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them Military. 17. Designs for two Mural Monuments, one with Portrait in alto-relief and Angels, and the other with Adyels in bas-relief. 18. Designs for three Mural Monuments, with sculptured Angels in alto-relief. 19. Designs for five Mural Menu. meni3, two being Military, one having Portrait in bas.relief. 20. Designs for two Mural Monuments, containing Bas-reliefs. 21. Designs for two Coped Tombs, with iron Crosses, one having iron Cresting. 22. Two Designs for Commemorative Crosses. 23. A Design for a raised Tomh, with a Recumbent Effigy, Angels, and Bas-reliefs. 24. Tiro Designs for Altır Monuments, one with Portrait in alto-relief. 25. Designs for two Monumenis, with Recumbent Figures, No. 77 hitving been executed by the Author to the memory of a Lady who, with her new-born infint, died on Easter-day; the other having been also executed by the Author to the memory of the late Earl of Cawdor. _A Model of this latter Monument was exhibited, with other Works of Monumental and Ecclesiastical Sculpture, at the Intern:tional Exhibition of 1862, for which the Author obtained the unusual award of Two Prize Medals.

$1 50

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Gilbart.-A Practical Treatise on Bank


Act as NOW (1868) IN FORCE. 8yo.
Gothic Album for Cabinet Makers:

Comprising a Collection of Designs for Gothic Furniture. Illustrated by twenty-three large and beautifully engraved plates. Oblong. $300 The Plates in this volume Comprise Designs for Sofas, Arm, and other Chairs, Stools, Taborets, Pries-Dieu, Tables, Chests of Drawers, Wardrobes, Chimney Pieces, Sideboards, Pier Tables, Etagères, Desks, Book-cases, ete. etc.


Grant.-Beet-root Sugar and Cultivation

of the Beet:
By E. B. Grant. 12mo..

$1 25 Gregory.-- Mathematics for Practical

Adapted to the Pursuits of Surveyors, Architects, Mechanics, and Civil

Engineers. By Olinthus GREG RY. 8vo., plates, cloth. . Griswold.-Railroad Engineer's Pocket

Companion for the Field: Comprising Rules for Calculating Deflection Distances and Angles, Tangential Distances and Angles, anıl all Necessary Tables for Engineers; also the art of Levelling from Preliminary Survey to the Construction of Railroads, intended Expressly for the Young Engineer, together with Numerous

Valuable Rules and Examples. By W. GrisioLD. 12mo., tucks. $1 75 Guettier.-Metallic Alloys:

Being a Practical Guide to their Chemieal and Physical Properties, their Preparation, Composition, and Uses. Translated from the French of A. GUETTIER, Engineer and Director of Founderies, author of La Fouderie en l'ránce,” etc. etc. By A. A. FESQUET, C'hemist and Engineer. In ood volume, 12 mo. (In press, shortly to be published.)

$3 00

CONTENTS.--INTRODUCTIOx. Part I.-CHAP. I. GENERAL REMARKS OF THE METALS COMMONLY USED IN ALLOYS.-Braes; Tir. ; Zinc ; Lead; Iron ; Bisinnth; Antimony; Nickel; Arsenic; Mercury ; Gold; Silver ; Platinum; Aluminium; Tables. II. PAYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF ALLOYS.-Fusibility; Durability; Ductility; Tenacity; Density; Elasticity ; Specific Heat; Latent Heat; Oxydation. III. PREPARATION AND COMPOSITION OF ALLOYS.- Mixture; Parting: Cooling; Crystalli. zntion : Eliquation ; Temperature; Alloys at Different Degrees; Fusion ; Questions in Fabrication; Precautions to be Taken; Different Practical Elements; Waste ; Determination of the Elements of an Alloy.

PART II.--CIP. I. ALLOYS OF THE INDUSTRIAL METALS OF THE FIRST ORDER. Outlino; Studies on Alloys of Copper, of Zine, of Tin, and of Lead; Alloys of Iron with Copper, Zinc, Tin, and Lead. II. ALLOYS OF THE INDUSTRIAL METALS OF TIB SECOND ORDER. — Alloys of Bismuth ; of Antimony; of Nickel; of Arsenic ; Amalgams of Mercury, with the Metals of the First and Second Class. III. ALLOYS OF THE PRECIOUS METALS APPERTAINING TO THE ARTS, OR MORE PARTICULARLY TO INDUSTRIES OF LUXURY — Alloys of Gold; of Silser; of Platinum; Different Alloys of Aluminium. IV. ALLOYS OF METALS EITHER LESS OR NOT AT ALL USED IN ISDUSTRY.-Outline ; Manganese: Chrome ; Cobalt; Cadmium; Titanium ; Uranium ; Tungsten; Molybdenum ; Osmium; Iridium ; Palladiuin; Rhodium; Ruthenium ; Tellurium ; Potassium ; Sodium, etc.

Part III.- ALLOYS UTILIZED IN INDUSTRY.-Bronzes of Art; Alloys of Coin ; of Cannon, Fire-arms, and Projectiles; Alloys Capable of Being Laminated and Drawn Out; Sheathing Metal; Alloys for Printing Type ; Engravers Plates, etc.; of Bells ; Musical Instruments, etc.; Philosophical and Optical Instruments, for Bijouterie, Jew. elry, Britannia Ware, etc.; White Alloys; Fusible Alloys; Alloys for the Construction of Machines, Friction Pieces, etc., Solders ; Miscellaneous Alloys.

Gesner.- A Practical Treatise on Coal,

Petroleum, and other Distilled Oils.
By ABRAHAM GESNER, M, D., F.G.S. Second edition, revised and enlarged.
By George WELTDEN GESNER, Consulting Chemist and Engineer. Illus-
trated. 8vo. .

$3 50 CONTENTS.- Chapter I. Early records and progress of the Distillation of Oils from Coals and other bituminous substances; Introduction of Kerosene; Patents; Petroleum ; Varieties of Coals--their Origin and Composition ; Effects produced upon Coals hy heat; Variety of Oils distilled from Petroleum, Coals, Bitumen, etc. ; Products of common Bituminous Coals, etc. II. Petroleum of the United States ; Theories as to its origin; Geological features of the Petroleum regions ; Petroleum Wells; Boring for Petroleum; Boring Tools and Machinery ; Petroleum of Canada, South America, Trinidad. Barbadoes, Burmah, eto. III. Coal; Bituminous Clays and Shales; Bitumen ; Table of Volatile matter; Coke and Crude Oil from Conls, etc. IV. Nature of the products distilled from bituminous substances; Modes of obtaining Oils ; Retorts; D-shaped Retorts ; Revolving Retorts ; Vertical Retorts; Clay Retorts; Brick Ovens; Coke Ovens; Stills ; Condensers; Agitators; Super-heaters. V. Products of the distillation of Wood, Coals, Asphaltum, Bitumen, Petroleum, and other substances capable of yielding Oils. VI. Composition of distilled Oils ; Homologous Compounds; Table of the same; Cornpounds of Carbon and Hydrogen; Gaseous Compounds; Homologues obtained from Coal Tar, Coal, Bitumen, Caoutchouc, etc. VII. Oxidation of the impurities contained in Crude Hydro-Carbon Oils ; Action of Acids, Alkalies and other agents; Sulphuric Acid; Nitric Acid ; Permanganate of Potash ; Methods of Purification; Extracis froin Patents, eto. VIII. Buildings and Machinery; Method of manufacturing and purify. ing the Oils distilled from Coals and other bituminous substances, and the products derived therefrom ; Distilling by Steam; Continual Distillation ; Paraffine ; Lubricating Oils : Purifieation of Petroleum ; Petroleum Refinery; Estimate of Cost; llydrometer and Pyrometer; Cements, etc.

Ilats and Felting:

A Practical Treatise on their Manufacture. By a Practical Hatter. Illustrated by Drawings of Machinery, &c., 8vo. •

$1 25


Harris.- Gas Superintendent's Pocket

Companion for the Year 1871.
By Harris & BROTHER, Gas Meter Manufacturers, 1115 and 1117 Cherry
Street, Philadelphia. Full bound in pocket-book form

$200 CONTENTS.-To gas engineers and superintendents of gas works; A brief history of gas; Asphalte fooring; Brick work; Bricks required for various thickness walls; Balloons, coal gas for; Coal; Circular to Gas Light Companies and gas engineers; Delivery of water in pipes ; Delivery of gas through main ; Decimal equivalents of inches, feet, and yards ; Discharge of gas through mains-rules; Deterioration of coal gas when kept in contact with water; Flow of gas through mains; Fuel; Gas holders ; Discharge of gas through mains-rules; Gas-impurity, moisture in, quantity of atınospheric air required for consumption; Gross ton in bulk; Glass shades-loss of light; Gravity, specifie: Hints on services, meters, etc.; Lamp, service for public; Light; Meters-explanation of indexes, testing, station, wet, dry, glazed, prover; Mortars and cements; Measurement-linear, surface, solid, stone work; Mensuration of surfaces, of solids; Motion of gas in pipes; Metals, properties of; Plastering; Pressure in castiron pipes; Pressure indicators; Pressure register ; Pressure, effect on consumption ; Photometry; Public lighting, calculation of; Retorts, clay and iron ; Retorts, to remove carbon from; Sound; Sundry notes; Tables of squares, cubes, etc.; Tables of diameters, circles, and arens; Tables of diameter of pipes for burner; Tables of effect of barometric pressure ; Tables of No. of candles other lights equal to; Tables of aqueous vapor in gas; Tables of expansion, solids and liquids; Tables of circles and areas; Timber, properties of fluids, gas, etc, ; Tests for impurities in gas-sulphuretted hydrogen, am. inonia, carbonic acid, atmospheric air, bisulphide of carbon ; Weights-flat iron, round and square, nuts and bolt heads, square and flat sheet iron, superficial feet different metals, lineal foot flat bar iron, round iron, wire, flat ropes and wire strength, rules for pipe and strength of round ropes and wire, hemp rope, chain, cast-iron pipes, lead gasket and lead for pipes, lead and copper pipes ; Wire, Birmingham gauge compared with inches.

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$2 25

Ilay.-The Interior Decorator:

The Laws of Harmonious Coloring adapted to Interior Decorations: with a Practical Treatise on Isousc-Painting. By D. R. HAY, House-Painter and Decorator. Illustrated by a Diagram of the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors. 12mo. CONTENTS.-PART I.-Introduction. On the Theories of Color; on the Analogy between Color and Sound; on Colors Generally-Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Diagram with Names of Colors and Hues, Tints, Shades; on the Application of the Laws of Harmonious Coloring to House Painting and Manufactures ; on Colors Individually-White, Yellow, Orange Color, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Black.

Part II.-On the Practice of House Painting; on the Material Employed in Plain Painting-White Lead, Litharge, Sugar of Lead, Red Lead, and Orange Lead, Chrome Yellow, Ochres, Terra-di-Siena, Indian Red, Vermilion, Lake, Colcothar of Vitriol, Venetian Red, Light Red, and Spanish Brown, Prussian Blue, Factitious Ultramarine, Turkey Uinber, Linseed Oil, Spirits of Turpentine ; on the Methods of Executing Plain Painting; on the Materials Einployed in Ornamental Painting-Vandyke Brown and Ivory Black, Copal Varnish ; on Imitations of Woods and Marbles; on the various Modes of Decorating the Ceilings and Walls of Dwelling Houses-Distemper, Gilding, Paper Flangings, Stippled Flat Painting and Gold, Imitation of Gold Embroidery, Decorative Borders, Imitation Damask, Imitation Morocco Leather,

Notes.—A, on the Analogy between Sound and Color; B, on Cheap Painting ; C, Reminiscences of the Painting and Decoration of Abbotsford ; D, on the Dwelling Ilouses of the Ancients.

The author, in his preface, says :-"I have re-written the whole treatise, and have expunged all extraneous matter in order to make room for additions more intimately connected with the subject. And as a more convenient arrangement, I have now divided it into two distinct parts, the first Theoretical, and the second Practical. Both of these I have treated as prpularly as the nature of the subject would admit of, and Therefore trust this edition will be found superior to any of its predecessors."

* Decorators, Painters, Builders, etc., will find this a valuable volume, suggesting many things not generally thought of in their respective callings. Aside from its great merit as a guide book to the artisan, its literary merits entitle it to a place in the library of every gentleman of taste. .

Hughes.-American Miller and Mill

wright's Assistant. By Wm. CARTER Hughes. A new edition. In one volume, 12mo. $1 50

Among the CONTENTS will be found the following :- Introduction-Explanation of Technical Words. Part I.--On thọ First Principles of Mechanics-The Principle of the Lever-Inclined Plane-Pulley--Motion-Central Forces--Friction, or Resistance to Motion- Table of the Surfaces of Contact without Unguents-Table of the Results of Experiments on Friction, with Unguents, by M. Morin— Table of Diameters of First Movers—Table of Diameters and Circumferences of Circles, Areas, and Side of Eqaal Squares-Geometrical Definitions of the Circle and its Paris-Centre of Percussion and Oscillation - Hydrostatics: Introduction-On the Upward and Downward Pressure of Water-Specific Gravity–Table of Specific Gravities---Hydrodynamic Power of Waterwheels-On the Action and Reaction of Water, as applied to Water.wheels-On the Construction of the Combination Reaction Water-wheel--Table of Velocities of Waterwheels per Minute, with Heads of from 4 to 30 feet— Table of the Number of Inches of Water Necessary to Drive One Run of Stone, for Grist or Saw-mills on Heads of 4 to 30 feet-Table showing the Requireil Length of Overshot and Breast-wheels, on heads of 10 to 30 feet-Howd's Direct Action Water-wheel-Directions for Making the sameJogger's Patent Turbine Water-wheel-Water Table for Jagger's Patent Turbine Waterwheel-Table showing the Revolutions per Minute of Jagger's Turbine-Table showing the Velocity of Water. Part II.-Remarks on the Culture of Grain, etc.—Table of Grain grown in the United States. On the Quality of French Burr, as Best Adapted for Grinding Wheat and Corn-The Raccoon Burr Stone-Trim Staffs— Directions for Preparing New Stones for Grinding Directions for Laying out the Dress in Millstones-A Special Treatise on the Different Millstone Dresses now in Use, with Practical Remarks on their Action-Directions for Making Furrows on the Most Approved Plan-Directions for Staffing and Cracking the Face of the Millstone-On the Best Size of Millstones for Different Water-powers-Practical Remarks on Grinding Wheat and Corp-Remarks on Indian Corn, as an Article of Foreign Consumption-On the Construction of Mer. chant Bolts on the Old Plan- Description of a New Arrangement of the Merchant Bolts on the Most Approved Plan - Directions for Making Bolting Cloths of all Descriptions Size of Mill Picks for Dressing Stones Composition for Tempering Cast Steel Mill Picks-On the Use of the Proof Staff--On the Amount of Help Necessary to be Employed in a Mill of Four Run of Stones, with their Duties Respectively-Hydraulics, as Pertaining to the Practical Millwright-Powers of Gravity, Percussion, or Impulse, with the Reaction Attachment-Remarks to the Millwright on the Necessity of Economy in Planning and Arranging the Machinery of Flouring and Grist Mills-On Bedding the Stone--To Find the Number of Revolutions of the Water-wheel per Minute--To Find the Velocity of the Stone per Minute-Rule to find the Diameters of all Pitch Circles-To Find how many Revolutions the Stone makes for one of the Water-wheelOn Machinery-Rule for Constructing the Conveyor-On the Construction of the Milldam-On the Different kinds of Smut Machines now in Use, with Rules for Making the same-Remarks on a Late Invention for Introducing Air between Mill-stones when Grinding-Description of the Author's Grain Dryer--Rules for the Purchase of Wheat for Millers' Use-The Proper Method for Fitting the Bale and Driver to the Mill-stoneRemarks on Packing Flour-Table for Packing Flour-Remarks on Branding Flour in Barrels– Mauk’s Patent Bolt-On the Inspection of Flour-Report on the Breadstuffs of the United States, their Relative Value, and the Injury which they Sustain by Transportation, Warehousing, etc. etc., by Lewis C. Beck, M. D.Analysis of Wheat Flour -Result of the Analysis—Table for Reckoning the Price of Wheat-Steam as Applied to Propelling Mills---On the Construction of the Saw-mill-Table for Measuring Saw. lugs.

Hunt.---The Practice of Photography.

By Robert Hunt, Vice-President of the Photographic Society, London, with numerous illustrations. 12m0., cloth

Contents.—Selection of paper for Photographic Purposes; On the Apparatus neces. sary for the first practice of Photography; On the Preparation of Simple Sensitive pa pers; On fixing Photographic pictures ; The Calotype ; modified forms of the Calotype process ; Albumen and Gelatine on papers ; The use of Albumen-on glass plates ; Calu. type process on waxed paper; The Daguerreotype ; The Collodion process ; The preservation of Sensitive Collodion plates; Modified forms of the Collodion process : The Camera obscura and other apparatus for the Collodion process ; The Cyanotype, Chrysotype, Chromotype, etc.; General remarks on the use of the Camera Obscura ; The Photographic Pentagraph.

IIurst.-A Hand-Book for Architectural

Surveyors and others engaged in Building: Containing Formulæ useful in Designing Builder's work, Table of Weights, of the materials used in Building, Memoranda connected with Builders' work, Mensuration, the Practice of Builders' Measurement, Contracts of Labor, Valuation of Property, Summary of the Practice in Dilapidation, etc. etc. By J.F. Hurst, C. E. 2d edition, pocket-book form, full bound.

$2 50

Jervis.-Railway Property:

A Treatise on the Construction and Management of Railways; designed to afford useful knowledge, in the popular style to the holders of this class of property; as well as Railway Managers; Officers, and Agents. By John B. Jervis, late Chief Engineer of the Hudson River Railroad, Croton Aqueduct, etc. One volume, 12mo. cloth.

$2.00 CONTENTS.—Preface-Introduction. Construction.-Introductory: Land und Land Pamages; Location of Line ; Method of Business ; Grading; Bridges and Culverts ; Road Crossings; Ballasting Track ; Cross Sleepers ; Chairs and Spikes ; Rails; Sta. tion Buildings; Locomotives, Coaches and Cars. Operating.-Introductory : Freight; Passengers ; Engine Drivers ; Repairs to Track ; Repairs of Machinery; Civil Engi. neer; Superintendent; Supplies of Material; Receipts; Disbursements; Statistics ; Running Trains; Competition ; Financial Management; General Remarks.

Johnston.-Instructions for the Analysis

of Soils, Limestones, and Manures. By J. F. W. Johnston. 12mo.


Keene.-A IIand - Book of Practical

Gauging, For the Use of Beginners, to which is added A Chapter on Distillation, describing the process in operation at the Custom IIouse for ascertaining the strength of wines. By James B. Keene, of H. M. Customs. 8vo. $1 25

Kelley.-Speeches and Letters on Indus

trial and Financial Questions. By Ilon. William D. KELLEY, M.C. One vol., 400 pages, 8vo. (In press.)

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