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27 Great Jones St.]


(New York.

This Monthly List, which is the only complete guide to Scientific and Medical Literature published, will be sent, without charge, to any one who will furnish us with their address. It will be issued on the 10th of each month, and will contain announcements of New Books in press, brief notices of out New Publications, and more important Imported Works, and a complete Catalogue of the Books in Science and Medicine published during the preceding month. It will also aim to give information concerning all kinds of Scientific Literature.

The Trade supplied with Catalogues of our Publications, with their imprint, free of charge on application, stating the quantity desired. Foreign Books we sell to Schools, Colleges, and all Public Institutions, free of duty.

We issue a number of Special Catalogues on various branches of Science and Medicine, which will be sent free to all who request them.

Prof. Joseph Gamgee has a new book Chas. L. Eastlake, whose book on Housein preparation, to be published this month, on hold Taste has been so favorably received, has Horse-Shoeing and Lameness.

in preparation “A History of the Gothic Re

vival," an attempt to show how far the taste for The German Quarterly Maga

Mediæval Architecture was retained in England zine," a new journal printed in English at Berlin, is to be conducted upon a novel plan: during the last two centuries, and has been rethe numbers will be edited alternately by Profs.

developed in the present. Virchow and Von Holtzendorff, one number “A Report on the Collecting of Seeds containing articles chiefly on Natural Science, and Plants of the Chinchonas of Pitayo," 8vo, and the following one essays on Historical and pp. 52, 3 plates, by Robt. Cross, has been printed Political subjects. The object of the journal is by the East India Co. (H. M. Stationery Office). to render accessible to a greater number of Eng We desire to say to Librarians that lish readers the treasures of German literature.

we can generally fill all orders for Scientific Wm. Wood & Co. deal exclusively in Books, duty and discount off, immediately upon Scientific Books, comprising works on Physics, their receipt. Catalogues furnished on appliAngling, Architecture, Mining, Horses, Chem- cation. istry, Steam Engines, Medicine and Surgery, Catesby's Natural History of Sewage, Conchology, Mechanics, Engineering, Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, con&c., &c., &c. Catalogues furnished on appli- taining the figures of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, cation.

Serpents, Insects, aud Plants, particularly the Prof. Dana is said to be engaged upon a Forest Trees, Shrubs, and other Plants, not popular work on “Corals and Coral Islands,"

» heretofore described, or very incorrectly figured soon to be published.

by authors," in 2 folio volumes. Is now quite

a rare book and seldom found in a first class W. S. Lindsay, the English Member of condition. We have lately received a copy from Parliament and ship-owner, is preparing a com- London, which is very clean and perfect, and prehensive history of the shipping of all nations strongly bound in half russia. Price $50.

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says the Levant Herald, lately been discutere, balets. I

We would direct attention to the list Pritzel's Thesatura Literaturæ Bom of French and German works in this number. tanicce, first issued some twenty years ago, is i

We usually have for sale all the works being reprinted. mentioned in this list, although it sometimes

The Genus Hysterum and some oj happens that we announce them in anticipation its Allies" is the title of an interesting paper, of their immediate receipt from our foreign illustrated by a plate containing many igates. agents. Any information concerning scientific by Dr. Billings, Asst. Surg. U. S. A., in the literature cheerfully given or obtained.

October number of the Am. Naturalist. A new work by Jas. Ferguson,

Parts 1 and 2 of the reissue of Griffits author of the “History of Architecture," entitled and Henfry's Micrographic Dictionary, are “Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries: their published and for sale. Price $1.25 each. Ages and Uses," to form one octavo volume with Herbier de la Flore Francaise over 200 illustrations, is promised for this fall. is the title of a magnificent work illustratri We are now receiving by mail, as

with folio plates, executed by a nature-printi. issued, a single copy of every new scientific process. Seven volumes are now printed. ar work published in France, the titles of which it is expected that thirteen more will be requisi are to be found in the successive numbers of to complete the work. The authors are MM this list. To secure these copies early applica

Cusin and Ausberque. tion is necessary. Orders received after they Among the London announcements are sold can be filled in from four to six weeks. is “ The Secret of Long Life,” dedicated to Our Paris agent is thoroughly acquainted with special permission to Lord St. Leonards. Itse the business, and orders sent us for French much as his Lordship (better known a the scientific books, old or new, will receive prompt Mr. Sugden who wrote a great law-book e and careful attention.

“Powers,” sixty-six years ago, is now rears Mr. Robert Gray, late secretary to the

ninety-one, the dedication is appropriate. Natural History Society of Glasgow, has issued

The Rev. J. H. Murray, with ampie a prospectus of his work shortly to be published, facilities, has written a work on Uruguar, de “The Birds of the West of Scotland, including scriptive of the country, and especially on the the Outer Hebrides, with Occasional Records of raising of sheep there. It is well illustrated is the Rarer Species throughout Scotland

plates and woodcuts. Price $4.00.

rally.” Wm. Wood & Co. will have the pros “ Strong Drink and Tobacco Smoke
pectus, and will take subscriptions to the work. is the title of an interesting octavo book to
Our Stock of Chemical Books is now

Henry P. Prescott, T. L. S., giving an acotes
of the structure, growth and uses of Malt

. Hier
very complete, embracing everything recent,
and all the standard and older works which are

Yeast, and Tobacco. Illustrated by 167 drawinxs to be had. Those interested in chemistry are

engraved on steel. It is very readable and is

structive. Price $3. invited to examine the assortment or to send

A Valuable Relic of Antiquity for a catalogue.

In our List for September we pub- in the grounds of the Russian Pilgrims' Lo lished an obituary taken from one of our daily astery, outside the walls of Jerusalem. It is papers, and which we also noticed in a number monolith cut out of a single block, and only has of our exchanges, in which Prof. Robert Bentley, complete. From a description in the history a the botanist, was made to appear the same as Flavius Josephus, it is believed to be a cum Richard Bentley, the publisher, recently de- / intended for the decoration of the ancient Ten ceased. We are in receipt of a letter from Prof. ple of Solomon; but that, as the column spi Bentley, dated Oct. 7, in which he states that while it was worked, it was left unfinished, të he is in better health than he has been for years, lower part of it remaining in a rough uzherand is engaged at present in revising and bring state. The monolith, which is abont 39 feet e ing out a new edition of Pereira's Materia length by 6 in diameter, will certainly proves Medica. We take great pleasure in making this object of keen interest to archæologists ; and it correction, and trust others who have made the is to be hoped that it will be retained in a mistake will also inform their readers of Prof. of safety--the pillage of monuments of app Bentley's good health.

| quity in the East being now systematic.

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Acton-The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Cooke (W. D. D.)-Discourses illustrative of Sacred Organs in Childhood, Youth, Adult Age, and Advanced Truths. 18mo.


$2.75 Life, considered in their Physiological, Social, and Moral Kelations. Third American from the fifth London edi

Collyer (R. H.)-Mysteries of the Vital Element, in contion. 8vo, pp. 348. Phila..

..$3.00 nection with Dreams, Somnambulism, Trance, Vital Pho

tography, Faith and Will, Anästhesia, Nervous Conges. Adams (H.)-On Intermittent Malaise. Demy 8vo...50c. tion, and Creative Function ; Modern Spiritualism ExAllbut (Thomas Clifford)-On the Use of the Ophthalmo

plained. Second edition. 8vo, pp. 152. London.. $3.25 scope in Diseases of the Nervous System and of the Darwin-Journal of Researches into the Natural History Kidneys; also in certain other General Disorders. 8vo, and Geology of the Countries Visited during the Voyage pp. 416. London

$6.00 of H. M. S. Beagle round the World, under the command

of Captain Fitz Roy, R.N. By Charles Darwin, New Allingham (W.)-Fistula, Hæmorrhoids, Painful Ulcer,

edition. 8vo, pp. x., 519. N. Y. Cioth.... . $2.00 Stricture, Prolapsus, and other Diseases of the Rectum : Their Diagnosis and Treatment. 8vo, pp. xi., 239. Darwin, Lyell, Lubbock, Huxley, Tyler, and other emiLondon..

$3,00 nent Ethnologists—Primitive Man. A Popular Manual

of the Prevailing Theories of the Descent of Man. IlAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science

lustrated. 8vo. N. Y..

$4.00 - Proceedings of the Nineteenth Meeting, held at Troy, N. Y., August, 1870. Svo, pp. xl., 387. Cambridge, Donkin (Arthur Scott)– The Skim-Milk Treatment of Mass.

Diabetes and Bright's Disease, with Clinical Observa

tions on the Symptoms and Pathology of these Affections, Archives of Ophthalmology and Otology-Edited and 12ino, pp. 338, London...

$5.25 published simultaneously in English and German. By Professors H. Knapp and S. Moos. Vol. 2, No. 1


Dunkin-The Midnight Sky: Familiar Notes on the Stars paper, pp. 357. Plates. New York,


and Planets. By Edwin Dunkin. Royal 8vo, pp. viii., 326. London....

..$3.75 * Arthur (R.)-Treatment and Prevention of Decay of the Teeth. Illustrated. 16mo, Phila..

$1.50 Emmett (J. F.)-- The Theory of Germs, showing the

Origin, Career, and Destination of all Men, Spirits, and Atthill (L.)-Clinical Lectures on Diseases Peculiar to Angels; also, the Manner of the Resurrection, &C., &C., Women. Illustrated. Svo. London..............

8vo, pp. 60.

..50. Atwood, Daniel T. (Architect)–Country and Suburban England's Greatest Enemies, and How to Crush Them. Houses, 150 engravings. N. Y.. $1.50 Advice on the Preventicn of Cholera and other Deadly

Montreal. .250. Ball (R. Stawell)--Experimental Mechanics.

Diseases. By a Physician. 8vo, pp. 16.

A Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Science for Fall of Man (The); or, The Loves of the Gorillas-A Ireland. With illustrations, 8vo, pp. XV., 352. Lon

Popular Scientific Lecture upon the Darwinian Theory of don


Development by Sexual Selection. By a Learned Gorilla. Beale, Todd & Bowman-The Physiological Anatomy

Illustrated. 1omo, pp. 48. NY.......

.500. and Physiology of Man. A new edition by Dr. Beale.

Fitzgerald (E. A.)- Epidemic Cholera. 8vo, pp. 48. LonPart II. of Vol, I. Svo, illustrated, pp. 155-136....$3.75

.75€. Beard, George M. (M.D.)-- Eating and Drinking. A

Fothergill (J. M.)-Digitalis : its Action and its Use. Popular Manual of Health and Disease. 12mo. N. Y.

Demy Svo.

$1.25 ..50c.

Fowler (R.)--Complete History of the Case of the Welsh Stimulants and Narcotics: Medically, Philosophi

Fasting-Girl (Sarah Jacob), with Comments thereon; and cally, and Morally Considered. 12100, pp. xi., 155. N.

Observations on Death and Starvation. Frontispiece. ..50c. pp. viii, 308. London...

. $3.00 Bennett (J. Henry)-On the Treatment (in connection Fox-Skin Diseases : Their Description, Pathology, Diag

with recent Doctrines) of Pulmonary Consumption by nosis, and Treatment. By Tilbury Fox, M.D. Edited Hygiene, Climate, and Medicine. Second edition. Svo. by M. H. Henry, M.D. Svo, pp. vii., 313. N. Y..$3.25 London..


Fuller (John E.—Chart of Mechanical Movements. 12no, * Bright (J. W.) -Cancer: its Classification and Remedies.

Manchester, Eng..

50c. Svo, Phila..


Gant (Frederick James)- The Science and Practice of Brocklesby, John (A.M.)-The Amateur Microscopist; or, Surgery. Illustrated by 470 wood engravings. 8vo, pp. Views of the Microscopic World. A Hand-book of Micro 1,304. London..

$12.00 scopic Manipulation and Microscopic Objects. Illustrated by 247 figures on wood and stone.

By Camille Small ito. N. Y.

Glaisher, James (F.R.S. - Travels in the Air.

Flammarion, W. De Farvielle, and Gaston Tissandier. $1.75

Edited by James Glaisher, F.R.S. 125 illustrations, large Bowman (C. -Practical Chemistry, including Analysis. 8vo, extra cloth. Phila..

$10.00 Sixth edition. Edited by C. L. Bloxam. 12mo. Lon

$3.25 Green (T. H.)-- An Introduction to Pathology and Morbid

Anatomy. Illustrated by numerous Engravings on wood. Bryant (Arthur)--Forest Trees, for Shelter, Ornament, and

12mo, pp. 320. London...

- $1.25 Irotit. 12mo. N. Y....


Handy (The) Horse Book ; or, Practical Instruction in Budd (Wm.)-Scarlet Fever (sometimes called Scarlatina), Driving, Riding, &c. Sixth edition. Revised and enand its Prevention. Fifth edition. 8vo, sewed, pp. 10. larged. 12mo, pp. 172. Edinburgh....

$2,25 London


Hale, Edwin M. (M.D.)-Lectures on Diseases of the Carpenter (W.)-Water not Convex: The Enrth not a Heart. 8vo, pp. 206. N. Y.......

. $2.00 Demonstrated by Alfred R. Wallace, Esq., F.R.G.S., &c., on the 5th of March, 1870, by Experi Hartwig (Dr. George)-The Subterranean World, with ments conducted on the Old Bedford Canal, near Down. three maps and numerous engravings on wood. 8vo, pp. ham Market, Norfolk. Svo, frontispiece, pp. 32. Lon xix., 522. London

$10.50 50c.

Heather (J. F.)-Mathematical Instruments : Their Con Collentte (Adolphus)- Useful Chemical Tables. Arranged struction, Adjustment, Testing, and Use. Enlarged edi.

for the Use of Teachers and Students. Oxides, Sulph tion, for the most part entirely rewritten. Vol. 3. Surides, and Chlorides, with Blank Forms for adaptation to veying and Astronomical Instruments. (Weale's Series.) other Compounds. Oblong 8vo, 18 leaves.

London. 250. 12mo, pp. 162.



150. , paper ..

Y., 15., paper...

PP. 16.






Herschel (Sir John F. W,Outlines of Astronomy Post (M. A. B.) —Some Simple Sanitary Prevartises ker" Eleventh edition. 8vo, pp. 780.

London.........$6.00 Cholera and Diarrhea. With Sugnationis cuenta

Dietetic Treatment, especially with regard to Harting (James Edmund)-Hints on Shore Shooting, with London...

a Chapter on Skinning and Preserving Birds. Post 8vo. pp. 88. London,.

. $1.75 Puckett (R. Campbell)-Sciography, or Radical Property

of Shadows. New edition. 12mo. Londoo.... *Holbrook (M. L.) Parturition without Pain : A Code of Directions for Escaping the Primal Curse. 16mo..$1.00 Reclus (Elisee)-The Earth: A Descriptive Historia

Phenomena and Life of the Globe. Translati Holden, Edgar (M.D.)-The Sphygmograph and the Phy. late B. B. Woodward, and edited by Henry Vision

siology of the Circulation. A Monograph Illustrated. With 234 maps and illustrations, and pa 8vo, pp. 29. N. Y..

. $1.50 printed in colors. 8vo. N. Y....., *Hood, Wharton P. (M.D.)-On Bone-Setting (80 called), Reynolds (J. B.) Lectures on the Clinical le f.

and its Relation to the Treatment of Joints Crippled by Injury, Rheumatism, Inflammation, &c.

tricity, delivered at the University Colexr Es

Crown Svo, pp. Post 8vo. Phila... xii., 156. London..

.$1.50 Howe, Joseph W. (M.D.)-Emergencies, and How to

Rowell (G. A.)

Papers on the Cause of Rain. Sym Treat Them. The Etiology, Pathology, and Treatment

Aurora, and Terrestrial Magnetism. Reprinter to of the Accidents, Diseases, and Cases of Poisoning which

Edinburgh New Philosophical Journai, Scan Demand Prompt Action. Designed for Students and

Appeal for a Consideration of the Theory adrank. Practitioners of Medicine. 8vo, pp. 265. N. Y.... $3.00

map, pp. 58. London...... Huxley-A Manual of the Anatomy of Vertebrated Ani

Swain (W. P.)—Preliminary Medical Education ** mals. 16mo. London....


vincial Hospitals, 8vo, pp. 16. London......... Jefferies, B. J.-Diseases of the Skin; the Recent Advances

Steele (A. J.)-Theory and Practice of Electrica in their Pathology and Treatment. Boylston Prize Essay,

peutics. 12mo, pp. 162. N. Y. Cloth.... 1871. Demy 8vo, pp. 79. Boston....

.. $1.00 Stewart (Balfour)–Elementary Treatise on Hezi. Johnson (Mrs. S. 0.1-Every Woman Her Own Flower

edition. 18mo. London......... Gardener. 12mo, pp. 148.

Silk and Scarlet--By the Druid. Revised approve Lindsay & Blakiston's Physician's Visiting List, for

with steel portraits and woodcutę12m0, pp. 1872-(For 25, 50, 75. and 100 Patients; also an inter

don.. leaved edition for 25 and 50 patients bound in leather, Sutton (F.)-A Hand-book of Volumetric Analrsip with pocket and tucks in one and two vols.) Phila. AC

Quantitative Estimation of Chemical Substants cording to size from $1.00 to......


sure, applied to Liquids, Solids, and Gases. Loomis, Justin R. (LL.D.)-Elements of the Anatomy.

tion. Svo. London. Price.. Physiology, and Hygiene of the Human System. New Tate (Ralph)-Rudimentary Treatise on Gealer revised edition. 12mo. N. Y....

$1.25 based on Portlock's Rudiments of Geology It Michels-Process for Removing External Tumors. By

Historical Geology, with Illustrations and als W. A. Bell, M.D. London...


12mo, pp. 252. London.... Miller (W.)--Notes on Comparative Anatomy: A Syllabus

Trousseau (A.) Lectures on Clinical Medicine device of a Course of Lectures delivered at St. Thomas's Hospi.

the Hotel Dieu, Paris. Vol. 4. 8vo, pp, 471 tal. 12ino. London..

$2.50 Neuman (Dr. · Isidor)-Text-Book of Skin Diseases.

Turner (Mansfield) and Harris (W.)-Guide to the Translated from the second German edition by special

tutions and Charities for the Blind in the tool permission of the author, with 67 woodcuts. Royal 8vo,

dom. Together with Lists of Books and App pp. 348. London....

. $6.00

their Use, a Catalogue of Books published

ject of the Blind, and a List of Foreign Lustite Hand-book of Skin Diseases. Translated, with Svo, pp. xii, 103. London.... notes, by L. D. Balkley, M.D. Illustrated with 66 woodcuts. 8vo, pp. xiv., 407. N. Y......

- $4.00

Warren (T. Robinson)-Shooting, Boating, and F.

For Young Sportsmen. Illustrated. 1200. it New York-The Act for the Formation of Corporations

N. Y for Manufacturing, Mining, Mechanical, Chemical. Agricultural, Medical or Curative, Mercantile or Commercial

Watson (Sir Thomas)--Lectures on the Prince Purposes. With the Amendments. 12mo, pp. 57. N.

Practice of Physic, delivered at King's Collere Y...


Fifth edition, revised and enlarged. Tvo vola

2,000. London Nightingale (Florence)--Introductory Notes on Lying-In Institutions: together with a Proposal for Organizing an

Williams (C. J. B. and Charles Theodore It's Institution for training Midwives and Midwifery Nurses.

Consumption : Its Nature, Varieties, and 17:1 Svo, pp. 118. London...


With Analysis of One Thousand Cases to exer's

Duration. 8vo. Phila..
Ohio, The Law relating to Roads and Highways in the
State of Ohio. Showing how State, County, Township,

Wilson (Edw. T./Disinfectants, and How to l'* ?? Free Turnpike and other Roads, and Streets, and Alleys

12mo, pp. 24. London.. are Established, Opened, Altered. Improved, and Vacated, etc. By Geo. W. Raff. 12mo, pp. 334.

Winans (Ross)-Ventilation and other Reque Cinn. $1.75.

Healthy and Comfortable Dwelling. 8vo, PP. to sheep.


timore. Ord (William Miller)-Notes on Comparative Anatomy: A Syllabus of a course of Lectures delivered at St.

*Wythes (J. H. )--The Physician's Dose and Thomas's Hospital. 12mo, pp. 210. London...... $2.50

Book. Containing the Doses and Uses of the

pal Articles of the Materia Medica, &c. Testb Paget (J.)-Surgical Pathology. Lectures delivered at the

24mo. Phila. Cloth, $1.25; tucks..... Royal College of Surgeons of England. The third Lon

Wood. don edition, edited and revised by William Turner,

A Treatise on the Resistance of Materials Royal 8vo. With numerous illustrations. Phila, .. $7.50

Appendix on the Preservation of Timber. By

Wood, Professor, &c. Svo, pp. X., 47. XI. Percy (John)The Manufacture of Russian Sheet-Iron. 8vo, pp. 30.


Wood & Co.'s (Wm.) Physician's Visiting List on Proctor (Richard A. )-Lessons in Elementary Astronomy.

Thirty patients, $1.00; sixty... 12mo, pp. 127. London.

.50c. *Photographic Review of Medicine and Surgery-A Bi

Zerffi (Prof. G. G.)-Spiritualism and Animai V1 Monthly Illustration of Interesting Cases, accompanied

A Treatise on Dreams, Second Sight, Soru

Magnetic Sleep, Spiritual Manifestacting, H. by Notes

Edited by F. F. Maury, M.D., and L. A. Duh and Spectral Visions. 18mo, frontispiece, pp. 10). ring, M.D. Vol. 1, 1870–71. 8vo. Phila......... $8.00


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у м.


For the Publishing Season, 1871-72.

" The


XIII. A Complete Practical Treatise on Surgery. By Frank Archives of Ophthalmology and Otology. Illustrated by Hastings Hamilton, M.D. In one royal Svo volume,

chromos and engravings. Edited by H. Knapp, M.D., profusely illustrated. In December

in New York, and S. Moos, M. D., in Heidelberg. No. II.

! IV.

In January. Hand-book of Chemical Technology. By Dr. Rudolf

XIV. Wagner (of Wurzburg), with 336 wood engravings.

A Handy-Book of Prescriptions. Selected from the most
Translated from the eighth German edition, and eminent living authors. 32mo. Preparing.
edited by William Crookes, F.R.S., editor of
Chemical News.” 8vo. Nearly ready.


A Hand-book of Therapeutics, By Sidney E. Ringer, M.D. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye, including the

A new and much enlarged edition. Post 8vo. In Nanatomy of the Organ. By Carl Stellwag von Carion,

vember. M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology in the Imperial Uni

XVI. versity of Vienna. Translated and edited by E. Hack The Anatomical Remembrancer; or, Complete Pocket ley, M.D., and D. B. St. John Roosa, M.D. Fourth Anatomist. Edited, with corrections and additions, by Edition, thoroughly revised and corrected, with 100 C. E. Isaacs, M.D. A new edition. 32mo. Ready. pages additional of new matter. In December.


A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Obstetrics, On the Diseases of the Throat, Larynx, &c. With their

By W. H. Byford, A.M., M.D., Professor of Obstetrics Diagnosis and Treatment. Illustrated by engravings.

and Diseases of Women and Children in the Chicago By J. Solis Cohen, M.D. Svo. In February.

Medical College, etc. A rewritten and revised edition. V.

In January.
A Hand-book of Human and Comparative Histology. By

E. Stricker, M.D. Translated by Drs. Powers and on the Functional Diseases of the Renal, Urinary, and
Buck. 8vo. Illustrated by upward of 500 fine engrav. Reproductive Organs. By D. Campbell Black, M.D.
ings. In January.

8vo. In preparation,


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A Practical Treatise on Bright's Diseases of the Kidneys.

By T. Grainger Stewart, M.D., F.R.S.E., Fellow of the Lectures on the Palsies and Kindred Disorders of the
College of Physicians, Lecturer on General Pathology, Nervous System. By Meredith Clymer, M.D. Svo.
Surgeons' Hall. Illustrated with chromo-lithographic Preparing.

plates. 8vo. An entirely rewritten edition. In December.

On Diseases of the Kidneys, Hæmaturia, and Diabetes. VII.

By W. H. Dickinson, M.D., Cantab., Fellow of the Col. Fecundity, Fertility, Sterility, and Allied Topics. By J.

lege of Physicians, Assistant Physician to St. George's M. Duncan, M.D. A thoroughly revised edition. 8vo.

Hospital and to the Hospital for Sick Children. In one Ready.

volumne 8vo, with plates and woodcuts, Preparing. VIII. Hand-book for the Laboratory. Practical Exercises for

Students in Physiology and Histology. Edited by Experimental Investigation of the Action of Medicines,
Professors Burden-Sanderson and Michael Foster, with A Hand-Book of Practical Pharmacology. With wood-
the co-operation of Dr. Brunton (for Physiology) and cuts. By T. Lauder Brunton, M.D., D.Sc., Lecturer
Dr. E. Klein of Vienna (for Hist-logy). Preparing. on Materia Medica at the Middlesex Hospital. 12mo.


Wunderlich on the Use of the Thermometer in Disease.
Abridged, with additions by E. Seguin, M.D. 12mo.

Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of the Genito-Urinary
Illustrated. In November,

Organs, and their Treatment. With numerous en

gravings on wood. By J. W. S. Gouley, M.D., Professor X.

of Clinical Surgery and Genito-Urinary Diseases in UniMemoranda of Ophthalmology and Otology By D. B. versity of New York. 8vo. Preparing. St. J. Roosa, M.D. 32mo. Preparing.


Memoranda of Physiology. By F. A. Castle, M.D. 321no. A Supplement to the Dictionary of Chemistry and the

Allied Branches of Other Sciences. Founded on that
of the late Dr. Ure. By Henry Watts, B.A., F.R.S. 8vo.

In December.

Treatise on the Diseases of the Ear. Including the An-

atomy of the Organ. With many illustrations on wood. A Treatise on Post-Mortem Examinations. For the Use By D. B. St. John Roosa, M.D., Clinical Professor of of Coroners and Others. By Francis Delafield, M.D.

Diseases of the Eye and Ear in the University of New 8vo. Preparing.

York. 8vo. Preparing.

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