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. 50 c.

80 c.

and Inventors : containing Principles of Gearing ScrewPropellers, Valve Motions and Governors, and many standard and novel Examples, mostly from present American Practice. 2 vols. 80 (one of text and one of plates). N. Y., J. Wiley & Son....

$7.50 Washbarn, Chas. A. The History of Paraguay, with

Notes of Personal Observation and Reminiscences of Diplomacy under Difficulties. 2 vols. 8°. Illustr. Bostoa, Lee & Shepard...

. $7.50
Webfoot. See Fore and Aft.
Webster Reciter ; or, Elocution Made Easy. Sq. 12o.

N. Y., R. M. De Witt. 75 C. ; Pap....
Wells, K. G. In the Clearings. 160, pp. 187. Roston,
Am. Unitarian Asso...

..80 c. WALAT CHANGED Guy DENNIS ; or, Life at School. 169,

pp. 266. Phila., Am. S. S. Union. Whitmore, Wm. H. A List of Civil Officers of the Colony of Massachusetts, 1627-1774. 89, pps 163. Albany, Joel Munsell..

$2.00 Whitney, Mrs. A, D, T. Mother Goose for Grown Folks.

New, revised and enlarged edition. Illustr. 12o. Boston, A. K. Loring ....

$1.50 Willson's New Speller and Analyzer. Adapted to thorough

Ekmentary Instruction in the Orthography, Orthoepy, Formation, Derivation, and Uses of Words. By Marcius Willson. 12°, pp. 152. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Bds..45 C. Wilson, Rev. R. Four Lectures on Confirmation. 32°, pp.

18. Baltimore, George Lycett. Pap....... Williamson, A. Journeys in North China, Manchuria, and Eastern Mongolia, with some Account of Carca. vols. 128, pp. 464, 450.

(London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.....

$10.50 Isconsin. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in

the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin, with Tables
of the Cases and Principal Matters. By O. M. Conover,
Oficial Reporter. Vol. 24. January and June Terms,
1869. 89, pp. 750.
Chicago, Callaghan & Cockcroft.

.. $6.00 Woves or MANY THREADS. A Novel. Boston, Fields,

Osgood & Co.
Wright, Mrs. Sarah A. The Golden Ladder ; or, The
Stolen Jewels. 12°, pp. 400. N. Y., Amer. News Co.

$2.00 and $3.00 Wyatt, Sir M. Digby (M.A.). Fine Art, A Sketch of its

History, Theory, Practice and Application to Industry.
89. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co..... $3.00
YEAR-BOOK. See Almanacs,
Yonge, Miss. Heir of Redclyffe. New edition. Illustr.
N. Y., D. Appleton & Co....


peutics ;-Physician's Prescriptive Record ;--Ruddock,
Homeopathic Treatment;--Small, Handbuch der

ARTS AND Sciences.-Butler, Atmospheric System ;-Cas-

sell's Book of Birds :--Cooper, Land Birds of Cal. ;-
Cope, Hypothesis of Evolution ;-Croff, Suburban
Architecture :-Depping, Bodily Strength ; --Fowler, Os-
teology of Mammalia ;-Kirby, Sea and its Wonders ;-
Proctor, Other Worlds than Ours ;-Riddell, Architec-
ture ;- Simm's Principles of Levelling :- Sabin & Sons'
Monogram Album :-Sonrel, Bottom of Sea ;-Warren,

Machine Construction.
RURAL AND DOMESTIC.-Allen, Am. Cattle ;-Anstie, Uses

of Wines ;-Palmer, Dry Earth :- Robinson, Mushroom

Culture ;- Todd, Am. Wheat Culturist.

Guide Book ;-Bryce, Holy Roman Empire : - Fair
France :--Mulge, Witch Hill ;-Myers, Under the Tro-
pics;-Parkes-Belloc, Peoples of the World :--Parkman,
Conspiracy of Pontiac ;-Ritchie, Italian Life :- Sharpe,
Hist. of Egypt:- Shand, Trail of War:- Tegg's Chrono-
logy :- Washburn, Hist. of Paraguay ;-Williamson,

Journeys in North China.
BIOGRAPHICAL. - Abbott, Louis XIV; - Bulzver, Life of

Palmerston ;-Dominican Artist :--Durfee, Biog. Annals
of Williams College ;-Gillette, John Huss ;-King,
Looking Backwards ;--Lamertine, Columbus;-Las
Casas, Life :-Louise de France ;-Nason, Mrs. Susanna
Rowson ;-Order of Visitation ;-Proctor, Bench and

Bar of N. Y.
Poetry.---Arnold, Poems ;-Bürger's Lenore :-Clarke,

Clytie and Zenobia ; - Davidson, Poems ; Harte,
Poems :- Kendrick, Our Poetical Favorites ;-Lays of
the Holy Land ;-Light of the World :--- Lowvell;-Mar-
vin, Dream Music :-Poems of Home Life ;--Spaulding,

Ruined Statues ;-Verses, by H. H.
FICTION.--Austin, Shadow of Moloch Mountain ;-Dick-

ens, Edwin Drood ;-Dickens, Uncommercial Traveller ;
-Eiloart, From Thistles--Grapes ;-Hart, In the Ra-
pids ;-Marlitt, Countess Gisela ;-Marryat (Miss),
Poison of Asps ;-Schwartz, Gold and Name:
Schwartz, Birth and Education ;-Shand, Against
Time ;--Talvi, Fifteen Years ;-Taylor, Joseph and his
Friend :--Trollope, A Siren ;--Trollope, Sir Harry Hot-
spur ;-Under the Poplars ;-Victory of the Vanquished ;

-Woven of Many Threads ;-Wright, Golden Ladder. MISCELLANEOUS.--Book of Shakspeare Gems :-Hamer

ton, Unknown River; Helps, Brevia :-Holmes, Mechanism in Thought and Morals ;-Howvells, Suburban Sketches ;-Hugo, Napoleon the Little :--Kerr, Cloven Foot ;--Moore, What to Read ;-Miller, Chips from a German Workshop, III;--Plutarch's Morals ; ---Porter, What Books to Read ;-Scoffern, Stray Leaves ;-Wyatt, Fine Art.





The Commercial Laws of the States, published PUBLICATIONS.

at the office of the Bankers' Magazine and Statis

tical Register, New York, contains a summary of THEOLOGY, RELIGION.--Anderson, Sandwich Island Mison;-Baring-Gould, Christianity ;--Bible, Traveller's

the laws of each State relating to arrest, assignN. Testament:-Beecher, Morning and Ev. Exercises ;- ments, attachment, collections, commercial paper, Barrett, Prayers and Meditations :--Collects of Church corporations, depositions, dower, deeds, damages of England ;- Complete Triumph of Morality -Crosby, Jesus:- Cruden's Concordance :-De Vinne, History

of bills, execution, exemption, factors and conof Irish Primitive Church :-Dictionary of Theology signees, false pretences, homesteads, imprisonment (Blunt's) :-Fastré, Acts of Early Martyrs :--Fleetwood, Life of Christ :-Fly Bible True ---Goulburn; Cathedral tion, receivers, redemption, stay laws, partnership,

for debt, interest, usury, liens, statutes of limitaSystem ;-Irons, Christianity ;-Lacordaire, Christ :Light at Eventide ;--Light

foot, St. Paul to the Gala- the rights of married women, etc. This work has tians ;-McCall, Culture and the Gospels ;--- Notes on been prepared by competent legal counsel in each Genesis, etc. ;-Reubelt, Scripture Doctrine of Christ ;South, Sermons, IV :- Stockton, Book above All ;

of the several States, and will be found to contain Sreeaton, Doctrine of Atonement :-Too Consciences. a complete summary of the law of each State on LAX, GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, ETC. (See also States and the subjects named. Towns in Alph. List.)--Baird, Rights of Am. Producers ; --Benedict, Am. Admiralty :--Browne, On Frauds ;-

Zell's Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Gazetteer Bund, Are We a Nation;-Commercial Laws of the is now fast approaching completion. The price Sotes:--Cordery, Law Encyclopedia ;-- Langdor, Jus. for the entire work, unbound, will still remain for oices of Peace :-Ram, On Facts ;-Renan, Constitutional Monarchy of France ;--Shearman, Negligence ; Story,

a limited time as originally announced, namely, Equity Pleadings.

$25. As it has been found advisable to increase MEDICAL SCIENCE.-Biddle, Materia Medica :-Bæn.

the size of the orignal work about 200 pages beninghausen, Horvopath. Treatment ;-Bumstead, Ve- yond the number at first proposed, those who pur. Lereal Diseases ;-Byford, Inflammation of Uterus ; -Dixon, Kidney :-Grautogl, Homeopathy :- Hall,

chase or subscribe now will get the benefit of this Bronchitis ;-- Hammond, Physiology of Spiritualism :

addition WITHOUT CHARGE; otherwise, they will Ludlam, Diseases of Women ;-Néstel, Galvano-Thera- be obliged to pay for the same.


(Including new insertions, changes of price, corrected titles, recent issues, etc.) Books marked with an asterisk (*) were published previous to the publication of the August Bulletin,

Abbott's Bible Lessons. Part I, 40 C........ Macmillan. *Coe's Drawing Cards, per No., 30 c..

Wiley. Adler's Kindergarten Occupations, 50 c. to $2.50..Berend| *College Series of French Plays. Vol. I, $1.75...Leypoldt sohn.

SH. Allen's Key to Latin Lessons, 30 c.-Do. to Latin Compo- *Colton & Fitch's Young Geographer, 75 C......Ivison. sition, 50 C......


Comfort's German Course :-Part I, 90 6.-German Read- Greek Elements, 20 C. ....... Ginn. er, $2.-*Teacher's Companion, 75 C. ...........

..Harper. Allen's Map Drawing: How to Teach It, 10 c... Barnes. Common Names for Object Teaching, $1.50..Schermer

horn. Anderson's School History of England, $1.60.. Clark &

Maynard. Composition Paper, 3 Nos., per quire, 30 c..Schermerhorn *Angell's First Reader, 13% C....

Butler. *Comstock's Colored Elocution Chart, $5......Peter son. Bacon's Essays, with Annot. by Whateley, ed. by F. Cornell's Physical Geography, $1.60..... ..Appleton Heard, $3.50........

.Lee & Shepard. •Cousin's Modern Philosophy, $4.—The True, Beautiful • Bagster's Analytical Greek Lexicon. $6.50.-Guide to and Good, $2....

.. Appleton. Study of Greek' Testaißent, $1.50.-Large print Greek Crittenden's Counting-House Book-keeping, enlarged, Testament, $5.....

. Wiley.

.....Biddle: •Bail's Drawing Charts, 12 Nos. and Key, net $10.00. Crosby & Ludlow's First Lessons in Language and Com


position ... Griggs, Watson & Day, Davenport, lorvan Baker's Harmony, $2....


Oruikshank's Analysis, Parsing and Composition, 50 c. Barbauld's Lessons for Children in English and French,

Sheldon. 75C....

... Appleton. Cuttor's New Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, $1.60 Barker's Elementary Chemistry, $1.75........Chatfield.

Lippincot!. *Barnard's Object Teaching, $2.50.......Schermerhorn, Dabney's Sacred Rhetoric, $1.50..Richmond, Presó. Com.

of Pub. Barr's First Lessons in Mental and Written Arithmetic,

... lvison. *Dana's Manual of Geology, $5: hf. mor., $6.-Text 40 C........

Book of do., $2.......

.Ivisor. *Bartholemew's Drawing Books, 12 Nos., ca. 40 C.Cards, 5 Nos., ea. 30 c.-Primary Cards, 3 Nos., ca. 20 c. *Dana's Mineralogy, 12°, $2.25.

..Peck. Wooltvorth, A. Son Co. Davies' Metric System, $1.50...

...Barnes. Baskerville's Lehrbuch d. Deutschen Sprache, 90 c. Steiger. * Davies' Practical Arithmetic, and Key, ca. 90 c..barnes. *Bateman's Question Kühner's Greek Grammar, Day's Rhetorical Praxis, $1.25...... Wilstach, B. & B. 40 C.....


De la Motte's Piano and Musical Matter, $2, $2.50, and Berendsohn's Card Modeling Sheets, ea. 25 C...Berend.


Lee & S. sohn.

Dictionary of Technical Terms used by Architects, EnBlunt's Key to Ancient Church History, $1..Lippincott. gineers, etc., $2.50.....

l'irtue & Yorston. Boise's First Lessons in Greek, $1.25.... .Griggs. *Dodd's Dictionary of Manufactures, Mining Machinery, *Bodemann & Kerl's Assaying, $2.50.... Wiley.

and the Industrial Arts, $2.50....... Virtue & Yorston.

*Dwight's Introd. to Study of Art, $1.25...... Appleton. Bourne's Hand-Book of the Steam-Engine, $2.50...

Lippincott. Early Scripture Hist. for Children, 50c. Claxton, R. & H. *Bradbary's Alpine Glee Book, $1.50............ Ivison. Ellsworth's Specimen of Copy Books, 25 C.-Primary *Bright Jewels for the S. S. (Music.) 35 C...Bigeloru

Tracing Copy Books, 2 Nos., ea. 15C.-Improved Writing
Portfolio, 3 C....

... Ellsworth. S M.

Emerson's Sabbath Guest, $1.60................Ditson. Broadus' Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, $2....

Smith, E. Ew Co. Enthoffer's Manual of Topography, $15........ Appleton. *Burn's Illustrated Drawing Book:--Illustrated Architec- Eveleth's Schoolhouse Architecture, $10..... Woodrvard.

tural, Engineering, and Mechanical Drawing Book, - Fairholt's Dictionary of Terms in Art, $2.50.. Virtue & Ornamental Drawing and Architectural Design. Each

Vorston, $1. 1.50..... ......... Virtue & Yorston.

Fleury's Ancient History, 90 C...........Leypoldt & H. *Butler's Ethical Discourses, $1.75...


Fraser's Seaside Naturalist, $1.50.. Virtue Ew Yorston. Calkins' Primary Object Lessons, 15th ed., re-written and French's Mental Arithmetic, soc.

..Harper. enlarged,,$1.50...


Frost's Humorous and Exhibition Dialogues, pap., 30 c. : New Forms and Solids to accompany do., $3.00.

bds., 30 С.....

Dick SF. Schermerhorn. *Frost's American Speaker, $1.75................

Desilver. Campbell's Concise School History of the United States,

.- United States History, $1.75........ $1.18... .... Brerver & Tileston,


*Furst's Hebrew Lexicon, $9..... Cards. Letter Cards and Spelling Stick, for Word Making,

..Leypoldt & H. 75 C.-Word Cards and Sentence Stick, for Sentence Garrett's One Hundred Choice Selections, No. 3, pap.. Making, 75 C......... .......Schermerhorn. 30 c. ; cl., 75.......

Garrett & Co *Champlin's Short Greek Grammar, $1.25.... Appleton.

*Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon, by Tregelles, $7.50.. Wiley. Chase & Stuart's Sallust, $1.25.... ..Eldredge.

Girard's French Class Book, $1.75.... Claxton, R. & H. •Christian Brothers Readers : First, 12 c.--Second, 25 c.

Gillespie's Treatise on Levelling, Topography and Highes ---Third, 63 C........ .......O'Shea ; Sadlier. Surveying, $2.50....

.. Appleton. - Do. Fourth, 88 c........


Gilman's First Steps in English Literature, $1. Hurd & H. Christian Brothers' Illust. Series : -First Reader, Part I,

Goodwin's Elementary Greek Grammar, $1.50....Ginn, 15 c. ; Part II, 20 c. ; the two bd, in i vol., 25 c..O'Shea. *Greene's Class Book of Botany, $2.... Appleton Cocker's Christianity and Greek Philosophy, $2.75..... Greene's Explanation of the Theory of Calculus, 50 €


,S مع Lee


Guericke's (Shedd's) Ancient Church History, $3.- - Industrial Drawing, $3.-Fortification Drawing, $1.50. Mediæval, $1.50....

Draper. Gayor's Intermediate Geography. (The Earth and its In- March's Anglo-Saxon Reader, $1.50...........Harper. habitants.) New ed., $1.60...


Mason's National Music Charts, 3 series, each 40 charts; Kailmann's Deutsches Lesebuch, $1.50. ......Knöfal. per series, $10.-First National Music Reader, 30 c. — *Hamilton's Philosophy, by Wight, $2. . Appleton.

Second, 37% c.-Third, 37% C.-National Music Teacher, 6. C......

Boston, New E. Conserv.of Music. *Harmness' First Latin Book, $1.50.

*Motropolitan Glee Book, $1.00.

......Ivison, Hart's Composition and Rhetoric, $1.50........ Eldredge.

*Motz's Drawing Book of the Human Figure, $7.50.... - Sunday School Idea, $1.50.... Garrigues.

Porter & Coates. *Hall's Manual of Morals, 62 c...... Thompson, B. & B.

*Michigan Spelling Book, 15 c. ; still, 20 c... Raymond Helfenstein's Comparative Grammar, $4..... Mocmillan.

& Son, Holbrook's Quartet and Chorus Choir, $3.......barnes. *Miller's Chemical Physics, $4.-Organic Chemistry, $10. - School Management, $1.50.... Lebanon, O., Holbrook. -Inorganic do., 86....

.. Wiley. Holmes' Illustrated School Readers, New ed. (fully re

*Mitchell's (Old) School Geography and Atlas, $2. — written. )-First Reader, 25 c.-Second, 4* C. - Third, 56 Geog. sep., 80 c.-Atlas, $1.30.-(Old) Ancient Geog. C.-Fourth, 80 c. -Fifth, $1.25.......... Uwio. Pub. Co. and Atlas, $2.25.-Geog. sep., yo c.-Ailas, $1.35.Holmes' Mechanism in Thought and Morals, $1..Jields,

New Outline Maps, , Maps and Key, $10....... Butler.

0. & Ce. Molloy's Geology and Revelation, $2.25 ........Putnam. Howe's Model Copy Book, $1.50. ....... Ler & Shepard. Monteith's Physical and Political Geography, $1.88.

Barnes. Howe's Philolexian Grammar........7. B. Alden & Co. *Hows' Ladies' Book of Readings and Recitations, $1.88.

•Monteith's languages without a Master - French, Ger

man, Italian, Latin, Spanish, ca. 40 c.--Complete $1.75. Butler.

Peterson. Host's Address on University Progress......... Appleton.

Moore's What to Read and How to Read, 75 C.. Appleton. Hudson's School Shakspeare, $2.50...............Ginn,

Morris' Introduction to Latin Language, a Compendious Fant's Literature of the English Language, $2.50.. Ivison. Grammar, $1.95.....

Huntington. Hant's Bible Notes, 3 v. $7.....


*Moseley's Principles of Engineering, $5..... Wiley. Hutchison's Physiology and Hygiene, $1.60.. Clark.. M. Murray's Outlines of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy. Huxley's Lay Sermons, Addresses, and Reviews, $1.75. $1.50...

..... Gould L. Appleton. Norton's Elements of Natural Philosophy, $1.75.. Wilson, *Irving's Catechism of Botany, 20 C..... Kelly, P. & Co.

H. - Co. Irving's Student's Life of Washington, $3.95 and $2.90.- *Novum Testamentum Græce (Cod. Vat.), $4, $4.50, & $5. Do. of Columbus, $1.50 and $1.75. Putrum.

Appleton. Jeron's Elementary Logic, $1.35.. .. Macmillan *Nuttall's Dictionary of Scientific Terms, $2.50...Virtue

& Yorston, Johnson's New and Old Notation and Nomenclature, 12% C..............

Wiley. *O'Donnell's Penmanship, 7 Nos., $1.80.......... Ivison. *Johnston's Primary Philosophy, 80 c.......... Desilver. *Ollendorff's Italian Method, $1.50.... .. Appleton. Jones' Aids to S. S. Workers, 75 C.......Am. Bapt. Soc Olmstead's College Philosophy, Snell's Second Revision, *Keam & Mickleborough's Map Drawing, 80 c...Butler.


.... Collins, Kendrick's Our Poctical Favorites, $2.. .Sheldon.

Palmer's Song Queen, pap., 50 c. ; bds., 75 c..... Root Eno

Cady. *Kerl's Metallurgy, 3 vols. :-Vol. I, Gold and Silver ; Vol. II, Iron and Copper ; Vol. III, Steel ; per vol. $1o.

Patton's Appendix to Bourdon's Algebra, $1..7. A. BarWiley.

croft & Co. Lidd's Rhetorical Reader, $1.40. ..... Wilson, H. & Co.

Peak's Treatise on Calculus, $1.75 ......

..... Barnes. Kingsbury, Happy Hours (Music), 50 C. ......... Taintor.

Peck's Practical Business Arithmetic, with or without an. *Kirkland's Goorge Washington, $1.75......... Appleton.

swers, Part I, 40 c. ; Part II, 60 c. ; complete, $1.Scher.

merhorn. Enisely's Arithmetical Questions, 42 C.... Cowperth wait.

Porkias' Starry Crown of S. S. Melodies, 35 C......Pond. Knopp's Practical Penmanship, 8 Nos., ca., 1 5 C. Bensigor. Perry's Bible Selections and Responsive Exercises, 91; *Kohlrausch's llist. of Germany, $2.90 ....... .. Appleton. School ad., 60 c.-Responsive Ex. sep., 30 c..Lee & S. 'Leigh's Sound Charts, 12 Nos., set, $3.00..Schermer. Potit Robinson de Paris, $1.............Leypoldt & H.


Poskot Scripture Atlas, pap., 25 c. ; clo., 50 and 75 c. Lenormant & Chonillier's Student's Manual of Oricn

Sorvell & Co. tal History, : vols., $5.30...... Lippincott. Portor's Books and Reading, $2..

...Scribner. *Letteris' Hebrew Bible, $2.50...


*Pottor & Hammond's Copy Books, 15 Nos., per doz., Lewes' Biog. Hist. of Philosophy, $3.50 and $4...AT $1.80,-Penmanship Explained, $1..... Cowperthwait.


*Poar we Epingle, $1.... .......Leypoldt & H. *Liebig's Agricultural Chemistry, $1.. Wiley. Pronouncing Bible Dictionary, $1.50....... Virtue & Y. Literary Selecuons, $1.50...


*Rand's American Penmanship, $2.50.--Picce look, doz., *Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, $3...Zell. $9.75.-Copy-Books, doz., $2.25.

Butler. Lockyer's Elements of Astronomy, $1.75...... Appleton. Rold's Intellectual Powers, $1.88..

.Butler. Loomis' First Shops in Music, Nos. 1 and 2, each 15 e. Reynal's French Verb, $1.25..

Lockrood. loison. Rittor's History of Music, $1.50......... Lord's Ancient History, $1.50...... .Scribner.

Robbins' Class Book of Poetry, $1.25........ Appleton. *Lord's United States History, $1.75... Desilver.

Robinson's First Lessons in Arithmetic , sec Barr. Līcenn Gaide. Songs, Hymns, Lessons, Readings,

Rodgers' Mensuration, 60 C.-Key, 5o c.Note Book. Calisthenics, or., $1.

35 C........

...Butler, 'Lyell's Eleracuks of Geology.-Principles of do., cach

Rodriguez's Chrestomathia da Lingua Ingleza, $2.50. $3.50..... ....... Appleton.

Barnes. •Macaulay's Biographical Skorchos, $1......... Appleton. *Rolls & Gillett's (Cambridge Course) Natural Philosophy, Mackenzie's History of the United States, $1.75.. Neison. $2.-Handbook of Natural Philosophy, $1.25..... Il vol. *Mahon's Civil Engineering, $4.-Military do. Part 1,

north, A. & Co. Field Fortifications, $3.50 ; Part II, Permanent Fortifi- Root's Prize, for our Sunday School, 0 C.-Trium.h for autions, $6.50.

Wiley. Singing Schools, $1.50.... .... Root & Carly.




Routledge's French Dictionary, 50 c. and 75 C.. Routledge. Manual of Kindergarten :-Collier's Hist. of English Lite *Sargent's Standard Primary Spelling Book, 24 C..Shorey.

rature, with new American Supplement, by J. Russell

Lowelí, $1.75:-Chapman's Series of Drawing Copy *Schwegler's Hist. of Philosophy, $1.50....... Appleton.

Books. (In March) - Cleveland's Compendium of ClassiScott's School History of the United States, $1.50. cal Literature, rewritten, $2.50 :-A Brief History of the

Harper. United States, on the plan of Steele's 14 Weeks in *Silliman's First Principles of Chemistry, $2.-Principles

Science. of Physics, $3.50.....

Ivison. H. O. Baird :-Wöhler's Practical Treatise on Analytical Silver Wings, Sunday-School Music, 35 C.... ....Ditson. Chemistry, ed. by Prof. H. B. Nason. Simms' Principles of Leveling, $2.50... .Van Nostrand.

E. H. Butler & Co.:--An Index to Mitchell's New School *Singer (The), for Singing Classes, Day-Schools, etc., Atlas, containing over 17,000 names, by H. D. Gregory, 60 с......

Biglotu & M. A.M.:-Haldeman's Affixes in their Origin and Applica*Song Cabinet, 56 c........


tion, exhibiting the Etymologic Structure of English

Words, revised ed., $2;-Bingham's Latin Prose Com*Spencerian Slated Copy Slips, per set, 30 С....... Ivison.

position. *Spencer's Education, $1.25.... ...... Appleton.

Brewer & Tileston :-Worcester's Pocket Dictionary. Spencer's Greek Praxis ; or, Greek for Beginners, $1.

Ivison, Chas. O. Chatfield & Co. :-Prof. W. V. Blake, On MinSteele's Fourteen Weeks in Geology, $1.75.......Barnes.

ing Machinery.-Tyndall's Scientific Addresses, 12°,

25 C. Steinwehr's (Von) Eclectic Geographics :--Primary, 85 C.

--Intermediate, $1.60.-School, $2... Wilson, H. & Co. Eldredge & Bro. :-Hart's First Lessons in Composition ; *Stoddard's Intellectual Arithmetic, and Key, ca. 40 C.

-Chase & Stuart's First Six Books of Virgil's Æneid, Sheldon.

with Lexicon, Map, Notes, etc. Storer's Cyclopædia of Qualitative Chemical Analysis, E. J. Hale & Co.; and Duffie & Chapman :-A School Part I, $1.65...

...Sever, F & Co. History of the United States, by Hon. A. H. Stevens. Synchronology of Principal Events, $2,50 ......Lue & S. Harper & Bros. :-English-Latin Dictionary, by Wm. Sypher's American Popular Speaker, $1.50..Porter & C. Smith ;- Shakspeare's Comedy of the Merchant of *Taylor's Method of Classical Study, $1.10... Thompsn.,

Venice, with Noies, by W. J. Rolfe ;--Comfort's German

Reader, 12°, $e.

B. B. Teacher's Pocket Register, 80 c..7. A. Bancroft & Co.

Hendticks & Chittenden :-Vickroy's English Language Theremin's (Shedd's) Rhetoric, $1..... .Draper.

Series. I, Introd. to English Grammar ; III, Lexicology,

or the Science of Words; IV, Composition and Rhe Thompson & Bowler's Eclectic Penmanship, 12 Nos., toric; V, English Literature.

each, 15 C.-36 Writing Cards, per set, $5.-Exercise

Book, 15 c.-Hand-Book, 60 с...... Wilson, H. E Co. Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co: A History of the Com. Timanus' Infant Class ....... Adams, B. & L. Pub. Co.

mon School System of the State of New York, by S. S.

Randall:-A School History of the United States, from Townsend's Six Inch Folding Globe, $1.75......Geo. M. the Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time, by Prof.

Smith & Co., Boston, Wm. Swinton, of the University of California ; --A Short University Series :-1-5, Huxley's Physical Basis of Life ; Course in Astronomy and the Use of Globes, by Henry

-Barker's Vital and Physical Forces :- Stirling's Proto- Kiddle, 40 C;-A Shorter Course in English Grammar, plasm ;--Cope's Hypothesis of Evolution, each 25 C....

by Simon Kerl, 40 c. Chatfield.

Leypoldt & Holt ;-Bôcher's Otto's French Reader, 12%. Vickroy's Grammar of the English Language, $1..Hen- $1.50. Pylodet's Second French Reader, illustr.

dricks En Chittenden. Prof. Corson's Handbook of Anglo-Saxon and Early Victory (The). For Choirs and Singing Schools (music), English ; comprising Grammar, Reader, and Glossary. $1.50...

... Biglorv & M.

Macmillan & Co.:-Balfour Stewart's Elementary Les*Warren's Machine Construction and Drawing. 2 vols. sons in Physics ;-Masson's French Classics, Vol. III:

$7.50.-* Shades and Shadows, $3.50.-* Higher Per- A cheap ed. of Hahn's Greek Reader, by Mayor :spective, $4.......

. Wiley. Westcott & Hart's Greek New Testament;--The Sun, by Watson's Independent Second Reader, 50 C......Barnes, B. Stewart and J. N. Lockyer :--Freeman's History of *Weale's Series : Haddon's Algebra, $1.00.-Key to do.,

the Norman Conquest of England :-The Modern Greek 75 C.-Law's Logarithms, $1.25.- Baker's Statics and

Language in its Relation to Ancient Greek, by E. M. Dynamics, 50 c.-Elwes' Spanish Dictionary, with Gram

Geldart :-Airy's Treatise on Magnetism. mar, 63.-Terence's Eunuchus, 75 C.-Young's Thucy- Porter & Coates:- Dictionary of Synonyms, based on the dides, 50 C......

Virtue & Y. work of Carpenter ;-A Series of Am. Popular Speakers. *Webster's Primary School Dictionary, 63 c.......Ivison.

G. P. Putnam & Sons:- The Heavens, an illustr. Table White's Graded School Arithmetic :--Primary: 35 C.- Book of Popular Astronomy :--Fay's Illustrated Astrono

Intermediate, 50 C.-Complete, $1.... Wilson, H. & Co. my :-The Popular Standard Speaker, 169, 75 C. White's Student's Mythology, $1.25.... ....Widdleton.

Sever, Francis & Co. :--Catena Classicorum, a Series White's (R. G.) Words and their Uses, $2.....Sheldon, of Greek and Latin Authors, edited by members of the Wiebe's Paradise of Childhood. A Guide to Kinder- Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Ready in JanGartners, 4 parts, $3.... ...... Milton Bradley & Co. vary :--Heslop's Demosthenes' Olynthiacs and Philippics,

and Willson's Intermediate Fifth Reader, $1.40.-New Spel

12°, $1.50.-Green's Aristophanes' Acharnians ler and Analyzer, 45 C....


Knights, 12°, $1.50.-Bigg's Thucydides, Books I ard II,

12°, $2. *Willson's Primary Speller, 20 C...... Harper. Wilson's Progressive Speller, 40 C. ..... Murphy.

J. W. Schermerhorn :- Johannot's School Houses, illust.

89, $5. Winchell's Sketches of Creation, $2. ....Harper.

University Pub. Soc. :-Venable's Elementary Arithmetic, Wood's Graded Question Book for Bible Classes, 75 C.

45 C.-Holmes' Hist. of United States, $1.25.-Carter's Munsell.

Elements of General History, $1.25. *Worthen's Rudimentary Drawing, 75 C........ Appleton. *Youmans' Atlas of Chemistry, $3............. Appleton.

Wilson, Hinklo & Co. :-Ray's Differential and Integral

Calculus. Zundel's Christian Heart-Songs, $ı and $1.25. ....Ford.

Wm. Wood & Co.:-Atkinson's Ganot's Physics, 4th

ed., revised and enlarged, with col. plate and 698 woodNEW ANNOUNCEMENTS. A. S. Barnes & Co.-(In January) --Monteith's Compre- Woolworth, Ainsworth & Co. :-Hanson's Cicero's Ora

hensive Geography for Intermediate Classes, 4°:-Davies' tions, 12°, $2.--Bartholomew's Drawing Slate, 7 x 11, Arithmetical Examples, on cards, 16", ea. 10c. ;-Douai's 25 c.;.-Do., Rubber Cushions, 38 C.



NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS. D. APPLETON & Co. promise two works of un- of her “dear master and friend.” Miss Hensel asual interest. One is, Other Worlds than Ours; writes with the fervor of an enthusiast, weaving the Plurality of Worlds studied under the Light much of romance into her story, and clothing the of "Recent Scientific Researches, by Richard A. memory of her musical idol and friend with much Proctor (now ready). This work has been exciting that a more prosaic public may not freely accept. intense interest in England, and its reproduction But the book is nevertheless full of interesting inhere will be welcomed by all thinkers, and by all formation, related in a very attractive style, and students or admirers of the grand science of exhibits the social as well as the artistic life of astronomy. Following Mr. Proctor's work will Gottschalk in a way that cannot fail to interest. appear Darwn's new volume, The Descent of Man, Many letters of the composer are here' published, and Selection in Relation to Sex. The work is now besides tributes from his intimate friend, George passing through the press in England, and will ap- William Warren, and others, We have enjoyed pear in this country simultaneously with its publi- the volume exceedingly.- Christian Unior. cation in London. It is likely to awaken as pro- Littell's Living Age will begin, with the New found attention, and excite as wide a discussion, as Mr. Darwin's remarkable “Origin of Species,” | Secd-Time and Harvest ; or, During my Ap

Year, the publication of a serial story, entitled when it appeared.

prenticeship, translated specially for them by the Dues Protection Protect, by W. M. Grosvenor

"Ut Meine Stromtid” of the distinguished Platt(Appleton).—This book is one to which the term

Deutsch poet and novelist, Fritz Reuter, who is work may be fitly applied in its truest and best pronounced by a competent German critic to be sense, for it is full of work from beginning to deservedly the most popular German writer of end. Throughout a volume of 360 pages, not

the last half-century.” one unnecessary word is to be found. The The Atlantic Monthly has great plans for 1871. argument is supported by the largest array Mr. Henry James, Jr., will contribute the leading of well-selected and well-presented statistics bear- serial, “Rogers' Little Girl," while others will ing upon the subject, that is to be found in come from Mrs. Spofford and Mrs. Howells, the any volume in any language with which we are latter's title being “A Bridal Journey.” A series acquainted. The spirit throughout is one of ear- of articles will be contributed by Agassiz, on the Dest inquiry and fairness, coupled with a modest White Mountains and the Berkshire Region ; by diffidence that in one respect can scarcely fail to Dr. Williams, the great Boston oculist, letting injure the work; for the title “Does Protection people know how to take care of their eyes; and Protect ?" conveys only the faintest possible idea by Colonel John Hay, now Sectetary of Legation of the range of the investigation whose results are in Spain, on his adventures in that country. here presented, and is apt to suggest to many per. Poems are already promised from Lowell, Long. sons the preconceived opinion against protection fellow, Whittier, and Holmes. Perhaps the most which is the very reverse of that from which the attractive contribution, however, will be a series author started.-Nation,

of articles by Mr. James T. Fields, called “Our The American News Company have published, noted American and foreign authors.

Whispering Gallery,” embracing reminiscences of for the author, a novel entitled The Golden Lad. der; or, The Stolen Jewel (400 pages, cloth, $2;

Hall's Journal of Health.Messrs. Hurd & cloth, gilt edges, $2.50), by Mrs Sarah A. Wright, Houghton have become proprietors of this wellauthor of “The Gem of the Lake.” The purpose known guide in matters of hygiene, and will of the work is to prove how much unhappiness is

assume its publication with the January number. caused by mercenary marriages; it also advocates Dr. Hall will continue to edit the work, giving Freemasonry, self-culture, and Christian charity. the public, as heretofore, the benefit of his plain, Being written in a terse and vigorous style, it will practical and pointed teachings, which probably doubtless find many readers and a large sale.

are as safe to follow as any medical writings ex

tant. The magazine will be enlarged to twentyDouble Play, by Edw. Everett (Lee & Shepard), four pages, the price reduced to a dollar and a "is second only to the Tom Brown books in merit half, and with the ample resources and high repu. and interest. It is the story of a Massachusettstation of its new publishers, the work cannot fail school, and gives us a vivid picture of the boys at of a great success. work, at play, in their ball matches, their rowing contests, and their boyish quarrels. It is a book Carroll, M.D., commences a new volume with

The Medical Gazette, edited by ALFRED L. full of life and sunshine. The story is well con

the current number, which offers handsome structed, brisk in movement, and never flagging promise of the industry and intelligence which are in interest. One could not ask for a brighter or better boys ' book, and there are but few men who contains papers of interest to the profession from

to mark its management for another year. It will not find it as interesting as though it were

several medical men of note, and forms an instrucAritten expressly for them, instead of their sons

tive review of the progress of the sciences relating at school.-Citizen and Round Table.

to the healing art. Life and Letters of Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Sophie May is to have a serial story for girls, by Octavia Hensel (Oliver Ditson & Co.), uniform in the next volume of Oliver Oplic's ilagazine. in size and style with Mendelssohn's Letters and Three continued stories by such writers as Oliver the similar musical publications of a few years Optic, Elijah Kellogg, and Sophie May, make a past, is a love-offering by a pupil to the memory | wondrous attraction for one magazine.


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