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ATTRACTIVE JUVENILES For the Fall Trade and Holidays.


$1 25

neat case..


of these tales are laid in California. Square iómo, cloth. ..... Fairy Tales from Gold Land. By MAY WENTWORTH. Second series. Square 16mo... 125 The Golden Dawn, and other Stories. By MAY WENTWORTH. Square 16m0........ 125 THE GOLDEN GATE LIBRARY. Comprising the three volumes above, put up in a

375 Inglenook: A Story for Children. By Carrie Carlton. Square rámo, cloth..... ....... 133 The Candy Elephant, and other Stories. By CLARA G. DOLLIVER. Square 16mo, cloth 1 25 No Baby in the House, and other Stories. By CLARA G. DOLLIVER. Square 16mo, cloth 125 A Boy's Trip Across the Plains. By LAURA Preston. Square 16mo, cloth. ........ I 2 THE INGLENOOK LIBRARY. Comprising the four volumes above, put up in a neat

500 Phebe Travers; or, One Year at a French Boarding School. By AUNT FLORIDA. 18mo, cloth...

75 A Youth's History of California, from the Earliest Period of its Discovery to the present

time. By LUCIA NORMAN. A popular history for all classes of readers, young and old. 12mo, cloth....


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2 00

RECENTLY PUBLISHED. Sermons by Rev. Charles Wadsworth, D.D., Pastor of Calvary Church, San Francisco.

12mo, cloth...... The Unnoticed Things of Scripture. By the Right Rev. INGRAHAM KIP, D.D., Bishop of California. 12mo, cloth..

150 The Resources of California. By John S. HITTELL New edition (fifth). Containing an Appendix and additional inatter on Nevada, White Pine Mining District

, a correct Table of distances between Slations, total Distance and Elevation of each place on the Pacific

Railroad from Sacramento to Omahı. One vol, large izmo, nearly 6c0 pages. Cloth.... 150 Confucius and the Chinese Classics; or, Readings in Chinese Literature. Edited and

compiled by Rev. A. W. Loomis. The first book printed from stereotype plates in California. 12mo, cloth...


(Commenced July, 1868,) Is published on the first of every month; terms, $4.00 per annum, payable in advance.

THE CALIFORNIA MEDICAL GAZETTE, DEVOTED TO MEDICINE, SURGERY, AND THE COLLATERAL SCIENCES, Is published on the ist of every month. Subscription price, $5.00 per annum.


New York:

San Francisco: 27 HOWARD STREET,

417 and 419 MONTGOMERY ST. * Orders from the Trade respectfully solicited. Address to New York House


San Francisco, Cal.


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A Monthly Record of Current Literature,

OOTOBER, 1871.

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All Articles mentioned in the Bulletin supplied at the shortest notice.

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89, PP. 400.


JUST READY. Batkins. Life of Jefferson S. Batkins, Member from Cranberry Centre. Written by Himself, assisted by the author of the "Silver Spoon.” With portr.

Cr. 8°, PP. 496. Boston, Loring..

. $2.00 BIBLE. Dean Alford's New Testament Commentary for Eng lish Readers. 4 vols. 8o. Boston, Lee & Shepard. $16.00; hf. cf....

$26.00 Dean Alford's Greek Testament, with a Critically Revised Text: Digest of Various Readings, etc., and a copious Critical and Exegetical Commentary in English. 4 vols. 8o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, $30.00 ; hf. cf. ........ $42.00. (See Lee & Shepard's Advertisement.) Carr, Geo. P River of Life and other Poems. 8°, pp. 100.

Balt., Turnbull Bros........ Catting, Geo. Ragg. Student Life at Amherst College.

89, pp. 204. Amherst, Hatch & Williams. .$1.50 **Dowling, John (D.D.) The History of Romanism, from the Earliest Corruptions of Christianity to the Present Time Newed with Supplements. Illust. 89, PP. 900. Pell (The) of Man: o, The Loves of the Gorillas. [A

Satire on Darwin.) By the Author of " The New Gospel of Peace." With comic illust. 12°, N. Y., Carleton.

50 c. HYMNS OF PRAYER AND PRAISE. 16°, pp. 188. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co.

75 c. Magill, Mary Tucker, Women: or, Chronicles of the

Late War. A Sequel to “The Holcombes."

Balt., Turnbull Bros..... • Morris, Rev. T. 0. Dogs and their Doings. Illust.

with engravings from designs by Harrison Weir, Sir Edw. Landseer and photographs made expressly for the

purpose. Sm. 4°. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons. $2.00 Stillman, Wm. J. The Cretan Insurrection of 1866. Pp. 200.

N. Y., John Ross & Co,... .$1.50 Van Oosterzee, Prof. J.J. The 'Theology of the New Tes

tament. A Manual for University Instruction and Private Study. From the Dutch by Geo. E. Day, Prof. in the Divinity School of Yale College. 89, pp. 267. New Haven, Judd & White..

..$2.00 Watson, J. Madison. The Independent Spelling Book,

A critical Work on Pronunciation; embracing a strictly Graded Classification of Words for Oral Spelling, Exer cises for Writing from Dictation, etc. 16°, pp. 160. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co. Hl. bd........

25 C.



N.Y., Edw. Walker.



BRET HARTE'S NEW VOLUME OF POEMS. One vol. 16mu. Uniform with " Con

densed Novels,” “Poems," and "The Luck of Roaring Cainp.” $1.50 THE HISTORY OF SPANISH LITERATURE. By the late GEORGE Ticknor. New and

revised and enlarged edition. New sterotype plates containing the Author's latest additions, and to

made from a revised copy left at his death. Three vols. 8vo. $10.00. THE WOOD SCENERY OF NEW ENGLAND: Its Beauties, its PHASES, AND ITS

PROBLEMS. By Wilson FLAGG. Handsomely Illustrated. One vol. large 12mo. NOBODY'S FORTUNE. By EDMUND Yates, author of " Black Sheep," &c. 8vo, paper and cloth


UNCOMMERCIAL SAMPLES, A HOLIDAY ROMANCE, and much other new matter hitherto, uncut-


One vol. $1.50. et The publication of these rolumes will make Messrs. 7. R. Osgood & Co.'s editions of Dickens the only complete (as they are the only authorized) editions in the market. REAL FOLKS. By MRS. A, D. T. WHITNEY, One vol. 12mo. Uniform with “We Girls

and “A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life.” With Illustrations. $1.50. CHILD-LIFE. A Collection of Poetry for the Young, selected and edited by JOHN GREENLEAF

WHITTIER, with an Introductory Essay by him. Profusely Illustrated with handsome Engrar.

ings. Small quarto muslin, bevelled and gilt. $3.00. LONGFELLOW'S DANTE: THE DIVINE COMEDY OF DANTE ALIGHJERI. Comprising "The Inferno," The Purgatorio,” and “ The Paradiso." Translated by HENRY WADSWORTH LONG

With all the original Notes and Illustrations. New stereotype edition. One vol large izmo. $3.00. HAWTHORNE'S ITALIAN JOURNALS. THE ITALIAN JOURNALS OF NATHANIEL HAW:


trait of “Sam Lawson, the Story-Teller,” and various original Illustrations by Augustus Hof. PIN, F. O. C. DARLEY, and other artists.

One vol. large izmo. MOUNTAINEERING IN THE SIERRA NEVADA. By Clarence King, United States

Geologist. One vol, large 12mo. WILLIAM HENRY AND HIS FRIENDS. By Mrs. A. M. DIAZ, Containing an account

of “Mr. Silas Fry's Vacation at Summer Sweeting Place.” With Illustrations. Uniform with

“ The William Henry Letters.” One vol. 12mo. $1.50. BITS OF TRAVEL, By Mrs. HELEN Hunt, author of "Verses by H. H.” One beautiful

vol. 16mo. $1.50. MURRAY'S SERMONS. Sermons preached in Park-street Pulpit. By Rev. William H. H.

MURRAY. One vol. izmo. Muslin. TENNYSON'S POEMS. Handy Volume Edition, for the Pocket or the Fireside. New Stereo.

type edition, in miniature volumes, beautifully bound in vellum cloth. Ten vols. $10 00. THE ATLANTIC ALMANAC FOR 1872. Profusely Illustrated. 50 cents, THE WORDS OF WASHINGTON. Selected and arranged by JAMES PARTON. 16mo.

T The first of a series of Words of Eminent Men, in neat, unique, and portable form. POEMS. By WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER. One .vol. 16mo.



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30. ; bds...

The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed. Imported Books are marked with an

asterisk (*); Authors' and Subscription Books, or Books published at net prices, with two (**).
In order to avoid too frequent cross references, Novels and Juvenile Books are arranged alphabetically, by

the first word of the title, in the Classified Summary.
** Abbott, J. S. O. Prussia, and the Franco-Prussian Bache, Rich. Meade. American Wonderland. 12°, pp.

War. 12°, pp. 370. Boston, B. B. Russell....... $1.50 258. ' Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger..... $1.50
A'Beckett. See Beckett.

BalausTION'S ADVENTURE. See Browning.
Abelous, L Gustavus Adolphus. The Hero of the Barber's American Book of Ready Made Speeches. Con-
Reformation. From the French, by Mrs. C. A. Lacroix. taining 180 original Examples of humorous and serious

Illust. 16", pp. 193. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan.....$1.00 Speeches, 169, pp. 215. N. Y., Dick & Fitzgerald. Pap.
Acton, William. The Functions and Disorders of the

.......50 C. Reproductive Organs in Childhood, Youth, Adult Age, **BEAUTIFUL FERNS. 16°, pp. 60. With ro colored plates. and Advanced Life considered in their Physiological, N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.....

...... 50 C. Social and Moral Relations. Third Amer. from the 5th

Beckett, Gilbert Abbott a. The Comic Blackstone ; and London ed. 89, pp. 348. Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston.

The Pleader's Guide. In one vol. Ed. by J. L High. $3.00 Illust. by Cruikshank. 89, pp. 500.

Chicago., CallaAdams, Charles Francis, JT. Chapters of Erie, and ghan & Cockroft

.$3.50 Other Papers. 12°. Boston, Jas, R. Osgood & Co.. $2.00 Bedford, C. R. (M.D.) A Book of Remembrance, written * Adams, H. G. Beautiful Butterflies Described and before the Lord for Them that fear Him and think upon Illustrated. With the History of a Butterfly through all its His Name. 12°, pp. iv, 473. Philadelphia, Claxton, Changes and Transformations; and an Explanation of Remsen & Haffelfinger

$2.00 the Scientific Terms used by Naturalists in reference

**Beecher, Henry Ward. The Life of Jesus, the Christ. thereto. Must. with 8 colored plates and numerous wood

8°, pp. 600. N, Y., J. B. Ford & Co

$3.50 engrav. 12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.. ...$1.75 * Adams, W. H. Davenport. 'The Land of the Nile; or,

--Same. Illust., with full page engravings on wood and Egypt Past and Present. Illust. 12°, pp., xl, 338. N. Y.

steel, and throughout the text, from original designs by T. Nelson & Sons...


Harry Fenn, engraved by the Linton Bros. 4, pp. 500.
N. Y., J. B. Ford & Co...

-Tombs, Temples, and Monuments of Ancient Greece and
Rome. (Wonder Library.) Illust. 12o. Boston., D. Lo-

BEHIND THE Verl. By the author of “Six Months Hence.” throp & Co.. ...


8°, pp. 180. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co. $1.25 ; pap..

....75 C. ADMINISTRATOR'S ACCOUNT Book. See Kuhn. *Esop's Fables. Illust. by Ernest Griset. Text based up

Bible. Commentary on the New Testament. Intended

for Popular Use. By D. D. Whedon, L.L.D. Vol 3. un Croxall, La Fontaine, and L'Estrange. Rev. and re Acts--Romans. 12°, PP. 402, N. Y., Carlton & Lanawritten. 4. N. Y., American News Co. $3.50 ; fine han...

..$1.75 ed.


-Dr. Adam Clarke's Complete Commentary on the Old and Ahn's Method of Learning the Gerinan Language. Rev. New Testaments. With portrait 'and maps, etc. New by Gustavus Fischer. Second (Theoretical) Course. 12°,

ed. 4 vols. roy. 8°. Cinc., Applegate, Pounsford & Co. pp. 120. N. Y., E. Steiger. (Both courses together, Shp....

$20.00 50 C. Ahn's Praktischer Lehrgang zur schnellen und leichten

-The Gospel according to John. By John Peter

Lange, D.D. Translated from the German, revised, enErlernung der Englischen Sprache. Herausgegeben von larged, and edited by Philip Schaff, D.D. 89, pp. 654. Hy. Ginal. 89, pp. 204. Phila., Schaefer & Koradi. U.

N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co..

..$5.00 ...75 C. ALMANAC. The Comic Almanac. An Ephemeris in Jest

-See also Arnot, Formby, Gardiner, Giberne, Osborne,

Stewart. Tait, Wilson.
and Earnest, containing Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry,
Quips, and Oddities. Illust. by George Cruikshank.

Bigelow, John. France and Hereditary Monarchy. 8°,
Second Series, Cr. 8o. N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.

pp. iii. 82. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co.....

$1.50 $3.75 Black, Wm. A Daughter of Hech. A Novel (Lib. A LO. E.'s PICTURE STORY Book. 4°, pp. 71. N. Y.,

of Select Novels, No. 366.) 89, pp. 136. N. Y., Har. Robt. Carter & Bros. Fancy boards... $1.25 per & Bros. Pap

..50 C. AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRINTING. See Ringwalt. BLACK JOKES FOR BLUE Devils. 12°, pp. 100. N. Y., Ames, Mary Clemmer. Eirene ; or, a Woman's Right.

R. M. De Witt. Pap...

....25 c. 89,

PP. 219. N. Y., G. P. Putnam & Sons. (Corrected * Blackie, John Stuart. Greek and English Dialogues. price), $1.25: pap.......

..75 C. For use in Schools and Colleges. 18o. N. Y., Macmillan Andersen, Hans Christian. Pictures of Travel in Sweden,

& Co.....

$1,00 among the Hartz Mountains, and in Switzerland, with a

• Blanchard and Duncan. The Transformations (or Visit to Charles Dickens's House. Author's ed. (Last vol. Metamorphoses) of Insects (Insecta, Myriapoda, Arachof complete series of Andersen's Works.) Cr. 80, pp. viii, nida, and Crustacea). Being an Adaptation for English 93. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ; Cambridge, Riverside Readers of M. Emile Blanchard's “Metamorphoses,

. $1.75 Mæurs, et Instincts des Insectes ;" and a Compilation

from the Works of Newport, Charles Darwin, Spencer, By the Author of “Mabel's Progress," etc. 8o. N. Y., Harper & Bros.......75 C.

Bate, Fritz Müller, Packard, Lubbock, Stainton, and

others, by P. Martin Duncan, F.R.S. 8, pp. 491, AppleTON'S HANDBOOK OF AMERICAN Travel. WESTERN with numerous illust. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffels Tock. Containing full Description of all Through Routes finger...

• $7.50 from the Eastern Cities to the West and Far West, the BLOCKHAUS (DAS) IN DEN BERGEN. 169, pp. 160. N. great Lake and River Routes, and all Local Routes west Y., Am. Tract Soc.......

• 30 c. of New York. With maps of States, Routes, and Cities. 17°. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co......


$2.00 Arnot, Rey, William. The Parables of our Lord. 12°,

BOOK OF THE EAST. See Stoddard. PP- 532. N. Y., Robt. Carter & Bros......

$2.50 Braddon, Miss M. E., Henry Dunbar; or, The Out"Artbor, T. s. Orange Blossoms Fresh and Faded.

casts. New ed. N. Y., Dick & Fitzgerald. Pap.50 C. Ilust . 12€, pp. 415. Phila., J. M. Stoddard & Co. Brighty. See Pennsylvania ; also, United States.

$2.50 Brougham. The Life and Times of Henry Lord Brouge Aunt MABEL'S LIBRARY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

ham, Written by Himself. In 3 vols, Vol 2. 16. N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons. Per vol....

pp. 391. N. Y., Harper & Broj Per vol... 75 C.


hf. bd $1.00)..


Anne Furness. A Nov

4 vols.

Cr. 80,






....20 C.


12°, PP


Browning, Robert. Balaustion's Adventure : including rected and enlarged. 89, PP. 337. N. Y., Macmillan &

a Transcript from Euripides. 269, pp. 152. Boston, Jas. R. Osgood & Co.....

·$1.50 Cornelias, Mary & Cook-Book and Young Housekeep BUGLE. NOTES FOR THE TEMPERANCE ARMY; A Collec er's Friend, Rev. and enlarged ed. 12°, PP. 312. Boso

tion of Songs, Quartets, and Glees. Ed. by W. F. ton, l'hompson Bigelow, & Brown
Sherwin and J. N. Stearns. Obl. 12°, PP. 128. N. Y.,
Nat. Temperance Soc. Pap. 30 c; bds...

Craik, Georgiana M.
......35 c.

Leslie Tyrrell. A Story. 89 Bulwer, Edward (Sir Lytton). King Arthur. A Poem.

Boston, Loring. Pap...

- 38 c. Rev. ed. Cr. 8°, pp. 417. N. Y., Harper & Bros. . $1.75 *Capples, Mrs. George. Grandpapa's Keepsake; or, Bump, Orlando F. The Practice in Bankruptcy, with the

Take Heed will Surely Speed. Illust. 164, pp. 165.

N. Y., T. Nelson & Sons.... Bankrupt Law of the United States as amended, and the

...75C Rules and forms; together with Notes referring to all

*-Story of Our Doll. Illust. 169, pp. 160. N. Y., T. Decisions reported to July 1, 1871. Fourth ed. 89, pp.

Nelson & Sons..... 688. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp.........$6.50 Daily News CORRESPONDENCE (THE) of the War between BUNYAN'S LIFE. See Harsha.

Germany and France, 1870-1. Ed. with Notes and Conr

New ed. in one vol. Cr. 8°, pp. xix, 594, with Burleigh William H. The Rum Fiend, and other

maps and plans. Lond. and N. Y., Macmillan & Co. Poems. 12°, pp. 46. N. Y., National Temperance Soc.

$2.50 Pap.....

Dana, Ohas. A The Household Book of Poetry. New Burnton, Richard F. Vikram and the Vampire ; or, ed. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co...

86.00 Tales of Hindoo Deviltry. With 33 illust. Cr. 8°. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co...


Dawes, Mrs L, E. Light from the Star of Bethleheni. Burt, Wm A. A Key to the Solar Compass and Survey

Sq. 16°, pp. 75. Boston, J. L. Locke & Co........$1,25 or's Companion. Containing all the Rules necessary for Day's Book-keeping without a Master. 4°. N. Y., Dick use in the Field. 189, pp. 202. N. Y., D. Van Nostrand. & Fitzgerald. Pap..

....50 C mor.....

-Blank Book for Day's Book-keeping. 4°, pp. 96. N. Oaldwell, S. L. and A. J. Gordon. The Service of Y., Dick & Fitzgerald. Pap., each.

.30c Song for Baptist Churches. Boston, Gould & Lincoln.

DEDHAM RECEIPTS. By a Practical Housekeeper. Sec. Hymn and Tune edition, Squ. 89, pp. 480. $2.00. ed. 169, pp. 32. Boston, A. Williams & Co. Pap. 25C. Hymns only, 16°, shp...

$1.25 Campbell, Robert. The Law of Negligence. Being the

*De Liefde, J. B. Walter's Escape; or, The Capture of first of a Series of Practical Law Tracts. 89, pp. xi., 11.


12°, pp. 197. N, Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons. San Francisco, G. Whitney & Co..... $2.00



18o. No. 99, The Fifth Wheel,

Comedy, 3 acts (10 male, 2 female characters):-100, Jack Oaverno, Rev. Ohas, Divorce. 16°, pp. 48. Boston, Con Long; or, The Shot in the Eye, drama, 2 acts, by J. B. greg. Pub. Soc. Pap...

...10 c. Johnstone, (5 male, 1 female): - 101, Fernande, drama, 3 Obambers, T. K. (M.D.) Restorative Medicinę. Sm. acts, by Victorien Sardou, (11 male, id female characters); 12°. Phila., Henry C. Lea,...

1.00 -102, Foiled, drama, four acts, by 0. W. Cornish (8 Child, L. Maria Married Woman. New ed.

male, 3 female characters). N. v., R. M. De Will Each, pap....

......15C 288. Y., C. S. Francis..

De Wirt's MUSICAL ALBUM SERIES. No. 9. Lyric Gems CHISHOLM'S ALL ROUND ROUTE and Panoramic Guide of the St. Lawrence, the Hudson River, Trenton Falls,

from the Opera Bouffe ;-8, The Heathen Chinee Musical Niagara, Toronto, the Thousand Islands, and the River

Album. Fol. N. Y., Robt. M. De Witt. Pap, each St. Lawrence ; Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, etc.; the White Mountains, Portland, Boston, and New York. Dickens, Ohas.

Works Handy Volume ed. in 14 pols With maps and illust 12"Montreal. Boston, A.

Illust. 12o. Vol. , Pickwick' Papers. - Vol. 2, Oliver Williams & Co.....


Twist and Christmas Stories. Vol. 3. Dombey and Son CIVIL RIGHTS. 86, pp. 74. N. Y., N. Y. News Co. Pap.

-Vol. 4, Martin Chuzzlewit. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co 50 C.

DIME AND FIFTEKN CENT BOOKS. Clare, Sister Mary Francis. The Life and Revelations

of St. Gertrude, Virgin and Abbess of the Order of St. -Beadle's American Tales. No. 4r, Pirate Scud, by M. Benedict. 12°, pp. 570. Boston, P. Donahoe.... $3.00 J. Erymm. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap............I5C.

-Beadle's Dime Novels. No. 338, Night Hawk Kit, by -Ned Rusheen; or, Who Fired the First Shot. 236. Boston, P. Donahæ...

LĘ, Badger, lr. --239, Old Zip, by Chas. E. Lassalle


N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap., each.. Olarke, Adam. See Bible.

-Beadle's Dime Song Books. No. 28, Girls, don't Food Combe, Andrew (M.D.); The Management of Infancy. with Cupid Songster. N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap..100.

Physiological and Moral. Intended chiefly for the use of
Parents. Rev. and ed. by Sir James Clarke, Physician

-De Witt's Song and Joke Books :-No. 109, The Artful to the Queen. From the tenth London ed. 33° N. Y.,

foe Songster ; -110, Ii's Naughty, but li's Nice Songstes

N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Each, pap.. D. Appleton & Co.....

$1.50 Oomfort, George F. (A.M.) A Manual of German Con -Ten Cent Star Novels. No. 71, The Mad Miner, by versation : To Succeed the German Course. 129, pp. xi,

Harry Hazzard ;-72, The Hunted Wolf, By Capt

. Chas 839 N. Y., Harper & Bros.............


Howard, 73, Secret Slayer, by E. Emerson : -74. Phan CONNKCTICUT. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined

tom Trail

, by Seelin Robins. N. Y., Frank Star & Co in the Supreme Court of Errors of the State of Conn.

Pap. each Vol. 36. By John Hooker.. 80, pp. viii, 620 Hartford,

Disturnell, J. The Great Lakes, 189, pp. 237. Phila,


W. B. Zieber ... Case, Lockwood, & Co. Shp....

$5.50 Cooley, Le Roy O. (Ph.D.) Easy Experiments in Physi DOINGS IN MARYLAND; or, Matilda Douglas. "Truck cal Science For Oral Instruction in Common Schools.

Stranger than Fiction."

12°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & 12°, pp. 85. N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co


...........75 C Cooper, Jas. Fenimore. Precaution. A Novel. With a

DORNROSEN. Erstlingsblüchen deutscher Lyrik in Amer ika.


189, pp. ä, r64. N. Y., E. Steiger Discourse on the Life, Genius, and Writings of the Author by Wm. Cullen Bryant Illust. from drawings by F.O.C.

Doten, Miss Lizzie. Poems of Progress. 12o. Buston, Darley. (Vol. 1 of the new limited ed.) Cr. 8°, pp. 484.

Wm. White & Co....

$1.50 N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ; Cambridge, Riverside Press, DOWNWARD-UPWARD.

$2.25 House,"
""* Paul Venner,'
etc. -12°, Phila., Claxtoa,


Remsen, & Haffelfinger -The Spy: a Tale of the Neutral Ground. Illust. by F.

0. C. Barley: Cr. ga, pp; 463. N. Y., Murd & Hough Duncan, Rey. Adel G. The Pastor's Manual. 18, fip. ton; Cambridge, Riverside Press,....

$2.25 84. Boston, Congreg. Pub. Soc..... *Corfield, W. X. (M.A.). A Digest of Facts relating to Duncan, P. M. See Blanchard.

the Treatment and Utilization of Sewage. Sec. ed. cor. Dung, Rav. L R. The Mission of the Spirit; of, The Of

per vol..

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160, PP

.. 10 C

... 10 C


By the Autbor of “Gabied

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