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60 C.



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LOUISE DE FRANCE. Life of Madame Louise de France, Mudge, Rev. Z. A. Witch Hill: a History of Salem

Daughter of Louis XV., known also as the Mother Witchcraft. Including Illustrative Sketches of Persons
Thérèse De St. Augustin. By the author of "Tales of and Places. Illustr. 16°, pp. 322.

N. Y., Carlton &
Kirkbeck." 16°, pp. 291. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Lanahan...

$1.25 ..$1.75

Muller, Max. Chips from a German Work-Shop. Vol. Lowell, James Russell. Complete Poetical Works. Red III. 89, pp. 520. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Line Edition. Illust. 16° Boston, Fields, Osgood &

$800 Co...

... $4.50 Muloch, Miss. See Fair France. Ludlam, R. (M.D.). Lectures, Clinical and Didactic, on

Munsell, J. A Chronology of Paper and Paper Making. the Diseases of Women. Parts 1 and 2. 89, pp. 208.

89, pp. 226. Albany, Joel Munsell..... ......$2.00 Chicago, C. S. Halsey (Western News Co.). Pape, each.

$1.00 Myers, H. M. & P. V. N. Life and Nature under the

Tropics ; or, Sketches of Travels among the Andes, Ludlow, Fitz Hogh. The Heart of the Continent. Popu and on the Orinoco, Rio Negro, and Amazons. With an lar edition. 8o. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ..$2.50

Introduction by Rev. Albert Hopkins, LL.D. 129, N. Y., McCabe, James D., Jr. Great Fortunes, and How They D. Appleton & Co. are Made : or, The Struggle and Triumphs of our Self

Nason, Elias. A Memoir of Mrs. Susanna Rowson. Made Mien. Illust. with 32 wood-cuts. 89, pp. 633. With Elegant and Illustrative Extracts from her Writings Phila., Geo. Maclean. $3.50 ; clo. gilt, $4.50 ; shp.

in Poetry and Prose. 8°, pp. 212. Albany, Joel Munsell

. $4.50 ; mor...... $7.00

$2.50 McCall, Rev. S. Culture and the Gospel ; or, A Plea for

Neftel, Wm. B. (M.D.), Galvano-Therapeutics. The the Sufficiency of the Gospel to Meet the Wants of an

Physiological and Therapeutical Action of the Galvanic Enlightened Age. 16°. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph &

Current upon the Acoustic, Optic, Sympathetic, and Co.....

.....75 C.

Pneumogastric Nerves. 13°, pp. 161. N. Y., D. AppleMacDonald, Geo. Fantastes: A Fairy Tale. 13. ton & Co....

..$1.50 Boston, A. K. Loring...

NEVERS (THE). 32°, pp. 88. N. Y. Am. Tract. Soc. 20 C. MacGregor, J. A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe

New Comic SONGSTER. 4o. Boston, O. Ditson & Co. Bds.
on Rivers and Lakes of Europe. New and cheap edition.
16". Boston, Roberts Bros.....

New Ready RECKONER. 32°, pp. 256.

N. Y., Fisher &
129. Denison...

.25c. N. Y., W. E. Hilton.

....50 C.

New YORK. A Manual of the Highway Laws of the State MAINE. Supplemental Digest of the Decisions of the Su of New York, With an Appendix of Forms by Robley D. preme Judicial Court of the State of Maine, contained in

Cook. 8°, pp. xii, 357.

Albany, John D. Parsons, Jr. vol. 44 to 56 of the Maine Reports. By Wm. Wirt Vir


$2.50 gin. 80, pp. Ixi, 560. Portland, Loring, Short & Har.

New YORK. Practice Reports.


By Austin Abbott. Vol.

8, pp. 600. N. Y., Diossy & Co. Shp...... .$5.00 Mallary, Mrs. M. Jeanie,

Elsie Lee. 16°, pp. 320. Phila., Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc..


NEW YORK. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity. Deter

mined in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Mant, Richd. (D.D.). The Happiness of the Blessed Con

By Oliver L. Barbour, LL.D.

Vol. 56.

89, PP. 211. sidered, as to the Particulars of their State, their Recog Albany, W. C. Little & Co. Shp....

$6.00 nition of Each Other in that State, and its Difference of Degrees. To which are added Musings on the Church

New York. Statutes at Large of the State of New York, and Her Services. By Richard Mant, P.D.


containing the General Statutes passed in the Years 1867, Edition, sm. 89. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.......$1.50

1868, 1869, and 1870, with a Reference to all the Decisions
upon them,
Edited by John W. Edmonds.

Vol. VI.
Marlitt, E. The Countess Gisela. From the German.

8", pp. 848. Albany, Weed, Parsons & Co. Shp. $7.00 120.

London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co......... $1.75 Norban, S. R. The Wronged Wife. (Starr Novel, No. MARRIAGE AND Home. 32", pp. 48, 18. N. Y., Inglis &

15.) Cr. 8o. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co. Pap... .15 C. Colles....

NOTES ON THE BOOK OF GENESIS, EXODUS, LEVITICUS, AND Marryat, Florence (Mrs. Ross Church). The Poison of NUMBERS. By C. H. M.

169, pp. xii, 306; Asps. A Novelette. 89, pp. 72. N. Y., D. Appleton & xii., 344 ; xviii, 351; xii, 435.

N. Y., Inglis & Colles. Co. Pap.... ..30 c.

$1.12 Marvin, Frederick Rowland. Dream Music. 12°, pp. Olmstead, Denison (LL.D.). An Introduction to Natural 108. N. Y., G. W. Carleton. ...

Philosophy. Designed as a Text-Book for the Use of MARYLAND. A Collection of the British Statutes in Force Students in College. Second revised edition, by E. S. in Maryland, according to the Report thereof made to the Snell, LL.D. 89, pp. X, 437.

N. Y., Collins & Bro. General Assembly by the late Chancellor Kilty; with

$3-75 Notes and References to the Acts of Assembly and the Optic, Oliver. Plane & Plank; or, The Mishaps of a MeCode, and to the principal English and Maryland Cases.

chanic. (Onward and Upward Series, Vol. II.). Illustr. By: Julian J. Alexander, Atty. at Law. 89, pp. xlvi, 847.

16", pp. 315. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Per vol... $1.25 Baltimore, Cushings & Bailey. Shp..... .....$10.00

ORACLE OF FATE. 12o. N. Y., W. E. Hilton, Bds.50 C.
Matcaux, O. L. Home Chat with our Young Folks, on
People and Things they See and Hear Aboul. Illust.

ORDER OF VISITATION. History of the Foundation of the 4°, pp. 260. (London) N. Y., D. Appleton & Co..$2.50

Order of Visitation, and the Lives of Mademoiselle De la

Fayette, and several other Members of the Order. 16°, MISSIONARY ANECDOTES. First Series, 160, pp. 234, with

pp. 271. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co.... .$1.50 12 illust. Phila.. Am. S. S. Union...

ORIENT 4. Dream Book. 12o. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Bds.
MISSOURI. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in

the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri. By Truman Palmer, so. B. (M.D.). Dry Earth as a Means of Disposal
A. Post, Reporter. Vol. 45. 89, pp. 674. St. Louis, of Excreta. 89, pp. 26.
McKee, Fishback & Co. Shp......

N. Y., Tribune Association.

$5.00 Pap. Monteith, Jas. Physical and Political Geography, PARALLELISMS for Responsive Reading in Sunday Schools

N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. Hf. bd.....$1.88 and Social Worship. 329. N. Y., Taintor Bros....35 €. Moore, Chas. H. What to Read and How to Read.

Parker, Mrs. O. Z. R. Grandmamma's Trunk-full of Being Classified Lists of Choice Reading, with Appro

Storics. 189, pp. 166. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc. ....60 C. priate Hints and Remarks, adapted to the General Parkes-Belloc Bessie. Peoples of the World. Reader, to Subscribers to Libraries, and to Persons in

With 50 engrav.

London and New York, Cassell, tending to form Collection. of Books. Brought down to Petter & Galpin.

...$3.00 September, 1870. 12°, pp. 152. N. Y., D. Appleton & Parkman, Francis. Conspiracy of Pontiac, and the InCo.

.....75 C. dian War after the Conquest of Canada. MORES RIDICULI. Old Nursery Rhymes, illustr. in colors

8o. Boston, Little, Brown & Co..

..$5.00 by J. E. Pogers. 49 (London) N. Y., Macmillan & PATRANAS Library, Spanish Stories, Legendary and Co,.

$2.50 Traditionary. 4 vols. Cont. :-Dona Josefa ;-The Irish

.60 C.

4 vols.

Per vol.....


..80 c.

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50 C.

.......15 C.

Pp. 122.


2 vols. Sm.

12°, PP.

Princess :-Carlo Magna and the Giant :--The Black Charger of Hernando. 180, pp. 179, 189, 164, 171. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co. In box....

$2.00 Patton, Col. George. Appendix to Bourdon's Algebra.

86, pp. 48. Phila., J. A. Bancroft & Co...... $1.00 Peck, W. G. (LLD.). A Practical Treatise on Calculus. 126, pp. 208. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. Hf. roan,

$1.75 PENNSYLVANIA. State Reports. By P. Frazer Smith, State Reporter. Vol. 62. 89, pp. 586. Phila., Kay & Bro. Shp.....

$4.50 Phelps, Capt. W. D. See Fore and Aft. Phillipe, Barnett. Wooed and Won; or, 4 Marriage of Hearts, 12o. N, Y., W, E. Hilton...

$1.50 PHILADELPHIA. Reports of Equity, Election, and other Important Cases, Argued and Determined principally in the Courts of the County of Philadelphia. By F. Carroll Brewster. Vol. 2. go, pp. xv, 703. Phila., Kay & Bro. Shp......

.$6.00 Physician's PRESCRIPTIVE RECORD (The) : Containing nearly 400 Prescription Blanks, with Forms for Record of the Condition of the Patient, and Copy of Prescription. 164. Phila., S. W. Butler...

$1.25 Platarch's Morals. Translated from the Greek by several hands. Corrected and revised by William W. Goodwin, Ph.D., with an introduction Ralph Waldo Emerson. 5 vols. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. $15.00 : hf. cf. $25.00 ; cf.

$30.00 POEMS or Home Life. Sq. 32°, pp. 224. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc....

$1.00 Poole, Margaret E. Pictures of Cottage Life in the West

of England. Cr. 89, pp. 303. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co....

$2.00 Forter, Prof. Noah. What Books Shall I Read and How Shall I Read Them. 89. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co.

$2.00 Powerscourt. Letters and Papers of the late Theodosia A. Viscountess Powerscourt. Edited by the Rev. Robt. Daly, D.D. New improved edition. 12°, pp. 273. N. Y., Inglis & Colles...

..$1.00 Prentiss, E. The Story Lizzie Told. Sq. 16°, pp. 48. N.

Y., A, D, F. Randolph & Co. Pap...... .....35 c. Proctor, L. B. The Bench and Bar of New York. Being Biographical Sketches of Eminent Judges and Lawyers. 89, pp. 780. N. Y., Diossy & Co. $5.00 ; shp. $5.50; call..

$6.50 Proctor, Richard A. Other Worlds than Ours : The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches. 12°, pp. 334. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co...

$2.50 QUESTIONS FOR THE USE OF CHILDREN on the Tabernacle and its Services. From Exodus xxv, to the End of Leviticus. Edited by the late Rev. J. M. Neale. 189, pp. vui, 99. N. Y, Pott & Amery. Bds,... .....15 C. Ram, Jas. Treatise on Facts as Subjects of Inquiry by a Jury. With Notes by John Townsend, Esq. Second enlarged edition. 80, PP. 412.

N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp.....

.......$5.00 Reavis, L. W. To the Young Men of the West; or, A few Practical Words of Advice to Those Born in Poverty and Destined to be Reared in Orphanage. 12°, pp. 39. N. Y., S. R. Wells. Pap....

-30 c. RED RIDING Hood, go, with col. illust. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. Pap.....

.....25 c. Renan, Ernest

Constitutional Monarchy in France. From the French. 169, pp. 121. Boston, Roberts Bros.

75 c. Reabelt

, J, A. (D.D.). The Scripture Doctrine of the Person of Christ. Freely translated from the German of W. F. Gess, with many Additions. 12°, pp. 456. Andover, Warren F. Draper.....

$2.00 Reynal, Ch. The French Verb: Containing the Theory

and Model Conjugations of all the French Verbs, with a Dictionary of such Verbs as present any Peculiarities in their Uses or Conjugations, containing References to the Models and to Complete Tableaux of all the Irregular and Defective Verbs. 12", pp. viii, 149, 24. N. Y., Geo. R.

$1.25 Riddell

, John. Architectural Designs for Model Country Residences. Illustrated with 22 Full Page Front Elevations, colored, with 44 Plates of Ground Plans, including

the first and second Stories, with Plans of the Stories, full Specifications of all the Articles used, and Estimate of Price. Prepared expressly for Persons who Contemplate Building, and for Artisans throughout the United States. Roy, folio. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros.

$15.00 Ritchie, Mrs. Anna Cora (Mowatt). Italian Life and

Legends. 12°, pp. 299. N. Y., G. W. Carleton.. $1.50 Ritter, F. L. History of Music in the Form of Lectures, 16. Boston, Oliver Ditson & Co....

$1.50 RIVERS OF DAMASCUS AND JORDAN (The): A Causerie. By a Tertiary of the Order of St. Dominick. 16o.

Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co......

$1.25 Robinson, J. H. The Adopted Daughter. (Starr Novel,

No. 14.) Cr. 8o. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co. Pap.. 15 C. Robinson, Mrs. See Talvi. Robinson, W. (F.L.S.). Mushroom Culture ; Its Extensions

and Improvement. 12°, pp. 172, with numerous illustr.

(London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.... $3.00 Rodriguez, J.O. Chrestomathia da Lingua Ingleza : sendo

Excerptos escolhidos da Litteratura Ingleza, precedidos de uma Introducçao sobre a Origem e o Desenvolvimento da Lingua Ingleza ; e de breves Noticias sobre a Vida e as Obras dos Auctores citados. 12°, pp. 429. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. CL....

$2.50 Ruddock, E. H. (M.D.). The Lady's Manual of Homco

pathic Treatment in the Various Derangements incident to her Sex, with a Chapter on the Management of Infants. First American from the Third London edition. With Notes and Additions by R. Ludlam, M.D. 231. Chicago, C. S. Halsey (Western News Co.). CI.

$2.00 - The Stepping-Stone to Homeopathy and Health. With Notes by the American Editor. 12°, pp. 241. Chicago, C. S. Halsey (Western News Co.).......

$1.00 Russell, T. O'Neill. Dick Massey: A Tale of the Irish Evictions. 16°, pp. 300. (Glasgow) Boston, P. Donahoe.

$1.25 RUTGER's COLLEGE. Centennial Celebration, June 21,

1870. With an Historic Discourse Delivered by Hon. Jos. P. Bradley, and other Addresses and Proceedings.

go, pp. 98. Albany, Joel Munsell. Pap......... $1.00 SABIN & SONS' MONOGRAM AND ALPHABET ALBUM, Com

prising 1,000 different Designs, and over 200 Letters--Examples of Script, German-Text, Old English, etc. 89, pp. 156.

N. Y., Sabin & Sons.... Sackett, J. B. Ritual of Masonic Service for the Burial of

the Dead and a Lodge of Sorrow. 32°. Chicago, E. B. Myers & Co. $1.00; mor....

...$1.25 SANTA CLAUS AND HIS WORKs. Illustr. by Thos. Nast. Sm, 4°, PP. 24.

N. Y., McLoughlin & Bros. Pap.25 C. Schwartz, Mme. Marie Sophie, Gold and Name:

Birth and Education. Novels, Translated from the Swedish by Miss Selina Borg and Miss Marie E. Browne.

8o. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Each $1.50; pap...$1.00 Scoffern, J. Stray Leaves of Science and Folk-Lore. 8°,

pp. 495. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. $6.00 Scott, Sir Walter. Poetical Works. Edited by W. M.

Rossetti, Illustr. by T. Secombe. 12°, pp. 640. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co...

..$1.75 -Waverley Novels. (Centenary Edition, in 25 vols.) Cr.

8o. Vol. 11, The Abbot ;--- vol. 12, Kenilworth. (Jon

don) Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Per vol....., . $1.75 Sewell, Mrs. Pictures and Ballads of London Life. 40 pp. 56. London and N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons.

..$1.25 Seymour, Mary H. Ned, Nellie, and Amy. A Story of the

White Hills. 16o. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.....$1.25 , Shakespeare's Poems. With a Memoir by the Rev. Alex..

Dyce. (Cheap Aldine Poets, Vol. X.) (London) Phila... J. B, Lippincott & Co.....

.....75. Shand, Alex. Innes. Against Time. A Novel. 8°, pp. 200, Boston, Littell & Gay. Pap....... .......75 c. On the Trail of the German and French War. Ilustr, 8o. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap.... ......35 c. Sharpo, Sam. The History of Egypt, from the Earliest

Times till the Conquest by the Arabs, A.D. 640, 2 vols Cr. 89, pp. 462, 412.

With numerous engrs. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.......



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Lockwood. Cl.....



Shearman, Thomas G. & Amasa A. Redfield. A Treat Thelin, Wm. T. Decimal Interest Tablets, showing the

ise on the Law of Negligence. Second enlarged Edi Interest on any Sum, from One Dollar to One Hundred tion, 89, pp. lix, 748, N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Thousand, calculated from 1 Day to 365 Days, Day by Shp....

... $7.50 Day, and readily Adapted to any Řate. 4°, PP. 79. Bal. Shipton, Anna. Tell Jesus.". Recollections of Emily

timore, Lucas Bros.
Hf. mor....

.$3.50 Gosse. 16°, pp. ix, 113. (London) Phila., J. B. Lippin Todd, S. Edwards. The American Wheat Culturisc. A cott & Co...

$1.00 Practical Treatise on the Culture of Wheat, embracing a - Christian Life Series. 3 vols. 16o. Cont. :-Footsteps of brief History and Botanical Description of Wheat, with the Flock;--Following Fully:-Wayside Service. (London)

full Practical Details for Selecting Seed, Producing New Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co..


Varieties, etc., on Different kinds of Soil. New ed. Sibree, Marie. The Dying. Saviour and the Gipsy Girl.

Illustr. 12°, pp. viii, 432. N. Y., D. D. T. Moore..$2.00 A Parable of Religious Life and Duty.

Illustr. 180, pp.

Thomas, J. J. See Almanacs. 83. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan...

.......50 c. Thompson & Bowler's Hand-Book to the Eclectic System Simms. F. W. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice

of Penmanship. 169, PP. 96. Cincinnati, Wilson, Hinkle of Levelling, showing its Application to Purposes of Rail

& Co....

..60 с. way Engineering, and the Construction of Roads, etc. Timanus, Sara J. The Infant Class. Hints on Primary Filih edition, revised and corrected, with the Addition of Religious Instruction. Edited, with an Introduction, by Mr. Law's Practical Examples for setting out Railway Edwd. Eggleston. 16°, pp. 120. Chicago, Adams, Curves. With Plates and Cuts. 89, pp. 157. N. Y., D. Blackmer & Lyons Pub. Co..

......75C Van Nostrand..

Townsend, Virginia F. Max Meredith's Millennium Small, A. E. Handbuch der Homöopathie für Familien. (Break-Water Series, Vol. IV). 18o.

Boston, A. K. 8°, pp. 643. Deutsch von C. J. Hempel, M.D. N. Y., Loring.

.$1.00 Boericke & Tafel....

Trollope, T. Adolphus. A Siren. A Novel.

N Y., Sonrel, L. 3'he Bottom of the Sea. Translated and Edited Harper & Bros. Pap...

....50 C. by Elihu Rich. (Illustrated Library of Wonders.) 12°, with 71 woodcuts. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co....$1.50

Trollope, Anthony. Sir Harry Hotspur of Hamblethwaite.

A Novel Cr. 89. London and N. Y., Macmillan & South, Robt. (D.D.). Sermons Preached upon several Oc Co..

. $1.50 casions. Vol. IV. 80. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton.

Trowbridge, J. T. Lawrence's Adventures among the $4.00

Ice-Cutters, Glass-Makers, Coal-Miners, Iron-Men, and Spaulding, Louise Billings. The Ruined Statues, and Ship-Builders. Illust. 12o. Boston, Fields, Osgood & other Poems. 12°, pp. 155. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Co.

.$1.50 $1.50

True ROBINSON Crusoes (The). Stories of Adventures, Steele, J. Dorman (A.M., Ph.S.). The Story of the Abridged from the French of F. Denis and V. Chauvin.

Rocks. A Fourteen Weeks' Course in Popular Geo By Charles Russell. Illust. Sg. 169, pp. vi, 223. Lon. logy: Illust. 12°, pp. 280. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. don and N, Y., Cassell, Petter & Galpin. Boston, Lee

& Shepard....

$1.50 Steinwehr, A. von, and D. G. Brinton. Eclectic Geo Two CONSCIENCES (The); or, Conscience the Moral Law

graphies :-Primary Geography, 16°, pp. 84, 85 C. ;-In and Conscience the Witness. An Essay towards Ana. termediate Geography, 4°, pp. 92, $1.60. ;-School Geo lyzing and Defining these Two Principles, and Explaining graphy, 4°, pp. 126, $2. Cincinnati, Wilson, Hinkle & the true Character and Office of Each. 16°, pp. 85. Co.

Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.....

.. $1.00 Stockton, T. H. (D.D.), The Book Above All; or, The UNDER THE POPLARS. By the Author of “The Winthrops." Holy Bible, The only Sensible, Infallible, and Divine 12°N. Y., W. E. Hilton....

$1.50 Authority on Earth. A Series of Discourses. 12°. Phila.,

UNITED STATES. The Internal Revenue Law, with Notes Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, $1.50 ; with port.. $2.00

referring to all the Decisions of the Courts, and Rulings of Story, Joseph. Commentary on Equity Pleadings, and the the Department. By Orlando F. Bump. 8°, pp. 412. N. Incidents thereof, according to the Practice of the Courts Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. $4.50. Shp....

.$5.50 of Equity of England and America. Eighth Edition, care

- Reports of Cases Determined in the U. S. Dictrict Court fully revised, with large Additions, by Isaac Redfield, for the Southern and Eastern District of New York. R. LL. D. 89, pp. xxxiv., 816. Boston, Little Brown & Co.

D. Benedict, Reporter. Vol. II. 89, pp. 600. N. Y., Shp.....

Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp.....

.$10.00 Sweaton, Geo. The Doctrine of the Atonement as Taught

- Stamp Laws, with the Judicial Decisions, etc. By by the Apostles. 8°, pp. 558. (London) N. Y., Scrib

..$5.25 ner, Welford & Co...

Orlando F. Bump. 89, pp. 56. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis

& Co., $1.25; Pap... Talvi (Mrs. Therese Robinson). Fifteen Years. A Picture from the Last Century.

- The Statutes at Large of the United States of America, 12°, PP. 320.

N. Y., D.

• $1.50 Appleton & Co..

passed at the Second Session of the Forty-first Congress,

1869-70. Government Edition, containing the Public Taylor, Bayard. Joseph and his Friend: A Story of Laws, Resolutions, Proclamations, Private Acts and

Pennsylvania. 12°, pp. vi, 361. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Treaties, with Marginal References and copious Index. Sons ...

$2.00 Edited by George P. Sanger. Roy. 8°, pp. xiv, 59-393, TEACHER'S POCKET RegisTER. For Daily, Weekly, Month xc, viii, 71, xxix, iv, 315-382, iv. Boston, Little, Brown ly, and Quarterly Reports. Phila., J. A. Bancroft & Co. & Co. Pap...

... $2.50 Roan, flex.....

......80 c. UNITED STATES. Reports of Decisions Rendered in the Tegg's Dictionary of Chronology: or, Historical and Sta Circuit and District Courts of the United States. By B.

tistical Register, from the Birth of Christ to the Present V. Abbott. 8, pp. 638. N. Y., Diossy & Co. Shp. Time. 89, pp. 700. N. Y., N. Tibbals & Son..... $3.00

$7.50 TENNESSEE Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in

VERMONT. Reports of the Cases Argued and Deterthe highest Courts of Law and Equity of the State of mined in the Supreme Court of Vermont. By WheeTennessee. A New Edition, from Overton to Meigs, in lock G. Veazey. Vol. 42. (New Series, Vol. 7.) 89. pp. clusive. With Notes and References. By William Frier viii, 828. Montpelier, J. & J. M. Poland. Shp...$5.00 son Cooper, late a Judge, etc. In 10 vols. Vol 1, contain VERSES. By H. H. 16o. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. ing 1 and 2 Overton's Tennessee Reports. 89, pp. xxiv, 829. St. Louis, Soule, Thomas & Winsor. Shp...$8.00

VICTORY (THE) OP THE VANQUISHED: A Story of the First Testas, Mme. Marie Felicie. The Virtues and Faults of

Century. By the Author of "The Schönberg-Cotta Childhood. From the French. Illust. 16o. Baltimore, Family.' 12°. N. Y., Dodd & Mead.. $1.75 Kelly, Piet & Co......


Visit Or ST. NICHOLAS : An Old Poem. Sm. 4, pp. 24. Texas. Reports of Cases Argued and Decided in the Su N. Y., McLoughlin Bros. Pap....

preme Court of the State of Texas. Reported by Geo. W. Paschal. Vol. 31. 8", pp. xv, 783. Washington, W.

Warren, Edward. Elements of Machine Construction H. & O, H. Morrison. Shp....

and Drawing, or Machine Drawing. With some Ele

ments of Descriptive and Rational Cinematics. A Texte Thayer, N. Russell. The Law Considered as a Progres book for Schools of Civil and Mechanical Engineering,

sive Science. 8°, pp. 48. Phila., Kay & Bro. Pap.. 30 c. and for the use of Mechanical Establishments, Artisans,



.25 C.



80 c.

and Inventors : containing Principles of Gearing Screw-
Propellers, Valve Motions and Governors, and many
standard and novel Examples, mostly from present Ame-
rican Practice. 2 vols. 8° (one of text and one of plates).
N. Y., J. Wiley & Son...
Washburn, Chas. A. The History of Paraguay, with
Notes of Personal Observation and Reminiscences of
Diplomacy under Difficulties. 2 vols. 8°. Illustr. Bos-
ton, Lee & Shepard.....

. $7.50
Webfoot. See Fore and Aft.
Webster Reciter ; or, Elocution Made Easy. Sq. 12o.
N. Y., R. M. De Witt. 75 c. ; Pap....

50 C. Wells, K. G. In the Clearings. 16, pp. 187. Roston, Am. Unitarian Asso....

.80 c. WHAT CHANGED GUY DENNIS ; or, Life at School. 100,

pp. 266. Phila., Am, S, S. Union.. Whitmore, Wm. H. A List of Civil Officers of the Colony of Massachusetts, 1627–1774. 89, pp. 163. Albany, Joel Munsell....

. $2.00 Whitney, Mrs. A, D, T. Mother Goose for Grown Folks. New, revised and enlarged edition. Illustr. 12o. Boston, A. K. Loring...,

$1.50 Willson's New Speller and Analyzer. Adapted to thorough Elementary Instruction in the Orthography, Orthoepy, Formation, Tivation, and Uses of Words. Marcius Willson. 12°, pp. 152. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Bds..45 C. Wilson, Rev. R. Four Lectures on Confirmation. 32°, pp.

18. Baltinore, George Lycett. Pap....... Williamson, A. Journeys in North China, Manchuria, and Eastern Mongolia, with some Account of Carca. Vols. 12", pp. 464, 450 (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co...

$10.50 Wisconsin. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin, with Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters. By O. M. Conover, Official Reporter. Vol. 24. January and June Terms, 1869. 80, pp. 750. Chicago, Callaghan & Cockcroft. Shp

$6.00 WOVES OF MANY THREADS. A Novel. Boston, Fields,

Osgood & Co.
Wright, Mrs. Sarah A. The Golden Ladder; or, The
Stoleri Jewels. 12°, pp. 400. N. Y., Amer. News Co.

$2.00 and $3.00 Wyatt

, Sir M. Digby (M.A.). Fine Art, A Sketch of its History, Theory, Practice and Application to Industry. 89. London and N. Y:, Macmillan & Co..........$3.00 YLAR BOOK. See Almanacs. Yonge, Miss. Heir of Redclyffe. New edition. Illustr. 12, N.Y., D. Appleton & Co....


peutics ;--Physician's Prescriptive Record :-Ruddock,
Homoeopathic Treatment ;-Small, Handbuch der

ARTS AND SCIENCES.-Butler, Atmospheric System ;-Cas.

sell's Book of Birds :--Cooper, Land Birds of Cal. :-
Cope, Hypothesis of

Evolution :--Croff, Suburban Architecture :--Depping, Bodily Strength ;-Fowler, Os. teology of Mammalia ;-Kirby, Sea and its Wonders :Proctor, Other Worlds than Ours ;-Rididell, Architecture ;-Simm's Principles of Levelling :-Sabin & Sons' Monogram Album :---Sonrel, Bottom of Sea ;-Warren,

Machine Construction,
RURAL AND DOMESTIC.--Allen, Am. Cattle ;-Anstie, Uses

of Wines ;-- Palmer, Dry Earth :-Robinson, Mushroom

Culture ; -- Todd, Am. Wheat Culturist.

Guide Book ;-Bryce, Holy Roman Empire : - Fair
France :- Mudge, Witch Hill ;-Myers, Under the Tro-
pics;-Parkes-belloc, Peoples of the World :-Parkman,
Conspiracy of Pontiac ;-Ritchie, Italian Life ;-Sharpe,
Hist. of Egypt:--Shand, Trail of War:-Tegg's Chrono-
logy ;-Washburn, Hist. of Paraguay ;-Williamson,
Journeys in North China.
BIOGRAPHICAL. - Abbott, Louis XIV: Bulaver, Life of

Palmerston ;-Dominican Artist :-Durfre, Biog. Annals
of Williams College ;-Gillette, John Huss :-King,
Looking Backwards ;-Lamartine, Columbus:--Las
Casas, Life ;-Louise de France ;-Nason, Mrs. Susanna
Rowson :-Order of Visitation ;-Proctor, Bench and

Bar of N. Y.
POETRY.--Arnold, Poems ;-Bürger's Lenore :-Clarke,
Clytic and Zenobia ; - Davidson, Poems; -,

- Harte, Poems ;--- Kendrick, Our Poetical Favorites ;--Lays of the Holy Land :--Light of the World ;-1.owell;- Mar. vin, Dream Music :-Poems of Home Life ;-Spaulding,

Ruined Statues ;-Verses, by H. H.
FICTION.--Austin, Shadow of Moloch Mountain ;-Dick.

ens, Edwin Drood ;-Dickens, Uncommercial Traveller ;
-Eiloart, From Thistles--Grapes ;--llart, In the Ra-
pids ;-Marlitt, Countess Gisela ; larryat, (Miss),
Poison of Asps ;--Schwartz, Gold and Name
Schwarts, Birth and Education ;--Shand, Against
Time :-- Talvi, Fifteen Years ;-Taylor, Joseph and his
Friend ;--Trollope, A Siren ;--Trollope, Sir Harry Hot-
spur:-Under the Poplars ;-Victory of the Vanquished;

-Woven of Many Threads ;-Wright, Golden Ladder. MISCELLANEOUS.-Book of Shakspeare Gems :-Hamer

ton, Unknown River; Helps, Brevia :-Holmes, Mechanism in Thought and Morals : ---Howells, Suburban Sketches ;-Hugo, Napoleon the Little ;-- Kerr, Cloven Foot; -- Moore, What to Read ;-Müller, Chips from a German Workshop, III;-Plutarch's Morals ;-Porter, What Books to Read ;-Scoffern, Stray Leaves ;-W'yo alt, Fine Art.

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The Commercial Laws of the States, published PUBLICATIONS.

at the office of the Bankers' Magazine and Statis.

tical Register, New York, contains a summary of THEOLOGY, Rasgion.--Anderson, Sandwich Island Mis

the laws of each State relating to arrest, assignsion :--Baring-Gould, Christianity :-Bible, Traveller's

Testament ;-—Beecher, Morning and Ev. Exercises ;- ments, attachment, collections, commercial paper,
Barrett, Prayers and Meditations ;- Collects of Church corporations, depositions, dower, deeds, damages
of England ;-Complete Triumph of Morality --Crosby,
Jesus --Cruden's Concordance :-De Vinue, History

of bills, execution, exemption, factors and con. of Irish Primitive Church ;--Dictionary of Theology

signees, false pretences, homesteads, imprisonment (Blunt's) :-Fastré, Acts of Early Martyrs :-Fleetwool, for debt, interest, usury, liens, statutes of limitaLufe of Christ :--Fly Bible True : -Goulburn, Cathedral tion, receivers, redemption, stay laws, partnership, System ;-Irons, Christianity :-Lacordaire, Christ

:Light at Eventide ;-Lightfoot, St. Paul to the Gala the rights of married women, etc. This work has trans ;-McCall, Culture and the Gospels ;--Notes on been prepared by competent legal counsel in each Genesis, etc. ;-Reubelt, Scripture Doctrine of Christ :

of the several States, and will be found to contain South, Sermons, IV :-Stockton, Book above All :Sweaton, Doctrine of Atonement :-Tro Consciences.

a complete summary of the law of each State on Lax, GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, ETC:

(See also States and the subjects named.
Towns in Alph. List.)-Baird, Rights of Am. Producers ;
Benedict, Am. Admiralty :-Browne, On Frauds : ---

Zell's Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Gazetteer
Burd, Are We a Nation;- Commercial Laws of the

is now fast approaching completion. The price States in Cowdery, Law Encyclopedia :-Langedon, Jus; for the entire work, unbound, will still remain for Bees of Peace :-Ram, On Facts ;-Renan, Constitutional a limited time as originally announced, namely, Monarchy of France :- Shearman, Negligence ;-Story,

$25. As it has been found advisable to increase MediCAL SCIENCE.-Biddle, Materia

the size of the orignal work about 200 pages be.

Medica :-Bænmenghausen, Homcopath. Treatment :---Bumstead, Ve yond the number at first proposed, those who purnereal Diseases ;--Byford, Inflammation of Uterus : ,, chase or subscribe NOW will get the benefit of this Diron, Kidney :-Gramogl, Homeopathy :--Hall, Bronchitis :-- Hammond, Physiology of Spiritualism :

addition WITHOUT CHARGE; otherwise, they will Ludlam, Diseases of Women :--Neftci

, Galvano-Thera. be obliged to pay for the same.

Equity Pleadings.


(Including new insertions, changes of price, corrected titles, recent issues, etc.)

Books marked with an asterisk (*) were published previous to the publication of the August Bulletin.


of Pub. $6.



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Abbott's Bible Lessons. Part I, 40 C........ Macmillan. *Coe's Drawing Cards, per No., 30 с............. Wiley. Adler's Kindergarten Occupations, 50 C. to $2.50..Berend. *College Series of French Plays. Vol. I, $1.75... Leipoldt sohn.

& H. Allen's Key to Latin Lessons, 30 C.-Do. to Latin Compo *Colton & Fitch's Young Geographer, 75 C......Ivisor. sition, 50 C......

... Ginn.

Comfort's German Course :-Part I, 90 C.-German ReadGreek Elements, 20 C...

Ginn, er, $2.—*Teacher's Companion, 75 C. ..........Harper. Allen's Map Drawing: How to Teach It, 10 C...Barnes. Oommon Names for Object Teaching, $1.50. Schermer

horn. Anderson's School History of England, $1.60..Clark &

Maynard. Composition Paper, 3 Nos., per quire, 30 C..Schermerhorna *Angell's First Reader, 13% C.

.Butler. *Comstock's Colored Elocution Chart, $s...... Peterson, Bacon's Essays, with Annot. by Whateley, ed. by F. Cornell's Physical Geography, $1.60.......... Appleton Heard, $3.50.......

Lee & Shepard. *Cousin's Modern Philosophy, $4.—The True, Beautiful • Bagster's Analytical Greek Lexicon. $6.50.-Guide to and Good, $2...

.. Appleton. Study of Greek Testaufent, $1.50.-Large print Greek

Testament, $5.

Crittenden's Counting-House Book-Keeping, enlarged,

.Biddie. *Bail's Drawing Charts, 12 Nos. and Key, net $10.00. Crosby & Ludlow's First Lessons in Language and Com.


position ... Griggs, Watson & Day, Davenport, lorem Baker's Harmony, $2....


Cruikshank's Analysis, Parsing and Composition, 50c Barbauld's Lessons for Children in English and French,

Sheldon 75C........

... Appleton. Cutter's New Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, $1.60 Barker's Elementary Chemistry, $1.75........Chatfield.

Lippincott. *Barnard's Object Teaching, $2.50.......Schermerhorn. Dabney's Sacred Rhetoric, $1.50..Richmond, Barr's First Lessons in Mental and Written Arithmetic, 40 C..........

lvison. *Dana's Manual of Geology, $5; hf. mor., *Bartholemew's Drawing Books, 12 Nos., ca. 40 C.

Book of do., $2.....

Cards, 5 Nos., ca. 30C.-Primary Cards, 3 Nos., ca. 20 C. * Dana's Mineralogy, 12°, $2.25.
Woolworth, A. & Co. Davies' Metric System, $1.50...

....Barnes. Baskerville's Lehrbuch d. Deutschen Sprache, go c. Steiger. *Davies' Practical Arithmetic, and Key, ca. 90 c. . Barnes, *Bateman's Questions on Kühner's Greek Grammar,

Day's Rhetorical Praxis, $1.25... Wilstach, B. & B. 40 C.........


De la Motte's Piano and Musical Matter, $2, $2.50, and Berendsohn's Card Modeling Sheets, ea. 25 C... Berend $3......

.... Lees sohn.

Dictionary of Technical Terms used by Architects, EnBlunt's Key to Ancient Church History, $1..Lippincott. gineers, etc., $2.50....

Virtue & Yorstor. Boise's First Lessons in Greek, $1.25..... Griggs. *Dodd's Dictionary of Manufactures, Mining Machinery, *Bodemann & Kerl's Assaying, $2.50..... Wiley.

and the Industrial Arts, $2.50 ....... Virtue & Yorston. Bourne's Hand-Book of the Steam-Engine, $2.50.....

*Dwight's Introd. to Study of Art, $1.25...... Appleton.

Lippincott. Early Scripture Hist. for Children, soc. Claxton, R. & H. *Bradbury's Alpine Glee Book, $1.50......... .Ivison. Ellsworth's Specimen of Copy Books, 25 C.--Primary *Bright Jewels for the S. S. (Music.) 35 C...Bigeloru

Tracing Copy Books, 2 Nos., ca. 150.- Improved Writing Ew M.

Portfolio, 3 c.... Broadus' Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, $2..

Emerson's Sabbath Guest, $1.60...

Smith, E. & Co. Enthoffer's Manual of Topography, $15.... .... Appleton. •Burn's Illustrated Drawing Book:-Illustrated Architec Eveleth's Schoolhouse Architecture, $10..... Woodward.

tural, Engineering, and Mechanical Drawing Book, Fairholt's Dictionary of Terms in Art, $2.50.. Virtue Sur Ornamental Drawing and Architectural Design. Each

Porston. $1.50.

Virtue Eu Vorston.

Fleury's Ancient History, 90 C...... *Butler's Ethical Discourses, $1.75......... Desilver.

Fraser's Seaside Naturalist, $1.50.. Virtue & Vorstor. Oalkins' Primary Object Lessons, 25th ed., re-written and

French's Mental Arithmetic, 504c..

Harper. enlarged,, $1.50...

.....Harper. - New Forms and Solids to accompany do., $3.00.

Frost's Humorous and Exhibition Dialogues, pap., 30 cm; Schermerhorn. bds., 30 c......

.Dick F.

*Frost's American Speaker, $1.75....... Campbell's Concise School History of the United States, $1.18. ......Bretuer & Tileston. .- United States History, $1.75..

Desilver. Cards. Letter Cards and Spelling Stick, for Word Making,

*Furst's Hebrew Lexicon, $9.... 75 C.-Word Cards and Sentence Stick, for Sentence Garrett's One Hundred Choice Selections, No. 3, pap. Making, 75 C....... Schermerhorn. 30 c. ; cl., 75......

Garreti in ca *Champlin's Short Greek Grammar, $1.25..... Appleton.

*Gosenius' Hebrew Lexicon, by Tregelles, $7.50.. Wiley. Chase & Stuart's Sallust, $1.25..


Girard's French Class Book, $1.75.... Claxton, R. & H. Christian Brothers Readers : First, 12 c.-Second, 25 c.

Gillespie's Treatise on Levelling, Topography and Higher -Third, 63 C........

.....O'Shea; Sadlier.
Surveying, $2.50....

... Appleton. - Do. Fourth, 88 c..........


Gilman's First Steps in English Literature, $1.Hurd & H. Christian Brothers' Illust. Series :-First Reader, Part I, Goodwin's Elementary Greek Grammar, $1.50.... (inn, 15 C. ; Part II, 20 c. ; the two bd. in i vol., 25 c..O'Shea. *Greene's Class Book of Botany, $2........

. Appleton Cocker's Christianity and Greek Philosophy, $2.75..... Greene's Explanation of the Theory of Calculus, 50 % Harper.



... Ells vorth. .......Ditson

.Leypoldt & H.


...... Desilver.

.Leypoldt H.

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