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she has ransacked all sorts of ancient hiding-places, a cordial reception in their new dress. Fresh at.
-mostly town archives, family legends, memories | tention has been called of late to the remarkable
of earliest inhabitants. No one else has pictured character of these Fables, and the differences be-
si vividly the whirlwind of fierce and bloody super tween these and Æsop'suis in favor of the former,
stition which swept over quiet Salem, making it so far as good story-telling is concerned. The en-
anything but a city of peace,--the remorseless gravings were executed by the eminent engraver on
spirit of persecution which spared neither saintli- wood, Alexander Anderson.
Dess nor station.--Tribune.

Nast's Illustrated Almanac (cr. 80, pp. 64, with Mrs. H. B. Stowe's latest, and in many re nearly 150 original illust.), pap., 30c., will be spects most thoughtful and complete work, is the published in a few days by the Harpers. It will charming novel,“ My Wife and I; or, Harry contain Almanac Eclipses, etc; Calendar; Voyage Henderson's History. This is eminently a of Life, by Shakespeare; Ye Gambolier, by John “Tract for the Times,” and giving as it does Hay; The late Benjamin Franklin, by Mark Mrs. Stowe's individual ideas about the much Twain ; Casabianca; or, the obstinate Sailor-boy, vexed Woman Question, including marriage, di- by G. P. Webster ; Sam Weller's Moral Tale, by vorce, suffrage, legislation, and all the rights claim- Charles Dickens; Jane Bludsoe, of Natchez, by ed by the clarmorous, is spicy enough even for Frank Bellew ; How tu pick out a good Hoss, by this most blasé newspaper age. It has already Josh Billings ; Aunt Jerusha, by s. s. Conant; excited wide-spread interest as published serially The early Training of Nasby ; A Night's Pleasure, in the Christian Union,

by W. M. Thackerary; Advice to little Girls, by The Cousin from India, by Georgina M. Craik Mark Twain ; The Beggar-maid, by A. Terny(Harper), the second volume of the series of son ; Ye true Story of Little Red Riding Hood, “Books for Girls,” prepared by the author of by Alfred Mills; My Mother, by G. P. Webster; "John Halisax Gentleman,” is a genuine contribu- Rates of Postage ; Distances to various parts of the tion to juvenile literature. It is the story of a World ; Difference of Time; Length of principal clever, wayward, untutored little girl, who is sent, Rivers. at the age of nine, for her health's sake, by her Miss Columbia's Public School ; or Will it parents in India, to pass the remainder of her child. Blow Over ? with over seventy original illustra. hood in the happy, well-ordered Christian home of tions by Thomas Nast, will shortly be published her uncle in England. How the nature of the by Francis B. Felt & Co. It will be chiefly com. wild, elfish little Effie is gradually transformed, posed of satirical and telling allusions to the leadunder the good, gentle influences thrown about her ing topics of the day in politics, introduced in the there, is related in a very delightful and impressive course of an able satire. The same house anmanner. Originality, naturalness, vigor of style, nounces as in press " The Land of Lorne; or, a and purity of moral make the book notable among Poet's Adventures in the Scottish Hebrides," by the late publications for children. -Chicago Ev. Robert Buchanan. Post.

RAND, MCNALLY & Co's. (Chicago) Railivay Tommy's Week, by Prudy, is a charming his; Guide, the Traveller's Hand-Book to all Western tory of the adventures of Tommy Bancruft, said Railway and Steamboat Lines, giving time cards Tominy being a bright, restless, inquisitive boy of of 300 railroads with statistical information of a few summers, who is into all sorts of mischief, each town on every route, is published in monthly innocently and incessantly, just like the boy com 16° volumes, of nearly 300 pages, at 250, each. mon to every favored household. The author, Prudy, is a popular writer for young folks, as the

FORCE OF HABIT. - One of Holt & Williams's reaclers of The Little Corporal have long been clerks called a boy to bring him a hammer and aware. The book is published in pretty paper

nail. The boy brought Hammer and Anvil covers, by John E. Miller, at 30C.

(Spielhagen's novel).

The Washerwoman's Daughter, from the
German by Anna B. Cooke (Skelly), is a touch- improved edition of Mrs. Cornelius's Young

ing little story of filial affection and fidelity, of Housekeeper's Friend, announced
kindness rewarded. It has the charming simplicity Hiram Orcutt, M.A., of Tilden Ladies' Seminary,
the deceitfulness and uncertainty of riches, and of since, has just been issued. They also have pub-

lished an important book for teachers, by Prof. of Gerinan style and life, and is translated into entitled The Teacher's Manual, containing treatexcellent English. --Lutheran Observer.

ises on the discipline of the school and other pa. Four, and What They Did, is a new story for pers upon the teacher's qualifications and work. the children by Helen C. Weeks, who has already The volume will be received with interest by the established her power to please by The Ainslee friends of education. Stories," and other works. This is the story of Rev. H. W. BEECHER's Life of Jesus the the experiences of four children in the far West, Christ, so long looked for by the reading public, and incidentally is instructive as well as entertain

now ready (Ford & Co.), has been pronounced by ing. It contains several illustrations.

an eminent authority (the Rev. R. S. Storrs, The Fables of Pilpay (Hurd & Houghton):

D. D., of Brooklyn) to be “the book which the This edition of Pilpay's Fables, the first issued in

masses of the Christian world have been waiting America, is uniform with Hurd & Houghton's

for." eilition of Æsop. The ancient and wide-spread The Saturday Review, remarks of M. Henri popularity of these Hindu stories will insure them | Taine's Intelligence, just published in London,


from the French, that “of all that is distinctive in modern psychology M. Taine's work appears to

AMERICAN NOVELTIES. us to afford a singularly lucid and interesting pre- list of announcements for the Fall trade compri


MILTON BRADLEY & Co's. (Springfield, Mass.) sentation." To SUNDAY-SCHOOL BOOK AUTHORS.

ses :- The Checkered Game of Life, Extra, new Messrs. D. Lothrop & Co., of Boston, announce

elegant edition, large size, muslin embossed covers; that manuscripts will be received until March 15,

new engraving for inside, dice and cups instead of 1872, from authors who are competing for the teetotum, and a slight change in the method of premium of $1,000, which these publishers offer game; - Japanese Backgammon, new outside in for the best production ; and also that they will gilt and morocco paper, assorted colors in each at the same time award $500 for the second best dozen ;—and do. large size, same as Checkered manuscript submitted for a Sabbath-school book. Game, Extra, new inside plates, muslin embossed

covers ;-Games of 1776; the games of Fox and LEE & SHEPARD have in press some very valu-Geese, Twelve Men Morris, Soltaire, and Siege able books, arnong them a treatise on Railway or German Tactics, in colors, with box; entirely Engineering, by Vose, which will be the most new plates ;-Authors Improved, Extra, face of thorough and complete work of the kind ever is cards in gold and purple, fancy backs, fancy box; sued. It discusses the general principles of rail. - The Reveries of Jemima Spinster, a funny acway construction, and gives all the details and count of the reason she did not get married, simspecifications for locating and engineering a route, ilar to Japhet Jenkins, Sam Slick, etc. ;-Sequen. and for its construction in every minute particu- ces, a new card game ;-Characters and Predic. lar, and in the specialties of grades, curves, and tions, a new parlor amusement for youth and bridges, it is remarkably thorough. Five thousand adults;- The Yacht Puzzle, a dissected yacht, with dollars worth of illustrative drawings accompany names of parts, in colors ;— The Blown-up Steam. the text, and actual bridges and engineering work er, a fire-engine puzzle, with names of parts, in on some of our most difficult routes, such as the colors (The Yacht and Steam Fire-engine are Pennsylvania Central, Baltimore and Ohio, Pacific, similar to the Smashed-up Locomotive and Model and other roads furnish the material for text and Ship puzzle that have been so popular in past seaillustration. No such book has ever before been sons);— The Funny Picture Prizzles, a new dispublished, and it will be the standard both in this sected puzzle, original in design and style ;--The country and abroad.

Silhouette Picture Puzzles, interesting ;- Uncle It is quite fashionable, says the Watchman & Raphael's Puzzle Chromos, six kinds, dissected Reflector, to send queries to editors concerning the oil chromos, with sample sheets and stories ;authorship of various phrases, verses, &c. In Menagerie School, new plates in oil colors ;The nine cases out of ten, reference to Bartlett's kindergarten Weaving and Branding, a box conFamiliar Quotations would settle the question ;

taining the Kinder-Garten weaving mats and strips moral : buy that valuable book.

Another good

with needle and sainple plates ;---Carromette, the book to buy and read is Prof. Porter's Books and combination of rubber cushion, pins, and balls, a

new board game of the season ; by an ingenious Reading; the author points out with great discrimination the books to be read and those to be which is played on a board so small that it is very

most pleasing and exciting game is produced, avoided. Readers generally are familiar with the hu- sold at a price within the reach of all ;--Pammena,

portable, occupies but little space, and can be morous and whimsical adventures of Brown, Jones, and Robinson, as delineated with pen and pencil and tasteful game of cards ever published, and the

a game of the seasons; said to be the most elegant This work was one of the most successful of hu- method is admitted to be extremely fascinating ; morous publications. Brown, Jones, and Robin the arrangement of the cards, on which characters son, we are happy to announce, have recently from mythology, and the fruits and flowers of the made a tour of America, and an artist of undis. four seasons are represented, is such that, in adputable skill, assisted by Robinson himself, has dition to the popular game of Pammena, all other graphically delineated all the adventures of the games of cards may be played with equal interest; trio, whether serious, sentimental, or comical.

without the objectionable associations connected Appleton & Co. have given their imprint to their with the ordinary playing cards ;-Kindergar. lucubrations, and the volume, copious with engravings and rich in binding, will soon appear viz. : No. oo, a fine set, same number of pieces

ten Alphabet and Building Blocks, two finer sets, from their press.

as No. 1, without paint, and put up in a polished THE “ red-line" edition of Bryant (Appleton) black walnut box ; and No. o, same style as No. includes all that the poet has written up to the

1, beautifully painted, in polished black walnut

box; these blocks combine the qualities of building The August number of the Art Journal con. blocks with alphabets in a most perfect manner, tains three fine engravings :- The Highland and are the first blocks ever made with a script Keeper's Daughter, from the picture in the col. alphabet. lection of Robert Rawlinson ; The Market Boat, Avams & Co., Boston, manufacture and pubfrom the picture in the Sheepshanks Gallery ; and lish a great variety of Card, Board, and Floor an engraving of the statuary, group emblematic of Games for in-doors; several new Games for outCommerce, in the Albert Memorial, Hyde Park. doors; Puzzles, Conjuring Tricks, Parlor FireThe minor as well as the more pretentious en works, Chemical, Electrical and Magnetic Wongravings are executed with admirable skill.

ders, and other attractive affairs for home entet

present time.



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tainment. This season they bring out a new card Geo. A. COWLES, 45 Dey St., N. Y., has Prof.
game entitled “The Love CHASE,” which, from Pohle's Allothropic Ink, a new safety ink, which
its original character and unique nature, will be cannot be removed from paper by chemical agen-
much sought after the coming holidays. They also cies.
offer the new novelty from Japan “Snapping Pic G. Owen, Boston, has a Map of the Solar Sys-
fures," curious Conjuring Tricks, and have in pre- tem and Signs of the Zodiac, suitably mounted as
paration many other novelties, which will be de-

a wall-map. Its size is about 24x20 inches. The scribed in a later No.

arrangement of ingenious devices in the map and Adams Eu Co.'s Descriptive List will be ready the explanations printed on the sheet make it a early in October, and can be had by addressing serviceable help either to the student of astronomy them at their headquarters in Boston.

or him who may desire a convenient chart of referDick & FITZGERALD have the following new Card Games :--Cards for Courtship, 14 question

TURNER HAMILTON, Phila., has published a and 28 answer cards, the answers responding dif- Student's Chart of the Sympathetic Nerve, by R. ferently to every one of the questions ;-Love Let M. Townsend, M.D., colored. ter Cards, a new set, 21 pink or yellow, and 21

JOHN Ross & Co. (Nation Press), N. Y., have white cards, with love letters to a lady and re just issued The Mother's Register, a Family Health ply, in case, with directions ;-Fortune Telling Record, separate volumes for boys and girls, per Cards ;-Leap-Year Cards, 21 pink or yellow, vol. pap. 5o c.; clo. 75 C. and 21 white cards, with letters from a lady “pop

A. WILLIAMS & Co., Boston, have published ping the question” and answers from a gentleman. Leavitt's Map of the White Mountains, in covers, Each game, in handsome case, with directions,

$1.50;--Map of Massachussetts, with Census of 30 c.

1870, in covers, $1.00 ;-Map of Boston, new L. PRANG & Co., Boston, have just published ed., in covers, 75c. the following Chromos :-Madonna (life size), after Murillo, 201x25#, $20;-The Wayside Inn, after the Toilet Pocket-Book, an attractive and useful

THE AM. News Co., N, Y., have for sale Thomas Hill, 26x18, $15;–Trout and Pickerel - little book, containing pins, needles, buttons, and Companions, after George N. Cass, 24x14, each thread, put up in boxes of three dozen, retailing at $7.50. ;-Dessert, No. i and No. 2–Companions, fifteen cents each. after R. D. Wilkie, 107x15, each, $5;-Dessert, No.

-3, after C. P. Ream, 10X12, $5 ;-The New England School-House, after Miss A. M. Gregory;

Manual of Geometrical and Infinitesimal Anal. and The Log Cabin, after J. H. Gregg-Comysis, by B. Sestini, S.J. (Murphy).-—" We leave it panions, 18x13, each, $5;-Nasturtions and Pet to the reader,” says Father Sestini in his preface, uniasCompanions, after Miss Christ. Chaplin, which, by the way, corresponds to the book in 12x!9, each, $2. Illustrated Catalogues, mailed shortness "to judge whether, without detriment gratis, on receipt of postage stamp.

to lucidity, our efforts to combine comprehensiveJ. B. FORD & Co., N. Y., have just published | ful.” It seems to us that they have. No one to

ness with brevity and exactness have been success"Wide Awake" and "" Fast Asleep,” two chromo whom the study of the higher mathematics will be lithographs, from paintings by S. Anderson.

profitable at all can find a better work to set him B. B. Russell, Boston, has published a new upon the track and give him a grasp of the subject, stipple and line steel engraving by F. T. Stuart, than F. Sestini's manual

. The expert also, as entitled " An Armful,” representing a little girl well as the student, will be pleased with the neat. who is trying to hold several kittens at once, while ness of its execution, both in the mathematical and the old cat watches her with intense anxiety. in the ordinary sense.

-Catholic World.
John Rogers, New York, has in preparation Tileston's Hand-Book of the Administrations of

new statuette group, representing Bret Harte's the United States (Lee & Shepard), says Harper's Heathen Chinee.

Monthly, is really a pocket edition of our national Robr. Carter & Bros., N. Y., have for sale political history given in its most compressed form.

, of birth, marriage, etc.

Hoyt, FOGG & BREED, Portland, have issued a new set of Graduated Check Rewards, for the COMPLETE SETS of all the Leading government of schools, and exact ranking of each Magazines and Reviews, both American scholar, in boxes, per set, 75 C.

and Foreign, and back numbers of some Newron PERKINS, 51 Liberty st., N. Y.,

has issued a tasteful new Confirmation Certificate, in three thousand different Periodicals, suptwo styles, at 10 and 15 c, each.

plied at low prices at the
A. B. WADE, P.M., South Bend, Ind., has American and Foreign Magazine
Wade's Double Index, the largest ever published,
a vol
. of 232 pages, capacity 14,000 names, clo.

Depot, 24 Dey St., N. Y.
$2.75 ; QT smaller size, $1.75. A Pamphlet, illus-
trating above, sent gratis on application.


phic family memorials, or names, date, and place MAGAZINES ! MAGAZINES !!

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MENTARY FOR ENGLISH READERS, containing the Autho vols. (boxed), per vol., $1.25.
rized Version, with a Revised English Version ; with all
the New Readings from the recently found SINAITIC


A FOUNDLING TISCHENDORF in a convent on Mount Sinai ; also, con

2. PLANE AND PLANK; or, THE MISHAPS OF taining marginal references, and a critical and explana

A MECHANIC. tory commentary, with maps of the journeyings of our 3. DESK AND DEBIT; or, THE CATASTROPHES Lord and of St. Paul: and an Introduction to each book,

OF A CLERK. giving an account of the authorship, authenticity, time

4. CRINGLE AND CROSS-TREE; or, THE SEA and place of writing, &c., &c., forming a compact BIB

LICAL LIBRARY. Four vols. 8vo, cloth, $16.00; half NORTHERN LANDS; or, YOUNG AMERICA IN RUSSIA
calf, $26.00.

AND PRUSSIA. 16mo, illustrated, $1.50.

Critically Revised Text; a Digest of Various Readings ; SOLDIER. 16mo, illustrated, $1.25.
Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage ; Pro-
legomena, and a copious Critical and Exegetical Commen-
tary in English. Four vols. 8vo, cloth, $30.00 ; half calf,



BERT Burns, with a steel portrait and 32 full-page illustrations by eminent Scottish artists. 410, tinted paper,

THE CRUISE OF THE CASCO. 16mo, illustrated, red line, cloth, gilt, half calf, full calf, and Turkey antique.


THE PLEASANT COVE SERIES. Three volumes BERT Burns, with steel portrait and eight illustrations.

(boxed), per vol., $1.25. Diamond edition, cloth, half calf, full calf, and Turkey

1. ARTHUR BROWN, The Young Captain, 16mo, antique.

illustrated. These editions of the poems of the Scotch poet were edited


SANT COVE. by the late Rev. ROBERT Aris WILMOTT, and are in every

3. THE CRUISE OF THE CASCO. respect complete and perfect, being furnished with a comprehensive table of contents, a glossary, and two copious indexes alphabetically arranged. In this respect nearly all

BY MISS DOUGLAS. the former editions of the works of Burns are extremely defective.

KATHIE'S SOLDIERS. 16mo, illustrated, $1.00. REYNARD THE FOX. A Burlesque Poem. From

IN THE RANKS. 26mo, illustrated, $1.00. the Low German original of the fifteenth century. 4to, KATHIE'S HARVEST DAYS.

16mo, illustrated, tinted paper, red line, 16 full-page illustrations, cloth, giit

$1.00. edge.

KATHIE'S SOLDIERS. Complete, six vols., illustrated, An elegant edition of a very popular satirical work, full of fer vol., $1.00. shrewd matter and rich humor.

1. KATHIE'S THREE WISHES ROBINSON CRUSOE. The Life and Strange Surprising

2. KATHIE'S AUNT RUTH. Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner, as related by Himself. By DANIEL DEFOE. With upwards of


4. KATHIE'S SOLDIERS. 100 illustrations (illuminated edition), royal 8vo, $3.50,

5. IN THE RANKS. This is the most elegant edition of this renowned book of

6. KATHIE'S HARVEST DAYS. adventure ever issued in America. THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. From this world to BY PROF. JAMES DE MILLE.

that which is to come. By JOHN BUNYAN. With notes by the Rev. ROBERT M.GUIRE, M.A.

With over 100

FIRE IN THE WOODS. Being the fourth volume of elegant illustrations (illuminated edition), royal 8vo, tinted

“ The B. O. W. C. Stories." 16mo, cloth, $1.50. paper, cloth, $3.50 The large type, full and complete notes, and excellence of

BY PROF. W. ELLIOT FETTE. this edition, with its beautiful illustrations, will make it very


Second series, generally acceptable for family circles.

16mo, cloth, $1.50. GULLIVER'S TRAVELS into Several Remote Na. tions of the World. By JONATHAN Swift, D.D., Dean BY MRS. CAROLINE L. SMITH. of St. Patrick's. With a memoir of the author. With 100 illustrations, illuminated, royal 8vo, tinted paper, cloth.

(Aunt Carrie.) $3.50. The wonderful adventures of this famous traveller are

AMERICAN HOME BOOK OF INDOOR GAMES, here presented in an attractive and elegant style.

THE CHILDREN'S ALBUM of Pretty Pictures, with

short stories. By UNCLE JOHN. With about 200 full-

page illustrations, 4to, handsomely bound, $1.75.

THE CHILDREN'S SUNDAY ALBUM. By the CRINGLE AND CROSS-TREE; OR, THE SEA author of "A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam," &c. &c., with SWASHES OF A SAILOR. 16mo, illustrated, $1.25.

upwards of 150 illustrations. 410, elegantly bound, $1.75
Sold by all Booksellers and Newsdealers, and sent by Mail, post-paid, on receipt of price,

LEE & SHEPARD, Publiskers, Boston,

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Ready in October. MY WINTER IN CUBA. By W. M. L. JAY, author of “Shiloh." THE HOME AT HEATHERBRAE, A tale by the author of " Everley." THE CHURCH CHORISTER, being a Manual for Training Singing Boys. By WALTER B.

Gilbert, Mus, B. Oxon., Organist of Trinity Chapel, New York. A QUIET HELPER FOR THE SICK. Text, Prayer, & Hyınn for four weeks, large type, on roller, LITURGY AND WORSHIP OF THE CHURCH. Sermons by the Rev. C. J. VAUGHAN, D.D., with an Introduction, by the Rev. H. C. Porter, D.D.

CHILDREN'S BOOKS. MY YOUNG DAYS. By the author of “ Evening Amusements," with twenty illustrations by

Paul Konewka (now ready), $1.25. THE ROSE DALE BOOK's. Easy Reading for the Dear Little Ones. By Mrs. D. P. SANFORD.

Three vols., beautifully illustrated. ADRIFT ON THE SÉA; OR, THE CHILDREN'S ESCAPE. By EMILIA MarryAT NORRIS.

Four fine illustrations. EVELYN GREY. By J. MacGowAN. Four illustrations. THE GREY HOUSE ON THE HILL. By Mrs. GREENE, author of “Cushions & Corners." Ilus. HOME LIFE AT GREYSTONE LODGE. Three illustrations. PRIMROSE; OR, THE BELLS OF OLD EFFINGHAM. By EMMA MARSHALL. THE RETURN FROM INDIA. A Sequel to “ Hilda and Hildebrand." SOWING IN TEARS AND REAPING IN yoy. By FRANZ HOFFMAN. From the German

of Mrs. Faber, SUNNY DAYS, OR, A MONTH AT THE GREAT STOWE. Beautifully illustrated. THREE LITTLE SISTERS. By Emma MARSHALL. A TALE OF A NEST. By the author of “Little Animals," with seventeen woodcuts. THE CHILDREN'S MAGAZINE FOR 1871, richly bound, making one of the handsomest gift. books of the season.


E. P DUTTON & CO. Church Publishers and Agents of the Church Book Society, 713 Broadway, N. Y.

Will Publish in a few days:
As now improved, the most perfect pen manufactured. CHRISTINE.
Writes ro hours with one filling. Saves one-third the
time. Portable as a Common Pencil.

A Story of Sweden. From the French of Louis

Enault. In one vol. Crown 8vo, Paper šo cts. "I take great pleasure in commending Prince's Fountain Pen. After several years' use of it, at home and abroad, 1) REDFIELD'S TRAVELLER'S have come to regard it as indispensable. A pen that carries an inkstand in its bosom-an inkstand that cannot upset,

GUIDE to the City of New York; with and has no outlet but through a pen--constitutes a conve map. The best and most complete guide to nience that no one having once thoroughly proved would willingly live without. HENKY WARD BERCHER." the City ever published. Paper, 25 cts.

Wholesale terms liberal. Single pens can be sent by
mail in a registered letter. Agents wanted. Send for RECENTLY PUBLISHED.
Manufactured only by

1. Modern Women. 2 vols., cloth, $4.00.
JOHN S. PURDY, 911 Broadway, N. Y.

2. Gardner's Conjugal Sins. 1 vol., cloth, Ready in October.

$1.50 3. Congdon's Tribuno Essays. I vol. cloth

4. Anstie on Wines in Hoalth and Disease.

Paper, 50c.
(De Rerum Natura.)
8. Dix on the Kidney and its Diseas08.

25C. Translated into English verse by CHARLES FREDERICK JOHNSON. With Introduction and Notes. One crown

6. Walt Whitman's Leaves.of Grass. Paper, octavo volume, carefully printed upon superfine tinted paper.

$2.50. From the fact of the interest taken nowadays in the Dar

7. Walt Whitman's Passage to India. $1.00 winian theory, the Publishers think that the reasonings of 8. Walt Whitman's Democratio Vistas. 750. this author, one of the finest of the Latin poets, aside from the exalted position his works hold in classical literature,

9. The Lover's Library. 12mo, paper, soc. will command considerable attention from the reading public. | 10. Little Breeches. Illustrated. 250. Early orders from the trade solicited.

J. 8. REDFIELD, DE WITT C. LENT & Co., Publishers,

140 Fulton Street, Now York 451 BROOME STREET, N. Y.


Lucretius on the Nature of Things.

Price, $2.00.

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