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Tarjeos, B. L Joshua Marvel. A Novel. 8o.
No. 11 Montgomery St.,

San Francisco, Cal. 11

A Monthly Record of Current Literature,

O Al Articles mentioned in the Bulletin supplied at the shortest notice. I




Baird, Henry C.......
i8 Moore, Alex..

Barnes, A. S. & Co....
27 Osgood, Jas. R. & Co...

Carlton & Lanahan..

Purdy, Eohn s.

Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger
Routledge, Geo. & Sons..

Ford, F. B. & Co...
Sabin, 7. & Sons.

Fountain Pens..
20 Sheldon & Co.,.

Holt aus Williams..
Thompson, Bigelow & Brown..

Lu Gu Shepard.

19 Thompson, C. B..
Lippincott, J. B. & Co..

Turnbull Bros

Martien, Alfred...
25 Widdleton, W.7.


Hitchings H. The Spencerian Drawing Books. (In 6

Books.) Nos, 1 and 2. N. Y., Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor
Bayle Abbe. The Pearl of Antioch. Å Picture of the & Co. Each

..50 c.
Last at the End of the Fourth Century. 12°, PP: 355.

Miss COLUMBIA's PUBLIC SCHOOL ; or, Will it Blow over?
Baltimore, Kelley, Piet & Co.......

$1.50 With 72 Illust. by Thomas Nast. N. Y., B. Felt & Co.

$1.00: pap. 50 C. dimu and King Alfred's Boethius to Browning, Tennyson,

MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES. Compiled from the Note-Books
and Longfellow, containing Nineteen Hundred and Forty: of Distinguished Travellers, including Whymper and
five of the best Pieces in the English Language, with

Tyndall. Edited; with additions, by Hon. J. 1. Headley,
Sketches of the History of the Poetry of England and (Illustrated Library of Wonders.) Illust. 12o.

N. Y.,
, and Biographies of Five Hundred of the Poets. Chas. Scribner & Co..

. . $1.50
2 vols. 8*. Phila., Geo. Geb Pious TCHI-NEH (THE); or, A Veritable History of the
..$10.00 ; hf. mor., 12.50

Great Election Fraud : In which the “Shanghai Chief
Buchanan, Robt. The Land of Lorne.

With Photo Nehemiah” (Tchi-Neh) figures conspicuously. Done in
Kraphs from Life of the Princess Louise, and the Marquis verse by U. Bet.

Illustrated by Cruikshanks, Jun. 120.
of Lorne. N. Y., F. B. Felt & Co.,

$2.00 New Haven, Author. Batilor, William Allen. Poems.

16 Boston, Jas. R. Pontmartin, A de. Clotilde; or, The Secret of Three

$2.00 Generations. From the French by Kate C. Barton. 2
Dya, Sidney (A.M.). Great Wonders in Little Things. vols. 89, pp. 95. Phila., J. M. Stoddart & Co.
1 PP. 335. Phila., Bible & Pub. Soc... . $2.00

Redfield's Traveler's Guide to the City of New York. N.
N. Y.,
Y., J. S. Redfield,

25 c.
Harper & Bros. Pap.....

.40 C.

RICHARD VANDERMARK. A Novel. By the author of
Goethe. Poems and Ballads.

Translated by W. Ed " Rutledge." 12o. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co..$1.50
mundstoune Aytou, D.C.L., and Theodore Martin. Taine, H. Art in Greece. Translated by John Durand,
266, pp. xiv, 240. N. Y., Holt & Williams.. $1.50

169, pp. vi, 188, N. Y., Holt & Williams...

$1.25 Aante, Bret East West Parmi

Boston. Tas Trollope, T. A. Durnton Abbey. A Novel NV

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.18 EN 27


Edited by 0, S. Beeton.

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Osgood & Co..


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and enlarged edition. New stereotype plates, containing the Author's latest addit and made from a revised copy left at his death. Three vols. 8vo. Vol. I. now ready. $3.50.


UNCOMMERCIAL SAMPLES, A HOLIDAY ROMANCE, and much other new matter hitherto uncol. lected.

Library EDITION. Two vols. $4.00.

HOUSEHOLD EDITION. One vol. $1.50. y The publication of these volumes will make Messrs. 7. R. Osgood & Co.'s editions of Dickens the only complete (as they are the only authorized) editions in the market, REAL FOLKS. By Mrs. A. D. T. WHITNEY. One vol. izmo. Uniform with “We Girls"

and “A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life." With illustrations. $1.50. CHILD-LIFE, A Collection of Poetry for the Young, selected and edited by JOHN GREENLEAF

WHITTIER, with an Introductory Essay by him. Profusely illustrated with handsome Engray.

ings. Small quarto, muslin, bevelled and gilt. $3.00. HAWTHORNE'S ITALIAN JOURNALS. THE ITALIAN JOURNALS OF NATHANIEL HAY.


trait of “Sam Lawson, the Story-Teller," and various original Illustrations by AUGUSTUS Hop

PIN and other artists. One vol. large 12mo. MOUNTAINEERING IN THE SIERRA NEVADA. By CLARENCE KING, United States

Geologist. One vol, large 12mo. WILLIAM HENRY AND HIS FRIENDS. By MRS. A. M. Diaz. Containing an account

of “Mr. Silas Fry's Vacation at Summer Sweeting Place.” With Illustrations. Uniform with

“ The William Henry Letters.” One vol. 12mo. $1.50. BITS OF TRAVEL. By Mrs. Helen Hunt, author of “Verses by H. H.” One beautiful

volume, 16mo. $1.50. TENNYSON'S POEMS. Handy-Volume Edition, for the Pocket or the Fireside New Stereo

type edition, in miniature volumes, beautifully bound in vellum cloth. Ten vols. $10.00. THE ATLANTIC ALMANAC FOR 1872. Profusely Illustrated. So cents. THE WORDS OF WASHINGTON. Selected and arranged by JAMES PARTON, 16mo.

" The first of a series of Words of Eminent Men, in neat, unique, and portable form.
YESTERDAYS WITH AUTHORS. By JAMEST. Fields. Comprising Reminiscences of

Thackeray, Dickens, Hawthorne, Miss Mitford, and others. One vol. izmo. $2.00.
per This volume will contin much matter not printed in Our Whispering Gallery” in " The Atlantic

A TREASURY OF THOUGHT. Forming an Encyclopædia of Quotations from Ancient and

Modern Authors. By MATURIN M. BALLOU. One vol. 8vo.
KATE BEAUMONT. A Novel of Southern Society. By J. W. De Forest. One vol Svo,

paper and cloth, with Illustrations.

Illustrated Holiday
Edition. Small quarto.
EDWIN BOOTH. Pictorial Illustrations of his characters in Tragedy and Comedy. Drawn in

Costume by W. J. Hennessy from life. With Biographical and Critical Sketch of the Actor by
WILLIAM WINTER. One volume, large quarto, beautifully printed and bound.

per A sumptuous holiday volume.

Holiday Edition, with Illustrations by S. Eytinge, Jun. Large quarto.

16mo. $1.50.
HISTORY OF MY PETS. Recollections of my Childhood, Stories from Famous Ballads. By
Grace GREENWOOD. New, revised, and enlarged edition, with Illustrations.


124 Tremont Street, Boston,


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.......20 C.


.25 c.

The Prices in this List are for cloth letterer, unless otherwise expressed. Imported Books are marked with an

asterisk (*); Authors' and Subscription Books, or Books published at net prices, with two (**).
In order to avoid too frequent cross references, Novels and Juvenile Books are arranged alphabetically, by

the first word of the title, in the Classified Summary. 4. B. C. OF ANIMALS. Printed in oil colors. N. Y., R. Beasley, Henry. The Druggists' General Receipt Book. Shugg & Co. Pap......

Containing a Copious Veterinary Formulary. 8°, pp. 498. * Adams, H. G. Humming Birds, Described and Illus

Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston..

• $3.50 trated. 12°, pp. 148, with colored plates. N, Y., Scrib BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. The Printer's Boy, the Philosopher. ner, Welford & Co.

and the Statesman. 18°, N. Y., Geo. P. Putnam &


$1.50 - Josh Billings' Farmer's Alminax for 1872. Illust., 12°. BIBLE. The Holy Bible; According to the Authorized N. Y., Carleton & Co. Pap.....

......25 C.

Version (A.D. 1611). With an Explanatory and Critical - The Illustrated Annual of Phrenology and Physiognomy

Commentary, and a Revision of the Translation. By Bishfor 1872. By S. R. Wells. 12°, pp. 72.

N. Y., S. R. ops and Clergy of the Anglican Church. Edited by F. Wells. Pap.......

C. Cook, M.A., Canon of Exeter. Vol. 1. Genesis-Deu

teronomy. Royal 89, pp. xii, 928. N. Y., Charles Scrib- Nast's Illustrated Almanac for 1872. With over 130 ner & Co

$5.00 Illustrations by Thomas Nast. 12°, pp. 72. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap.......

Dean Alford's New Testament Commentary for English 30 c.

Reader. 4 vols. 8° Boston, Lee & Shepard. $16.00 ; AMATEUR MICROSCOPIST. See Brocklesby.

hf. cf...


+_ Dean Alford's Greek Testament, with a Critically ReAmes. The Speeches of Fisher Ames in Congress, 1789 to

vised Text; Digest of Various Readings, etc., and a co1796. Ed. by Pelham W. Ames. 8o. Boston, Little, pious Critical and Exegetical Commentary in English. 4 Brown & Co.... $2.00 vols. 8o. Boston, Lee & Shepard. $30.00; hf. cf.

$42.00 ANATOMICAL REMEMBRANCER (THE); or, Complete Pocket Anatomist. Containing a Concise Description of the

- Greek and English Concordance of the New Testament. Human Body. Third Ed. With corrections and addi Prepared by Chas. F. Hudson, under the direction of tions. By C. E.. Isaacs, M.D. 32°, pp. xii, 265. N. Y., Horace L. Hastings, Editor of the "Christian.” Revised Wm. Wood & Co....

..$1.00 and Completed by Ezra Abbott, LL.D., Assistant LiArnold, Rev. A. N. One Woman's Mission, and How She

brarian of Harvard University. 16°. Phila., J. B. LippinFulfilled It. Being a Narrative of the Life and Work of

cott & Co..

$2.50; mor. $3.00 Mrs. Harriet E. Dickson, for many years Missionary to

See also, Boggs; Boutell ; Brown; Church; Gray: Greece. 16° Boston, H.

Young & Co..... $1.00 Johnstone ; Norris ; Phillips; Pond; Van Oosterzee. At Jesus's Fexr. 12°, pp. 372. N. Y., Evang. Knowl- | Blyden, Lewis, Dwight, etc. See People. edge Soc...


Boggs, Rev. Jas. The Resurrection of the Redeemed, * Aubigne, J. H. Merle d'. History of the Reformation and Hades. 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co... $1,25 in the Sixteenth Century. Illust 4, pp. xxvi, 724. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons.....


BOOK OF GOLDEN Deeds. See Yonge. * Augustine. The Works of Aurelius Augustine, Bishop

BOOK OF HOME GAMES for Girls Containing 6 new Games. of Hippo. A New Translation, by the Rev. Marcus

In oil-colors. 051. 4o.
Dods. Vols, 1 and 2.

The City of God. 8, pp. xvi, Same for Boys. N. Y., McLoughlin Bros. Each..25 C. 574. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. Per vol....$3.00 | Boutell, Rev. Charles. A Bible Dictionary for the use AUNT JANE'S HERO. By the Author

of "Stepping Heaven of all Readers and Students of the Holy Scriptures of the ward." 12°, pp. 300. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co. Old and New Testaments, and of the Books of the Apo


crypha (Hayden Series). 8*. N.Y., Scribner, Welford & Ball, Robt. Stowell. Experimental Mechanics. A

$9.00 Course of Lectures Delivered at the Royal College of Boyd, Mrs. E. E. Little Yellow-Jacket Series. Science for Ireland.

89. N. Y., Macmillan & Co... $6.00 180. Cont.:-Two Little Yellow-Jackets ;--Big Dots and Bartist HYMN AND TUNE BOOK (THE). For Public

Little Dots ;-Once upon a Time :--The P. D, S.; The Worship. Music Adapted and Arranged by John M.

Cobbler and His Rose. Phila., Alfred Martien..... $3.75 Evans.' Sq. 8°, pp. 432. Phila., Bible and Pub. Soc.

Brocklesby, John (A.M.). The Amateur Miscroscopist; ..$2.00

or, Views of the Miscroscopic World. A Handbook of BAPTIST PRAISE Book ; or, Hymns and Tunes for Congre Miscroscopic Manipulation and Miscroscopic Objects. Ilgational Singing. By a Number of Baptist Clergymen. lust. by 247 figures on wood and stone. Small 4o. N. 80, pp. 500. N. v., A. S. Barnes & Co......... • $2.50 Y., Wm. Wood & Co..

$1.75 ** Barnum, Rev. Samuel W. Romanism as It Is. An Brookes, Rev. Jas. H. (D.D.) The Way Made Plain. Expositica of the Roman Catholic System, for the Use of 169, pp. 490. Phila., Am. S. S. Union....

$1.00 the American People. Cr, 89, pp. 712. Hartford, Conn. Pull House.

Brown, J. Baldwin (B.A.). Misread Passages of Scrip

Second Series. Bates, Miss Lizzie. How it Was Paid. 26", pp. 352.

12°, pp. 200. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan..

$1.00 Phila., Alfred Martien..


Brown, J. Baldwin (B.A.). Young Men and Maidens. A Bates, Mrs. M. L. The Seymours. 12°, PP. 231. N. Y., Pastoral for the Times. 12°, pp. 69. N. Y., A. D. T Nat. Temp. Soc....

Randolph & Co....

..75 C. Batkins. Life of Jefferson S. Batkins, Member from

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Aurora Leigh, and Other Cranberry Centre. Written by Himself, assisted by the

Pocms. N. Y., Jas. Miller: Boston, J. R. Osgood & author of the "Silver Spoon." With portr. Cr. 8°, pp. Co. Red Line ed. Illust. 169, pp. 251. $3.50.-Same, 496. Boston, Loring... . $2.00 Diamond ed...

$1.50 Beard, Geo. M. (M.D.) Eating and Drinking. A Popu- | Bryant, Arthur. Forest Trees, for Shelter, Ornament, and lar Manual of Health and Disease. 12°. N. Y., Geo.

Profit. 12°. N. Y., H. T. Williams.

$1.50 P. Putnam & Sons

...75 c. ; pap. 50 C.

Bannett, Miss. The Hidden Power. 16°. Phila., Alfred -Stimulants and Narcotics ; Medically, Phuosophically: Martien...

$1.25 and Morally Considered. 12", pp. xi, 155. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons. (Corrected title) ...75 c. ; pap. 50 C

*Burgess, J. T. Harry Hope's Holidays. Illust. 12,

PP. 301. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons.... $1.25 Beard, J. O. Little Workers; or, God's Little Creatures that Labor without Hands. 4.'N. Y., R. Shugg & Co. Burns, Robt. Poetical Works. Ed. by the Rev. Robt.

$1.00 Aris Willmott. New ed, with numerous additions. (Dia.

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5 vols,

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Half roan..


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mond ed.) Illust. 24°, pp. Iv, 299. Boston, Lee & She History and Geology of the Countries visited during the pard...

$1.25 Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle round the World, under the Same. Red Line ed. 16°, pp. 691. N. Y., Jas. Miller.

Command of Capt. Fitz Roy, R.N. New ed. 12°, Pp. $4.50 518. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co..

$2.00 See also Wilson.

D'Aubigne. See Aubigné. Butler, Mrs. Marie B. Riverside ; or, Winning a Soul. Davis, Caroline, E. K. The Sunny Path. 169. Boston, 12°, pp. 225. Cin., Bosworth, Chase & Hall.... $1.25 Henry Hoyt.....

$1.50 Carr, Geo. P. The River of Life and other Poems. 12°, De Forest, J. W. Overland. A/Novel. 89, pp. 209.

N. PP. 100. Balt., Turnbull Bros........ $1.00 Y., Sheldon & Co...

. $1.75; pap. $1.00 CARRIAGE PAINTER'S MANUAL See Gardner.

De Kropft, Mrs. S. H. Little Jakey. With 8 illust. by G. Cassagnac. See Granier.

G. White. Cr. 89, pp. 132. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ;
Cambridge, Riverside Press....

.$1.50 CATALOGUE OF THE LOWER SILURIAN Fossils, Cincinnati Group, found at Cincinnati and vicinity. 12°, pp. 14.

De Mille, Prof. Jay Fire in the Woods. (B. O. W. C. Cincinnati, U. P. James.

Stories, vol. 4.) Illust. 16°, pp. 323. Boston, Lee & ....25 C.

Chamberlayne, Rev. Israel (D.D.). Saving Faith. Its
Rationale, with a Demonstration of its Presence in the

Denison, Rev. Saml. D. (D.D.) History of the Foreign Organic Condition of Methodist Church Membership. A

Missionary Works of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Treatise in two parts. 12°, pp. 216. N. Y., Carlton &

Part I. 1821-1835. 89, pp. 300, N. Y., Board of MisLanahan....

sions $1.25

.$1.50 ; pap. $1.25 Chase and Stuart. See Cicero.

Dewey, Orville (D.D.). Works. New ed. 89, pp. 1,182.
N. Y., C. S. Francis

. $4.50 Child, L. Maria. Married Women. Biographies of Good Wives. New ed. 12°, pp. 288. N. Y., C. S. Francis.

De Witt, Madame. Clara's Little Library. 12 vols. 3zo, (Corrected price)..


$3.00.-Walter's Little Library. 6 vols. 326, $ --Ida's

Little try. 6 vols. 32°. Phila., Alfred Martien. *CHILDREN'S ALBUM of Pretty Pictures with Short Stories.

$1.50 By Uncle John. Ilust. Sq. 16°, pp. 366. Boston, Lee & Shepard......


De Witt's ACTING DRAMA. See Dime, etc., Books. *CHILDREN'S SUNDAY ALBUM. By the author of “A Trap Dickens, Chas. Edwin Drood ; Child's History of Eng. to Catch a Sunbeam,” etc, etc. Illust. Sq. 16°, pp. 320.

land : George Silverman's Explanation ; New Uncom. Boston, Lee & Shepard....

mercial Samples, a Holiday Romance, and much other

new matter uncollected. Library ed., 2 vols, $4.00; CHRONICLES OF GOTHAM (THE). A History of the Tamma

Chas. Dickens ed., 1 vol., $1.50 : Household ed., i vole ny Ring, Erie Fight, Burlesque Opera, etc. By the au $1.50. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. thor of "The New Gospel of Peace.” 12°. N, Y, Carleton & Co. Pap...

...25 C.

Oliver Twist (New Household ed., vol. 1,) Illust. Sm. Church, Parcellus (D.D.). Seed Truths; or, Bible Views

4. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co..........$1.25 ; pap 75C of Mind, Morals, and Religion. 12°, pp. 323.

N. Y.,

- Our Mutual Friend. (Handy Volume ed., vol. 5.) Illust. Sheldon & Co.....

12°. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co.......

75 C. Cicero, M. T. Cato Major de Senectude, Lælius de Ami DIME AND FIFTEEN CENT Books.

citia. With Explanatory Notes, by E. P. Crowell and Beadle's American Tales. No. 42, Pepe the Scout, by H. B. Richardson of Amherst College. (Chase & Stuart's

F. Johnson. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap........ .15 C. Classical Series.) 12". Phila., Eldridge & Bro..$1.25.

Beadle's Dime Novels. No. 240, Swift Wings, by E. COCK Ropin. 4° With Illust. in oil colors. N. Y., R. Willets ;-No. 241, Mink Coat, by J. E. Badger, Jr. N. Shugg & Co. Pap.....

.......25 C.

Y., Beadle & Co. Pap., each.... rocke, Wm. Archer. A Treatise on the Common and - De Witr's Acting Plays. No. 103, Faust and Margue.

Civil Law, as embraced in the Jurisprudence of the Uni rite, Drama, 3 Acts, by T. W. Robertson, íg Male, 7 ted States. 8°, pp. xiv, 6-250. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis Female Characters) ;-104, No Name, Drama, 4 Acts, by & Co. Shp....


Wilkie Collins, G M., 5 F.):-105, Which of the Two, Coleman, Mrs. See Crittenden,

Comedietta, 1 Act, by John M. Morton, (2 M., 10 F.) :

106, Up for the Cattle Show, Farce, i Act, by Harry *COLLECTION (A) OF OLD BALLADS. Corrected from the

Lemon !6 M., 2 F.). N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Pap.each 15c. Best and most Ancient Copies. With Introduction, His. torical, Critical, and Humorous. Illust. with 45 copper - De Witt's Ethiopian and Comic Drama. No. 1, The plates. 3 vols., 12°, pp. 285; 266 ; 263. N. Y., J. W. Last of the Mohicans, by J. C. Stewart (3 M., 1 F.); Bouton..

$10.; large pap. ed. $18.00, 2, Tricks, by J. C. Stewart, (5 M., 2 F.):-3, Hemmed Collins, Gray, and Goldsmith,

Poetical Works. Ed.
in, by J. C. Stewart (3 M., i P.). N. Y., R. M. De Witt

. with notes by Epes Sargent. 12°.

N. Y., G. P. Put

Pap. each.. nam & Sons. $2.00; hf. cf. $4.00 -De Wite's

Song and Joke Books.

No. 124, Sol Smith

Russell's Rhine Wine Sharley Songster ;--125, If Ever! Cook, F. C. See Bible.

Cease to Love ;-126, His Heart was True to Poll:-1974 CRAYON READER. See Irving.

Fattie Stewart's Big Injun ;-128, Mary had a Liide CRETAN INSURRECTION. See Stillman,

Lamb. N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Pap., each........10 C. Crittenden. The Life of John J. Crittenden, with Selec - De Witt's Ten Cent Songster. New Series. No tions from the Correspondence and Speeches. Ed. by What a Stunning Pair of Legs Sorgster. N. Y., R. M. his Daughter, Mrs. Chapman Coleman.

De Witt. Pap... from steel 2 vols. Large 89. Phila., J. B. Lippincott De Wite's Ten Cent Romances. No. 86, The Rose & Co.....

$10.00 of Wisconsin ; or, the Trapper's Bride, by Percy B. St. *Cumming, Lt. Col. Gordon.

Wild Men and Wild John ; -87, Nick's Mate; or, On and Of Soundings, by
Beasts ; or, Scenes in Camp and Jungle. Illust. by Col. 1. H. Ingrabam. N. v., R. M. De Witt. Pap., each
R. Braigrie and others, Roy. 8°. N. Y., Scribner, Wel-
ford & Co...


- Boy's Own Library. No. 1, Arctic Crusoe, by Percy B. Qatting, Geo. Rugg. Student Life at Amherst College. St. John ;-2, Whale Chase. 8° N, Y., Jesse Harley 89, pp. 204. Amherst, Hatch & Williams..


& Co. Pap, each... Dante. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Com

Star. Novels. No. 75. The Red Guide ; -76, Rollo, the prising “The Inferno,” “The Purgatorio," and


Boy Ranger, by Old Coumes ;-77, Dusky Darrell Trap
Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfel-

per, by E. Emerson. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co. Pap., low. With all the Original Notes and Illust. New stereo

each. Large 12°, pp. viii, 760. Boston, Jas. R. Os Disraeli, Benj. Tancred; or, the New Crusade. Newed. good & Co......

89, pp. 158. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Pap......50 C. Darby, John. Odd Hours of a Physician. A Series of DOMESTICANIMALS. 6 illust. Oll. 40. N. Y., Mc LougtPopular Essays. 169, pp. 256. Phila., J. B. Lippincott lin Bros.... & Co.....

..$1.50 Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches into the Natural

** Dowling, John. The History of Romanism, from the

Earliest Corruptions of Christianity. With numerous il.

... 10 C.

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With 2 portraits

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10 с,



.10 C

type ed

- $3.00

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lustrative engravings. A new ed., with Supplements con Frost, S. A. How to Write a Composition. 169, pp. 178. taining the History from the Accession of Pope Pius IX. N. Y., Dick & Fitzgerald. Bds. 50 C. ; pap......30 C. to his Proclamation of Papal Infallibility, and his Deposi- Froude, J. A. (LL.D.) Short Studies on Great Subtion as a Temporal Sovereigu, A.D. 1870. 8°, pp. 940. jects. Second Series. Cr. 89, N. Y., Chas. Scribner N. Y., Edward Walker.

& Co....

$2.50 Downs, Elizabeth Harry Maitland ; or, the Tyrant Fa

GAMES FOR FAMILY PARTIES. See Valentine. ther. 16o. Boston, Henry Hoyt........


Gardner, Celia E. Stolen Waters. [A Story in Verse. ] DRUGGIST'S RECEIPT Book. See Beasley.

12°, pp. 326. N. Y., G. W. Carleton & Co........$1.50 Daff, M. E. Grant. Elgin Speeches. 8o. N. Y., Scrib. Gardner, F. B. The Carriage Painter's Illustrated Man; ner, Welford & Co......


ual. Containing, a Treatise on the Art, Science, and Dumas, Alex, Louise La Vallière. "Fifth Series" of

Mystery of Coach, Carriage, and Car Painting, inclading The Three Guardsmen. New ed. 80, pp. 384. Phila., the Improvements in Fine Painting, Gilding, Bronzing, T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap.....

$1.00 Staining, Varnishing. Polishing, Copying, Lettering, * Dunkin, Edwin. The Midnight Sky: Familiar Notes Scrolling, and Ornamenting. With an Appendix, conon the Stars and Planets. Illust. Fol. pp. viii, 326. N. taining Useful Suggestions, Receipts, etc. ; a List of the Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons...


Principal Varnish Makers and Dealers; a Correct List

of Carriage and Wagon Makers in New York City. EASTERN SKETCHES. See Miller.

Adapted to the Wants of Every Painter. 16°, pp. 126. EATING AND DRINKING. See Beard.

N. Y., S. R. Wells...

$1.00 EDUCATION (Bureau and Comm. of). See United States. Gildersleeve, B. L. (Ph.D., LL.D.) A Latin ExerciseEgan, Pierce. Stories. New ed. No 6, The Snake in Book. With References to Gildersleeve's Latin Gramthe Grass.--7, Lady Blanche.--8, The Flower of the

12°, pp. 164. N. Y., Univ. Pub. Co. Hf. roan. Flock. 8o. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap., each.....25 C.

$1.50 ELGIN SPEECHES. See Duff.

Goose, Elizabeth. Mother Goose's Melodies for Children ; EMERGENCIES. See Howe.

or, Songs for the Nursery. With Notes, Music, and an

Account of the Goose or Vergoose Family, and with illust, Emerson, L. O. Emerson's Singing School. A Collec by Henry L. Stephens and Gaston Fay. New ed. 89, pp. tion of Music designed expressly for Singing Schools. xix, 186. N, Y., Hurd and Houghton; Cambridge, Containing a course of Elementary Study, Glees, Duets, Riverside Press. (Corrected Price.)....... $1.75 Quartets, Hyma Tunes, Anthems, etc.

Obl. 89, pp. 14. Boston, O. Ditson & Co. (Corrected title.) Bds.

Grand DEMONSTRATION (THE), in Baltimore and Washing, 75 C

ton, D.C., in Honor of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of - and W. S. Tilden. The Hour of Singing. A Book for

the Election of Pius IX. to the Chair of St. Peter, June High Schools, Seminaries and the Social Choir in Five

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