occupation by opeans until the beginning of mental disturbance in a large proportion of the of those strange, intricate, and much misunderstood cases in which it occurs in women, with a view to transactions which have made so much diplomatic the establishment of a more rational treatment difficulty within the last few years. The second | than is generally adopted. Like the previous volume gives, in pretty sull detail, Mr. Washburn's writings by which the author has become knowi personal experiences, and those are of the most to the public, the volume shows intense earnest. interesting and exciting kind, and show how poliness of conviction. tics and false dignity, and perhaps corruption in PROF. COMFORT has followed his German high places, have to do with a great deal of public course with a copious German Reader (Harper). business.”

The selections are from the best authors, with Wm. Morris's Earthly Paradise (Roberts) is especial prominence given to the distinguished now complete in three volumes and issued in two writers of the last twenty years. Some of the styles, viz.: in 8°, $9; and in 16°, $6.75. A new best specimens of German lyric poetry are in. and cheap edition, printed on white laid paper and cluded. A vocabulary, explanatory notes, and bound neatly in plain cloth, 3 vols. 16°, per vol. indexes give the book completeness. Prof. Com. $1.50, will be published immediately.

fort has done his work with his usual care and WHIPPLE. A new volume by Mr. Edwin P. thoroughness. Whipple is to consist of several essays and lectures Ginx's Baby ; His Birth and Misfortunes, first hitherto unprinted, including his lecture on American from the histh English Edition. (Rout. “Shoddy,” having for a central idea practical ledge.)— The great popularity which this pungent advice to young men entering lise, and for a gen- / satire has gained in England within a very short eral title “ Success and its Conditions." At the time is a tribute to its truthfulness and the thorsame time a new edition of all Mr. Whipple's oughly earnest purpose of the writer. books will be issued, with some rearrangement and modification of titles. Mr. Whipple’s biog- ) is a novel of surpassing interest, and possesses the

The Snow Man, says the Literary World, raphy of Gov. Andrew, which ought, from the elements of popularity in a higher degree, we subject and his own favorable opportunities, to be think, than any of George Sand's novels which are the great work of his life, is steadily advancing familiar to the ordinary reader. It is a novel

, toward completion, and its publication this year púre and simple, unburdened with philosophy and may be confidently looked for.

unmarked by those idiosyncrasies of the author Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, ed. by Wm. which, while beautifying some of her books to the J. Rolfe, a neat and handy volume in flexible eye of culture, have made them “caviare to the covers, issued by the Harpers, is intended for use general.” The action of the story moves with a as a text-book of English in schools or colleges, grace which charms, and a rapidity which gives no or by private students, and certainly will render respite to the reader's attention; the scenes are most valuable service.

The drama is prefaced strange, the characters such as novel-readers rarely with an historical account and selections from the meet, the plot is vigorous, and worked out with critical comments of Schlegel, Mrs. Jameson, pleasing effect. Hudson, and White.

The appendix contains The same authority says of Birth and Educacopious notes, designed to render the same assist- tion, the second volume of the edition of Madame ance to an English student that academical edi. Schwartz's novels (Lee & Shepard) :-“ It is a more tions of Homer, Æschylus, or Virgil, furnish the pretentious work than Gold and Name, and, regardLatin classes. — The same house have issued the ed strictly as a literary performance, must be proHistory of Louis XIV., by John S. C. Abbott, nounced superior to it. It has more of philosophy exhibiting the events in the extraordinary reign than the other, and enters more deeply into the imof that monarch in a popular narrative.

portant question indicated by its title. It is one

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