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BS All Articles mentioned in the Bulletin, supplied at the shortest notice.

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American Life Ins. Co......

20 | Leypoldt, Holt & Williams..
Christopher, J. W....

18 Lippincott, 7. B. & Co.....
, D. M..

18 Osgood, Jas. R. Ex Co.....
Dalton, E. P. & Co..

20 Redfield, 7. S. Leavitt, Geo. A. & Co.....

Sabin, Jos. & Sons... 19 | White, Smith & Perry.


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Lee @w Shepard..



traits and 14 maps from official French and Prussian field

surveys. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co...... $2.00 Beard Geo. M. Medical and Surgical Uses of Elec

Martin, F. The Statesman's Year Book for 1871. Cr. pricity , Including Localized and General Electrization. 8o. N. Y., Macmillan & Co.......

.$3.00 110 Illustrations. 80, pp. 700. N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co...

$4.50 Moffett, Mrs. Emma L. Crown Jewels. A Novel. N. Blunt, Rev. J. J. (B.D.). Undesigned Coincidences in

Y., G. W. Carleton & Co....

$1.75 the Old and New Testaments, and Paley's Horz Paulinæ. Morelet, Chevalier Arthur. Travels in Central America, 129, pp. 260, N, Y., Robt. Carter & Bros........

...$1.50 including Accounts of some Regions Unexplored since the

Conquest. Translated from the French by Mrs. M. F. Chalmers, Thomas D.D., LL.D.). Astronomical and Squier. Introduction and Notes by E. Geo. Squier. Cr. Commercial Discourses. 12°, pp. 377. N. Y., R. Car

89, pp. xvii, 430, 5. New York, Leypoldi, Holt & te & Bro..

$1.50 Williams..... Cooke, J. Esten. Out of the Foam. A Novel. N. Y., PILGRIM (THE) AND THE SHRINE; or, Passages from the

• $1.50 Life and Correspondence of Herbert Ainslee, B.A. 12° Darwin , Chas. The Descent of Man and Selection in RePp. 472. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons.....

$1.75 bation to Sex. Vol. L. lllust. 12°, pp. 409. N. Y., D.

Rawlinson, George (M.A.). Manual of Ancient History, Appletin & Co......

..$2.00 from the Earliest Time to the Fall of the Western Empire. GAS CONSUMER'S GUIDE. A hand-book of Instruction on

12°, pp. 633. N, Y., Harper & Bros...... the proper management and economical use of Gas, with Tennyson, Alfred. Poetical Works (with The Window; a full description of Gas-meters, and directions for ascer

or, The Songs of the Wrens). 89, pp. 254, 54. N. Y., taining the consumption by meter. On Ventilation, etc. Harper & Bros.....

$1.00; pap. 50 C. 14, pp. 148. Boston, Alexander Moore..$1.00; pap. 75 C. Trollope, Anthony. Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwait. Landon M. D. Franco-Prussian War. 12°, with 18 por Illust. 89, pp. 112.

N. Y., Harper & Bros.... Pap. 50 C.

G. W. Carleton & Co.......






[Late TICKNOR & FIELDS, and Fields, Osgood & Co.]


PEN PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHARLES DICKENS AND HIS READINGS. By Kare FIELD. Revised and enlarged edition. With illustrations. One vol. 12mo.

Uniform with Illustrated Library Edition of Dickens's Works. TOPICS OF THE TIME. By James PARTON. One vol. 12mo. GOETHE'S FAUST. Translated into English Verse by BAYARD TAYLOR. Part Second, com

pleting the Work Uniform with LONGFELLOW's Dante and BRYANT'S Homer. One vol.

imperial octavo, $5.00. TEN GREAT RELIGIONS. By James Freeman CLARKE. One vol. 16mo. SUCCESS AND ITS CONDITIONS. By EDWIN P. WHIPPLE. A new voluine of Essays,

of a practical character. One vol. 16mo. LITERATURE AND LIFE. By EDWIN P. WHIPPLE. Comprising the matter originally pub

lished in the volume entitled “Lectures on Literature and Life," and several papers not included

in any of Mr. Whipple's previous volumes. One vol. 16io. WRITINGS OF EDWIN P. WHIPPLE. A new uniform edition in six volumes, including

Essays and Reviews (2 vols.), Character and Characteristic Men, Literature of the Age of

Elizabeth, Success and its Conditions, and Literature and Life. JOHN WOOLMAN'S JOURNAL. With an Introduction, by John G. WHITTIER. One vol.

16mo. Uniform with the Merrimack Edition of Whittier's Prose Works. THE WORKS OF NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE. New Library Edition. Uniform in

size and shape with the Library Editions of DICKENS, Scott, THACKERAY, and GEORGE ELIOT. To be comprised in about ten vols. 12mo, including, in addition to the matter contained in the eighteen volumes hitherto published, the “Dolliver Romance,” and other sketches never before

collected. A WOMAN'S POEMS. One volume 16mo. THE LANDS OF SCOTT. By James F. HUNNEWELL. A series of sketches, describing the localities of the scenes in the Waverley Novels, including picturesque regions in Scotland, Wales

, England, the Rhine, and the far East. One vol. izmo. Uniform with the Library Edition of the WAVERLEY Novels. $1.50.

FOUR NEW NOVELS. THE SILENT PARTNER. BY ELIZABETH STUART PHELPs, author of "The Gates Ajar," “Hedged In," &c. A new Novel.

One vol. 16mo, $1.50.
REGINALD ARCHER. By the author of "Emily Chester,” “Opportunity,” etc.

One vol. 12mo, $2.00. SOMETHING TO DO.

One volume izmo. THE MARQUIS DE VILLEMER. By GEORGE SAND. Translated from the French by Ralph KEELER. One vol. 8vo, paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00. JAMES R. OSGOOD & CO., BOSTON,



169, pp.

...10 C.

25 c.

.20 C.

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BOOKS PUBLISHED SINCE OUR LAST ISSUE. The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed. Imported Books are marked with an

asterisk (*). Abbott, A. The Legal Remembrancer. Containing con and Physicians. Transl. from the 4th German ed., cise Statement of the Law as it now is, on Subjects of by Chas. E. Hackley, M.D. Illustr. 8°, PP. xviii, General Importance, Particularly adapted to the State of 676. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co...

$5.00 New York 12°, Pp. vii, 288. Baker, Voorhis & Co.

BIRTH AND EDUCATION. See Schwartz. Shp....

*Blunt, S. H. Household Theology: a Handbook of ReliAdams. Life of John Adams. Begun by John Quincy

gious Information respecting the Holy Bible, the Prayer Adars. Completed by Charles Francis Adams, Revised

Book, the Church, the Ministry, Divine Worship, the and Corrected. 2 vols. 160 Phila., J. B. Lippincott Creeds, etc. 160, pp. viii, 271. N. Y., Pott & Amery. & Co... $3.00

$1.25 Allibone, S. Austin. A Critical Dictionary of English | Bocher, Ferd. Progressive French Reader. With copious Literature and British and American Authors, Living and

Notes, Philological and Grammatical ; and numerous Deceased, from the Earliest Accounts to the Latter Half

References to Otto's French Grammar. 12°, pp. 238. of the Nineteenth Century. Containing over Forty-six

N. Y., Leypoldt, Holt & Williams.,

$1.50 Thousand Articles (Authors), with Forty Indexes of Sub

16o. Boston, D. jects. Vol. III. Imperial 8o, pp. 2327-3140. Phila., J. Brewster, J. M. Life of Wm. Burr.

1.00 B. Lippincott & Co. . $7.50 ; library sheep, $8.50 ; half

Lothrop & Co.... turkey..

$9.50 BUILDING STONES. See Ballard. ALMANACS. Gould's Lawyers' Diary for 1871.

BURR, WM., Life of. See Brewster. Ivi, 252, 29. N. Y., W. R. Gould...


Carswell, Edward. Illustrated Temperance Alphabet. - Methodist Almanac for 1871. Edited by W. H. Du Puy, Rhymes and Designs. 18°, pp. 28. N. Y., Nat. Temp. D.D. 17°, pp. 61. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan. Pap. 1o C. Soc. Pap..

.......23 C. - The New York Observer Year-Book and Almanac. - John Swig: or, The Effects of Jones's Argument. 89, 1871. 80, pp. 200. N. Y., Sidney E. Morse, Jr. & Co. PP. 20. N. Y., Nat. Temp. Soc. Pap..... Pap... $1.00 CATECHISM OF THE PROTESTANT EpiscOral CHURCH.

3 – Texas Almanac for 1871 and Emigrant's Guide to Texas. vols. 18°, pp. 61, 89, 127. N. Y., Pott & Amery. Pap.

17°, pp. 290. Galveston, Richardson & Co. Pap. 50 c. ;


Chavasse, Pye Henry. Counsel to a Mother (being a con- The Tribune Almanac for 1871. 120. N. Y., Tribune tinuation and the completion of “Advice to a Mother," Asso. Pap....

etc.) 16°

Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co........$1.00 See also Churchman's Year-Book.

CHILDREN'S VICTORIES: or, Ossie and Maria. 16°, pp400. Andersen. Hans Christian,

$1.00 Stories and Tales. Illust.

Phila., Am. S. S. Union.... by M. L Stone and V. Pedersen. Cr. 8", pp. xix, 532. CHILD'S TREASURE. See Guernsey. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton...

$2.25 CHURCHMAN'S YEAR-Book (THE) for 1871. Compiled by ANTE-NICENE LIBRARY. Vol. XVII. The Clementine W. S. Perry, D.D. 12°, PP. 437. Hartford, Church Homilies. The Apostolical Constitutions. Vol. XVIII. Press Co..

$1.25 The Writings of Tertullian. Vol. 3. With the Extant

CODE OF HEALTH OF THE SCHOOL OF SALERNUM. (Regimen Works of Victorinus and Commodianus. 8. N. Y.,

Sanitatis Salernitanum.) Translated into English verse, Scribner, Welford & Co. Per vol....


with an Introduction, Notes, and Appendix. By John Aristophanes. The Acharnians and the Knights. Ed. by Ordronaux, LL.P., M.D. 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott W.C. Green, A, M., of King's College, Cambridge. (Ca & Co......

$1.50 tena Classicorum.) 12o. Boston, Sever, Francis & Co CO-OPERATION. See Grant.


COUNSEL TO A MOTHER. See Chavasse. Amold, Isaac N. The History of Abraham Lincoln, and the Overthrow of Slavery. New ed. 89, pp. 736.

Chi CRYPTOGRAM (The). See De Mille. cago, S. C. Griggs & Co...

$4.00 *Cusack, M. F. The Life of St. Patrick, Apostle of Ire

land. Baldwin, Geo, C. (D.D.). The Model Prayer. A Course

Illust. 4°, pp. 656. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc., and of Lectures on the Lord's Prayer. 16°, pp. 218.

Bos J. A. McGee. ton, Loe & Shepard...... $1.30 Davidson, Lucretia Maria. Poems,

Ed. by M. Oliver Ballard, Mrs. Julia P. Building Stones (New $500

Davidson. Illust. by Darley. 8°, pp. xxvi, 270. N. Y., Prize Series). 16°, pp. 240. Boston, D. Lothrop & Co.

Hurd & Houghton...

$2.50 $1.25 De Mille, Jas. The Cryptogram. A Novel. 80, pp. 261. Barnes, Albert. Notes Explanatory and Practical on the

N. Y., Harper & Bros..

$2.00; pap. $1.50 Gospels

, designed for Sunday-School Teachers and Bible Demosthenes. The Olynthiacs and Philippics. Ed. by Classes. Revised ed., with a Chronological Table, Tables G. H. Heslop, A.M., of Qucen's College, Oxford. of Weights, etc., and an Index. 2 vols., 12°. Vol. 1, pp. (Catena Classicorum.) 12o. Boston, Sever, Francis & 456; vol. 2, pp. 432. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Per vol.


$1.50 Echeverria, M. Gonzalez (M.D.). On Epilepsy : AnaBarry, Chas. A. How to Draw. Six Letters to a Little tomo-Pathological and Clinical Notes.

With cold plates. Girl on the Elementary Principles of Drawing. 16o. Bos 89, pp. 386. N. Y., Wm. Wood- & Co....

$5.00 ton, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. 50 C. ; pap.....

.....25 C.

FORGIVENESS; or, The Story of Margaret Lisle. By the "Beale, Lionel S.

Diseased Germs: their real Nature. author of “Agnes Morton's Trial." 16°, pp. 212. Phila., An Original Investigation. 12°, pp. xvi, 176. Phila., Amer. S. S. Union...

......80 c. Lindsay & Blakiston..

$4.00 FRANK SPENCER's Rule of Life. See Kirton. Beecher

, Henry Ward. The Heavenly State and Future Furness, H. H. (A.M.). A New Variorum Edition of Punishment. Two Sermons. 12°, pp. 40. N. Y., J.

Romeo and Juliet. 8o. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. ...25 c.

$7.50 Bible

. The New Testament ; with Notes, Pictorial Illustra Gage, Mrs. Frances Dana. Steps Upward. A Tempertrons, and References. The Gospels and Acts. By

ance Tale. 12°, pp. viii, 360. Phila., J. B. Lippincott Rev. Israel P. Warren, D.D. 89. pp. 10, 518. Boston, & Co...

$1.50 $2.50 See also Baldwin ; Barnes ; Blunt; Hamilton ; Hudson;

Gage, William Leonard. Verses. 89, pp. 64. N. Y., Macdonald : Macduff; Wood.

Hurd & Houghton.......

. $1.00 Billroth, Dr. Theodore. General Surgical Pathology and Gattan, P. R. Reports of Cases decided in the Supreme Therapeutics in Fifty Lectures. A Text book for Students Court of Appeals and the Military Court of Appeals of



B. Ford & Co. Pap.

Let & Shepard...

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..30 C

Virginia. Vol. 19. From Oct. 1, 1868, to July 1, 1870. *Macduff, J. R. (D.D.). Memories of Patmos; or, Some 8, pp. 868. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & Eng of the great Words and Visions of the Apocalypse. 12, lishCall...

$5.00 Pp. xii, 353. N. Y., R. Carter & Bro..... ..$2.00 Grant, E. P. Co-operation : or, Sketch of the Conditions Maudsley, Henry (M.D.). Body and Mind. An Inquiry of Attractive industry, and Outlines of a Plan for the Or

into their Connection and Mutual Infiuence, specially in ganization of Labor. 12 N. Y., Tribune Asso. Pap. Reference to Mental Disorders. Being the Gulstonian

50 c.

Lectures for 1870. With appendix. 16°, pp. 155. N. Great Britain. The House of Lords Cases on Appeals Y., D. Appleton & Co..

$1.00 and Writs of Error and Claims of Peerage, during the Maury, M. F. (LL.D.). Manual of Geography; a cortSessions 1860, 1861, and 1862. Vol. 8. 8°, PP. XIV, 599. plete Treatise on Mathematical, Civil, and Physical e Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp....


ography. Illust. 4°, pp. 160. N. Y., Univ. Pub. Co.

Bds.. Gregory, H. D. (A.M.). An Index to Mitchell's New

$2.25 School Atlas (cont. over 17,000 names). 89, pp. 112. MONEYLESS MAN (THE). Sec Stanton. Phila., E. H. Butler & Co. Hif, bd... 75 C. Monod, Adolphe. The Dance and the Martyr. Transl

. Guernsey, Lucy Ellen. The Child's Treasure.

from the Frerch by Rev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. 360, pp. 206. N. Y., Evang. Knowl. Soc...... 1.00 60. N. Y., Amer. Tract Soc....

....20 C. Guillemin, Amedee. The Heavens. An Illustrated MORAVIAN INDIAN Boy (THE). A Tale of the Moravian

Handbook of Popular Astronomy. Ed. by J. Norman Indians from the Susquehanna to the Muskingum. By
Lockyer. New ed., revised by R. A. Proctor. Illust. 89. the author of “ The Berry Pickers.” 18°, PP. 206. Phila,
N. v., Scribner, Welford & Co.

Red. to........
Presb. Bd. of Pub...

...60 C. GUILT AND INNOCENCE. See Schwartz.

Morris, Wm. The Earthly Paradise. A Poem. Part 4,
Haldeman, s. S. (A.M.). Affixes--In their Origin and

(or, vol 3.) Winter. 16", pp. iii, 401. Boston, Roberts

. $2.25 Application. 12°, pp. 308. Phila., E. H. Butler & Co.

$2.00 Myers, H. M. & P. V. N. Life and Nature under the Hall, A. Oakey. The Congressman's Christmas Dream

Tropics ; or, Sketches of Travel among the Andes, and on and the Lobby Member's Happy New Year. A Holi

the Orinoco, Rio Negro, and Amazon. With map. Cr. day Sketch. illust. Imp. 89, pp. 64. N. Y., Scribner,

89, pp. xvi, 330. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co........$2.00 Welford & Co..


MY STUDY WINDOWS. See Lowell. *Hamilton, Jas. (D.D.). Moses the Man of God. A Nurse GRAND'S REMINISCENCES, and The Neglected Wife.

Course of Lectures. 169, pp. xviii, 380. N. Y., R. Car 16°, pp. 350. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub. ....... ..$1.25 ter & Bros....


NURSE GRAND'S STORIES. Nurse Grand in England; HEROES OF ASGARD. See Keary.

Nurse Grand in India. 189, pp. 272.

Phila.. Am. S. S.
Holmes, Geo. F. (LL.D.). A School History of the

United States of America, from the Earliest Discoveries Ordronaux, J. See Code of Health.
to the year 1870. With maps and illust. 12°, pp. 366.
N. Y., Univ. Pub. Co...

Parker, Joseph (D.D.). Ad Clerum. Advices to a Young

Preacher. 16o. Boston, Roberts Bros........ ..$1.50 Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Mechanism in Thought and Morals. 16o. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co...$1.00 Parton, William (D.D.). The Laws of Fermentation and

the Wines of the Ancients. 12°, PP. 129.

N. Y., Nat. *Holmes, T. A. (M.A.). A System of Surgery, Theoretical

Temp. Soc.

60 c. ; pap..... and Practical, in Treatises by various authors.

Ed. by Peers, J. W. (LL.D.). T. A. Holmes, M.A. Second ed. (in 5 vols.) Vol. 4;

Little Things for Christ's Flock. Diseases of the Organs of Locomotion, of Innervation, of

New ed., enlarged. 16°, pp. 436. N. Y., Evang. Knowl.

Soc.. Digestion, of Respiration, and of the Urinary Organs.

$1.50 With cuts and plaies. 80, pp. xxix, 1119. N, Y.. Wm.

Pumpelly, Raphael. Across America and Asia.

Notes Wood & Co. $9.50 ; mor.

on a Five Years' Journey around the World and of resiHow To Draw. See Barry.

dence in Arizona, Japan, and China.

Fifth ed., revised.

89, pp. xvi, 454, 12. N. Y., Leypoldt, Holt & Williams. Hodson, O. F. A Critical Greek and English Concordance

$2.50 of the New Testament. Prepared by Charles F. Hudson

Pylodet, L. Secondes Lectures. and Horace L. Hastings. Rev. and completed by Ezra

A Second French Abbott, LL.D. 18°, pp. 510. Boston, Scriptural Tract

Reader. Entertaining and Instructive Lessons in Prose

and Verse: progressively arranged with a complete Soc ..........

French-English Vocabulary. Accompanied by a Table Jewett, Chas. M. S. Bound and How; or, Alcohol as a of the Terminations common to all French Verbs, and the

Narcotic. 12°, pp. 24. N. Y., Nat. Temp. Soc. Pap..10 C. General Rules to be observed in the Use of them. *Keary, A. & E. The Heroes of Asgard: Tales from Pp. 277. N. Y., Leypoldt, Holt & Williams... ..$1.25 Scandinavian Mythology. Illust. 16o. N. Y., Mac Racine. The Suitors : a Comedy in Three Acts.

Trans! millan & Co....

.. $1.50

from the French into English Verse, by Irving Browne. Kerl, Simon (A. M.). A Short Course in English Gram

Sq. 12°, pp. 79.

N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons.... $1.00 169, pp. 240. N. Y., Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & - Same. Imp. 89

$2.00 Co. Bd.

........75 c.

Raymond, R. W. (Ph.D.). Mines and Mining of the Kiddle, H. A Short Course in Astronomy and the Use of Rocky Mountains, the Inland Basin, and the Pacific

Globes. 12°, pp. 180. N. Y., Ivison, Blakcman, T. & Slope. Illust. with 140 cngrav. 89, pp. 800. N. Y., J. Co..

B. Ford & Co.....

..$4.50 Kirton, John W. Frank Spencer's Rule of Life and How it Led to his Prosperity. (Founded on Fact.) 189, pp.

Reeves, Paul. The Student's Own Speaker. A Popular

and Standard Manual of Declamation and Oratory for 179 N. Y., Nar. Temp. Soc..

..50 C.
School, Home, and Private Use.

169, pp. 215. N. Y., Leland, Chas. G. Hans Breitmann as an Uhlan. With G. P. Putnam & Sons.

y C.; hf. bd. Other New Ballads. Sq. 12°, pp. 47. Phila., T. B. RICHES WITHOUT Wings. Illust. by Lessons from Life. Peterson & Bro. Pap....

..75 C.

169, pp. 376. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub..........$1.25 LESSONS OF EXPERIENCE ; or, Tales from Real Life. Illust. 16°, pp. 383. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub...


RICHMOND, Va. Organization of the Lee Monument Asso

ciation and the Association of the Army of Northern Va., LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, See Arnold.

November 3d and 4th, 1870. 89, PP. 52.

Richmond, LIPPINCOTT's Dict. of Biography. See Thomas.

Va., J. W. Randolph & English. (Sold for the benefit of

“Lee Monument Association.") Pap.... LONELY Lily. By M, L C. 18°, pp. 110. N. Y., R. Carter & Bro...

35 C. Rolfe, Wm. J. (M.D.). See Shakespeare. Lowell, Jas. R. My Study Windows. 12o. Boston, Jas. Ruth HAWTHORNE : or, Led to the Rock. By E. N. B. R. Osgood & Co.,

$2.00 16', pp. 330. Phila., Presb. Bd. of Pub....... ..$1.25 Macdonald, Geo. (LL.D.). On the Miracles of Our Sand, Geo. The Snow Man. A Novel. Translated from Lord. 169, pp. 223. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. the French by Virginia Vaughan. 169, pp. 555. Boston,

Roberts Bros....


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80 C.

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50 C.


.go c.

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Law. Eighth

Schwartz, Marie Sophie, Birth and Education. Transl. Turtle, Hudson. Arcana of Spiritualism, a Manual of from the Swedish, by Selma Borg and Marie A, Brown, Spiritual Science and Philosophy. 12°, pp. 455.

Bos89, pp. 290. Boston, Lee & Shepard. $1.50 ; pap, . ..$1.00 ton, Adams & Co......

$2.00 Guilt and Innocence. Translated from the Swedish, UNITED STATES. Duties on Imports, 1870. By Lewis by Miss Selma Borg and Miss Marie A. Brown. Bos Heyl, of Treasury Department. 89, pp. 201. Washington, Lee & Shepard, $1.50; pap...... $1.00 ton, W. H. & O. H. Morrison. Hf. bd.

$3.00 SEALED PACKET (THE). See Trollope.

*Waterton, Charles. Essays on Natural History. Ed., SEATON. William Winston Seaton, of the National In

with a Life of the Author, by Norman Moore, B.A. 8 telligencer.”. A Biographical Sketch, with passing notipp. 631. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co..

$3.75 ces of his Associates and Friends. Prepared by his

*WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL. Stories for Children. By daughter. 12o. Boston, Jas. R, Osgood & Co... $200 the author of St. Olave's. Illust. by L. Frölich. 12". pp. Seeley, J. R. Roman Imperialism and other Lectures and

249. N. Y., Macmillan & Co.....

$1.50 Essays. 169. Boston, Roberts Bros.... . $1.50 Whiting, Wm. War Powers under the Constitution of Lectures and Essays. 8o. pp. 317. N. Y., Pott &

the United States, Military Arrests, Reconstruction, and Amery....


Military Government. Also, War Claims of Aliens, with

Notes on the History of the Executive and Legislative SERGEANT ATKINS. A Tale of Adventure. Founded on Departments during our Civil War, and a collection of Fact. By an Officer of the United States Army. Illust.

Cases decided in the National Courts. 80. Boston, Lee 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. ..$1.75 & Shepard..

$3.50 Shakespeare's Comedy of the Merchant of Venice. Edi

Willet, J. E.

Wonders of Insect Life. The Structure, ted, with Notes, by Wm. J. Rolfe, A.M. Illust. sq. 16°, Habits, and Instincts of Insects, as illustrating the Wis pp. 160. N. Y., Harper Bros..

dom, Power, and Goodness of God. A Premium Book. - Romeo and Juliet. A New Variorum Edition. By H. Illust. 16°, pp. 320. Phila., Amer. Bapt. Pub. Soc. $1.75

H. Furness. 8°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co... $7.50. Wöhler, F. Handbook of Mineral Analysis. Ed. by Smith, Eustace (M.D.). On the Wasting Diseases of Henry B. Nason. 12', pp. 315. Phila, H. C. Baird. Infants and Children. Second revised and enlarged ed.

$3.00 86, pp. 266. Phila., H. C. Lea......

- $2.50 *Wood, H. T. W. (B.A.). Changes in the English LanSnow MAN (THE). See Sand.

guage, between the Publication of Wiclif's Bible and that Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Psychology. Part 3.

of the Authorized Version. Cr. 8° N. Y., Macmillan & Co....

... 75 c. General Synthesis. Part 4. Special Synthesis. 89, pp.

-503. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap........$1.00 WOVEN OF MANY THREADS. 89, pp. 128. Boston, J. R. Stanton, Henry T. The Moneyless Man, and other

Osgood & Co. $1.00; pap...

...50 c. Poems. 12", pp. 159. Baltimore, H. C. Turnbull. . $1.75 Stars UPWARD. See Gage.

SUMMARY OF THE PRINCIPAL Storer, H. R. (M.D.). The Causation, Course, and Treat

PUBLICATIONS. ment of Reflex Insanity in Women. 16°, pp. 236. THEOLOGY, RELIGION. Baldwin, Model Prayer ; Boston, Lee & Shepard........

.81.50 Barnes, Notes on the Gospels ;--Beecher, Heavenly Story, Jos. (LL.D.). Commentaries on the Law of Bail State :- Bible, Gospels and Acts, by Warren :- Blunt, ments. With Illustrations from the Civil and the Foreign

Household Theology ; Catechism, Prot. Epis. ; rev, and enl. by Edmund H. Bennett.

Churchman's Year Book ;-Hamilton, Moses ;--- Huid. 80, pp. lii, 653. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Shp. son, Greek and Eng. Concordance to New Test, ;--Mac


donald, Miracles of Our Lord :- Macduff, Memories of

Patmos ;-Parker, Ad Clerum ;-Sullivan, Prayers of STORY (Tue) Lizzie Told. By the Author of "Stepping Heavenward." 16°, pp. 48. 'N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph

the Mass ;--Talks with a Philosopher :-Tuttle, Arcana

of Spiritualism ;--Wood, Changes in the Eng. Language.

.......35 C. Sullivan, John T. (V.G.). Prayers and Ceremonies of the

EDUCATIONAL ; Text Books.-Aristophanes, Acharnians ;

-Barry, How to Draw ;--Bocher, Progress. French Mass; or, Moral, Doctrinal, and Liturgical Explanations

Reader; Demosthenes, Olynthiacs ;-Gregory, Index to of the Prayers and Ceremonies of the Mass. 169, PP. 333. Mitchell's School Atlas ;--Haldeman, Affixes ;-Holmes, N.Y., D. & J. Sadlier & Co..

$1.50 School Hist, of U. S. ;-Kerl, Short Course in English: Sumner, Hon. Chas. The Duel between France and Ger

-Kiddle, Short Course in Astronomy :-Maury, Manual many, with its Lesson to Civilization. Cr. 8o. Boston,

of Geography : – Pylodet, Second French Reader ; --Lot & Shepard. Pap.....

Reeves, The Student's Speaker ;-Thucydides, Books 1, 2. Taine , H. Italy; Rome, and Naples, Florence and Ve

History, BIOGRAPHY, TRAVEL, ETC.--Adams, Life of John nice. Translated from the French by J. Durand. 3d

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of w. Burr ;--Cussack, St Patrick :--Myers, Life and 80.

Nature under the Tropics ;-Pumpelly, Across America pip. xi, 363, ix, 385, 5. N. Y., Leypoldt, Holt & Williams. and Asia ; – Seaton, "Wm. Winston, Biog. ; – Seeley,

$2.50 Roman Imperialism ;--Sumner, Duel between France TALKS WITH A PHILOSOPHER ON THE Ways of GOD TO and Germany ;-Taine, Italy ;- Thomas, Dict. of BioMAN. By the author of "Talks with a Child on the graphy, vol. íi. Beatitudes." 16°, pp. 108. Phila., J. B. Lippincott &

Law, GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, ETC: --Abbott, Legal Re... 75 c.

membrancer ; - Grant, Co-operation : - Story, Law of Tertullian. See Ante-Nicene Lib.

Bailments :--Sumner, Duel between France and Ger

many ;-Treitschke, What We Demand from France ; Thomas

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SCIENTIFIC:—Guillemin, The Heavens :- Maudsley, Body Phila., J. B. Lippincott and Mind ;-Patton, laws of Fermentation ;-Raymond, & Co., $11; ship. $12 ; mor. $13.50 : Kl. cf......$15.00 Mines and Mining of the Rocky Mountains ;-Sancer's Thucydides. Books I and II. With Introduction. Ed.

Principles of Psychology :-Waterton, Essays on Nat. by Chas. Bigg, A.M., of Christ's College, Oxford. (Ca

Hist. ;--Willet, Insect Life ;--Wöhler, Mineral Analytena Classicorum). 12°. Boston, Sever, Francis & Co.


$2.00 Medical SCIENCE. --Beale, Diseased Germs ;--Billroth, Treitschke, Heinrich What We Demand

Surgical Pathology ;-Chavasse, Counsel to a Mother ;from France. From the German.

Code of Health (Poem) ;-Echeverria, Epilepsy: 12o. N. Y., Mac


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Discases of Children ;--Storer, Reflex Insanity in Won Trollope, T. A. The Sealed Packet. A Novel. 12°, pp. men. 407, 16. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros., $1.75 : pap. LITERARY MISCELLANY.-Allibone, Crit. Dictionary, III :

$1.50 -Hall, Congressman's Christmas Dream ;-Lowell, TROUBLESOME Secret (THE), AND WHAT IT Cost. By the My Study Windows : -Seeley, Lectures and Essays : author of "Allie Moore's Lesson."

16o. pp. 335. Phila., Spencer's Principles of Psychology :-Wood, Changes in

$1.00 the Eng. Language.

& Co. Pap..

...50 c.



millan & Co...

Am. S. S. Union.

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