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ST. - Jul 1, 1871.

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cession. 8vo, cl.-Law's Serious Call. ; 545 RADCLIFFE (Mrs.) The Roma. 12mn, bf.

1820. — Turockmorton's of the Forest. 3 vols. 12ino, hf. cf. nt. Lond. Letters to the Catholic Clergy of England. 1796.

2 75 8vo, hf. of. 1792.—Hay's Sincere Cbristian Instructed. 2 vols. 24mo, cl 1843. R. Cath. 546 BREMNER (R.) Excursions in

-Report of the Discussion between Rev. the Interior of Russia. 2 vols. 8vo, old cl. John Cimming and Dupiel French. Sni. Svo, worn. Lond 1839.

1 25 old cl. 1841.—Christian Biography: Lives of Col. Gardiner, Toplady, &c. 18mo, hf. old

547 DUGDALE (Sir Wm.) A Short cf.Huller's Letters to his Daughter on the View of the Late Troubles in England. sm. Truths of the Christian Religion. 12mo, bf. fol. old et rubbed. Oxford. 1691. Fine por. roan. 1780.

trait of Charles I.

1 75 531 BURNETT (C. M.) The Power, 548 MORLEY (W. H.) The Adminis. Wisdom and Goodness of God, as displayed in tration of Justice in British India ; its past the Animal Creation. 8vo, cl. Lood. 1838. history and present state. roy. 8vo, cl. Lond. 5 plates on wood. 459 pp. 1 00 1858.

I 50 532 VERTOT (Abbé de), History of

549 CHRONICON Monasterii de Bel. the Revolutions of the Roman Republic. 2 10 (Battle Abbey). 8vo, bf. roan. Lond. 1861. vols. 'sm. 8vo, cf, worn. 1740. 0 75

1 00 533 BELLAMY (J.) History of all Re-i 550 CANNING (Rt. Hon. Geo.) Politiligions. sm. 8vo, hf. cf. slightly rubbed. cal Life, by his Private Secretary, A. G. Sta. Lond. 0 75 pleton. 3° vols. Svo, cl. won. Lond. 1831.

2 00 534 APELLES SYMBOLICUS, exbibens seriem amplissimam Symbolorum, 551 OTTLEY (D.) Observations on poetisqae, oratoribusque ac verbi Dei prædi Surgical Diseases of the Head and Neck, secatoribus Conceptus subministraps varios; lected from the Memoirs of the Royal Acadeauctore J. M. von der Ketten. 2 vols. stout my of Surgery of France. 8vo, cl. Lond. 12mo, old cf. nt. Amstel. 1699. Plates of Em. Syden. Soc. 1848.

1 00 blems on copper. Scarce.

3 25

552 LOUIS (P. C. A.) Researches in 536 VENN (J.) Life and Selections from Phtheis, anatomical, pathological, and therathe Letters of Rev. H. Venn, Author of "The peutical. 8vo, cl. London. Syden. Soc. 1844. Complete Duty of Man," &c. 8vo. hf. cf. 571 pp.

1 25 Lond. 1837. Title injured.

1 25

553 BAIRD (Rev. R.) Religion in the 537 CERVANTES. Histoire de l'ad- United States. thk. 8vo, cl. Glasg. 1844. mirable Don Quichotte. 6 vols. 18mo, old

1 25 cf. Francf. 1757. Copper-plates.

2 75

554 GLEIG (G. R.) The Chelsea Pen538 DUNCOMBE (Thos. Slingsby). sioners, a Novel. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, bds. Lond. Life and Correspondence, by his Son.

1 00 8vo, old cl. Lond. 1868. Portrait. 3 00

555 SIX DRAMAS Illustrative of Ger539 CRICHTON (K.) Before the man Lite: from the Original of the Princess Dawn; a Tale of Italy. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, old Amalie of Saxony. cr. 8vo, cl. 1848. Six cl. Lond. 1860. 0 75 plates.

0 75 540 VERNEVIL (C. de) An original

556 CLARKSON (Thos.) A Portraitand condensed Grammar of Harmony, Coun- ure of Quakerism. 3 vols. 8vo, bf. rus. Lond. terpoint and Musical Composition. roy. 8vo,


1 50 cl. Lond. 1850.

2 23

557 YOUATT (W.) The Pig: a Treat 541 BROWN (Dr. Thos.) Lectures on

ise on the Breeds, Management, &c. of Swine.

1 00 the Philosophy of the Mind. 4 vols. 8vo, hf. 3vo, cl. Lond. 1847. Cuts. cf. nt., very slightly rubbed. Edin. 185). Por. 558 HARRIS (Jame). Works: (Tbreo trail.

9 00 Treatises, on Art; on Music, Painting and 542 GOLDSMITH.

Poetry; on Happiness: Hermes : Philosophi

Grecian Histo- cal Arrangenients: Philological Inquiries.) ry. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. worn. Lond. 1785. 0 80 2 vols. 4to, hti of. slightly rubbed." Loud.

2 50

1801. Water-stained. 543 SAURIN (Rev. James). Sermons, from the French, by Robinson, Hunter and 559 BECKFORD (P.) Tboughts on Sutcliffe : revised by Rev s Burner. 6 vols. Hunting. Sm. 4to, cf. rebkd. Saruin. 1781. 8vo. bf. cf. slightly rubbed. Lond. 1824. Por- Names in ink on title.

1 25 trait and title of first vol. slightly spotted.

560 GIBBON. Miscellaneous Works, 8 50

with Memoirs of his Life and Writings com544 PEARCE (N.) Life and Adventures vosed by himself; edited by Loru Sheffield. during a Residence in Abyssinia, from 1810 to 5 vols. sm. 8vo, bf. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1814. 1819; writteu by bimselt. 2 voly. cr. 8vo, br. Portrait water-stained and title of first vol. smooth mor, nt. Lond. 1831. 2 50 spotted. Best edition.

7 00

vols. 1829.

EWTON (Rev. Jo. • Won 571 CATALOGUE des Livres de la with Life, by Rev. R. Cecil. Thk. imp. 8vo, cl Bibliothèque de P. A, Crevenna. 5 rols in 3 Loud. 1839. Portrait sported.

3 00 8vo, cf. Amster. 1789. 552 PIM (J.) The Conditions and Prospects of Ireland. 8vo, cl. Dubl. 1848. O 75 cal Life of Sir Robert Peel; an Analytical B:

572 DOUBLEDAY (T.) The Polit563 MCCULLOCH (J. R.) Dictionary ography. 2 vols. in 1., thik. 8vo, hf. cf. I'. Goographical, Statistical and Historical, of Lond. 1856.

2 58 the various Countries, Places and principal Natural Objects in the World. 2 vols. stout ted by Cotton. 3 vols. sm. 8ro, old ef. worn

573 MONTAIGNE. Essays, transl8vo. half mur. Lond. 1851. Maps. 1990 pages, Lond. 1711. double column, small type.


574 MORGAN (Lady). France. 2 vols. JANE and of Two Years of Queen Mary,

8vo, bds. Lond. 1817.

1 00 especially of Wyat's Rebellion. Sm. 4to, cl. 575 PLUMMER (Rev. M.) Observa Lond. Camden Soc. 1850.

1 25 tions on the Book of Common Prayer. 12mo, 565 NUGÆ ANTIQUÆ; being a

cl. Lond. 1847.

0 49 Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers

576 CONYBEARE (W. J.) Essays, in Prose and Verse; written in the Reigns of Ecclesiastical and Social, from the Edinburgh Henry VIJI., Mary, Eliz., Jas. I., &c., by Sir Review. 8vo, old cl. Lond. 1855.

1 00 John Harrington and others. 3 vols. 12mo, 577 HOME AND FOREIGN RE. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1792.

2 75 VIEW, from commencement 1862, to 1864, 566 HALY (W.T.) The Opinions of Sir incl. 4 vols. stout 8vo, hf. roan nt. Lood. Robert Peel, expressed in Parliament and in Complete.

6 00 Public. cr. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1843. O SO 578 THE EAST INDIA Sketch

567 KNOX (V.) Essays, Moral and Lit. Book. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. cl. Lond. 1832. 0 75 erary. 3 vols. 12mo, sbp. worn. Lond. 1803.

579 ELLIS (G. V.) Dimonstrations of 1 00

Anatomy: a Guide to the Knowledge of the 568 DEWAR (D.) Elements of Moral Human Body by Dissection. Thk. cr. 8vo, hf. Pbilosopby and Christiar Ethics. 2 vols. 8vo, roan. Lond. 1852.

2 50 old musl. Lond. 1826.

1 00

580 JAQUEMONT (V.) Letters from 569 PETRARCH. Life of; by Mrs India; describing a Journey in the Briti-h Dolsou. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. word. Lond. 1775. Dominions of India, Tbibet, and Cashmere, in Titles soiled.

0 75 1828-1, undertaken by order of the French 570 DEE (Dr. John). Private Diary. Goveroment. 2 vols. 8vo, bf. cf. Lond. 1834. tbin sm. 4to, cl. Lond. Camden Soc. 1842. 1 25

2 00

Stanley's Familiar History of Birds.

1 1 Vol. 12310, Cloti. Lond. 1865. 440 PP. PRINTED ON TONED PAPER, WITH NUMEROUS CUTS.

PRICE $1 00.

A great and remarkable work."-ATHENÆUM.

The Dialogues of Plato,





Master of Baliol College, Regius Professor of Greek in the University of Oxford. 4 VOLS. LARGE AND THK. 8vo, CLOTH. OXFORD. 1871.

PRICE, 920 00. "The present work of Prof. Jowett will be welcomed with profound interest as the only adequate evdeavor to travsport the most pre jous monument of Grecian thought among the familiar treasures of English literature."--TRIBUNE.

Titles in this Type are of NEW BOOKS, either Recently Published

or in Press.
The Prices in this List, except where otherwise specified, are for copies in Cloth.



ABBOTT'S (A. O.) Prison Life in the South. ABBOTT'S (John S. C.) Child at Home. ll.


.........16ıno$1 00

Mother at Home. Illustrated.....16mo 1 00 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Franconia Stories. Il

lustrated. 10 vols. 16mo, per vol. 90 History of the French Revolution of Malleville. Stuyvesant.

1789. 100 Engravings......... 8vo 5 00 Mary Bell. Agnes.

Kings and Queens. Illustrated....12mo 1 75 Ellen Linn. Mary Erskine.

Life of Frederick the Great. Wallace. Rodolphus.

Handsomely Illustrated. (Just Ready.) Beechnut. Caroline.

Napoleon Bonaparte. Maps, Woodcuts,

and Portraits on Steel. 2 vols. 8vo 10 00 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Little Learner Series.

Napoleon at St. Helena. Illustrated. 8vo 5 00 Illustrated. 5 vols. 16mo, per vol. 90

Practical Christianity.

.16mo 1 00 Learning to Talk. Learning to Read.

Romance of Spanish History: IllusLearning to Think. Learning about Com

trated ....

.12mo 2 00 mon Things.

(Lyman) Life of Christ. Finely IllusLearning about Right and Wrong.


.Crown 8vo 3 50 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Marco Paul Series. Il

Old Testament Shadows of New Testa. lustrated.......6 vols, 16mo, per vol. 90

ment Truths. Elegantly IllustraIn New York. In Vermont.

ted. ......

........8vo 3 00 On the Erie Canal. In Boston.

ABERCROMBIE on the Intellectual Powers. In the Forests of Maine. | Springfield Armory.

18mo 75 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Rainbow and Lucky Se

On the Moral Feelings...............18mo 73 ries. Illustrated. 5 vols. 16mo, per vol. 90 ABERCROMBIE'S Miscellaneous Essays. llandie. The Three Pines. 75 Rainbow's Journey. Selling Lucky. ABERNETHY'S Memoirs. By Macilwain. Up the River. 1 50 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Science for the ADDISON'S Complete Works. 3 vols. 8vo 6 00 Young. Illustrated.

Spectator. Selections from...2 vols. 18mo 1 50 Heat......

.12mo 1 50 ÆSCHYLUS. Greek Text. Edited by Paley. Light...... ...... 12mo 1 50

18mo 75 Land and Water. (In Press.)

Literally Translated.....

.12mo 1 50 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Story Books. See HARPER'S

Translated by Potter ............. .18mo 75 STORY Books.

AGUILAR'S Home Influence

.12mo 1 00 Summer in Scotland. Illustrated..12mo 1 75 Dother's Recompense........... 8vo, Paper 75 The Teacher. Revised and Enlarged. AIKEN'S Evenings at Home. Illustrated. Illustrated...... ..12mo 1 75

12mo 1 50 Young Christian Series. Illustrated.

Juvenile Budget Opened........ .18mo 75 4 vols. 12mo, per vol. 1 75 Juvenile Budget Reopened ...... .18mo 75 The Young Christian. The Way to do Good.

AINSWORTH'S Crichton. A Novel. 12mo 1 50 The Corner Stone. Hoaryhead & M•Donner. ALAMANCE. A Novel............8vo, Paper 50 ABBOTTS' Illustrated Histories. Maps and

ALCOCK'S Japan. The Capital of the Engravings............16mo, per vol. 1 20

Tycoon. Maps and Illustrations. Cyras the Great. Queen Elizabeth.

2 vols. 12mo 3 50 Darius the Great. Charles I.

ALDEN'S Alice Gordon. Illustrated...18mo 75 Xerxes. Charles II.

Dying Robin and other Tales....... 18mo 75 Alexander the Great.

18mo Elizabeth Benton Josephine.

75 Romulus.

18mo Lawyer's Daughter...,

75 Maria Antoinette. Hannibal. Madame Roland. Schoolmistress.....

...18mo 75 Pyrrhus. Henry IV.

ALFORD'S Greek Testament. Vol. I. The Julius Cæsar. Peter the Great.


..8vo 6 00 Cleopatra. Genghis Khan. ALISON on Taste

.12mo 1 50 Nero. King Philip.

ALISON'S History of Europe. First Series. Alfred the Great. Hernando Cortez.

4 vols. 8vo 8 00 William the Conqueror. Margaret of Anjou.

Second Series.... .4 vols. 8vo 8 00 Richard I. Joseph Bonaparte.

Life of Marlborough. Maps. 12mo 1 75 Richard II.

Queen Hortense. AMERICAN Wit and Humor. Anecdotes Richard III. Louis XIV.

and Facetix. Illustrated by JOHN Mary Queen of Scots. Louis Philippe. (In


...........8ro, Paper 1 00 Press.)

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........ 12mo

per vol. 1 50

PRICE ANDERSEN'S Improvisatore. A Novel. BAILLIE'S Life Studies ..................16mosi @o

8vo, Paper$ 50 BAIRD'S (Rev. H. M.) Modern Greece. IlOnly a Fiddler and 0. T. A Novel.


....12.0 1 50 8vo, Paper 50

(Rev. Robert) Religion in America... 8vo so ANDERSSON'S Lake Ngami. Explorations BAKER'S (Sir Samuel W.) Cast Up by the and Adventures in Southwestern


..12mo ja Africa. Illustrated.. .12mo 1 75 BAKER'S (Wm.) New Timothy. 12mo 1 50 Okavango River. Map, Steel Portrait,

'Inside: a Chronicle of Secession......8ro 1 73 and numerous Woodcuts.........Svo 3 25

Paper 1 3 ANDREWS'S Latin-English Lexicon. 8vo, BALBOA, CORTEZ, and PIZARRO, Lires

Sheep 6 00

......18mo ta ANNE Furness. By the Author of “Ma

BALDWIN'S Hunting in South Africa. bel's Progress."..........8vo, Paper

Portrait, Map, and Woodcuts.. 12mo 1 50 ANNIS WARLEIGH'S Fortunes. A Novel.

(J. D.) Pre-Historic Nations........12mo 1 13 By Holme Lee..............8vo, Paper 75

BANCROFT'S Miscellanies...............850 3 ANTHON'S (Prof. Charles) Classical Series.

BANIM'S Smuggler (The). A Norel...12mo 1 34) The vols. of this series are bound in

BANKRUPT Bill, the New. With Kores, Sheep.

&c. By Edwin James. With Gen. Classical Dictionary

.8vo 6 00

eral Orders and Forms.............Bro 4 (0 Latin-English and English-Latin Dic

Sheep 5 10 tionary

..8vo 3 50 RANKRUPT Law. With General Orders Ancient Geography ......... .........8vo 3 00

and Forms......... ......... 8vo, Paper S Manual of Greek Literature.........12mo 1 50 BARBAULD'S Things by their Right Manual of Greek Antiquities. ,12mo 1 50


......18mo 73 Manual of Roman Antiquities .12mo 1 50 BARNES'S Lectures on the Evidences of Latin Lessons....

12mo 1 25

...12mo 173 Latin Prose Composition

12mo 1 25

Notes on the Psalms. 3 vols. 12mo, Key

75 Zumpt's Latin Grammar .12mo 1 50

Notes on the New Testament. Abridged...12mo 1 00

For Bible - Classes and Sunday Latin Versification

,12mo 1 25

Schools. Complete in 11 rols. Key........ ..12mo 75

12mo, per vol. 1 50 Latin Prosody.

.12mo 1 25

(New Edition in Press.)
Cæsar. Map, Portrait, &c..........12mo 1 50

The rols. sold separately.
Virgil's Æneid...

.12mo 1 75 Gospels. 2 vols. (Rendy.) Thessalonians, Timoths, Virgil's Eclogues and Georgics..... 12mo 1 75 Acts. 1 vol. (Rendy.) Titus, and Pbilemos. Sallust...

.......12mo 1 50 Romans. 1 vol. (Ready.) 1 vol. Horace....

.......12mo 1 75 I. Corinthians. 1 vol. IIebrews. 1 rol. Cicero's Orations...... .....12mo 1 50 II. Corinthians and Ga- James, Peter, Jolin, and Cicero's Tusculan Disputations.....12mo 1 50

latians. 1 vol.

Jude. 1 rol. Cicero de Senectute, Amicitia, &c..12mo 1 50 Ephesians, Colossians, Revelation. 1 vol. Cicero de Officiis....

..12mo 1 50 and Philippians. 1 vol. Tacitus.....

.12mo 1 50 BARNES'S Questions on Notes to New TestCornelius Nepos.......

.12mo 1 50

ament. 7 vols. 18mo, per rol.
Juvenal and Persius...
12mo 1 50 Vol. I. Matthew.

Vol. IV. Acts.
First Greek Lessons
12mo 1 25 II. Mark and Luke.

V. Romans.
Greek Prose Composition.. .12mo 1 25 III. John,

VI. Corinthians.
Greek Grammar....

12mo 1 25

VII. Hebrews.
New Greek Grammar............. .12mo 1 50 BARNES'S (W. H.) History of the Thirty.
Greek Prosody......

.12mo 1 25

ninth Congress. With 18 Steel EnJacobs's Greek Reader...... .........12mo 1 50 gravings.

.8vo 5 00 Xenophon's Anabasis....... .12mo 1 50 BARROW'S Arctic Voyages.

12mo 1 00 Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates. 12mo 1 50 Life of Peter the Great

18mo 75 Homer's Iliad .........

12mo 1 75 Pitcairn's Island. Mutiny of the Bounty. APOSTLES and Early Martyrs......... 18mo


18mo 15 ARABIAN NIGHTS. Edited by Lane. 600

BARTH'S Travels and Discoreries in Africa. Engravings.... .....2 vols. 12mo 3 50

Map and numerous Engravings.

3 vols. Sro 12 00 ARIZONA and Sonora. By Mowry...12mo 1 50 BARTLETT'S Nile Boat. Glimpses of ARMINIUS. Life of, by Bangs.........18mo 75

Egypt. Elegantly illustrated. sro 4 00 ARMSTRONG'S Agriculture 18mo 75 BARTON'S Grammar. Revised and EnARTHUR'S Italy in Transition 12mo 1 50


16mo Tongue of Fire. Power of Christianity.

BAYLE'S Anatomy

18mo 1 00 12mo 1 25 BAZAR Book of Decorum.

16mo 1 00 ATKINSON'S Amoor Regions. Map and BEATTIE'S Life of Thomas Campbell. Woodcuts ..8vo 3 50

2 vols, 12mo 3 00 Siberia, Oriental and Western. Map BEAUCHESNE'S Louis XVII. Vignettes, and Woodcuts .... ..........8vo 3 50

Plans, and Autographs..2 vols. 12mo 4 00 BACHELOR of the Albany. A Novel..12mo 1 50 BEAUMARCHAIS and his Times......12mo 1 50 BACON and LOCKE'S Essays..........18mo 75 BECK'S Botany of the United States...12mo 1 59




BECKWOURTH'S Autobiography. Indian BLESSINGTON'S (Countess) Memoirs. Life and Adventure. Eng's....12mo$1 50

Portrait .......2 vols. 12m093 00 BEECHER'S (Miss C. E.) Appeal to the BOGUE'S Theological Lectures ........... 8vo 2 50

People, as the Authorized Interpret. BONAPARTE (Abbott's), Life of. 2 vols. 8vo 10 00

ers of the Bible........ .........12mo 1 50 Court and Camp of ....... ........18mo 75 Common Sense applied to Religion; or,

Lockhart's Life of........ ..2 vols, 18mo 1 50 the Bible and the People.......12mo 1 50 BONNECHOSE'S Reformers before the Domestic Economy......

.12mo 1 50

Reformation................8vo, Paper 75 Domestic Receipt Book ............ .12mo 1 50 BONNER'S Child's History of Greece. IlLetters to the People on Health and

lustrations ...... .2 vols, 16mo 2 50 Happiness ....

...16mo 1 00 Child's History of Rome. IllustraPhysiology and Calisthenics. Over 100


.2 vols, 16mo 2 50 Engravings.....

..16mo 75 Child's History of the United States. Religious Training of Children in the

New Edition, with Engravings....3 Family, School, and Church...12mo 1 75

vols, 16mo 3 75 BEECHER'S (Henry Ward) Sermons. From

Child's History of the Great Rebellion. Published and Unpublished Dis

Being Vol. III. of the above. Sold Portrait.......... 2 vols. 8vo 5 00

separately. Illustrations.......16mo 1 25 Morning and Evening Exercises. BORROW'S Lavengro..............8vo, Paper 75 Selected by Lyman Abbott. Crown

Romany Rye.

.....8vo, Paper 75 8vo 2 00 BOSWELL'S Life of Dr. Johnson. 2 vols. BEECHER'S (Rev. Lyman, D.D.) Life, &c.

8vo 4 00 Portraits and Woodcuts. 2 vols. 12mo 5 00 BOTTS'S (John Minor) The Great Rebellion: BEGGAR on Horseback (A). A Novel.

Its Secret History, Rise, Progress, 8vo, Paper 35

and Disastrous Failure ....... 12mo 2 50 BELCHER'S (Lady) Mutineers of BOUND to John Company. Illustrated. the Bounty. Illustrations. 12mo 1 50

8vo, Paper 75 BELIAL. A Novel................8vo, Paper 50 BOURBON Prince, Louis XVII., History of BELKNAP'S American Biography. 3 vols.

16mo 75 18mo 2 25 BOURNE'S Famous London Merchants. IlLife (Jeremy Belknap, D.D.)...... 12ino 1 50


.16mo 1 00 BELLOWS'S (H. W.) The Old World in its BOYD'S Rhetoric and Literary Criticism. New Face................. 2 vols. 12mo 3 50

18mo 75 BELL'S (Sir Charles) Mechanism of the

Moral Philosophy.........

.....12mo 1 50 Hand...

....12mo 1 00 BRACKETT'S History of U.S. Cavalry. En(H. G.) Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2


12mo 2 00 vols. 18mo 1 50 BRADDON'S (M. E.) Aurora Floyd ....8vo, (Miss) Julia Howard .......... 8vo, Paper 50


75 (R.) Life of George Canning........12mo 1 00

Birds of Prey. Engravings..8vo, Paper 75 BEMENT'S American Poulterer's Compan

Charlotte's Inheritance........ 8vo, Paper 50 ion. Engravings.................. 8vo 2 00

Dead-Sea Fruit. Engravings..8vo, Paper 50 BENEATH the Wheels. A Novel. 8vo, Paper 50

Eleanor's Victory .......... ..8vo, Paper 75

50 BERQUIN'S Child's Friend..............18mo

Fenton's Quest. Illust..8vo, Paper 75

John Marchmont's Legacy....8vo, Paper 75 BETHUNE (Joanna), Memoirs of, by her

BRANDE'S Encyclopædia of Science, LiterSon ..... ........12mo 1 50

ature, and Art.

.8vo, Sheep 6 00 BIART'S Adventures of a Young

BREACH of Promise. Novel. 8vo, Paper

50 Naturalist. 117 Illustr. 12mo 1 75 BRED in the Bone. By the Author of BIBLICAL Legends of the Mussulmans..12mo 1 00 “Carlyon's Year.” İll's..8vo, Paper 50 BICKERSTETH'S Life, by Birks. 2 vols. BREMER'S Ilomes of the New World. 2 12mo 3 00

vols. 12mo 3 00 BIGELOW'S (L. J.) Bench and Bar.

The Neighbors.......... .. 8vo, Paper 50 New Edition...............Crown 8vo 2 00 The Home.....

50 BIGELOW on the Useful Arts... 2 vols. 12mo 3 00 The President's Daughters

25 BLACK'S (W.) In Silk Attire. A Novel.

New Sketches of Every-Day Life..

50 sro, Paper 50 The H. Family....

50 Kilmeny. A Novel...........8vo, Paper 50

Nina ......

50 Love or Marriage? A Novel. 8vo, Paper 50 Parsonage of Mora

25 The Monarch of Mincing-Lane.

Brothers and Sisters.

50 Illustrated..... .........8vo, Paper 50 Midnight Sun....

25 BLACKMORE'S (R. D.) Cradock Nowell. BREWSTER'S Life of Sir Isaac Newton.18mo 75

8vo, Paper 75 Letters on Natural Magic. Eng's..18mo 75 BLACKSTONE'S Commentaries. Edited

Letters on Natural Philosophy. 2 vols. by Wendell... 4 vols. 8vo, Law Sheep 12 00

18mno 1 50 BLACKWELL'S (Mrs. A. B.) The

Martyrs of Science

.18mo 75 Island Neighbors. An Amer- BRODHEAD'S History of New ican Novel. Iil's.........8vo, Paper 75

York. Vols. I. and II..8vo, per vol. 3 00 BLAIR'S Sermons, with Life of Author...Svo 2 00 BROSTÉ Novels (The). BLAKE'S American Revolution. Maps and

Jane Eyre. By Currer Bell (Charlotte Woodcuts .........18mo 75


.........12mo 1 50 Juvenile Companion..... ....18mo 75

810, Paper 75

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