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The London Bookseller makes the following re Professor Tyndall, in his “ Fragments of marks about "cut or uncut” books: The Na- Science,'' tells us what the study of grammar did tion, of New York, in noticing the recommendation for him. He says: “ The proper study of a offered in our pages, that books sent out for re- language is an intellectual discipline of the highview should be cut open, refers to the unsettled, est kind. If I except discussions on the compararexed question between the manufacturers of tive merits of Popéry and Prostestatism, English books and the readers of them, as to whether the grammar was the most important discipline of my leaves should be cut or not.' This question never boyhood. The piercing through the involved and troubles reading-men in this country, and, as read- inverted sentences of Paradise Lost,' the linking ers are pretty much alike all over the world, we of the verb to its often distant nominative, of the think the question cannot have vexed reading-men relative to its distant antecedent, of the agent to in America. Readers like the work of cutting the object of the transitive verb, of the preposition open a book, and all possessors of large libraries to the noun or pronoun which it governed, the are agreed that one of the pleasantest operations variations in mood and tense, the transformations connected with the purchase of a new book is that often necessary to bring out the true grammatical of cutting it open. Those who merely purchase structure of a sentence, all. this was to my young books as articles of furniture, those who only pur- mind a discipline of the highest value, and, indeed, chase them for the sake of their outsides, enjoy no a source of unflagging delight. How I rejoiced pleasure of the kind ; but a lover of books will when I found a great autbor tripping, and was hug his newly-acquired treasure, and, sitting down fairly able to pin him to a corner from which there in his easy-chair, will proceed leisurely with the was no escape! As I speak, some of the sentences job, and, after spending an hour or so over the which exercised me when a boy rise to my recol. work, will bare acquired a good knowledge of the lection. • He that hath ears to hear, let him contents of the volume, and, having mastered its hear,' that was one of them ; where the He is left general contents, will have prepared himself to in mid-air, without any verb to support it. I read the work through, and in reading to under-speak of the English, because it was of real value stand. But buyers of books huy many volumes to me. I do not speak of other languages, befor the purpose of reference, they cut them open cause their educational value for me was almost as described, and never take them up again till insensible.” occasion arises for the reference; but, in cutting

D. Appleton & Co. have in press : “The Prinup the volume, they have mastered its general ciples of Geology; or, The Modern Changes of the scope and intent, and its subject-matter will have Earth and its Inhabitants, considered as illustraimpressed itself upon their memories. With cut tive of Geology." By Sir Charles Lyell, Bart., edges the case is different: the books, as soon as F. R. S. Eleventh edition, thoroughly revised. In purchased, are put upon the shelves to await a

two vols.
more convenient time, which never arrives, and
they remain unread. With reading-men there is

An Austrian publisher will soon issue a daily but one opinion respecting cut or uncut,' and paper, containing nothing but extracts from stand

The annual with furniture-buyers there is also but one opinion, ard authors, and advertisements. but the two classes of buyers do not hold the same subscription will be only one dollar.. opinion."

Germany will have, next spring, a literary senAt the' funeral of Prince Pueckler-Muskau, Berthold Auerbach and Spielhagen. It will be

sation, in the shape of a novel written jointly by the celebrated German author, Louisa Mühlbach, who had been his intimate friend for many years,

published in three volumes. it had been arranged, was to have recited a poem

“No magazine,” says the Philadelphia Age, which she had written for the occasion. But, speaking of Appletons' JOURNAL, “is wider in its upon arriving at the open grave, the lady was so scope, nor draws from more sources of interest." affected that she was unable to perform her task. George Sand writes to the Remie Billio. Messrs . Appleton & Co. have just issued a new her income, her copyrights having depreciated

graphique that the war has deprived her of half edition of Lincoln's Livy. This work contains

that much. selections from the First Five Books of Livy's Roman History, with the Twenty-first and Twenty Hans Christian Andersen has in press a volume second Books entire ; also, Explavatory Notes, a of poems, which he dedicates "to the memory of Plan of Rome, and a Map of the Passage of Charles Dickens, the greatest humanitarian of Hannibal. The retail price of the book is $1.75.

our age.”.

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Announcement of New Books and New Editions to be pub

lished in November, by D. Appleton & Co.

per vol.

JAND-BOOK of Skin Diseases. The American Tour of Messrs.

By Dr. ISIDOR NEUMANN, Lecturer on Skin Brown, Jones, and Robinson. Being the History of

Diseases in the Royal University of Vienna. what they saw and Did in the United States, Canada, Translated from advance-sheets of the second edition and Cuba. By TOBY. furnished by the author, with Notes, by LUCIUS D. BULKLEY, A. M., M. D., Sargeon to the N. Y. Dispen- The Gladiators. By G. J. WHYTE MELVILLE. gary, Department of Venereal Diseases ; Assistant to the Skin Clinic of the College of Physicians and Sur- ! geons, New York; Member of the County Medical Nicholas Nickleby and David CopperSociety; Member of the N. Y, Dermatological Society. field, being the seventh and eight issues of the 1 vol., 8vo, 467 pages, and 60 woodcute.

* Handy Volume" Edition of the Works of CHARLES

DICKENS. Published in cloth, extra, handsomely Anaesthesia, Hospitalism, Hermaph stamped. 12mo. With Illustrations. Previously isroditism, and a Proposal to stamp out Small-Por

sued in this edition : * Pickwick Papers," 1 vol., and other Contagious Diseases. By Sir JAMES Y.

"Oliver Twist” and “Christmas Stories," 1 vol., SIMPson, Bart., M. D., D. C. L., late Professor of Mid

“Dombey and Son," 1 vol., “Martin Chuzzlewit," 1 wifery in the University of Edinburgh. Edited by Sir

vol., “Our Mutual Friend," 1 vol., “Old Curiosity W. G. SIMPSON, Bart., B. A. 8vo, 561 pages.

Shop" and " American Notes," 1 vol. The series to

be completed in fourteen volumes. Price, 75 cents The Poet and the Painter ; or, Gems of

Art and Song. An imperial octavo volume of four hundred pages, containing choice selections from the Household Book of Songs : for Four English and American poets, and superbly illustrated Voices. Collected and arranged by FRANCIS A. Bow. with ninety-nine Steel Engravings, printed on the MAN and CRARLES A. Dana. page with the text. A new edition, in cloth, extra

The design of this work is to bring together, within gilt. Price, $12.00.

the compass of a single volume, a collection of conge

selected from the works of the composers of different Mohammed Ali and his House. By beauty and of an elevated character, and, on the other,

nations, that should, on the one hand, be of intrinsic LOUISA MÜHLBACH. With Illustrations by Alfred should be within the reach of any amateur of ordinary Fredericky. 8vo, 230 pages. Paper.

musical attainment. The arrangement for four voicek has been made expressly for the present work, with

special reference to use in the family and social circle. The Diamond on the Hearth,

The collection includes the following divisions : Na

By tional Hymns: Songs of Sentipient; Songs of Nature ; MARIAN JAMES. Fine library edition. With Illustra- Songs vi Devotion, and Folk Songs. tions. ' 12ino, clcth, extra gilt. Price, $1.75. The Prisoners of St.-Lazare. Ву

New Edition of Shakespeare's Works.

Edited by HENRY GLASSFORD BELL. Complete in 6 Madame ** * *. Edited by Mme. PAULINE DE

vols. Small 12mo. In cloth box. Cloth, $10.00; full GRANDPRÉ. Translated from the Fronch by Mrs. E. M. MCCARTHY. 1 vol., 12mo, 260 pages.

morocco, $20.00.

277 pages.

The Story of the Fountain. By Wm. Text-Book of Geology, for Schools and CULLEN BRYANT. With Forty-two Illustrations by

Colleges. By H. ALLEYNE NICHOLSON, M. D., D. Sc., Harry Feun, Alfred Fredericks, John A. Howe, Wing. M. A., Ph. D., F. R. S. E., F. G. S., etc. ; Professor of low Homer, and others. In one handsome quarto

Natural History and Botany in University College, volume. Printed in the most perfect manner, on

Toronto; formerly Lecturer on Natural History in the heavy calendered paper. Uniform with "The Song

Medical Schonl of Edinburgh ; author of " Manual of of the Sower." In cloth, extra gilt, price $5.00 ; in

Zoology, for the Use of Students," "Text-Rook of full morocco, $9.00.

Zoology, for Schools and Colleges,"

Geology of

Cumberland and Westmoreland," etc., etc. 12mo, Book Keeping by Double Entry, Explained and Practically Illustrated in a Complete Record of Mercantile and Financial Transactions, includ Text-Book of Zoology, for Schools and ing Rules and numerous Examples in Commercial Colleges. By H. ALLEYNE NICHOLSON, M. D., D. Sc., Calculations. Designed for Schools, the Counting M. A., Ph. D., F. R. S. E., F.G. S., etc. ; Professor of House, and Private Instruction, By CHARLES H. Natural History and Botany in University College, HASWELL, Civil, Marine, and Mechanical Engineer; Toronto; formerly Lecturer on Natural History in the author of "Engineers' and Mechanics' Pocket-Book," Medical School of Edinburgh; author of " Manual of a “Treatise on Geometry and Mensuration," etc.; Zoology, for the Use of Students," " Text-Book of Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; Geology," Introductory Text-Book of Zoology," Associate of the Institution of Naval Architects, Eng. · Geology of Cumberland and Westmoreland," etc. land, etc., etc.

12mo, 360 pagos.

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With Porty-two Mustrations on Wood, from Drawings by HARRY Fenn, Winslow HOMER, ALFRED FRED

ERICKS, John Hows, and others.
Superbly printed on heavy, tinted, calendered paper. In cloth, extra gilt, bevelled boards, price,
$5.00; in morocco, antique, 89.00. Uniform with “ The Song of

the Sower," published last year.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, New York,


Any work published by D. Appleton & Co. will be mailed, post-free, or sent by express, prepaid, to any part of the United States, upon receipt of the advertised price. Catalogues will be furnished upon application.

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CULLEN Bryant, collected and arranged by the author. With Twenty-four Illustrations,

and Portrait of Bryant, on steel. Printed on tinted paper, with red line. Square 12mo, 384 pages. Price, cloth, $3.50; half morocco, $5.00; morocco, antique, $9.00.

This edition of Bryant's Poems will include all the earlier poems of the author, with others of recent date, not hitherto collected. The style will be upiform with the red-line editions of Longfellow, Tennyson,

and others.

MORTON HOUSE. A Novel. By the author ot" Valerie Aylmer." With

Illustrations. 8vo. Paper covers, price $1.00; in cloth, $1.50.

and Geology of the Countries visited during the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle round the World. By
CHARLES Darwin, M. A., F. R. S. A new edition, uniform with “ Origin of Species " and “Descent

of Man.” I vol., 12mo. Cloth. 518 pages. Price, $2.00. THE DIAMOND ON THE HEARTH; or, The Story of Sister Anne.

A Novel. By Marian James, author of "Ethel,”. “Not an Angel," “ Katherine Evering,” etc.

1 vol., 8vo, paper, 167 pages. Price, 50 cents. OLIVER TWIST'; being the first issue of a new Household Edition of the

WORKS OF CHARLES Dickens. With numerous Illustrations. 1 vol., small quarto. In cloth,

gilt, price $1.25 ; in paper, 75 cents.

of Sir JAMES Y. Simpson, Bart., M. D., D. C. L., late Professor of Midwifery in the University of
Edinburgh; containing the Substance of his Lectures on Midwifery. Edited by J. Watt Black,
M, A., M. D., Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London; Physician-Accoucheur to
Charing Cross Hospital, London; and Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Chil-

dren in the Hospital School of Medicine. 1 vol., 8vo, 852 pp. Cloth. Price, $5.00.

CHARLES DICKENS. Published in cloth, extra, handsomely stamped. 12mo. With Illustrations.
To be completed in fourteen volumes. Now ready: "“Pickwick Papers," 1 vol., “Oliver
Twist” and “Christmas Stories,” 1 vol., “Dombey and Son," 1 vol., “Martin Chuzzlewit.” 1
vol., “Our Mutual Friend," 1 vol., “Old Curiosity Shop" and“ American Notes," 1 vul. Price,

75 cents per vol.

Pathology, and Treatment of Accidents, Diseases, and Cases of Poisoning, which demand Prompt
Action, Designed for Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By Joseph W. Howe, M. D.,
Visiting Surgeon to Charity Hospital; Lecturer on Surgery in the Medical Department of the
University of New York. Cloth. 8vo. Price, $3.00.


Published in the Month of October, 1871,

A CRITICAL Greek and English Concordance to A RATIONALE of the Church's Liturgy Worship.

the New Testament. Prepared by Charles F. By the Rev. William Rudder, D. D. 16mo, Hudson, under the direction of Horace L.

flex. cloth, 64 pp. Paper, 75 cts.; cloth, $1.00. Hastings, Editor of “The. Christian.” Re- I ARMADALE. By Wilkie Collins. 12mo, cl., 661 pp. vised and completed by Ezra Abbot, LL. D., Aunt Friendly's Keepsake; containing 72 pages Ass't Librarian, Harvard University. Second

of Pictures, printed in colors by Kronheim, edition, revised.

12mo, cloth, 502 pages. with letter-press Descriptions. $1.75. 82.50.

Aunt Jane's Hero. By E. Prentiss. 12mo, cloth,
À JOURNEY round my Room, by Xavier de Maistre. 292 pages. $1.50.

Translated from the French with a Notice of Black Peter Scisser Pictures. By Paul Konewka.
the Author's Life by H, A. 12mo, cloth, 152 8vo, boards. 75 cents.
pages. $1.50,

Book of Nursery Tales (The). A Keepsake for the
APPLETONS' Journal, Monthly Part, No. 31. 40 cts. Young. 12mo, cloth, cold Illustrations. $1.75.

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BENDING Willow: a Tale of Missionary Life in the FROUDE (Jas. ANTHONY). Short Studies on Great

Northwest. By Jane Gay Fuller. 12mo, Subjects. Second Series 12mo, cloth, 472 cloth, 305 pages. $1.25.

pages. $2.50. Breaking the Rules. A Tale for Boys, of School. GOETHE's Poems and Ballads. Translated by W.

boy Life. By Mrs. H. B. Paul. 16mo, cloth, E. Aytoun and Tb. Martin. 16mo, cloth, 120 pages. 75 cts.

240 pages. $1.50. Broad, Broad Ocean, and Some of its Inhabitants HANDBOOK (A) of English Literature: intended for

(The). By Wm. Jones, F. S. A. With Origi the use of High Schools, as well as Companion nal Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, 412 pages, and Guide for Private Students and for General and Index. 82.50.

Readers. By Francis H. Underwood. 601 Berant, Wx. CULLEN. Poems collected and ar. pages, and Index. $2,50.

ranged by the Author, Red-line Edition, HandsOME Lawrence; a Sequel to “A Rolling square 16mo, 390 pages. Cloth, $3.50; hali Stone." By George Sand. Translated from calf; $8.00; morocco, $7.00.

the French, by Carroll Owen. 8vo, 122 pages, CARRIAGE Painter's Illustrated Manual (The). Con paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

taining a Treatise on the Art, Science, and Hanna's Complete Ready Reckoner and Log
Mystery of Coach, Carriage, and Car Painting. Table and Form Book. By J. S. Hanna,
Including the Improvements in Fine Gilding, Third edition, revised, enlarged, and im-
Bronzing, etc. By F. B. Gardner. 16mo, proved. 18mo, cloth, 203 pages. $1.00.
cloth, 126 pages. $1,00.

HARTE (F. BRET). East and West Poems. 16mo,
CHAMBERS's Etymological Dictionary of the English cloth, 171 pages. $2.00.

Language. Edited by James Donald, F. R. Heights and Depths. By Agnes Leonard Scan.
G.S., etc., editor of Chambers's “ Readings in land. 12mo, cloth, 271 pages. $1.50.
English Literature." 12mo, cloth, 592 pages. HIGHER Christian Lité. By Rev. William C.

Boardman. 12mo, cloth, 320 pages. $1.50.
CHRONICLES (The) of Gotham. By the author of Hila Dart: a Born Romp. By Mary E. Mumford.

" The New Gospel of Peace." Book First, 12mo, cloth, 360 pages. $1.50.
43 pages, 16mo, paper, 25 cents.

History of Louis Philippe, King of the French.
CLOTILDE; or, the Secret of Three Generations. By Jolin C. B. Abbott. With Illustrations.

From the French of Alexandre de Pontmartin. 16mo, cloth. $1.20.
By Kate C. Barton. 12mo, cloth, 401 pages. HOLIDAY Album (The). A Book for Easy Reading

for Children. By Aunt Friendly; nith 180 Cris Fairlie's Boyhood. A Tale of an Old Town. pages. Ilustrations. 12mo, cl., 368 pp. $1.75.

By Mrs. Eiloart. 12mo, cloth, 402 pages. HOLME LEE's Fairy Tales. A new and revised $2.50.

edition, with 16 Original Illustrations. 12mo, CYCLOPÆDIC Science Simplified. By J. H. Pepper. cloth, 611 pages. $2.50.

Revised edition, with 600 Niustrations. 12mo, Home Book of Pleasure and Instruction (The). cloth, 664 pages, and Index. $4.50.

Edited by Mrs. R. Valentine, with 250 Illus-
Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Translated by trations, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 8vo, cloth, 12mo, cloth, 558 pages. $3.75.
741 pages, and Index. $3.00.

Hoop's (Thomas) Poems. Illustrated edition,
JENE Holləå. By Mrs. Henry Wood. 8vo, paper,

with many new Designs by Darley and Ey. $1.50; cloth, $1.75.

tinge, and reproductions of Designs by Doré, DICKENS (Chas.) “Our Mutual Friend." Vol. V. Birket Foster, Seccombe, and the Étching Handy Volume edition. Cloth, 75 cents.

Club, with a Memoir by W. M. Rossetti, svo Dickens (Chas.) “Old Curiosity Shop and cloth, extra gilt edges, $8.00; mor., $12.50

"American Notes." Vol. VÍ. Handy Vol morocco extra, $13.50.

ume edition. 12mo, cloth. 75 cents. Household Book of Poetry. Collected and edited Dosar Clare, The Manuscript and Man. 12mo, by Charles A. Dana.

New edition. 1 vol., cloth, 333 pages. $1.25.

8vo, cloth, gilt sides and gilt edges, 816 DRYDEN (JOHN). Poetical Worke. · 2 vols., 12mo,

pages. $6.00. green cloth. $1.50.

Houses Not Made with Hands, by Mamma Gee. EASTERN Sketches: Notes of Scenery, Schools, gee; and a few Remarks on a Subject greatly

and Tent-Life, in Syria and Palestine. By discussed already, by J. E. G. With IllusEllen Clare Miller, 12mo, cloth, 210 pages.

trations by Hoppin. 16mo, cloth, 45 pp. $1. $1.75.

HUMMING Birds. Described and illustrated by H. EASTMAN (JULIA A.) The Romneys of Ridgemont.

G. Adams. With 8 colored Plates. 12mo, A Story of the Hills. 12mo, cloth, 346 pages. cloth, 144 pages. $1.75. $1.50.

Jessie GORDON. 12mo, cloth, 405 pages. $1.50.
Eating and Drinking; A Popular Manual of Food Josu Billings's Farmers' Almanac for the Year

and Diet in Health and Disease. By George of Our Lord 1872. 8vo, paper. 25 cents.
M. Beard, M. D. 12mo, 180 pages. Paper, Joshua Marvel. By B. L. Farjeon, author of
50 cents; cloth, 70 cents.

“ Grif,” 8vo, 222 pages, cloth, $1,25; paper ELEMENTS of Intellectual Philosophy; a Manual

75 cents. for Schools and Colleges. Abridged from Jornal of Researches into the Natural History "The Human Intellect." By Prof. Noah Por and Geology of the Countries visited during ter, President of Yale College. 1 volume, the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle round the crown 8vo, cloth, nearly 600 pages. $3.00.

World under the Command of Captain Fitz Fire in the Woods. By Prof. Jas. De Mille. 12mo,

Roy, R. N. By Chas. Darwin. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth, 323 pages. $1.50.

cloth. $2.00.

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