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Publications of the New Sydenham Society

THE volumes are mostly translations from the German, and include the names of the following well-known art Vanderkolk, Von Graefe, Frerich, Donders, Griesinger, and Hebra ; and from the French of Bernitz and Goal. La cereaux and Trousseau, and are presented to the English reader at a much less price than in their original foru.

A yearly subscription of $10 creates any one a Member of the Society, all of whom till receive a copy of each of the following Works, to be Issued during 1872.

Translated by Mr. POWER. Vol. II.

Fifth and concluding Volume, with Index.





1859. (First Year.) Vol. 1. DIDAY on Infantile Syphilis.

2. Gooch On Diseases of Women.
3. MEMOIRS on Diphtheria.
4. VAN DER KOLK on the Spinal Cord. &c.
5. MONOGRAPHS (Kussmal & Tenner, Graefe.)

1860. (Second Year.)
Vol. 6. Dr. BRIGHT on Abdominal Tumors.

7. FRERICHS on Diseases of the Liver. Vol. I.
S. A YEARBOOK for 1859.
9. ATLAs of Portraits of Skin Diseases. (1st Fas-


1861. (Third Year.) VOL. 10. A YEARBOOK for 1860.

11. MONOGRAPHS (Czermak, Dusch, Radicke, &c )
12. CASPER's Forensic Medicine. Vol. I.
14. ATLAS of Portraits of Skin Diseases. (Al Fas-


1862. (Fourth Year.) VOL. 13. FRERICHS on Diseases of the Liver. Vol. II.

15. A YEARBOOK for 1861.

16. CASPER's Forensic Medicine. Vol. II. | 17. ATLAS of Portraits of Skin Diseases. (3d Fas


1863. (Fifth year.) VOL. 18. KRAMER on Diseases of the Ear.

19. A YEARBOOK for 1802.
20. NEUBAUER and VOGEL on the Urine,

1861. (Sirth Year.) VOL. 21. Casper's Forensic Medicine,

Vol. III. 22. DONDERs on the Accommo«lation and Refraction

of the Eye. 23. A YEARBOOK for 1863. 24. ATLAs of Portraits of Skin Diseases, (4th Fas.


1865. (Seventh Year.) VOL. 25. A YEARBOOK for 1864.

26. CASPER'S Forensic Medicine. Vol. IV.
27. ATLAS of Portraits of Skin Disca-es. (5th Fas-


1866. (Eighth Yeur.) VOL. 28. BERNUTZ and GOUPIL on the Diseases of Women.

29 ATLAS of I'ortraits of Skin Dis Other

ciculus.) 30. HEBRA on Diseases of the skin. Voll 31. BERNUTZ and Goupil on Diseases of Me

Vol. II.

1867. („Vinth Year) VOL. :32. A BIENNIAL Retrospect of Medicine and Sara 33. GRIESINGER On Mental Pathology and the

34. ATLAS of Portraits of Skin Diseases. F

35. TROUSSEAU'S Clinical Medicine. Tel. L

1868. (Tenth Year.)
VOL, 36, THE Collected Works of Dr. Addison.

37. HERRA on Skin Diseases. Vol. II.
38. LANCEREAUX's Treatise on Syphi'is

. Pol' 39. ATLAS of Portraits of Skin Diasses. Whi

ciculus. 40. A CATALOGUE of the Portraits said in the sc.

ety's Atlas of Skin Dismes. Part 1

1869. (Elerenth Yentr.) VOL. 41. TROUSSEAU's Clinical Medicine. Tu 11. 42. BIENNIAL Retrospect of Melicine and Nina

for 1867-8.
43. LANCEREAUX on Syphilis. Translated by

Whitley. Vol. II., completing the living 14. A NINTH Fasciculus of the Atlas of Putra

Skin Diseases

1870. (Tuelsh Year.)
VOL. 45. TROUSSEAU's Clinical Melicine. Vol. III

46. NIEMEYER on Phthisis.
47. STRICKER's Manual of Histology. vol. I
-18. A TENTH Fasciculus of the Atlas of Skin IPB

1871. (Thirteenth You) VOL. 19. WUNDERLICH on the use of the Tbermutati

Disease. 50. A BIENNIAL Retrospect of Medicine and Sony

for the Years 1862-1870. 51. TROUSSEAU'S Lectures on Clinical lles

Vol. IV. 52. The Eleventh Fasciculus of the Atlasuf Porr.

of Skin Diseases. Also, a Second Play Vol. 40, being a Descriptive Catalot Portraits of Skin Diseases

Complete Catalogues of the Publications furnished on application to





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p. 16.


Annual (The) of the Royal School of Architecture and Dietrichs (J. H.)-The Theory of Strains, A Compendium
Marine Engineering. Svo......

75c. for the Calculation and Construction of Bridges, Roofs,

and Cranes, with the Application of Trigonometrical Armour (J.)--Power in Motion, Horse-Power, Wheel

Notes. With plates, 8vo, pp, 108. Baltimore.....$5.00
Gearing, Driving Bands, and Angular Forces. (Weale's
Series.) 12mo, pp. 100. London..

..$1.25 Donaldson (T. L.)-Handbook of Specifications: or, Prac

tical Guide to the Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, and Auchincloss (W. S.)-Report upon Steam Engineering, as

Builder, with a Review of the Law of Contracts, etc. Ву
Illustrated by the laris Universal Exposition. 1867.

W. Cunningham Glen. New edit. 2 vols. 8vo, pp.
With five plates.
Royal Svo, sd., pp. 72. Washington.


Donaldson (Wm.)-Tables for Platelayers, compiled from Aveling (S. T.)--Carpentry and Joinery; a Useful Manual

the Founder in the Work on Switches and Crossings. for the Many, with Original and Practical Illustrations.

Post Svo, pp. 24. London....

$1,75 12mo. pp. 120.


Donaldson (W. F. A., A.I.C.E.)---Switches and Crossings; Ball (R. Stowell)--Experimental Mechanics. A Course of

Formule for ascertaining the Angles of Crossings; the Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Science for

Lengths of Switches, and the Distances of the Points of Ireland. With illustrations. Svo, pp. xv. 352. London.

the Crossings and the Heels of the Switches from the $6.00

Springing of the Curve, Svo, pp. 262. London.....$5.25 Blake (W. P.)--Notices of Mining Machinery and various

Esser (Herman)--Draughtsman's Alphabets. A Series of Mechanical Appliances in use chiefly in the Pacific States

Plain and Ornamental Alphabets, designed especially for and Territories, for Vining, Raising, and Working Ores,

Engineers, Architects, Draughtsmen, Engravers, Paintwith comparative Notices of Foreign Apparatus for

ers, etc.
Obl. Svo, pp. 23. New York.

. $1.50 similar Purposes. 8vo, pp. v. 245. New Haven...$2.00

Fairbairn (W)_Treatise on Mills and Millwork. Part I.
Barnard (Dr. F. A. P.)- Machinery and Processes of the On the Principles of Mechanism and ou Prime Movers :

Industrial Arts, and Apparatus of the Exact Sciences, comprising the Accumulation and Estimation of Water
With eight plates and 151 figures. Royal 8vo, pp. x. 670. Power: the Construction of Water Wheels and Turbines;


the Properties of Steam; the Varieties of Steam Engines Binns (W.)--An Elementary Treatise on Orthographic

and Boilers; and Windmills. Third edition, thoroughly Projection. 6th edit. Vol. 1. 8vo, pp. 146. London.

revised, pp. 320, with 8 Plates and 176 Wood-cuts. 8vo.

London..... $4.50

$8.00 Blyth (T. A.)--Metallography as a separate Science; or the Fuller (John E.) -Chart of Mechanical Movements. 12mo, Student's Handbook of Metals: designed as an Elemen

.50c. tary Work for Use of Schools and Science Classes, and consisting of Notes on Fifty-five Metals, their various Ganot-Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental Properties, their History, the Locaiities in which they

and Applied. Translated and edited from Ganot's Eléare found, and the principal uses to which they are

ments de Physique, by E. Atkinson. Fifth edition, revis. applied. Post Svo, pp. 128. London.....

ed and enlarged. Svo, pp. xii, 828. Illustrated. $1.75

N. Y.

. $5.00 Callingham (James)--Sign Writing and Glass Embossing : a complete Practical Illustrated Manual of the Art.

Gardner (F. B.)-The Carringe Painter's Tunstrated ManPost 8vo, pp. 210. London, ...

ual. $2.50

With an Appendix containing useful suggestions,

receipts, etc. ; a list of the principal varnish-makers and Campen (F.)--A Treatise on the Application of Iron to dealers; & correct list of carriage and wagon-makers in

the Construction of Bridges, Girders, Roofs, and other New York City. 12mo. New York...
Works. Especially arranger for the use of Students and
Practical Mechanics, all Mathematical Formulæ anul

Gibb (W.)-Designer's and Draughtsman's Hand-book of
Symbols being excluded. With numerous illustrations.

Ornament, illustrating and explaining Styles of Decora12mo, pp. 178.

tion. Svo...

.50c. Campin (F.)-A Practical Epitome of Mechanical Engi- ! Gillespie (W. M)--A Manual of the Principles and Pracneering. 12mo. London...

tice of Road-making; comprising the Location, Construc

tion, and Improvement of Roads (common Macadam, Cotterill (J. H.)- Notes on the Theory of the Steam paveri, plank, etc.) and Railroads. Svo. Tenth edition,

Engine: being a part of Instruction in the Subject given with large addenda. Edited by Cady Staley.. ...$2.50
in the Royal School of Naval Architecture and Marine
Enginecring. 8vo, pp. 48. London..

. $1.50

Coodeve (T. M.)-The Elements of Mechanism, designed

for Students of Applied Mechanics. 21 edit. 12mo, pp. Cullen (William)-A Practical Treatise on the Construc 278...

. $1.75 tion of Horizontal and Vertical Water Wheels, with 12 Plates. Specially designed for use of Operative Mechanics.

Haskoll (W. D.)--The Practice of Engineering Field Work. Second edition, revised and enlarged. 4to, pp. 70.


2d edit. revised with considerable additions, and a $5.00 Supplementary Volume on Waterworks, or the Distribu

tion of Water in Towns under the Constant and Intermit Culley (R. S.)-A Handbook of Practical Telegraphy. tent System, Ganging Streams, Sewers, Sewage, and 5th edit. revised and enlarged. 8vo. pp. 424.

Irrigation. Svo, pp. 464. London...

. $10.50
Cupper (R. A.)—Universal Stair Builder.

Hewitt (A, S.)-The Production of Iron and Steel in its

Illustrated with 29 Steel Plates. 4to, N. Y....

Economic and Social Relations, . $6.00

Svo, pp. iv. 101.

Davidson (E. A.)—Drawings for Machinists and Engineers. Hurst (J. T.)--A Handbook of Formulæ, Tables, and Mem-

Containing a description of the Construction and Action
of the subject of each Lesson, and the Method of Draw-

oranda for Architectural Surveyors. 5th edit. 32mo.

London... ing it; Elementary Lessons in Freehand and Object

$2.50 Drawing for Machinists ; Drawing to Scale from Rongh Marten (E. B.) --Records of Steam-Boiler Explosions. 8vo. Sketches, and mustrations of Modern Machinery; with London....

$2,50 forty double and six treble page plates, containing above two hundred illustrations adapted for Drawing Copies. Maxton (J.)- The Workman's Manual of Engineering 12mo, pp. 144....

Drawing. With nearly 350 wood-cuts and seven plates,

12mo, pp. 260. London.... Deschanel (A. P.)--Elementary Treatise on Natural Phil

$2.25 osophy. Translated and edited, with extensive addi Merrett (H. S.)- A Practieal Treatise on the Science of tions, hy J. D. Everett. Part 2, Heat, illustrated by 151

Land and Engineering Surveying, etc, New edition. engravings on wool. Svo, pp. 264. - $2.00 Royal 8vo, pp. 326. London..



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Molesworth (GL-Pocket-Book of Usefal Formlæ and Raymond (R. W.)-Mines and Mining of the Racing

Memoranda, and Horst's'Architectural Surveyor's Hand Mountains, the Inland Basin, and the Pacier Site book. Oblong 8,11 London..

Comprising Treatises on Mining Las, Mineral Imus

Machinery, and Metallurgical Processes lliure Monckton (J. I. -The National Builder. A Complete

pp. 805. N. Y...... Work Cve Carpentry, embracing Stair. Building and In Railing. In 90 Numbers of 8 pp. and Schinz-Rerearches on the Action of the Blast Furian, 4 plates each. NOR 1 to b. 4to. N. Y. Per No...50c. By Charles Schinz. Translated from the German, with

the special permission of the Author, by Willian I Morgans (W.)-Manual of Mining Tools; comprising Ob).

Maw and Moritz Müller. With an Appendix, Pat servations on the Materials from and Processes by which

12mo, pp. xi. 336. Phila. CL. they are Manufactured, their Special Usex, Ipplications, Qualities, and Efficiency. Hustrated by an Atlas con Timbs (J.)- The Year Book of Facts in Science and Ant taining 235 Wood Engravings of lining Tools drawn to ! exhibiting the most important Discoveries and luxury

scale. 12mo, 3s. 6.; and Atlas, 4to. London ....$3.00 ments of the past year. 12mo, pp. 288. Londan.. Morris (T.)--Brief Chapters on British Carpentry, History

Twisden (Rev. John F.)-Ilementary Introduction 3 and Principles of Gothic Roofy. Svo, pp. 112. London.

Practical Mechanics. Iustrated by numerolla eram $3.25

Being the 4th edition of “Elementary Examples in Pru.

ticai Mechanics." Post Svo, pp. 336. London ...$3.5 Morse (Dr. S. F. B.)--Exammation of the Telegraphic Ar Vogdes (F. W )-The Architect's and Builder's Compa paratus and the Processes in Telegraphy. Royal 8vo, pp.

and Price Book: consisting of a short but compreny 166. Washington.

Epitome of Decimals, Duodecimals, Geometry, ili New York-The Act for the Formation of Corporations

suration: with Tables of United States Measures Siga for Manufacturing, Mining, Mechanical, Chemical, Agri:

Weights, Strengths, etc. of Iron, Wood, Stone, and the cultural, Medical or ('urative, Mercantile or Commercial Materials, etc. etc. 16mo, pp. 284. Phila. Clo. $1.5 Purposes. With the Amendments.

12mo, pp. 5i, N.

roan.... Y...

..500. Warren (S. E.)-Elements of Machine Construction

Drawing; or, Machine Drawing, with some Elemans d Percy (John)-The Banufa ture of Russian Sheet-Iron.

Descriptive and Rational Cinematics. A lexi-bak 8yo, pp. 30. Phila


Containing the Principles of Gearing: Screr Preis Poor (H. N.)

Cilroads of the United States Valve Motions, and Governors, and many Standard ! for 1871-72. sle w Mileage, Stocks, Bonds, com Novel Examples, mostly from present American Practke. Traffe, Earnings, Lxpenses, and Organizations; together

2 vols. 8vo, pp. 350, N. Y. Cloth....., with an Appendix cont ining a full Analysis of the Debts Wood-A Treatise on the Resistance of Materials and of the United States and of the several States. Fourth Appendix on the Preservation of Timber, By De los series. 8vo, PP. xxxiv. 592. NY..

$5.00 Wood, Professor, etc. Svo, pp. x. 27. N.T. C.$




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By WM. WOOD & CO., 27 Great Jones Street.
Complete catalogues of our large stock of books on this subject icill be sent, on application, w

of hi

any address

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Catholic Churches--Working Designs for Ten. Contain Reade (T. M.)-Suggestions for the Formation of a ver ing all dimensions, details, and specifications necessary i Style of Architecture specially adapted to Civic Harper for the proper execution of each work to completion. By

Folio. an Ecclesiastical Architect. Folio, muslin, 35 plates,


Robinson's Complete Series of Cottage Architecture, viz.

Rural Architecture, 96 plates: --Ornamental Fllas * Coney's Engravings of Foreign Cathedrals, Hotels de

plates ;-Ornamental Cottages, 56 plates ; --Village Aro Ville, Town Halls, and other remarkable Buildings, con

tecture, 41 plates; ---Farm Buildings, 56 plates;-(sle taining some of the grandest examples of Gothic Archi Cottages, 48 plates, 6 vols. 4to, half mor......... tecture in France, Holland, Germany, and Italy. Imp. folio, balf mor., 32 plates....


Schinkel (C. F.)--Sammlung architektonischer Ent surfe.

enthaltend theils Werke, welche ausgeführt kind, theit: Gö Christian Decoration ; Dim's Works of the Early Masters genstände deren Ausführung beabsichtigt wurde. Lant in. With an Introduction containing the Biography, Jour folio, 171 plates in portfolio. A tine work.. nal of Travel, Contemporaneous Association in Art, and

Tattersall's Sporting Architecture-Comprising the Red Critical Account of the Works of Albert Durer, etc., etc.

Farm, the Stall, the Stable, the Kennel, Race Seuda ex With examples of Ancient Painted and Stained Glass,

43 illustrations. 4to... from York, Westwickham, Kent, and St. George's Chapel, Windsor, cic. ; also a succinct account, with illustrations, Tenier (C.) and Pallan (R. P.-- Byzantine Architecof Painted and Stained Glass at Gouda, in Holland, and ture; illustrated by Examples of Edifices erected in the the Church of St. Jacques at Liege. Edited by John East during the earliest ages of Christianity. With his 2 vols., large folio, half morocco.

With engraWeale.

torical and Archäological Descriptions. Folio, mudu vings and 52 plates, many of the double and treble page,

gilt, 70 plates Superbly colored in gold and colors..

- $45.00 Upjohn, Renwick, Wheeler, etc., etc.-Rural Church
Architecture. Comprising

Series of Designs ko
Dean (G. A.)--Series of Selected Designè for Country

Churches, exemplitied in Plans, Elevations, Sections and Residences, Entrance Lodges, Farm Offices, Cottage,

Details. Oblong 4to, m islin, 15 plates, partiy in chrotno, etc. With Remark- upon Site, soil, Ornamental Planting,


Waring (J. B.)-- Illustrations of Architecture and Oras Water, Drainage, Sewernge Construction, etc.


ment. Large 4to, cloth, 70 plates.... cloth, 33 plates...

Wild (C.)-English Cathedrals. With siect eratuplex Loring (S. E.) and Jenney W. L. B.)--Principles and from the Cathedrals of England, of the Ecclesiasticul Practice of Architecture. 46 folio piates. 410.... $12.00

Architecture of the Middle Ages. Imperial folio, bezala

fully colored and mounted on card-Ward, in portion Polytechnische Schule zu Hannover, Sammlungen von Zeichnungen aus dem Gebiete der höhern Baukunst. Nach den besten Darstellungen der griechischen, römi Foreign Cathedrals. Imperial folio, plates more schen, romanischen und gothischen Monumente bearbeitet and mounted on card-board, in handsonne portfolio.$3.0

Folio, a large number of plutes in von den Schülern ete,

Wood's Architectural Antiquities of Palmyra and Balbee portfolio

.$10.00 2 vols in 1. Imperial folio, 110 plates...

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merican & Miscellaneous Books




For more than twenty years clerk in the well-known store of the late WILLIAM GOWANS, respectfully in forms his friends and the public, that he has now ready for sale a large and valuable collection of books, including many seldom to be met with, in the various departments of American History, Biography and Early Poetry, Old and Rare Pamphlets, Curious Trials and Miscellaneous Literature.

The Stock is confidently commended to the attention of the Directors of Public Institutions, Collectors, and others interested in the gathering and completion of Libraries

Orders are respectfully solicited. The following will exhibit the general character of the books on hand.

[blocks in formation]


ACCOUNT of the Proceedings of the British and other Protestant Inhabitants

of the Province of Quebeck, in order to obtain an House of Assembly gro, boards, uncut, $3

London, 1775 ADAMS, JOHN. Works. 10 vols, 8vo, cloth, $20. Clean nice copy

Boston, 1856 ADAMS, JOHN Q. Dermot Mac Murrogh, or the Conquest of Ireland. An

Historical Tale of the 12th Century, i. Four Cantos. 8vo, half morocco $1 50

Boston, MA
The Same. Paper cover, 606

Jubilee of the Constitution, A Discourse before the N. Y. Historica?
Society, April, 1839, 50th Anniversary of the Inauguration of George Wash-
ington as President.
View of Old City Hall, 1789. 8vo, paper, 50c

New York, 18.6
Poems of Religion and Society. Portrait. 18mo, cloth, $1

Auburn, 1854 AKERLY, S. Essay on the Geology of the Hudson River. Map. 1270 boards, uncut, $2

New York, 1928 ALGERINE SPY in Pennsylvania, or Letters by a Native of Algiers on the Affairs of the U. S. 18mo, sheep, $i

Philadelphis, 128 ALLAN, JOHN. Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, Engravings, Minerais,

Seals, Highland Clan Dresses, Articles of Vertu, &c., belonging to, with printed list of prices and names of buyers, with an Introduction by Wm. Gowans. 2 vols, 8vo, uncut, $3

New Yorš, 1864 Large Paper Copy of the Prices and Names of Purchasers, on fine paper, royal 8vo, folded and uncut, $2

New York, 1964 ALLEN, ÉTHAN. "Reason the Only Oracle of Man. Wants title. 8vo, Rare. $5.

Bennington, 1784 ALLYN, AVERY. A Ritual of Freemasonry, with a Key 10 the Phi Bekas

Kappa, the Orange and Odd Fellows Societies. Notes and Remarks. 30
Engravings. 12mo, cloth, $5

New York, 195 ALVORD, J. W. Historical Address at the Celebration of the Second Ceuten

nial Anniversary of the First Settlement of Stamford, Conn., Dec. 22, 1841. 870, pp. 40, 500

New Yorš, 1843 AMERICAN ALMANAC. From its Commencement, 1830, to 1861. 32 voks 12mo, paper, uncut, $25

Boston ANDERSON Constitutions of the Freemasons. Containing the History

Charges, Regulations, &c., of the most Ancient and Right Worshipful Fra ternity. London, 1723. 4to, cloth, $5

(Reprint) New York, 1855 AN ESSAY UPON WIND.

With Curious Anecdotes of Eminent Petears. Humbly dedicated to the Lord Chancellor. 12mo, paper cover. Very rare. $10.

s. 1.5. & ANNALS OF ANNAPOLIS. With Notices of that old city, and Maryland,

&c. Compiled by D. Ridgely. 12mo, cloth, $2 ARBOR VITÆ, or the Natural History of tba Tree of Life. London, 174,

4to, paper, $2


, isti

(Reprint) London, n. d.

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