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179 MEMOIRS, Anecdotes, Facts and 'lated by R. Potter. 2 vols. 8vo, cf, rubbed. Opinions, collected by L. Matilda Hawkins. Lond. 1779.

1 W 2 vols. sm. 8vo, bds. worn. Lond. 1824.

193 D'AUBIGNE (J. H. Merle). His

0 85 tory of the Reformation id the Sixteenth Cer* 180 BRAUND (J. H.) History and Rev., tury. Vols. I.-IV. 4 vols. cr. 8vo, cf. rubbed. elation. The Correspondence of the Predic. Glasg. 1846. Portrait water-stained. 2W tions of the Apocalypse with the marked 194 SYLLOGE CONFESSIO. Events of the Christian Era, from Gibbon, NUM sub tempus Reformandæ Ecclesia Mezeray, Mosheim, D'Aubigné avd other em | editarum, videlicet Professio Fidei Tridentina, inent Historians. 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1870. Confessio Helvetica, Augustana, Saxonica

, 4 00 Belgica. 8vo, bf. ct. sligbtly rubbed. Oson 181 FABER (Geo. Stanley). The Diffi. 1804. culties of Infidelity; with several Tracts by: 195 BAXTER (Rev. Richard) Practi. various authors, in 1 vol. 8vo, bf. cf. wom.'cal Works; with Lite, &c., by Rev. W. Orme. Lond. 1824.

0 75 23 vols. 8vo, hf. cf. nt. slightly rubbed. Lond. 182 ECCLESIA DEI; the Place and 1830. Portruit. Best edition. Functions of the Church in tbe Divine Order “ Baxter is my partienlar favorite-it is impossible of the Uoiverse, etc. 8vo, cl. L nd. 1866.

to tell you how much I am charmed with the devotion,

good sense, and pathos which is everywhere to be

1 25 found in him.”—DODDRIDGE. 183 GAHAN (W.) Sermons and Moral 196 WINTERBOTHAM (W.) HisDiscourses. 8vo, c. Dubl. 1853. 1 50 torical, Geographical, Commercial and PhiloRoman Catholic.

sophical View of the United States. 4 vols. 184 NARRATIVA da Perseguiçaõ de 8vo, cf. Lond. 1799. Portraits of Washington, H. J. da Costa peio pretenso Crime de Fra Penn, Franklin and the author, and plates. Sound Macon, 2 vols. 8vo, hf. old cf. · Lond. 1811. copy.

275 Portrait.

1 00 197 TROLLOPE (Mrs.) Belgium and "A work containing much curious and important injor. Western Europe in 1833. 2 vols. sq. 12mo, bes. mation relative to the Inquisition.''-Lowndes.

Brus. 1834. 185 NECKER de Saussure (Mme.) 198 LE VAILLANT (Fr.) Ner L'Education Progressive ou Etude du Course Travels into the Interior Parts of Africa, by de la Vie. 2 vols. 8vo, bf. cf. slightly rubbed. the way of the Cape of Good Hope, in 1783-5: Paris. 1836.

1 25 translated from the French. 3 vols in %, stout 186 D'ASPECT, Histoire de l'Ordre 8vo, ship. Lond. 1796. Copper-platex. Royal et Militaire de Saint-Louis. 3 vols. sm. 199 WEST (Mrs. Jane). Poems and 8vo, old ef. slightly worn. Paris, 1780. 1 25 Plays. 4 vuls. 12mo, cf. rubbed. Lond. 1799.

187 KNIGHT'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND; being a vols. 12mo, cf. Lond. 1866. Purt, and plate.

200 BEATTIE (J.) The Minstrel. ? History of the People as well as a History of tbe Kingdom ; from B. C. 55 to A D. 1814 ; witb Miss Martineau's Continuation, A. D. 201 TANSILLO (L.) The Nurse, a 1815–1846, 7 vols. stout imp. 8vo, hf. old cf, Poem, translated from the Italian by Wm. binding slaky. Lond. Chambers' edition. Roscoe. 12mo, cf. rubbed. Liverpool." 14. 1855–8. Many hundred engrarings on wood.


25 00 202 DRYDEN. Original Poems and
188 CORRESPONDENCE of Robt. Trauslations. 2 vols. 12mo, cf. worn. Lond,
Dudley, Earl of Leicester, during his Govern- ; 1743.
ment of the Low Countries, in 1585-6; edited 203 SHAKSPEARE. Poems, edited
by J. Bruce. Sm. 4to, cl. Lond. Camden Soc. by R. Bell. 12mo, cl. Lond. 1855.
1844. 496 pp.

1 50

ArrangeVolley refers frequently to this Correspondence. ment of British Plants, with an Iotroduction 189 THIRLWALL (Bp. Ç.) History Lond. 1830. Title of first vol. spotted. Copa

to the Study of Botany. 4 vols, 8vo, bf. cf. of Greece. 8 vols. 12mo, cl. Lond. 1833.

5 50

per-plates. Seventh and best edition. Wants pp. 240-257 of second vol.

3 00

** An esteemed work."-Lowndes. 190 HERODOTUS. Historia: Textum 205 SARRATT (J. H.) Treatise on ad Gaisfordii Edit. recognovit, perpetua tun the Game of Chess. Svo, ht. mor. pt. Lond. Creuzeri tum eua Annotatione instruxit, Com- 1822.

1 85 mentationem de Vita et Scriptis Herodoti,

206 STRYPE'S MEMORIALS of Tabulas Geographicas Indicesque adjicit J. Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of CauterC. F. Baebr. 4 vols. 8vo, bf. mor. nt. Lips bury, wberein the History of the Church and 1830.

700 the Reformation of it during the Primacy of Nice copy of this excellent edition.

the said Archbishop are greatly illustrated. 191 THESAURUS POETICUS 4 vols. 8vo, old cl.“ Oxford. Eccl. Hist. Soc. Linguæ Latinæ, cura L. Quicherat. Thk. roy 1848. 8vo, old cl. Paris. 1846. 1337 pajes, double col. Of Strype it would be imposesible to speak to

1 00 highly. His labors hace supplied us with some of the

most necessary, as well as instructive, portionis Church 192 ÆSCHYLUS. Tragedies, trans- | History." — Ditdin.


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207 HISTOIRE DE FRANCE, de 222 DE FOE. Memoirs of Capt. Geo. puis les temps les plus reculés : par A. Roche Carleton, an English Officer; including Anecet P. Chasles. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. cf., gt. bk. dotes of the War in Spain under the Earl of Paris. 1847.

2 50 Peterborough, &c. 8vo, hf. cf. Edin. 1809. 208 VIE DES SAINTS, Nouvelle Title slightly spotted.

1 00 Fleur de la. ; pour tous les Jours de l'Année. Edited by Sir Walter Scott. 2 vols. 8vo, bf. mor. Paris. 1847. 2 50 223 CARYSFORT (John J., Earl of).

209 LEVESQUE (P. C.) Histoire de Dramatic and Narrative Poems. 2 vols. sm. Russie, jusqu'à la mort de l'Impératrice Cath. 8vo, cf. Lond. 1810.

1 50 erine II. 8 vols. Svo, cf. Hamburg. 1800. Presentation copy from the Author. THICK PAPER COPY.

5 00 224 CONSTANT (Benj ) Do Polythé210 OKELY (W. S.) Development of isme Romain. 2 vols. 8vo,paper. Paris. 1833. Christian Architecture in Italy. Roy. 8vo,

0 75 cl. Lond. 1860. Sirteen plates.

1 25 225 ABOUT (Edmond). Madelon, (in 211 GRESWELL (W.P.) View of the French). 8vo, bf. cf. Paris, 1863. 608 pp. Early Parisian Greek Press; including the

i 50 Lives of the Stephani; Notices of other con 226 RABELAIS. Cuvres, avec un tempory Greek Printers of Paris ; &c. 2 Glossairo, etc., par L. Barré. Cr. 8vo. paper. vols. 8vo, bf. cf. nt. Oxford. Ta boys. 1833. Paris.

1 00 4 25

227 The following Poetical and Dramatic 212 WEBB (B.) Sketches of Contin. Worke, at 50 cents each : eptal Ecclesiology, or Church Notes in Bel Lady Mary W. Montagu's Poems. 12mo, gium, Germany and Italy. Stout 8vo, cl. shr. rubbed. 1781. — The World Before the Lond. 1848.

1 50 Flood, by Jas. Montgomery. 12mo, old cf.

1814.- Pollok's Course of Time. 12mo, bds. 213 URQUHART (W. P.) Life and


—Poetical Remains of Sir T. E. Times of Francesco Storza, Duke of Milan worn. (in the XV. century). 2 vols, 8vo, cl. E tin. Croft. 12mo, cl. Pickering. 1836. Title soiled. 1852.

1 50

-Poems, by Marie J. E. Fotherby. 12mo,

cl. 1862.–Ballads from Scottish History, 214 LADY MORGAN'S ME

by N. Clyne. 12mo, old cl. 1863,- A Man's MOIRS : Autobiography, Diaries and Tor Heart, a Poem, by Cbas. Mackey. Cr. 8vo, cl. respondence. 2 vols. 8vo, bt. mor. nt. Lond. 1860. Title injured. Will Whimsical's Mis1862. The two portraits loosened and one of cellany. Cr. 8vo, ef. N. D.--— Waller's Poems. them water-stained.

4 00 12mo, old cf. worn. 1694.-The Lump of 215 LEWIS (Lady Theresa). Lives of Gold and other Poems, by Clas. Mackey. the Friends and Contemporaries of Lord 12mo, cl. 1856 - - The Dove, or Passages of Chancellor Clarendon: illustrative of Portraits Cosmography, a Poem, by Rich'a Zouche: rein his Gallery. 3 vols. 8vo, cl. Loud. 1852. printed with Notes from the edition ot 1613.

3 75 8vo, el

1839. Portrait. - Rhymes on Art, 216 The same, handsomely boord in

or the Remonstrance of a Painter, by M. A. full cf.

10 00

Shee. 12mo, cf. rubbed. 1805. Poems by

the Earl of Roscommon and by Rich'd Duke. 217 TERENTIUS. Comædiæ, ex opt. Stout sm. 8vo, old cf. worn. 1717. Hours Editionum textu recens., cum annotat., va- with the Muses, by J. C. Prince. Cr. 8vo, old riis disquisitionibus, et indice locuplet.; curach. 1842.

-Amarynthus, a Pastoral Drama Lemaire. 3 vols. 8vo, paper. Paris. 1827. and other Poems. `12mo, ct. 1821. -A Poet's

1 50 Portfolio, by Jas. Montgomery. 12mo, bds. 218 VIRGILIUS. Opera, locis paral- 1835. -Poems by Coventry Patmore. 12mo, lelis et annot. delectu illust. 2 vols. roy. bds. worn. 1844. -Gilbert, an Amatory Ru8vo, cf. worn. Oxon. 1795.

100 ral Poem. 12mo, cf. 1808. Plates. Izram, a "A useful and esteemed edition."'-Lowndes.

Mexican Tale, by Charlotte Elizabeth. 12mo, 219 DON QUIXOTE, translated by 12mo, cf. much worn.

cf. 1826. --The Farmer's Buy, by Bloomfield.

1808. Piates and cuts. C. Jarvis. Stout sm. 4to, c) worn. Lond. 1866. One hundred fine illustrations on wood, with Notes, by T. J. Mathias. 8vo, bds.

-Pursuits of Literature, a Satirical Poem, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel.

3 00

Luther, a Poem, by Robt. Montgomery. 12mo, 220 THE BOOK OF WONDER:cl. 1852.--The Family Legend, a Tragedy, FUL CHARACTERS: Memoirs and by Joanna Baillic. 8vo, bf. cf. 1810. - The Anecdotes of Remarkable and Eccentric Per- Martyr of Antioch, a Dramatic Poem, by Milsons, in all Ages and Countries, chiefly from man. 8vo, bds.woro. 1823.— The Spirit of the text of H. Wilson and J. Caulfield. Sm. English Tragedy (Selections). Cr. 8vo, bds. 8vo, cl. Lond. Modern. Sirty-one full-page 1830. Works of John Sheffield, Duke of portraits of remarkable and eccentric characters. Buckjpgbam. 12mo, old cf. word. 1726. Some

3 00 pages stained. --Milman's Fall of Jerusalem, 221 SAINT PIERRE. Harmonies of a Dramatic Poem. 8vo, bds. 1825. —Tbé Nature, being a Sequel to his Studies of Na- Fox, The Alchymist. The Silent Woman, three ture, translated by W. Meeston. 3 vols. 8vo, Comedies by Ben Jonson. 12mo, cf -The hf. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1815. Institution Mountain Boy, a Metrical Romance, by J.Bird. stamp on titles. Portrait.

1 25'8vo, hf. cf.

1816.--Isabel, a Tale, by the

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Hon. Mrs. E S. Erskine. 12mo, full rus. 1814, 244 VIGNE (G. T.). Six Months in

-Parnell's Posthumous Works. Sm. 8vo, America. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, bf. cf. slightly of, word.

1758. —Dramas of the Ancient rubbed. Lond. 1832. Frontispieces and titles World, by D. Lyndsay. 8vo, bds. 1822. spotted.

228 RALEIGH (Sir Walter). History 245 HUISH (Robt.) The Brothers, a of the World. Stout fòl. old cf, ut., red edges. the Castle of Niolo; a Romance. 2 vols. 8ve Lond. 1677. Margin of portrait slighty torn. sbp. Lond. 1829. Plates. Fine old copy.

5 00 246 ENCHIRIDION THEOLOG 229 HALL (Capt. Basil). Extracts from ICUM; a Manual for the use of Siadenta a Journal written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, in Divinity. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. Oxford, 1912 and Mexico. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, hf. cf, rubbed. Edin. 1825.

1 50 Contains Catechism of Edud. VI.; Stillinger An excellent little work, full of interesting anecdotes." Scripture, Mysteries ;; Conybeare on Miracles, L. -Lowndes.

Short Method ; Juelli Apologia ; etc. 230 HERRICK (Robt.) Poetical Works,

247 PLINY, Letters, translated, by T. containing his Hesperides' and 'Noble Num- Melmoth. 2 vols. 8vo, old cf. nt. Lood. You hers'; edited by E. Walford. Cr. 8vo. cl. Nice old copy Lond. 1859.

2 00 248 SCOTLAND ILLUSTRA 231 HOARE (Sir R. C.) Classical Tour TED, in a series of Views by Allom. Barithrough Italy and Sicily. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. cf. lett and M'Culloch: Letter Press by W. Bratslightly rubbed. Lond. 1819.

1 25 tie. 2 vols. 4to, roan, gt. bk. and edges, tee

vol. worn. 232 SMITH'S CONCORDANCE

Lond. 1838. A portion of the

105 to tbe Scriptures

plates fosed. 4to, cf. Lond. 1820. 412 three column pages.

1 25

Original edition, with the first impressions of the la

fine steel engravings. 233 PLUNKET. (Rt. Hon. Wm.

249 SAINT PIERRE. Studies of NConyngham, Loid., Lord High Chancellor of ture, translated by H. Hunter. 4 vols. sro Ireland.) Speeches at the Bar and in the cf. worn. Lond. 1809. Senate. Cr. 8vo, cl. bubl. 1865. 0 75

250 THE FAMILY RECEIPT 235 MOLIERE. Euvres, avec des BOOK : or, Universal Repository of Domes Notes. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, hf. mor. rubbed. Paris tic Economy: (Cookery, Patevt Medicines 1838.

1 50 Arts, &c,) 4to, hf. cf. sligbtly rubbed. Lood 236 BACON (Lord) Works, with Intro. 1817. ductory Essay. 2 stout vols. imp. 8vo, hf.

251 THE SPORTING DIREC. mor. extra. Lond. 1857. Portrait.

10 00 TORY and Rural Repository of General 237

Resuscitatio, or Bringing to 'Information upon every subject appertainio, Light several Pieces of his works bitherto to the Sports of the field; by W. Toplio. ? Sleeping. Sm. fol. old cf. very much worn. vols. 8vo, cf. Lond. 1803. Six Plates. 13 Lond. 1671. Portrait.

1 00

252 BOST (A.) Histoire Ancienne et Contains Life by Rawley, many Speeches and Letters, Moderne de l'Eglise des Frères de Bohème e Apothegma, &c.

de Moravie, depuis son origine jusqu'en 178 238 S AND (George). Indiana, (in '2 vols. 8vo, bt. mor. Genève. 1831. French.) 8vo, hf. cf. Paris. 1838.

0 60

253 TWISS (R) Miscellanies, (on Mtt239 PLAUTUS, Comodiæ, cum pot. ' rimony, The Inquisition, The Coquette, Bu var., cura Gronovii. 2 vols , sm. 8vo, old cf.

marces, Chess, &c.) 2 vols. 80. hf, mor, Amstel. 1624.

1 25

gt. bk. Lond. 181-5. Best variorum edilion.

254 WYCLIFFE (John) The Last Are 240 LEIGHTON (Abp) Expository of the Church; now first priuted from a , Works, (Commentary on the First Epistle of with notes by J. H. Todd. sq. 12mo, bl

. froid Peter, &c.), 2 vols. stout sm. 8vo, old cf. Dubl. 1840. Text in Black-letter. Loud. 1778. Portrait.

1 50 241 MEMOIRS of **** commonly Heaven and its Wonders and concerning Hell:

255 SWEDENBORG. Concerning known by the name of George Psalmanazar, being a Relation of Things Heard and Seen a reputed dative of Formosa ; written by 8vo, cl. Lond. 1850. Soie MS. Dotes. 1% himself. Sm. 8vo, old cf. nt. Lond. 1761. Portrait and title discolored. Scarce.

256 1 75

The Delights of Wisdom coliFor an account of this extraordinary impostor see of Insanity concerning Scortatory Love. Prin

ceruing Conjugial Love; with the Pleasures Disraeli's Curiosities of Literature. 242 THE MEGHA-DUTA: or,

cl. Lond. 1841. Some MS. potes. Cloud Messenger; a Poem in te Sanscrit lan 257 THEOCRITUS, Bion, Moselius guage, by Calidasa ; translated into English and Tyrtæns trauslated from the Greek, muito verse, with Notes, by H. H. Wilson. 4to, roan English verse, by R. Polwbels. 2 vols. ero, worn. Calcutta, 1813. Fulse title injured. cf. Lond. 1811. Scarce.

2 25 258 PINKERTON (John). History of 243 TEMPLE BAR ; a London Mag- Scotland from the Accession of the House of azine, conducted by G. A. Sala; from com. Stuart to that of Mary. 2 vols. 4to, bí. Toat, mencement Mch., 1861 to July, 1864, incl. uncut edges. Lond. 1797. 1 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond.

12 50 259 FIELD (Geo.) Outlines of Analogi.



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cal Philosophy: being a Primary View of the 273

(Chas.) Hereward the Wake, Principles, Relations and Purposes of Nature, “Last of the English.” Stout sm. 8vo, cl. Science aid Art. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. mor. nt. Loud. 1867.

1 50 Lond. 1839.

3 00

274 THE UNIVERSAL CAM260 ROME in the Nineteenth Century, BIST: being a full and accurare Treatise containing an Account of the Ruins, of the on the Exchanges, Monies, Weights and MeasFive Arts, &c. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, bf. cf. nt. ures of all Trading Nations; with an account Edin. 1822.

2 75 of their Banks, Public Funds and Paper Cur"A very able and most amusing work."-Westminster rencies; by P. Kelly. 2 vols. 4to, hf. cf., gt. Review.

bk. Lond. 1821.

3 00 261 BARNES (J.) History of Edward ** An excellent work."-LOWNDES. III., King of Evgland, with that of bis Son, the Black Prince. Fol. cf. Cambr. 1688. Title the Human Soul: translated from the French

275 FOURIER (Chas.) The Passions of soiled. Five fine full-page portraits (of the Author, two of Edward III. and two of the Black by J. R. Moreil. 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1851. Prince). Good, sound copy.

2 00 4 00

276 TASSO. Life, with an Historical Barnes has diligently collected whatever was to be had far and near, upon the several passages of this great and Critical Account of his Writings, by Jobn King's reign; and, generally, his authors are well Black. 2 vols. 4to, ht. mor. nt. Edin. 1810. chosen.”-Nicolson.

The two portraits and title-pages spotted. 262 BROGDEN (J.) Illustrations of

4 00 the Liturgy and Ritual of the Church of Eng. " A very valuable and elaborate work."-LOWXDES, land. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1842. 2 00 277 FERGUSON'S LECTURES

263 WINTHROP (R. C.) Life and on Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, OpLetters of Gov. John Winthrop, from his em- tics, &c. : edited by Brewster 3 vols. 8vo, barkation in 1630 to his death in 1649. roy. (one volume of plates) nf. cf. Edin. 18. 6. 1 75 8vo, cl. Boston, 1867. Purtrait.

1 50 278 THE REPORTS on the Present 264 BURDER (Rev. G.) Village Ser. State of the United Provinces of South Amermons; complete in 1 vol. thk. 8vo, cl.° Lond. ica, drawn up by Messrs. Roduey and Grabam, Plates. 1 50 Commissioners sent by the Governmeut of the

Lond. 1819. 265 BRODIE (G.) History of the Brit- United States. 8vo, bf. mor.

Title discolored.

1 25 ish Empire, from the Accession of Charles I. to the Restoration. 4 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. rub.

279 CHESTERFIELD (Lord). Letbed. Edin. 1822.

Bottom of vols. water- ters to his Son. 2 vols. Miscellaneous stained.

2 75 Works, with Life, by Matv. 2 vols. Together Mr. Brodie is a man of rerearch and independence 4 vols. 4to, cf., slightly rubbed. Lond. 1774-7. of mind; his history is a work of weight and learning."

4 50 Smyth's Lectures.

The Miscellaneous Works contain Portraits by Hall and 266 THE YOUNG MAN'S COM- Bartalozzi. PANION; or, Book of Knowiedge; con 280 GRAVE (G. A.) Memoirs of Jeanne taining Grammar, Writing, Arithmetit, Draw- d'Arc, chiefly from the French of Du Fresnoy. ing, Geography, History, Natural History, 8vo. bf mor. Egbam. 1812.

1 50 Chronology, &c., &c. 8vo.,cl. Lond. Plates. 281 TOOKE (W.) View of the Russian

1_25 Empire during the reign of Catherine 11. 267 THE FEMALE INSTRUCT: 3 vols. 8vo, bf. cf. worn. Lond. 1799. 1 25 OR; or, Young Woman's Guide to Domestic

282 VOLTAIRE. La Henriade (in Happiness; conraining Rules for Female Con French). 4to, hf. mor. nt., cl. sides, gt. edges. duct, Advice to Servants, a complete Art of Lond. 1728. Plates and rignettes on copper. Cookery, &c., &c. 8vo, cl. Lond. Plates.

3 50 1 25

This edition was published by Voltaire during his 268 MOORE (Thos.) Memoirs of the residence in England. Life of the Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sher 283 LINDO (E. H.) History of the Jews idan. 4to, hf. mor. nt. Lond. 1825. Portrait of Spain and Portugal, from the earliest times and title spotted.

3 25

to their final expulsion from these kingdoms. 269 MODERN FRENCH LIFE: 8vo, cl. Lond. 1848.

1 50 edited by Mis. Gore. 3 vols. in 1, Svo, 284 WADDINGTON (Rev. G.) Histohf. mor., gt. bk., worn. Lond. 1842. Finger- ry of the Church from the earliest ages to the soiled.

Reformation. 3 vols.-History of the Reforma270 SIBBS (Rev. Richard.) A Learned tion on the Continent. 3 vols. — Together 6 Commentary or Exposition upon the First vols. 8vo, hf. roan nt. Lond. 1835–41. 10 00 Chapter of the Second Epistle to the Corin 285 GUIZOT. Histoire de la Civilisathians. Sm. fol., old cf. nt. Lond. 1655. Fine tion en Europe. 8vo, hf. ct., gt. bk. Paris. impression of the rare Portrait. Scarce. 3 50 1846. Portrait.

1 00 271 BURKE (Rt. Hon. E.) Account of the 287 DE LA MOTTE (Jane de St. European Settlements in America. 2 vols. Remy de Valois, Countess) Life, containing a 8vo, cf. Lond. 1758.

1 50 detail of the many extraordinary Events 272 KINGSLEY (Henry) The Hilyars which have attended this unfortunae Lady and the Burtons; a Story of Two Families. from her birth; with some farther particuSm. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1870.

1 50 lars relative to the mysterious Transactions

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752 pp.

672 PP.

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Nice copy.

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of the Diamond Necklace; her Trials, &c. Scarce and Curions Pieces; being a Collection
2 vols. 8vo, hf. mor. ut. Lond. 1791. Por- of MSS. and Tracts. 2 vols. sm.8vo, cf. won.
trait. Scarce.
4 25 Loud. 1707.

300 288 HISTOIRE de l'Origine et des Pre Contains : An Account of Origen and his Opinione miera Progrès de l'Imprimerie, par Prosper Elizabeth, her Timex and Favoriter: The Form of (in Marchand. 4to, old cf., slightly worn.


nation of Charles II. ; Trial of "I'm. Penn and I Haye. 1740.

1 50 Head, 1670 : Apology of William of Orange; Calata's 289 KAYE (Bp. J.) Some Account of the and other scarce and curious Tracts.

Common Prayer Book ; Of the Tor

ents of Hill, 1958 Life and Writings of Justin Martyr. 8vo,

309 BOLING BROKE (Lord). Letters bds. Lond. 1836.

1 00

on the Study and Use of History. 2 vols. sin. 290 KING (Peter Lord). Selection from 8vo, cf. Lond. 1752. LARGE PAPER.

123 the Speeches (on tue Corn Laws, &c.) and

310 DANGEAU (Marquis de). Me. Writings of. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1844. Portrait spotted.

moires, écrits par lui-même; coutenant beau

1 25 291 MASON (Rev. Wm.) Works. 4 vols. Louis XIV., sa Cour, etc : avec des Notes 3

coup de particularités et d'anecdotes sur 8vo, hf. cf. ut. Lond. 1811. Three portraits. vols. 8vo, cf. Paris. 1817.

130 3 25

311 HALLAM (H.) View of the State 292 SHAKESPEARE (J.) Grammar of Europe during the Middle Ages. 2 rols of the Hindustavi Language. 4to, hf. old ct in 1, thk. 8vo, hf. cf., gt. bk. Paris. 1840. Lond. 1826. Fly-leaves pen-marked. 1 00

the first Settlement by the Phænicians to the Life by Isaac Walton. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. 0s

312 HOOKER (Richard). Works, with Death of Philip II. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. nt. Lond. ford. 1841.

475 1814.

2 00

313 VICTOR HUGO. Euvres: (Bug. 294 WATSON (R.) History of the Jargal, Han d' Islande, Le Rhin, Le Dernier Reigns of Philip II. and Philip III., Kings of Jour d'un Condamné, Notre-Dame du Paris

, Spain. 5 vols. Bro, ct. slightly rubbed. Lond. Litérature et Philosophie Mélées, Dramas and 1803,

2 25 Poems). 2 vols. in i, very thk. imp. dvo, b. 295 COXE (Wm.) Memoirs of the Kings roan. Brux. 1842. of Spain of the House of Bourbon, from the Access.on of Philip V. to the Death of Charles

314 The following French and Italian Books

at 50 cents each. III. 3 vols 4to. ci. Lond. 1813.

6 00

Micbel. La Révélation de Saint Jean. Pro, 296 FRANCIS (J.) History of the Bank paper. 1867.—Mémoires d'Anne de Gronof Englanıl, its Times and Traditions. 2 vols.

Princesse Palatine

8vo, cf. 1789,sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. Third edition. Title of Jules Sandeau. Mlle de la Seiglière. Bro, first vol, soiled.

4 00 hf. ct. Paris. 1847. - Histoire de Bohèine. 297 HISTORY OF ENGLAND; Cr 8vo, bf. cf. rubbed. 1812,-Euvres de C. containing the various Histories of Rapin, S. Bouflers. Evo, hf. cf. rubbed. 1803. PorHevry, Home, Smollett and B lsham: cor- trait. ---Dix Ans d'Etudes Historiques, par rected by reference to Turner, Lingard, Mack- A. Thierry. 8vo, cl. 1836. —Le Père Goriot

, intosh, Hallam, Brodie, Godwin and others; par De Balzac. 12mo, hf. roan. 1837.Le by F. G. Tomiius. 3 vols. very tbk. imp. 8vo, cons Espagnoles de Literature, (in Spanish)

. cl. Halifax, 1845.

7 00 8vo, cl. 1840.—Histoire des Démêlés du Pape 298 BROOKES (R.) The Art of Ang.

Boniface VIII. avec Philippe le Bel. 12mo. cf.

1718. - -Fichte: ling. 12o, old cf. nt. Lond. 1770. En.

Destination de l'Homme, graved front. and cuts.

2 00

8vo, cl. 1832.—Vie de Louis de Bourbon. 299 FATHERLESS ROSA, or The des Mémoires du Duc de Rovigo concernaut le

Prince de Condé. 12mo, ct. 1694.--Extrait Dangers of the Female Life ; by R. Huish. Duc d'Enghien. 8vo, bf. road. 18238vo, cf. slightly rubbed. Lond. 1828. Plates. Histoire de la Révolution de 1830 et des Barri:

1 50 cades, par Rossignol. 8vo, cl. 1830. —Essai 300 PITT (Rt. Hon. Wm.) Speeches. 4 sur le Jeu de Trente-Un. 8vo, bds. 1809. vols. 8vo, old cl., cut edges. Lond. 1806. Abrégé des Mémoires pour Servir à l'Histoire Name in ink on titles.

6 25 du Jacobinismo, par l'Abbé Barruel. 8vo, cf. 301 CORNEILLE (P. et T.) Chefs rubbed. 1798. Philosophie Sociale, par Dud'Euvres Dramatiques. 5 vols.

1 25 rosoy. 12mo, hf. cf. 1783.-Les Deux Ca302 HISTOIRE de Gil Blas. 4 vols.

davres; La Comtesse de Monriop; par

Soulié., hf. shp. robbed. 1858. -1 00

Letties Choisies de Mme, de Sévigné. Ilmo, 303 VOLTAIRE. La Henriade.

0 40 ht, vol. worn. 1841.

- Discours sur des Su. 304 - Théatre. 8 vols.

2 00 jets Religieux, par A. Vivet. 8vo, cl. 1841. 305 MONTESQUIEU.

Do l'Esprit

Anecdotes sur la Révolution de Russie, des Lois. 4 vols.

1 25

1762. 8vo, hf. roan worn. 1797. Portrait of

Catherine 11.-De la Démocratie en France, 306 RACINE. (Euvres. 4 vols. 1 25 Nos. 311 to 306 inclusive are bound in ef. worn, gt. c). 1849. —Testament Politique ilu Cardinal

par Guizot; _Raphael, nar Lamartine. 8vo, edges. Paris and Lond. 1782-1813.

Alberoai. 12mo, cf. 1758. ---Histoire de la 308 THE PHENIX ; or, a Revival of Chevalerie en France, par J. Libert. Cr. 8vo,


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