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2 vols. 12mo, cf. Amster. 1695. Fine impres- by C. H. Hall. 8vo, cl. 1820. Colored pret sions of the folding copper-plates.

2 00 -Bossvet's Universal History._ 8ro, 454 FREZIER (A. R.) Voyage de la 1810. Lite of Abp. Anselm, bs W. Tuber Mer du Sud aux Cotes du ćbili, du Péron et Cr. 8vo, cl. 1850. ---Prideaux' Life d du Brésil, en 1712-14. 2 vols. 12mo, old cf. homet. Sm. 8vo, cf. woro. 1723.—LAN Amster. 1717. Many copper-plates.

1 25: Wm. Davison, Privy Counsellor to Q. EL 455 BLAIR (Rev. Hugh). Sermons, com- A Lady's Diary of the Siege of Luekma

by N. H. Nicolas. 8vo, cf. rubord. 182)plete in 1 vol. roy. 8vo, shp. rubbed. Lond. 12mo, cl. 1858. Confidential Correre 1844.

1 50

dence of Frederic II., with U. F. de felt 456 QEDDES (M.) Tracts: History of 8vo, cf. rubbed. 1787. — Acconnt of the Expulsion of the Moriscoes from Spain; Ancient División of the English Nation in View of the Inquisition of Portugal; A Spad- Hundreds and Tithings, by Granville Sun ish Protestant Martyrology; Discovery of Cr. 8vo, bf. roan. 1784.—-Life of John some gross Mistakes in the Roman Martyrol- bieski, King of Poland, by A. T. Palmer. ogy; &c.) 3 vols. sm. 8vo, old cf. Lond. 1714. bf. cf. 1815.

2 50

461 BENGER (Miss). Life of Hery 457 DEMOSTHENES. Orations, Queen of Scots. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, bf. cf. Lad translated by T. Leland. 3 vols. 8vo, cf. 1823. Portrait spotted. rubbed. Lond. 1777.

1 25

462 STAUNTON (H.) The Cher 458 ENCYCLOPÆDIA LON. player's Hand.Book Stout. cr. 8vo, cl. kora, DINENSIS; or Universal Dictionery of Lond. 1848. Arts, Scier:cps and Literature. 24 vols. thk.

463 FORSYTH (W.) Treatise on the 4to, bf. cf. wom, uncut edges. Lond. 1810-29. Culture and Management of Fruit Trees Over 1.200 full-page copper-plates, but wants the 4to, hf. cf. Lond. 1802. 13 folding pkze portraits and some views.

17 00 459 MARTIN (Henri). The Age of Louis XIV.; trauslated from the fourth Paris Life (a Novel). 2 vols. 12mo, old cl

. Lord

464 MACKENZIE (Mary J.) Private edition, by Mary L. Booth. 2 vols. roy, 8vn, cl. Boston. 1865. Two Portraits. Published

1835. at 37 00.

3 50 465 SOUTHEY (Robt.) Life of Wes Forms Part VII of Martin's History of France, the 2 vois. 8vo, bf.mor. nt." Lond. 1820. Po

ley and the Rise avd Progress of Methodisa Only Parts VII and VII of this excellent translation have traits and titles spotted. yet been published.

460 THE IUDGMENT of the Syrode 460 The following Historical and Biographi- bolded at Dort concerning the Five Articles cal Works at 50 cents each:

Tbin sm. 4to, bf, old cf. Lond. 1619.
Sketches of tbe Last Years of the Reign of
Gustavus IV., King of Sweden. 8vo: bds. in 1 vol. roy. 8vo, cf. Lond. 1810.

467 THESPECTATOR, with Notes 1812. Port.-History of the Succession of the Crown of England. Thin em. 4to, hf. cf.

468 DERHAM (Rev. W.) Phyer rubbed. 1690. -Guide to the Study of His Theology; a Demonstration of the Atuibutes tory. 8vo, hf. roan. 1821. -Journal of the of God from his Works of Creation. 9m's Occurrences at the Temple during the Con. 8vo, old cf. Lond. 1798. finement of Louis XVI., by Cléry, his Valet 469 LYON (Capt. G. F.) Journal of a de-Chanıbre. Sm. 8vo, bdg. 1798 Life of Residence and Tour in Mexico in IM. ? Abp. Laud, by C. W. Le Bas. 12mo, roan vols. cr. 8vo, hf. cf, rubbed. Lond. 1828. worn. 1836. Port. Somerville's History of Parties from the Restoration, to the deatb of Wm. III. Tbk. 8vo, cf. worn. 1793.—Cor- vols. 12mo, old cf. slightly rubbed. Edin. 176

470 FIELDING (Henry,) Works. 1° respondence of Rt. Hon. E. Burke and Dr. Lawrence. Svo, cl. 1827.

7 34 Title injured. Port-Correspondence of Isaac Basire, in 471 BILSON (Thos.) The Trve Difter the reigns of Cbas. I. & II. 8vo, bds. 1831. once betweene Christian Subiection and VITitle soilod. Spaiv under Charles II., christian Rebellion. Thk. 12mo, old cf. (1690-99). 8vo, cl. 1840. Trotter's Memoirs Lond. 1586. BLACK LETTER. of the latter Years of Rt. Hon. C. J. Fox.

472 EPITOME of Alison's History of 8vo, cl. 1811.

Memoirs of Prince Potemkin. Europe (1789-1815). Cr. 8vo, cl. Ediu. Ich 8vo, bds. 1812. Port-Memoirs illustrating 575 pp. the Anti-christian Conspiracy, by Abbé Barruel. 8vo, cf. of Abp. G. Abbot. in China, in 1836-7. 3 vols, cr. Svo, cl

. Lond

473 DOWNING (C. T.) The Fan-Qui 8vo, cf. 1777.--History of Nadir Shab (Kuli

1838. Khan), present Emperor of Persia; by J. Fraser. 8vo, cf. woro. 1742:-Biography 474 STEPHEN (H. J.) New Commen. and Criticism, from “The Times ;" second taries on the Laws of England (partly foundseries. 12mo, cl. 1860.

-Memoirs relating ed on Blackstone). 4 vols. 8vo, bds. covered to the Impeachment of the Earl of Derby, with shp. rubbed. Lond. 1841.

300 1678. Cr. 8vo, cf. 1710. -Memoirs of ů.

475 MARCET (J.) Conversations on Gutbry, Bp. of Dunkel

, Scotland, temp. Chas. Chemistry. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, bds. Lond. 1837. 1. Cr. 8vo, cf. 1702.-Life of Andrew Hofer, Plates.

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476 LAWRENCE (R.) The Complete Liabilities, etc. 8vo, cl. 1848. -Outline of Farrier and British Sportsman. 4to, cf. Lond. the Laws of Thought. 12mo, cl. Pickering. 1816. Eight fine plates of horses, &c. 3 75 1842. Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 8vo,

477 SURR (T. S.) A Winter in London, cf.wuch worn. 1616. Locke's Treatises on or Sketches of Fashion ; a Novel. 3 vols. Government. Bro, el 1821. -History of the 12mo, rus. very slightly worn. Lond. 1806 Marquis de Roselle., 12mo, «f. worn, 1765

1 25 McCulloch on the Succession to Property Va478 MAC KINNON (Col.) Origin and cart by Death,. 8vo, cl. 1848.—Johoron's Services of the Coldstream Guards. 2 vols. Sketches of Indian Field Sports. 8vo, bde.

worn. 1827.

2 50 8vo, c). Lund .1833.

-Memoirs and Essays, by Mrs. Jameson. Cr. 8vo, cl.

worn. 1846

-The Traces the History of the Coldstream Guards, from their Principles of Currency and Banking, by R. formation under Gen. Yonk, through their services in our H. M lls. 8vo, cl 1853. Revolution, down to the Batlle of lựaterloo.

-Selections from 479 PEARSON (H.) Memoirs of Life Fenelon. Crown 8vo, cld cl. 1845 —Letters and Writings of the Rev. Claudius Buchanav. on Monetary Science, 1848, with other Tracts. 2 vols. 8vo, old cf. Oxford. 1817.

8vo bf. cf.0 75

-The Countess d'Auvergne; or,

Sitrerings of the French Protestants in tbe 480 REED (A.) Martba; a Memorial of 16th Century. 12mo, old cl. 184).---Court. an only Sister. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, hf. ct. Lond. hope's Synopsis of the Extinct Baronetage of 1823.

0 75 England. Cr. 8vo, cl. 1835. -Ancient Mod481 WELLINGTON. Life and Cam- els; or, Hints on Church Buildiug. 18mo, old paigns of Arthur, Duke of; by G. N. Wright. cl. 1841. Cuts.- - The Freeholder, by Addison. 4 vols

. Svo, cf. Lond. Portraits finger-soiled 8vo, cf. worn. 1758. -Walker's New Treatise aud three pages of preface stained. Forty-fire on Chess. 12mo, cl. 1833.--Reminiscences portruils on steel.

5 00 of the Coronation : a Tale, by Mrs. Lave. Cr. 482 ALF VON DEULMAN; or the 8vo, cl. 1845.---Chronicles of the Crutch, by History of the Emperor Philip and his Blanchard Jerrold. Cr. 8vo, cl. 1860. —Dis. Danyhters. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. rus, worn. Lond. sertations on Man. iv aoswer to Maltbus, by 1794.

0 75 T. Jarrold. 8vo, bus. 1806. -Archery and 483 LE BAS (C. W.) Life of Thos. F. Archress, by Rohin Hood. 12mo, cl. 1834.-Middleton, Bishop of Calcutta. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. rubbed. 1807.- Paidied Windows:

Landseer's Lectures on Engraving. 8vo, uf. old cl. Lond. 1331. Title of first vol. spotted. Lecture, by F. B. Harvey. 12mo, cl. 1869 Portrait.

0 80

Miscellaneous Pieces (on the Poetic al Use of 484 THE UNIVERSAL SPEC. Natural History, etc.), by J. & A. L. Aikin. TATOR, by Henry Słonecastle, Esq. 4 Cr. Evo, cf. worn. 1774. vols. 12mo, old cf. Loud. 1747.

1 50

493 DIARY OF THE TIMES OF 485 MICROCOSM, a Periodical, by GEORGE IV. By Lady Bury and Gregory Griffin, of Eton. 8vo, cf. rubbed. Gait. 4 vols. 8vo, bf. mor. nt. Lond. 1838. Windsor. 1787.

0 75 Wants thice of the four portra ts. Titles 486 DURHAM (J.) Practical Exposi- finger-soiled, with vame in ink upon them. tion o: tbe X. Commandments. Sm. 4to, old Scurce.

5 00 cf. very much worn. Lond. 1675.

0 75 494 NELSON (R.) Conipanion to the 487 BRUNET, Manuel du Libraire et de Festivals ard Fasts of the Church of Eng. l'Analeur des Livres, avec le Supplément. land. 8vo, cf. rubbed. Lond. 1826. 0 75 7 vols. 8vo, cf., gt. bk. rubbed. Paris. 1820.

,495 HONAN (M. B.) Personal Adven

4 00 tures of " Our Own Correspondent” in Italy. 488 SCRAP BOOK containing numer- 2 vols. cr. 8vo, old cl. Lond. 1852. 0 75 ous Newspaper Clippings relative to the Affair

496 DE STAEL (Madame). Corinne, of Lady Flora Hastings (1839). 4to, hf. roan.

ou L'Italie. 12mo, hf. old mor. Paris. 1855. 3 50

0 80 489 SUMNER (Bp. J. B.) Apostolical

498 MURRAY (L.) The Young Man's Preaching Considered, in an Examination of Best Companion, and Book of General KnowlSt. Paul's Epistles. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1850. 075

edge. 8vo,, rubbed. Lond. 1837. Plates. 490 MAIMBOURG. History of the

0 65 League (1574-93); translated by Dryden. Stout

499 SAXON CHRONICLE. Ancient 12mo, cf. rubbed. 1684.


History, French and English, exemplified in 46) MOORE (Dr. John). View of Soci. a Dissection of the. 12mo, cf. Lond. 1830. ety and Manners in Italy, 2 vols. 8vo, smooth Title finger-soiled.

1 25 mor., gt. edges, rubbed. Lond. 1781. 0 75

500 COOPER. The Prairie. 3 vols. 492 The following books at 50 cents each: Leaves in two vols. loosened.

085 The Messiah: by Klopstock.

8vo, bds.
501 The Spy. 3 vols.

1 25 1819. ——Tbe Regal Armorie of Great Britain, from the time of the Ancient Britons to the


The Pioneers. 3 vols. Present; the Origin of Emblematic Insignia,


Last of the Mobicans. 3 vols. etc.: by A. Brubet. 12mo, cl. 1839. Title

1 25 water-stained. Cuts.-Critical Essays on 504

The Pilot. 3 vols. word. 1 25 English Poets, by John Scott of Amwell.'

Nos 500-504 ind, are bound in hf. cf. rubbed. 12mo. 8vo, bds. 1785.- Partnership with Limited Lond. 1824-27.

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1 25


The Red Rover. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 523 PUNCH AND JUDY, with hf cf. rubbed. Lond. 1827. Leaves in first Trenty-four Illustrations designed and engrad vol loosened.

1 00 by GEO. CRUIKSIANK and other Plates ; actress 506 ABERCROMBIE

(J.) Inquiries' panied by the Dialogue of the Puppet Sle concerning the Intellectual Powers and the an Account of its origin and of Puppet For Investigation of Truth. 8vo, cf. rubbed.

England. sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1870. O Edin. 1832.

1 00 524 SHORT (T. V.) Sketch of th 6 507 Philosophy of the Moral Feel- tory of the Church of England to the Rerde

tion of 1688. thk. 8vo, ch. Lond. 1838. TEX ings. bds. Lond. 1833.

0 50

water-stained. 508 TAYLOR (W. B. S.) The Origin, 525 MOORE (Thos ) Poems. 1200. Progress and Present Condition of the Fine gt. bk., side and edges. Edin. Modert. 44 Arts in Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. cr. Tilustrations on wood. 8vo, cl., a few leaves of second vol, a little injured by a nail. Lond. 1841.

1 50

526 STUART (Dugald). Elements

the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 3 rok 509 KNIGHTON (W.) Elihu Jan's 4to. cf. slightly rubbed. Lond. 1792.-1327 Story; or the Private Life of an Eastern Queen. cr. 8vo, cl. London. 1865. 0 65 527 ARMSTRONG (Dr. Jobu.) W3 510 WARD (R. P!umer). Illustrations &c ) 2 Yuls. 12mo, cf. slightly worn. Loss

cellanie : (Art of Preserving Health, a leen, of Human Life. 8vo, hf. cf. Paris. 1837. 075

1770. 511 CHATTERTON.

Poems, sup 528 DALTON (Rev. W.) Explanatort posed to have been written by Rowley. 8vo, and Practical Commentary on the New Tests shp, much worn. Lond. 1777.

0 60 ment. 2 vols. lop. 8vo, cf. slightly rubbed Lond. 1848.

550 512 ATHERTON: a Tale of the Last Century 3 vols. cr. 8vo, hf. ct. rubbed. 529 TRISTIA ; or The Sorrows of Pe Lond. 1831.

1 00 ter; Elegies, by Peter Pivdar, Esq. 1202,

cf., gt. bk. Lond. 1806. 513 MAY (L.) Temples, anciens nt modernes; Observations Historiques et ("siques.

530 The following Theolog cal Books at 5 8vo, bf. old rus. Lond. 1774. 7 folding plates

cents each: 0 75

Tracts on the Origin and Independence of 514 WALKER (Thos.) The Orivinal. the Ancient British Church. 8vo, bds. Wors 8vo, cf. sligbtly rubbed. Lond. 1836. Third 1815.-—Cateva of Fathers and Councils o edition.

1 50

the Doctrine of Baptism. 8vo, cl. 1851

America and the American Czurcb, hy ! 515 MARRYAT. Jacob Faithful. 8vo, Caswall. Cr. 8vo, old cl. 1839. — A Mental hf. cf. rubbed. Paris, 1834.

0 75 Hebrew and English Lexicon, by J W. Grubka 516 THE BALLAD BOOK ; a Se- 8vo, h£ cf. 1829.—-Popular Evidenee of

8vo, old cl. 1853.

Sermops, by Abp. Last lection of the Choicest British Ballar's; edited Christianity, by W. Sewell. 12mo. el

. A by W. Allingb»m. 18mo, cf., g'. bk. Lond.

-Sermons, trapol'd from the French of I! 1865. Vignette on title. Neatlý printed on toned de Superville. 8vo, bf. hds. 1816 —- Blee paper.

1 50 Lectures op History of St. Paul. Part 1 517 The same, neatly bound in full 12mo, cf. 1832. -- Memoirs of Thos. Scatte: pow claret mor., gt. edges.

200 good (of the Soc. of Friends) late nt PH2

8vo, c). 1845.A handsome little book.

-A Layman's Faith, Doctrina

and Liturgy. 8vo, c). 1866.-- ichmonds 518 ADVENTURES of a Younger Selecrious from the Writings of Reformers Son. 8vo. hf. cf. slightly rubbe. Paris. 1833. vol. II. containing Catechism of Edw. Il

0 75 and Tracts by Ridley. 8vo, bds. 1817.—- Ib 519 LETTICE ARNOLD, a Tale. &c. Thk. 8vo, bds. 1812.

samr, sol III., containing Nowell's Caterlini 2 vole. cr. 8vo, bf. cf. nt. Lond. 1850. Titles of Tbeology. 12mo, cl. 1842 — J. Haldan

-Smith's Mapa. finger-soiled.

O 85 Stewart's Sermonis. '8vo, bds. 1826. —Kale 520 JEAFFRESON (J. C.) Live It al.

ney's Minual of Romish Controversy. 12m Down: a Story of the Light Lavds. 3 vols. for Aflicted Souls, by Fraucis Quayles.

Judgment and Mercy, or Wine and Oi cr. 8vo, hf. cf. ut. Lond. 1863. Slightly fin- 8vo. cl. 1853.ger-soiled.

Paganism and Christiarit

2 50 Compared, by J. Trélana. 8vo, cl. 1825 – 521 CINQ.MARS; a Historical Ro.

Works of Rev. J. Gambold, (of the Unite mance, by A. de Vigny; translated by W.

Brethren.) 12mo, shp. worn. 1789.- Colli: Hazlitt. cr. 8vo, cl. worn. Lond. Bogue. 1847. sou's Avalysis of Howker's Ecclesiastics

0 85

Polity. 8vo. bi cf. 1810. Liturgy, Episer 522 BAXTER (R. D.) National Income. i8nio, cl. 1810 Godkii's Apostolic Chru

pacy, and Church Ritual; by Alip. Land The United Kingdom. 8vo, cl. worn. Lond. tianity. 8vo, cl. 1842. —Heaven Our Home 1868.

0 85 12mo, cl. 1862.-Powell on Apostolical fue

cession. 8vo, cl.---Law's Serious Call. ; 545 RADCLIFFE (Mrs.) The Roma 12mo, hf. 1118. 1820.-Turockmorton's of the Forest. 3 vols. 12ino, bf. cf. nt. Lond. Letters to the Catholic Clergy of England. 1796.

2 75 8vo, hf. cf. 1792. Hay's Sincere Christian Instructed. 2 vols. 24mo, cl 1813. R. Cath. i 546 BREMNER (R.) Excursions in

-Report of the Discussion between Rev. the Interior of Russia. 2 vols. 8vo, old cl. John Cimming and lupiel French. Sn. Svo, worn. Lond 1839.

1 25 old cl. 1841.- Christian Biography: Lives of Col. Gardiner, Toplady, &c. 18mo, hf. old 547 DUGDALE (Sir Wm.) A Short cf.

-Höller's Letters to his Daughter on the View of the Late Troubles in England. sm. Truths of the Christian Religion. 12mo, bf. fol. old et rubbed. Oxford. 1631. Fine por. roan. 1780.

trait of Charles I.

1 75 531 BURNETT (C. M.) The Power, 548 MORLEY (W. H.) The Adminis. Wisdom and Goodness of God, as displayed in tration of Justice in British India; its past the Animal Creation. 8vo, cl. Lood. 1838. ' history and present state. roy. 8vo, cl. Lond. 5 plates on wood. 459 pp. 1 00 1858.

I 50 532 VERTOT (Abbé de). History of

549 CHRONICON Monasterii de Bel. the Revolutions of the Roman Republic. 2lo (Battle Abbey). 8vo, bf. roan. Lond. 1861. vols. sm. 8vo, ct, worn. 1740. 0 75

1 00 533 BELLAMY (J.) History of all Re 550 CANNING (Rt. Hon. Geo.) Politi. ligions. sm. 8vo, hf. cf. slightly rubbed. cal Life, by liis Private Secretary, A. G. Sta. Lond. 0 75 pleton. 3 vols. 8vo, cl. woin. Lond. 1831.

2 00 534 APELLES SYMBOLICUS, exbibens seriem amplissimam Symbolorum, 551 OTTLEY (D.) Observations on poetisque, oratoribusque ac verbi Dei prædi Surgical Diseases of the Head and Neck, secatoribus Conceptus subuinistrans varios; lected from the Memoirs of the Royal Acadeauctore J. M. von der Ketten. 2 vols. stout my of Surgery of France. 8vo, cl. Lond. 12mo, old cf. nt. Amatel. 1699. Plates of Em Syden. Soc. 1848.

1 00 blems on copper. Scarce.

3 25

552 LOUIS (P. C. A.) Researches in 536 VENN (J.) Life and Selections from Phthsis, anatomical, pathological, and therathe Letters of Rev. H. Venn, Author of The peutical. 8vo, cl. Londov. Syder. Soc. 1844. Complete Duty of Man," &c. 8vo. hf. cf. 571 pp.

1 25 Lond. 1837. Title injured.

1 25

553 BAIRD (Rev. R.) Religion in the 537 CERVANTES. Histoire de l'ad- United States. thk. 8vo, cl. Glasg. 1844. mirable Don Quichotte. 6 vols. 18mo, old

1 25 cf. Francf. 1757. Copper-plates.

2 75

554 GLEIG (G. R.) The Chelsea Pen. 538 DUNCOMBE (Thos. Slingsby). sioners, a Novel. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, bds. Lond.

1 00 Life and Correspondence, by his Son. 2 vols. 1829. 8vo, old cl. Lond. 1868. Portrait. 3 00

555 SIX DRAMAS Illustrative of Ger539 CRICHTON (K.) Before the man Lite: from the Original of the Princess Dawn; a Tale of Italy. 2 vols. cr. Svo, ola Amalie of Saxony. cr. 8vo, cl. 1848. Six cl. Lond. 1860. 0 75 plates.

0 75 540 VERNEVIL (C. de) An origival

556 CLARKSON (Thos.) A Portraitand coodensed Grammar of Harmony, Coun- ure of Quakerism. 3 vols. 8vo, bf. rus. Lond. terpoint and Musical Composition. roy. 8vo, 1870.

1 50 cl. Lond. 1850.

2 25

557 YOUATT (W.) The Pig: a Treat 541 BROWN (Dr. Thos.) Lectures on

ise on the Breeds, Management, &c. of Swine.

1 00 the Philosophy of the Mind. 4 vols. ovo, hf 3vo, cl. Lond. 1847. Cuts. cf. pt., very slightly rubbed. Edin. 1851. Por. 558 HARRIS (Jame). Works: (Three trail,

900 Treatises, on Art; on Music, Painting and 542 GOLDSMITH. Grecian Histo- cal Arrangenients : Philological Inquiries.)

Poetry; on Happiness: Hermes: Philosophi. ry. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. worn. Lond. 1785. 0 80 2 vols. 4to, ht. cf. slightly rubbed. Loud. 543 SAURIN (Rev. James).

1801. Water-stained. Serinons,

2 50 from the French, by Robinson, Hunter and 559 BECKFORD (P.) Tboughts on Sutcliffe : revised by Rev S Burner. 6 vols. Hunting. Sm. 4to, cf. rebkd. Saruin. 1781. 8vo. bf. cf. slightly rubbed. Lond. 1824. Por- Names in ink on title.

1 25 trait and title of first vol. slightly spotted.

560 GIBBON. Miscellaneous Works, 8 50

with Memoirs of his Life and Writings com544 PEARCE (N.) Life and Adventures vosed by himself; edited by Lord Shoffield. during a Residence in Abyssinia, from 1810 to 5 vols. sm. 8vo, bf. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1814. 1819; written by himselt. % vols. cr. 8vo, br. Portrait water-stained and title of first vol. smooth mor. at. Lond. 1831. 2 50 spotted. Best edition.

7 00

EWTON (Rev. Jo. Won 571 CATALOGUE des Livres de la witù Life, by Rev. R. Cecil. Thk. imp. 8vo, cl Bibliothèque de P. A, Crevenna. 5 vols in 2 Lond. 1839. Portrait spotted.

3 00 8vo, cf. Amster. 1789. 552 PIM (J.) The Conditions and Prospects of Ireland. 8vo, cl. Dubl. 1848. O 75 cal Life of Sir Robert Peel; an Analytical B

572 DOUBLEDAY (T.) The Polin563 MCCULLOCH (J. R.) Dictionary ography. 2 vols. in 1., tlk. 8vo, hf. cf. r. Geographical, Statistical and Historical, of Lond. 1856. the various Countries, Places and principal

23 Natural Objects in the World. 2 vols. stoutted by Cotton. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, old cf. worn

573 MONTAIGNE. Essays, transls 8vo. half mör. Lond. 1851. Maps. 1990 pages, Lond. 1711. double column, small type.


574 MORGAN (Lady). France. 2 vel JANE and of Two Years of Queen Mary,

8vo, bds. Lond. 1817.

16 especially of Wyat's Rebellion. Sm. 410, el. 575 PLUMMER (Rev. M.) ObserreLond. Camden Soc. 1850.

1 25 tions on the Book of Common Prayer. 12me, 565 NUGÆ ANTIQUÆ; being a

cl. Lond. 1847. Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers

576 CONYBEARE (W. J.) Essays

, in Prose and Verse; written in the Reigos of Ecclesiastical and Social, from the Edinburgh

10 Henry VIJI., Mary, Eliz., Jas. I., &c., by Sir Review. 8vo, old el. Lond. 1855. Jobn Harrington and others. 3 vols. ` 12mo, 577 HOME AND FOREIGN RE. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1792.

2 75 VIEW, from commencement 1862, to 1864, 566 HALY (W.T.) The Opinions of Sir incl. 4 vols. stout 8vo, hf. roan nt.

Lood. Robert Peel, expressed in Parliament and in Complete.

6 00 Public. cr. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1843.

0 90 578 THE EAST INDIA Sketch 567 KNOX (V.) Essays, Moral and Lit- Book. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. cl. Lond. 1832.075 erary. 3 vols. 12 mo, sbp. worn. Lond. 1803.

579 ELLIS (G. V.) Demonstrations of 1 00

Anatomy; ; a Guide to the Knowledge of the 568 DEWAR (D.) Elements of Moral Human Body by Dissection. Thk. cr. 8vo, hf Pbilosophy and Christiac Ethics. 2 vols. 8vo, roan. Lond. 1852.

2 50 old musl. Lond. 18:26.

1 00

580 JAQUEMONT (V.) Letters from 569 PETRARCH. Life of; by Mrs India; describing a Journey in the British Dobrou. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. worn. Lond. 1775. Dominions of India, Tbibet. and Cashmere, in Titles soiled.

0 75 1828-31, undertaken by order of the French 570 DEE (Dr. John). Private Diary. Government. 2 vols. 8vo, bf. cf. Lond. 1834.

200 tbin sm. 4to, cl. Lond. Camden Soc. 1842. 1 25

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Stanley's Familiar History of Birds.


PRICE $1 00.

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li Master of Baliol College, Regius Professor of Greek in the University of Oxford. 4 VOLS. LARGE AND THK. 8v0, CLOTH. OXFORD. 1871.

PRICE, 320 00, " The present work of Prof. Jowett will be welcomed with profound interest as the only adequate evdeavor to travsport the most pre ious monument of Grecian thought among the familiar treasures of Eoglish literature."--TRIBUNE.

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