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Illustrated with over One Hundred Engravings





By J. M. HUTCHINGS (of Yo-Semite).

An elegant 4to volume, tinted paper, extra cloth, bevelled edges. Price,



417 & 419 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.

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MERICAN HYPERBOLE. --A natty little book with the exclamation, " Boy, what are you laugh-

has just come over from London, entitled ing at ?"Well," said the boy, “I'm laughing

"Reminiscences of America; by two English because you are awfully sold: I ain't the boy?
men” (Scribner), which describes the manner in Editor's DRAWER, in Harper's Magazine for
which the twain rippled through the country, September.
what they saw in the country, and what they
heard in the streets. As instances of the “

“hyper RENTICEANA. --About the only person that

bole" of the country they record the following:


we ever heard of that wasn't spoiled by be.

in describing the large trees of the Yosemite ing lionized was a Jew named Daniel.

Valley, one said that * it took two men and a An English writer says in his advice to young

boy to see the top of them." One being asked married women, “that their mother Eve married

by a friend if he saw a certain mosquito on the a gardener.” It might be added that the gar-

weather-vane of the State House (!) at St. Louis, dener, in consequence of the match, lost his

answered, "Yes, I see it winking.'

A third, situation,

in describing the prices of carriages in Niagara,

Whatever Midas touched was turned into gold,
asserted that the hack fares are so high that in these days, touch a man with gold and he'll
the Falls are insignificant by comparison." turn into anything.–Prenticeana ; or, Wit and
Another story is related, with the appearance of Humor in Passages (Claxton, R. & H.).
truth, of a boy who was watching his school-
fellows as they snowballed an old gentleman's There is a good story told of the night editor
windows. The old gentleman rushed out of his of an Irish newspaper, who, being left without
house, determined, if possible, to inflict some se assistance in a busy time, found himself unable
vere corporal punishment on the offender, saying, to cope with all the intelligence that flowed in
when he caught the boy, "Now, you rascal, vit upon him, so that towards four o'clock in the
thurash you within an inch of your life !” Ac- morning he wound up his night's work by pen.
cordingly he began to beat him, when the boy ning the following extraordinary notice :

immediately commenced laughing, and continued to a most unusual pressure of matter, we are
tuntil the old gentleman stopped beating him, compelled to leave several of our columns blank."

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I vol.


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FIELDS, OSGOOD & CO., Publishers,

124 Tremont Street, Boston.

The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed.

Abbott, E. A. A Shakspearian Grammar. An Attempt, Barbauld, Mrs. Lessons for Children in English and

to Illustrate some of the Differences between Elizabethan French After Mrs. Barbauld's. Method. Arranged by

and Modern English. New and greatly enlarged edition. J. D. Veitelle. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Hf, bd..75 C.

12°, pp. 511. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co. $1.50. Basham, W. R. (M.D.). Renal Diseases. A Clinical

Abbott, Rosa. The Pinks and Blues; or, The Orphan Guide to their Diagnosis and Treatment. Illustr. 12°

Asylum. (Rosa Abbott Series, vol. vi and last). Illustr. pp. 304. Phila., H. C. Lea......

- $2.00

16. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Per vol...........$1.00 Bastiat, F. Sophisms of the Protectionists. From the

Adams, W. H. D. Lighthouses and Lightships. With 60 French. 16°, pp. 398. N, Y., Am. Free Trade League.

illustr. (Illustrated Library of Wonders). 12o.

N. Y., Pap

..30 C

Chas. Scribner & Co....

. $1.50 Bates, Miss L. The Builders. Illustr. 16°. Phila., J.

ALBANY. Collections of the History of Albany, from its P. Skelly & Co...


Discovery to the Present Time, with Notes of its Public

- Two Ways of Doing it. Illustr. 16o. Phila., J. P.

Institutions, and Biographical Sketches of Citizens De-

Skelly & Co....


ceased. Vol. III. 80, pp. viii, 498. Albany, J. Munsell.


Bauer, Wm. Religious Life in Germany, during the Wars

of Independence, in a Series of Historical and Biographi-

ALMANAC. The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for cal Sketches, 2 vols. 12°, pp. 362, 330. (London) N Y.,

the United States, for the Year 1871. Illustr. 12', PP. Geo. Routledge & Sons.

60. N. Y., Amer. Tract Soc. Pap.......

Beale, Lionel s. (M.D.). Disease Germs: their Sup-

1. L. 0. E. Series. 3 vols. Illustr. 16o. Cont : posed Nature. An Original Investigation, with Critical

Claudia ; --Triumph over Midian ;-Rescued from Egypt. Remarks. 12°, pp. x, 82, with colored plates. (London)

Boston, D. Lothrop & Co....

. $2.70

Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston; J. B. Lippincott &

AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN (THE). A Quarterly Journal de


woted to the Interests of Collectors of Autographs, Paper Benedict, Henry Marvyn. The Genealogy of the Bene-

Money, Portraits, &c. Vol. 1, No. 1, August, 1870. 89, dicts in America. 8°, pp. xix, 475. Albany, J. Mun-

pp. 24. N. Y., Chas. De F. Burns.' Per year. ...$1.00 sell......


AMERICAN EPHEMERIS (The) and Nautical Almanac for the Bertie's LIBRARY. 6 vols. 32°. Cont. :-Little Bertie :-

Year 1872. Imp. 8vo., pp. viii, 516, 16. Washington- Willie's Wish ;-Curious Tom:The Two Mottoes ;-

Bureau of Navigation. Pap......

• $2.00 Little James :-Old Ben's Stockings. Boston, H. A.


Young & Co.....


Boston, A F. Graves..


BIBLE, See Bush; Carpenter; Lange.

Andersen, Hans Christian. Only a Fiddler. A Danish

Biblical View (A) OF THE CHURCH CATECHISM, in re-

Romance. (Author's Edition, vol. v.) Cr. 8°, pp. 309. ference to Baptismal Responsibilities, elucidating by nu-

N. Y., Hurd & Houghton.....


merous Texts of Scripture the Doctrines and Principles of

saderson, John J. (A.M.). A School History of Eng the Church, with a view to Contirmation. By M. R. F.

land. Illustr. with maps. 12°, pp. 302. N. Y., Clark 12°, pp. 272. Phila., J. B Lippincott & Co........$1.90

& Maynard....

$1.60 Blackstone, Sir Wm. Commentaries on the Laws of

ARCHIVES OF OPHTHALMOLOGY AND OTOLOGY. Edited and England. With full and copious Notes and References ;

published simultaneously in English and German. By

also a full Table of Abbreviations. Edited by Hon.

Prof. H. Knapp, M.D., in New York, and Prof. S. Moos,

Thomas M. Cooley. vols. 8°, pp. 1,500. Chicago,

M.D., in Heidelberg. Illustrated by two colored and ewo Callaghan & Cockroft. Shp....

: $13.00

plain lithographs, and woodcuts. Vol. I, No. 2.

10, 365-723. N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co. $7.00 per year

Boise, Jas. R. (Ph.D.). First Lessons in Greek. Adapted


to Hadley's Greek Grammar, and intended as an Intro-

duction to Xenophon's Anabasis. 12', pp. XIV, 141.

Argyll, Duke of. The Reign of Law. First American

Chicago, S. C. Griggs & Co. Hf. bd... .. $1.25

from the fifth London edition.

12°, pp. xxvii, 462. With

illustr. N. Y., De Witt C. Lent & Co........... $2.00

Bodenhamer, Wm. (A.M., M.D.). The Physical Ex-

ploration of the Rectum. With an Appendix on the

-Same. N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons....... $2.00

Ligation of Hæmorrhoidal Tumors.

Illustr. 89, PP. 54.

ARISTOTLE'S Book of Fate and Dictionary of Dreams.

N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co.......


16°, pp. 61. N. Y., Dick & Fitzgerald. Pap......15 C. Boyd, Mrs. E. E. Paul Loring; or, Mounting the Ladder.

AKT (THE) OF PLEASING; or, The American Lady's and Illustr. 18o. Phila., J. P. Skelly & Co.....

...90 C.

Gentleman's Book of Etiquette. 32°. Phila., Porter & Bradley, Mrs. Mary E. Grace's Visit ; or, The Wrong


......40 c. ; gilt, 50 c.

Way to Cure a Fault. 16°, pp. 138. Boston, D. Lothmp

Atwell, H. A Book of Golden Thoughts. (Golden Trea & Co..

...80 C.

sury Series.) 189. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co. Bradley, Mrs. M. A., and Miss Kate J. Neely. The


Proverb Stories. Vols. IV-VI. Cont. : - A Wrong

Aydelotte, Wm. The Lawyer's Record Book ; designed

Confessed is Half Redressed;-One Good Turn Deserves

and arranged expressly for the Use of Practising Attor Another ;---Actions Speak Louder than words. Illustr.

neys who desire to preserve in Convenient Form a Record 16o. Boston, Lee and Shepard. Per vol..........$1.09

of their Professional Labors ; embracing a History of the Braithwaite's Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Sur.

Nature and Origin of each particular Cause, together

gery Part 61. July, 1870. 89, pp. 299. N, Y., W. A.

with the Rulings and Final Judgment of the Court there Townsend & Adams. Per part, $1.50. Per year, $2.50

on; and also a Reference to Authorities, etc.

248, 328, 400, or 480. Sullivan, Ind.: Buff & Aydelotte.

BREAKING THE RULES. 16o. Boston, H. A. Young &

C1 $3.75, $4.75, 86, $7; shp. $4.50, $5.75, $7.25, $9.


Beker, B. F. Theoretical and Practical Harmony : in-

Brown, George (D.D.). The Lady Preacher, 12", pp.

duling a complete Classification of Intervals, Common

343. Phila., Doughaday & Becker...

Chords, Discords, Niatonic and Fundamental Harmo-

Burke, Oliver J. The Abbey of Ross; its History and

nies, Suspensions, and Passing Notes. With a Treatment

Details. Also, The Bridegroom of Barna: a Tale of

of Thorough Bass,

the Affinity of Chords, Modulation,

Tipperary. 18°, pp. 100, 80. N. Y., D. & J. Sadlier

and Pedal Point 89, pp. 112. Boston, O. Ditson &

& Co.

.....45 C

. $2.00 Burton, W. E. Cyclopædia of Wit and Humor. New


, Geo. M. The Social Stage. Dramas, Comedies,

edition, 8°, with nearly 600 engr. on wood and 24 st. port.

Fances, Dialogues, Allegories, etc., for Home and School.

N. Y., D. Appleton & Co., hf, mor......... $8.00

Illustr. 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard....

$1.50 Bush's Notes on the Old Testament. New ed. 6 vols, 17%.

Balfour, Fairfax. Perdita ; or, Fair and False. A no Boston, H. A. Young & Co, Per vol......


vel. 8, pp. 140. N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Pap.... 50 C. Byford, Wm. H. (A.M., M.D.). A Treatise on the

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Theory and Practice of Obstetrics. Illustr. with 154 De Mille, Prof. Jas, The Boys of Grand Pré School. Il-

woodcuts. 89, pp. viii, 547. N. Y., Wm. Wood & Co. lustr. 16'Boston, Lee & Shepard .


$4.25. Shp...


DICK AND HIS DONKEY ; or, How to Pay the Rent. By the

Campbell, L. J. A Concise History of the United States, Author of " Jack the Conqueror.” 189, pp. 99. Phila.,

based on Seavey's Goodrich's History. 12°, pp. 256. Am. S. S. Union
With Maps and Illustr. Boston, Brewer & Tileston.

Dickens, Ohas. The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and some

Hf, bd....


Uncollected Pieces. (Also some Memories, reprinted from

Campbell's Poems. World Edition, 16', pp. 500. N. Y., the Atlantic Monthly.) 89, pp. 110.

Boston, Fields, Os-

Leavitt & Allen Brus.....$1.00 : gilt, 1.50 ; mor. $3.00 good & Co., $1.00: pap...

CAPTAIN NORTON'S DIARY, AND OTHER STORIES. By Dickens, Chas. Complete Works. Author's Household

Florence Marryatı, T. A. Trollope. Countess von Both Edition. (In 14 vols., 16°, each with 16 full page illustr.

mer. Ada Buisson, and others. Illustr. 8', Phila., J. B. by S. Eytinge, Jr.) Vol. I, Dombey and Son, pp.

Lippincott & Co. Pap....

.. 50 C.

524 ;-Vol. II, Our Mutual Friend, pp. 514:-Vol. III,

Carpenter, Prof. G. T. (A.M.). The Bible vs. Spiritual.

Nicholas Nickleby, pp. 499:-Vol. IV, Bleak House,

ism; or, Spiritualism Condemned and the Bible Vindi pp. 516. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. Per vol., $1.50

cated. 12°, pp. 125. Oskaloosa, Iowa, Call & Bristol, Dickens. See Taylor.

75 c; pap...

...30 C.

Dickens, Miss. Aunt Margaret's Trouble. 89, pp. 70.

Oarlton & Moore, The Destiny of Man : A Discussion Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Pap.... ...25 c.

held at Union City, Ind., April 26, 27, 28 and 29, 1870, be DIME Books. Novels. No. 209, Scarred Eagle, by A.

tween Rev. S. P. Carlton, of the Universalist Church,

Dearborn ;-No. 210, Redlaw, the Half-Breed, by Jo-

Woodstock, O., and Elder W. D. Moore, of the Christian
Church, Union City, Ind. Phonographically reported by

seph E. Badger ;-No. 211, Quadroon Spy, by G. Green-

wood :-No. 212, Silver Spurs, by Edward Willett :-
J. G. Adel and J. V. Lee. 12o. Cincinnati, Williamson &

No. 213. The Swamp Scourge, by Joseph E. Badger,

Jr.;-Dialogues, No. 9, School Series. 'N. Y., Beadle

Cassidy, Patrick S. Glenveigh; or. The Victims of Ven & Co. Pap. Each..

geance. A Tale of Irish Life in the Present. 769. Boston, DIME BOOKS. Champion Stories. No. 21, Cloudwood; or,

P. Donahoe....


The Daughter of the Wilderness, by Morris Redwing :-

Chaplin, Mrs. J. D. Wee Meggie Forsythe, and the Mu Billy Cotton's Ethiopian Songster, pp. 64;--Harry Clif-

ckle Wisdom. 189. Boston, Am. Tract Soc.


sert's Variety Songster :--Dan Kelly's It's Nice to be a

CHARITY'S BIRTHDAY Text. By the author of "Willy and

Father Songster ;- Johnny Dougherty's Biddy Toole

Lucy at the Seaside." 16°, pp. 104. London and N. Y.,

Songster. N. Y., R. P. Brady. Pap. Ea..

T. Nelson & Son...

..50 C.

DIME BOOKS. Romances. No. 63, Mad Maud; or, The

Chellis, Mary Dwinell. Mark Dunning's Enemy. (Stand-

Masked Ball ;-No. 64, Ocean Scout; or, The Shadow
ard Series of Temperance Tales.) Vol. III. 16o. Bos-

of Crime :--Secrets of Old Smithy :-Roving Irish Boy

ton, H. A. Young & Co.....


Songster :-How is That for High Songster : -Ten Cent

Church, Rev. R. W. The Life of St. Anselm, Sunday DIME BOOKS. Ned Turner's Clown Joke Book. 169, pp.

Teddy Regan Joker. N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Ea..10 c.

Library, Vol. IX). Cr. 8°. London and N. Y., Macmil-

lan & Co....



N. Y., Dick & Fitzgerald. Pap.....

Olarke & Co., Robert. A Catalogue of American and Bri-

DIME Books. See also Aristotle, Howard, and Johnson.

tish Law Publications, including Treatises, Text Books, Drake, Samuel G. A Particular History of the Five

Reports, etc., with an Index of Subjects. 16°, pp. 209. Years' French and Indian War in New England and

Cincinnati, Robert Clarke & Co.

Parts Adjacent, from its Declaration by the King of

CONSECRATED Talents; or, The Life of Mrs. Mary W.

France, March 15, 1744, to the Treaty with the Eastern

Mason. 12°, pp. 205.

N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan. $1.50

Indians, October 16, 1749, sometimes called Governor

Shirley's War. With a Memoir of Major-General Shir-

Cornell's Physical Geography. Illustr. Large 4°: pp. 104,

ley, accompanied by his Portrait and other Engravings.

includ. 19 pp. of maps. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. $1.60

4°, pp. 312. Albany, Joel Munsell...


Cowper's Poetical Works. (Globe Series.) Edited with

Du Lys, Count Chas. Vetter. Irma. A Tale of Hun.
Memoir, Introd. and Notes, by Rev. W. B. Benham,

garian Life. 2 v., 12°, pp. 236, 274. (London) N. Y.,

M.A. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co......$1.75

Geo. Routledge & Sons.....


Oracraft, Rev. J. W. The Old Paths : The Essential and

EARLY SCRIPTURE HISTORY. The Book of Genesis. (Ren-

the Important Truths of the Gospel. 12°, pp. 226. Cin dered into simple language for children.) 189, pp. 132.

cinnati, Robert Clarke & Co..

$1.50 Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger....

...75 c.

Oraik, David. The Practical American Millwright and Mil-

Erskine, Lord. Speeches. Ed. by Jno. L. High. (In 4

ler : Comprising the Elementary Principles of Mechanics,


Mechanism and Motive Power, Hydraulics and Hy-

Vol. II. 80., pp. 800. Chicago, Callaghan

Cockroft. Per vol.* $3.50; libr. shp. $4.00 : hf.

draulic Motors, Milldams, Sawinills, Gristmills, the Oat-



meal Mill, the Barley Mill, Wool-carding and Cloth-fulling

and Dressing, Windmills, Steam Power, &c. Illustr. Estee, Morris M. Practice, Pleading, and Forms in Ac

by numerous wood engravings and folding plates. 89, pp. tions both Legal and Equitable Forms in Actions, in

432. Phila., Henry Baird....


Special Pleadings, in Provisional Remedies, and of Affi-

Crittonden, S. W & S. H. Instructive and Practical Trea-

davits, Notices, etc. Especially adapted to the Practice

in the States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and the
tise on Bookkeeping, for the Counting House. New ed.,
revised and enlarged by a set of Books on Banking, by

Territories ; and applicable also to the Practice in New

York, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and other States which have
John Groesbeck. Roy. 8°, pp. 376. Hif. bd. Phila.,

adopted a Code. 3 vols., 89, pp. xxiv, 760; xxxviii,
E. C. & J. Biddle & Co....

965 : xxxiii, 918, cxlix. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft

Da Costa, J. M. (M.D.), Medical Diagnosis, with Special & Co. Shp....

. $20.00

Reference to Practical Medicine. A Guide to the Know-

ESTELLE RUSSELL. A Novel By the author of "The
ledge and Discrimination of Diseases. Third ed., revised.

Life of Galileo." 8". N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap., 75 C.

Illustr. 89. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. $6.00 ; Shp.

$7.00 EVENING AMUSEMENTS. By the author of “Letters Every.

where." With 20 Illustrations in silhouette, by Paul

Dangerous Guest (A). A Novel. By the author of “Gil-

Konewka. Sq. 169, pp. 150. (London) Boston, Ro-

bert Rugge," etc. N. Y., Harper & Bros. Pap....50 C. berts Bros...


Davies, Chas. (LL.D.). Elements of Surveying and level Everhart, G. M. Catholic Unity and Choral Worship,

ling. With Descriptions of the Instruments and the Neces-

sary Tables. New ed., entirely re-written, with numerous

16°, pp 20.-Sponsorship in Baptism. 16°, pp. 24. N. Y.,

illustrations. 89, pp. 270, 761.

Pott & Amery. Pap. each.

N. Y., A. S. Barnes &

Co. Shp.....


Faber's Hymns, New Edition, 12°, pp. 167. Boston,

H. A. Young & Co.....


Davis, Mrs. O. E. K. Into the Highways. 16o. Boston.

Fair PLAY SERIES. By Rev. J. D. Strong. 6 vols.

Henry Hoyt.......


Illustr. 24°. Cont. :-Winter-Green Girl :-Fair Play:-

Demarest, Rev. G. S. Songs of Joy. Juvenile Singing.

Kitty Collins :-Better than Gold :-Susie's Watch :-

Book for Sabbath Schools. 12°, PP. 144. Boston, Uni-

Bold as a Lion. Boston, D. Lothrnp & Co........ $1.80

versalist Pub. House. Bds....

.......30 C. FATHERLAND SERIES (THE). Stories for the Young.


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