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Scientific Books.

27 Great Jones St.]


(New York,

This Monthly List, which is the only complete guide to Scientific and Medical Literature published, will be sent, without charge, to any one who will furnish 115 with their address. It will be issued In the 15th of each month, and will contain announcements of New Books in press, brief notices of our New Publications, and more important Imported Works, and a complete Catalogue of the Books in Science and Medicine published during the preceding month. It will also aim to give information concerning all kinds of Scientific Literature.

The Trade supplied with Catalogues of our Publications, with their imprint, free of charge on pplication, stating the quantity desired. Foreign Books we sell to Schools, Colleges, and all Public Institutions, free of duty. We issire a number of Special Catalogues on various branches of Science and Medicine, which will sent free to all who request them.

Our collection of works on Chemistry with R. N. Boyd as editor, is also announced in Ex is far the largest and most complete to be found London. The title of the “* Technologist” has

anywhere. We have in press a catalogue, re- been changed to the * Industrial Monthly." vised to date, of this stock, and shall be glad to “ Colt's Illustrated Scientific Advertiser of Alsend it to all who may wish it.

bany will hereafter be · Colt's Illustrated Sci

entific Magazine." The Mineral Resources of North Carolina, by Dr. F. A. Gentle, has been republished Professor E. L. Youmans, who has from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, and been in Europe for several months past, bas makes a valuable pamphlet of 32 pages.

made arrangements for bringing out a series of

monographs, or compressed hand-books, on a Colburn'sEngineering."We have

wide range of topics, to be prepared by the received a set of this valuable journal, complete, most eminent scientific men of different counfrom the commencement to 1870,—-9 vols. large tries, and to be known as the “International 4to, handsomely bound in half calf. This is a

Scientific Series." The following gentlemen very fine copy-contains all the advertisements

have been engaged to prepare volumes for this -profusely illustrated.

Series : Dr. Wm. B. Carpenter, Professor TynScientific Trade Journals and dall, Professor Claude Bernard, Herbert Spenthose having quasi claims to ecientific charac- cer, Professor Rudolph Virchow, Dr. Henry ter are rapidly increasing. Among the latest Maudsley, Mr. J. N. Lockyer, Professor Huxley,

The Coal and Iron Record, a Dr. Edward Smith, Dr. J. Rosenthal, Professor weekly Journal devoted to the Coal and Iron A. de Quatrefages, Dr. H. C. Bastian, Dr. BalTrade,"

," edited by B. R. Western, $3.00 per four Stewart, Professor Wurtz, Walter Bagehot, year; "Wine and Spirit Market," a monthly, Esq., Professor Widdeman, Dr. Michael Foster, printed half in English and half in French, pub- Professor A. C. Ramsey, H. Sainte-Claire Delished in London. “ Handicraft," a new ville, Sir John Lubbock, Dr. Lauder Lindsay, monthly on the Industrial Trades, edited by Professor W. K. Clifford, Professor Berthelot, John Phin, is announced for immediate publica - Rev. M. J. Berkeley, Professor W. T. Thistleton tion. The Mining Magazine and Review," Dyer, Professor Bain, and Professor W. Stanley

additions are:

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scientific photographer, after passing som
weeks in the observatory of Mr. Rutherfori

Munn & Co., of Neu York, are about

Jevons. These gentlemen have taken their Yachting men are anticipating a

I rei topics, and several of them are engaged on their very active and vigorous campaign the coming works. The publication of the series will be season, and everything relating to the subject at big commenced early in the ensuing spring. Other ' possesses at this time inuch interest to owner Der eminent authors, as Wallace, Helmholtz, Parks, and amateurs in boating and sailing. We harta

Llot Milne-Edwards, Haeckel, Pasteur, and Bates, a full stock of books in this lịne, and shall be have given strong encouragement that they will pleased to send catalogues to all who wish to also take part in the enterprise.

them. Among the more recent works is "It: W.W. Co. make a specialty of sell. Sailing Boat," by H. C. Folkard, which is

with ing Medical and Scientific books (they do not Bouts and Yachts, the Sails, Rig, etc., 64

complete " Treatise on English am Ferri deal in Miscellaneous books). The trade espe- vesses of every nation ; vith practical directors cially are invited to a consideration of their for Sailing and Management." This work is pro facilities and ability to fill orders in their line fusely illustrated with drawings of all kinds of promptly and at the best discounts. Their stock boats, from a birch-bark canoe to the medět embraces the Standard and New Books in all de

racing yacht. Price $7.00. partments of Science, and they are weekly in receipt of shipments from their London, Paris, and valuable than the recently issued • 267

To oarsmen nothing could be more accepta and Leipsic agents. Books, Plates, Diagrams, trated Catalogue and Oarsman's Maanud." 1 etc., not on hand, imported to order. It usually takes from five to seven weeks to obtain colors, on tinted paper, containing við fiue li

one large quarto volume, 500 pages, printed is books from England and the Continent.

trations on wood and twelve plates on stuk An Introduction to the Study of four 12 x 40 inches), bound in gilt nusia. Biology," by Prof. I. Alleyne Nicholson, and

berelled edges, price $6.50, or if ordered by A Monograph of the British Graptolitidze,” by mail, $7.50. All orders should be addressei the same author, are to be published.

Wm. Wood & Co., Scientific Booksellers,

Great Jones St., New York.
Prof. Chaalbourne's (of Williams
College) Lowell lectures on Instinct," which

The first part is just published i have both a popular and a scientific value, are

Leipsic of a new edition of Pritzel's "Thessa to be published next month.

rus Litteraturæ Botanicæ," or index of works de

Botany, published in all languages from the Dr. Newberry states that it is pro- earliest times. More than twenty years baring posed to have the final report on the “Geologi. elapsed since the first edition, the additious ar cal Survey of Ohio” consist of 2 vols. on Geol. very numerous. ogy and Palæontology, 1 on Economic Geology, and 1 on Agriculture, Botany, and Zoology.

A book on Pottery and Porcelain s He also states that a Geological Map on a large in preparation by Mr. J. H. Treadwell, i scale is in preparation to accompany the Vols. Broadway, and he desires to hear from acực on Geology.

having notable specimens worthy of descripti

or illustration therein. Je supply works on all branches of Science, published in any part of the world, at

Photographs of the Hearenly Bu moderate pricos. Standard American, English, ford, of New York, for obtaining photograan

dies.-The recent invention of Mr. Ruther German, and French works kept in stock, Books not on hand when ordered, will be pro

of the heavenly bodies, is to be made use of be cured without loss of time. Popular works on

the great work of mapping the stars of tbe

southern hemisphere, in which Prof. B. 4. Science in great variety always in store.

Gould is now engaged. Mr. D. S. Jack. I
Drs. Reiss and Steubel, two German ge-
ologists of some reputation, authors of works on
Teneriffe and Santorin, have been geologizing has sailed for Buenos Ayres, where Prof. Goz

for two years past on the west coast of South is now at work, with all the apparatus nectés
and Central America, and, travelling thence sary for obtaining these photographs.
from New York to California, design to go to
the lawaiian Islands to investigate their geol- to issue a volume entitled " The Science flet
ogy, with a view to publication,

ord" for 1872.

A reissue of Lindley & Hutton's Half-hour Recreations in Popular " Fossil Flora of Great Britain," with a supple- Science is the name of a serial to be issued mnent by Wm. Carruthers, containing Figures monthly in Boston, and to be made up of and Descriptions of all the important additions familiar lectures, essays, and other papers on

made to the Fossil Flora of Britain since 1837, scientific matters, modern discoveries, natural *** etc., etc., is to be commenced in May and con- phenomena, social staties, etc. The editor will

tinue in monthly parts at $2.50 each. Twenty admit no article too abstruse or too technical parts will complete the work, forming 3 vols. to be comprehended by the general reader; and 8vo, with 230 plates. But a small edition will the arrangements of the publishers are such be printed, and intending subscribers should that they can safely promise a popularization send us their names at once.

of science such as has not bitherto been at

tempted. Prof. P. P. Carpenter is to have

American Marbles(ve to be charge of the Report on Conchology in the treated of in a book by Mrs. F. G. Fairfield, 0: Geological Survey of California. Mr. Lesque. which may be expected in the spring.

reux has been engaged to describe the fossil plants. Dr. Leidy's Report on the Vertebrate Metallurgy of Silver in Mexico, by Fossils is ready for press.

The Botanical vol.' P. Laur, is the title of an able and exhaustive ume by Prof. Brewer is in progress.

The Geo- article in “ Annales des Mines," No. 4, 1871. logy proper will make 2 vols., one on General The author spent many years in Mexico, and has Geology, and one on Mines and Useful Minerals. visited the principal mines and smelting works The Vol. on Ornithology, by Profs. Baird and attached thereto. Cooper, is the ouly one of the series as yet pub The Second Volume of the Report lished-large 8vo, illustrated with wood engrav- on the Fortieth Parallel is now printing at the ings. Price $10.00.

Government printing office, Washington, D. C.

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roy. 8vo.

The American Turf Register and Racing Calendar for Braithwaite (W. and J.)-- The Retrospect of Medicine. 1871. 8vo, pp. 395......

$3.00 Vol. 61, July-Dec., 1871. 12mo, pp. 450. London.$3.00 Agassiz (L.)—Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative do.


New York. $1.50
Zoology. Vol. 3, No. 33. (Letter concerning Deep Sea
Dreigings.) Svo, pp. 5.

Bruce (S. D.)-- American Stud Book. Containing full

pedigree of all the imported thorough-bred Stallions and Amateur (The) Workshop--By Author of "Lathe and Mares, with their produce, from the earliest accounts of its Uxcs. 2d edit. 8vo, pp. 118.

London .......

$3.00 racing in America to 1868, also all the Native Mares, and

their produce, alphabetically arranser. Second ed. Atkin-- Pocket Companion of the Harbors, Ports, Light vols. Svo, pp. 1500. Per vol. without plates, $7.50 : houses, and Buoys of lake Ontario and the River St. with plates. NY......

$10.00 Lawrence. Sq. 18mo. Oswego, N. Y......... 750.

Chaffers (W.)--The Keramic Gallery Containing hlustrnBarret's New Coast Pilot for the Lakes, etc.-8vo, pp.

tions of Rare Examples of Pottery and Porcelain. 2 vols. 134. Chicago...



Cornaro (Lewis)--Sure Methods of attaining a Long Bennert (J. R.)-Cancerous and other Intra Thoracic

and Healthful Life. 30th edit. 12mo, pp. 124, cloth. Growths; their Natural History and Diagnosis, being London..

..$1.25 the Substance of the Lounleian Lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London. With fine

Dawson (J. W.) and B. J. Harrington-Report on the plater. Post dvo, pp. 198. London...............

Geological Structure and Mineral Resources of Prince

Edward Island. Svo, pp. 62. Map and Plates. Bicknell's Village Builder - Elevations and Plans for Wild Men and Wild Beasts; or, Scenes in Camp and

Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, Farm Houses, Jungle. By Lt. Col. Gorilon Cumming. (Illu-trated Stables and Carriage Jlouses, Store Fronts, School Library of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure.) 1?

mo, houses, Churches Court-houses, and a Modern Jail;

.....$1.50 also, Exterior and Interior Details for Public and Private Davidson (E. A.)- Gothic Stonework; containing the Baildings, with Approved forms of Contracts and Speci

History and Principles of Church Architecture, and tications.

Containing Fifty five Plates Drawn to Scale ; illustrations of the Characteristic Fentures of cach showing the Style ani Cost of Building in Different period, the arrangement of Ecclesiastical Edifices, and Sections of the Country. Being an original work, com a Glossary of Terms; with seven double and eighteen prising the Designs of Fifteen leading Architects, Repre

single-page plates, drawn on wood by the Author,

12 senting the New England, Midille, Western, and South


$1.50 western States. Revised Edition. With three Arditionul Plates, and a Variety of Details. 4to. N. Y...$10.00 Deschanel (A. P.)--Elementary Treatise on Natural Philo

sophy. Translated, etc., by J. D. Everitt. Four Parts, Brady (W. N.)--The Kedge Anchor; or, Young Sailor's Part 3, Electricity and Magnetism. 8vo, pp. 280, N. Y. Assistant.


$ 1.00

pp. xiv, 372.

p. 104.

Svo .....


pp. 34.

The Physician's Hand-Book (for 50 or 60 Patients.) Re- Newton (R.)-Nature's Mighty Wonders Illustrata

vised for 1872. Mor. $1.50 ; with printed inatter. . $1.75 Birket Foster, etc. 12mo, pp. 18). Landa..$123 Engine (The) Room : Who Should be in It, and What Olney (R. T.)-Algw Rhodiactæ. 8vo. Carikes Brui

they should Do; also the Application of the Indicator to Americanæ. 8vo. Marine Engines. By an Old HanilRoy. 8vo. London.

$1.75 Patterson (Robert)- Introduction to Zoology for the time

of Schools. 12mo. London...... Engineer Contractors' and Architects' Pocket Book for 1872. 12mo, tuck. London.....

$3.00 Pereira (Dr.)--- Elements of Materia Medica and ibre:

tics. Edited by Robert Bentley ani Thach a list Garngee (S.)-On the Treatment of Fractures of the

wood. With numerous Wood-cuts. In de Limbs. 8vo, pp. xv. 296, and 7 plates. London...85.25

volume 8vo. London..... Gilbert (H.)--Practical Solid Geometry, adapted for the Popular Instructions in the Art of Levelling, Latching use of Students preparing for the Government Depart

or Sub-Surveying, and Running the Curve: the ment Science Examinations. Oblong (Lancaster, Eng.) Rules for Finding the Offset. With Tablet, D.


etc. Particularly adapted for such as have not been ! Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences--Edited

customed to the Spurt Level or Dialling Glass 10

40. by William Domett Stone. Vol. 54, July-December, 1871. Post 8vo, pp. 384. London.....

• $3.00 Proctor (R. A.)-Essays on Astronomy. 8vo, Fia!

Plates and above 20 Engravings on Wood.
Hardingham (G. G. M.)-Practical Aeronautics: being a
Paper read in April, 1871, at & Supplemental Meeting of

A Smaller Star Atlas.-For the use of Scheda the Students of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and to Junior Students of Astronomy, in Twelve Circula la which a Miller Prize was awarded. Svo, pp. 24, and 2 and two Index Maps; with an Introduction sociazka plates. London..

75c. the Stars may be recognized and their Motinet FOOL

and understood. Harris (Sir W. S.)-Rudimentary Magnetism. 2d edit. revised and enlarged by Henry M. Noad, with 165 illus- Quarterly German Magazine-A Series of Popular trations. 12mo, pp. 406. London...

$2.25 says on Science, History, and Art. No. 1, 8vo, memul Hovell (Dennis de Berdt)--The Power above Matter :

An Address read before the Hunterian Society, on Question of Quarantine (The). - The Nature and Pou the 11th of October, 1871. 8vo, pp. 30. London....50c.

vention of Communicable Zymotic Diseases. A Pur

read before the American Library and Journal Illustrated Price Book for 1872.-For Use Builders, Engi tion of New York, Jan. 5, 1872. By Alfred I Can neers, Surveyors, etc. 12mo. London..... $2.00

MD. 8vo, pap.. Josephs (J.)-Colliery Explosions. 8vo. London... $1.25 Raymond (R. W.) --Mines, Mills, and Furnaces de Kirby (W. F.)-A Synonymic Catalogue of Diurnal Lepi

Pacific States and Territories. An Account of the doptera. Roy. 8vo. London....


dition, Resources, and Methods of the Mining and 13

lurgical Industry in those Regions, chietly relating to Lawrence (G. N.)--Description of New Species of Birds of Precious Metals. A Sequel to " American Vines es

the Families Troglodytide and Tyrannidæ. 8vo, pp. 5. Mining." Svo, pp. 566. N. Y....., Lee (R.)-Treatise on Hysteria. 8vo, pp. 25, and 10 plates. Receipts for Calico Printing, Particularly with Red London..


ence to the Employment of Madder Extracts and Ant Levy (W. H.)--Blindness and the Blind; or, a Treatise on

cial Alizarine. By T. P. Shepard, 8vo, pp. si po the Scence of Typhlology. Post 8vo, pp. 536. London.

dence.. $3.75

Rogers (F.)-Designs for Monumenta, Head Stopek, U. Ley (W.0.)-The Laws of the Winds prevailing in Western Tablets, and Churchyard Crosben. 4to. London

Europe. With Chart, Diagrams, etc. Part 1. Svo, pp. 160. London...

$6.00 St. Andrew's Medical Graduates' Association-135

actions 1870. Edited by L. W. Sedgwick. Svo, pp. II Lyle (M. E. Storey)--What are the Stars ? A Treatise

316. London.... on Astronomy. Second ed. 4to, pp. 162. London. $2.25 Magician's (The) Own Book. -By the Author of "The Sangster (W.)- Umbrellas and their History. With Secret Out." Edited by W. H. Cremer, Containing

trations by Bennett. 12mo, pp. 81, cloth London. $** ample Instructions for Recreations in Chemistry, Acoustice, Pneumatice. Legerdemain, Prestidigitation, Elec

Schellen (H.)--Spectrum Analysis in its Apricate tricity (with and without Apparatus), Performances with Terrestrial Substances and the Physical Constitus Cups and Balls, Egg-, Hats, Flowers, etc., etc., with the Heavenly Bodies. Translated' by J. & C. Loka 200 Practical Illustrations. Post 8vo, pp. 336. London, Edited, with Notes, by Dr. W. Huggins. With over


Illustrations. 8vo pp., 688, cloth. N. Y.........$ Marion (Fulgence)-The Wonders of Vegetation. Edited, Small-Pox.-The Predisposing Conditions and their with numerous Additions, by Schele De Vere, DD., LL.D.

+ vention, By Dr. Carl Both.16mo, pp. 50. Bustin. 2 (Illustrated Library of Wonders.) 12mo, pp. 283. N. Y.

$1.50 Smith (J. H. )--Elementary Staticx. 3d edit. Te viser Maxwell (J. O.)-Theory of Hent. 12mo, pp. 324. Lon

corrected. 12mo, pp. 138. London.......... don....


Elements of Geometry-Part 2. Containirs Medico-Chirurgical Transactions.--Vol. 54. 8vo. London. Third and Fourth Books of Eaclid, with Exercima

$7.00 Notes. 12mo, pr. 88. London..... Medico-Chirurgical Transactions.--Index to the first 53 Stanford's New Map of Proposed Metropolitan Be vols. 8vo, cloth. London..

- $3.75 ways, Tramways, and Miscellaneous Improvembre:

1872. 8vo. London ...... Medical Temperance Journal.- Vols. 1 and 2.

1 vol. Post 8vo. London......

$2.50 Steamis (R. E. 0.)-Conchological Memorande. Ne!

8vo. Medical Directory for 1872, including Scotland and Ireland. 8vo. London....

- $5.25 Streets (T. H.)--Catalogue of Crustacea from Parka Milton (J. L.)-On the Pathology and Treatment of Gonor

collected by J. A. McNeil. Svo, pp. 6. rhoa. Svo, pp. viii. 219. London ..

$3.25 | Tanner (T. H.)--Memoranda on Poisons. 31 and in Morgan (J.)--Practical Lessons in the Nature and Treat pletely revised ed. 24mo, pp. xii. 139. London, $ ment of the Affections produced by the Contagious

Dis. Taplin (J. A. )-A Practical Treatise on the Cultivati Post 8vo. London.

$3.00 the Onion, '12mo. London.....


Todhunter (1. )- Researches in the Calculus of Variations, Watts (H.)---Supplement to Watts's Dictionary of Chemis

principally on the Theory of Discontinuous Solutions : try; bringing the Record of Chemical Discovery down an Essay to which the Addam's Prize was awarded in the to the end of the year 1869. In 1 thick vol. 8yo, University of Cambridge in 1871. Svo, pp. 278. London, N. Y....

$15.00 $3.00 Tomlinson (C.)-The Frozen Stream, An Account of the i

Willard (X., A.M. --Practical Dairy Husbandry. Il

lust. 8vo.. Forination and Properties of Ice in various Parts of the

$3.00 World, 12mo, London...


Williamson (B.)-An Elementary Treatise on the DifferTurnbull-A Clinical Manual of the Diseases of the Ear.

ential Calculus. Containing the Theory of Plane Curves, By Laurence Turnbull, M.D. 8vo, PP. 486.

Cuts. !
with numerous Examples. Post 8vo....

.$5.00 Phila....

$5.00 Van de Warker (Ely)-The Detection of Criminal Abor- Young (J.)-The Royal Exchange Table of Marine Insur

Post 8vo. tion and the Study of Fieticidal Drugs. Illustrated by

ance, for the Use of Brokers, etc,

London. Pulse tracing with the Sphygmograph. Svo, pap....500

$1,00 Vyner (Robert T.)--Notitia Venatica : A Treatise on Fox Zoological Record for 1870 : being Volume 7 of the RecHunting. 6th ed., revised, corrected, and enlarges. ord of Zoological Literature, Edited by A. Newton, With Appendix. Roy, 8vo, pp. 240. London.... $10.50 8vo. London..

. $15.00



Althann (G.) - Beiträge zur Physiologie und Pathologie der Neumayr (M.)—Die Cephalopoden-Fauna der Oolithe von

Circulation, I. Der Kreislauf in der Schädelhöhle. Balin bei Krakau, Herausgegeben von der kaiserlich Dorpat. 8vo, pp. ix. 248..

$2.00 königlichen geologischen Reichsanstalt. (Aus "Abhand.

lungen."] Mit 7 lith. Taf. Wien. Folio, pp. 36.. $3.35 Alonso y Rodriguez (Jos.)---Compendio de terapéutica generally materia médica. Madrid. Dvo, pp. iv. 326. Niemeyer (P.)---Die Lunge. Ihre Pflege und Behandlung


im gesunden und kranken Zustande mit besonderer Brodowicz (M. J.)--Przeglad ogólny swojego zawodu le Rücksicht auf Lungenschwindsucht und einem Abschnitt karskiego i nauczycielskiego, Krakow, 1870.

8vo, pp.

über Klimatologie. Mit 17 in den Text gedr. Abbildunxx, 131, 198, iv. Mit 23 Tab... $3.25 gen, Leipzig. Svo, pp. xviii. 175...

85c. Uebersicht eigener medicinischer Thätigkeit als Nordling (W. v.)-Stimmen über schmalspurige EisenbahPraktiker und Professor zu Krakau.

nen. Wien. Lehmann & Wentzel. Svo, pp. viii. 99. Flasschoen,--L'Homeopathie prouvée par ses adversaires,

$1.25 Bruxelles. Svo, pp. 189.......

. $1.10 Northoff-Vorbilder für das Kunstgewerbe. Sanımlung Guttmann (P.)-Lehrbuch der klinischen Untersuchungs

ausgeführter Mobilien für die Kirche und das Haus, Methoden für die Bruist- und Unterleibs-Orgune mit

Zeichnungen zu Möbel. In 4 Lfgn. 1. Lfg. Leipzig.

$1.00 Einschluss der Laryngoskopie. Berlin. Svo, pp. viii.

Scholtze. Folio, 6 Steintaf... . $3.25

Perrot (F.)-Die Eisenbahnreform. Beiträge zur KenntHansen (P. A.)--Untersuchung des Weges eines Licht

niss und zur Reform des deutschen Eisenbahnwesens. strahls durch eine beliebige Anzahl von brechenden Rostock. 8vo, pp. iv. 200.....

$1.25 sphärischen Obertlâchen. [Aus “ Abhandlungen der mathematisch physikalischen Classe der königlich sách- Pfeiffer (L.) Die Cholera in Thüringen und Sachsen sischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften."'] Leipzig

während der 3. Cholerainvasion 1865-1867. Mit 3 Taf. 4to, pp. iii. 137..

u, 1 Tabelle. Jena. 8vo, pp. iii. 159...

$2.10 Hirt (L.)--Die Krankheiten der Arbeiter. Beiträge zur Plonnies (W. v.)- Neue Studien über die gezogene FeuerFörderung der öffentlichen Gesundheitspflege. In zwang

wafle der Infanterie. II. Suppl.-Bd. Neue Hinterlaloser Folge. I. Abth. Die inneren Krankheiten der dungs-Gewehre. 2. Thl. A. u. d. T.: Die deutsche Arbeiter. 1. Th1. Breslau, 1871. 8vo, pp. xv. 304. Gewehrfrage. Mit Berücksichtigung der neuesten euro

päischen Ordonnanz-Modelle bearbeitet von W. v. Plon.

nies und Hm. Weygand. Mit 0 in den Text gedr. Hittenkofer Holz-Architektur-Ornamente. Vorlagen Original Holzschn. und 40 Tabellen. Darmstadt.

Svo, Werk für technische Schulen, Gewerbe, Baugewerke.

pp. vi. 296....

$3.00 Schulen etc. und zum Selbstgebranche für Architekten, Baugewerksmeister etc. und Hoizarbeiter. In 3 Hftn. Pubetz (Ant.)-Praktisches Handbuch der gesammten 1. Hft. Leipzig, 1871. Folio, 8 Steintaf......... $1.70 Färberei und Druckerei. Für Anfänger und selbständige

Färber, für technische Leiter von Fabrik-Etablissements, Konewka (P.)-Schattenluilder. Mit Reimen von J. Trojan. für polytechnische Schulen und für Coloristen. 2. Abth.

Stuttgart, 1871. Thienemann. 1to, 20 BI. mit eingedir. Die Lehre von den Beizen, ihre Darstellung, ihre Holzschn..

• $1.50 Anwendung und Prüfung. Berlin. 8vo, p. X.-xix. u. 81Konig (Herbert)-Kleine Blüthen, kleine Blätter. 18 227. Mit eingedr. IIolzschn..

$1.25 Aquarellen. Im Märchen-Rahmen von Elise Polko. 1.

Reibenschuh (Ant. Fr.)- Die neueren chemischen Theo. 11. 2. Lig. Leipzig. Folio, pp. 43.

rien. Einleitung in das Studium der modernen Chemie. Klingenfeld (F. A.) Lehrbuch der darstellenden Geome Graz. Svo, pp. 53........ trie. I. Bd. Mit 5 Tafeln. Nürnberg. 8vo, pp. xii. 1.10.

Salomon (Mx.)- Die Krankheiten des Linsensystems. $1.20

Auf Grundlage von v. Graefe's Vorträgen bearbeitet. Museum der modernen Kunstindustrie-Muster-Samm Braunschweig. Svo, pp. vi. S...

$1.00 lung von hervorragenden Gegenständen der letzten Weltausstellungen von London und Paris. Ein Handbuch Schmidt (L.)- Das Ganze des Versicherungswesens. [A116 von Vorlagen für Industrielle aller Zweige, Gold, Silber-,

** Kaufmännische Unterrichtsstunden."] Stuttgart. 8vo. Bronze- und Metallarbeiter, Holz- und Elfenbeinschnitzer, pp. viii, 352...

$1.25 Glas, Porzellan- und Thonwaaren Fabrikanten etc.

Schuller (Mx,)- Kriegachirurgische Skizzen aus dem Musée d'art et d'industrie inodernes. --Museum of modern art manufacture.

deutsch-französischen Kriege 1870-1871. Hannover. Svo, 4.-8. Lfg. Leipzig. 4to. Mit je 24 Holzschntat..

pp. 124.....

$1.95 30.

Simon (Thdr.)- Die Gehirnerweichung der Irren (dementia Neues Handworterbuch der Chemie-Auf Grundlage des

paralytica] für Aerzte und Studirende bearbeitet. Hamvon Liebig, Poggendorff und Wöhler, Kolbe und Fehl

burg. Svo, pp. vi. 114.....

..750 ing herausgegebenen Handwörterbuchs der reinen und angewandten Chemie und unter Mitwirkung von mehre- Ultzmann (Rbt.) und K. B. Hofmann-Anleitung zur ren Gelehrten bearbeitet und redigirt von Ilm. v. Fehling. Untersuchung des Harnes mit besonderer BerücksichtiI. Bd. Mit in den Text eingedr. lolzst. 3. 11, 3, LƯg. gung der Erkrankungen des Harnapparates. Mit 2 HolzBraunschweig. 8vo, p. 97-288..


Wien. Svo, pp. viii. 133



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