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PRIOR HARPER'S Family Library-Continued. HARPER'S Massachusetts School Library, Murray's Historical Account of British America. 2

sanctioned by the Massachusetts volg.

Board of Education. 12mo Series,
Lossing's History of the Fine Arts.
Rennie's Natural History of Quadrupeds.

25 Vols., price $1 50 per Vol. JuLife and Travels of Mungo Park.

venile Series, 12 Volumes, price Parry's Three Voyages. 2 vols.

75 Cents per Vol.
Life of Dr. Johnson, with Selections from his Writ.
ing. 2 vols.

12mo Series.
Bryant's Selections from American Poets.

Paley's Natural Theology. 2 vols.
Halleck's Selections from British Poets. 2 vols,

Lives of Eminent Americane, 3 vols.
Keightley's History of England. 5 vols.

Duncan's Sacred Philosophy of the Seasons. 4 vols.
Hale's United States. 2 vols.

Bigelow on the Useful Arte. 2 vols.
Irving': Life and Writings of Oliver Goldsmith. 2 vols. Story's Exposition of the Constitution of the U.S.
Lives of Distinguished Men of Modern Times. 2 vols. Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 2 vols.
Renwick's Life of De Witt Clinton.

Buel's Farmer's Companion.
Mackenzie's Life of 0. 11. Perry. 2 vols.

Lieber's Great Events,
Head's Life of Bruce.

Mrs. Phelps's Fireside Friend.
Davenport's Perilous Adventures.

Everett's Practical Education.
Duer's Constitutional Jurisprudence of the United Olmsted's Letters on Astronomy.

Potter's Science applied to the Domestic Arts.
Belknap's American Biography. 3 vols.

Muller's History of the World. 4 vols.
Natural History of the Elephant.

Miss Beecher's Treatise on Domestic Economy.
Potter's Hand-Book for Readers and Students.
Mrs. A. J. Graves's Woman in America,

Jurenile Series.
Stone's Border Wars of the Revolution. 2 vols.

Mrs. Embury's Pictures of Early Life.
Vegetable Substances used for the Food of Man.

Jane Taylor's Pleasures of Taste and other Stories.
Schmidt's History of Education,

Miss Sedgwick's Means and Ends.
Pénélon's Lives of the Ancient Philosophers.

Dr. Aikin's & Mrs. Barbauld's Juvenile Budget Opened. Segur's History of Napoleon's Expedition to Russia. Dr. Aikin's and Mrs. Burbauld's Juvenile Budget Re2 vols.

IIenry's Epitome of the History of l’hilosophy. 2 vols. Miss Lee's Historic Tales for Youth.
Bucke's Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Mrs. Barbauld's Things by their Right Sames,

Scenes in Nature.
Lieber's Essays on Property and Labor.

Mire. Ellet's Rambles abcut the Country.
White's Natural History of Selborne.

Berquin's Child's Friend.
Wrangell's Expedition to Siberia.

Lives of Columbus and Vespucius.
Hazen's Popwar Technology. 2 vols.

Lives of Balboa, Cortez, and Pizarro.
Spalding': History of Italy and the Italian I-lands. HARPER'S New Miscellany of Popular Ster-
Lewis and Clarke's Travels, 2 vols.

[3 vols.
Fraser's History of Mesopotamia and Assyria.

ling Literature. 26 Volumes, Price Russell's History of Polynesia.

$26 00 per Set. The prices of the
Florian's Moors in Spain.

Works separately may be scen in
Michelet's Elements of Modern History.
Bacon's Essays, and Locke on the Understanding.

other parts of this Trade-List.
Voyages round the World.

Whewell's Elements of Morality and Polity. 2 vols,
Murray's Travels of Marco Polo.

Dendy's Philosophy of Mystery.
Sargent's American Adventure by Land and Sea. 2 Holmes's Life and Correspondence of Mozart.
Bunner'a History of Louisiana.

(vols. Dick's Practical Astronomer.
Lee's Elements of Geology.

Mackenzie's Life of Paul Jones. 2 vols,
Brougham's Pleasures and Advantages of Science.

l'arrott's Arcent of Mount Ararat.
Moseley's Illustrations of Mechanics,

Fuerbach's Remarkable German Criminal Trials. Selections from the Spectator. 2 vols.

Darwin's Voyage of a Naturalist round the World, Potter's Political Economy.

2 vols.
Maury's Principles of Eloquence.

Mrs. Farnham's Life in Prairie Land.
Robertson's History of America. Abridged.

Barrow's Voyages within the Arctic Regions.
Robertson's History of Charles V. Abridged.

Mrs. Somerville on the Physical Sciences.
Ferguson's History of the Roman Republics.

Biblical Legends of the Mussulmans.
HARPER'S Firesiile Library : expressly

Bell's Life of Hon. George Canning.

Keppel's Expedition to Borneo. adapted to the Domestic Circle, Sun

Taylor's Modern British Plutarch. day-Schools, &c. Cloth, Seventy

Schiller's Thirty Years' War. five Cents each.

Moore's Use of the Body in Relation to the Mind.

Schiller's History of the Revolt of the Netherlands.
Alden's Alice Gordon,

Salverte's Philosophy of Magic. 2 vols.
Alden's Lawyer's Daughter.

Francis's Orators of the Age.
Alden's Young Schoolinistress.

Moore's Power of the Soul over the Body.
Burdett's Arthur Martin.

Moore's Man and his Motives.
The Dying Robin,
Ellen Herbert; or, Family Changes.

HARPER'S New Monthly Magazine.
Mayhew's Good Genius that turned every thing into

per year's Subscription$4 00
William the Cottager.

per vol. 3 00 Mayhew's Magic of Kindness.

Index to Harper's Magazine,
HARPER'S Gazetteer of the World. 7 Maps.

Vols. I. to XL.

...8vo 3 00 8v0$5 75

HARPER'S Pictorial and Illuminated Bible.
HARPER'S Greek and Latin Texts...18mo,

Flexible Cloth, per vol.


Morocco, gilt edges, beveled and pan-
Cicero de Senectute. Euripides. 3 vols.


35 00
Herodotus, 2 vols. Morocco, gilt edges

32 00 Sallust. Xenophon.

Thucydides. 2 vols.

28 00 Æschylus.

Full Calf, gilt edges..

HARPER'S Hand-book for Travellers in Eu-

Sheets, folded

20 00 HARPER'S Pictorial History of the Great rope and the East. By W. P. Fet

Rebellion. With nearly One Thouridge. Tenth Year. ..... .12mo

sand Illustrations Portraits,
Leather, Tucks 5 00

Scenes, Maps, and Plans.
HAPPER'S Library of Select Novels. (See

Two Volumes...... . 4to, per vol. 6 00 p. 29.)

Issued in Numbers........




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PRICE HARPER'S Select Library of valuable

Standard Literature. Embracing
the most approved Works in the
various departments of human
knowledge, including History,
Voyages and Travels, Biography,
Natural History, the Physical Sci-
ences, Agriculture, Manufactures,
Arts, Commerce, Belles-Lettres, the
History and Philosophy of Educa-
tion, &c.

300 Volumes, uniformly
bound in Cloth. Per Set, Two
Hundred and Twenty-five Dollars.
The Volumes sold separately at the
prices affixed to their Titles in other

parts of this Trade-List. Abercrombie on the Intellectual Powers. Abercrombie on the Moral Feelings. Aguilar's (Miss Grace) Ilome Influence. Alden's Elizabeth Benton. Armstrong's Treatise on Agriculture. Bacon and Lock's Essays, Baillie's Life Studies. Barrow's Arctic Voyages. Barrow's Life of Peter the Great. Barrow's Pitcairn's Island and Mutiny of the Bounty. Beaumarchais and his Times. Belknap's American Biography. 3 vols. Bell's (R.) Life of Hon. George Canning. Bell's (IL. G.) Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 vols. Biblical Legends of the Mussulmans. Blake's History of the American Revolution. Blake's Juvenile Companion. Bonaparte (Napoleon), Court and Camp of. Brewster's Life of Sir Isaac Newton. Brewster's Letters on Natural Magic. Brewster's Martyrs of Science. Brougham's Pleasures and Advantages of Science. Bryant's Selections from the American Poets. Bucke's Harmonies and Sublimities of Nature. Bucke's Ruins of Ancient Cities. 2 vols. Buel's (Judge) Farmer's Instructor. 2 vola, Bunner's History of Louisiana. Butler's (Bishop) Analogy of Religion. Cate's (Miss E. J.) Year with the Franklins. Chaptal's Agricultural Chemistry. Circumnavigation of the Globe. Combe's (A.) Principles of Physiology. Combe's (G.) Constitution of Man. Cooke's Voyages Round the World, by Dr. Kippis. Craik's Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 2 vols. Crowe's History of France. 3 vols. Cunninghm's Lives of Painters and Sculptors. 5 yols. Curzon's Armenia and Erzeroom. Dana's (Mrs.) Young Sailor. Darwin's Voyage of a Naturalist. 2 vols. Davenport's Perilous Adventures. Davis's History of China. 2 vols, Day's History of Sandford and Merton. Dendy's Philosophy of Mystery. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, History of. 2 vols. 'Dick's Celestial Scenery. Dick's Sidereal Heavens. Dick's Improvement of Society. Dick's Practical Astronomy. Distinguished Females, Lives of. Distinguished Men of Modern Times, Lives of. 2 vols. Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier, Lives and Voyages of. Duer's Constitutional Jurisprudence. Dunham's History of Spain and Portugal. 5 vols. Dunlap's History of New York. 2 vols. Dwight's History of Connecticut. Edgar's History for Boye, Edgeworth's (Miss) Rosamond; with Engravings. Edgeworth's (Misa) Moral Tales. 2 vols. Elephant, Natural History of the. Euler's Letters on Natural Philosophy. 2 vols. Familiar Illustrations of Natural Philosopiy. Family Instructor; or, a Manual of Domestic Duties. Farnham's (M18.) Life in Prairie Land. Fénélon's Lives of Ancient Philosophers. Ferguson's History of the Roman Republic, abridged. Fuerbach's German Criminal Trials. Fletcher's History of Poland. Florian's History of the Moors in Spain. Flowers of Fable, from Northcote Æsop, &c Francis's Orators of the Age.

PRICE HARPER'S Select Library.-Continued.

Franklin's (Benj.) Life and Writings. 2 vols.
Fraser's History of Mesopotamia and Asayria.
Fraser's Historical and Descriptive Account of Persia.
Frost Beauties of English History.
Frost's Beauties of French History.
Gaylord and Tucker's American Husbandry. 2 voks.
Goldsunith's History of Greece, abridged.
Goldsmith's History of Rome, abridged.
Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield.
Graves's (Mrs. A. J.) Woman in America.
Griscom's Animal Mechanism and Physiology.
Hale's History of the United States. 2 vols.
Halleck's Selections from the British Poets. 2 voks.
Hazen's Popular Technology; or, Professions and

Trades. 2 vols.
Head's (Sir F. B.) Life of Bruce, the African Traveler.
Henry's (C. S.) History of Philosophy. 2 vols.
Higgins's Physical Condition of the Earth.
Ilotland's Son of a Genius.
Hofland's Young Crusoe.
Holmes's Life of Mozart.
Horne's New Spirit of the Age.
Howitt's (Mary) Who shall be Greatest?
Hughs's Ornaments Discovered.
Humboldt's Travels and Researches.
Hutton's Book of Nature laid open.
Icelard, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. }
Insects, Natural History of. 2 vols.
Isabel; or, Trials of the Heart.
James's Chivalry and the Crusades.
James's Life of Charlemagne.
Jameron's (Mrs.) Lives of Celebrated Female Sover.

eigns. 2 vols.
Jameson's (Professor) Discoveries in Africa.
Johnson's (Dr. S.) Life and selections, by Page. 2 vols
Jolin:on's (Dr. J.) Economy of Ilealth.
Keeping House and Housekeeping.
Keightley's History of England. 5 vols.
Keppel's Expedition to Borneo.
Lander's Travels in Africa. 2 vols.
Lanman's (James H.) History of Michigan.
Lee's (Dr. C.) Elements of Geology.
Leslie's Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas.
Lewis and Clarke's Travels. 2 vols.
Lieber's Essay on Property and Labor.
Lockhart's Life of Napoleon. 2 vol.
Lossing's Outline History of the Fine Arts.
Macaulay's History of England. 5 vols.
Mackenzie's Life of Com. O. H. Perry. 2 vols.
Mackenzie's Life of Paul Jones. 2 vols.
Maury's Principles of Eloquence.
Mayhew's Peasant-Boy Philosopher.
Mayhew's Wonders of Science.
Meines's Life of the Empress Josephine.
Michelet's Elements of Modern History.
M'Intosh's (Mies) Conquest and Self-Conquest.
Mölntosh's (Miss) Praise and Principle.
M'Intosh's (Miss) The Cousing: A Tale of Early Life.
M'Intosh's (Miss) Woman an Enigma.
Montgomery's Lectures on General Literature, Post-

ry, &c.
Moore's (Dr.) The Body and the Mind.
Moore's (Dr.) The Soul and the Body.
Moseley's Illustrations of Mechanics.
Mudie's Guide to the Observation of Nature.
Muloch's (Miss) A Hero and other Tales.
Murray's (Hughi) Historical Account of British Amer.

ica. 2 vols.
Murray's (Hugh) Travels of Marco Polo.
Nordhoff's Ieland-World Stories.
Nott's Counsels to Young Men.
Paley's Evidences of Christianity.
Paley's Natural Theology. 2 vols.
Parental Instruction,
Park's (Mungo) Life and Travels.
Parrott's Ascent of Mount Ararat.
Parry's Voyages toward the North Pole. 9 vols.
Paulding's Life of Washington, 3 vols.
Perils of the Sea,
Potter's Hand-Book for Readers and Students.
Potter'a Political Economy.
Rennie's Natural History of Quadrupeds.
Rennie's Natural History of Birds.
Renwick's First Principles of Chemistry.
Renwick's Natural Philosophy.
Renwick's Practical Mechanics,
Robertson's Life of Charles the Fifth, abridged.
Robertson's History of the Discovery of America,

Robins's Tales from American History. 3 vols.

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HARPER'S Select Library-Concluded.

HARPER'S Story Books—Continued.
Russell's History of the Barbary States.

The Volumes may be had separately,
Russell's History of Nubia and Abyssinia
Russell's History of Palestine.

the large oues at $1 75 each, the Russell's llistory of Polynesia.

others at 90 cents each.
Russell's Life of Oliver Cromwell. 2 vols.

Vol. I. Bruno.-Willie and the
Salkeld's Grecian and Roman Antiquities.
Salverte's Philosophy of Magic. 2 vols.

Mortgage.—The Strait Gate.
Sargent's American Adventure by Land and Sea. 2

Vol. II. The Little Louvre. vols.

Schiller's History of the Revolt of the Netherlands.
Schiller's llistory of the Thirty Years' War.

Vol. III. Virginia.—Timboo and
Schmidt's History of Education.

Joliba.—Timbco and Fanny.
Scott's (Sir W.) Letters on Demonology and Witch.

Vol. IV. The Harper Establish-
Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck.

ment.-Franklin.-The Studio.
Sedgwick's (Miss) Rich Poor Man and Poor Rich Man.
Sedgwick': (Miss) Live and Let Live.

Vol. V. The Story of Ancient
Sedgwick's (Miss) Stories for Young Persons.

History. - The Story of English
Sedgwick's (Miss) Meana and Ends.

History:—The Story of American
Sedgwick': (Miss) Love Token.
Segur's llistory of the Expedition to Russia, 2 vols.

Siebold's Japan and the Japanese.

Vol. VI. John True.-Elfred. -
Sismondi's Plistory of the Italian Republics.

The Museum.
Smedley's Sketches from Venetian llistory. 2 vols.
Smith's (II.) Festivals, Games, and Amusements.

Vol. VII. The Engineer.—Ram-
Somerville on the Physical Sciences.

bles among the Alps. — The Three Southey's (Robert) Life of Lord Nelson.

Gold Dollars.
Spalding's History of Italy. 3 vols.
Sparks's American Biography. 10 vols.

Vol. VIII. The Gibraltar Gal.
Spectator, Selections from ihe. 2 vols.

lery.—The Alcove.—Dialogues.
Stone's Border Wars of the Revolution. 2 yols.
Story (Judge) on the Con-titution of the United States.

Vol. IX. The Great Elm.-Aunt
Swiss Family Robinson. 2 vols.

Swiss l'amily Robinson, Continued. 2 vols.

Vol. X. Carl and Jocko.-Lap-
Switzerland, History of.
Taylor's (W. C.) Modern British Plutarch.

stone.--Orkney the Peacemaker.
Thatcher's American Revolution.

Vol. XI. Judge Justin.-Minigo.
Thatcher's Indian Traits. 2 vols.
Thatcher's Lives of Distinguished Indians. 2 rolz.

Thornbury's Life in Spain.

Vol. XII. Congo.- Viola. - Lit.
Ticknor's (C.) Philosophy of Living.

tle Paul.
Turner's Sacred History of the World. 3 vols.
Twin Trothers (The); or, Lessons in Charity.
Tytler': (Alex. 7.) Universal History. 6 vols.

HARPER'S Weekly. An Illustrated Fam-
Tytler': (P. F.) Northern Coasts of America.

ily Newspaper. ..per Numler$ 10
Uncle Philip's American Forest.
Uncle Philip's Natural History.

per year 4 00 Uncle Philip's Whale Fishery: 2 vols.

per vol. 7 00 Uncle Philip's History of Virginia.

Half Morocco 10 50
Uncle Philip's Lost Colonies of Greenland.
Uncle Philip's History of Massachusetts. 2 vols.

HARPER'S Writing and Drawing
Cucle 1 hiliy's llistory of New Hampshire. 2 vols.

Books. 6 Nos. now ready. Price,
Lpham's (T. C.) Disordered Mental Action.

per dozen 2 00
Vegetable Substances used for the Food of Man.
Voyages round the World.

HARRINGTON'S Inside: a Chronicle of Se-
Wealth and Worth; or, Which makes the Man?

cession, Illustrated

.....8vo 1 75 What's to be Done! or, the Will and the Way. Whewell's Morality and Polity. 2 vols.

Paper 1 25 White's Natural History of Selborne.

(Prof. C. S.) Plautus. With English
Williama's Life of Alexander the Grent.

Wrangell's Expedition to the Polar Sea.

12mo 1 25 Harper's School and Family Slate, HARRISON'S Latin Grammar..12mo, Sheep 1 50 with accompanying Cards.

Per dozen $9 00

HARRY Lee; or Hope for the Poor. Illus-

....12mo 1 50
HARPER'S School History. Maps and En-

..Square 12mo 300 HARRY'S Ladder to Learning. 250 Illus-
The Work in Three Parts-Ancient,


..Square 4to 75 English, and American History.

Summer in Ashcroft. Illustrations.

Square 4to 75
Price per Part 1 25
HARPER'S Story Books. A Series of Nar HASHEESH Eater (the). .....12mo 1 50

ratives, Biographies, and Tales, for
the Instruction and Entertainment

HASWELL'S Engineers’ Pocket-Book. 26th
of the Young. By JACOB AEBOTT.

Edition, Revised and greatly En-
Embellished with more than One


..12mo, Tucks 3 00 Thousand beautiful Engravings.

Mechanics' Tables.

.12mo 1 00 Square 4to, complete in 12 large


.12mo, Sheep 1 25 Volumes, or 36 small ones.

HAVEN'S Rhetoric...........

12mo 1 50 “HARPER's Story Books" can be obtained complete in Twelve Volumes,

HAYDN'S Dictionary of Dates. each one containing Three Stories,

With American Additions....... 8vo 5 00 for Twenty-one Dollars, or in Thirty

Sheep 6 00 six thin Volumes, each containing HAYDON'S Autobiography. By Tom TayOne Story, for $32 40.


.2 vols, 12mo 3 00





,12mo 1 00

8vo, Paper 25

18mo 60

HAZEN'S Popular Technology; or, Profes HOOKER'S First Book in Chemistry. Ensions and Trades. 84 Engravings.

gravings...... ..Square 410$ 90

2 vols. 18mo$1 50 Natural History. Engravings.....12mo 1 30 IIEAD'S (Rev. N.) Daily Walk with Wise

Science for the School and Family:
Men; being Religious Exercises for

Part I. Natural Philosophy. Engrave every Day in the Year.........12mo 1 75


...........12mo 1 30 (Sir F. B.) The Emigrant ...........12mo 1 25 Life of Bruce the African Traveler.. 18mo

Part II. Chemistry. Engr's....12mo 1 50

75 (Sir Geo.) Home Tour through the Man

Part III. Mineralogy and Geology. ufacturing Districts of England..12mo 1 25

Engravings........................12mo 1 50 HEARD'S History of the Sioux War.

HOOPER'S Medical Dictionary...810, Sheep 3 0

En. gravings.....

.12mo 1 75 HOPE'S Anastasius. A Novel .........12mo 1 150 HEIR Expectant. By the Author of HOPKINS'S IIistory of the Confessional. “Raymond's Heroine.”...810, Paper 50

12010 1 50 HELPS'S Spanish Conquest in America.

IIORACE. Text. Edited by Prof. Anthon 4 vols. 12mo, each 1 50

12mo, Sheep 1 75 HENRY'S History of Philosophy...2 vols.

Edited by Macleane. (Ilarper's Greek 18mo 1 50 and Latin Texts.)........

.18mo 75 HERODOTUS. Text. (llarper's Greek and

Literally Translated by Smart.....12mo 1 50 Latin Texts.). ............2 vols. 18mo 1 50

And Phædrus. Translated by Francis,&c.

2 vols, 18mo 1 50
Translated by Beloe.........3 vols. 18mo 2 25
Literally Translated by Cary.......12mo i 50 HORNE'S New Spirit of the Age. Sketches
Life and Travels of. By J. Talboy's

of Eminent Authors........
Wheeler. Maps........2 vols. 12mo 3 50 HOWE’S Eminent Mechanics...........12mo 1 25
HERSCHEL'S Natural Philosophy......12mo 1 50 IIOWITT'S (Mary) American History. En-
HERVEY'S Principles of Courtesy .. 12mo 1 50


..2 vols, 12mo 3 30 Rhetoric of Conversation...... .12mo 1 50 Author's Daughter. A Novel. HESEKIEL'S Life of Count Bismarck. Illustrations ......

.8vo 3 00

Heir of Wast Wayland. A Tale...12mo 1 5) HIDDEN Sin. With Illustrations.......8vo 1 50

Peasant and his Landlord............12mo 1 50

Tales in Prose. Engravings..

Paper 1 00 HIGGINS'S Physical Condition of the Earth.

Tales in Verse. Engravings.......18mo 6) Engravings....

Tales from Natural History .........18mo 6 ......18ino 75

Who shall be Greatest ?..... HILDRETH'S History of the United States.

(Win.) Country Year Book ..........12mo 1 30

6 vols. 8vo 18 00 Jack of the Mill. A Tale.....8vo, Paper 25 Theory of Politics ......... ..12mo 1 50 Homes and Haunts of the British Poets. HILLIARD'S Speeches and Addresses....Svo 2 50

Engravings...............2 vols. 12mo 3 50 HOFLAND'S (Mrs.) Czarina (the) 8vo, Paper 50 HUBBACK’S Wife's Sister.

A Norel.
Daniel Dennison. A Novel..8vo, Paper 50
Son of a Genius

Unloved One (the). A Novel..8vo, Paper

75 HUC'S Journey through the Chinese Einpire.

50 Young Crusoe.....

Map.. .......18mo

75 HOLLAND'S Foreign Reminiscences...12mo 1 25

HUGESSEN'S Puss-Cat Mew and HOLME'S (J. S.) Light at Evening

other New Fairy Stories. Il

lustrated......... Time...

.......4to 2 50 IUGIIS'S Ornaments Discovered...... 18mo 55 HOLMES'S (M.H.) Drawing-Books. 4 Numbers ready......... .Each

HUGO'S (Victor) Tlie Toilers of the Sea.

40 (Edward) Life of Mozart......... 12mo 1 00 HOLTON'S New Granada.

New and Elegant Edition, with two IlEngravings and Map..........

lustrations by Doré......8vo, Cloth 1 50

.8vo 3 OG HIOMANS'S Cyclopædia of Commerce ...Svo 7 50

HUMBOLDT'S Cosmos .........5 vols. 12mo 6 25

Travels and Researches..............18mo 15
Sheep 8 00
IIalf Morocco 10 00 HUMBOLDT (Alexander and William),
vols., Sheep 10

Lives of. Portraits
TIOME Advice. A Receipt Book ......12mo 1 25 AUME'S History of England...6 rols. 12mo 9 00
HOMER. Text. Edited by Prof. Anthon.

HUNGERFORD'S Old Plantation......12mo 1 50

12mo, Sheep 1 75 HUNT'S (Leigh) Autobiography....2 vols. Translated by Pope..........3 vols. 18mo 2 25 Iliad. Literally Translated.........12mo 1 50

Foster-Brother. A Novel....810, Paper 50 Odlyssey. Literally Translated....12mo 1 50

Men, Women, and Books....2 vols. 12mo 3 00 HOOKER'S Child's Book of Nature. Eng's. Part I, Plants......

HUNTER'S Sacred Biography.

...Square 4to 90 Part II. Animals............ Square 4to

HUTTON'S Book of Nature laid open...18mo 15

Part III. Air, Water, Light, Heat.

ICELAND, Greenland, and the Faroe Isl-
Square 4to 90

ands .....
The Three Parts complete in One Vol.

INCIIBALD'S A Simple Story. A Norel

. IIalf Leather 2 00

18mo 75

850, Paper 50

..2 vols, 12mo 3 00

.12no 1 35

8vo, Paper 75

12mo 1 50

12mo 300

..Svo 200




8vo, Paper

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INDEX to Harper's Magazine, Vols. JAMES'S Novels-Continued.
I. to XL.
......... 8vo$3 00 Corse de Lion......

.12mosi 50
IN Duty Bound. A Novel. Illustrated.

The Ancient Régime...... .12mo 1 50
8vo, Paper 50 The Man at Arms...

.12mo 1 50
INSECTS, Natural History of. 2 vols. 18mo 1 50

Charles Tyrrel

12mo 1 50
INSIDE: a Chronicle of Secession, By

The Robber

.12mo 1 50

12mo 1 50
George F. Harrington .. ..8vo 1 75

Paper 1 25
The Huguenot........

12no 1 50
IRVING'S (Rev. Edward) Life. By Mrs.

The King's Highway.

12mo 1 50
Oliphant. Portrait............... 8vo 3 50

The String of Pearls..

.12mo 1 25
(Washington) Life of Goldsmith..2 vols.

Mary of Burgundy....

.12ino 1 50
18mo 1 50

.12mo 1 50
John Marston Hall..

12mo 1 50
ISABEL, or, Trials of the Heart....... 18mo 75

The Desultory Man

.12mo 1 10
JACOB'S Greek Reader. Edited with Notes.
By Dr., Sheep 1 50 JANESON'S (Mrs.) Female Sovereigns...2

vols. 18mo 1 50
JAEGER'S North American Insects. En-

(Prof.) Africa ...

.18mo 75

....12mo 1 50
JARVES'S Art Hints......

.12mo 1 50
JAMES'S (Edwin) The New Bankrupt Bill.

Italian Sights. Engravings. ...12mo 1 50
With General Orders and Forms.

Parisian Sights. First Series. Engrav-
8vo 4 00

........ 12mo 1 50
Sheep 5 00

Second Series. Engrav-
JAMES'S Chivalry and the Crusades. 18mo 75


.12mo 1 50

.18mo 75 JAY and Hamilton. Lives, by Renwick.
Dark Scenes of History..............12mo 1 50

18mo 75
Henry IV. of France........2 vols. 12mo 3 00 JAY'S (Rev. Wm.) Complete Works...3 vols.
JAMES'S Novels.

Svo 6 00
Leonora d'Orco........ ..8vo, Paper 50 Morning and Evening Exercises.....8vo 2 00
The Old Dominion.... ..8vo, Paper 50 JEAFFRESON'S Isabel. A Novel.... 12mo 1 50

..8vo, Paper 50

Live it Down. A Novel.....8vo, Paper 1 00
A Life of Vicissitudes... ..8vo, Paper

Not Dead Yet. A Novel ... .8vo 1 75
Agnes Sorel
..8vo, Paper 50

Paper 1 25

.8vo, Paper 50

Olive Blake's Good Work. A Novel.
Aims and Obstacles... ..8vo, Paper

8vo, Paper 75
The Fate.....

.8vo, Paper 50 JEASIE'S Quiet Life. A Novel. By the Au-
The Commissioner
.8vo, Paper 1 00
thor of “St. Olare's." 8vo, Paper

Henry Smeaton..... ..8vo, Paper 50 JEFFERSON'S (Thos.) Domestic
The Old Oak Chest.... .8vo, Paper 50

Life. Illustrations......Crown 8vo
The Woodman...... ..8vo, Paper 75 JESSIE'S Flirtations. A Novel..8vo, Paper

The Forgery.

......8vo, Paper 50 JERROLD'S Chronicles of Clovernook. A
Thirty Years Since. ........8vo, Paper 75


..8vo, Paper 25
A Whim and its Consequences ...8vo, JEWSBURY'S (Miss) Adopted Child. A

Paper 50

.16mo 1 00
Gowrie ; or, the King's Plot..8vo, Paper


Constance Herbert. A Novel..8vo, Paper 30
Sir Theodore Broughton....... 8vo, Paper


Zoe. A Novel
The Last of the Fairies........ 8vo, Paper

..8vo, Paper 50

25 JILT (the). A Novel...
The Convict.....

.... 8vo, Paper 50
......8vo, Paper 50
Margaret Graham....

JOHNSON'S (A. B.) Lectures to Young
..8vo, Paper 25


..8vo, Paper 50
The Castle of Ehrenstein...... 8vo, Paper

(Dr. James) Economy of Health....18mo 75


(Dr. Samuel) Complete Works. Por-
... 8vo, Paper 75


.2 vols. 8vo, 4 00
.....8vo, Paper 50
The Step-mother..

Life, by Boswell. Portrait...2 vols. 8vo, 4 00

...8vo, Paper 1 25
The Smuggler.

Life and Writings, by Page.. 2 vols. 18mo 1 50

.8vo, Paper 75

Religious Life and Death............ 12mo 1 50

..8vo, Paper 50
Arrah Neil..

JONES'S Adventures in the South Pacific,

.8vo, Paper 50
Rose d'Albret.


12mo 1 50
.8vo, Paper 50
Arabella Stuart..

JUVENAL and Persius. Text.

Edited by
..8vo, Paper 50
The False Heir.

Professor Anthon.......12mo, Sheep 1 50
..8vo, Paper 50

JUVENAL and Persius. Literally Trans-

.... 8vo, Paper 50
The Club Book..


12mo 1 50
.........12mo 1 50
De L'Orme.......

JUVENAL and Persius. Translated. 18mo
......12mo 1 50

The Gentleman of the Old School...12mo i 50 KANE'S Chemistry. Edited by Draper. 250

12mo 1 50

.....800 2 00
Henry of Guise....

KATHIE Brande. A Novel
12mo 1 50

...........12mo 1 50
Henry Masterton.

12mo i 50 KATHLEEN, A Novel. By the Author
.12mo 1 50

of “ Raymond's Heroino."..8vo, Paper 50
Morley Ernstein...

12mo 1 50 KATIE Stewart. A True Story. A Novel.
One in a Thousand.

...12mo 1 50
Philip Augustus...

8vo, Paper 25
.12no 1 50 KAY'S Social Condition of the English.. 12mo 1 50
,12mo 1 50) KEEPING House and Housekeeping ...


Forest Days....

The Gipsy....

The Jacquerie.....

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