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Everett, Wm. Changing Base; or, What Edward Rice Learnt. Illust. 169. Boston, Lee & Shepard....$1.25 EXAMINER (THE), A Monthly Review of Religious and Humane Questions, and of Literature. Edited by Rev. Edward C. Towne. No. 1, November, 1870. 8°. Chicago, Western News Co.. Per annum, $4; per No., 50 c. EVERY DAY: A Book for Young Ladies. By the Author of "Katherine Morris." 12°, pp. 282. Boston, Noyes, Holmes & Co.... $1.50 By the Author N. Y., Har

FAIR FRANCE: Impressions of a Traveller. of "John Halifax, Gentleman," etc. 12. per & Bros....

.$1.50 First and Each $1.50

Fastre, Rev. J. A. Acts of the Early Martyrs. Second Series. 12. Phila., P. F. Cunningham.

FERNYHURST COURT: An Every-day Story. By the Author of "Stone Edge," etc. Illustr. 8°. Phila., J. B. Lip

pincott & Co..

Feval, Paul.

.60 c La Tache Rouge. 8°, pp. 240. N. Y., Chas. Lassalle. Pap.... .......75 c. FIRESIDE MAGICIAN (The). 12°. N.Y., W. E. Hilton. Bds. 50 C. Fleetwood, Rev. John (D.D.). The Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Illustr. Cr. 8°, pp. 421. N. Y., Virtue & Yorston.. ....$1.50 Flower, W. B. An Introduction to the Osteology of the Mammalia. With numerous illust. Cr. 8°, pp. 344. London and New York, Macmillan & Co..........$2.50 Fly, Elijah M. The Bible True; or, The Cosmogony of Moses compared with the Facts of Science, containing the Origin and Correlative Position of the different Races of Men, and a Description of our Earth as it was, as it is, and as it must be. 129. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger .$2.00

Flynn, Daniel. Destiny: or, The Priest's Blessing. 12°,
Pp. 275. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co......
Foote. Wm. H. The Huguenots, or Reformed French
Church; their Principles Delineated, their Character Illus-
trated, their Sufferings and Successes Recorded: In 3
parts: The Huguenot in France, at Home; the Hugue-
not Dispersed in Europe; The Huguenot at Home in
America. With an Appendix. 12°, pp., xx., 627. Rich-
mond, Presb. Com. of Pub..

FORE AND AFT; or, Leaves from the Life of an Old Sailor.
By "Webfoot." Illustr. 16o. Boston, Nichols &

Forester. Frank. Sporting Scenes and Characters. New ed. 2 vols. 12°, with illustr. by Darley. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros.....


Forsyth, W. Life of M. Tullius Cicero. Illustr. with 20 engrav. New edition. 2 vols. in one, cr. 8° N. Y., Charles Scribner & Co... $2.50

Friswell, J. Hain. The Gentle Life. Essays in Aid of the Formation of Character. The Queen Edition, revised and selected from the two Series. 16", pp. 414. don) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.. FUTURE FATE FORETOLD BY THE STARS.


W. E. Hilton.

Garrett, Phineas.

3. 12, pp. 180. per

12°. N. Y., Bds..... ..50 c. One Hundred Choice Selections. No. Phila., P. Garrett & Co. 75 C.; pa..30 C.

GATEWAY SERIES. 8 vols. 18°. N. Y., N. Tibbals &
Son. (Corrected price.)...

$5.20 12o. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. ..35 C.

GEORGIA. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Georgia, at Atlanta. Parts of June and December Terms, 1869. Vol. 39. By A. J. Hammond, Reporter. 8, pp. vii., 832. Macon, J. W. Burke & Co. Shp................ .$7.00 Gill, W. F. Parlor Tableaux and Amateur Theatricals. Cheap edition. 12°, pp. 352. Boston, J. E. Tilton & ..$1.50


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--3 C.

Gough, John B. Temperance Address. 18°, pp. 24-
N. Y., Am. Tract Soc. Pap....
Goulburn, E. M. (D.D.). The Principles of the Cathedral
System Vindicated, and Enforced upon Members of
Cathedral Foundations. Eight Sermons. 12°, pp. 196
(London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co..........$2.50
Granger, A. M. The Beautiful Jewess. (Illustrated Star
Novel, No. 13.) Cr. 8°. N. Y., F. Starr & Co. Pap.
15 C.

Grauvogl, Dr. Von. Text-Book of Homoeopathy. Trans-
lated by Geo. E. Shipman, M.D., at the request of the
Author. 80, pp. 343, 438. Chicago, C. S. Halsey:
(Western News Co.) N. Y., Boericke & Tafel. (Cor-
rected price) $7.00: hf. mor......
GREAT BRITAIN. House of Lords' Cases on Appeals and
Writs of Error, Claims of Peerage and Divorces. (In
11 vols.) Vols. V, VI, and VII. Boston, Little,
Brown & Co. Per vol., shp.....
Phila., Am. S. S. Union......
....40 C
Griswold, Rev. B. B. Sheal; or, Between Death and Re-
surrection. 32°, pp. 18. Baltimore, Geo. Lycett. Pap.05 c.

Guernsey, Clara F. The Merman and the Figure-Head. A Christmas Story. Illust. 16°, pp. 117. Phila., J. $1.00 B. Lippincott & Co..... Hailmann, Wm. Deutsches Literarisches Lesebuch für die höhern Klassen deutsch-amerik. Schulen u. für amerik. Hochschulen zur Ausbildung in der deutschen Sprache u. Einführung in die deutsche Literatur. Mit zahlreichen deutschen u. englischen Noten. 12°, pp. 278. Louisville, Ky., Henry Knöfel. Hf. roan.......$1.50 Hall, W. W. (M.D.). Bronchitis and Kindred Diseases. 12o, N. Y., Hurd & Houghton.......... ..$1.50

Hallock, Mrs. M. A. Beasts and Birds of America ;— Do. of Europe and Asia ;--Do. of Africa;-Wild Beasts and Birds of America. 4 parts, each 4o, pp. 64. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc. Pap. 40 c.; bds. 50 c.; same complete in 1 vol. clo..... $2.00 Hamerton, P. G. The Unknown River. An Etcher's Voyage of Discovery. With 42 Etchings by the Author. Roy. 8', (London), Boston, Roberts Bros... .$7.50 Hammond, Wm. A. (M.D.). The Physics and Physiology of Spiritualism. 12°, pp. 86. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. $1.00

.....50 C.

HANEY'S MANUAL OF SIGN, Carriage, anD DECORATIVE PAINTING. Containing Rules and Regulations in everything relating to the arts of Gilding, Painting, Varnishing, Preparing Grounds, etc.; together with rules for making Drying Oils, Sizes, Japans, and other requisites of the Art. Also a treatise upon Contrasts, Harmony and Force of Colors, Theory of Composition, Groundwork, Tints, Shades and Shadows, with full instructions in practical Fresco and Decorative Painting. Also complete System of Carriage Painting, with numerous useful and valuable Recipes, some of them never before given to the public, including the Secrets of the celebrated Birmingham Japanners. (By S. Gibson.) 12°, pp. 90. N. Y., Jesse Haney & Co. (Corrected title.) Pap... Hart, Gerald. In the Rapids. A Romance. 12°, pp. 319. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.... $1.50 Harte, F. Bret. Poems. 16°. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. HATTY AND MARCUS; or, First Steps in the Better Path. 18°, ..60 c. pp. 176. Boston, J. S. Locke & Co..... Hawes, Stephen. Synchronology of the Principal Events in Sacred and Profane History from the Creation of Man to the Present Time. Third ed. 8°, pp. 315. Boston, Lee & Shepard..... $2.50 Heaton, Mrs. Charles. Routledge's Album for Children. With 200 Illustrations, by Foster, Gilbert, Millais, Wolf, etc. Sm. sq. 8°. London and N. Y., Geo. Routledge & . $2.25


Helfenstein, Jas. A Comparative Grammar of the Te tonic Languages. Being at the same time a Historical Grammar of the English Language. 8°. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co.. ..$4.00

Helps, Arthur. Brevia Short Essays and Aphorisms. 16. Boston, Roberts Bros... . $1.50 Henshaw, Annie B. Amusement for Invalids. 18°. Boston, A. K. Loring.... .......50 C. HIDDEN LIFE (THE) OF THE SOUL. From the French 12°, pp. 272. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.. $2.50

Hildebrant. Winter in Spitzbergen. A Tale of the Northland. From the German, by E. Goodrich Smith. 16°. N. Y., Dodd & Mead...

$1.25 Hoffmann, Franz. Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt; or, The Battle of Mühlberg. 16°, pp. 316. Phila., Lutheran Pub. Soc. . $1.25 Hoffman, Miss Mary J. Felix Kent; or, The New Neighbors. 12°, pp. 430. N. Y., P. O'Shea......$2.00 Holbrook Joseph P. Quartet and Chorus Choir. A Companion to "Songs for the Sanctuary." 4°, pp. 224. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co.... .$3.00 Holiday Pleasures. With an Introduction by the author of "Harry Lawton's Adventures." With 12 full-page Etchings by Rudolph Geissler. 4°, pp. 94. (London) N. Y., Pott & Amery...


50 C.

HOLINESS THROUGH FAITH. Light in the Way of Holi-
Dess. By R. P. S. 16°, pp. 156. N. Y., A. D. F.
Randolph & Co...
Holmes, F. S. The Phosphate Rocks and Marls of South
Carolina. Their History and Development. Illust.
8. Charleston, F. S. Holmes. Pap....
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Mechanism in Thought and
Morals. 16. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co..... $1.00
Homer's Iliad. Rendered into English Blank Verse, by
Edward, Earl of Derby. New edition. 2 vols. in one.
Cr. 8. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co....
Christmas Story. 16°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.

LOW. 16, pp. 474. Phila., Am. S. S. Union......$1.25
Howe, B. G. Model Copy Book; or, System of Pen-
manship. 4°. Boston, Lee & Shepard..
Howells W. D. Suburban Sketches. Cr. 8°. N. Y.,
Hurd & Houghton....

$1.75 Howitt, Wm. Jack of the Mill. A Fireside Story. With 40 illustrations, by G. F. Sargent. 16°. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons.... $1.25 Hago, Victor. The Destroyer of the Second Republic, being Napoleon the Little. Translated by a Clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church, from the 16th French edition. 12°, pp. 308. N. Y., Sheldon & Co.....$1.50 HYMNS AND SONGS FOR CATHOLIC CHILDREN. With a Solidity Office and Prayers and Exercises for the Children's Mass. 24°, pp. 211, 24. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc. Pap....

.....15 C.

ILLINOIS. Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois. By Norman L. Freeman, Reporter. Vol. 49. 8°, pp. 608. Springfield, N. L. Freeman. Shp..... $6.00 Inglis, Jas. Home and Family Relations in the Light of Scripture. 12, pp. 65. N. Y., Inglis & Colles....60 c. INN (THE) OF THE GUARDIAN ANGEL. Translated from the French. 12°, with 75 illustr. Boston, Lee & Shepard. $1.25 and $1.50; full gilt.....

.$2.00 IOWA. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Iowa. By Edward H. Stiles, Reporter. Vol. VI (Series, Vol. XXVII). 8°, pp. 634. Des Moines, Mills & Co. Shp... Irons, W. J. Christianity as Taught by St. Paul. ton Lecture for 1870. (London) Ñ. Y., Scribner, & Co....

$5.50 Bamp



Irving, Washington. Rip Van Winkle. Illustr. by Sin. 4°, pp. 24. N. Y., McLoughlin

..25 C.

Thomas Nast. Bros. Pap.... Jackson, Thomas (M.A.). Our Feathered Companions; or, Conversations of a Father with his Children about Sea Birds, Song Birds, and other Feathered Tribes, their Habits, etc. Illustr. with several hundred eng. Sm. 4°. London and N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons......$2.50 Jay, W. M. L. Shiloh; or, Without and Within. 12o, Pp. 488. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co....... $2.00 Jeffrey, Mrs. Rosa Vertner. Daisy Dare, and Baby Power. With portr., and 9 illustr. drawn by Herman Faber. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. $3.50.:


JESUS AND JERUSALEM; or, The Way Home. Books for
Spiritual Reading. First Series. 16°, pp. 465. (Dub-
Im) Boston, P. Donahoe...

Johnson, Mrs. M. O. Elms Homestead. Illust. 16", pp. 130. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.... . $1.00 Johnson, S. W. New and Old Notation and Nomenclature. 8°. N. Y., J. Wiley & Son. Pap..

....12 c.

Jones, M. The Story of Captain Cook's Three Voyages
Round the World. With 40 illust. 4°. (London) Boston,
Lee & Shepard...

Joyce, Robert Dwyer (M.D.). Irish Fireside Tales. 16o.
Boston, P. Donahoe..
Kendrick, A. C. Our Poetical Favorites. A Selection from
the Best Minor Poems of the English Language. 12o, pp.
xvi, 449. N. Y., Sheldon & Co......
Kerr, Orpheus C. The Cloven Foot. Being an Adaptation of
the English Novel, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (by
Charles Dickens), to American Scenes, Characters, Cus-
toms and Nomenclature. 12°, pp. 279. N. Y., G. W.

$1.50 12°, pp. $1.40

Kidd, Prof. Robert. The Rhetorical Reader. 384. Cincinnati, Wilson, Hinkle & Co..... King, Mrs. Marie M. Social Evils. Their Causes and Cures. pp. 56. Boston, Wm. White & Co. Pap..25 c. King, Mary B. Allen. Looking Backwards; or, Memories of the Past. 8°, pp. viii, 455. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co.... .$1.75 Kingsbury, H. and A. A. Graley. Happy Hours. 18°, pp. 188. N. Y., Taintor Bros.... Kingston, W. H. G. In the Eastern Seas; or, The Region of the Bird of Paradise. A Tale for Boys. With III illustr. 12°. London and N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons. $2.50

...50 C.

Kirby, Alfred F. P. The Green Island. A Tale for Youth. 18°, pp. 195. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co. 60 c. and


Kirby. M. & E. The Sea and its Wonders. With 174 illust. Sm. 4°. (London) N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons...$3.00 Knatchbull-Hugessen, E. H. (M.P.). Crackers for Christmas. Illust. 12°. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co....... $1.75

Puss-Cat Mew, and other New Fairy Stories for my Children. Illust. 12°, pp. 317. N. Y., Harper & Bros. $1.25 Knickerbocker, Jr. The Wreckmaster. 16°, pp. 307. Phila., Daughaday & Becker.... . $1.25 Lacordaire. Conferences delivered in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Second Series: Jesus Christ. 8°, pp. 300. N. Y., P. O'Shea..... .$3.00 Lamartine, A. de. Life of Christopher Columbus. From the French. 12°, pp. 126. N. Y., P. O'Shea.......$1.00 Langdon, Hon. C. W. Treatise on Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace and Duties of Sheriffs and Constables. 8°, pp. 850. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & Co. Shp.... ..$8.00 Lasserre, Henri. Our Lady of Lourdes. Translated from the French, 12°, pp. 497. N. Y., D. & J. Sadlier$.2.03 LAS CASAS. Life of Bartholomew de Las Casas, of the Order of St. Dominic, Protector-General of the Indians, and first Bishop of Chiapa in Mexico. Compiled from the French of Touron and Charlevoix. With an Appendix from the Writings of Washington Irving, etc. By one of the Dominican Fathers of New York. N. Y., P. O'Shea....

12°, pp. 120. .$1.00


LAYS OF THE HOLY LAND. From Ancient and Modern Poets. With illustrations from Original Photographs and Drawings. Second edition. 8°, pp. 284. N. Y., Robt. Carter & Bros. $4.50; mor.... .$8.00 Leslie, Emma. The Orphan and Foundling; or, Alone in the World. Illust. 12°. London and N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons.... $1.00 LIBRARY (THE); or, What Books to Read, and How to Buy Them. 16°, pp. 64. Phila., Porter & Coates. Pap.


LIGHT AT EVENING TIME. A Book of Support and Comfort for the Aged. Edited by John Stanford Holme, D.D. 4, PP. 352 (large type). N. Y., Harper & Bros.. $2.50 LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and other Poems and Hymns. By Eminent Writers. Illustr. 4°. (London) Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.... Lightfoot, J. B. (D.D.). St. Paul's Epistle to the Gala tians: A Revised Text, with Introduction, Notes, and Dissertations. 8°, pp. 402. Andover, Warren F. Draper.



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known also as the Mother By the author of "Tales of Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & $1.75

Lowell, James Russell. Complete Poetical Works. Red Line Edition. Illust. 16o. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co...

$4.50 Ludlam, R. (M.D.). Lectures, Clinical and Didactic, on the Diseases of Women. Parts 1 and 2. 8°, pp. 208. Chicago, C. S. Halsey (Western News Co.). Pap.

each.. $1.00 Ludlow, Fitz Hugh. The Heart of the Continent. Popular edition. 8°. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton...... . $2.50 McCabe, James D., Jr. Great Fortunes, and How They are Made: or, The Struggle and Triumphs of our SelfMade Men. Illust. with 32 wood-cuts. 8°, pp. 633. Phila., Geo. Maclean. $3.50; clo. gilt, $4.50; shp. $4.50; mor... ..$7.00

.75 C.

McCall, Rev. S. Culture and the Gospel; or, A Plea for the Sufficiency of the Gospel to Meet the Wants of an Enlightened Age. 16o. Ñ. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co.... MacDonald, Geo. Fantastes: A Fairy Tale. 12°. Boston, A. K. Loring.... $1.75 MacGregor, J. A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on Rivers and Lakes of Europe. New and cheap edition. 16. Boston, Roberts Bros...... ......$1.25 MADAME LE NORMANDY's Oracle for the Ladies. 12°. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Bds..... ....50 c. MAINE. Supplemental Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine, contained in vol. 44 to 56 of the Maine Reports. By Wm. Wirt Virgin. 8, pp. lxi, 560. Portland, Loring, Short & Harmon. Shp..... ..$6.00 Mallary, Mrs. M. Jeanie. Elsie Lee. 16°, pp. 320. Phila., Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc... $1.00

Mant, Richd. (D.D.). The Happiness of the Blessed Considered, as to the Particulars of their State, their Recognition of Each Other in that State, and its Difference of Degrees. To which are added Musings on the Church and Her Services. By Richard Mant, D.D. New Edition, sm. 8°. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.......$1.50 Marlitt, E. The Countess Gisela. From the German. 129. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co.........$1.75 MARRIAGE AND HOME. 32°, pp. 48, 18. N. Y., Inglis & Colles.....

.60 c.

Marryat, Florence (Mrs. Ross Church). The Poison of Asps. A Novelette. 8°, pp. 72. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap......

...30 C. Marvin, Frederick Rowland. Dream Music. 12o, pp. 108. N. Y., G. W. Carleton... .$1.50 MARYLAND. A Collection of the British Statutes in Force in Maryland, according to the Report thereof made to the General Assembly by the late Chancellor Kilty; with Notes and References to the Acts of Assembly and the Code, and to the principal English and Maryland Cases. By Julian J. Alexander, Atty. at Law. 8°, pp. xlvi, 847. Baltimore, Cushings & Bailey. Shp......... $10.00 Mateaux, C. L. Home Chat with our Young Folks, on People and Things they See and Hear About. Illust. 4°, pp. 260. (London) N. Y., D. Appleton & Co..$2.50 MISSIONARY ANECDOTES. First Series. 16°, pp. 234, with 12 illust. Phila., Am. S. S. Union....

..80 c.

MISSOURI. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri. By Truman A. Post, Reporter. Vol. 45. 8°, pp. 674. St. Louis, McKee, Fishback & Co. Shp... .$5.00 Monteith, Jas. Physical and Political Geography. 4o, pp. 122. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. Hf. bd..... $1.88 Moore, Chas. H. What to Read and How to Read. Being Classified Lists of Choice Reading, with Appropriate Hints and Remarks, adapted to the General Reader, to Subscribers to Libraries, and to Persons intending to form Collection. of Books. Brought down to September, 1870. 12°, pp. 152. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co.


by J. E. Pogers. Co....

......75 C. Old Nursery Rhymes, illustr. in colors 4°. (London) N. Y., Macmillan &. $2.50

Mudge, Rev. Z. A. Witch Hill; a History of Salem Witchcraft. Including Illustrative Sketches of Persons and Places. Illustr. 16°, pp. 322. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan... $1.25

Muller, Max. Chips from a German Work-Shop. Vol. III. 8°, pp. 520. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co... ......$8.00

Muloch, Miss. See Fair France.

Munsell, J. A Chronology of Paper and Paper Making. ..$2.00 Myers, H. M. & P. V. N. 8°, pp. 226. Albany, Joel Munsell... Life and Nature under the Tropics; or, Sketches of Travels among the Andes, and on the Orinoco, Rio Negro, and Amazons. With an Introduction by Rev. Albert Hopkins, LL.D. 12o, N. Y., D. Appleton & Co.


Nason, Elias. A Memoir of Mrs. Susanna Rowson. With Elegant and Illustrative Extracts from her Writings in Poetry and Prose. 8°, pp. 212. Albany, Joel Munsell. Neftel, Wm. B. (M.D.), Galvano-Therapeutics. The Physiological and Therapeutical Action of the Galvanic Current upon the Acoustic, Optic, Sympathetic, and Pneumogastric Nerves. 13o, pp. 161. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co........ ...$1.50 NEVERS (THE). 32°, pp. 88. N. Y. Am. Tract. Soc. 20 c. NEW COMIC SONGSTER. 4°. Boston, O. Ditson & Co. Bds. 60 c. NEW READY RECKONER. 32°, pp. 256. N. Y., Fisher & Denison. .....25 c. NEW YORK. A Manual of the Highway Laws of the State of New York. With an Appendix of Forms by Robley D. Cook. 8°, pp. xiii, 357. Albany, John D. Parsons, Jr.

Shp.... .....$2.50 NEW YORK. Practice Reports. By Austin Abbott. Vol 8, pp. 600. N. Y., Diossy & Co. Shp..... $5.00 NEW YORK. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity. Deter mined in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. By Oliver L. Barbour, LL.D. Vol. 56. 8°, pp. 711. Albany, W. C. Little & Co. Shp.... .$6.00

NEW YORK. Statutes at Large of the State of New York, containing the General Statutes passed in the Years 1867, 1868, 1869, and 1870, with a Reference to all the Decisions upon them. Edited by John W. Edmonds. Vol. VII. 8, pp. 848. Albany, Weed, Parsons & Co. Shp..$7.00 Norban, S. R. The Wronged Wife. (Starr Novel, No. 15.) Cr. 8°. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co. Pap... .15 c. NOTES on the Book of GeneSIS, EXODUS, LEVITICUS, AND NUMBERS. By C. H. M. 4 vols. 16o, pp. xii, 306; xii., 344; xviii, 351; xii, 435. N. Y., Inglis & Colles. Per vol... ..$1.12 Olmstead, Denison (LL.D.). An Introduction to Natural Philosophy. Designed as a Text-Book for the Use of Students in College. Second revised edition, by E. S. Snell, LL.D. 8°, pp. x, 437. N. Y., Collins & Bro.


Optic, Oliver. Plane & Plank; or, The Mishaps of a Mechanic. (Onward and Upward Series, Vol. II.) Illustr. 160, pp. 315. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Per vol...$1.25 Oracle of FatE. 12°. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Bds.50 c. ORDER OF VISITATION. History of the Foundation of the Order of Visitation, and the Lives of Mademoiselle De La Fayette, and several other Members of the Order. 16°, pp. 271. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co.. $1.50 ORIENTAL DREAM BOOK. 12°. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Bds.

50 C.

Palmer, B. (M.D.). Dry Earth as a Means of Disposal of Excreta. 8°, pp. 16. N. Y., Tribune Association. Pap 15 C. PARALLELISMS for Responsive Reading in Sunday Schools and Social Worship. 32°. N. Y., Taintor Bros....35 c. Parker, Mrs. O. E. R. Grandmamma's Trunk-full of Stories. 18, pp. 166. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc.....60 c. 16o. Parkes-Belloc, Bessie. Peoples of the World. With 50 engrav. London and New York, Cassell, Petter & Galpin. ..$3.00

Parkman, Francis. Conspiracy of Pontiac, and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown & Co.....

2 vols. Sm. $5.00 Spanish Stories, Legendary and Traditionary. 4 vols. Cont. :-Dona Josefa ;-The Irish


Princess;-Carlo Magna and the Giant:-The Black Charger of Hernando. 18°, pp. 179, 189, 164, 171. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co. In box.. $2.00 Patton, Col. George. Appendix to Bourdon's Algebra. 8, pp. 48. Phila., J. A. Bancroft & Co.... .$1.00 Peck, W. G. (LL.D.). A Practical Treatise on Calculus. 12, pp. 208. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. Hf. roan, $1.75 Frazer Smith, Phila., Kay & $4.50

PENNSYLVANIA. State Reports. By P.
State Reporter. Vol. 62. 8°, pp. 586.
Bro. Shp...

Phelps, Capt. W. D. See Fore and Aft.
Phillipe, Barnett. Wooed and Won; or, 4 Marriage of
Hearts. 12. N. Y., W. E. Hilton...
PHILADELPHIA. Reports of Equity, Election, and other
Important Cases, Argued and Determined principally in
the Courts of the County of Philadelphia. By F. Car-
roll Brewster. Vol. 2. 8, pp. xv, 703. Phila., Kay &
Bro. Shp....


$6.00 PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIVE RECORD (THE): Containing nearly 400 Prescription Blanks, with Forms for Record of the Condition of the Patient, and Copy of Prescription. 16. Phila., S. W. Butler.. Plutarch's Morals. Translated from the Greek by several hands. Corrected and revised by William W. Goodwin, Ph.D., with an introduction by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 5 vols. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. $15.00; hf. cf. $25.00; cf. .$30.00

POEMS OF HOME LIFE. Sq. 32°, pp. 224. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc.... $1.00 Poole, Margaret E. Pictures of Cottage Life in the West of England. Cr. 8, pp. 302. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co.... .$2.00 Forter, Prof. Noah. What Books Shall I Read and How Shall I Read Them. 8°. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co. $2.00 Powerscourt. Letters and Papers of the late_Theodosia A. Viscountess Powerscourt. Edited by the Rev. Robt. Daly, D.D. New improved edition. 120, pp. 273. N. Y., Inglis & Colles... $1.00 Prentiss, E.

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few Practical Words of Advice to Those Born in Poverty
and Destined to be Reared in Orphanage. 12o, pp. 39.
N. Y., S. R. Wells. Pap....
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Osgood & Co. Pap....
Renan, Ernest. Constitutional Monarchy in France.
From the French. 16°, pp. 121. Boston, Roberts Bros.

.....25 C.

75 c.

[blocks in formation]

the first and second Stories, with Plans of the Stories, full Specifications of all the Articles used, and Estimate of Price. Prepared expressly for Persons who Contemplate Building, and for Artisans throughout the United States. Roy. folio. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. $15.00

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The Stepping-Stone to Homœopathy and Health. With Notes by the American Editor. 12, pp. 241. Chicago, C. S. Halsey (Western News Co.)....... ..$1.00 Russell, T. O'Neill, Dick Massey: A Tale of the Irish Evictions. 16, pp. 300. (Glasgow) Boston, P. Donahoe. $1.25

RUTGER'S College. 1870. With an Historic Discourse Delivered by Hon. Jos. P. Bradley, and other Addresses and Proceedings. 8°, pp. 98. Albany, Joel Munsell. Pap......... $1.00 SABIN & SONS' Monogram and Alphabet ALBUM. Comprising 1,000 different Designs, and over 200 LettersExamples of Script, German-Text, Old English, etc. 8°, pp. 156. N. Y., Sabin & Sons.... Sackett, J. B. Ritual of Masonic Service for the Burial of the Dead and a Lodge of Sorrow. 32°. Chicago, E. B. Myers & Co. $1.00; mor.... $1.25

Centennial Celebration, June 21.


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75 C.

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Pennsylvania. 12o, pp. vi, 361. N. Y., G. P. Putnam &

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[blocks in formation]

Hf. mor..

Thelin, Wm. T. Decimal Interest Tablets, showing the Interest on any Sum, from One Dollar to One Hundred Thousand, calculated from 1 Day to 365 Days, Day by Day, and readily Adapted to any Rate. 4°, pp. 79- Baltimore, Lucas Bros. $3.50 Todd, S. Edwards. The American Wheat Culturist. A Practical Treatise on the Culture of Wheat, embracing a brief History and Botanical Description of Wheat, with full Practical Details for Selecting Seed, Producing New New ed. Varieties, etc., on Different Kinds of Soil. Illustr. 12°, pp. viii, 432. N. Y., D. D. T. Moore..$2.00 Thomas, J. J. See Almanacs.

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......75 C

Townsend, Virginia F. Max Meredith's Millennium (Break-Water Series, Vol. IV). 18°. Boston, A. K. Loring... ..$1.00

N Y., ....50 C.

Trollope, T. Adolphus. A Siren. A Novel. Harper & Bros. Pap... Trollope, Anthony. Sir Harry Hotspur of Hamblethwaite. A Novel. Cr. 8°. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co. $1.50 Trowbridge, J. T. Lawrence's Adventures among the Ice-Cutters, Glass-Makers, Coal-Miners, Iron-Men, and Ship-Builders. Illust. 12°. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co... .$1.50 TRUE ROBINSON CRUSOES (THE). Stories of Adventures, Abridged from the French of F. Denis and V. Chauvin. By Charles Russell. Illust. Sq. 16°, pp. vi, 223. London and N. Y., Cassell, Petter & Galpin. Boston, Lee & Shepard..... .$1.50

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UNDER THE POPLARS. By the Author of "The Winthrops." 12°. N. Y., W. E. Hilton...


UNITED STATES. The Internal Revenue Law, with Notes referring to all the Decisions of the Courts, and Rulings of the Department. By Orlando F. Bump. 8, pp. 412. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. $4.50. Shp......... $5.50 - Reports of Cases Determined in the U. S. Dictrict Court for the Southern and Eastern District of New York. R. D. Benedict, Reporter. Vol. II. 8°, pp. 600. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp.... .$10.00 Stamp Laws, with the Judicial Decisions, etc. By Orlando F. Bump. 8°, pp. 56. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co., $1.25; Pap... .......75 C. - The Statutes at Large of the United States of America, passed at the Second Session of the Forty-first Congress, 1869-70. Government Edition, containing the Public Laws, Resolutions, Proclamations, Private Acts and Treaties, with Marginal References and copious Index. Edited by George P. Sanger. Roy. 8°, pp. xiv, 59-393, xc, viii, 71, xxix, iv, 315-382, iv. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. Pap... ..$2.50 UNITED STATES. Reports of Decisions Rendered in the Circuit and District Courts of the United States. By B. V. Abbott. 8, pp. 638. N. Y., Diossy & Co. Shp. $7.50

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VICTORY (THE) OF THE VANQUISHED: A Story of the First Century. By the Author of "The Schönberg-Cotta Family." 12o. N. Y., Dodd & Mead....... .$1.75 VISIT OF ST. NICHOLAS: An Old Poem. Sm. 4°, pp. 24. N. Y., McLoughlin Bros. Pap... ......25 C. Warren, Edward. Elements of Machine Construction With some Eleand Drawing, or Machine Drawing. ments of Descriptive and Rational Cinematics. A Textbook for Schools of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, and for the use of Mechanical Establishments, Artisans,

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