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..Cloth, 4 00

HARDY (Capt. CAMPBELL). Forest Life HOOD'S OWN ; or, Laughter from Year
in Acadia, Sketches of Sports and

to Year. First and Second Series,
Natural History in the Lower Prov-

Illustrated with many hundred Cominces of the Canadian Dominion. By

ical Woodcuts. vols., 8vo. .Half the Author of "Sporting Adventures

Calf extra, $14 00* in the New World." Ilustrated with

Full Calf, extra, 16 00*
numerous Engravings. 1 vol., 8vo,

Cloth, $3 00* | HUC'S Recollections of a Journey through
HARTWIG (G.) The Harmonies of Na-

Tartary, Thibet, and China. 1 vol.,

12mo. (New edition.). .. .. ...Cloth, 100
ture, or the Unity of Creation. With
numerous Woodcuts.

1 vol., 8vo, HUGHES. The Life, Correspondence, and
Half Calf, extra, 10 00* Writings of Archbishop Hughes. By

Full Calf, extra, 12 00* John R. G. Hassard." 1 large vol.,
HASKELL'S_Housekeeper's Encyclopæ-


.Cloth, 3.00 dia ; or, Useful Information in Cook

Half Morocco, 450 ing and Housekeeping. 1 vol., small


...Cloth, 1 75

Works, viz. : Cosmos ; a Sketch of a
HAVEN (ALICE B.) Memoir of Cousin

Physical Description of the Universe.
Alice. With Portrait. 1 vol., 12mo,

5 vols. Narrative of Travels in the

Cloth, 1 25 Equinoctial Regions of America. 3
The Good Report: Morning and

vols. Views of Nature; or Contem-
Evening Lessons for Lent. 1 vol.,

plations on the Sublime Phenomena 12mo...

...Cloth, 1 25

of Creation. With Scientific Illustra

tions. 1 vol. Complete in 9 vols.,
HAZELTINE'S Brevity and Brilliancy in

12mo.... .Half Calf, extra, 36 00*
Chess. 1 vol., 12mo.........Cloth, 1 00
HAZARD'S Freedom of the Will. 1 vol. 2 00

HUNT'S(C. H.) Life of Edward Livingston.

With an Introduction by George Ban.
HENRY'S (Rev. Dr.) Considerations on

croft. Portrait. (Beautifully printed.)
some of the Elements and Condi.

1 vol., 8vo.
tions of Social Welfare and Human

Half Calf, extra, 6 50
Progress. 1 vol., 12mo.......Cloth, 1 25

HEPTAMERON (The) of Margaret, Queen

ence, Literature, and Art, System-
of Navarre. A Series of Tales in the

atically Arranged. Ilustrated with , manner of Boccaccio. Translated,

500 fine Steel-plate Engravings. 6. with Memoir, by W. K. Kelly 1


Half Morocco, 50 00*
vol., 12mo.........Half Calf, extra, 3 00*

Half Morocco, gilt edges, 65 00*
HICKOK'S Rational Cosmology; or, the

Full Morocco, 65 00*
Eternal Principles, and the Necessary

IMITATION OF CHRIST ; in four Books.
Laws of the Universe.

1 vol., 8vo,

By Thomas-à-Kempis.
Cloth, 2 00

ume 8vo.

The same.

1 vol. 12mo.
Military and Naval History of the Re-

bellion in the United States, with
Biographical Sketches of Deceased IREDELL'S (Judge) Life and Correspond-
Officers. Illustrated with Maps and

ence. Edited G. J. McRee. 2 vols.,
Steel-plate Portraits. Royal 8vo,

Cloth, extra, 400 JAY'S Address on the Statistics of Amer-

Library Leather, 5 50
Half Turkey Morocco, dark, 600

ican Agriculture. 1 vol., 8vo.... Pa-
Half Russia, extra gilt, 700

per. HOLCOMBE (JAMES P.) Literature in

(Cyrus) The Law: What I have Letters. 1 vol., 12mo, new ed. Cloth, 2 00

Seen, What I have Heard, and What

I know
HOLMES. Parties and their Principles.

JEFFREY'S Contributions to the Edin-
A Manual of Historical and Political

burgh Review. 1 vol., large 8vo.,
Intelligence. 1 vol., 12mo....Cloth, 1 50

for Fireside and School-room. Ius

trated. 1 vol., 12mo, 291 pp..Cloth, 100 JOHNSON (A. B.) The Meaning of Words.
HONE'S (WILLIAM) Works, viz. : The

Every-Day Book ; or, The Guide to
the Year, 2 vols. The Table-Book,

(ANDREW), Life and Times of,
1 vol. The Year-Book ; or, Daily Re-

President of the United States. 1 creation and Information concerning

vol., 12mo... Remarkable Men, Manners, Times,

(SAMUEL). The History of Ras. Seasons, etc. 1 vol. Complete in 4

selas, Prince of Abyssinia. A Tale.

37 vols., 8vo.. ... Half Calf, extra, 25 00*

1 vol., 32mo...

1 elegant vol-
. Morocco, 10 00*

5 00*
2 00*

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...Cloth, 6.00

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(In press.)

Cloth, 200
Sheep, 300

Half Calf, extra, 6 00

1 25

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.Cloth, 100

...Cloth, gilt,

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The same.


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JOSEPHUS'S Works. Edited, with Notes, LACROIX (PAUL). The Arts in the Mid. by Isaac Taylor. Illustrated with 73

dle Ages, and at the Period of the
fine Steel Engravings. 2 vols., large

Renaissance. By Paul Lacroix, Cu-
..Full Calf, extra, $25 00* rator of the Imperial Library of the
The same.

Arsenal, Paris. Illustrated with nine-
1 vol., 8vo... 18 00*

teen Chromo-lithographic Prints by F. JULIAN'S Interest Tables, on all Sums

Kellerhoven, and upward of Four up to $10,000, accurately calculated at

Hundred Engravings on Wood. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 per cent., both

vol., imperial 8vo. Cloth, extra gilt, $12 00* simple and compound. 12th edition.

1 vol., 12mo..

...Cloth, 1 25 LAMARTINE'S History of Turkey.
vols., 12mo..

...Cloth, 4 50
KEBLE. The Christian Year. Thoughts
in Verse for the Sundays and Holy

Confidential Disclosures. New

edition. 12mo.... Days throughout the Year. 94th

..Cloth, 100

1 vol., 12mo.... Morocco 7 00*
1 'vol., 18mo.. Morocco 5 00* LANDON (Miss L. E.) Complete Works

in Prose and Poetry.
8vo.. .10 00*

1 very large

vol., 8vo..... ... Morocco antique, 10 00 KEIGHTLY (THOMAS). The Mythol

Sheep, 350
ogy of Ancient Greece and Italy.
Third edition, revised and augmented,

LANCELOTT'S Queens of England and
with twelve Plates. 1 vol., 8vo,

Their Times. An entirely new work.
Cloth, 5 00* Embellished with 19 fine Steel-plate

Portraits. 2 vols., small 8vo..Cloth, 5 00
KEITH (Mrs. CAROLINE P.), Memoir of,

Half Morocco, gilt edges, 800
Missionary of Protestant Episcopal
Church to China. Edited by her LAVATER (JOHN C.) Essays on Phys-
Brother, W. C. Tenny. 12mo,

iognomy. Translated by Thomas

Cloth, 150 Holcroft. With upward of 400 Pro-
KENNEY'S Manual of Chess ; containing

files and other Engravings. 1 vol.,

.Half Calf, extra, 7 50*
the Elementary Principles of the
Game. 18mo...
....Cloth, 50

Physiognomy; or, the Correspond-
KIRKLAND (Mrs.) Personal Memoirs of

ing Analogy between the Conforma

tion of the Features and the Ruling
George Washington. 1 vol., 12mo.

Passions of the Mind. Being a com-

.Cloth, 1 75

plete epitome of the original work. KNOWLES (SARAH E.) Orlean Lamar

Illustrated. 1 vol., 12mo. and other Poems.

Half Calf, extra, 2 50*
1 vol., 12mo,

Full Calf, extra, 3 00*
Cloth, 1 25
KEPPEN. Atlas of the Middle Ages.

LAYARD'S Nineveh and its Remains.
With Copious Illustrative Text. Folio.

With Illustrations. 1 vol., 12mo,
Half Bound, 800

Cloth, 2 00
History of the Middle Ages.


LECKY (W. E. H.) History of the Rise vols., 12mo...

...Cloth, 3 50 and Influence of the Spirit of Ration

alism in Europe. 2 vols. Small 8vo,
Atlas to do...
.....Cloth, 4 50

Cloth 4.00
KOHLRAUSCH'S Complete History of

Half Calf, extra, 7 00
Germany. 1 vol., 8vo..

.Cloth, 2 50

History of European Morals from Half Calf, extra, 4 50 Augustus to Charlemagne. 2 vols., LACOMBE (M. P.) Arms and Armour in


..Cloth, 600
Antiquity and the Middle Ages ; also,

Half Calf, extra, 9 00
a Descriptive Notice of Modern
Weapons. Translated from the French

of M. P. Lacombe, and with a Pref-

ters of a Sentimental Idler, from ace, Notes, and one additional Chap

Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, and ter on Arms and Armour in England.

the Holy Land. With a Portrait By Chas. BOUTELL, M. A., Author of

of the Author, Engravings of Ori“ English Heraldry," etc.

ental Life, etc. 1 vol., 12mo, 473 pp. One vol.,

Cloth, 2 50
...Cloth, 1 50
LACKLAND (WM.) Meteors, Aërolites,

LETTERMAN (J.) Medical Recollections
Storms, and Atmospheric Phenomena.

of the Army of the Potomac. 1 vol.,
From the French of Zurcher and


..Cloth, 1 00
Margollé. Illustrated with Twenty-

three fine Woodcuts, by Lebreton.

the Author of “ Clouds and Sunshine.'' One vol., 16mo, 324 pp.......Cloth, 1 50


...Cloth, 1 00


296 pages..



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...Cloth, 2 50

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LEWES'S Biographical History of Philoso MACKINTOSH'S (Sir JAMES) Critical phy, from its Origin in Greece down

and Miscellaneous Essays. 1 vol., to the Present Day. 1 thick vol., 8vo,

large 8vo....

..Cloth, $200
Cloth, $3 50

Sheep, 3.00
The same, 2 vols... ...Cloth, 4 00

Half Calf, extra, 5 00

MAHON'S (Lord) History of England. sisting of

Edited by Prof. Reed. 2 vols., 8v0.,
Arms and Armour in Antiquity and

Cloth, 600
the Middle Ages: also, a Descrip MARCEL (C.) The Study Languages
tive Notice of Modern Weapons.

brought back to its True Principles.
Translated from the French of M. T.
Lacombe. With a Preface, Notes,

By C. Marcel, Knt. Leg. Hon., Author

of “ Language as a Means of Mental and one additional Chapter on Arms


;" “ Premiers Principes d'Edu-
and Armour in England. By Charles

cation," etc., etc. 1 vol., 12mo.... 1 25
Boutell, M. A., author of "English
Heraldry,” etc. 1 vol., 16mo, 296 MARSH'S Theory and Practice of Bank

.Cloth, 150 Book-keeping and Joint Stock Ac.
Meteors, Aërolites, Storms, and At-

counts. 1 vol., 4to. Printed in colors,
mospheric Phenomena. From the

Cloth, 6 00*
French of Zurcher and Margollé.

Course of Practice in Single Entry
By William Lackland. Illustrated


8vo.........Cloth, 2 00 with twenty-three fine Woodcuts,

A Set of Blanks for do....Paper, 1 50
by Lebreton. 1 vol., 16mo. 324

- The Science of Double Entry Book-
.....Cloth, 1 50

Keeping. 8vo..
“Balloons." By Camille Flammarion.
20 Illustrations.

(In prcss.)

A Set of Blanks for do....Paper, 1 50 “Railways." Illustrated with 111 MASSON (DAVID). Recent British PhiVignettes.

losophy. 1 vol., 12mo....... Cloth, 1 25 « The Wonders of Naval Art."

“ Parks and Gardens.” 26 Vignettes.
“ The Metamorphoses of Insects.” 30


Being a Dictionary of the Books, Per“ The Wonders of the Vegetable

sons, Places, Events, and other Mat

ters of which mention is made in the World."

Holy Scripture. Fifteen full-page En“ Grottoes and Caverns."

gravings. Five colored Maps, and “ The Wonders of Electricity."

many hundred Woodcuts. 1 vol.,

thick 18mo... LINDSAY. Poems by Walter M. Lindsay. 16mo....

. Cloth, 75

TREASURY OF BIOGRAPHY. By Sam. LUBBOCK (Prof.) Origin of Civilization

uel Maunders. Reconstructed, thor. and Primitive Condition of Man...(In press.)

oughly Revised, and partly Rewritten.
With above 1,000 additional Memoirs

and Notices by William L. R. Cates. LUNT'S Origin of the Late War. Traced

1 vol., thick 18mo.... from the adoption of the Constitution to the final Outbreak of Hostilities. 1 vol., 12mo....

TREASURY OF BOTANY. A Popular ....Cloth, 1 50

Dictionary of the Vegatable Kingdom. MACAULAY (LORD), The Complete

With which is incorporated a Glossary Works of. Edited by his Sister, Lady

of Botanical Terms. Edited by John Trevelyan. 8 vols., 8vo...... Cloth, 32 00*

Lindley and Thomas Moore.
Half Calf, extra, 48 00*

trated by numerous Woodcuts and
Full Calf, extra, 52 00*

Steel Engravings.

2 vols., 18mo, Essays, Critical and Miscellaneous. Good edition. 7 vols., small 8vo, (Good clear type.)...

....Cloth, 8 75 TREASURY OF KNOWLEDGE AND A New and Revised edition, Beau.

LIBRARY OF REFERENCE. tifully printed on tinted paper. 6 vols.,

vised throughout by B. B. Woodward,
Extra Cloth, 900

John Morris, and W. Huges. 1 vol.,
Half Calf, Half Mor., or Half Russia, 24 00

Essays. 1 vol., large 8vo..Cloth, 2 00

Half Calf, extra, 5 00

or, a Popular Dictionary of Zoology: McCORMICK'S Visit to the Camp before

Sixth edition, revised.

with 900 Woodcuts. Sebastopol. Neatly illustrated. 12mo,

Cloth, 100

.Cloth, 4 00*
Half Calf

, 5 00*

..Cloth, 4 00*
Half Calf, 5 00*


Cloth, 7 00*
Half Calf, 10 00*


.Cloth, 4 00*
Half Calf

, 5 004

1 vol., 18mo,

Cloth, 4 00
Half Calf

, 5 00"




MERIVALE'S History of the Romans.
ATURE. New edition. 1 vol., 18mo,

Complete in 8 vols., small 8vo., hand-
Cloth, $4 00* somely printed on tinted paper. (The
Half Calf, 5 00* 8th volume containing the “Conver-

sion of the Northern Nations" and the TREASTRY OF HISTORY. Comprising

“ Conversion of the Roman Empire.") a General Introductory Outline of

Half Calf, extra, $28 00 Universal History, Ancient and Modern, and a series of Separate His. MICHELET'S History of France. 2 large tories of every Principal Nation. New

vols., 8vo...

Cloth, 4 00 edition, carefully revised, and brought

Half Calf, extra, 7 00 down to the Present Time. 1 vol.,

Cloth, 4 00* MILL'S (JOHN STUART) Principles of
Half Calf, 5 00*

Political Economy, with some of their

applications to Social Philosophy. 1.- TREASURY OF GEOGRPHY, Physical,

From the Fifth London edition. Beau-
Historical, Descriptive, Political, etc.,

tifully printed. 2 vols., 8vo...Cloth, 6.00 etc. New edition, thoroughly revised,

Half Calf, extra, 10 00 and inclusive of the Changes conse

Full Calf, extra, 12 00 quent on the Continental War of 1866.

The Subjection of Women. 1 vol.,
Fully illustrated with Maps, Engrav-



50 ings, etc. 1 vol., thick 18mo..Cloth, 4 00*

Cloth, 100 Half Calf, 5 00*

MILLEDULCIA: A Thousand Pleasant
T. MAYHEW. The Illustrated Horse Doctor,

Things, selected from the “Notes and
Full of Engravings. 1 vol., 8vo..Cloth, 3 00 Queries."....


50 MILTON'S Paradise Lost. 18mo..Cloth, ing its Causes, Consequences, and Cure. With Anecdotic Illustrations, MINTURN'S New York to Delhi, by way drawn from Ancient and Modern

of Rio Janeiro, Australia, and China. Sources, and principally founded on


....Cloth, 2.00
" Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy."
1 vol., 12mo........Half Calf, extra, 2 50* MODERN BRITISH ESSAYISTS [Alison,

Full Calf, extra, 3 00* Carlyle, Jeffrey, Macaulay, Mackin-

tosh, Sydney Smith, Talfourd, Ste-

phens, and Wilson). 8 vols., large Written by Herself.

8vo, uniform..

.Cloth, 16 00 ....Cloth, 125


Half Calf, 35 00 plete Vocabulary of Technicalities of Commercial Correspondence, Names

A new and complete edition, conof Articles of Trade, and Marine

taining the Essays of Alison, Carlyle,
Terms, in English, Spanish, and

Jeffrey, Macaulay, Mackintosh, Syd-
French; with Geographical Names,

ney Smith, Talfourd, Stephens, and
Business Letters, Tables of the Abbre-

Wilson. Printed in good type, and viations in Common use in the Three

handsomely bound in cloth. 6 vols., Languages, and a comparative Table

8vo. In box. (Sold separately.). ... 12 00 of Spanish, French, and English Meas

Sheep, 18 00 ures. By I. De Veitelle.

Half Calf, extra, 24 00
Half Morocco, 2 00
MERIVALE'S History of the Romans

under the Empire. Beautifully print-

Works of ; comprising his Essays,
ed. 7 vols., small 8vo.

Letters, and Journey through Ger-
.Cloth, 14 00

Translated, with

many and Italy.
Half Calf, extra, 24 00

Notes from all his Commentators,
Conversion of the Northern Na-

Biographical and Bibliographical
tions. The Boyle Lectures for the

Notices, and Copious Indexes, etc.,
Year 1865, delivered at the Chapel

etc., by William Hazlitt. New and
Royal, Whitehall, by Charles Meri-
vale, B. D., Author of " A History of

Complete edition. 1 vol., 8vo.

Half Calf, extra, 9 00* ...Cloth, 1 50

MOORE (CHARLES H.) What to Read,
The Conversion of the Roman

and How to Read; being a Classified
Empire. The Boyle Lectures for

List of Choice Reading, with appro

priate Hints and Remarks, adapted to
el Royal, Whitehall
, by Charles Meri.

the General Reader, to Subscribers
to Libraries, and persons intending to
form collections of books. Brought
down to 1870. By Charles H. Moore,
M. D., formerly Professor in Oakland

College, Miss., and in Baltimore City
...Cloth, 1 50 College. 1 vol.. .Limp Cloth,


the Romans under the Empire.” 1
vol., large 12mo.....

the Year 1864, delivered at the Chap-
vale, B. D., Rector of Lawford ; Chap-
lain to the Speaker of the House of
Commons ; Author of " A History of
the Romans under the Empire." Large





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Cloth, 600

.Cloth, 3 00

5 00

MOORE (FRANK). Songs and Ballads

ORDRONAUX'S Hints on the Preservaof the American Revolution. With

tion of Health in Armies, for the Notes and Illustrations. 12mo.

use of Volunteer Officers and Soldiers. Cloth, $1 50 By Dr. John Ordronaux. 18mo.

Cloth, $0 38 MOORE (GEO. H.) Notes on the History

of Slavery in Massachusetts. 1 vol., OSGOOD (SAMUEL). Mile-Stones in Our 8vo....

.Cloth, 200 Life Journey. 1 vol., 12mo... Cloth, 1 25 MOORE (THOMAS). Lalla Rookh : An

The Hearth-Stone: hts Oriental Romance. New edition, re

upon Home Life in our Cities. 1 vol., vised by the Author. 1 vol., 32mo,


...Cloth, 1 25
Cloth, gilt, 37

PAINE'S Tent and Harem ; Notes on an
The same. 1 vol., 24mo, Cloth, gilt, 75

Oriental Trip. Frontispiece. 12mo.
Irish Melodies. 1 vol., 24mo,

Cloth, 1 50
Cloth, gilt, 75

PARKER (THEODORE). Life and Cor.
MORAN (CHARLES). Money. 1 vol.,

respondence of, Minister of the Twen12mo...

...Cloth, 1 26 ty-eighth Congregational Society, BosMORPHY'S GAMES: A Selection of the

ton. By John Weiss. Portrait and best Games played by the distin

Engravings. 2 large vols., 8vo. guished Champion in Europe and America. Edited by Lowenthal.

Half Calf, extra, 11 00 12mo...

Half Morocco, 11 00
....Cloth, 150
The Exploits and Triumphs in Eu-

PATTON'S History of the United States rope of Paul Morphy, the Chess

of America. i handsome vol., large Champion. 12mo..

8vo. 828 pp.....

.....Cloth, 1 25 NAPOLEON. The Confidential Corre

The same, with fine Portraits. spondence of Napoleon Bonaparte

Sheep, with his Brother Joseph, some time

Half Bound, S
King of Spain. 2 vols., 12mo..Cloth, 2 00

Half Calf, extra, 6 50
Life of, from the French of Lau-


From the rent de l'Ardèche. 500 Cuts, some

French of J. B. H. De Saint Pierre. colored. 2 vols. in one, 8vo......

37 1 vol., 32mo. ...Cloth, gilt, Imitation Morocco, 3 00 NEWCOMB'S Critical Examination of our

PEIRCE (B. K.) A Half Century with

Juvenile Delinquents ; or, The New
Financial Policy during the Southern,
Rebellion. 1 vol., 16mo......Cloth, 1 00

York House of Refuge and its Times.

Illustrated. 1 vol., small 8vo.. Cloth, 3.00
Illustrations of Public Buildings,

PEPYS (SAMUEL). Diary and Corre-
Street Scenes, and Suburban Views.

spondence. With Life and Notes by Elegantly printed on tinted paper, and

Richard Lord Braybrooke. Illusbound in an Illustrated Cover, printed

trated with 31 fine Steel Engravings. with a tint. Containing a Map, and

4 vols., 12mo.....Half Call, extra, 14 00* general Stranger's Guide. Revised

Full Calf, extra, 16 00* edition, new Illustrations. Price, 50

PERRY'S Narrative of the Expedition of
Cloth, 100

an American Squadron to the China NIGHTINGALE'S (FLORENCE) Notes

Seas and Japan, performed in the on Nursing. What it is, and what it

Years 1852, 1853, and 1854, by order is not. 1 vol., 12mo........ .....Cloth, 75

of the Government of the United NOBLE (L. L.) After Icebergs, with a

States. Compiled from the Original Painter; a Summer voyage to Lab

Notes and Journals. By Francis L. rador, and around Newfoundland.

Hawks, D. D. With Numerous IllusWith Illustrations, 1 vol., 12mo.

trations. 1 vol., 8vo..

Cloth, 2 00 NURSERY BASKET (The). A Hand

The same, 1 vol., 4to...... Cloth, 9 00 book of Practical Directions for Young Mothers. 18mo...... Cloth, 50 PETROLIA.

A Brief History of the O'CALLAGHAN'S History of New

Pennsylvania Petroleum Region, its Netherlands ; or, New York under

Development, Growth, Resources, the Dutch. 2 vols., 8vo...... 6 00

etc., from 1859 to 1869. By Andrew

1 vol., OLIPHANT (L.) A Journey to Katman.

Cones and Walter R. Johns. 1 vol., 12mo...


12mo. (Subscription.). (Mrs.) The Three Brothers. A

PHELAN'S Game of Billiards. New edi. Novel.

(In press.)

tion. 12mo...

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.Sheep, 500

Half Calf, extra, 900

Half Calf, 10 00

.Cloth, 3.00


.Cloth, 1 50

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