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vols. II. and III., completing the work, 8°, each ris's Dental Surgery, tenth edition, thoroughly $4;-Notes on the Gospels, by Charles H. Hall, revised and enlarged ;-Williams on Pulmonary D.D., 2 vols., 12° ;-Contributions relating to the Consumption. Surgery of the War, viewed in its Hygienic and

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co.'s new announcePractical Aspects, edited by Frank H. Hamilton,

ments include - The Daughter of an Egyptian M.D., Professor of Military Surgery and Hygiene, King, an Historical Romance, transl. from the vol. II., cio., each $6.50;--From Fourteen to

German of George Ebers by Henry Reed, 12°;Fourscore, a novel, by Mrs. S. W. Jewett, 12° ;

Roba di Roma, by W. W. Story, new and cheap The Judge's Pets, by E. Johnson, 16°, illust. edition, in one volume, with portrait ;-A Con. Fireside Science, a series of Popular Scientific cordance to the Poems and Sonnets of Shakespeare

, Essays upon Topics connected with every-day life, compiled by Mrs. Horace Howard Furness, 80;by James R. Nichols, M. D., Editor of the Boston The Holcombes, a Story of Virginia Home-Life

, Journal of Chemistry, 12°;--Stories from Old by Mary Tucker Magill

, 12° ;–Irene, A Tale of English Poetry, by Abby Sage Richardson, illust.

Southern Life, illustrated, 8°;– The History of 16°

Florida, by G. R. Fairbanks, crown 8°;—Thistle. I. KOHLER, Phila., the enterprising publisher down, Á Volume of Poems, by Esmeralda Boyle, of Schiller's complete Works, in English, has be

12° ;--A Woman's Life, a Novel, by Margaret gun the publication of two popular editions of this Hosmer, author of “ The Morrisons,” etc. ; -Thefavorite author, in the original. They will be Essays of an Optimist, by John William Kaye, issued as follows:--No. 1, in 12 (monthly) vols. F.R.S., author of “ History of War in Affghanis

. 12°, pap., each 60 c. ; clo. 75 c. ;-No. 2, same on tan," etc., 16°;–The Life of the Hon. John J. tinted paper, each 75 c.; clo. $1.25; gilt $1.50; Crittenden, edited by his daughter, Mrs. Chapman --No. 3, in 2 vols. large 8°, to be published in 16 Coleman, 8. instalments, each, pap. 25 C. ;-No. 4, same, on tinted paper, each 35 c. Each ed. contains Schil

A. K. LORING, Boston, has in preparationler's portrait on steel. Covers for bindings can be Adela Cathcart, by George Macdonald. had, No. 1, for single volumes, each 15 C., for LORING, SHORT & HARMON, Portland, have two in one, each 20 c. ; No. 2, same, 20 c. and just published-Maine Reports of Cases in Law 25 C. The first volume, containing “Schiller's and Equity determined by the Supreme Judicial Gedichte," has appeared. A special edition of Court, being Vol. 57th of Series, by Wm. Wirt Schiller's Poems, in German and English (transla-Virgin, Reporter. tion facing original), 2 vols., 12", is nearly ready; D. LOIHROP & Co., Boston, have in preparaprice, each, 60 c.; tinted pap. 75 c. : or the two tion-On the Sea, 16", 80 c. ;-Little Redcap;volumes in one vol. varying in price from $1.50 Violet Fletcher's Home Work ;-Flower by the to $2.50,

Prison (8500 ' Prize Series) $1.50;—Myra SherHenry C. LEA, Phila., announces-Insanity, by wood's Cross, 16', clo. $1.50 ;—“One thing I G. Fielding Blandford, M.D. ;~Chemistry, by do,” 16°, clo. $1.50 ;-Trifles New ($500 Prize John Attfield, M.D. ;-Diseases of Women, by Series) ; – The Trapper's Niece ;-Susie's SpecRobert Barnes, M.D. ;--Practice of Surgery, by

tacle. Thomas Bryant, M.D.

MACMILLAN & Co., New York, will shortly LEE & SHEPARD have nearly ready-Curiosi- issue a Greek Primer, by Bishop Wordsworth ; ties of the Law Reporters, by F. F. Heard, a being in great part a translation into English member of the Suffolk Bar, who has won much of his “Rudimenta ;”—“A Parallel History of praise for his notes in the recent edition of Bacon's England and France,” by Miss C. M. Yonge ;Essays ;-Sumner's Duel between France and On the Genesis of Species, by St. George MiPrussia ;-a Hand-book of English Literature, by vart, cr. 8°;— The Mathematical Papers of the F. H. Unilerwood ;-new volumes of Madam late George Green, M.A., edited by N. M. Schwartz's successful novels ;--Art, its Laws and Ferrer, 8;--Records of the Reformation: The the Reasons for them, by Sam. P. Long ;-Prof. Divorce, 1527-1533, 2 vols. 8°. Townsend's “ The Divine Man;"-New Testament Manual, a chronological arrangement of the spring—Nanny and 1 ;-Master Charlie, or the

Alfred MARTIEN, Phila., will publish in the Gospel narratives, by the Rev. Mr. Hawes, author Little Captain ;-Oliver's Prisoner, by Clara F. of the “Synchronology ; "--and a new series of Guernsey –The Laughaun Revels, or the Fair “Young Americans Abroad,” by Oliver Optic.

Dame of Stanton, by Lucy Ellen Guernsey ;FRANK LESLIE, N. Y., has in preparation- Lucy's Two Lives, by Harriet B. McKeever ;New York, Past and Present, sumptuously printed Effie's Temptation, by the author of " Daisy and illustrated, the historical part by Mr. Evert Maynard's Four Promises ;" —also a work on A. Duyckinck, the biographical papers by Mr. Siam, its Government, Manners, and Customs, James Parton, and the tables of statistics by Ed. by Rev. N. A. McDonald, a returned missionary. ward S. Gould.

JAMES · MILLER, New York, announces A LINDSAY & BLAKISTON, Phila., announce Popular Treatise on Bronchitis, einbracing Fuller on the Diseases of the Heart, a revised ed. ; Bronchial Consumption, Hooping-Cough, and --Dickinson's Hand-Book of Stomach and Liver Asthma; their Nature, Causes, and Treatment, Disease ;-Corfield's Hygiene, Scientific and Prac- by Robert Hunter, M.D., 12°, clo. ;-A Popular tical ;--Barse's Manual of Toxicology ;-Oldham Treatise on Colds and 'Affections of the Airon M'alaria ;-Dental Pathology and Therapeutics; Passages and Lungs, by Robert Hunter, M.D., --Rogers's Present State of Therapeutics;--Har: | 12°, clo.



T. H. MORRELL, New York, announces PORTER & COATES, Phila.,
A Life of George Holland, the veteran comedian, Heavenward Bound, or the Two Bequests, a
with reminiscences and anecdotes of the stage, a religious Novel, by Miss Jane E. Sommers; and

portrait of Mr. Holland, a facsimile of the last a new edition of the Complete Works of Thomas ETC jetter which he wrote, and a view of the “little Hood, 5 vols. with Illust. church around the corner.”

Port & AMERY, N. Y., publish immediately W. H. & 0. H. MORRISON, Washington, Musings on the “Christian Year” and “Lyra D. C., have nearly ready—Stephens on Pleading, Innocentium,” by Miss C. M. Yonge, to which from Second English Edition, by Judge S. L.

several friends of Keble have added some recollecTyler, Professor in Columbia Law College,

tions of him; and A Concordance to the “ChrisFors: 80, shp.

tian Year,” uniform with the preceding; Seven

Lenten Sermons on Psalm LI., by the Rev. W. als Noyes, HOLMES & Co., Boston, will soon W. How, M.A.

have ready-Ad Fidem, a New Book, by the The anthor of ** Ecce Cælum."

G. P. PUTNAM & Sons have in preparation

Leaves from the Book of Nature, by Prof. Schele e JAS. R. OsgooD & Co.'s spring announce de Vere ;--The Humors of Law and Lawyers, by ili ba ments include -- Pen Photographs of Charles Irving Browne, a member of the Troy bar;—The

Dickens and his Readings, by Kate Field, 12°; Sisters of Orleans, a tale relating to the present
Topics of the Time, by Jas. Parton, 12° ;–Ten war in Europe ;– The Young Mechanic, by the
Great Religions, by Jas. Freeman Clarke, 16°; | author of The Lathe and its Uses ;—The Earth,

-The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, new by Elisée Réclus;The Hidden Life of the Soul, Akut Lib. ed., uniform with Lib. ed. of Dickens, etc., by the author of A Dominican Artist ;-a one

in about ten vols., 12° ;– A Woman's Poems, 16°; volume edition, uniform with that of Evelyn, of -The Lands of Scott, by Jas. F. Hunnewell, Pepys' Diary ;-Ghardaia ; or, Ninety Days in the 12, $1.50;-Reginald Archer, by the author of Deserts of Sahara, by Dr. Naphegyi ;-and another

“Emily Chester,” etc., 12°, $2.00;— The Mar- book of travel, by Geo. Kennan, the author of Portier-1 quis de Villemer, by Geo. Sand, translated from “ Tent-Life in Siberia," Listen the French by Ralph Keeler, 8', clo., $1.00; pap., ROBERTS BROS., Boston, have in press two

50c.;-Something To Do, a New Novel ; novels : My Discontented Cousin, and The Forest
An edition, by John G. Whittier, of “ John House, by Erckmann-Chatrian,
Woodman's Journal,” with Introduction; and of

GEO. ROUTLEDGE & Sons, New York, an-
The Silent Partner, by Eliz. S. Phelps ;-Trans-
lation of Goethe's' Faust, by Bayard Taylor,

nounce a new library of fiction, to be called

“Routledge's Octavo Novels,” each at six shil. Part 2d (last) ;– A New Uniform edition of Mr.

lings, to include the best novels by W. Harrison yo: Whipple's Writings, 6 vols., by Edwin P. Whip: Ainsworth, Frank Smedley, Samuel Lover, An. Une pie ;-and by the same author, Success and Its thony Trollope, Charles Lever, Alexandre Dumas,

Conditions, a book of practical character, and &c., each illustrated by the original steel plates Se discussing topics of prime importance to every and wood-cuts of Cruikshank, Phim, and other

young man; ~ Literature and Life, including artists. The series will begin with “ The Count
"Lectures on Literature and Life," published of Monte Christo,” with portrait of Dumas, and
some years ago, and several additional papers ;-
A New Volume of Essays, and Parnassus, a

20 full-page illustrations, “Charles O'Malley,"

and Ainsworth's “ Tower of London.” The isSelection of Poems from many years' readings,

sue of this series will be fortnightly.
with an introduction, by Ralph Waldo Emer-
son ;-Poems of Childhood, by John Greenleaf

Chas, SCRIBNER & Co. will publish during Whittier ;- Translation of the Odyssey, by Wil- spring a new volume of Lange's Commentary, liam Cullen Bryant ;-Oldtown Fireside Stories, cont. Jeremiah, translated and ed. by C. R. Asby Harriet Beecher Stowe ;--A new volume of bury, of Andover

, Mass. ; Lamentations, transStories

, by J. T. Trowbridge ; –The Woods and lated and ed. by Rev. Dr. Hornblower, of PaterWaysides of New England, a series of popular son, N. J., under the general editorship of Rev. Essays

, with Illustrations, by Wilson Flagg ; Dr. Schaff; roy. 8", clo., $5;—Volume 111, of Italian Journal, by Nathaniel Hawthorne ;-A Chips from a German Workshop, Essays on Liternew volume of Hygiene for the Family, by Dio ature, Biography, and Antiquities, by F. Max Lewis ;-One or more new volumes of Charles Muller, M.A., cr. 8°, clo., $2.50;-Sermons to the Dickens

, uniform with the various Author's Edi Natural Man, by W. G. T. Shedd, D.D., Prof. tions published by Jas. R. Osgood & Co., and com of Biblical Literature and Theology in Union prising Edwin Drood, and numerous Stories and Theological Seminary, 8°;-- The Life of Dr. Sketches not before included in any edition of his Green, by Le Roy J. Halsey, D.1)., cr. 8°;-in

the Illustrated Library of Wonders, Wonders of

the Heavens, by Camille Flammarion, from the T. B. Peterson & Bros., Phila., publish, French by Wm. Norman Lockyer, with 48 illust.; The Black Tulip, a Novel, by Alexander Dumas, Wonders of Engraving, by George Duplessis, 8, 50c.;-Sights A-Foot, by Wilkie Collins, illust, with 84 wood engravings by P. Sellier, each new edition, 86, 50 c. ;-Mad Monkton, and other Novelettes, by Wilkie Collins, new edition, 8°,

12°, $1.50; - The Bible Commentary, (see

“ Notes"'). 75c;- Queen's Revenge, by Wilkie Collins ;Charles Dickens' Works, People's Edition, in a

SCRIBNER, WELFORD & Co. will issue, by exclusive arrangement with the English Publishers

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new style of binding.

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The Sun: Ruler, Light, Fire, and Life of the the American Trotter; and a set of Rules for the Planetary System, by Richard A. Proctor, author Government of all trials of speed, by J. H. Wal. of Other Worlds than Ours, &c., cro. 8°, illust. lace, compiler of Wallace's American Stud-Book, with ten plates (seven col.) and 107 drawings on roy. 8°, $5 ;-Frank Forester's Horse and Horse

NJER wood, $5.50 ;-The Five Great Monarchies of manship of the United States and British Provthe Ancient World, Assyria, Babylonia, Chaldæa, inces of North America, by Henry William Her. Media, and Persia, by Rev. George Rawlinson, bert, in 2 roy. 8° vols, of 1200 pages

, with steel M.A., sec. ed., revised, with maps and illust. 3 engraved original portraits of thirty celebrated vols. 8®, $15;–The World of Religious Anecdote: representative Horses, new ed., thoroughly reIllustrations and Incidents gathered from the vised, newly written, compiled and perfected to Words, Thoughts, and Deeds in the Lives of Men, the present time, by S. D. and B. G. Bruce, *** Women, and Books, by E. Paxton Hood; large Editors of the Turf, Field, and Farm, $15;12°, pp. 752, clo., $4.50 ;—Clark's Foreign in Septeniber-Wallace's American Stud-Book, Theological Library: 1. Delitzsch's Commentary | vol. 2, roy. 8°, of upwards of 1000 pages, completon the Hebrews, vol. 2, 8°, clo., $3.50; 2, ing the Pedigrees of American and imported Bloodi latte p Biblical Theology of the New Testament, by C. Horses, from 1840 to date, $10. In course F. Schmid, 89, clo., $3.50;-Essays on Natural publication, The National Builder, complete in History, by Charles Waterton, new ed., with a 20 numbers, each 50 C. (five numbers now ready), 21 Life of the Author, by Norman Moore, cro. 8, a complete work on Constructive Carpentry, em LPBT clo., $3.75:--Bunyan's Holy War, with 24 illust., bracing Stair-Building and Hand-railing, treated in and on in colors, imp. 32”, clo., 75 cts. ; or, 16 plates, in an entirely original manner, together with a loving clo., 50 cts.; or, two plates, sewed, 25 cts. ;- The Designs, Staircases, Newels, Balusters, and Hand. Comic Almanack, an Ephemeris in Jest and rails, with full Detailed Explanations, illusEarnest, containing Merry Tales, Humorous Po- trated by 80 plates, with One Thousand Figures betaily, etry, Quips and Oddities, by Thackeray, Albert printed in colors for the use of Architects, BuildSmith, Gilbert à Beckett, the Brothers Mayhew, ers, Carpenters, and Stair-Builders, by Jas. H. with many hundred illustrations by George Cruik. Mockton. shank and other artists, first series, 1835-1843, H. A. Young & Co., Boston, have nearly large cr. 8°, clo., $3.75;-Beethoven, a memoir, ready-Earl Whiting; or, The Nameless Boy; so hein by Elliot Graeme, with an Essay on the One Hun. ) by the author of " Little Pea-Nut Merchant, dredth Anniversary of his Birth, &c., by Dr. F. 16°, clo. $1.25;—The Hermit of Holcombe, Hiller, of Cologne, 12", with port., cloth, $1.75. being vol. 4 of the Standard Series of Temperance

SHELDON & Co., New York, publish--Mark Tales, by Mary Dwinell Chellis, 16", cio. $1.50. Twain's Autobiography and First Romance, illust. 8°, 40 c.; clo., 75 C.

1600 Colored Portraits of Fruits, PA E. B. SMITH & Co., Detroit, will publish-Flowers and Ornamental Trees, theo Red Book of Michigan, by Charles Lanman.

Colored from nature, representing all the popular Fruits S. R. Wells, New York, has published!—The Flowers

, Flowering Shrubs, and Ornamental Trees, grow? Conversion of St. Paul, by George Jarvis Geer, and propagated by Nurserymen in the United States, and de D.D., 12", pp. So, $1.

signed for the use of Nurserymen in the sale of their stock.

Specimens of new varieties drawn from nature, to order, W. J. WippleTON, New York, has issued-A when the fruits are sent for that purpose. Students' Edition of Hallam's Works, arranged

Specimen Books on hand, $10, $20, and $30. for use of colleges and schools, at greatly re

Books made to order, containing any number of plates duced prices :~The Constitutional History of Labels, Grafting Papers, Spades Pruning Knives and shears

, Nurserymen's Requisites, Tree Labels, Package Labels

, Pur England, three volumes in one, from $5.25 to $3 ; Grafting and Budding Knives, Planting Dibbles, Wire Flower -The Middle Ages, three volumes in one, from $5.25 to $3 ;--and the Introduction to the Liter- / Books, &c., &c., &c. Nurserymen's Printing, illustra

Catalogues, Letter and Bill Heads, Exature of Europe, four volumes in two, from $7 to velopes, Cards, Price Lists, Show Bills, &c., &c. (no charge $5; also, May's Constitutional History of Eng.

for cuts). Horticultural Books, All the works advertised in land, a continuation of Hallam, two volumes in


Literary Bulletin sent by mail on receipt of price. Sed

for Catalogues. one, from $3.50 to $3. The Library Editions will continue to be published in the same form, D. M. DEWEY, Horticult'l Bookseller, Rochester, N. Y. and at the same prices as hitherto. The new Students' Edition of contained in the Library Edition, which was reprinted from the latest (16th] English copyright edition.

OMPLETE SETS OF ALL THE Geo. E. WOODWARD, New York, will publish in February-Wallace's American Trotting Register, containing all that is known of the both American and Foreign, and back Pedigrees of Trotting Horses, with a record of numbers of some three thousand different all published performances in which a mile was trotted or paced in 2:40 or less, from the earliest Periodicals, supplied at low prices at the dates till the close of 1868, and a full record of American and Foreign Magathe performances of 1869 and 1870, giving com- zine Depot, 24 Dey St., N. Y. plete summaries of over six thousand contests; with an Introductory Essay on the true origin of Address J. W. CHRISTOPHER

ted with cuts.

Hi alat includes everything Notice

Notice to the Trade
CLeading Magazines and Reviews



$1 50

$2 25

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$1 25

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$5 00

Messrs. LEE and SHEPARD, having become the Publishers of the following Works, offer

them to libraries and the trade at their usual discount:

By Rep. J. F. W. WARE.
Dissertations and Discussions, Four vols.

Home Life : What it is, and what it needs. 16mo, 12mo, cloth. Per vol...........

$2 25 cloth, reci edges, bevelled sides, ... The Examination of the Philosophy of

G. H. CALVERT'S BOOKS. Sir William Hamilton 12mo, cloth. Two Some of the Thoughts of Joseph Joubert. volumes. Per vol...

With a Biographical Notice. 16mo, tinted paper, cloth, The Positive Philosophy of Auguste


$1 50 Comte. One vol. 12mo, cloth.

First Years in Europe. By G. H. Calvert, author In preparation for early publication, several now volumes of " Scenes and Thoughts in Europe," "The Gentleof John Stuart Mill's works, uniform with the above.

man," &c.
One vol. 12mo..


By Rev. F. H. HEDGE. The Life and Works of Gotthold Eph- Reason in Religion. By Rev. F. H. Hedge. One raim Lessing. Translated from the German of

vol, crown 8vo...

$2 00 Adolph Stahr. By E. P. Evans, Ph. D., Michigan AN ELEGANT FLOWER BOOK. University. Two volg. crown 8vo..............

The Language of Flowers. By Miss Ildrewe.
First Historical Transformations of With an Introduction by Thomas Miller. Illustrated

Christianity. From the French of Athanase with colored plates and numerous woodcuts after Doré,
Coquerel the Younger. By E. P. Evans, Ph. D., Dausigny, Timms, and others. 12mo, cloth. (In pres8.)
Michigan University. One vol. 16mo.......... $1 50

JAMES MARTINEAU'S ESSAYS. Manual of the Evidences of Christianity.
Essays: Philosophical and Theological.

For Classes and Private Reading. 12mo....... $1 00 By James Martineau. Crown Svo, tinted paper.

Two Studies in the Evidences of Christianity. volumes. Per vol....

One vol. 12mo.

$1 50 Other volumes of the series in preparation.

THE INFERNO IN ITALIAN. FRANCES POWER COBBE'S BOOKS. L'Inferno di Dante Alighieri. Ilustrato da Studies, New and old, of Ethical and

Gustavo Doré. This elegant library edition (size 9x12) Sociál Subjects. Crown Svo.....

is printed on heavy tinted paper, contains seventy-five Religious Duty. 12mo, cloth, bevelled sides, 1 75

illustrations by Gustave Doré, and the portrait of the

author. Elegantly bound in cloth, bevelled edges. A FAVORITE BOOK.

Price reduced...

... from $20.00 to $10 00 Reynard the Fox. A Burlesque Poem. From the

L' Inferno di Dante Alighieri. School editiou. Low German of the Fifteenth Century. One volume,

12mo, cloth. (In press.) cloth, illustrated. (In press.)


Don Quijote. El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de

la Mancha. Compuerto por Miguel de Cervantes The Ground and Object of Hope for Man: Saavedra. Nueva edicion, clásica, ilustrada con Notas kind, By Rev. F. D. Maurice. 16mo.......

Historicns, Gramaticales, y Críticas, por la Academia By Reo. JAYES FREEMAN CLARKE.

Española, sus individuos de número Pellicer, Arneta,

y Cleincncin. Library edition. Two volumes 12mo, "The Hour which cometh and now is.”

cloth. (In press.) By Rev. James Freeman Clarke

$1 50

School edition, one vol. 12mo, cloth. (In press.)

$2 50

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$0 75

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Gold and Name. By Madame Sophie Marie Schwartz. "Madame Schwartz is a writer of much greater literary

Translated from the Swedish by Miss Selma Borg and merit than Vigs Muhlbach, whose works have been so widely Miss Marie A. Brown. 8vo, paper, $1.00: cloth, $1 50 ciroulated in this country, and her productions cannot fail "This is a powerful book; in plot and style it is equally to meet with at least equal success."-Vew York Atlas. Bond. Its morils—it may be considered to have several are unexceptionable ; one thought is beautiful-that neither

Birth and Education. By Madame Sophie Marie Gold nor Name can satisfy, and both may prove the curse

Schwartz. Translated from the Swediish by Miss Selma of those who seek them." --Christian Standard, Cin.

Borg and Miss Marie A. Brown. 8vo, pazier, $1.00; cloth..

$1 50 History of Paraguay. With Notes of Personal

"This title woull make one suppose that it was a book Observations and Reminiscences of Diplomacy under Difficulties. By Chas. A. Washburn, Commissioner and

devoted to common schools and academies. Instead of that Minister Resident of the United States at Asuncion,

it is a romance of the very highest class; one of the best frorn 1861 to 1868. In two volumes 8vo.

historical novels the age. The plot is carried forward by

Illustrated with maps and engravings...

characters lifelike and interesting, the whole leading to "A history stranger than many works of fiction, abonnding

scenes everywhere fascinating and instructive."--dibany In incidents of devoted heroistn and fearful cruelty; a varied

Evening Post. nge of the account of human life aggregated in a nation the

The Duel between France and Germany. like of which may nowhere else be found." --Chicago Post. With its Lesson to Civilization. Lecture by Hon. Gullt and Innocence. By Madame Sophie Marie

Charles Sumner. Crown 8vo, paper....... $0 30 Schwartz. Tra dlated from the Swedish by Miss Selma

This famous lecture, delivered all over the country, is Bory and Miss Marie A. Brown. 8vo, paper, $1.00; here published in a durable and handsome style for

9 Sold by all Booksellers and Newsdealers.

LEE & SHEPARD, Publishers, Boston.

$7 50


$1 50




SHILOH ; or, Without and Within. By W. M. L. Jay. Third thousand. 12mo, 488 pages, $2.00.

A story of common life, beautifully written, with pictures of New England farm and parish life.

The style is singularly simple, clear, and gracefui, while the interest and variety of situation, incidents, and character are such as to secure the reader's gratiñcd attention throughout.-Chiazo interior.

I greatly like the atmospheric infusion, instead of the disconnected intrusion, of the religious element, and the influence of the
Church. There are parts of it I should like to preach, and the whole book is far beyond any story yet written of, or in, the American
Church.-Bishop Doane of Albany.
BY THE SEA. By Mrs. Sophronia Currier, author of "Alice Tracey." Second thousand. 12mo, $1.75.

"A story of very unusual interest. It is full of exciting incident, and yet elevated by pure purpose. The characters are well drawn and sharply individualized, and the descriptions are vivid."

A religious novel, and assuredly one of the best of that class which has ever fallen into our hands.--New York Herak.
CLYTIE AND ZENOBIA; or, The Lily and the Palm. A Poem. By Mrs. Mary Bayard Clarke. Bevelled

boards, gilt edges, $1.25.
SUNDAY ECHOES IN WEEK-DAY HOURS. Second Series. A Tale illustrative of the Church Catechism.

By Mrs. Carey Brock. Uniform with first series. From the twelfth thousand of the English edition. $1.50.

To illustrate the whole Catechist by a fictitious narrative, so as at the same time to exalt the doctrine and keep the fancy awake, was
a great undertaking. But it is well executed, and we predict for the volume a large circulation.--Clerical Journal.
SCHOOL-BOY BARONET. By Mrs. Greene, author of " Cushions and Corners." Illustrated, $1.25.
NED, NELLIE, AND AMY. A Story of the White Hills. By Mary H. Seymour. $1.25.
HESTER'S FORTUNE; or, Pride and Humility. By Miss Isabel Plunket. Illustrated. $1.25.

A bright, healthy story, with a vein of high moral tone and teaching running through it, yet free from preaching. - Guardian.
THE LITTLE CASTLE MAIDEN, and other Stories. By Mrs. Greene, author of “Cushions and Corners."
Illustrated, $1.00.

ROCK OF AGES ; or, Scripture Testimony in the One Eternal Godhead of the Father, and of the Son,

and of the Holy Ghost. By Edward Henry Bickersteth, M.A. With a new Introduction by the Rt. Rev. F. D.
Huntington, D.D. 12mo, $1.25.

One of the best books upon the subject of the Trinity which has ever been published, and adınirably fitted for usefulness. -Chron Witness.
HYMNS FOR THE SICK AND THE SUFFERING. Edited by T. V. Fosbery, M.A., Vicar of St. Giles's
Reading. New and cheaper Edition. $1.50.

OUR CHURCH AND HER SERVICES. By the Rt. Rev. Ashton Oxenden. Adapted to the Services of the

Prot. Epis. Church in the United States, by the Rt. Rev. F. D. Huntington, D.D. Paper, 40 cts. ; cloth, 75 cts.



ET Full list of our publications, including 100 beautiful books for children, sent free on application.
For sale by all Booksellers, or sent by mail, postage paid, on receipt of retail price.

E. P. DUTTON & CO., Church Publishers, 713 Broadway, New York.

A Wise Provision for the Future, an Offset to the Uncertainty of Life.

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INCOME, 1870,

$100,000 00 1,319,360 32

“ The American is one of the most successful companies in the country, because managed by honest and good men.” It offers every desirable form of life insurance, at low cash rates, on both mutual and net cash plans, and, for security and promptness in payment of losses, is unsurpassed by any company in the United States.

Address C. B. MCLEAN, at Co.'s Office, S. E. cor. Fourth and Walnut
Streets, Philadelphia.

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