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DOBSON. Masonry and Stone Cutting.

G ARBETT. Principles of Design.
By E. Dobson. (Weale's series.)

By E. L. Garbett. (Weale's series.).
The Student's Guide to the Practice of

GIBBS. A Series of Designs for Gothic
Measuring and Valuing Artificers Works.

Monuments, Churchyard Crosses, Sepulcbral
Edited by E Dobson, 3d edition, with the

Slabs, and Head Crosses, etc., etc. By John
additions on design by E Lacy Garbett.

Gibbs. 1 vol. quarto. London, 1852...... 15 00 8vo, cloth, illustrated. London, 1858 ..... 4 50

GILLMORE. Practical

Cottage Residences. By
A. J. Downing. 8vo, cloth

3 00

Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars.
Hints to Persons about Building in the

By Maj.-Gen'l Q. A. Gillinore. 1 vol. Svo,
cloth. New York, 1867 .......

4 00
Country. By A. J. Downing.. New York,

2 00

GLOSSARY (A) of Terms Used in Grecian,
- Architecture of Country Houses. By

Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture,
A. J. Downing. 8vo, cloth

6 00

The 5th edition, enlarged. Exemplitied by
А Treatise Landscape Gar-

seventeen bundred engravings and wood-
dening and Rural Architecture, by the late

cuts. 3 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1850. (Very A.J. Downing, with Supplement by H. W.

scarce.). Sargent. 1 vol. thick Svo, cloth. Finely

GOUGE. New System of Ventilation, illustrated

6 50

which has been thoroughly tested under DOWSING. The Timber Merchant's and

the patronage of many distinguished perBuilder's Companion By Wm. Dowsing,

sons. By Henry A. Gouge. 1 vol. 8vo, 2d edition, revised. 12mo, cloth. London,

cloth. New York, 1870..

2 00 (n. d.).

1 50

GRAMMAR (The) of House-Planning.
DRAWINGS (Working), and Designs in

Hints on Arranging and Modifying Plans
Architecture and Building, with Essays on

of Cottages, Street Houses, Villas, Man-
Various Subjects.
Illustrated with large

sions, and Out-Buildings, with numerous
plates. By Eyland, Lightbody, and Burn.

Wood-cuts and Plates. London, 1864. 1 vol.
1 vol. folio, cloth.
36 25 12mo, cloth............

2 50 Half mor....

45 00

GWILT. An Encyclopedia of Architecture,
EDWARDS. On the Ventilation of Dwell-

Historical, Theoretical, and Practical. By
iug Houses, and Utilization of Waste Heat.

Joseph Gwilt, F. S. A. New edition, re-
By Frederic Edwards, Jr. 1 vol. 8vo. Lon-

vised, with alterations and additione, by W.
don, 1888. .....

5 25 Papworth. 1 vol. thick 8vo, cloth. LonESTERBROOK


don, 1867........ and

26 28 TON. American Stair-Builder. By W.

JASSENFRATZ. Traite Theorique et
P. Esterbrook and J. H, Monckton. Illus.

Pratique de l'Art de Calener la Pierre Cal-
trated. 4to....

8 00 caire, et de fabriquer toutes sortes de MorEXAMPLES (A Series of Executed) of Ec

tiers, Cimens, Betons, etc. Soit a bras clesiastical and Domestic Structures, from

d'Hommes, soit a l'aide de Machine. Par the Designs of Modern Architects. With 26

M. Hassenfratz. 1 vol. quarto, half mor. plates. 1 vol. quarto. London, 1858......

Paris, 1825. (Very scarce.). .....

10 00 21 00 FAIRBAIRN. The Application of Cast

HATFIELD. The American House-
and Wrought Iron to Building Purposes.

Carpenter. By R. G. Hatfield. 7th edition,
By Wm. Fairbairn, C.E. 3d edition. New

Svo, cloth. New York, 1869

3 50 York, 1864. Illustrated. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 2 00

HIBBARD. Rustic Adornments for
Fourth English edition, 8vo, cloth. Lon-

Homes of Taste. By Shirley Hibbard,
don, 1570...


New edition, revised, corrected and en-
FERGUSON. A History of Architecture

larged. With colored Plates, and two hun.
in all Countries. Bỹ Jas. Ferguson, F. R.

dred and thirty Wood-cuts. 1 vol, small S. 3 volg. 8vo, half morocco.

4to. London, 1870.....

9 00
illustrated. New edition in press....

HIGGINS. Experiments and Observations
FIELD. City Architecture; or Designs for

made with the view of Improving the Art
Dwelling Houses, Stores, Hotels, etc. In 20

of Composing and Applying Calcareous plates. With deseriptions and an Essay on

Cements, and of Preparing Quick Lime.
the Principles of Design, By M. Field. 1

Theory of these Arts. By Bry. Higgins, M.).
Vol. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1 854.....

3 00

1 vol. 12mo, half mor. London, 1870. FRANCIS. On the Strength of Cast Iron Pil

(Very scarce.)....

6 CO lars. With Tables for the Use of Engineers,

HOLLEY. Country Seats, containing De-
Architects, and Builders.

By J. B.

signs for Cottages, Villas, Mansions, etc.
Francis, Civil Engineer. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth.

By H. H, Holley. 1 vol. 4to. New York,
New York, 1865....
2 00 1866..

5 00


Architecture, Carpentry, and Building.

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HOLLY. Carpenters and Joiners' Hand.

MITCHELL. Stepping-Stones to Archi. Book. By W. Holly. 1 vol. 18mo, cloth.

lecture, consisting of a Series of Questions New York, 1869......

75 and Answers explaining the Principles of HUGUES. Gardening Architecture, and

Architecture. By Thos. Mitchell. 1 vol. Landscape Gardening, illustrating the Ar

London, 1969 chitectural Embellishment of Gardens. By

Rudimentary Manual of Architecture, J. A. Hughes. London, 1866. 1 vol. 8vo,

being a History and Explanation of the cloth..

$7 50

Principal Styles of European Architecture,

Ancient, Mediæval, and Renaissance, etc., II U N T. Designs for Gateways to the

etc., to which is appended a Dictionary of Southern Entrances of Central Park, By

Terms. By Thomas Mitchell, 1 vol. 12m), R. M. Hunt. 1 vol. 4to.....

6 00

cloth, illustrated. London, 1870.......... HURST. A Hand-Book of Formulæ, T&

MONUMENTA. An entirely new work, bles, and Memoranda for Architectural

being Designs for Tombs, Monuments, HeadSurveyors. By J. T. Hurst. 1 vol. 32mo,

Stones, Grave-Crosses, etc., witb Working oblong. Philadelphia, 1868

2 60 Details and Descriptive Text by eminent JACQUES. The House: A Manual of Ru.

Architects and others. 1 vol. 4to, cloth. ral Architecture, or How to build Country

London, 1868..... Houses and Out-Buildings. With numerous

NEWLANDS. The Carpenters and JoinOriginal Plang. By D. H. Jacques. Re

ers' Assistant, being a comprehensive Trea. vised edition. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. ......... 1 50

tise on the Selection, Preparation, and KERR. The Gentleman's House ; or,

Strength of Materials, and the Mechanical How to Plan English Residences, from the

Principles of Framing. By Jas. Newlands. Parsonage to the Palace. By R. Kerr. 1

1 vol. 4to, illustrated vol. 8vo. London, 1865......

12 00 NICHOLSON. Carpenters' New Guide. LAFEVER. The Beauties of Modern Ar

By P. Nicholson. Revised by K. N. Davies, chitecture. Illustrated with 48 plates, Svo. 6 00 and containing New Designs for Roofs, LAUNITZ. Collection of Monuments and

Domes, etc., by S. Sloan. 4to. PhiladelHeadstones. Designed by R. E. Launitz.

phis, 1860.. A series of 12 plates in sheets, folio, Bos

A Treatise on the Construction of Stairton, 1867

7 50 cases and Hand-Rails. By P. Nicholson. Half bound........

12 00

1 vol. 4to. London, 1847 LAXTON. Bricklayers' Tables. By Henry

Principles of Architecture. By Peter laxton, C.E. 1 vol. 4to. London, 1869...

Nicholson. Sixth edition, revised and cor. 2 50

rected by Joseph Gwilt. 1 vol. thick 8vo, LEEDS. Orders of Architecture. By W.

cloth, with numerous Illustrations, LonH. Leeds. (Weale's series.)

50 don, 1848..... Lectures on Ventilation. Ву

PARKER. An Introduction to the Study Lewis W. Leeds. N. Y., 1868. 1 vol. 8vo.

1 00

of Gothic Architecture. By J. H. ParLEUCHERS. How to Build and Ven.

ker, F. S. A. 3d edition, revised and entilate Hot-Houses. By P. B. Leuchers. Il

larged. 8vo...... lustrated. 1 vol. 12mo..........

1 50

A Concise Glossary of Ternig LORING & JENNEY. Principles and

used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Practice of Architecture ; comprising 46

Architecture, by J. H. Parker, F. S. A. tolio plates of plans, elevations, and details

A new ed., revised. 1866. 12mo, cloth... of churches, dwellings, etc., constructed by

PATTISON. Plans and Elevations of Cotthe authors, s. E. Loring and W. L. B. Jenney. 4to, cloth, Chicago, 1869.......

tage Villas and Country Residences, with 12 00

Parsonage Houses, Lodges, and other DoLOTH. The Practical Stair-Builder. А


mestic Buildings. By Wm. Pattigon. complete Treatise on the Art of Building

vol. quarto. London, 1852 . Stairs and Hand-Railg. Illustrated with thirty plates. By C. E. Loth. 1 vol. 4to,

PEWTNER'S Comprehensive Specifier ;

A Guide to the Practical Specification of cloth. Troy, 1868.....

10 00

every kind of Building Artificer's Work. L O UDON. An Encyclopedia of Cote

Edited by Wm. Young. 1 vol. 1200, cloth. tage, Farm, and Villa Architecture, and

London, 1870....
Furniture. Illustrated by 2000 engravings.
By J. C. Loudon.
1 vol. 8vo, cloth, new

PLUNER. Carpenter's (The) and Buildedition. London, 1867.......

er's Guide ; being a Hand-Book for Work16 00

men, also a Manual of Reference for ConMILWAIN and YOUNG. The Geo

tractors, Builders, etc. By Peter W. Plumetrical Angular Stair Builder. 1 vol.

mer. 1 vol. 8vo, boards, with several small 4to....

3 00

Plates. Portland, 1869.....

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Architecture, Carpentry, and Building.

PUGIN. Examples of Gothic Architecture. RIDD ELL. Architectural Designs
By A. W. Pugin. 3 vols. 4to. Illustrated.

for Model Country Residences, illustrated
London, 1850...

$36 7.) by Colored Drawings of Elevations and
The True Principles and Revival of

Ground Plans, accompanied by General De-
Christian Architecture. By A. W. Pugin,

scriptions. By J. Riddell. 1 vol. oblong 4to $15 00 Archt. 1 vol. 4to, cloth. London, 1863... 7 60

The Carpenter and Joiner,
Gothic Ornaments selected from Various

and Elements of Hand Railing, with 32
Ancient Buildings, both in England and

plates. By Robt. Riddell. 1 vol. 4to, cloth. France, during the years 1828, 1829, and

Philadelphia, 1868....

7 00 1830. By A. Pugin, Archt. 1.vol. 4to.

The New Elements of Hand-
London, 1844

15 00

railing in Concise Problems. Calculated to PUGIN & BRITTON. Illustrations of

bring this most useful science within the the Public Buildings of London. With His.

reach of every capacity. By Robert Riddell. torical and Descriptive Accounts of each

1 vol. quarto. Illustrated with 40 accurate edifice, By Pugin and Britton. Second edi.

Pates. Philadelphia, 1870.....

6 00 tion, greatly enlarged, by W. H. Leeds. 2 vols. 8vo, with Plates. London, 1838....

RITCH. The American Architect, compris. 15 00

ing Original Designs of Cheap Country and PYNE. Practical Rules on Drawing, for the

Village Residences. By John W. Ritch. 1
Operative Builder and Young Student in

vol. 4to, half mor, (Scarce.)..
Architecture, By Geo. Pyne. 1 vol. quarto.

RITCHIE. A Treatise on Ventilation,
London, 1864

3 75

Natural and Artificial. By Robert Ritchie,
RAWLINSON. Designs for Factory,

C.E. 1 vol. 8vo. With numerous Plates
Furnace, and other tall Chimney Shafts.

and Wood-cuts. London, 1862.

4 25 By R. Rawlinson, C.E. 1 vol. folio, cloth.

London, 1859......

21 00
Carpentry and Joinery.

With plates.
REID, & Practical Treatise on the Manu-

(Weale's series.).

3 00 ufacture of Portland Cement, to which is added a translation of M. A. Lipourtz's work,

ROBINSON, TREDGOLD and describing a new method adopted in Ger

PRICE Roofs for Public and Private many of manufacturing that cement. By

Buildings. (Weale's series.).

75 W. F. Reid. 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1868....

6 25 ROBINSON. The Parks, Promenades, and Illustrations of the Theory and Practice

Gardens of Paris, described and considered of Ventilation, with remarks on Warming,

in relation to the wants of our own Cities, Exclusion, Lighting, and Communication of

and of Public and Private Gardens. By W.
Sound, By D. B. Reid, F.R.S.E. 1 vol. 8vo,

Robinson, F.L.S. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth.
cloth, London, 1844
8 00 London, 1869

9 00 A Practical Treatise on Concrete and

RONDELET. Traité Theorique et Prg-
How to Make it.
With Observations on the

tique de l'art de Batir. Par Jean Rondelet. Use of Cements, Limes and Mortars. By

6 vols. 4to, text, and 1 folio Atlas . ...... 100 00 Henry Reid, C.E. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. London, 1869..

SALANDRI. Architectural and Decora.

2 25 REYNAUD. Traite d'Architecture.

tive Designs. Illustrated by 65 Engravings

Par M. L. Reynaud. Troisieme edition. 2 vols.

on Steel and Copper of the best existing 4to, et 2 Atlases, folio. Paris, 1870.......

specimens. Drawn by E. Salandri. Incor

72 50 REYNOLDS. A Treatise on Hand-railing.

porated with which are the plates of Comprising three original systems of apply.

" Page's Decorator." 1 vol. 4to, half mor. ing the tratnmel or string in drawing the

2d Edition. London, 1869..:

7 50 face moulds of Geometrical, Elliptical, and

NILAW. Specimens of Tile Pavements,drawn Spiral Hand-rails. 1 vol. 8vo. With nume

from existing authorities. By Henry Shaw. rous Plates. New Orleans, 1819.........

3 00

1 vol. 4to. Plates colored. London, 1858. 18 00 RICHARDSON. Architectural Model

Specimens of Ancient Furniture, drawn ling. By P. A. Richardson. (Weale's serios.)

75 from Existing Authorities. By Henry The Smoke Nuisance, and Its Remedy by

Shaw, F. S. A. With descriptions by Sir Means of Water. With Remarks on Liquid

Samuel R. Meyrich. London, 1866...... 15 75 Fuel. By C. J. Richardson. 8vo, paper. Lon

Civil Architecture ; being a complete don, 1869


Theoretical and Practical System of BuildRICKMAN. An attempt to discriminate

ing, containing the Fundamental Principles the Style of Architecture in England from

of the Art. By Edward Shaw. To which is the Conquest to the Reformation, with a

added a Treatise on Gothic Architecture, sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders,

etc., By T. W. Silloway and Geo. M. HardBy the late Thomas Rickman, 6th edition,

Ing, Architects. Illustrated by 102 Plates, with considerable additions, chiefly histori


engraved on Copper. 1 vol. 4to. cal. By J. H. Parker. 8vo, cloth........ 10 50 dolpnia, 1870...

10 00

Architecture, Carpentry, and Building.

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10 50

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SHAW. Details of Elizabethan Architec

ture. By Henry Shaw, F 8. A. 1 vol. 410. Pickering, 1839...

The Encyclopædia of Ornament. By Henry Shaw, F. S. A. 1 vol. 4to. Picker

ing, 1842 ..... SILLOWAY. Text-Book of Modern Car.

pentry By T. W. Silloway. Illustrated.

12mo. Boston, 1858. SLOAN. Homestead Architecture, contain:

ing Designs for Villas, Cottages, FarmHouses, etc. By S. Sloan. Plates. 8vo..

Constructive Architecture, A Guide to the Practical Builder and Mechanic. By 8. Sloan. Illustrated. 4to.....

City and Suburban Architecture, containing Designs for Public Edifices, Private Residences, and Mercantile Buildinge. By S. Sloan. Illustrated. Folio....

The Model Architect. A Series of Designs for Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, etc. Plates. By S. Sloan.

2 vols. 4to..... SLOAN'S Architectural Review ard Ameri

can Builder's Journal. Vols, 1 and 2 of the above per vol.......

Subscription price per annum..

Single copies....
SNEATON. The Builder's Companion.
By A. C. Smeston. Illustrated.

16mo... SMITH. Parks and Pleasure Grounds; or,

Practical Notes on Country Residences,
Villas, Public Parks and Gardeds. By
C. H. J. Smith, 1 vol. 12mo, cloth.....

On the Acoustics of Public Buildings, and the Science o: Sound. By T. R. Smith, Arch. 1 vol. 12mo, flex., illustrated.

(Weale's series.) STEVENS. The Book of Farm Buildings,

their arrangement and construction, By Henry Stevens, F.R.S. E., and Robert Scott

Burn, C.E. Edinburgh, 1861. 1 vol. 8vo.. STRICKLAND. On Cottage Construc

tion and Design, with Specifications and

Plans. By C. W. Strickland. 8vo, cloth.. STUART. A Dictionary of Architecture ;

Historical Descriptive, Topographical Decoration, Theoretical, and Mechanical, alphabetically arranged, familiarly explained and adapted to the comprehension of workmen, etc., etc. By Robt. Stuart, Archt, and Civil Engineer. 3 vols, bound in 2 Sheep, illustrated by one thousand drawings.

Philadelphia, 1854. (Scarce.)..... TARN. The Science of Building. An E12

mentary Treatise on the Principles of Co:struction. By E. W. Tarn, 1 vol. 8vo. IlJustrated with forty-seven wood Engrav.

ings. London, 1870.... TATTERSALL. Sporting Architec

ture. By Geo. Tattersall. 1 vol. 4to. Il. lustrated. (Scarce.)........

TOMLINSON. Warming and Ventils

tion. By C. Tomlinson. (Weale's series.). $1 50
$12 50

Construction of Door Locks. By C.
Tomlinson. (Weale's series.)..........

TOTTIE. Designs for Sepulchral Monu.
10 50

ments, with Plans. By C. Tottie, 1 vol.
quarto, with 25 copper-plate engravings.
London, ......

15 00
2 00

TREDGOLD. The Elementary Princi

ples of Carpentry. By Thomas Tredgold,

CE. 5th edition, revised and enlarged.
4 60
1 large 4to, ex, cloth. London, 1870 ......

15 03
TRENDALL. Monuments, Cenotaphs,

Tombs, and Tablets, with Details and Work.
9 00

ing Drawings By E. W. Trendall, Archi-
tect. 1 vol. 4to, cloth....

10 50
Examples for Exterior
and Interior Finishings: consisting of ed-
15 00

trance, single and folding doors, windows,

and shutters, etc., etc., and selection of
25 00

rooms, with their details, etc.; the whole
forming a book of working drawings. By
E. W. Trendall, 1 vol. quarto. London,

7 50

VAUX. 5 00

Villas and Cottages. New edition,
revised and enlarged. By C. Vaux. 8vo.

3 00

CHITECTURE. Select Examples
1 50

of Country and Suburban Residences, re-
cently erected by various architects. Lon.

don, 1868. 1 vol. 4to, half morocco.......

VIOLLET-le-DUC. Entretiens Bar 2 25

l'Architecture, 2 vols. and Atlas. Vol. 1.

and 18 Plates published... VITRUVIUS'S Architecture. Translated 75

by J. Gwilt. (Weale's series.). ........ VOGDES. The Architect's and Builder's

Pocket Companion and Price-Book. By F.

W. Vogdes. (In press.) ........ 15 75

WALKER. Useful Hints on Ventilation.

Explanatory of its leading principles, and

designed to facilitate their application to
2 00
all kinds of Buildings. By W. Walker,

Engineer. 12mo, cloth. Manchester, 1850.
WARING. Architectural Studies in Burgos.

By J. B. Waring. 1 vol. folio, cloth.......
WE I DEN MANN. Beautifying

Country Homes: a Hand-book of Land-
scape Gardening. Illustrated by plans of
places already improved. By J. Weiden.

mn. 1 vol. quarto. New York, 1870...
WHEELER. Rural Homes, or Sketches

of Houses suited to American Country Life,
with original Plans, Designs, &c. By Ger-
vaise Wheeler. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. New

York, 1868.
3 50

Homes for the People in Suburb and
Country, the Villa, the Mansion, and the

Cottage, adapted to American Climate and
10 BO

Wants. By Gervaise Wheeler, Archt. Re

35 00


2 50

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Architecture, Carpentry, and Building.

$3 00

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vised edition. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth.

New York, 1868 WHITE. Rural Architecture. A Series of

designs for ornamental cottages and villas, exemplified in plans, elerations, sections and details, with descriptions. By Juha

White. 1 vol. quarto. London, 1857..... WICKES. A Handy Book of Villa Archi.

lecture, being a series of designs for villa residences in various styles. By O: Wickes.

4to, half mor. London, 1859.. WIGATWICK. The Palace of Architec

tore. By George Wightwick, Architect. 1 vol. imperial 8vo, cloth. Finely illustrated....

Hints to Young Architects. By George Wightwick. Second issue, 12mo, cloth. London, 1860

1 50

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$5 (0

$2 00

BISHOP. Astronomical Observations

taken during the years 1839-1851, under the direction of Geo. Bishop, Esq. 1 vol.

quarto. London, 1852...... BLAND. Forms of Ships and Boats. By

W. Bland. (Weale's series.) BLODGETT. Climatology of the United

Stutes, and of the Temperate Latitudes of the Nortb American Continent, etc., etc., with "Isothermal Charts. By L. Blodgett. Royal 8vo.....


1 50

B. Airy.

5 00


1 65

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ADAMS. Famous Ships of the British Navy,

with an appendix on Iron-Clad Ships. A Chronological Table of British Engagements at Sea, a Glossary, etc. By W. H. D. Adams, 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. London, 1868.....

Lighthouses and Light Sbips : a descrip tive and historical account of their mode of construction and organization.

By W. H.
Davenport Adams. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth.

London, 1870
AIRY. Popular Astronomy. A Series of
Lectures delivered at "Ipswich. By G.

6th edition, revised. London,
1868. 1 vol. 16 nio..
ALMANAC (The American) and Astro-

pomical Ephemeris, for 1567-73. Each.... ALMANAC (The British Nautical) and

Astronomical Ephemeris, for the years 1866

to 1873, inclusive. Svo, paper. Each..... ALSTON. 6 amanship, together with a

Treatire on Nautical Surveying. By A. H.

Alston, R. N. 1 vol. 16mo, cloth.....
ANSTED. Physical Geography. By D. T.
Ansted. 3d edition,

Philadelphia, 1868.
1 vol. 12o, cloth.......
BARRETT. Dead Reckoning, or Day's

Work. By Edward Barrett, Lt. Com., U.

S. N. 1 vol. 8vo. New York, 1863.

Dockyard Economy and Naval
Power. By P, Barry. 1 vol. Svo, illus-
trated with photographs...

The Dockyards, Shipyards, and Marine of France. By P. Barry, London, 1861.

1 vol. 8vo, cloth .........
BASSNETT. Outlines of a Mechanical

Theory of Storms, containing the true law
of lunar influence. By T. Bassnett. 1 vol.
12mo, cloth. New York, 1854............

1 75

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B L U N T. The Ship-Master's Asgiet.

ant, and Commercial Digest. By J. Blunt.

1 vol. 8vo, sheep BOOK (The) of Knots, being a complete

Treatise on the Art of Cordage. Illustrated

with 172 diagrams, 1 vol. equare 12mo.... BOURGOIS. Des Mouvements de l'At

mosphere. Par M. le Contre Amiral Boar

gois. 1 vol. 8vo. Paris, 1869 BOWDITCH, The New American Prac

tical Navigator ; being an Epitome of Navigation, etc., etc. By Nathaniel Bowditch, LL. D. 1 vol. 8vo, sheep. Washington,

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