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BUCHAN. A Handy Book of Meteorology.

By Alexander Buchan, M. A. 1 vol. 12mo,

cloth. 2d edition. Edinburgh, 1868 CARRINGTON. A Catalogue of 3,735

Circumpolar Stars. Observod at Redhill in the Years 1854, 1855 and 1856, and reduced to Mean Positions. By R. C.Carrington, 1 vol. folio. London, 1857..

Observations of the Spots on the Sin, from November 9, 1853, to March 21, 1861, made at Redhill by Richard C. Carrington. Illustrated by 166 plates.

I vol. quarto. London, 1863... CATALOGUE of 2156 Stars, formed from

the Observations made during twelve years from 1838 to 1847, at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. 1 vol. quarto. London,

1849.... CHABRIAND. Etude sur l'Eclipse totale

de Soleil du 18 Aout, 1868. Par Lt. Cha

briand, Syo, paper. Paris, 1869.... CHAMBERS. Descriptive Astronomy.

By Geo. F. Chambers, F. R. A. S. Oxford,

1867. 1 vol. imp. Svo,... CHAUVENET. A Manual of Spherical

and Practical Astronomy; embracing the General Problems of Spherical Astronomy, its Special Application to Nautical Astronomy, and the Theory and Use of Fixed Astronomical Instruments. By Wm. Chauvenet. 2 vole, royal 8vo, cloth ....

New Method of Correcting Lunar Distances, and Improved Method of Finding the Error and Rate of a Chronometer by equal altitudes. By Wm. Chau

venet, LL. D. I vol. 8vo, cloth... COFFIN. Navigation and Nautical Astron

omy. By Prof. J. H. C. Coffin. 4th edition.
Prepared for the U're of the U. S. Naval

COLBERT. Astronomy Without a Tele-

scope; being a Guide-Book to the Visible
Heavens, with all necessary Maps and Illus-
trations. By E. Colbert. 1 vol. quarto.

Chicago, 1869.....
COMER. Navigation Simplified. A man-

ual of instruction in navigation as prac-
ticed at sea, adapted to the wants of the
sailor. By G. N, Comer, A. M. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y., 1868
COTSELL. Ships' Anchors for

Services. By G. Cotsell. (Weale'a series.)

and Suilors, Ancient and Modern: a Sketch of the Progress of Naval Art, with Historical Illustrations. By C. C. Cotterill, B, A., and E D. Little, B. A. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth,with

forty-two illustrations. London, 1868..... CRISENOY. Memoire sur la loscription

Maritime adresse a la commission d'enquete sur la Marine. Par Jules de Crisenoy. 1 vol. 8vo, paper. Paris, 1870....

DANA. The Seaman's Friend ; containing

A Treatise on Practical Seamanship. By $4 26 R. H. Dana, Jr. 9th edition, revised and corrected ...

$1 25
DE LA LANDE. Astronomie. Par M.
de la Lande. 4 vols. 4to.

Paris, 1771,
5 00

DELAMBRE. Abrege d'Astronomie, ou

Leçons Elementaires d'Astronomie, Theo
retique et Pratique. Par M. Delambre. 1

vol. 8vo, half mor. Paris, 1813 (scarce).

DEL AUNAY. Rapport sur les Progrés
12 50

de l'Astronomié. Par M. Delaunay. Pa-
per, large 8vo. Paris, 1867.....

1 00 DENNISON. Astronomy without Mathe.

matics. By E, B. Dennison, LL.D. 3d edi.
7 50

tion, much enlarged. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth.
New York, 1869

1 76 DISTURNELL. Influence of Climate in

North and South America, showing the va-

ried Climatic Influences operating in the
Equatorial, Temperate, and Frigid Re-

gions, from the Arctic to the Antarctic Cir-

cle, with Is thermal Map. By J Disturnell.
1 vol. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1867. ...........

400 DOVE. The Law of Storms considered in

Connection with the Ordinary Movements
of the Atmosphere. By H, W. Dove. Trans-
lated, with the author's sanction and assist-

ance, by Robert H. Scott, M. A. 1 vol. 850,
10 00

DOWNES. Occultations of Planets and

Stars by the Moon during the Year 1863,
Computed by John Downes. Wash'n, 1853.

Pamphlet ...
2 00

DRAWINGS of Buildings and l’tensils
Constructed under Directions of the U. S.

40 00 Lighthouse Department. 1 vol. folio......

DUBOIS. De le Deviation du Compas &
8 50

bord des Navires et du moyen de l'obtenir a
l'aide du compas de deviations. Par E. Du-
bois. 1 vol. 8vo, paper. Paris, 1807......

Cours de Navigation et d'Hy.
drographie, Par E. Dubois. 1 vol. 8vo,
2 00 illustrated. Paris, 1859...

DUNKIN. The Midnight Sky. Familiar

Notes on the Stars and Planets. By Edward
Dunkin. 1 vol, large 8vo. With pumerous

illustrations. London, 1861........
2 50 ENNIS. The Origin of the Stars, and the

Causes of their Motions and their Light.

By Jacob Ennis. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth.....
FALCONER. A new Universal Diction.

ary of the Marine ; being a copious expla-
nation of the technical terms and phrases
usually employed in the Construction,
Equipment, Machinery, Movements, Mili-
tary as well as Naval, Operations of Ships,
&c., &c. Originally compiled by Wm. Fal.
coner. Now modernized and much enlarged

by Wm. Burney, LL.D. 1 vol. 4to. Lon:
1 72

don, 1815..



1 60

3 75


20 00

Astronomy, Meteorology, and Navigation,



2 10

F!.ACHET. Navigation a Vapeur Trans


By Amedee ceanienne. Par Eugene Flachet. 2 vols.

Guillemin. From the French, by T. L. 8vo, and Atlas. Paris, 1866.......

$12 00 Phipson, Ph. D. With 58 Ulustrations. 1 FOSTER. Report on the Pendulum Exper

v l. 12mo, cloth. London, 1870.....

$150 iments made by the late Capt, Henry Fos

GUYOT. Tables, Meteorological and Physi. ter, R N., in bis Scientific Voyage in the

cal. Prepared for the Smithsonian Instiyears 1828–1831, with a view to determine

lute by A. Guyot, Ph. LL. D. Third edi. the figure of the Earth, Drawn up by Fran

tion, revised and enlarged. Washington, cis Baily, Esq. 1 vol. quarto, half mor.

3 co London, 1831. (Scarce.;

6 00 HALE. Treatise on the Mechanical Means GAUSS. Theory of the Motion of the Heav.

by which Vessels are Propelle1 by Steam enly Bodies moving about the Sun in Conic

Power. By Wm. Hale, C. E. 1 vol. 8vo, Sections. A translation of Gauss's Theoria

cloth. London, 1868..

1 50 Motus." With an appendix by Charles H.

HARBORD. A Glossary of Navigation. Davis. 1 vol. quarto. Boston, 1857.. 5 00

By Rev. J. B. Harbord. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. GILLISS. U. S. Naval Astronomical

II ERSCHEL. Outlines of Astronomy. Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere,

By Sir J. F. W. Herschel. 1 vol. post 8vo 2 50 during the Years '49-52. By J. M. Gillisa.

Meteorology. By Sir John 2 vols, 4to

10 00

F. W. Herschel, Bart. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth, GLAISHER. Hygrometrical Tables,

Elinburgh, 1861. With Plates,... alapted to the use of the Dry and Wet-Bulb

HONMEY. Tables d'Angles Horaires, by Thermometer. By Jas. Glaisher, F. R. S.

Louis Hommey. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1863. 9 00 4th edition, 8vo, pamphlet...

1 25

HIGGINS. On the Results of Spectrum
Diurnal Range Tables,

Analysis applied to the Heavenly Bodies.
Newly arranged, containing corrections for

By Wm. Huggios, F. R. S. Illustrated température adapted to different hours of

with photographs. London, 1866

2 50 observation, for different ranges of daily temperature, with similar corrections for

HUMBOLDT. A Physical Description the barometer, etc. By James Glaisher, F.

of the Heavens. By Alex. Von Humboldt. RS. 4th edition. London, 1867.

Translated by Col. E. Sabine, R.A. 12mo,

8vo. Pamphlet

cloth. London, 1867

1 75

INGLEFIELD. Words of Advice to GODFRAY. A Treatise on Astronomy,

Young Naval Oficers. By Capt. E. A. for the use of Colleges and Schools. By H.

Inglefield, R. N. 1 vol. 16mo, cloth

1 75 Godfray. Cambridge, 1866. 1 vol. Svo,

IN.MAN. Navigation and Nautical Astronocloth. 5th edition. London, 1868...

4 50

my, for the Use of British Seamen. By Rev. An Elementary Treatise on

James Inman, D, D. 13th edition. Lonthe Lunar Theory, with a brief Sketch of

don, 1862. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth

3 50 the History of the Problem up to the time of Newton. By Hugh Godfray.

Nautical Tables, designed for the use

Second edition. Cambridge, 1859....

of British Seamen. By the Rev. James

2 25 GRANT. History of Physical Astronomy

Ioman, D. D. New edition, revised by the

Rev. Jas. Wm. Inman. London, 1867. 1 from the Earliest Ages to the middle of the Nineteenth Century.

vol. Svo, cloth

10 50 By Robert Grant, F. R. A. S. London, 1849-52. 1 vol. 8vo,

JEANS. Hand-Book for the Stars, containcloth..

3 75

ing Rules for finding the names and posiGREENWOOD.

tions of all the Stars of the first and second Navigation: The Sailor's Sea-Book; How to keep the Log,

maguitude. By H. W. Jeans. F. R. A, S, and Work it Off, etc.; Law of Storms, and

Third edition. London, 1868. 1 vol. thin Explanation of Terms. By J. Greenwood.

8vo, cloth..... (Weale's series.) London, 1865

Practical Astronomy for the U.1 00

learned. With numerous Engravings. By Rain and Rivers. By Col. George Greenwood. 2d edition. 1 vol.

tbe Rev. Geo. Jeans, M.A. 1 vol. 12mo, 8vo, cloth...

cloth, London.

2 03 5 00 GRIFFIN. Navigation and Nautical As

Nautical Astronomy and Navigation. Ironomy By James Griffin, Revised and

By H. W. Jeans, F.R.A.S. 1 vol, large 8yo. improved by Wm. Turnbull.

New edition. London, 1870...

7 00 With key to the exercises. 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1852..

6 00 JEFFERS. A Treatise on Nautical Sur. GUILLEMIN. The Heavens. An illug

veying. By Capt. W. N. Jeffers, U. S. N. trated Hand-Book of Popular Astronomy.

8vo, cloth, illustrated. New York, 187). Ry A. Guillemin. Edited by J. Norman

(Ready shortly.) Lockyer, F.R.A.S. 4th edition, revised.

JENKINS. The Barometer, Thermometer, New York, 1871. 8vo, cloth.......

4 50

Hygrometer, and Atmospheric Appearances


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at Sea and on Land, as aids in foretelling weather, with brief rules for their use, etc, Compiled from the latest authorities by Com, T. A. Jenkins, U.S.N. 8vo, pam

phlet. Washington, 1869 ...... JENKINS. The Rule of the Road at Sea

and in Inland Waters, or Steering and Sailing Rules, Collisions, and Law of the Port Helm, Collated and arranged with remarks by Com. T. A. Jenkins, U. S. N., Bureau of Navigation. Wasbington, 1869. 1 vol. 8vo, ball mor ......

Ship's Compasses, including the Subjects of Binnacles and Swinging Ship. Remarks and Instructions collated and arranged by Com. T. A. Jenkins, U. S. N., Bureau of Navigation, Washington, 1869. Pamphlet

8vo..... JOHNSTON. Atlas of Astronomy. Bg

Alox. Keith Joboston. New and enlarged edition. With an Elementary Survey of the Heaveos, by Robt. Grant. 1 vol. quarto, half mor. London, 1869..........

Hand-Book of Physical Geography. By Keith Johnston, Jr. 1 vol. 12mo, cluth.

London, 1870........... KAEMTZ. A complete Course of Metoor.

ology. By L. F. Kaemtz. With Notes by Ch, Martins, and an Appendix containing the graphic representation of the Numerical Tables, by L. Lalanne. Translated, with Notes and Additions, by C. V. Walker. 1

yol, 12mo. London...... KIPPING. Rudimentary Treatise

on Masting, Mast-Making, and Rigging of Ships ; also Tables of Spars, Rigging, Blocks, Chain, Wire, and IIenip Ropes, etc. 1 vol. 12mo. By R. Kipping. (Weale's geries.).

Elementary Treatise on Sails and SailMaking, with Draughting, and the Centre of Effort of the Sails; al o Weights and Sizes of Ropes, Masting, Rigging, and Sails of Steam Vessels, etc. By R. Kipping. 1

vol. 12mo. (Weale's series.) KIRKWOOD. Meteoric Astronomy. A

Treatise on Shooting Stars, Fire Balls, and
Aérolites. By Daniel Kirkwood, LL. D. 1

vol. 12mo, cloth........ LABROSSE. Traite de Navigation, d'As

tronomie et de Meteorologie. Par F. Labrosse. 1 vol. 8vo.......

Tables des Azimuts du Soleil Correspondant a l'Heure vraise du Bord Entre les Paralléles 55° Sud et 55°

Nord. Par F. Labrosse. 8vo, paper...... LACKLAND. Meteors, Aerolites, Storms,

and Atmospheric Pbenomena, From the French of Zurcher and Margolle. By Wm. Lackland. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. New York, 156)...

LARDNER. Hand-Book of Astronomy.

By Dionysius Lardner, D. C. L. 3d edition,
Revised and edited by Edwin Duukin, F.R.

A. S. 1 vol. 12mo, illustrated. London, 1867 $3 73 60

Astronomy and Meteorology,
By Dr. Lardner. 1 vol. royal 12m0, sheep.

37 plates, and over 200 cuts............
LEVER The Young Sea Officer's Sheet

Anchor; or, a Key to the Leading of Rig.

ging, and to Practical Seamanship. By $1 50

D. Lever. 1 vol. 4to, sheep
LOCKYER. Elementary Lessons in As.

tronomy. By J. Norman Lockyer. 18mo,
cloth. London, 1868.....

Class-Book of Astronomy.
By J. Norman Lockyer. (In press.). .......
LOOMIS. An Introduction to Practical As

tronomy, with a Collection of Astronomical
Tableg. 8vo. By Elias Loomis, LL. D....

A Treatise on Mateorology, with 12 50

a Collection of Meteorological Tables. By Elias Loomis, LL. D. 1 vol. 850, sheep.

New York, 1868.. 1 75 LIARDET. Professional Recollections on

Points of Seannanship, etc. By Capt. F.

Liardet, R. N. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. ......... LUCE. Seamanship: compiled from various

authorities, and illustrated with numerous Original and Selected Designs for the use of

the U. S. Naval Academy. By Capt. 8. 625

B. Luce, U.S.n. 1 vol. royal octavo, half

mor. New edition. New York, 1868 ..... LYLE. Wbat are the Stars ; or A Treatise

on Astronomy for the Young. By M. E.

Storey Lyle. 1 vol. 16mo, cloth. London,
LYON. A Treatise on Lightning Conductors.

Compiled from Harris's Work on Thunder
Storms and other standard authorities. By
L. Lyon, A.M. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. Now

York, 1853.......
1 25 NAIN. Astronomy.

By Rev. R. Main. (Weale's series.) MASON. Introduction to Practical Astrono

my. By E P. Mason. 1 vol, sro, cloth. 1 50 New York, 1858 ......

NAURY. A New Theoretical and Practical

Treatise on Navigation. By M. F. Maury. 6 25 1 vol. 8vo, sheep

The Physical Geography of the Sea and its Meteorology. By N. F. Maury,

LL.D. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1868. 4 25 MERRIFIELD and E VERS.

Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.
Practical, Theoretical, Scientific, for Use of
Students and Practical Men. By T. Merri-

field and y. Evers. 1 vol. sro, cloth, Lon1 50

don, 1868..



Astronomy, Meteorology, and Navigation,


$3 00

5 25


3 75

2 50

2 50

MORRIS. A Treatise on Meteorology,

PHIPSON. Meteors, Aërolites and Falling the Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer,

Stars. By T. L. Phipson. 1 vol. illustrated, Rain Gauge and Ozonometer. By A. J. S.

cloth ....... Morris. Edinburgh, 1866. 12mo, cloth... $1 75

PIDDING TON. The Sailors' Horn-Book MOSSMAN. The Origin of the Seasons,

for the Law of Storms; being a Practical considered from a Geological Point of View.

Exposition of the Theory of the Law of By S. Mossman, 12mo, cloth. Illustrated.

Storms, etc. By H. Piddington, 1 vol. Edinburgh, 1869..

5 25

Svo, cloth ....... MURPHY and JEFFERS.


POOK. Method of Comparing the Lines tical Routine and Stowage, with Short

and Draughting Versels Propelled by Sail or Rules in Navigation. By J. McL. Murphy

Steam ; including a Chapter on Laying off and W. N. Seffers. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth

2 50 on the Mould-Loft Floor.

By Samuel M. NARES. Seamanship; including Names

Pook, Naval Constructor. 1 vol. 8vo, with of Principal Parts of a ship.


By Com. G. S. Nares, R.N. 3d edition, with illustra

PRATT. On Orbital Motion ; The Outlines tions. I vol. 8vo

10 50 of a System of Physical Astronomy. By NARRIEN. An Historical Account of the

Henry F. A. Pratt, M.D. I vol. 8vo, cloth. Origin and Progress of Astronomy. With

London, 1863. plates, illustrating chiefly the Ancient Sys

PROCTOR. THalf Hours with the Stars. tems. By John Narrien, F.R.A.S. 1 vol.

A Plain and Easy Guide to the Knowledge 8vo, cloth. London, 1833

3 50 of the Constellations. True for Every Year. NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA. A Trea

By R. A. Proctor, F.R.A.S. 1 vol. 410, tise on Meteorological Instruments ; Ex

boards. London, 1869........ planatory of their Scientific Principles,

Other Worlds than Ours. The Plurality Method of Construction, and Practical Util

of Worlds Studied under the Light of Reity. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. London, 1861..... 2 50 cent Scientific Researches. By Richard A. NICHOL. The Architecture of the Heavens,

Proctor. 12mo, with several full page colBy J, P. Nichol, LL. D. Ninth edition, re

ored Illustrat ons. 2d edition. London, 1870 vised and greatly enlarged. Illustrated

A Star Atlas for the Library, the School with 23 steel engravings and numerous

and the Observatory, showing all the Stars wood-cuts, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. London, 1851. 8 00 visible to the niked eye, and fifteen hunNORIE. A Complete Epitome of Practical

dred objects of interest, etc., etc, Drawn by Navigation. By J. W. Norie, augmented

R. A. Proctor, B. A. 1 yol. small folio. and improved by A, B. Martin, F. R. A. S.

London, 1870.. London, 1864. 1 vol. 8vo, sheep

8 00

The Hand-Book of the Stary. NORMAND Formules Approximatives

By Richard A. Proctor Illustrated with de Construction Navale. Par J. A. Nor

Mape and Diagrams. 1866. 1 vol. 12mo, mand, 1 vol. quarto, With numerous

cloth... folding Plates. Paris, 1870......

7 50

Half Hours with the Tele-
A Treatise Astron-

scope. By R. A. Proctor, F.R.A.S. With omy, Spherical and Physical, with Astrono

illustratious. 12.10, cloth. London, 1868. mical Problems, and Solar, Lunar and other

The Constellation-Seasons, Tables. By Wm. A. Norton, A. M. 4th

exhibiting, in twelve planispheres, the apedition, ravised and enlarged. 1867. Svo,

pearance of the heavens at any hour of the cloth..

3 50

night all the year round. By R. A. NYSTROM. On Technological Edu

Proctor, F, R, A. S. London, 1867. 1 vol. cation and Ship-Building, for Marine Engi

4t0, paper... neerr. By N. W. Nystrom. 12mo..... 2 50

The Sun, Ruler, Fire Light, -A Treatise on Parabolical Construction

and Life of the Planetary System. By R. of Ships, and Other Marine Engineering

A. Proctor. Crown 8vo, cloth. London, Subjecte. By N. W. Nystrom. 8vo..

1 25

1871. PIRIN. L'Art Naval a l'Exposition Universelle de Londres de 1862.

PRYDE. Navigation. By James Pryde,

Par M. L'Contre-Amiral Paris.

With Illustrations and Colored Charts of 8vo, paper, and Atlas. Paris, 1863..

Flags of Various Nations, and Signalling

9 00 Supplement a L'Art Naval a l'Expo

Flags. 1 vol. cloth.... sition Universelle de 1862, au Dernières In

QUETEGET. Météorologie de la Belgique ventions Maritimes, etc. Par M. L'Contre

comparée a celle du Globe. Par Ad. Quetelet. Amiral Paris. 8vo. paper. Paris, 1864. ..

2 25

Bruxelles, 1897. 1 vol. 8vo, paper..... Les Navires Cuirassés Memoire presente

RAINEY. Ocean Steam Navigation and & l'Académie des Sciences. Par M. L'Con.

the Ocean Post. By T. Rainey. 1 vol. 8vo, 1 tre-Amiral Paris, Paris, 1865..


12 50

2 60


1 25

2 50

5 50

3 75

4 50


2 00

Astronomy, Meteorology, and Navigation.

3 00

RAPER. The Practice of Navigation and

Nautical Astronomy. By Lt. H. Raper.
10th edition. 1 vol. 8vo, boards. London,

READ. The Theory of Navigation and

Nautical Astronomy. Together with Ele-
ments of Plane and Spherical Trignometry ;
with Examples for the Use of Marine Cadets.
By W. T. Read, M.A. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1869........
RENARD. Le Fond de la Mer. Par Leon

Repard, 12mo, paper. Paris, 1868.......
NG. Tables for the Mutual Conversion
of Solar and Siderial Time. By Edward

Sang. Edinburgh, 1868 ....
SMYTH. The Sailor's Word-Book. An Al-

phabetical Digest of Nautical Terms. By the
late Admiral Smyth, and revised for the
press by Vice-Admiral Belcher, 1 vol.

impl. 8vo, cloth. 1867...... - A Cycle of Celestial Objects. For the Use

of Naval, Military, and Private Astronomers. Observed, Reduced and Discussed. By Vice-Admiral W. H. Smyth, R. N. 4

vols, cloth. London (very scarce)..... SOMERVILLE. Physical Geograpby.

By Mary Somerville, 7th edition, thoroughly revised by H. W. Bates. With portrait of the Author. 1 vol, thick 8vo, cloth, Lon.

don, 1870...... STEINMETZ. Sunshine and Shadows :

their Influence throughout Creation. A compendium of Popular Meteorology.

By Andrew Steinmetz. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. Lon

don, 1867. STUART. The Naval Dry-Docks of the

United States. By C. B. Stuart. 4to, illustrated. New York, 1870

The Naval and Mail Steamers of the United States. By C. B. Stuart. 2d edition. Illustrated with 36 fine engravings. 1 vol.

4to, cloth. SIMNER. New Method of Finding a Ship's

Position at Sea, by Projection on Mercator's Chart. By Capt. Thos. H. Sumner. Sixth edition, revised. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth, Boston,

1866 TAYLOR Lanar and Horary Tables,

with the shortest Method of finding the Longitude and the Time by Lunar Distance and Chronometers. By Janet Taylor.

6th edition. 1 vol. 8vo.......... THOMS. A New Treatise on the Practice

of Navigation at Sea. By Capt. W. Thoms.

1 vol. 8vo, sheep... TINNOUTA. An Inquiry Relative to va.

rious Important Points of Seamanship, etc.

By N. Tinmouth. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth TRANSACTIONS of the Institution of Naval Architects for 1860–7. 8 vols. 4to.


VALLANCY. A Treatise on Inland

Navigation; or, The Art of making Riv

erg Navigable, of making Canals in all $8 00 Sorts of Soils, etc. By C. Vallancy. Dub

lin, 1763. (Very scarce.) 1 vol. 4to, sheep.

VANDERDECKEN, The Yacht Sailor.

A Treatise on Practical Yatchmanship,
Cruising, and Racing. By Vanderdecken.

3d edition. London, 1868. 1 Fol. 8vo, clo.
1 50

VINCE. A Complete System of Astronomy.

By Rev. S. Vince. Full calf, 3 vols. 40...

VI E L. Construction des Batiments de 2 50 Mer, cours de trace et de Calculs de Deplace

ment et de Stabilite Ilydrostatique. By M.

Viel. Accompagnée da 34 planches ...... 65 WALTON. Clouds; their Forms and Com

binations. By Elijah Walton. 1 vol. 4to, 10 50 cloth. London, 1868..........

WARD. The Te'escope. A Familiar Sketch,

combining a special notice of objects om-
ing within the range of a small Telescope.
By the Hon. Mrs. Ward, 1 rol. 12mo, cloth,

finely illustrated, London, 1869..
WATSON, A Treatise on the Mction of the

Heavenly Bodies, revolving around the Ban
in accordance with the Law of Universal

Gravitation. By Prof. J. C. Watson.
4 57 1 vol. 8vo, clo. Phila., 1868..........

WEBB. Celestial Objects for Common Tel-
escopes. .

By Rev. T. W. Webb. 2d edi.
tion, revised and enlarged. 1 vol. 12mo,

cloth. London, 1868.... 3 75

WHITE. The Elements of Theoretical agd

Descriptive Astronomy. By Charles d.
White, A.M. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. Philadel.

phia, 1869
WILCOCKS. Thoughts on the Influence

of Ether in the Solar System ; its Relation
12 00

to the Zodiacal Light. By A. Wilcocks. 1

vol. quarto, paper. Phila., 1864.......... WILLIAMS. The Fuel of the Sun. By

W. Mattieu Williams, F.C.S. 1 vol. 8vo.

With Illustrations. London, 1870........ 1 75

WILLIAMSON. On the Use of the Baro

meter on Surveys and Reconnaissances. Part I. Meteorology in its Connection with Hypgometry.

Part II. Barometric Hypsometry. By R. S. Williamson, Byt. Lieut.. Co). U. S. A., Major Corps of Engineers. With Illustrative Tables. Plates and Maps. 1 vol. 4to, cloth.........

Practical Tables in Meteorology and Hype sometry. By R. S. Williamson, Lieul..Col.

U.S. A. 1 vol. 4to, limp cloth. New York, 3 50

WILLOCK. The Ocean, the River, and

the Shore. Part 1.-Navigation. By J. W.
and A. Willock. 1 vol. 12mo...*********

6 00

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4 00


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Meteorology, and Navigation.

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