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SHAW. Examples of Ornamental Metal

Work, Drawn and Engraved by Henry

1 vol. 4to. Pickering, London,


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Wine, The Vine and the Cellar. By Thomas G. Shaw. 2d edition, revised and

eplargad. Illustrated, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth... SNOWDON. The Medallic Memorials of

Washington, together with the National and Miscellaneous Medals in the Cabinet of the Mint, with some Notices of the res, Minerals, etc., placed therein By J. R. Snowdon. 8 Plates.

A Description of the Coins, Ancient and Modern, in the Cabinet Collection a the

Mint of the United States. 8vo. Plates, .. SPEIRS. The Electrotyper's Manual. By

Wm. S. Speirs. 1 vol. 850. Dilustrated,

paper. Boffalo, 1869. SPENCER. Treatise on Music. By C. C. Spencer. (Weale's series.)

Art of Playing the Pianoforte. By C. C. Spencer. (Weale's Series) SPON'S Dictionary of Civil, Mechanical, Mil

itary, and Naval E: gineering, with techni. cal terms in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. To be published in about 60 parts. 32 pr. 8vo, illustrated.

Each part STAFFORD. Slate Tables, designed for

the use of slaters, quarrymen, architects, and de lers, with practical instructios for roofing, tables of sizes. and several other tables useful to builders, slaters, and others. By H. N. Stafford. 3d edition. New York,

1867. Tuck, 12m0...... STEWART. Sorghum, and its Products.

An account of Recent Investigations concerning the value of Sorghum in Sugar Production, together with a Description of the method of making Sugar and Refined Syrup from the plant. By F. L. Stwart. Philadelphia, 1867.

1 vol. 12mo, cloth..... STOKES Cabinet Makers' and Uphol

sterers' Companion, with illustrations.

By J. Stokes. 12mo, cloth... SWIFT. The Manual of the Hydrometor,

with chapters on oxydation and depositions in marine boilers. By Lionel Swift, R. N. London, 1870

TURNER'S (The) Companion, containing

Instructions in Concentric, Elliptic, and 9 00

Eccentric Turning
TYNDALL. Essays on the Cge and Limit
of the Imagination in Science. By John

1 75 8 00

Tyndall, F.R.S. 8vo, cloth. London, 1570

Water Analysis: a practical Treatise on the
Examination of Potable Water. By 1. Al-
fred Wanklyn and Ernest Theophron Chap-

man. 1 vol. 18mo, cloth. London, 1868,..

WABDER. Vineyard Culture Improved 4 50

and Cheapened. By Prof. A. Du Breuil,
Paris. Translated by E. and C. Parker, of

Longworth's Wine House. With notes and 4 50

adaptations to American culture, by John
A. Warder. With 114 illustrations. 1 vol.

12mo, cloth. Cincinnati, 1868
50 WARN. The Sheet Metal Worker's Instruc-

tor, for Zinc, Sheet-iron, Copper, and Tin 1 00

Plate Workers, and others. By R. H. Warn.
1 vol. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated by 32 Plates
and 37 wood Engravings. Phila,, 1870....

30 50 WE AT HERL Y. Treatise on the

Art of Boiling Sugar, Crystallizing, Lozenge.
making, Comfits, Gum Goods, and other
Processes for Confectionery, etc. By H.

50 WELLS. An Essay on Dew and the several

appearances connected with it. By Wm.
C. Wells. Edited, with Notes, by L. P.
Cassella, and an Appendix by R, Strachan.
London, 1566. I vol. Svo, cloth...........

250 WHEELER. Madras V. America: A

Hand-Book to Cotton Cultivation. By J. 3 50 T. Wheeler. New York, 1566. 1 vol. 12mo,

9 50 WINE, A Brief Discourse on How to Choose

It and How to Use It. With an account o
the produce and culture of the vine in all

ages and countries 12mo. London, 1860.
WOOD. Homes without Hands. Being &

Description of the Habitations of Animals. 1 50

Classed according to their Principle of Con-
struction. By the Rev. J. G. Wood. 1 vol.

8vo. Illustrated... 1 25

WYATT. The Industrial Arts of the Nine

teenth Century, at the Great Exhibition,
1851. By M. Digby Wyatt, 2 vols. folio,
half morocco

Metal Work and its Artistic Design. By 1 75

M. Digby Wyatt. 1 vol. folio, half morocco

2 00

cloth ......

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4 50

150 00




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American Artisan
$3 00 Journal de Mathematique...

*312 00
American Chemist.
5 00 Journal of Franklin Institute

6 00 American Journal of Mining.

4 00 Journal of Royal United Service Institution..
American Journal of Science

6 00 London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Journal of Phil.
American Gas Light Journal.
3 00 Science

21 00
Annales de Chimie et de Physique.
*12 00 London Journal of Gas Lighting

9 00 Annales des Ponts et Chaussees *8 00 Mining Magazine..

14 00 Aunales du Génie Civil... *8 00 Mechanics' Magazine

12 00 Annales des Mines 00 Mercantile Marine...

4 00 Army and Navy Gazette. 15 00 Monthiy Microscopical Journal.

10 00

5 00 Army and Navy Journal

6 00 Nature
Artisan (London). .
600 Nautical Magazine..

7 00 Builder..

5 00 11 00 Philadelphia Photographer... Chemical News.. 12 00 Quarterly Journal of Science..

12 00 Colburn's United Service Magazine, 24 00

10 00 Geological Society.


15 00 Engineer, including Supplements

12 00 Engineering 15 00

10 00 Microscopical Science.

3 00 Geological Magazine.

10 00 Scientific American..
Journal des Armes Speciales..
*16 80 Spectateur Militaire..

*14 00
Journal Scientitique des Deux Mondes.
10 00

5 00 Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engineering Jagazine..

5 40 Journal des Savans..

* 14 40 / Workshop (The)....

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* Prices to which a “star" is affixed are in gold,

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*** The following Catalogues, recently published, will be sent to any address upon application post-paid :

Catalogue of American and Foreign Military and Naval Books.” Printed on tine tinted paper, 74 pages, 16mo.

. Catalogue of Valuable and Standard Books, embracing Works in Military Science, History, Travel, and Popular Fiction, prepared principally for Use of the Regimental and Post Libraries, United States Army.” Printed on fine tinted paper, 92


“ Weale’s Series of Rudimentary and Scientific Works.”

8 pages,

Now ready, with 115 Double Plates (20 of which now first appear in this Edition), numerous Wood Engravings, and important additions to the Text, in 2 Vols., Imperial 4to, price $60, handsomely half-bound in morocco,





Illustrated by numerous Eramples, drawn to a large scale,

Assoc. INST. C. E., MEM. INST. M. E.,
Author of "A Record of the Progress of Modern Engineering,"? A Handy Book for the calculation

Of Strains in Girders,'' &c., &c.



EXTRACT FROM PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION. Much has been added to the Theoretical part, especially to Chapters III. and VII. In the latter an attempt has been made to lead the reader on to a clear conception of the action of shearing forces and bending moments on the several parts of open-webbed girders, with both parallel and inclined booms. This has necessitated the introduction of elementary matter, which the more advanced student will be able to pass over.

The Chapters on Arches and Suspension Bridges have been entirely rewritten; they will be found suggestive rather than exhaustive.

The results of some recent experiments have been added to the Tables of the strength of cast and wrought-iron and steel ; and the Tables of dimensions, weight, and cost of various iron bridges have been extended.

The Chapter on the “Practical Application of the Formulæ" will be found to coutain much additional information. The recapitulation of formulæ, which appeared at the end of this chapter in the first edition, has been in the present instance omitted, as the copious Index and enlarged Table of Contents will enable the formulæ given for any case to be readily found.

To the "Descriptive” portion of the treatise, four examples of bridges have been added--all of the suspension class ; they were really a necessary complement to the work

, as in the first edition no illustrations were given of structures of this type. Although three of the examples have already been published, I have deemed it advisable to insert them, as they may be considered fair representatives of what has been done in this particular branch of Engineering.

It will of course be understood that the whole of the letter-press has been subjected to a striet revision ; and great care has been taken to correct the typograpbical and other errors which were discovered in the few stereotype plates that have been retained. THE FOLLOWING SEVENTEEN PLATES AND DIAGRAMS ARE INSERTED

WITH THE TEXT, IN VOL I. Sections of Wrouht-Iron Girders - Sections of Wrought-Iron Bridges – Parapets of various Bridges --Punching, Shearing, and Riveting Machines --Coode's Diving Cylinder -- Milroy's Excavator -- Hughes' Method of Sinking Cylinders – Bridge Piers on the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway-Curve of Strains on Victoria Bridge, Australia-Curve of Strains on Victoria Bridge, Montreal -Curve of Strains on Slaiues Bridge, Curve of Strains on Britannia Bridge-Curve of Strains on Britannia Bridge - Results of Tests on Victoria Bridge, Pimlico - Proportions of Piers on Bombay, Baroda, and Central Iudia Railway - Results of Tests on Juuna Bridge-Results of Tests on Shannon Bridge,

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By the same Author,

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

23 Murray Street and 27 Warren Street.

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1 BURNET'S HISTORY OF The two works above contain fine illustrations on THE REFORMATION of the Church woud, many of which, however, have been poorly colored. of Eugland: with the Collection of Records 10 TOMLINE (Bp. G) Elements of and an Index; edited, with Notes, by Rev. E. Christian Theology. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. rubbed. Nares. 4 vols. imp. 8vo, hf. mor. nt., gt. top. Lond. 1804.

0 80 Lond. 1838. Twenty-two fine Portraits, Proofs 11 BROUGHAM (Lord). History of on India Puper.

25 00 | Eugland and Fiauce under the House of LanFINE LARGE PAPER COPY.

caster; with an Introductory View of the 2 MIDDLETON (Tbo.)

Lond. 1855.
A Tragi-

Early Reformation. 8vo, cl.
Coomedie called The Witch. Sm. 8vo, ht cr. Portraits of the author, of Henry IV., V. and


2 00 rubbed, uncut edges. Lond. 1778. 1 50 Shakspeare was greatly indebted to this play for his

12 GURNEY (W.) Lectures on the witchery in Macbeth. One HUNDRED AND FOURC PIES Pilgrim's Progress. 8vo, ct. Lond. 1833. were printed at the expense of Is. Reed.—Lowndes. Plates.

1 00 3 BRITISH REFORMERS. Se 13 CHESTERFIELD (Earl of). Life lections from the Works ot': cr. Evo, hf. oldot: or, The Man of the World. 2 vols. 12mo, rus. Lond. Sold separately at 50 cents per hf. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1774. Portrait. 0 75 vol.-Jno, Knox. -Jewell. -Cranmer,

14 SELDEN (Jo.) Analecton AngloRogers, Saunders, Taylor and Careless.

Britannicon.—Thesaurus Bellicus, a Poly-

Pbilpot, Hamilton and Ridley.

2 works in 1 vol. Sm. 410, old cf, much -Hooper.-Tindal, Frith and

Rostoch. 1616.

0 75 Barnes.Latimer.

15 EURIPIDES. Tragediæ et Frag-
4 DALLAWAY (H.) A Manual of Her-
aldry for Amateurg. 12mo, ht. mor. Lond. menta, ex recens. et cum Annot. G. Dindortir.
Pickering. 1828. Cuts.

Oxon. 1832–40. 2 00
4 vols. 8vo, bds. worn.
1 25

16 TROLLOPE (G.) Nota Philolog-
"4 useful work; the descriptions are concise and

icæ et Grammaticæ in Euripidis Tragedia.

0 80 5. STEBBING (Rev. H.) History of the 2 vols. 8vo, olt cl. Lond. 1828. Christian Church. 2 vols. 12mo, musl. Lond. 17 TERENTIUS. Comædiæ. 1853. Eng's titles spotted.

0 80 annot., cura J. A. Giles. Thk. 8vo, old cl. 6 REE'S CYCLOPÆDIA; or Uoi. Lond. 1837. Title and preface spotted. 0 75 versal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Liter 18 MISCELLANTES, collected and ature. Text, 39 vols.- Plates, 5 vols arranged by Earl Stavbope. Cr. 8vo, old cl. Maps, 1 vol. Together, 45 vols. 4to, hf. cf., Lond. 1863.

0 50 slightly rubbed; portion of b'ks. of two vols.

19 POOLE (G. A.) History of Ecclesias. ink-stained. Lond. 1819. Very numerous plates. tical Architecture in Eugland. 8vo, cl. Lond.

45 00
1848. Portrair of Inigo Jones.

1 50
Among the Contributors are Bonnycastle (Algebra);
Abernethy, Lawrence (Anatomy); Morgan (Annuities) :

20 HANKEY (T.) The Principles of Sir H. Elis, Strutt (Antiquities) : Brande, Sir Humphrey Banking, its Utility and Economy. Svo, cl. Davy (Chemistry); Lanaseer (Engraving); Donovan Lond. 1867.

1 25 (Natural History) : Sharon Turner (History); Dr. Burney (Music); Flaxman (Sculpture) ; Britton (Topog.

21 NEW EDINBURGH RE. raphy); &c.

VIEWVols. I. and II. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. cf.

0 80 7 THE FRAUDS of Romiso Monks Lubbed. Edin. 1821-22. and Priests. 12mo, old cf. nt. Lond. 1704. 22 NELSON (Admiral Lord). The Scarce.

1 75 Dispatches and Letters of., with Notes by Sir 8 LE ROBINSON SUISSE, ou N. H. Nicolas. 7 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1844. Histoire d'une Famille Suisse Naufragée :

Portrait spotted.

6 00 traduite de l'Allemande de Wysg. 12mo, bf. 23 COWAN (Dr. A.) Autbropaideia, or cf. Tours. 1861. 0 75 a Tractate on General Education. 2 vols.

0 75 ILE PILOTE WILLIS, pour faire 12mo, cf. worn. Lond. 1803. suite au Robinson Suisse, par A. Paul. 12mo, 24 SWITZERLAND, the Pioneer of bf. cf. Tours, 1860.

0 75 the Reformation; or La Suisse Allemande,


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4 25 Prophetical Books. 4 vols. 8vo, full polished

by La Countesse Dora d'Istria ; translated 34 HUNTER (J.) New Illustrations
from the French and comprising the Chapter of the Life, Studies and Writings of Shak-
suppressed by order of the Imperial Govern- speare : supplementary to all the editions. ?
ment in the Parisian edition of the work. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. gt. bk. Lond. 1845. Fine copy
vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1858.
1 75

Englished, Mythologiz'd and Represented in lieu, a Play: with Historical Odes. 8vo, ki
Figures, by G. Sandys. Sm. fol, old cf. very mor. nt., gt. top. Lond. 1839.
slightly worn. Lond. 1632. Eng'd title and 36 HALLIWELL (J. O.) Introdué-
frontispiece mounted. Copper-plates. 4 50 tion to Shakspeare's Midsummer Nights

Sandys is pronounced by Dryden to be the best rersi- Dream. Thin 8vo, hf. roan. Lond. Pickering fier of the last age; and Pope affirmedl, in his notes to the 1841. Scarce. *Iliad, that English poetry owed much of its present beauty to his (Sandys) translations."

37 MARLOWE (Christopher). Et 26 BROUGHTON (T. D.) Selections ward the Second ; Lust's Dominion; W 1881from the Popular Poetry of tbe Hindoos. Thin cre at Paris ; Tamburlaine, the two parts

. cr. 8vo, hf. ct. Lond. 1814. 0 60 Сr. 8vo, bf, mor. nt. Lond. 1818. 1%

Lin 27 KEMBLE (J. M.) State Papers and

38 GARDENSTONE (Lord). Travel Correspondence, illustrative of the social and livg Memorandums, made in a Tour on the political State of Europe, from the Revolution Continent. 2 vols, 12mo, cf. Edin. 1791, 075 to tbe Accession of the bouse of Hanover. 8vo, 39 TYERMAN AND BENNET. cl. Lond. 1857.

1 50 | Journal of Voyages and Travels in the South 28 VAUGHAN (Robt.)

Sea Islands, China, India, &c.; compiled by

Revolutions in English History. (Revolutions of Race; Lond. 1831. °Portraits, titles and a few pages

James Montgomery, 2 vols. 8vo, hf

. mer. in Religion ; in Government).

3 vols., stout slightly spotted. Plates. 8vo, cl., one vol. slightly worn. Lond. 1867.

7 75

40 BINGLEY (W.) North Wales: is. 29 MACKINTOSH (Sir Jas.). De- 2 vols. 8vo, bds. worn. Lond. 1804.

cluding its Scenery, Antiquities. Customs, dr. fense of the French Revolntion. Evo, hf. cf. word. Lond. 1791. First edition ; scurce. 0 85 2 vols, 8vo, hf. cf. wory. Lond. 1834.

41 COOK (Capt. S. S.) Sketches in Spain

, Contains passages suppressed in subsequent editions.

42 CASSELL'S BIOGRAPHIE 30 SPECIMENS OF THE CLAS. CALDICTIONARY; containing origi SIC POETS in a Chronological Series, n'ıl Memoirs of the most eminent Men and To from Homer to Tryphiodorus, translated into men of all ages and Countries. 1 vol. vers English verse, with biographical and critical thk. imp. 8vo, cl. Lond. Modern. Portraita notices, by C. A. Elton. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, hf. on wood. 1160 pages, double columns. mor. nt. Lond. 1814.

5 50 43 MAINTENON (Madame de). Let ** This valuable work contains passages from 60 an. ters of. 12mo, cf. worn. Lond. 1753. 175 cient poets, tiž., 33 Greek and 27 Latin.

44 LORD BYRON. 31 SHAKESPEARE'S PUCK and and Journals; by Thomas Moore. 'Roy, are, his Folkslore, illustrated from the Supersti- cl Lond. 1866. Fine illustrations on steel (fitt tions of all Nations, but more especially from portraits and four vicus). the earliest Religion and Rites of Northern Europe; by w. Bell. Vols. 1. and II. 12mo, cism on the first fourtren Historical Book of

45 HORSLEY (Bp. S.) Biblical Criti red cl. gt. edges. Vol. III., cr. 8vo, green cl. the Old Testament, and on the tirst mine 3 vols. Lond. 1852. Scarce.

32 CONSTABLE'S MISCEL. cf., gt. bk. Lond. 1820. Fine copy. LANY, 18mo. hf. roan, Edin. 1827, etc. 46

The Book of Psalms, translate Each work sold separately at 50 cents per vol. from the Hebrew, with Notes, explanatory Roberts’ Excursions iu Central America, 1 vol. I and critical. Polished cf., gt. bk., corner of

Chambers History of the Rebellion in binding of one cover scratched. Lond. 1927 Scotland in 1745-6 2 vols. — Russell's Tour in Germany, 2 vols. --Syme's Account of an

47 WESLEY (Rev. John). Surves o Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava, 2 vo)s.Memorials the Late War (with Bonaparte, Compendium of Natural Philosopby. 5 rol

the Wisdom of God in the Creation, or å 1806-1815), 2 vols.

-Memoirs of the Mar- 12mo, cf. rubbed. Loud. 1784. chioness de la Rochejacquelein, 1 vol. Mariner's Account of the Natives of the lustrated with very numerous fine Eichings

48 GOLDSMITH, The Traveller, ik Tonga Islands, 2 vols.-Koch's History of the Revolutions in Europe, from the Fall of steel by Birket Foster. 8vo, cl., gt. bk., side and the Western Roman Empire to the Abdica- edges. Lond. 1863. tion of Bonaparte, 3 vols.-Capt. Basil 49 HOGG (Jaines). Mador of the Moor Hall's Voyages to Loo Choo and the Eastern 8vo, cf. much worn. Édin. 1816. Seas, Chili, Peru and Mexico, 3 vols.


The Forest Minstrel, 12mo, cf. 33 HAMILTON (Eliz.) Memoirs of worn. Edin. 1810. Modern Philosopbers (a Novel). 3 vols. er. 8vo, 51 POLITICAL BALLADS of the hf. cf. Batb. 1800.

1 00 Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, anne

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Life, Letters

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