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Nos. 90, 92 and 94 Grand Street, New York.

I. The Poet and the Painter; OR, GEMS OF ART AND

SONG. An imperial Svo volume of 400 pp., containing choice Selections from the English Poets, and superbly illustrated with 99 large Steel Engravings, printed in the most perfect manner on the page with the text. In full morocco, antique, and morocco, gilt, $20.

This volume, it is believed, is the most sumptuous, the most richly-illustrated, and altogether the most elegant gift-book published in America.

II. Wood-Side and Sea-Side.

Illustrated by Pen and Pencil. An elegant small quarto volume, of ninety-six pages, richly and fully illustrated with Engravings from Drawings on Wood, by Birket Foster, Hows, and others. Engraved and printed in the most perfect manner. Cloth, extra, gilt edges, $3; morocco, extra, or antique, $7.


Richard Doyle. With a Poem by W. Allingham. With 16 Plates containing 36 Designs, beautifully printed in Colors. Comprising, amongst others, the following subjects: The Fairy Triumphal March, the Musical Elf who taught the Little Birds to Sing, the Fairy Queen takes an Airy Drive in her Carriage drawn by Butterflies, a Dance amongst the Toadstools, Asleep in the Moonlight, the Courtship of the Fairy Prince, the Toilet of the Baby-Elves, the Race of Snails, the Tournament, Sailing in the Water-Lilies, etc. Cloth Edition. Price, $12.00.

IV. The Goethe Gallery, containing Fifty Superb Illustrations, engraved

on Steel, representing characters from Goethe's Works, drawn by Frederick Pecht and Arthur Von Ramberg. With Descriptive Text by Frederick Pecht. In one superb imperial 8vo volume, bound in full morocco, antique, and morocco, gilt, price, $20. Omform with the "SCHILLER GALLERY.”

V. The Schiller Gallery, comprising 50 Superb Illustrations engraved on Steel, representing Characters from the Works of Friedrich Schiller.

With Descriptive Text by Frederick Pecht.

I vol., imperial 8vo, bound in full morocco, antique, and morocco, gilt, price, $20.


The Arts in the Middle Ages, AND AT THE PERIOD

AND AT THE PERIOD OF THE RENAISSANCE. By Paul Lacroix, Curator of the Imperial Library of the Arsenal, Paris. Illustrated with nineteen Chromo-Lithographic Prints by F. Kellerhoven, and upward of four hundred Engravings on Wood.

I vol.,

imperial 8vo. Cloth, gilt sides and back. 520 pages. Price, $12.00.


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By LOUIS FIGUIER. Illustrated with thirty scenes of Primitive life, and two hundred and thirty-three figures
of objects belonging to prehistoric ages.

One vol., 8vo. Cloth. Price, $4.00. Cecan World," "The Vegetable World," "The Insect World,” ew editions of Louis Figuier's previous works now ready: consisting of “The World before the Deluge," "The

Birds and Reptiles," and "Mammalia.


in cloth, $5.00 each.


Home Chat with our Young Folks, On People and Things

they See or Hear about. By C. L. Moteaux. One vol., small quarto. With 200 Engravings on Wood, of great beauty and variety, and bound in cloth, stamped in gilt and red. Price, $2.50.

Little Rosy's Picture-Book. With 24 beautiful colored Ilustrations,

by Lorenz Frölich. Svo, cloth, $1.50.

How do I Know? Walks and Talks with Uncle Merton. By the author

of " What Makes Me Grow?” etc. 1omo. Cloth, gill, $1.50.

With 12 full-page Illustrations.

I vol., square

S Time. By H. N. Dulcken, Ph. D. With 13 full-page Colored Illustrations, and nearly 300 Woodcuts, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel, from original Designs, by eminent Artists. I vol., square 12mo. Cloth, extra, gilt sides, red edges, $2.


HURST FARM. By the author of “ Aunt Annie's Stories," “ Brother Bertie," etc., etc. Illustrated with 30 Engravings, many of them full-page colored ones. I vol., square 12mo. Cloth, $2.


Translated from the French of P. J. Stahl. With 24 large tinted Illustrations. By Lorenz Frölich. I vol., large 8vo. Cloth, $1.50.

Jack the Conqueror. By the author of « Dick and His Donkey." With

12 full-page Illustrations. Small 4to. Cloth, extra, with Illurinated Panel, $2.

Appletons' Juvenile Annual. A Christ.Ships and Sailors, Ancient and Mod

mas and New-Year's Gift for Young People. ERN. A Sketch of the Progress of Naval Handsomely illustrated, and elegantly bound Art. With Historical Illustrations. By C. C. in cloth, gilt, extra. 12mo, 384 pp.,

Cotterill, B. A., and E. D. Little, B. A. I

vol., 12mo. Cloth, $1.50. Little Rosy's Voyage of Discovery, What Makes Me Grow? or, Walks Undertaken in Company with her Cousin

AND TALKS WITH ANY DUDLEY. Charley. Beautifully printed, and illustrated

By the author of " Harry Lanton's Advenwith 48 full-page tinted Engravings by Lorenz

tures,” “Good Dogs," etc. With 12 beautiFrölich. I vol., small 4to, $2.50.

ful Illustrations by Lorenz Frölich. I vol.,

12mo. Cloth, $1.50. Captain Wolf and Other Sketches of Animal Biography. By the author of Brother Bertie and His Friends “ Under the Lime-Trees,” etc. With 22 Il in the fields and Flower-Beds. A Country lustrations by E. Bayard and E. Greset. Story. With 38 Illustrations, many of them vol., 12mo. 308 pp. Cloth, $2.

colored. I vol., small 4to, $2.


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Any work published by D. Appleton & Co, will be mailed, post-free, or sent by express, prepaid, to any part of the United States, upon receipt of the advertised price. Catalogues will be furnished upon application.

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ARWIN'S " Descent of Man, and Selec A new European Guide-book has just been

tion in Relation to Sex," now in press, issued by D. Appleton & Co., which is comprehen

is likely to create a greater sensation sive, compact, and as accurate as the utmost care than his previous work. A few scientific gentle could make it. It is a guide to England, Scotland, men, who have examined the advance-sheets as and Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Northern they came from England, pronounce it a wonder- and Southern Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, ful book in its research, in its collection of sur- Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. prising facts, in the luminous way its theories are It contains a map of Europe, and nine other maps, advanced, and the profound interest which the with plans of twenty of the principal cities, and autbor bas thrown around the whole subject. The one hundred and twenty engravings. “ In the first volume of this work will appear early in tbe preparation of this guide-book," says the preface, Fear, and will be followed by the second volume “the author has sought to give, within the limits within a few weeks thereafter,

of a single portable volume, all the information

necessary to enable the tourist to find his way, A new work by Prof. Tyndall, on “Electricity without difficulty, from place to place, and to see and Light,” is in press by D. Appleton & Co. In the objects best worth seeing, throughout such press, also : “The Beginnings of Life: including parts of Europe as are generally visited by Amer. an Account of the Present State of the Sponta- ican and English travellers. With few exceptions, neous Generation Controversy.” By H. C. Bas- the author has travelled over the routes he has tian

, M. D., F. R. S., Professor of Pathological described, and has given the results of his own Anatomy in University College, London.

bona fide researches." The year 1871 is the centenary of Sir Walter

Last year D. Appleton & Co. issued a new, Scott's birth. This fact will stimulate a discussion uniform edition of Grace Aguilar's povels, in handinto the merits of this great author, and his pres- some but low-priced 12mo volumes, and with ilent influence in literature, and serve to freshen an lustrations. The success of these has induced the interest in his works. The edition of the Waver- same publishers to now undertake a new edition ley Novels published by D. Appleton & Co., which of Miss Yonge's novels. The “ Heir of Redclyffe ” is uniform with their edition of Dickens, is more and “ Heartsease ” will appear in January. compact, and we believe cheaper, than any other. The entire set, in cloth, is published at $10.50.

APPLETONS' JOURNAL, Volume IV., bound in

cloth, gilt back and side, is now ready. The half“Valerie Aylmer," the new Southern novel, is yearly volume of this work exhibits, with great a success. A new work from the same author's effect, the surprising quantity and variety offered pen may soon be expected.

l in this popular periodical.

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New yearly subscribers to APPLETONS' JOURNAL distinguished artists, and make a very choice colfor 1871, remitting, direct to the publishers, the lection of American landscapes, such as ordinarily full subscription-price of four dollars, will receive, could not be bought for the full price of the year's as a premium, ten elegant steel engravings, hand- subscription to the Journal. Notice should be somely printed on fine plate paper. The series taken that these engravings cannot be given to clubs, consists of: “Noon on the Sea-Shore," by J. F. or to any subscribers where we do not receive the Kensett ; “Sunday Morning,” by A. B. Durand ; full amount of four dollars.

Sunday Afternoon," by James Hart; “Emi-
grants Crossing the Plains,” by F. 0. C. Darley ; A very useful little manual for students is
“ The River Road,” by A. F. Bellows; “West “What to Read, and How to Read," containing a
Point, and the Highlands," by Harry Fenn; “A classified list of books in each department of study,
Morning in the Tropics,” by F. E. Church; “Lake with hints and suggestions to the reader. The lists
George,” by J. W. Casilear; “ The Quiet Nook,” are divided into first class, second class, and third
by A. F. Bellows ; "Indian Rock," by W. S. Has- class, wbich arrangement enables the reader to
eltine. These engravings are of the best execu- take up first the most important in any series, and
tion. They are engraved from noted paintings by continue at his option with the subsidiary volumes.



NE-SW. Canes Venatici, Ursa Major, Lynx

Taurus, Eridanus. To be attractive, the study of Astronomy must

SE-NW. Monoceros, Gemini, . Perseus, An. be practical. The facts a student learns about

dromeda. Venus and Jupiter, Arcturus and Sirius, are im Look for Capella a little west or porth-west of pressed on the mind with tenfold force, if he knows the zenith; and Betelgeuse, or a Orionis, very near where to find them in the sky. The Great Bear the meridian, about one-third of the way from the

zenith to the southern horizon, A little west of and the Serpent, the Eagle and the Dolphin, excite

Betelgeuse is Bellatrix. but little interest, unless one recognizes them as

As the asterisk denotes that the constellations they march through the heavens, and Cassiopea between which it is placed are separated by the and Andromeda are voted bores unless we have zenith, it will be seen at once that we have here the honor of their personal acquaintance.

an accurate Directory of the heavens for the even. LOCKYER’S “ Elements of Astronomy” recog- ings in question. In this and many other ways, nizes this fact, and gives directions so explicit for Lockyer has managed to infuse life and power finding various objects of interest in the heavens into the dry bones of the subject. He describes that even without a telescope the subject is en- the mode of using astronomical instruments, and dowed with marvellous fascination. With the

gives a graphic account of recent investigations aid of two comprehensive charts of the celestial with the spectroscope, and the conclusions respect

. hemispheres which are appended to the volume, ing the constitution of the sun, stars, and nebulæ, and which answer every purpose of a costly ce

to which it has led. Carefully distinguishing be. lestial globe or atlas, the stars are readily distin- tween the real and the apparent movements of the guished and the constellations traced; and, to heavenly bodies, he is believed to give a clearer facilitate the task still further, the constellations insight into the laws and relations of our universe visible on some fifty evenings throughout the year, than any other author. at certain hours, are enumerated in the order in

Should this notice fall into the hands of any which they appear from north to south, from east teacher or school-officer wbo desires an opportuto west, from north-east to south-west, and from nity of examining the American edition of Locksouth-east to north-west. Thus, from page 189 we

yer's Elements, with a view to its introduction if quote the list of constellations visible on certain approved, be can secure a copy by return mail, evenings of January and February :

post-paid, by remitting to the publishers, D. ApJan. 20, 10 P. M.

pleton & Co., 90 cents. (Feb. 4, 9 P. M.; 19, 8 P. M.; Dec. 21, midn't; Jan. 5, 11 P. M.)

TWELVE GOOD REASONS. N-S. Draco, polaris, Camelopardalus, * Au

riga, Orion, Lepus, Columba Noachi. We give below twelve good reasons for using E-W. Leo, Cancer, # Aries, Cetus. ; QUACKENBOS'S ARITHMETICS, which we are sure

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