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the German, With 3 maps and about 80 wood engrav

James Marian, The Diamond on the Hearth; or, The ings by G. Pearson. 8°, pp. 521. N. Y., Scribner, Wel Story of Sister Anne. A Novel. 80, pp. 167. N. Y., ford & Co.. .88.50 D. Appleton & Co. Pap.

... 50 C. HATTY AND NELLIE, A Story of Tw Marriages. 169, Jay, W. M. L. My Winter in Cuba. 12°, pp. 296. N. pp. 224. Phila., Alfred Martien... $1.00 Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.......

$1.50 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Passages from the English Note Johnstone, Robt. (LL.B.) Lectures Exegetical and Prac

Books. Two vols. in one. (Illust. Lib. ed., vol. 6.) 12°, tical on the Epistle of James. 12°, pp. 433. N. Y., A. pp. viii, 410 : 393. Boston, J. R. Osgood & Co... $2.06 D. F. Randolph & Co...



Jowett, B. See Plato, HEROES OF EUROPE (THE). A Popular Historical Biogra Keene, Mrs. S. F. Lyle MacDonald ; or, A Winter in phy for Young People. Illust.


N. Y., Geo, P. the Woods of Maine.' 16',,Pp. 461. Boston, H. Hoyt Putnam & Sons.. $1.50

$1.50 HIDDEN ANGELS. By the author of Hospital Boy." Kellogg, Elijah. The Spark of Genius; or, the College 169. Phila., Alfred Martien ...


Life of James Traston. (Whispering Pine Series.) IlHill, John Ward (LL.D.). A Manual of the Law of Fix

lust. 169, pp. 272. Boston, Lee & Shepard ...... $1.25 Second ed., revised and enlarged. 89, PP. 91. Kelly, James, The American Catalogue of Books N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Hlf. shp......... $2.00 (Original and Reprints) Published in the U. S. from Jan., *Himes, Charles F. Leave Prints ; or, Glimpses at Photo

1866, to Jan., 1871, with Date of Publication, Size, Price, graphy. 4° N. Y., D. Van Nostrand.... . . $1.25

and Publishers' Names; with Supplement containing

names of Learned Societies and other Literary Associ Hinton, Jas. Health and its Conditions. Illust. 12°, pp. ations, with a List of their Publications, 1866–1871. xi, 293. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons...

89, pp. 488. N. Y., John Wiley & Son............$7.50. Hodge, Chas. (D.D.) Systematic Theology. (In 3 vols.)

King, John. A Commentary on the Law and True ConVol. i. Theology. Roy. 8°, pp. xiii, 648. N. Y., Chas. struction of the Federal Constitution. 8°, pp. 496. Cinn., Scribner & Co....

- $4.50
Robt. Clarke & Co......

• $4.00 Holbrook, M. L. (M.D.) Parturition without Pain. A

* Kingsley, Henry, The Lost Child. With 8 illust. Cr. Code of Directions for Escaping from the Primal Curse. 49. N. Y., Macmillan & Co.......

$1.50 160, pp. 113. N. Y., Wood & Holbrook. .......... $1.00

Konewka. See, My Young Days : Pictures in Black. Holden, Edgar (M.D.). The Sphygmograph and the

LIGHT AND Hope Series. 4 vols. 169. Cont. :-Nanny and Physiology of the Circulation, A Monograph. Illust.

! ;-Lucy's Two Lives ; ---Caddy's Three Dresses :- How 89, pp. 29. N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co...

it was Paid. Phila., Alfred Martien.... ..$3.75 HOME (THE) AT HEATHERBRAE. A Tale. By the author

LINDSAY & BLAKISTON'S PHYSICIANS' Visiting List, for of " Everley." 12°, pp. 384. N. Y., E. P. Dutton &

1872. (For 25, 50, 75 and 100 Patients ; also an interleaved Co....


ed. for 25 and 50 patients bound in leather with pocket HOMER'S ILIAD, Key to. See Smith, W. R.

and tucks in 1 and 2 vols.) Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston. *Hood, Wharton P. (M.D.) On Bone-Setting (so called),

According to size from......

$1.00 to $3.00 and its Relation to the Treatment of Joints Crippled by LIPPINCOTT's Dict. of BIOGRAPHY. See Thomas. Injury, Rheumatism, Inflammation, etc. Cr. 8°

pp. LITTLE FANTASY : or, Adventures among the Water Devils xii, 156. N. Y., Macmillan & Co..

4o. With frontispiece in oil colors. Ñ. Y., R. Shugg & Hosmer, Mrs. Margaret. Caddy's Three Dresses. 169,

Co. Pap.

....25 C. PP. 395. Phila., Alfred Martien..

*Little Lucy's WONDERFUL GLOBE. Pictured in Twenty HOUSEHOLD TALES AND FAIRY STORIES. A Collection of Plates, and narrated by Charlotte M. Yonge, author of the Most Popular Favorites. Illust. 89, pp. 567. N. Y., The Heir of Redclyffe," etc. 4°. N. Y., Macmillan & Geo. Routledge & Sons.... ..$2.75 Co...

$2.00 How New York is GOVERNED. Frauds of the Tammany Longfellow. See Dante. Democrats. Roy. 89, pp. 16. N. Y., N. Y. Times Of

Loomis, Elias (LL.D.). Elements of Geometry, Conic fice. Pap.

....................6 c.

Sections, and Plane Trigonometry, Rev, ed. 12°, pp. Howard and Hudson. Twenty-Six Short and Amusing 338. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Shp......

$1.50 Plays for Private Theatricals. Being Howard's Drawing Loomis, Justin R. (LL.D.) Elements of the Anatomy, Room Theatricals and Hudson's Private Theatricals ic. one volume. 16". N. Y., Dick & Fiugerald...... $1.50

Physiology, and Hygiene of the Human System. New

rev. ed. 12° N. Y., Sheldon & Co..... $1.25 Howe, Joseph W. (M.D.) Emergencies, and How to

Lost Cities BROUGHT TO LIGHT. By the Author of Treat Them. The Etiology, Pathology, and Treatment

“ Steps up the Ladder,” etc. Illust. 16°. Phila., J. B. of the Accidents, Diseases, and Cascs of Poisoning, which

Lippincott & Co... Demand Prompt Action. Designed for Students and Practitioners of Medicine. 8°, pp: 265. N.Y., D. Apple-Ludlow, Park (A.M.). The Red Shandy Boys; or,

..$3.00 ton & Co...

tures of New England School-Life Thirty years ago. 169. Boston, H. A. Young & Co.....

$1.50 Hudson, O. F. See Bible.

Macaulay, Thos. Babington. Lays of Ancient Rome, Hunter, Thos. (A.M.) Elements of Plane Geometry. and Other Poems. Red Line ed. Illust. 16°, pp. 271. With an appendix on Mensuration. 12°. N. Y., Harper N. Y., Jas. Miller.....

$3.50 & Bros..


McCarthy, Justin. Lady Judith : A Tale of Two ContiHyde, Mrs. Anna M. English History, Condensed and

nents, 89, pp. 306. N. Y., Sheldon & Co. $2.00, pap. Simplified for Children. 18°, Phila., Claxton, Remsen

$1.25 & Haffelfinger..

.......50 C.

MacLeod, Alex. (D.D.) Christus Consolator. The PulHYMNS, ANCIENT AND MODERN. For use in the Services of pit in Relation to Social Life. 12°, pp. 304. N, Y., A. D. the Church. Am. improved ed. 32°, flex. clo. 20 c. ; with F. Randolph & Co, Ippendix, 30 c.; clo, bds., 256. ; with Appendix, 35 c.

Macquoid, Katharine s. Hester Kirton. A Novel. -Same, 120, flex. clo. with Music, 55 c.; with App. 90 c. ; clo. bds. 60 C. ; with App. $1. Phila., Claxton,

16°, pp. vii, 376. Phila., J. B, Lippincott & Co... $1.25 Remsen & Haffelfinger.

McVickar, The Life of the Rev. John McVickar, S.T.D. HYMNS OF PRAYER AND PRAISE. By Revs. A. G. Vermilye,

Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy, Belle Wm. J. R. Taylor, and Alex. R. Thompson. 169, pp. 188.

Lettres, Political Economy, and the Evidences, in Colum

bia College. By his son, Rev. William A. McVickar, D.D. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co....

..75 C.
C. 89, pp. x, 416.

With Portrait. N. Y., Hurd & Irving, Washington. Crayon Reader.

Choice Papers

Houghton ; Cambridge, Riverside Press..... and Passages from the Writings of W. Irving. 12o.

N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons. (Corrected price) ...... $1.50

Magill, Mary Tucker. Women ; or, Chronicles of the

Late War. A Sequel to “The Holcombes." 12°, PP Isaacs, O. E. See Anatomical Remembrancer.

400. Balt., Turnbull Bros.....

$1.75 Jack THORN'S KNIFE.

How He Lost It, and How He MAINE. The Maine Civil Officer. A Guide to the Justices Found It. In short Words, 189, pp. 124. Phila. Am. of Peace, Sheriffs, etc. By Wm. Wirt Virgin. 12°, PP. S. S. Union....

.....35 C. & 40 c. 644. Portland, Loring, Short & Harmon. Shp... $3.50



... $1.75


..50 c.


- Reports of Cases in Law and Equity determined in the New York. The Act for the Formation of Corporations, Supreine Judicial Court of Maine, being vol. 58 Maine Manufacturing, Mining, Mechanical, etc. With Notes of Reports. By Wm. Wirt Virgin. 89, pp. 696. Port Judicial Decisions, etc. Prepared by a Member of the

land, Loring, Short & Harmon. Shp..... $5.00 New York Bar. 12° N, Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. **MANUAL OF PIETY. For the Use of Seminaries. New

Pap..... ed. 32°, pp. 368. Baltimore, John Murphy & Co...60 с. - Reports of Cascs argued and determined in the Supreme Martyn, W. Carlos. The Life and Times of Martin

Court of the State of New York. By Abraham Lansing. Luther. 169, pp. 550. N. Y., Am. Tract Sor ....

. . . $1.50
Vol. 3. 89, pp. xvi, 576, N. Y., Banks & Bros. Shp.

$3.50 MASSACHUSETTS. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

See also, Frauds; How N. Y., etc. By Albert G. Browne, Jr., Reporter. Vol. VII. (Mass. *NINE YEARS OLD, By the author of "St. Olave's," etc. Reports, vol. 103) 89. Boston, H. O. Houghton & Co.; With 8 illust. 80. N. Y., Macmillan & Co........$1.50 N. Y., Hurd & Houghton. Shp...... ... $5.50 Norris, John Pilkington (A.M.). A Key to the NarraMears, John W. (D.D.) The Church and Temperance. tive of the Acts of the Apostles. 169. Phila., J. B. LipA Sermon. 169, pp. 27. N. Y., National Temperance pincott & Co......

$1.00 Soc. Pap....... ...:15 C. NURSERY RHYMES. 12°, PP. 32.

With illust. in oil colors. MEN WHO HAVE MADE THEMSELVES. Biographies of N. Y., R. Shugg & Co. Pap.. ....

......25 C, Eminent Men. Illust. 18o. N. Y., Geo. P. Putnam &

Opd HOURS OF A PHYSICIAN. See Darby. $1.50

Ohio. The Law of Municipal Corporations in the State of MERRY CHRISTMAS (A). 4°. With illust. in oil-colors.

Ohio, embracing all the Statutes in force July, 1871. With N. Y., R. Shugg & Co Pap....

.....25 C.

Notes of the Decisions of the Supreme and other Courts • Meyhoffer, John (M.D.). On Chronic Diseases of the of the State relating thereto. By Jas. Bryant Walker. Organs of Respiration. Being a Series of Clinical Ob 89, pp. 386. Cinn., Robt, Clarke & Co. $3.50 ; shp. servations on Diseases of the Air-Passages and the Lungs.

$4.00 Vol.

1, Diseases of the Larynx and the Bronchial Tubes. - The Law relating to Roads and Highways in the State of 12°, pp. vi, 407. N. Y., Boericke & Tafel...... - $3.00

Ohio. Showing how State, County, Township, Free Miller, Ellen Clarke. Eastern Sketches: Notes of Turnpike and other Roads, and Streets and Alleys are EsScenery, Schools, and Tent Life in Syria and Palestine.

tablished, Opened, Altered, Improved, and Vacated, etc. With two stcel engravings. 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott

By Geo. W. Raff. 129, pp. 334. Cinn., Robt. Clarke & & Co....

Co. $1.75; shp......

.$2.00 *Mitford, Mary Russell. Our Village. Sketches of Rural

O'Kane, Rev. Jas. Notes on the Rubrics of the Roman Character and Scenery. Illust. 2 vols. 12°. Phila.,

Ritual regarding the Sacraments in General, Baptism, the

Eucharist, and Extreme Unction. Rev. ed., approved by J. B. Lippincott & Co....


the Sacred Congregation of Rites. 89, pp. 527. Boston, MONKS OF THE WEST.' See Montalembert.

Patrick Donahoc.

$3.00 Montalembert, Count de. The Monks of the West, from One Woman's MISSION. See Arnold.

St. Benedict to St. Bernard. 2 vols. 8. Pp. 1,456.
Boston, Patrick Donahoe.........

$8.00; hf. cf., $12.00

Optic, Oliver. Cringle and Cross-Tree; or, The Sea

Swashes of a Sailor. (Upward and Onward Series, vol. * Morgans, William. Manual of Mining Tools. Com 4.) 169, pp. 294. Boston, Lee & Shepard....

- $1.25 prising Observations on the Materials from and Processes - Our Boys' AND GIRLS' STORY TELLER. Containing by which they are Manufactured ;-their special Uses, Ap Stories of the Sea, Tales of Wonder, Records of Travel, plications, Qualities, and Efficiency. Illust. by an Atlas Anecdotes of Natural History, Wonderful Things, Diacontaining 235 wood engravings of mining tools, drawn to logues, Puzzles, etc. Edited by Oliver Optic. Profusely scale. 12°, and Atlas 4o. N. Y., D. `Van Nostrand. illust. 4. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Bds........ $1.50

$3.75 OPUSCULA. In two parts. House of Bondage, Chronicles * Morris, Rev. T. 0. Dogs and their Doings. Illust.

of the Old Dominion, Kump. of the Dynasty, etc. 80. with engravings from designs by Harrison Weir, Sir Edw. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & English. Pap. 5o c. Landseer, and photographs made expressly for the purpose. Sm. 4°. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons... $2.00 Palgrave, Francis Turner. Life of Sir Walter Scott.

With Remarks upon his Writings. With an Essay on MORTON HOUSE, A Novel. By the author of “Valerie Scott, by David Masson, M.A. And, Dryburgh Abbey, Aylmer.” Illust. 8° N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. a Poem, by Chas. Swain. 12°, pp. 85. (Corrected title.) $1.50 ; pap. $1.00 Phila., Porter & Coates....

.......75 C, MOTHER GOOSE Melodies; and Other Rhymes. With Paris COMMUNE. See Fetridge. silhouette illustrations. Series No. 1, Cont. :--Cock Rob

PARK STREET PULPIT. See Murray. in: John Gilpin ; Simple Simon; House that Jack Built.

Pap., cach, 10 c.-Series No. 2. Cont. :-Little Ditties ;
Cinderella ; Children in the Wood. "Pap., cach, 5 c.-

Peirce, Jas, Mills. Three and Four Place Tables of Logo Series No. 3. 'Cont. :-Cock Robin ; Bee and Dove;

arithmic and Trigonometric Functions. 12o. Boston, Mister Fox; Three Wishes. Per gross, $1.00. N. Y.,

Ginn Bros....

....75 C. R. Shugs & Co.

PENNSYLVANIA. See Scott. See also Goose.

PEOPLE (The) OF AFRICA. A Series of Papers on their Mudge, Rev. Z. A. Foot-Prints of Roger Williams. A Character, Condition, and Future Prospects. By E. W. Biography, with Sketches of Important Events in Early Blyden, D.D. ; Taylor Lewis, D.D.; Theodore Dwight, New England History, with which he was Connected. etc. Illust. 12°, pp. V, 157. N. Y., A. D. F. RanLarge 169, pp. 285, with 5 illust. N. Y., Carlton & Lana dolph & Co....

.. $1.50

Phillips, D. T. The Heroes of Faith : Being a Series of Murray, W. H. E. Park Street Pulpit : Sermons. 12°,

Discourses on the Saints mentioned in the Eleventh Pp. 372. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co.....


Chapter of Hebrews. 12°, pp. 207. Phila., Wm. Flint MUSKINGUM LEGENDS. See Powers.

& Co


PHYSICIAN'S VISITING List. See Lindsay. "My Young Days. By the author of " Evening Amusemients." With 20 illust., by Paul Konewka. 12°, pp. iii,

PICTURE STORIES FOR LITTLE FOLKS, 6 vols. 32° Bos151. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.....

. $1.25
ton, H. A. Young & Co.....

.$1.50 NAST'S ALMANAC. See Almanacs.

PICTURES IN BLACK. Twenty Pictures by Paul Konewka, **NEBRASKA. A Concise History of Nebraska Showing its

with descriptive Narrative. 4 pp. iv, 20. Hurd & Advantages, Prospects, and Resources, with its Agricul Plato. The Dialogues of Plato. Translated into English,

Houghton ; Cambridge, Riversid: Press... tural Facilities, Educational and Religious Privileges, Cheap Lands, Homesteads, Pre-emption Laws, Together

with Analysis and Introduction by B. Jowett, M.A. with its Advantages to Immigrants. "Also a Sketch of the

vols. Cr. 8o. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co... .$12.00 Cities, Towns, Villages, Counties, etc., State Constitution, *PLEASANT Tales (The) OF Puss and Robin, and their Synopsis of State Laws, Postal Information, Legal Forms, Friends Kitty and Bob. Told in Twelve Pictures, by L Interest Tables, Synopsis of ‘U. S. Government, etc., etc. Frolich; and in Rhymes, by Tom Hood. Cr. 4°. N. go, pp. 150. Omaha, W. R. Vaughan...... $3.00 Y., Macmillan & Co.....


75 C,


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Pomeroy, M. M. Brick-Dust. A Remedy for the Blues, Scott, Eben Greenough, Commentaries upon the Intes

and a Something for People to Talk About. Illust. 12°, tate System of Pennsylvania, and the Powers and Juris. pp. 255. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co......

diction of the Orphans' Court. 8o. Phila., Kay & Bro. -Gola Dust: For the Beautifying of Lives and Homes.

Shp. $7.50
12°, pp. 275. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co........$1.50 Scott (WALTER). See Palgrave.
Pond, Enoch (D.D.). The Seals Opened ; or, Tlie SEALS OPENED. See Pond.
Apocalypse Explained. 12°, pp. 240. Portland, Hoyt,

SEED TRUTHS. See Church.
Fogg & Breed.....

$1.50 Porter, Noah (D.D., LL.D.). The Elements of Intellectual

Shakespeare's Comedy of the Teinpest. Edited, with Science. A Manual for Schools and Colleges. Abridg.

Notes, by Wm. J. Rolfe, A.M. Illust. Sq. 16%, pp. co from “The Human Intellect." Cr. 89, pp. xiv,

148. N. Y., Harper & Bros...

..90 c. 565. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co.....


SHOOTING, BOATING, CIC See Warren, Powers, Edw. War and the Weather ; or, the Artificial

*Smith, Adam. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes Production of Rain. 12°, PP. 171. Chicago, S. C.

of the Wealth of Nations. New ed. 12°, pp. 700. N. Griggs & Co....

Y., Geo. P. Putnam & Sons.. Powers, Stephen. Muskingum Legends. With other

Smith, Josiah W. A Manual of Common Law. Com. Sketches and Papers descriptive of the Young Men of prising the Fundamental Principles and the Points most Germany and the Old Boys of America. 120. Phila., J.

usually Occurring in Daily Lise and Practice. For the B. Lippincott & Co....


Practitioner, Student, and General Reader. First Am.

from the 4th London ed. With Notes and References, Prentiss, E. See Aunt Jane's Hero.

by Edw. C. Ingersoll. Cr. 89, pp. xXx, 591. WashingPriestley, Joseph (LL.D.). A History of the Corrup. ton, W. H. & O. H. Morrison. Shp.. .84.00

tions of Christianity. Reprinted from Rutt's ed., with Notes. To which are appended Considerations in Evi

Smith, Wm. R. Key to the Iliad of Homer, for the Use dence that the Apostolic and Primitive Church was Uni

of Schools, Academies, and Colleges. 86, pp. 354

Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Hf. roan.. $3.00 tarian. 12°, PP. 350. Boston, Am. Unitarian Assoc. .75 C.

SOPHIE'S LETTER BOOK. Putnam, Daniel Sunbeams through the Clouds. Selec

By H. N. W. B. Illust. 16o. tions and Prayers for the Use and Comfort of the Amict

Boston, H. A. Young & Co. ......

$1.00 ed and Sick. 24°, Pp. 131. Detroit, E. B. Smith & Co.

Stillman, Wm. J. The Cretan Insurrection of 1866. 17o,
Pp. 200. N. Y., John Ross & Co.....

.$1.50 Ram's Science of Legal Judgment. A Treatise design

STOLEN WATERS. See Gardner. ed to show the Materials whereof and the Process by STORIES OF VINRGAR HILL. By the Author of "Ellen which the Courts construct their Judgments. Adapted Montgomery's Book Shelf.” 6 vols. Ilust, 16o. Cont: to practical and general use in the discussion and determi

-The Old Church Door ;-The Fowls of the Air ;-Golden nation of questions of Law. With extensive Additions Thorns ;-Plants without Root :-An Hundred-fold ;and Annotations. By John Townshend, Esq., of the New Spring Work. N. Y., Robt. Carter & Bros........ $3.00 York Bar. 8o. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp.

Stowe, Mrs. H. B. My Wife and I, or Harry Henderson's $5.00

History. A Novel. With illust. by H. L. Stephens. 17o, Ranke, Leopold. The History of the Popes, their Church Pp. 48o. N. Y., J. B. Ford & Co.....

- $2.00 and State, and especially of their conflicts with Protestan

STUDENT LIFE AT AMHERST. See Cutting. tism in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Translated by E. Foster. With Portraits. New ed. 3 vols.

**Taylor Goo. H. (M.D.) Diseases of Women. Their 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Per vol......$1.75

Causes, Prevention, and Radical Cure. 12°, pp. 318.
Phila., Geo. Maclean......

. $2.00 Reuter, Fritz. Sced-Time and Harvest ; or, " During My

Apprenticeship.” Translated from the “Ut Mine Strom Tennyson, Alfred. The Poetical Works. (Handy vol. ud.” 89, pp. 292. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. ed.). 169, pp. ix, 304. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co.

$1.50; pap. $1,00

Flexible clo.
RISE AND FALL OF THE COMMUNE. See Fetridge. Thackeray, W. M. Works Crown ed. Illust. with

steelplates and woodcuts. In 11 vols. Cr. 8o. Vol. r. RIVER OF LIFE. See Carr.

Vanity Fair. With 40 steelplates and 150 woodcuts. *Roby, Henry John. A Grammar of the Latin Lan

Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co...

.$3.25 guage, from Plautus to Suetonius. Part 1. Containing Thomas, J. (A.M., M.D.) Lippincott's Pronouncing Sounds, Inflexions, Word Formation. Cr. 89, pp. xvi, 476. N. Y., Macmillan & Co. (Corrected price...$2.50

Dictionary of Biography and Mythology, containing Me

moirs of the Eminent Persons of all Ages and Countries, ROCHESTER (Churches of). See Ward.

and Accounts of the various Subjects of the Norse, Hin. Rolfe. See Shakespeare.

doo, and Classic Mythologies, with the Pronunication of Rose CARLETON'S REWARD. By “Margret Frances."

their Names in the Different Languages in which they Oc

One Vol. ed. Imperial 88 Phila., J. B. Líppin12°, pp. 282. Cin., Bosworth, Chase & Hall....... $1.25

cott & Co. Shp. $15.00; hf, mor., $17; hf. cf., $18.00; ROSE. THE LAVENDER GIRL; 0:, Honest Industry Reward hf. Russia..

$18.00 ed. 169, pp. 245. N. Y., Evang. Knowledge Soc.

Thornwell. The Collected Writings of Jas. Henley Thom. $1.00

well, D.D., LL.D., late Professor of Theology in the *ROUTLEDGE'S ILLUSTRATED READING BOOK.


Thcological Seminary at Columbia, 'S. C. Edited by 89, pp. 158. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons..

John B. Adger, D.Þ. vols. 80, pp. vi, 659: 673. *Russell, Earl. The Foreign Policy of England, 1570-1870.

With Portrait Richmond, Presb. Comm. of Pub...$8.00 An Historical Essay. 80, pp. 96. N. Y., Scribner, *Tor-Book PRESENT (The). With 24 large col. engrav, Welford & Co. Pap....

... $1.25 4o. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons. *Rustow, Col. W. The War for the Rhine Frontier, 1870; Trousseau, A. Lectures on Clinical Medicine delivered

its Political and Military History. Translated from the at the Hotel Dieu, Paris, Vol. 4. 8°, pp. 470. Phila., German by Lieut. J. L. Needham. (In 3 vols.) Vol. I.

Lindsay & Blakiston..... 89, pp. 203. With Maps. N. Y., Scribner, Welford &


UNCLE PEPIN Series. Toy Books. 6 illust. 18o. N. Y.,
McLoughlin Bros. Per gross.


UNITED STATES Digest. Vol. 29. (Annual for 1869.) 283. Phila., Am. S. S. Union....

.90 C.

Containing a Digest of Decisions of the Courts of Common Sand, Geo. Handsome Lawrence. A Sequel to "A Roll Law, F.quity, and Admiralty, in the United States and in ing Stone." From the French by Carroll Owen. 8°, pp. England. Roy. 8° Boston, Little, Brown & Co. 122. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co..$1.00 : pap 5o c.

Sanford, Mrs. D. P. Rose, Tom, and Ned. First of the - Circular of Information of the Bureau of Education for
Rose Dale Books. Easy Reading for the Dear Little

July, 1871. Report on the Systems of Public Instruction
Ones. Must. 16°, pp. 246. N. Y., E. P. Dutton &

in Sweden and Norway. 89, PP. 48. Washington, 1870. Co.....

.. $1.50 Government Printing Office. Pap. Sargent, Epes, and Amasa May. New American Read

- Patent Law, Instructions How to Obtain Letters Patent First, 20 €.-Second, 30 c.-Third, 50. for New Inventions, etc. Together with Census for 1870. Fourth, 60 C.--Fifth, 90 c. Phila., E. H. Butler & Co.

18°, pp. 119. N. Y., Munn & Co....

..75 C.


• $1.00


... $4.00



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......25 C

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- Report of the Commissioner of Education made to the

Secretary of the Interior for the year 1870, with accomfanying Papers. 8°, pp. 579. Washington, Government

Printing Office.
- The Statutes at Large and Proclamations of the United

States of America, from Dec., 1869, to March, 1871, and
Treaties and Postal Conventions. Edited by Geo. P. San-
ger. Vol. 16. Roy. 89, pp. xxxiv, 1,314. Boston, Little,
Brown & Co. Shp:.....

See also, Cocke.
*Valentine. Games for Family Parties. Selected and ed-
ited by Mrs. Valentine. With roo illust. F. cap. 8o. N.
Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.....

$1.25 Van Oosterzee, Prof. J.J. The Theology of the New Tes

tament. A Manual for University Instruction and Private
Study. From the Dutch by Geo. E. Day, Prof. in the
Divinity School of Yale College. 89, pp. 267. New
Haven, Judd & White....

$2.00 **VIRGINIA. Digest of the Laws of Virginia of a Criminal

Nature illustrated by Judicial Decisions. To which is prefixed the new Constitution of Virginia. Second ed. rev. and enlarged. By Jas. M. Matthews. 89, pp. 376. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & English..... ... $5.00 *- A Guide to Commissioners in Chancery with Practical

Forms for the Discharge of their Duties adapted to the
Statute Law of Virginia. Second ed. Revised and en-
larged. By Jas. M. Matthews. 80, pp. 266. Richmond.
Va., J. W. Randolph & English.

$4.50 ** - Reports of Cases decided in the Court of Appeals and in the General Court of Virginia. By Peachy R. Grattan. Vol. 3. From April 1, 1846, to April 1, 1847. Second ed. 80, pp. 790.--Vol. 4. From April 1, 1847, to April 1, 1848. Second ed. 80, pp. 592.-Vol. 5. From April 1, 1848, to April 1, 1849. Second ed. 89, pp. 748.-Vol. 20. From Sept. Y, 1870, to June 1, 1871. 80, pp. 936. Richmond, J. W. Randolph & English. Per vol....

$5.00 Wallace, Mrs. E. D. England's Last Queen. 189, pp.

11. N. Y., American News Co. Pap..... WAR OF THE RHINE FRONTIER. See Rustow. Ward, Rev. F. Dew. (D.D.) Ecclesiastical History of Rochester, N. Y. Narrative of the Rise, Progress, and Present Condition of each Religious Organization, Biographical Sketches of Pastors, Clergymen Born in the City, and Church Officers; with Miscellaneous Items of General Interest, from August, 1815, to July, 1871. 89, pp. 184. Rochester, Erastus Darrow..... Waring, Edw. John (M.D.). Practical Therapeutics : Con

sidered chiefly with Reference to Articles of the Materia Medica. Second Am. from the 3d London ed. 8*, pp.

766. Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston.....85.00; shp. $6.00 Warren, T. Robinson. Shooting, Boating, and Fishing.

For Young Sportsmen. Illust. 12°, pp. 165. N. Y., Chas.
Scribner & Co........


Warner, Misa A. See Stories of Vinegar Hill.
Washburn, Jean Bruco. Yo Semite. A Poem 12°, pp.

San Francisco, A. Roman & Co. Pap........25 C.
Watson, J. Madison, The Independent Spelling-Book.
A critical Work on Pronunciation; embracing a strictly
Graded Classification of Words for Oral Spelling, Exer-
cises for Writing from Dictation, etc. 16°, pp. 160. N. Y.,
A, S. Barnes & Co. Hf. bd...

....35 C.
- The Independent Sixth Reader. 19°, pp. 456. N. Y.,
A. S. Barnes & Co. Hf. roan. .....

. $1.50 Weeks, Helen O. Four and What they Did. Illust. 16°, Pp: 315. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ; Cambridge, Riverside Press. (Corrected price.)...

$1.35. Whittlesoy, Sarah J.O. Bertha, the Beauty A Novel. 12° Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger...

$1.50 Wilmer, Margaret E. The Wrecker's Grandchild. 16°, Pp. 330. N. Y., Bd. of Pub. R. C. A...

..80 c.
Wilson, John. The Genius and Character of Robert

Burns. An Essay and Criticism on his Life and Writings.
12o. N. Y., Jas. Miller....

Winans, Ross. Ventilation and other Requisites to a

Healthy and Comfortable Dwelling. 89, pp. 43. Balti

more, John P. Des Forges.
WOMEN OF THE COVENANT. Their Trials and Triumphs.

180, pp. 141. Boston, Congreg. Pub. Soc..........50 C.

Including his Researches in Natural History, and Matri-
monial Misfortunes. Ill. with 200 pictures. Obl. 89.
N. Y., Dick & Fitzgerald.....

.. 30 c.
Wood, Daniel Z. The Voice of Truth, and Instruction

the People of God. Boston, Plymouth Rock Press. $1.00 Wood, Mrs. Henry. Dene Hollow. A Novel. 8°, pp.

262. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. $1.75 : pap. $1.50.
*Wright, Josiah. First Latin Steps; or, An Introduction,

by a Series of Examples, to the Study of the Latin Lan-
guage. Cr. 8°, pp. xxxii, 253. N. Y., Macmillan & Co.

Wythes, Joseph H. (A.M., M.D.) The Physician's Pocket

Dose and Symptom Book. Containing the Doses and
Uses of all the Materia Medica, Rules to Proportion the
Doses of Medicines, Tables of Symptomatology, etc. oth

rev. ed. 24". Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston....... . $1.00
Yates, Edmund Nobody's Fortune. 89, pp. 252. Bos-

ton, Jas. R. Osgood & Co........... $1.25; pap. 75 C.
Yo-SEMITE. See Washburn.
* YOSEMITE VALLEY (THE), and the Mammoth Trees and

Geysers of California. Illust. pp. 40. N. Y., T. Nelson
& Sons.....

...75 C.
YOUNG EAGLE; or, Forest Fortunes. By the Author of

« Rosa Lane." 16°, pp. 212. Phila., Am. S. S. Union.

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.10 C.


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For complete titles see Alphabetical Listunder the italicized words.
THEOLOGY, RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY. At Jesus's Feet. -Everett, The Sceptre (Church Music).-Frost, How

, Hist. of Reformation.-Baptist, Hymn Book. to Write a Composition. Gildersleeve, Latin Exercise Baptist, Praise Book. --Barnum, Romanism as it is. Book. - Gross, Languages and Popular Education, Bible

, Cook's Commentary, v. 1.'; Alford's N. T. Com. Hunter, Plane Geometry.-Hyde, Eng. History.--Ir-
mentary; Alford's Greek Test. : Hudson's Greek and ving, Crayon Reader.Loomis, Elements of Geometry.
Eng. Concordance. --Boggs, Resurrection of the Re: -Loomis, Elements of Anatomy:-Manwal of Piety for
deemed.-Boutell, Bible Dictionary.--Brown, Misread Seminaries.- Peirce, Logarithmic Functions. - Porter,
Passages of Scripture. -Brown, Young Men and Maid Intellectual Science. -Roby, Latin Grammar. Sargent,
ens.. Chamberlayne, Saving Faith. -Church, Seed New Am. Readers. --Shakespeare's Tempest:-Smith,
Truths.--Denison, Foreign Missionary Works.-- Dewey, Key to Homer's Iliad.-United States, Circular of Bus
Works. - Dowling, Hist. of Romanism. Everett, The reau of Education : Report of Commissioner of Ed.-
Sceptre (Church Music). --Gray, The Apostolic Treas Watson, Independent Speller ; Sixth Reader. -Wright,
ury: --Hodge, Systematic Theology.--Hymns, Ancient First Latin Steps.
and Modern. -Hymns of Prayer. Fohnstone, Epistle of

HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, ETC.-Arnold, One Woman's Mis-
James. -MacLeod, Christus Consolator.--Manual of
Piety - Mears, Church and Temperance. ---Montalem-

sion (Mrs. Dickson). --Aubigné, Hist. of Reformation.bert, Monks of the West. --Murray, Park Street Pulpit

Child, Married Women.-Life of John J. Crittenden.

Esser Institute Collections.-Fetridge, Paris Commune. Sermons.-Morris, Key to Acts. --O'Kand's Rubrics of -Freeman, Historical Essays.-Froude, Short Studies. . Roman Ritual. --Phillips, Heroes of Faith. --Plato, Dia

-Granier, Hist. of the Working Classes. -Life of John kogues. --Penit, Seals Opened.-Porter, Intellectual McVickar.-Martyn, Life of Luther.-Montalembert, Science. Priestly, Corruptions of Christianity.-Putnam, Monks of the West. — Mudge, Foot-Prints of Roger WilSunbeams through the Clouds. -Thornwell, Writings. - hams.- Nebraska, History of.-Palgrave, Life of Scott. Van Oostersee, Theology of New Test.-Ward, Eccles. -Ranke, Hist of the Popes. -Russell, Foreign Policy of Hist, of Rochester.-Women of the Covenant. --Wood, England. --Rustor, War of the Rhine Frontier. -Stiu.

man, Cretan Insurrection of 1866.--Thomas, Dict. of EDUCATION. --TEXT-BOOKS. --Cicero, de Senectude, and Biography.-Ward, Eccles. Hist. of Rochester. --WitAmicitia. - Emerson, Singing School: Hour of Singing. son, Rob. Burns,

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Voice of Truth.


Men and Beasts.-Cutting, Student Life at Amherst lings's, and Nast's.—Batkins, Life of Jefferson S. Bat-
College. - Darwin, Journal of Researches.-Griswold, kins. --Chronicles of Gotham.-Dime Books.-Fall of
A Woman's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.-Miller, Man.--Pomeroy, Brick-Dust; Gold-Dust.-- Powers,
Eastern Sketches.- People of Africa. - Yosemite Valley. Muskingum Legends.-Wonderful Adventures of a

Bachelor Butterfly.
Congress. -Cocke, Common and Civil Law.-Duff, Elgin

FICTION.-Bertha the Beauty, Whittlesey. -Dene Hollow, Speeches.-Frauds of N. Y. Exposed.-Great Britain,

Wood.-Diamond on the Hearth, James.-Dickens.. Reports.-Hill, Law of Fixtures. -How N. Y. is Gove Dime Books.-Edwin Drood, etc. Dickens.-Flower of erned. -King, Law of Federal Constitution.--Maine,

the Flock, Egan.-Handsome Lawrence, Sand.-Hester Civil Officer ; Reports:-Massachusetts, Reports.

Kirton, Macquoid.- Joshua Marvel, Farjeon.- Lady New York, Formation of Corporations ; Reports. -Ohio,

Blanche, Egan.-Lady Judith, McCarthy:-Life of Jek. Municipal Corporations ; Law of Roads and Highways.

erson Batkins, Batkins.-Louise La Valliere, Dumas.Opuscula. - Pomeroy, Brick-Dust; Gold-Dust. - Morton House.—My Wife and I, Stowe.-My Winter Ram's Legal Judgment.-K’ussell, Foreign Policy of

in Cuba, Jay.-Nobody's Fortune, Yates.-Our Mutual England. -Scott, Intestate System of Pa.–Smith,

Friend, Dickens.-Our Village, Mitford-Overland, De Wealth of Nations.-Smith, Common Law.-United

Forrest.-Seed-Time and Harvest, Reuter.-Snake in States, Digest; Patent Law; Statutes. – Virginia,

the Grass, Egan.--Tancred, Disraeli.

Vanity Fair, Criminal Laws ; Commissioners in Chancery; Reports.

Thackeray.-Victory Deane, Griffith.-Women; or, MEDICAL SCIENCE AND HYGIENE.-Anatomical Remem

Chronicles of the Late War, Magill.-Wonderful Ad

ventures of a Bachelor Butterfly. brancer.-Beard, Eating and Drinking: Stimulants and Narcotics.-Beasley, Druggists' Receipt Book.-Darby, JUVENILE AND S. S. Books.-A. B. C. of Animals. Odd Hours of a Physician.-First Helps in Accidents. Aunt Jane's Hero.-Benjamin Franklin. - Books of For, Skin Diseases.-Hale, Diseases of the Heart. Home Games.-Boy's Own Library, Dime Boots Hamilton, Fractures and Dislocations.-Hinton, Health Children's Album of Pretty Pictures.--Children's Sun: and its Conditions.--Holbrook, Parturition without Pain.

day. Album.-Clara's Little Library, De Witt.-Cock -Holden, he Sphygmograph.-Hood, Bone Setting.

Robin.-Crayon Reader, Irving:- Cringle and CrossHorve, Emergencies, How to Meet them.-Lindsay & Tree, Optic:- Dark Night, Guernsey.---Domestic AniBlakiston's Physician's Visiting List.-Meyhoffer, Dis

mals.-Éthel's Trial, Guernsey.-Fables.-Fire in the eases of Organs of Respiration.--Taylor, Diseases of Woods, De Mille.- Four and What They Did, Weeks.Women, - Trousseau, Clinical Medicine. Waring,

Games for Family Parties, Valentine --Grey House on Therapeutics.-Winans, Ventilation.- Wythes, Physi

the Hill, Grecne.-Half-Crown and His Philosophy, cian's Dose Book.

Hall.-Harry Hope's Holidays, Burgess.-Harry Maite NATURAL SCIENCES.-Adams, Humming Birds.-Ball, Ex

land, Downs.-Hattie and Nellie.

Hidden Angels


Hidden Power (The), Bunnett.-Home at Heatherbrae. perimental Mechanics.--Brocklesby, Amateur Microsco

- Household Tales and

Fairy Stories. -How It was Paid, pist.- Catalogue of the Lower Silurian Fossils. - Dar.

Bates.--Ida's Little Library, De Witt: -Jack Thorn's win, Journal of Researches.-Dunkin, Midnight Sky.

Knife. -Life and Times of Martin Luther, Martyn.Hartwig, Subterranean World.--Himes, Leave Prints.

Light and Hope Series.- Little Fantasy.-- Little Jakey, -- Morris, Dogs and their Doings.--Powers, War and

De Kroft. - Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe. - Little Weather.

Workers Beard.--Little Yellow-Jacket Series, BoydRural AND DOMESTIC.-Bryant, Forest Trees.-Every Lost Child (The), Kingsley.-- Lost Cities Brought to Woman her own Flower Gardener.-Morris, Dogs.

Light-Lyle MacDonald, Keene. - Men Who Have MISCELLANEOUS.-Gardner, Carriage Painter's Manual. Made Themselves. - Merry Christmas.- Mother Goose Hanna, Ready Reckoner.-Kelly, Am. Catalogue, 1866


---Mother Goose's Melodies, Goose.—My Winto 1871.- Morgans, Mining Tools.-Valentine, Games ter in Cuba, Jay-My Young Days. —Nine Years Old. for Family Parties.-Warren, Shooting, Boating, etc.

-Nursery Rhymes.--Oliver's Prisoner, GuernseyLITERARY AND ART MISCELLANY.-Darby, Odd Hours of

Only in Fun, Guernsey.--Our Boys' and Girls' Story a Physician.--Froude, Short Studies.-Hawthorne,

Teller, Optic.-Pictures in Black. Picture Stories for

Little Folk.- Pleasant Tales of Puss and Robin.-Red Eng. Note-Books.Plato, Dialogues.- Wilson, The

Shandy Boys, Ludlow.–Riverside ; or, Winning a Genius of Burns.

Soul, Butler. -Rose Carleton's Reward. -- Rose, the LaPOETRY AND THE DRAMA: ---Browning, Aurora Leigh. vender Girl. - Rose, Tom, and Ned, Sandford.-Rout Burns.-Carr, River of Life.-Collection of Old Bal

ledge's Illust. Reading Book.-- Ruth Allerton, the Mis

. lads. - Collins, Gray, and Goldsmith.-Dante, Longfel sionary's Daughter. ---Seymours (The), Bates. --Sophi's low's.--Dime Books. ---Gardner, Stolen Waters.-Gray. Letter' Book. --Spark of Genius, Kellogg: Stories on - Howard, Plays for Private Theatricals.- Macaulay, Vinegar Hill

. -Sunny Path (The), Darus. --Toy Book Lays of Ancient Rome. Shakespeare's Tempest. Present. - Uncle Pepin Series -Walter's Litde Library, Tennyson.-Wallace, England's Last Queen.- Wash De Witt.-Way (The) Made Plain, Brookes. Wrecker's burn, Yo-Semite.

Grandchild (The), Wilmer.-Young Eagle.

HURD & HOUGHTON announce “The Charac

ALEXANDER MOORE, Boston, has in preparater of Christ : Does it Supply an Adequate Basis tion, for the Holidays, The Wonders of the Yose

: for a Religion ? ” reprinted from The Contempo- mité Valley and of California, by Prof. Saml, rony Review, of London. It is likely to make a stir Kneeland, of the Massachusetts Technological in the theological world on account of the boldness Institute, and intends to make it one of the finest of its departure from the popular mode of apology gift-books of the season. The work will be printed for Christianity. The writer is a manly thinker, with red line and contain ten original photo. and shows a firmness in the position which he takes graphs of magnificent scenery. that argues well for his deep conviction of the

KAY & Bro., Phila., announce that Sergeant & truth which he supports. The same firm announce for the American Tract Society The Metaphors but can be supplied at $76.50 per set.

Rawle's Reports, 17 vols., are not out of print, of St. Paul,” and “The Companions of St. Paul,” two volumes in one, by Dean Howson, well-known

The COMING Novelist. -Grif and Joshua for his share in Conybeare and Howson's great lished in England last year, and have received una

Marvel, two novels, by B. L. Farjeon, work on St. Paul.

Dean Howson is on his way usual notice and praise from the British press. to this country.

Some critics find in Mr. Farjeon certain of Mar

; CLAXTON, REMSEN & HAFFELFINGER will ryat's best traits, others find the genuine Dickens shortly publish, by arrangement with the Eng. touch and tenderness, especially in his treatment publishers, Homo vs. Darwin, a complete re- of the poor and wretched, all find him original, futation of Darwin's speculations.

thoughtful, and altogether readable.

were pub

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