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BENTON'S Abridgment of the Debates of

Congress, from 1789 to 1856. From
Gales and Seaton's Annals of Con.
gress; from their Register of Debates;
and from the Official Reported De-
bates, by John C. Rives. By the
Author of "The Thirty Years' View.”
16 large vols., 8vo. (Published by
subscription). .Cloth, per vol., $4 00


5 00 Half Morocco,

6 Jo Half Calf,

6 00 Thirty Years' View; or, a History of the Working of the American Gov. ernment for Thirty Years, from 1820 to 1850. New edition, revised, with copious Index. 2 very large vols., 8vo,

Cloth, 600

Sheep, 8 00

Half Calf, 10 00
Half Morocco, 10 00

Full Calf, 12 00
BERANGER. Two Hundred of bis Lyrical

Poems. Done into English Verse. By Wm. Young. New edition. 1 vol., 12mo., 370 pp..

...Cloth, 1 50 BICKMORE (ALBERT S., M. A.). Travels

in the East-Indian Archipelago. With Illustrations. 1 vol., 8vo, 553 pp. Cloth, 3 50

Half Calf 6.00 BLACK'S General Atlas of the World. A

Series of Maps, engraved in the finest style of art, and beautifully colored. New edition, containing the New Boundaries, Latest Discoveries, New Maps of Italy, India, United States, and Abyssinia; and an Index of 68,000 Names. One folio volume, elegantly

bound..... Half Morocco, gilt edges, 25 00* BLOT'S (P.) Hand-Book of Practical Cook

ery, for Ladies and Professional Cooks. Containing the whole Science and Art of Preparing Human Food. By Pierre Blot, Professor of Gastronomy and Founder of the New York Cooking

Academy. 1 vol., 12mo......Cloth, 1 75 BOCCACCIO'S DECAMERON. A Com

plete Translation. By W. K. Kelly.

1 vol., 12mo........ Half Calf, extra, 3 00* BOSWELL (JAMES). Life of Samuel

Johnson, LL. D., including a Journal of his Tour to the Hebrides, Tour in Wales, Correspondence with Mrs. Thrale, etc. With numerous Additions and Notes by the Rt. Hon. J. Wilson Croker. Illustrated with upward of 40 Steel Engravings. 10 vols., 16mo,

Half Calf, extra, 25 00*

Full Calf, extra, 30 00* BOYNTON (Rev. CHARLES B.). History

of the American Navy during the Great Rebellion. By the Rev. Charles B. Boynton, Professor of the U. S. Naval Academy, Chaplain of the House of Representatives. In two elegant octavo volumes of about five hundred pages each, embellished and illustrated with some ten full-page Engravings in Chromo-tints, and with

the same number of full-page Wood-
cuts, Portraits on steel of Distin.
guished Officers, and numerous Vig-
nettes from Sketches made by Com-
mander S. B. Woolsey, U. S. Navy,
and with numerous Maps and Charts
from Government Surveys and Official
Plans furnished for this work exclu.
sively 2 vols., 8vo...... ,Cloth, $8 00

Sheep, 10 00
Half Morocco, 12 00

Half Calf, 12 00

Full Calf, 14 00 BREAKFAST, DINNER, and TEA ; Viewed

Classically, Poetically, and Practically.

1 vol., square 12mo. ...Cloth, 200 BRITISH POETS. A Complete Collec

tion of the British Poets, from Chau.
cer to Wordsworth, accompanied with
Biographical, Historical, and Critical
Notices. Large-paper edition, 130

vols.. Half Morocco, extra, 650 00* BROOKS (C. E.) Ballads and Transla

tions, 1 vol., 12mo... .Cloth, 100 BROWN, JONES, AND ROBINSON, The

Foreign Tour of. Being the History
of What they saw and Did in Belgium,
Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. By
Richard Doyle. With over 200 Comic

Illustrations. 1 vol., 4to......Cloth, 4 00

cal and Descriptive Summary of the
Mines and Minerals, Climate, Topog-
raphy, Agriculture, Commerce, Man-
ufactures, and Miscellaneous Produc-
tions of the States and Territories
West of the Rocky Mountains. With
a Sketch of the Settlement and Ex-
ploration of Lower California. By J.
Ross BROWNE, aided by a Corps of

Assistants. 1 vol., 8vo, pp. 880. 3 00
BRYANT'S Poetical Works. Illustrated

with 72 of the finest Wood Engrav-
ngs by the most eminent English
Artists. 1 vol., 8vo. Morocco extra or

antique, 12 00 Poems. New edition, revised throughout. 3 vols., 12mo....Cloth, 4 50

Extra cloth, gilt edges, 600

Half Calf, extra, 900* Morocco, antique or extra, 12 00* Poetical Works. 1 vol., 18mo,

Blue and Gold, 100

Morocco antique, 300* Voices of Nature.....

50 Letters from Spain and other Countries. 1 vol., 12mo......

1 20
The Song of the Sower. Illus-
trated from original Drawings by
Hennessy, Fenn, Winslow Homer,
Hows, Griswold, and others;
graved in the most perfect manner
by our best artists. Elegantly print-

ed and bound.
BROWNE (JAMES P.) Phrenology; and

its Application to Education, Insanity,
and Prison Discipline. 1 vol., 8vo,

Cloth 400




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....Cloth, 2 50

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BUCHANAN'S Administration on the Eve

CARLYLE'S Critical and Miscellaneous of the Rebellion. 1 vol., 8vo..Paper, $1 00 Essays. 1 large vol., 8vo.....Cloth, $2 00 Cloth, 1 50

Sheep, 300 BUCKLE'S History of Civilization in Eng

Half Calf, extra, õ 00 land. With a Complete Index (not

CAUDLE'S (Mrs.) Curtain Lectures. By published in the English edition). 2

Douglas Jerrold, Illustrated by Chas. vols., 8vo...

.Cloth, 600

Keene. 1 vol., small 4to......Cloth, 3 50*
Half Calf, extra, 10 00
Essays; with a Biography of the

CAVENDISH'S New and Complete Trea-
Author. Fine Portrait. 1 vol., 12mo,

tise on Whist (the now acknowledged Cloth, 100

authority of this Game, in England).

1 neat vol., 18mo....Blue and Gold, 75 BURTON'S Anatomy of Melancholy. A new edition. Illustrated. 1 vol., 8vo, CHAVASSE (P. H.) Advice to Mothers

Half Calf, extra, 6 00* on the Management of Children, during BURTON (W. E.) Cyclopædia of Wit and

the Periods of Infancy, Childhood, and

75 Humor, of America, Ireland, Scotland,

Youth. 1 vol., 16mo........Cloth, and England. Embellished with nearly CHEVALIER on the Probable Fall in the 600 original Engravings on Wood,

Value of Gold. Translated by Richard and 24 fine steel Portraits. 2 hand.

Cobden. 1 vol., 8vo.....

.Cloth, 1 25 some vols., 8vo... . Extra Cloth, 800

Sheep, 10 00 CHITTENDEN'S Peace Convention. A
Half Morocco, 12 00

Report of the Debates and Proceed-
Half Calf, extra, 12 00

ings of the Secret Sessions of the ConThe same, 1 vol., 8vo. Half Morocco,

ference Convention for Proposing

Amendments to the Constitution of gilt edge..

8 00

the United States : held at Washing. BURTY, PHILIPPE. Chefs-d'Euvre of

ton, D. C., in February, A. D. 1861. the Industrial Arts. Pottery and Porce

By L. E. Chittenden, one of the Dele. lain, Glass, Enamel, Metal, Goldsmith's

gates. 1 vol., 8vo.... Work, Jewelry, and Tapestry. Edited

Law Sheep, 3 50 by W. Chaffers, F. S. A. Beautifully illustrated with 56 full-page Engrav

CLARENDON (Earl of). History of the

Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. ings, and very many Woodcuts, 1 vol..

New edition. 7 vols., 16mo. 8vo..

.Cloth, 5 00*
Half Calf, extra, 7 00*

Half Calf, extra, 25 00*
Full Calf, extra, 8 00*

Full Calf, extra, 30 00*
BUTLER'S Martin Van Buren: Lawyer,

COBB'S Leisure Labors; or, Miscellanies, Statesman, and Man. 1 neat vol.,

Historical, Literary, and Political. i 18mo.

vol., 12mo... ..Limp Cloth, 25 BUTLER'S (T. B.) Philosophy of the

COBDEN (R.) The Political Writings of. Weather, and a Guide to its Changes.

With a Preface by W. C. Bryant. 12mo ..

.. Cloth, 1 25

2 vols., 8vo....... CÆLEB'S Laws and Practice of Whist. 1 CODDINGTON (DAVID S.) Speeches and vol...

Cloth, 75 Addresses, with a Biographical Sketch. CÉSAR. L'Histoire de Jules César, par S.

1 vol., 8vo.. M. I. Napoléon III. 2 vols., 12mo,

COLES (A.) The Microcosm: a Poem,
Paper, 2 50

with Illustrations. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth, 2 25*
Printed on tinted paper, with Maps
and Portrait,..

....Cloth, 4.00 COLLIN'S Humanics (a New Treatise on CALHOUN (J. C.) The Works of. 6 vols.,

Mental Philosophy).

1 vol., 8vo, 8vo..

Cloth, 15 00
Sold separately, in cloth:

COLTON (Rev. C. C.) Lacon; or, Many
Vol. 1. On Government.

Things in Few Words, addressed to
2. Reports of Letters.

those who Think. A new edition, care3, 4. Speeches.

fully revised, and with the subjects 5, 6. Reports and Letters.

alphabetically arranged. 1 vol.,
Or, in 6 vols., Sheep, 20 00

Half Calf, 33.00
Full Calf

, 38 00 COMIC Histories of England and Rome. CAMPBELL (Lord) on Shakspeare's Le

By Gilbert Abbot à Becket. Illusgal Acquirements. 1 vol., 12mo.,

trated with 300 Woodcuts and 30 Cloth, 100

Colored Engravings. By John Leech.
(Lord John). Lives of the Lord

3 vols. in 2, 8vo... Cloth, gilt edges, 10 00*
Chancellors and Keepers of the Great
Seal of England, from the Earliest
Times till the Reign of King George

COOKERY. The Practical American Cook-
IV. Fourth edition. 10 vols., 12mo,

Book; or, Practical and Scientific
Half Calf, extra, 40 00*

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.Cloth, 100

..Cloth, 6 00*

.Cloth, 2 50

Cloth, 2 00


Half Calf, extra, 2 50*
Full Calf, extra, 3 00*

Half Calf

, extra, 14 00* Full Calf

, extra, 16 00*

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Cookery. By a Housekeeper. 12mo, 1 25




PRICE. COOKE (JOHN ESTEN). Stonewall Jack CURTIS (GEORGE T.) Life of Daniel son; a Military Biography, with a

Webster, Illustrated with Steel Portrait and Maps. Beautifully

Portrait and Woodcuts. (Subscripprinted on tinted paper. lvol., 8vo,

tion.) 2 vols., 8vo..........Cloth, $10 00* Cloth, $2 50

Sheep, 12 00* Cheap edition, Cloth, 2 00

Half Morocco, 14 00* COOLEY (A. J.) The Book of Useful CUST (Lady). The Invalid's Own CookKnowledge. Containing 6,000 Practi

Book. 12mo....... ...Cloth, 75 cal Receipts in all Branches of Arts, Manufactures, and Trades. Illus

CUTTS (J. MADISON). A Brief Treatise trated. 8vo... .....Half bound, 1 50

upon Constitutional and Party Ques

tions, as received from the late Stephen COOPER'S (Miss) Mount Vernon ; a Letter

A. Douglas. 1 vol., 12mo....Cloth, 1 25 to the Children of America. By the author of “Rural Hours,” etc. 1 vol,

CYCLOPÆDIA of Commercial and Busi60

ness Anecdotes. Comprising Interest

ing Reminiscences and Facts, RemarkCORNWALL (N. E.) Music as It Was

able Traits and Humors, and Notable and as It Is. 12mo... ....... Cloth, 1 00 Sayings, Dealings, Experiences, and

Witticisms of Merchants, Traders, CORRELATION and Conservation of

Bankers, Mercantile Celebrities, MilForces. A Series of Expositions, by

lionnaires, Bargain Makers, etc., etc., Grove, Helmholtz, Mayer, Faraday,

in all Ages and Countries. By Frazer Liebig, and Carpenter. With an In

Kirkland. Embellished with Portraits troduction by E. L. Youmans. 1 vol.,

and Illustrative Cuts. (Published by .Cloth, 2 00

subscription.) 2 elegant vols., large COUSIN'S Course of Modern Philosophy.


..Cloth, 600 Translated by Wight. 2 vols., 8vo,

Sheep, 800

Half Morocco, 10 00 Cloth, 4 00

Half Caif, extra, 10 00 - Lectures on the True, the Beauti

Full Calf, 12 00 ful, and the Good. Translated by Wight. 'l vol., 8vo..........Cloth, 2 00

The same. Cheap edition. 1 vol., 8vo,

Cloth, 3 50 The Youth of Madame De Longueville. 1 vol., 12mo... ... ....Cloth, 1 25 D'ABRANTES' (Duchess) Memoirs of NaCOWPER'S Homer's Iliad. Revised by

poleon, his Court and Family. PorSouthey. With Notes by Dwight.

traits. 2 large vols., 8vo. ....Cloth, 5 00 1 vol, large 12mo... ....Cloth, 2 00

Half Calf, extra, 10 00 Morocco antique, 5 00* DANA'S Household Book of Poetry. New COX (Hon. S. S.) A Search for Winter Sun

Edition, enlarged, with Additions from beams. By the Hon. Samuel S. Cox, au

recent Authors. Beautifully printed. thor of "Buckeye Abroad,” “Eight

1 vol., 8vo....Half Morocco, gilt top, 600 Years in Congress," etc. With nu

Half Calf, extra, 8 00* merous Illustrations. Tinted paper.

Morocco, antique, 10 00* 1 vol, large 12mo. Cloth, extra gilt, 3 00* The same.

Illustrated with Fine Steel COXE (WILLIAM). History of the House

Engravings. 1 vol., 4to. ...Morocco, of Austria, from the foundation of

extra, or antique, 15 00* the Monarchy, by Rudolph of Hapsburg, 1218 to 1848. 4 vols., 12mo,

DART'S Freight Computations; embracing
Half Calf, extra, 12 00*

88,223 Calculations, from one cubic

inch to 4,000 feet, at rates from 25 Memoirs of the Duke of Marl

cents to $20 per ton (of 40 cubic feet), borough. 3 vols., 12mo. Half Calf,

and equivalent rates per foot measureextra, 9 00*

ment. Designed for every mode of CREASY (Prof.) Rise and Progress of the

Transportation, coastwise and inland, English Constitution. 1 vol., 12mo.

throughout the United States; and Cloth, 1 50

also for every class of storage. 1 vol.,


.Half Morocco, 2 50 LIFE; Its True Aims and Require

DE VEITELLE'S Mercantile Dictionary of ments. A Series of Addresses. By

Commercial Terms, in English, SpanProfessors Tyndall, Huxley, Whewell


ish, and French. For the use of BusiFaraday, Spencer, Draper, Masson,

ness Men,

1 vol., 12mo...Half Mor., 2 00 Lyell

, etc. Edited, with an Introduction on Mental Discipline in Education,

DEW'S Digest of Ancient and Modern by Edward L. Youmans, M. D. 1 vol.,

History. 8vo..

.... Cloth, 2 50
..Cloth, 2 00
Half Calf, extra, 3 50

Correspondence, etc., of the late
CURRY'S Volunteer's Camp and Field

Daniel S. Dickinson. Edited, with a

Biography, by his brother, John R.
Paper, 25 Dickinson. 2 vols., 8vo......Cloth, 5 00


Book. 1 vol., 18mo..

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..Cloth, 7 00*

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FÉNELON'S Adventures of Telemachus.
TIONS, including Proverbs, Maxims,
Mottoes, Law Terms, and Phrases;

Illustrated. 1 vol., 8vo.......Cloth, $2 00 and a collection of above 500 Greek

Half Calf, extra, 4 00 Quotations; with all the Quantities

FIGUIER (LOUIS). The World before marked, and English Translations. 1 vol., 12mo... ... ...Half Calf, extra, $4 00*

the Deluge. A new edition, care

fully revised, and much original matDIX. The Speeches of Major-General Dix.

ter added, by Henry W. Bristow. Collected and arranged by himself.

Profusely illustrated. 1 vol., 8vo,
2 vols., 8vo.....
....Cloth, 5 00

Cloth, 600*
Winter in Madeira and Summer

Half Calf, extra, 700*

Full Calf, extra, 8 00* in Spain, etc. Illustrated. 12mo,

Cloth, 1 25

The Vegetable World; being a HisDON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA.

tory of Plants, Illustrated with 470 Translated from the Spanish. Illus

Engravings, chiefly drawn from Natrated with Engravings. 8vo.. Cloth, 3 50

ture by M. Faguet. 1 vol., 8vo. .Cloth, 500*

Half Calf, extra, 700*
Half Calf, 6 00

Full Calf, Extra, 8 00*
Full Calf, 700
DR. OLDHAM at Greystones, and his

The Ocean World: a Descriptive
Talk there. 1 vol., 12mo.....Cloth, 1 50

History of the Sea and its Inbabit

ants. With 425 beautiful Illustrations. DR. SYNTAX'S Three Tours. I. In

1 vol., 8vo.. Search of the Picturesque. II. In

Half Calf, extra, 700*
Search of a Wife. III. In Search of

Full Calf, extra, 8 00*
Consolation. Poems. By William
Combe. Illustrated with 80 Colored

The Insect World : being a Popu-
Plates by T. Rolandson. 3 vols.,

lar Account of the Orders of Insects, 8vo... .Half Calf, extra, 20 00*

together with a Description of the
Full Calf, extra, 27 50*

Habits and Economy of some of the
The same.
Cheap edition. Col-

most interesting Species. With 664 ored Plates. 1 vol., small 8vo,

Illustrations by M. M. Blanchard,
Cloth, 4 00*

Delehaye, after Réamur, etc. 1 vol.,

8vo.. Half Calf, extra, 5 50*

Full Calf, extra, 6 50* DUNBAR (EDWARD E.) The Romance of the Age; or, The Discovery of

Birds and Reptiles : a Popular AcGold in California. Illustrated. I vol.,

count of their Various Orders, with a 12mo..

...Cloth, 1 25

Description of the Habits and EconoDWIGHT'S Introduction to the Study of

my of the most interesting. Illustrated

with 307 Woodcuts. 8vo,....Cloth, 5 00* Art. 12mo.....

...Cloth, 1 25 ELY'S Journal of a Prisoner of War in Richmond. Portrait. 1 vol., 12mo.,

Mammalia : their Various Orders
Cloth, 100


labits popularly illustrated by ENFIELD'S Indian Corn; its Value, Cul

Typical Species. With 267 Engrayture, and Uses. 1 vol., 12mo..Cloth, 1 00

ings on Wood. 1 vol., 8vo, 606 pp: ESSAYS FROM THE LONDON TIMES.

A Collection of Personal and Histori. cal Sketches. 1 vol., 16mo...Fancy

Boards, 50

Primitive Man. ESTVAN'S (Col.) War Pictures in the

30 Scenes of Primitive Life, and 233 South. 1 vol., 12mo.........Cloth, 1 25

Figures of Objects belonging to PreEVANS'S Shakers and Shakerism, 1 vol.,

historic Ages. 8vo....

.... Cloth, 100 EVELYN (JOHN). Diary and Correspondence. Illustrated with numerous fine

GAGE (W. L.) A Modern Historical Atlas, Steel Engravings. 4 vols., 12mo,

for the use of Schools, Colleges, and
Half Calf, extra, 14 00*

General Readers, with Beautiful Col-
Full Calf, extra, 18 00*

ored Maps. 1 vol., small 8vo, EVERETT (ED.) The Mount Vernon Pa

pers. 1 vol., thick 12mo.....Cloth, 150 GALTON (FRANCIS). FABLES, Original and Selected. Edited

nius. An Inquiry into its Laws and by G. Moir Bussey. Illustrated. 1

Consequences. 1 vol., 8vo..... Cloth, 3 50 vol., small 8vo....

GARLAND'S Life of John Randolph.
.Extra Cloth, 2 50

Portraits. Two vols. in one, 8vo,
Half Calf, extra, 5 00

.Cloth, 600*
Half Calf, 700*
Full Calf, 8 00*

Half Calf

, extra, 700* Full Calf, extra, 800*

Cloth, 5 00*

Half Calf, extra, 7 00*
Full Calf, estra, 8 00*
Illustrated with

Cloth, 4 00*


Half Calf, extra, 6 00*
Full Calf, extra, 700*

Half Morocco, 3 50
Hereditary Ge-

Cloth, 2.00



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GASKELL'S Life of Charlotte Bronté GRANT'S (Lieut -Gen. U. S.) Report of
(Author of “Jane Eyre," "Shirley,"

the Armies of the United States,
etc.). With engravings. 2 vols., 12mo,

1864-'65. With Portrait. 1 vol., Cloth, $2 00 8vo.

.Paper, $0 5€ A new and cheaper edition, 1 vol.,

GRIFFITH'S (MATTIE) Poems. 1 ve..,

Cloth, 1 50

...Cloth, 10C
GHEEL, the City of the Simple. By the GUIZOT'S History of Civilization. 4 vols.,
Author of "Flemish Interiors.” (In press.) 12mo...

...Cloth, 600 GHOSTLY COLLOQUIES. By the Au

New and Handsome edition, on
thor of " Letters from Rome," etc.

the finest tinted paper. 4 vols., 12mo.
1 vol., 12mo....
...Cloth, 1 25

Extra Cloth, 7 00

Half Calf, extra, 12 00
GIBBES'S Documentary History of the
American Revolution, 1764 to 1781.

GUROWSKI (COUNT). America and
3 vols., 8vo........Cloth, Per vol., 2 50 Europe Compared. 1 vol. 12mo. Cloth, 1 25
GIBBONS'S Banks of New York, their

Russia As It Is. 1 vol., 12mo.
Dealers, the Clearing House, and the

Cloth, 100
Panic of 1857. With a Financial
Chart. By J. S. Gibbons. Thirty Il-

HALF-HOURS with the Best French Au-
lustrations by Herrick. New edition.

thors. Short Passages from some of

the most celebrated Prose Writers.
1 vol., 12mo..
....Cloth, 2 00

Translated into English. With 30
GIL BLAS. From the French of Le Sage.

Engravings on Wood from Designs by
Illustrated. 1 vol., small 8vo.,

Emile Bayard. Handsomely printed
Extra Cloth, 3 50 on tinted paper. 1 vol., royal 8vo,
Half Calf, extra,
6 00

Cloth, 5 00*

Morocco, extra, 10 00*
GILFILLAN (GEO.) Gallery of Literary
Portraits. Second Series. 1 vol.,

HALF-TINTS; Table D'Hôte and Draw-

.Cloth, 1 25 ing-Room. 1 vol., 12mo......Cloth, 75 GILLET (RANSOM H.) Democracy in HALL's (E. H.) Guide to the Great West, the United States. What it has Done,


Paper, 75 What it is Doing, and what it will Do.

Cloth, 1 00
With Portraits of Jefferson and Jack-

son. 1 vol., 12mo.....
.....Cloth, 150 HALL'S History of Eastern Vermont.

large vol., 8vo... ...Cloth, 4 00
GIRARDIN'S Lectures on Dramatic Liter-
.....Cloth, 1 25 HALLECK_(FITZ-GREENE). The Com.

plete Poetical Works of, edited by GOETHE'S Iphigenia in Tauris. A Drama

James Grant Wilson. 1 vol., 12mo, in Five Acts. Translated from the

...Cloth, 2 50 German by A. J. Adler. 1 vol., 12mo.

Half Calf, extra, 4 50* Boards, 75

Morocco antique, 6 00* Works. 5 vols., 12mo...

1 vol., 18mo.. blue and gold, 1 00 Half Calf, extra, 15 00*

Morocco antique, 3 00*
Full Calf, extra, 18 00*

In 1 vol., 12mo.
GOLDEN MAXIMS; or, a Thought for

.Gilt edges, 2 25
Every Day in the Year, Devotional

Morocco, 5 00* and Practical. Selected by the Rev. Robert Bond. 1 vol., 32mo....Cloth,

- Young America: a Poem. 1 vol.,

50 Gilt, 37

Life and Letters of, edited by
GOLDSMITH'S Vicar of Wakefield. Il-

James Grant Wilson. Two Steel En-
lustrated. 1 vol., 12mo......Cloth, 1 00 gravings. Uniform with Halleck's

Half Calf, 2 50 Poems. 1 vol., 12mo. .Cloth, gilt top, 2 50 · Vicar of Wakefield. 1 vol., 32mo.

Half Calf, extra,

50* Morocco,

00* Cloth, Gilt, 37 Essays. 1 vol., 32mo..Cloth, Gilt,

37 HAMILTON'S (Sir WILLIAM) PhilosoGOSSE’S Evenings at the Microscope; or

phy. Arranged and edited by 0. W.

Wight. 1 vol., 8vo. ..Cloth, 2.00 Researches among the Minuter Or gans and Forms of Animal Life.


HAND-BOOK OF PROVERBS. Compris. vol., thick 12mo.....

....Cloth, 1 50 ing a new edition of Ray's English GOULD'S (W.M.) Zephyrs from Italy and

Proverbs, with additions of Proverbs,

Sayings, Maxims, etc., of all Lan-
Sicily. Colored Plate. 1 vol., 12mo.

guages. Collected by H. G. Bohn, 1
Cloth, 100 vol., 12mo... Half Calf, extra, 4 00*


398 pp.

...Cloth, 1 75

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