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Vol. III.]

Seience afford admirable presentation volumes. / both poet and artist exhibit an abundance of

"The Poet and the Painter," containing one hundred fine steel engravings, printed on the page with the text, is one of the most sumptuous and elegant books ever issued in America. The a suitable presentation-volume would be “The contents are principally selections from the great Arts in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the English and American poets, beginning with Mil- Renaissance," which is illustrated with nineteen 101, and coming down to the young poets of re- chromo-lithographic prints, and over four hundred



DECEMBER 1, 1870.

[No. 1. * Any work published by D. Appleton & Co, will be mailed, post-frce, or sent by express, prepaid, ICK

to any part of the United States, upon receipt of the advertised price. Catalogues will be furnished
#pon application.
APPLETON & CO. bave probably

D. Appleton & Co.'s edition of the WORKS OF the handsomest copy of Audubon's Charles Dickens, complete in six volumes, price,

lo Birds of America ever offered for sale in cloth, $10.50, or, in half calf, $21, handsomely in this country. It is of the first edition, in four put up in boxes, is excellent for presentation. rolunes, elephant folio, accompanied by fire vol- D. Appleton & Co. also publish an edition of the umes of text, in imperial octavo. The copy is en- WAVERLEY Novels, uniform in style, and published firely perfect, and the binding is in rich crimson at the same price. These are the cheapest editions lerant morocco

, elegantly tooled on sides and back. of Dickens and Scott in the market. The price of this superb copy of Audubon is fif

In “In Fairyland ; or, Pictures from the Elt

World,” Mr. Richard Dosle, by his pencil, and Mr. APPLETONS

' ILLUSTRATED ALMANAC for 1871 is Allingham, in dainty verse, have depicted and ilso elegant and artistic a work, that a copy accom- life in Fairyland, such as may well captivate the

lustrated, in charming poetry and happy designs, panying every presentation-parcel would be a tasteful addendum to the regular selection. Price,

fancy of mortals. Both poem and pictures illustrate the vicissitudes and incidents of fairy-life;

its love-making, its intrigues, its characters, its Louis Figuier's illustrated works on Natural hopes and woes, its triumphs and defeats ; and ing in style, as they are truly instructiveral die vecerut. The designs are all executed in colors, and are

very well printed. “In Fairyland” is a folio, superb in paper, printing, and all its art-appurte

For those interested in the history of the arts, are truly elegant, engravings on wood. A truly sumptuous, and yet

| a very valuable book.

teen bundred dollars.

forty cents.


cent fame. The engravings

many of them of the highest artistic execution.

The New York Times speaks of the illustrated For a splendid holiday book, what can equal edition of Bryant's "Song of the Sower" as fol. Appletons' “ New American Cyclopædia ?” This lows : “A gem of American poetry, fitly set amid work is complete in sixteen volumes. The “ An. gems of native art. As a holiday volume, the nual Cyclopædia," of which a volume is published

Song of the Sower' will rank as one of the most every year, containing full records of important superb yet issued by any American publisher. events in government, science, literature, art, and Both in drawing and engraving, the highest avail. industry, has now reacbed nine volumes. The able talent has been employed, the figure-subjects | Annuals are uniform in size and styles of binding bearing the names of Winslow Homer, Hennessy, with the Cyclopædia proper, but may be purand Nehlig, and the landscapes being the work of chased separately. A set of the “Cyclopædia," Harry Fenn, Howe, Griswold, and Granville Per- in sixteen volumes, in bandsome binding, would kins. To reproduce the sketches of these artists, be a valuable as well as splendid testimonial. The such engravers as Linton, Harley, and Filmer, series, in this form, would be complete, but the have been selected. The poem is exceedingly well Annuals may be added at the option of the puradapted for varied and suggestive pictorial repre- chaser. The price is five dollars per volume in sentation, comprehending, as it does, references to cloth ; six dollars in library leather; six dollars the leading phases and employments of life, as and a half in half morocco; seven dollars and a well as to many of the aspects of external nature. half in half russia, and nine dollars in full russia. Without attempting selection where the work would be so embarrassing, we instance Griswold's

A year's subscription to APPLETONS' JOURNAL landscape with the motto, "Shall walk again the woulil be a suitable boliday present. This perigenial year,' as a specimen of designer's and en

odical, during the ensuing year, will continue the graver's art, of very remarkable excellence, while

series of illustrated papers entitled “ Picturesque Hennessy's 'Close alleys of the town' presents a

America,” which have universally been pronounced corresponding success in the way of figure-draw

the most grapbic, vivid, and effective delineations ing. When to its artistic merits are added the

of American localities erer produced. It will herecommendations of thick creamy paper, and type

gin, early in the year, a new novel by the author

of “Red as a Rose is She." Its short stories, of great clearness and beauty, it will be readily understood that Messrs. Appletons' holiday volume

sketches of travel and adventure, essays on social for the coming season is entirely worthy of the

topics, editorial “table-talk," etc., all of which well-earned reputation of its publishers in this de.

have heen so popular, will be continued with sustained, if not increased, interest.

Price of partment of literature."

yearly subscription, four dollars. New subscribers Doré's Bible, Doré's Dante, Doré's Don Quixote, for 1871, remitting before December 25th, will and Doré's Fables of Fontaine, are too well known receive eight numbers of the current year, from to need description, and are mentioned as a re

November 12th, gratuitously--enabling each new minder to those seading for costly presentation subscriber to begin with the first of the “ Pictuvolumes. The superbly-illustrated wrok, “ Les Jar-resque America ” series. dins,” is also a magnificent book for presentation. Of books for children, there is almost no end, We are now offering Doré's Bible for $75, in cloth, and in recent years the best efforts of the artists or for $100.00, in half morocco; Don Quixote for have been employed to give charm and grace to $80.00, in half morocco; Dante's Purgatory and these volumes. Complaints are uttered by some, Paradise, $40.00. The price of “ Les Jardins ” is that juvenile books are getting too costly, but $50.00

children are not likely to remain content with inThe illustrated editions of “ Halleck's Poems," elders for fine books has so notably advanced.

ferior productions at a time when the taste of their and Halleck's “Life and Letters," should be re

Among the new juvenile books worthy of special membered in selecting books for the holiday sea

note, we refer the reader to advertisement on last A few copies of the “Life and Letters,"

page of the BULLETIN, large-paper edition, can be obtained, bound either in cloth, price ten dollars, or in morocco, price

Purchasers of books in New York City are infifteen dollars.

vited to examine D. Appleton & Co.'s varied and

full retail stock of books. The selection of standFull catalogues of D. Appleton & Co.'s publi- ard works, in fine bindings, is very full

, and all cations, including complete lists of all their illus- the current books of the day are kept in full suptrated and standard books, for holiday presents, ply. In Bibles and Prayer-Books their stock is sent on application.

unusually fine.



Heir of Reddyffe. New edition, with Ilus

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Galvano-Therapeutics. The Physiologi- The Physics and Physiology of Spir

The two companion volumes, “The Schiller The high standing and general excellence of TI Gallery” and “ The Goethe Gallery," have very The New York MEDICAL and PsycHOLOGICAL JOUR

great claims upon the book-buyer. Each of these NALS (published by D. Appleton & Co.) have sesplendid volumes is illustrated by fifty engravings cured for them a wide circulation among the best on steel, each illustration accompanied by a selec- of the medical profession of the country, and no

tion from the author, descriptive of the scene or pains have been spared by the publishers to main1 character which the artist has delineated. The tain the elevated literary and scientific character

engravings are of the highest artistic character, already acquired. No better testimonial could be ! the series in each volume forming a varied and presented to the family physician than a year's rin singularly beautiful art-gallery. These volumes subscription to either or both of these journals.

are excellent as gift-books to those appreciating The subscription price to the MEDICAL Journal is I Goethe or Schiller, or are well suited as intro- $4.00; to the PsychologICAL Journal, $5.00; or

ductory to an acquaintance with these great the two to one address, for $8.00. autbors. Announcement of New Books and New Editions to be pub

lished in December, by D. Appleton & Co. IFTEEN Years. A Picture from Life and Nature under the Tropics;

the Last Century. By Talvi (Mrs. Thérèse or, Sketches of Travels among the Andes, and on the Robinson). 12mo, 320 pages.

Orinoco, Rio Negro, and Amazons. By H. M. and P.

V. N. MYERS. With an Introduction by Rev. ALBERT Other Worlds than Ours : The Plurality

Hopkins, LL. D., F. R. 8., Professor of Astronomy in

Williams College. of Worlds studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches. By Rich'd A. PROCTOR, B. A., F. R. A.S., author of " Saturn and its System," Sun-Views of The Poison of Asps. A Novelette. By the Earth," " Half-Hours with the Telescope," etc.

FLORENCE MARRYAT (Mrs. Ross Church). 8vo, 72 pp. One vol., 12mo, 334 pages. Price, $2.50.

Paper. 4 Hand-Book of Law, for Business Men, Appletons European Guide-Book. containing ap Epitome of the Law of Contracts, Bills

Illustrated. Including England, Scotland, and Ireland, and Notes, Interest, Guaranty and Suretyship, Assign

France, Belgium, Holland, Northern and Southern ments for Creditors, Agents, Factors, and Brokers,

Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Sales , Mortgages, and Liens, Partnership, Patents and

Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Containing a Map Copyrights, Trade-Marke, the Good-will of a Business,

of Europe, and nine other Maps, with Plans of 20 of Carriers , Insurance, Shipping, Arbitrations, Statutes

the Principal Cities, and 120 Engravings. 12mo, moof Limitation ; with an Appendix, containing Forms

rocco, pocket-book form, 132 pages. Price, $6.00. of Instruments used in the Transaction of Business. By WILLIAM TRACY, LL. D. 8vo, 690 pages.

In the preparation of this guide book, the author has sought to give, within the limits of a single portable volume, all the information necessary to enable the

tourist to find his way, without difficulty, from place to What to Read, and How to Read, bhocaizhod uche parts of Europe as are generally being Classited Lists of Choice Reading with

Appro visited by American

and Englismeravellerate with few priate Hlints and Remarks, adapted to the General suscpescribed, and that iven the results of his own bonaReader

, to Subscribers to Libraries, and to persons ide researches. intending to form Collections of Books.

Brought M. D., formerly Professor in Oakland College, Missis

, for september, 1870. BY CHARLES H. Moore, Appletons' Journal. Monthly Part. No. sippi, and in Baltimore City College. 12mo, 152 pp.

21, containing weekly numbers for December. Price,


50 cents.

cal and Therapeutical Action of the Galvanic Current upon the Acoustic, Optic. Sympathetic, and PneumoRastric Nerves. By WILLIAM B. NEFTEL, M.D. 12m0, 161 pages. Price, $1.50.

itualism. By WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, and of Clinical Medicine, in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College; Physician-in-Chief to the New York State Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System; etc., etc., etc. One vol., 12no, 86 pages.

Cloth. Price, $1.00.

trations. Cloth, 12mo.

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Quarto. In Cloth, Gilt, $5.00; Full Morocco, $9.00.


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An elegant small quarto volume, of ninety-six pages, richly and fully illustrated with

Engravings from Drawings on wood, by BIRKET Foster, Hows, and others. Engraved and printed in the most perfect manner. In cloth, gilt sides and edges, $3; in morocco, antique, and morocco, gilt, $7. New York: D. APPLETON & Co., PUBLISHERS, 90, 92 AND 94 GRAND STREET.

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