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Appletons' Hand-Book of American A Treatise on Diseases of the Ner

Travel. Western Tour. Containing full Description vous System. By WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, M. D., of all Through-Routes from the Eastern Cities to the Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System, and of West and Far West, the great Lake and River Clinical Medicine, in the Bellevue Hospital Medical Routes, and all Lccal Routes. With Maps of States, College; Physician-in-Chief to the New York State Routes, and Cities. The most complete work of the Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System, etc. kind published. Uniform with * Hand-Book of In one large 8vo vol. of 750 pages.

With numerous Travel,” Eastern Tour, 12mo. Cloth, flexible. Illustrations. Price, $5.00. New York Illustrated. New edition for Metaphysics ; or, the Philosophy of Con. the Summer of 1871, with additional Engravings.

sciousness, Phenomenal and Real. By H'Y LONGUE"New York Illustrated ” contains Views and De VILLE MANSEL, B. D., Waynflete Professor of Moral scriptions of the Principal Points of Interest in the and Metaphysical Philosophy; Fellow of St. Jobu's Great Metropolis. Price, paper covers, 50 cents.

College, Oxford; Honorary LL. D. of the University

of Edinburgh. 12mo, 358 pages. Price, $2.00. Vivia, A Modern Story. By FLORENCE WIL- The Novels and Novelists of the FORD, anthor of " Nigel Bartram's Ideal," etc. 8vo.

Eighteenth Century, in illustration of the Manners 170 pages. Price, 50 cents.

and Morals of the Age. By WM. FORSYTU, M. A., Marquis and Merchant. By MORTIMER

Q.C., author of "The Life of Cicero," "Cases and

Opinions on Constitutional Law," etc. ; late Fellow of COLLINS. 8vo. 170 pages. Price, 50 cents.

Trinity College, Cambridge, 12mo, 339 pp. Price, $2. Reminiscences of Fifty Years. By | Recent Discoveries in Science, PhiMARK BOYD. 12mo, 390 pages.

losophy, and Morals. By HERBERT SPENCER. 1 vol.,

12mo. Light und Electricity: Notes of Two Courses of Lectures before the Royal Institution of Appletons' Journal. Volume Fifth. No. Great Britain. By JOHN TYNDALL, LL.D., F. R. S. 93 to No. 117-Jan. 7 to June 24, 1871. Bound in 12ino. Cloth, 200 pages.

cloth, uniform with preceding volumes. Price, $3.50.

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GOOD FOR NOTHING, A Novel. By WHYTE MELVILLE, author of “ Digby Grand,” “The Interpreter," "Holmby House,"

etc. 8vo, 210 pages. Price, 60 cents.

VIVIA. A Modern Story. By FLORENCE WILFORD, author of “ Nigel Bartram's Ideal,” etc. 8vo, 170 pages. Price, 50 cents.

NIGEL BARTRAM'S IDEAL, By FLORENCE WILFORD, author of " A Maiden of Our Own Day," " Vivia,” etc. 8vo, 125 pp. Price, 50€.

GABRIELLE ANDRE. An Historical Novel of the French Revolution. By S. BARING-GOULD, M. A., author of "Curious Myths of the Middle Ages,” “ The Silver Store," etc. 1 vol., 8vo, paper covers. Price, 60c.

VERA. A Novel. By the author of “The Hôtel du Petit St. Jean," 8vo, 100 pages. Paper. Price, 40c.

MARQUIS AND MERCHANT. By MORTIMER COLLINS. 8vo, 170 pages. Price, 50 cents.

NOVELS OF CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE. New un iform Library Edition, with new Frontispiece to each volume. Now ready; “ The Heir of

Redclyffe," 2 vols.; "Heartsease," 2 vols. ; " Daisy Chain," 2“vols. ; " Beechcroft,” 1 vol. To be followed by others of the series. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.00 per vol.


Any work published by D. Appleton & Co. will be mailed, post-free, or sent by express, prepaid, to any part of the United Siates, upon receipt of the advertised price. Catalogues will be furnished upon application.

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Important Events of the Year 1870; embracing Political, Civil, Military, and Social

Affairs ; Public Documents, Biography, Statistics, Commerce, Finance, Literature, Science, Agriculture, and Mechanical Industry. With Steel Portraits of Von Moltke, Victor Emmanuel, and General Lee; Maps, Census, etc. With Index of Subjects in the nine preceding volumes of

the annual series. Price, cloth, $5.00 ; sheep, $6.00 ; half morocco, $6.50. A COMPREHENSIVE DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE. Mainly

abridged from Dr. Wm. Smith's “ Dictionary of the Bible,”. but comprising important Additions and Improvements from the works of Robinson, Gesenius, Furst, Pape, Pott, Winer, Keil, Lange, Kitto, Fairbairn, Alexander, Barnes, Bush, Thomson, Stanley, Porter, Tristram, King, Ayre, and many other eminent scholars, commentators, travellers, and authors in various departments, Designed to be a Complete Guide in regard to the Pronunciation and Signification of Scriptural Names, the Solution of Difficulties respecting the Interpretation, Authority, and Harmony of the Old and New Testaments; the History and Description of Biblical Customs, Events, Places, Persons, Animals, Plants, Minerals, and other things concerning which information is needed for an intelligent and thorough study of the Holy Scriptures, and of the Books of the Apocrypha. Illustrated with Five Hundred Maps and Engravings. Edited by Rev. SAMUEL W. BARNUM. Complete in one large, royal octavo volume of 1,234 pages. Heretofore sold exclusively as a

subscription-book. Price, in cloth binding, $5.00 ; in library sheep, $6.00; in half mor., $7.60. THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY. By HERBERT SPENCER,

Vol. I. 8vo. Cloth. Price, $2.50.

This work is thought by many able judges to be the most original and valuable contribution to the science of mind that has appeared in the present centriry. John Stuart Mill says it is one of the finest examples We possess of the psychologica) metbod in its full power,” Dr. McCosh says “his bold generalizations are always suggestive, and some may in the end be established in the profoundest laws of the knowable uni

George Ripley says "Spencer is as keen an analyst as is known in the history of Philosophy ; I do not except either Aristotle or Kant, whom he greatly resembles." FRAGMENTS OF SCIENCE FOR UNSCIENTIFIC PEOPLE. A

Series of Detached Essays, Lectures, and Reviews. By John Tyndall, LL. D., F. R. S. 12mo.

Cloth. Price, $2.00.

edition. 1 vol., 12mo, 477 pages. Tinted paper. With Portraits of the Author and André.

Price, $2.50.

Relations to the Principles and Practice of Christianity. By Wu, Stroud, M. D. With a Letter

on the Subject by Sir JAMES Y. Simpson, Bart., M. D. 12mo. Price, $2.00.
LAWYER AND CLIENT: their Relation, Rights, and Duties. By Wm.

ALLEN BUTLER. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth. Tinted paper. Price, $1.00.
PSYCHOLOGY; or, the Science of Mind. By Rev. OLIVER S. MUNSELL,

D.D. 1 vol., 12mo, 320 pages. Price, $2.00.

12m0, 316 pages. Mustrated. Cloth. Price, $1.75.

" LYRA Innocentium,” with Gleanings of Recollections of the Rev. John Keble, gathered by Several

Friends. By CHARLOTTE Mary YONGE. 12mo. Tinted paper. 430 pages. Cloth. Price, $2.00. NOVELS OF CHARLOTTE MARY YONGE New Uniform Library

Edition, with new Frontispiece. Now ready: “The Heir of Redelyffe," 2 vols.; “ Heartsease,'

2 vols.; "Daisy Chain," 2 vols. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.00 per vol. APPLETONS EUROPEAN GUIDE-BOOK. Illustrated. Including

England, Scotland, and Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Northern and Southern Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Containing a Map of Europe, and nine other Maps, with Plans of 20 of the Principal Cities, and 120 Engravings. 12mo, morocco, pocket-book form, 132 pages. Price, $6.00.

“As grammar was made after language, so ought it to be taught after lan


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By HERMAN D. WRAGE, A, M., Professor of German in the Public Schools of the City of New York, late of New York University.

12mo, 350 pages. Price, $1.50. KEY to same, $1.00.

The leading features of this new book are as follows: 1. It is based on the Natural Method - Language before Grammar.

2. It does not teach simultaneously, nor prematurely, lessons in pronunciation, grammar, etymology, parsing, and analytical and philological disquisitions.

3. The order followed is : (1.) The art of Reading. (2.) The art of Hearing. (3.) The art of Speaking. (4.) The art of Writing.

4. The book is not encumbered with grammatical rules, the study of which in no way assists in the acquisition of the language--the great and important object of the student.

6. Good language, used idiomatically, is employed; trivial phraseology and silly and absurd sentences are avoided.

6. The book is divided into sixty lessons, each of which embodies a leading principle, to be developed from the exercises, under the direction of the teacher.

7. Added to each lesson are two reading exercises, consisting of stories, descriptions, fables, anecdotes, letters, etc., which have been selected from the best German authors, and each with special reference to the principle taught in the lesson.

8. Foot-notes for the reading exercises explain to the student the meaning of words and phrases in English, thus relieving bim of the irksome, as well as injurious, practice of turning to the dictionary at every step.

9. The Cases are treated separately, in separate lessons, and in their logical order.
10. The pupil is judiciously guided in acquiring a knowledge of the numerous inflections.
11. The book is strictly progressive in its character.

12. It is not the result of preconceived theoretical notions, but is the ripe fruit of a long and practical experience in teaching. As such, we commend it to the attention of teachers and students of German, fully satisfied that success will follow its use.

Specimen copies will be mailed, post-paid, on receipt of one-half the retail price.

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THE MONTALY BULLETIN is designed as a medium for the announcement of new and forthcoming books, and as a means of conveying special information in regard to the character and contents of the latest issues from the press.

It is published on the 1st of each month, and will be forwarded without charge to Librarians, Secretaries of Book Clubs and Reading Societies, Heade of Colleges and Schools, and all other book-buyers who may furnish us with their address.

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JHE Boston Christian Register describes clares : “The land is one great, wild, untidy, luxu

Darwin's Voyage round the World as riant hot-house, made by Nature for herself.' It

follows: " In the author's own words : reminds him of the glories of another world,' and 'The object of the expedition was to complete the though from his memory must fade the rememsurvey of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, com- brance of certain forms of ife and beauty, 'yet menced under Captain King, in 1826 to 1830, and they will leave, like a tale heard in childhood, a to survey the shores of Chili, Peru, and of some picture full of indistinct, but most benutiful, islands in the Pacific, and to carry a chaiu of figures.' chronometrical measurements round the world.' In this expedition Mr. Darwin had opportunities A new edition of the “Poet and Painter," for using all the powers of investigation and ob- published for the first time in cloth binding, is servation that have made him famous as an origi. now ready. This volume is the most sumptuous nal thinker, and a man of unusual scientific attain- and richly illustrated of any work of the kind ments. He gives, in the form of a journal, the issued in America. It contains ninety-nine steel history of the voyage, and many observations of engravings, of the most perfect execution, printed general interest in natural history and geology. on the page with the text. The contents of the Mr. Darwin appears to bave noticed every thing volume consist of a varied selection of the best of particular interest to the naturalist, as—taking minor poems in the English language. The ensome of the topics at random--the habits of sea- gravings include landscape-views by DURAND, fish, insects, the clouds and storms, the wild birds CHURCH, KENSETT, CROPSEY, HUNTINGTON, COLE, and animals, trees and flowers, sand-dunes, rocks, and others, and a series of exquisite ideal portraits bowlders, and glaciers. He discusses climate, the of women immortalized in the choicest love-poenis structure of the land, the causes and effects of in our literature. earthquakes, the zoology of the Andes, volcanoes, coral formations, and kindred topics. He also D. Appleton & Co. announce as in press, “Two gives some pleasing descriptions of the life and Plunges for a Pearl," by Mortimer Collins, and customs of the people he meets, and bears testi- Princess Clarice,” by the same author. mons concerning the wretched condition of the savages of Tierra del Fuego, the oppressed miners The Nation pronounces Mr. Frank Scott's in Central Chili, and the general state of society “Suburban Homes ” the best work that has apamong the people of South America. Concerning peared on the scbject since Downing's “ Landscape the wealth and tropical scenery, the writer des Gardening."

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The London Saturday Review speaks of Mr. D. Appleton & Co. will publish shortly a colRae's “Westward by Rail” (American edition, by lection of poems by Henry Abbey, under the title D. Appleton & Co.) as follows: “Mr. Rae unites of “Ballads of Good Deeds, and Other Poems." the powers of a keen and thoughtful observer with Many of the collection hare :ppeared in APPLEthe tact and skill of a graphic delineator. His tons' Journal. Lippincott & Co. will publish, this impressions of men and manners are lively and autumn, a collection of poems by Paul Hayne, and sensible, and his style gives reality and force to also a volume of verse by Mrs. Julia C. R. Dorr. incidents which would be otherwise trivial or unmeaning. The evident candor and singleness Nearly all the Chicago booksellers have resumed of purpose with which be writes, make him a business. The Western News Co. have rented a trustworthy guide for those who would weigh. store and three basements on West Randolph St.; aright the inducements for dr‘ogainst the longest s. C. Griggs & Co. are located, for the present, at continuous land-journey which is as yet opened the residence of Mr. Jansen, one of the firm; Cobb, upon our planet. Bringing a fresh mind to the Anderson & Co. have rented a residence in Wa. .pbysical and social features of the country, he is bash Avenue; Keene & Cooke are erecting a shants, the better able to seize and emphasize for the be- 50x200, in Washington Street; Woodworth, Ainghoof of uninitiated readers all that is most strik- worth & Co. are at the residence of Mr. W. M. ing or characteristic in the line of route. Many Scribner. an unamiable prejudice is thus corrected, and many an ideal of perfection brought down to the

D. Appleton & Co. have just issued a new delevel of ordinary fact."

scriptive and illustrated Catalogue of their Medical

Publications, which is not only of value to physiAn admirably.written essay, by Henry T. Tuck- cians, but attractive, on account of the fine porerman, on the “Literature of Fiction," which bas traits of distinguished practitioners with which it - appeared in three divisions in APPLETONS' Journal, is embellished. Sent free to any address, upon

closes as follows: "There are two classes who application.
oppose novel-reading and disparage novel-writing
+-those who profess a high intellectual ideal of James Grant asserts in his “ History of the
Jiterature, and would exclude fictitious narrative Newspaper Press," just published in England, that
therefrom as beneath its dignity, and those who Lord-Chancellor Campbell once wrote for the
regard imaginary adventures as too frivolous and Morning Chronicle a criticism on “Romeo and
false to occupy a virtuous, far less a religious Juliet,” which showed that he did not know the
mind. The former object ors are, for the most play was by Shakespeare. The correctness of this
part, ignorant of the progress and purification, statement is very naturaily questioned by the
the enlargement and refinement, the art and thenæum.
science, the morale and benignity, of this kind of
reading which they wilfully ignore; and the latter

Literature is quite dependent on financial lose sight, not only of the direct truth and pure

crutches, after all. Carlyle's works, in the sixsentiment thus inculcated, but fail 10 estimate the shilling-a-volume edition, were baving almost no vast moral benefit of that sympathy fostered by sale, and the old grumbler had made up his the best fiction which wins the thoughts from Self

, mind that the present generation did not appreand opens the mind and heart to a fresh recogni- ciate him. But his publishers persuaded him to tion of, and relation to, Humanity.”

let them issue a two-shilling edition, and “Sartor

Resartus” alone has, in the first three months, The Red-line Edition of . Bryant's Poems has sold 35,000 copies. Perhaps the gentleman will

look at the world more hopefully now. · been a great success.

The first edition was soon exhausted, and an additional number put to press. It is the most complete of the editions of Bryant's ment of Diabetes and Bright's Disease,” by Arthur

D. Appleton & Co. have in press :

“ Milk Treat works, and the most attractive.

Scott Donkin, M. D. “The Anatomy of Verte

brate Animals,” by T. H. Huxley, F. R. S. "LeadDarwin's new book, on the “Facial Expression

ers of Public Opinion in Ireland," by W. H. Lecky. of Animals,” will be freely illustrated, and will endeavor to prove that dogs and monkeys can Recent numbers of APPLETONS JOURNAL have laugh, smile, sncer, look cross, or throw a deep contained portraits of William Cullen Bryant and pathos into their speaking countenances. It will Robert Browning, with an accompanying article probably not appear before next spring.

in each case, from the pen of Mr. Stoddard.

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