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People's Duodecimo Edition. 18 vols. (Arrangement the Speeches on Literary and Social Occasions in England and same as above.) Cloth, per vol. $2.50 ; set, hf. cf. $60, $65, America, 169, (London) clo. $1.00.

.. Scribner. and $72.

Hannay's Life of Dickens, 12°, (London) clo., $3.00.

Scribner. Illustrated Duodecimo Edition. 32 vols. (Each work,

as above specified, in 2 vols. cloth, per vol, $2.00; with Mackenzie's Life of Dickens, with Letters and uncollected the exception of Great Expectations : Lamplighter's Papers, in Prose and Verse, portr. and autogr., 12°, clo. Story ; New Stories; and Message from the Sea, each $2...

.Peterson. in vol. cloth, per vol. $2.50). Set, cloth, $64; hf. cf.

Perkins' Life of Dickens, with Taine's Analysis, and portr., $125.

129, clo, 8I...

...Putnar. Nero National Edition. 7 vols., ill. 8o. Cloth, $20 ; Stanley's Funeral Sermon on Dickens, 8", (London) pap: 25C hf. cf. $35.


Taylor's Life of Dickens, with portraits and fac-simile, 8, Bleak House. 2 v. Illustr. 12°, clo. $3 ; -Christmas

pap. 50 C........

..... Harper. Tales, 12°, cloth, $1.25 :-Hard Times, 12°, cloth, $1.25; -Same, 8°, pap. 50 C. ;-- History of England, 2 v. 16°,

IN PRESS AND PREPARATION. cloth, $2;— Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings, 8o, pap. 25 c. ;

Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy, 8o, pap. 10 C... ..Harper. Dickens' Life of Our Saviour (London) ;-A Child's Dream Child Pictures from Dickens, compiled by T. W. Higginson; of a Star, illustrated by Billings (Fields, O. & Co.) :-Life

illustrated by Eytinge, Jr. Small 4o, cloth, $1.50 : of Dickens, by John Forster :-Do. by Macready :Christmas Carol, 80, illustrated by Eytinge, Jr., cloth,

Lecture on Life and Works of Dickens, by E. P. Whip$5; mor. $9.-- Readings, as condensed and read in pub ple. lic by Dickens, 169, with 8 illustrations by Eytinge, Jr., cloth, $1.50 ;-Mugby Junction, 89, pap. soc. ;- No CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF DICKENS' Thoroughfare, 8°, pap. 10c. ;-Edwin Drood, etc. 8°,

WORKS. pap. 50 C., clo. $1 :-A Child's Dream of a Star, illustr.

by H. Billings (in press).... ...Fields, Osgood & Co. 1836, Sketches by Boz (collected) :-1836, Pickwick Papers ; Christmas Books, Cr. 8°, with illustr. by Darley & - 1837, Oliver Twist ;-1838, Nicholas Nickleby :-1840,

Phiz. Cloth, $4 ; mor. $7.........Hurd & Houghton. The Old Curiosity Shop ;-1840, Barnaby Rudge :-1842, Dialogues from Dickens. Arranged by W. Eliot Fette.

American Notes for General Circulation ;--1842, Marlin illustr. 16°, cloth, $1.50.– Same, second series, (in

Chuzzlewit ;-1846, Pictures from Italy ;-1846, Dombey press).

Bleak Lee & Shepard.

and Son ;-1849, David Copperfield ;--1852,

House ;-1854, Hard Times ;-1855, Little Dorritt ;--1859, Dickens' Little Folks. (A series of Juveniles, selected from A Tale of Two Cities ;-1860, Great Expectations ;--The Dickens, in his own language.) Illustrated by Darley. 12

Uncommercial Traveller ;-1864, Our Mutual Friend ;vols., cl., $10; or bound in 6 vols. $9.Clark & Maynard.

1870, The Mystery of Edwin Drood (unfinished).Speeches, Letters, and Sayings, with Sala's Sketch of the Christmas Stories : 1843, A Christmas Carol ;-1844, Author, and Dean Stanley's Sermon, 8°, pap., 50 c. The Chimes ;-1845, The Cricket on The Hearth ;-1846,

Harper. The Battle of Life ;-1848, The Haunted Man.

The Illustrated Holiday Books for 1870. HURD & HOUGHTON: Handbook of Legen

This list will appear again, with additions, in dary and Mythological Art, by Mrs. Clara Erskine our next issue. Publishers are requested to give us

Clement, of Boston ;-Poems by Lucretia M. early and full information in regard to their Davidson, illustrated by Darley. holiday enterprises.

A. K. LORING: Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney's D. APPLETON & Co.: Bryant's Song of the edition, with illustrations by Hoppin.

Mother Goose for Grown People. New enlarged Sower, illustrated by Fenn, Hennessey, Homer, Hows, Nehlig, and others.

MACMILLAN & Co. Mores Ridiculi, illus

trated, in colors, by J. E. Rogers, author of RidiCLAXTON, REMSEN & HAFFELFINGER : Pic- cula Rediviva. torial Scenes from the Pilgrim's Progress, with

W. J. POOLEY: Meister Karl's Sketch Book, drawings by Claud Reignier Conder, chromo-lithographed by Vincent, Brooks, Day & Son, of Lon by Charles G. Leland, author of the “ Breitmann

Ballads," ” with illustrations. don ;—The Travels of an American Owl, a Satire, by Virginia W. Johnson, with 12 silhouette illus

Porter & Coates: Mother Goose in her trations by Augustus Hoppin.

New Dress, a series of chromo-lithographs. E. P. Dutton & Co. : George Herbert's

ROBERTS BROS. : Goethe's Faust; and FalPoems, illustrated by Birket Foster, Clayton, and staff and his Companions, illustrated (silhouette) Noel Humphreys ;-Milton's Hymn on the Morn by P. Konewka. ing of Christ's Nativity, illustrated by eminent CHAS. SCRIBNER & Co. Songs of Home, Artists ; – The Pilgrim's Progress, with 12 colored with 36 illustrations, by Fenn, Hennessey, Grisillustrations.

wold, etc., and 8 authographs, small 4', uniform Fields, OSGOOD & Co. : Dickens' A with “Songs of Life," " Kathrina,” etc., cloth, Child's Dream of a Star, illustrated by H. Bil- $6.00;--and a new edition, with important addiliigs ;-Red Line Edition of Jas. R. Lowell's tions and illustrations, of The Universe ; or, The Poetical Works, illust. sm. 4°, $4.50.

Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little, by F. A. R. J. Hinton, N. v.: Shakespeare's Win. Pouchet, royal 8', cloth, $12 ; half calf, $15. ter's Tale, edited by Howard Staunton, and illus The Fairy Folk Series,” in the press of Lortrated by John Gilbert ;-the Jefferson edition of ing, will comprise three charming little volumes by Rip Van Winkle, illustrated by Darley, Hart, three young ladies of high social position in New Hoppin, and others, with photographs in carbon York—the authors of “Îhe Fairy Egg," published of Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle, by Sarony. last year by Fields, Osgood & Co.

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& Co.)

NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS, Ténot's Paris in December, 1851; or, the of the literature of to-day, leads him back to the Coup d' Elat of Napoleon III., is a publication classical period, exciting his curiosity by the way Fery opportune just at this time. The author has to peruse its earlier history at his leisure. for years been a prominent journalist in Paris, edi. Collins" Ancient Classics for English Readers, tor of the Siècle there, and has had means of ac (Lippincott). The aim of this series of bi-monthcess to the very best sources of information. Al- ly volumes, will be to explain, sufficiently for genthough a republican, his efforts have been to avoid eral readers, who these great writers were, and writing a partizan work, and with this end in view what they wrote; to give, wherever possible, some he confines himself to a simple recital of facts, connected outline of the story which they tell, or leaving the reader to pass judgment on the prime the facts which they record, checked by the results movers in that conspiracy, and to decide what their of modern investigations; to present some of their motives may have been in the premises. He be: most striking passages in approved English transgins by relating briefly the events that transpired | lations, and to illustrate them generally from just previous to the coup d'état, and which placed modern writers; to serve, in short, as a proper the reins of government in Napoleon's hands, and retrospect of the chief literature of Greece and then, step by step, each act in that drama of mur Rome. Ready Homer, Herodotus, and Cæsar. der and fraud. He makes no statement that is

Plutarch's Morals. Professor Goodwin has not based on documentary evidence, and his narrative is an impressive one, by reason of its sim- gone over all the essays with care, and made in plicity and its undoubted truth. It is the fullest and numerable corrections, preserving, as far as was most valuable account we possess of the rise of that possible, the language of the period; and the exdynasty upon the ruins of the people's hopes, which,

istence of an earlier version (1603-1657) rendered unless the signs deceive us, is now toppling to its this an easier task than it otherwise would have fall. The translation is made from the thirteenth been.. But even were there more manifest patchFrench edition, to which many original notes

work than there is, this edition, it is pretty safe to have been added by S. W. Adams and A. H. say, would still be the one best worth having; for, Brandon. The work is published by Hurd & whatever may be the pleasures of literary epicurism, Houghton.

nothing atones for a lack of correctness.

Emerson, with whom Plutarch counts for much The Story of a Workingman's Life, as Related both as moralist and historian, or rather as essayby Himself, by F. Mason, D.D. (Oakley Mason | ist in morals and formative biography, is to pre

"The Life of Francis Mason has been pare an introductory essay, and when that is ready, drawn through varied scenes and many lands; | Messrs. Little & Brown will publish the work, neither a cloistered student nor a thoughtless, frivo- which will be in five octavo volumes, and will em. lous rambler, his acquaintance with books has phatically be a book which “no gentleman's libeen supplemented by free collision with men. A brary should be without,” and which will, we native of England, an emigrant in early manhood hope, find a place on the shelves of many fine to America, it was here that he became a convert, libraries, public and private. It is only the ownreceived his training for the ministry, and hence ers of such that can encourage as it deserves the was sent by American Baptists to their missions in liberal enterprise of publishers who make such Burmah, to labor among the people of that em ventures. --Nation. pire. With a simplicity and directness that re

The Princes of Art, translated from the mind one of our own Benjamin Franklin, he has French by Mrs. S. R. Urbino, is a collection of tokl the tale of his own eventful career, and in do- biographical sketches of the old masters in sculp: ing this he has afforded us glimpses of what the United States were when he ture, painting, and engraving, with some critical

comments on their most famous works. The aupist reached our shores ; whilst the main thread of thor gives a brief introductory account of the orhis narrative bears us to philosophies, faiths, and ders of architecture, as they were perfected in races which were old and well settled far back as the Greece ; of the art of sculpture and of painting, in days of Daniel, and before Greece had, under the all its varieties, with some historical notices of its conduct of Alexander, hurled herself upon In- ancient schools, from the first rude beginnings in

Italy. The book is written in a lively and popuHunt's Literature of the English Language, lar style, with much anecdote and gossip about leison, B. T. & Co.) is based upon an original the great men whose lives and works it describes, and practical plan. Commencing with the pres- and contains information about art seldom met ent time it goes back to Chaucer, oso representing with in 60 convenient and inexpensive a shape. each decade as to carry the pupil along easily, at

It is embellished with portraits of most of the old the same time impressing the mind more forcibly masters, and published by Lee & Shepard, of Boston. with the changes in thought and style of the dif Summer Drift-Wood for the Winter Fire, by ferent periods, than could be arrived at by the Rose Porter, and Whit's as Snow, by Edward old plan of instructing first in the abstruse and Garrett, and Ruth Garrett, his sister (Randolph), difficult literature of the early writers.


are both, in form, stories ; in fact, embodiments author begins by introducing the pupil to our of certain types of Christian truth or Christian exmost distinguished modern authors first, and while perience. The first purports to be the diary of a purting him in possession of the power and spirit | young lady who, going away for the season, gath

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ers in the pages of her journal some drift-wood for D. APPLETON & Co. will issue, early in Fall,
the winter evenings. The love-story, which is sad a beautiful edition of Bryant's “Song of the Sow-
in its ending, is subordinate to the religious teacher," with illustrations by Fenn, Hennessey, Ho-
ing, which is cheerful and attractive. The second mer, Hows, Nehlig, and others.
is a series of short and simple stories, full of

FIELDS, Osgood & Co. have nearly ready a charming tropes and figures, and quaint conceits volume of society poetry, by Frederick Locker, of and truths, compressed into happily turned senten

London. It is called “London Lyrics," and has ces, which render it a delightful companion for a

some exquisite pieces that are worthy to become quiet Sunday afternoon.

household words, and all the poems are graceful SHAKESPEARE. --Dr. Allibone devotes, in his and pleasing. Dictionary of Authors (Lippincott), no fewer than

LINDSAY & BLAKISTON, in issuing a revised 49 of his pages to Shakespeare, containing a great. Catalogue of their Medical Publications, call the er wealth of bibliographical information than can attention of the Profession to the reduction they be found in any other single publication. Besides have made in the price of their Visiting List for an alphabetical arrangement of all the plays, with 1871. They have also, in order to meet to some an account of the different forms in which each has

extent the demand for lower prices, reduced the appeared, there is a full bibliographical catalogue price of Dr. Beale's books, of' Trousseau's of 166 collected editions, about fifty translations Clinical Medicine, the 3d volume of which has into foreign languages, and 954 works included just been issued, and of many other books in their under the general head of Shakespeariana, among | Catalogue, and also their rates for the importawhich the curious student will find a complete

tion of Foreign Books and Periodicals. guide to the Ireland forgeries, the Collier controversy, music for the plays, and the Shakespearian

LEAVITT & ALLEN BROS., successors to Geo. glees, madrigals, &c., which have been separately A. Leavitt & Allen Bros., have sent us their new published. There is a copious selection from crit catalogue, embracing, in all styles of binding, nearly cisms on the poet, and twelve columns are given one thousand different volumes from the miniature up to an alphabetical index of editors, commenta to the royal 4to vol. Of Juvenile Books, they tors, translators, &c.

make nearly one hundred different sets of from 3 MRS. WHITNEY and Miss ALCOTT.-The to 6 vols. each, put up in very handsome cases, London Saturday Review pays the following well with lithographed label in colors. They will issue merited compliment to two American lady authors:

early in September two new sets for Sabbath schools - Very few of even our best writers can compass a

and general reading; one being by the author of the book for the young which shall be all that it ought to Nursery Bible Books, in words of one syllable, pubbe, avoiding on the one hand extravagant sensa

lished last year, which had a very extensive sale ; tionality and a standard so high as to be outside the other by Mr. Frederick Field. Each set conhuman nature altogether ; on the other, vapid silli- tains 3 vols., and will be bound in the new style, ness, which no grown girl can accept as fitting black and gold ornamented back and sides, at food for her mind at all, and which irritates, as all $1.00 per vol. They have adopted the new Eng. pretence and make-believe must. Some American lish style of medallion centres inlaid in cover. These books are perhaps the best of their kind for the medallions are printed in oil colors, bright, and present generation, leaving untouched our old fav certainly very attractive. In the line of Poetry orites, which, however, have by this time acquired and Holiday Books they publish nearly 250 differa certain musty and rococo air, and are not quite ent sizes and styles of binding, including the cheap in harmony with the times. If we might single and popular World Editions, 16mo and 8vo, and out one which seems to us perhaps the best of all, over 100 different volumes suitable for Christmas it would be Faith Gartney's Girlhood ; but here Presents, such as their various Annuals and the we have another, An Old-Fashioned Girl, which Red Line Editions of Standard and Popular Poets. runs the former favorite hard, though it has not They have just issued two vols. of their new series the fun and humor to be found in “ Faith Gart- of “ Popular and Useful Books.” “How to Cook, ney."

Carve and Eat, or Wholesome Food and How to LEE & SHEPARD have in press for immediate Perils and Beauties of the Deep." Leavitt & Al;

to Cook it ;” and “Out on the Deep; or, the publication a Manual of Bible Selections, arranged for consecutive reading, for responsive exercises,

len Bros. are the only manufacturers of the old and with contents judiciously and systematically

style of Writing Albums, which at one time were classified by topics. The volume is intended for

as popular as the Photograph Album. The de. use in schools and families, and to meet the de

mand is large and sast increasing. mand for Scripture readings that shall not be con Sketches of San Domingo, by De B. Randolph ducted in the interests of any denomination. Rev. Keim. (Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.) The Dr. Prime, Prof. Peabody, George B. Emerson, recent negotiations for the annexation of San Hon. Joseph White, Secretary of the Board of Domingo to the United States have attracted Education, President Hopkins, of Williams Col public attention to that island, and an animated lege, Rev. Mr. Livermore, of the Unitarian Asso- description of the country and its people like the ciation, and others eminent in educational matters, one before us ought to find a multitude of appreand of different denominations, have examined the ciative readers. Mr. Keim was in San Domingo book and warmly commend both its design and during the progress of the treaty negotiations, as execution. Several schools have already arranged correspondent of the New York Herald, and he for its introduction.

enjoyed unusual facilities for becoming acquainted

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with the leading men and the manner in which Schedler's Large Topographical Map of the they managed the affairs of the island.

Seat of War, 22 x 28, printed in three colors, Peters (Leipzig) Edition of Classical and Mod with plans of the fortresses of Paris, Metz, and ern Music, including the complete Sonatas of Strasbourg, is one of the most comprehensive and Beethoven, at $2.00; of Mozart and Schubert, at

accurate Maps in the American market. Publish$1.40 each, imported and for sale by E. Reinking, ed by E. Steiger, price $1.00. 217 Sixth st., N. Y., is thus spoken of by the Crumbs Swept Up, the long looked for volume Gartenlaube

, the most widely circulated German of the Rev. T. Dewitt Talmage, will appear, quite weekiy: "In popular editions of any kind the à propos, about the time of the dedication of the utmost cheapness must be combined with the big chapel in Brooklyn (Sept. 25th). It will be greatest correctness and legibility, and in all of published in best style by Evans, Stoddart & Co., these points Peters' Edition surpasses without Phila. doubt all rival editions. It embraces all Musical Harper's Weekly for September contains a Classics, and appears in so elegant a form, that if variety of effective war pictures and splendid it were not for its cheapness, nobody would think bird's-eye views of the seat of war. The publishers it to be an edition for the million. It is certain

announce that the present war will be thoroughly that the house Peters will greatly contribute in illustrated in the Weekly by the best artists. introducing the works of the great Music Masters into every household.” The arrangements in

Our Magazine is a new Monthly for family " Peters' Edition” are made by Bülow, Czerny, N. J. Price $1.00 per annum, 10 cents per copy.

reading, published by Wm. R. Mattison, Newton, David, Köhler, Liszt, Ulrich, and others of equal merit and knowledge.

Zell's Popular Encyclopedia, Part XL., comes

down to the title “ Monticulate.” Some of the Argyll's The Reign of Law has gone through most prominent subjects treated in the number are five editions in England, and is only just repub

" " Milton,” “Mineral Coal,” “ Mining," lished in this country . (Lent & Co.; Routledge.)



.” “MahomIt is a powerful attack on the theories of the

med,” and “Montana."
materialists, and deals with the same topics which
have been discussed by Darwin, Lewes, Wallace,

Art Pictorial and Industrial, the new Art Huxley, and Carpenter, Mill, Compte, Guizot, and Journal published by Messrs. Low & Co., is an a host of others in our day.

illustrated half-crown monthly, printed in large Mommsen's History of Rome, Volume IV quarto. The first number contains six photographs (Scribner), with a copious index of the whole work, of which is worth the sum charged for the whole.

of engravings, paintings, and statuary, any one prepared expressly for this edition, completes this G. P. Putnam & Sons are the N. Y. agents. History, uniform with Vols. I, II, and III, printed upon tinted laid paper, from the latest Zell's Pictorial Casket, a new periodical, to be London edition, with all the author's and transla- | issued by T. E. Zell, Phila., will contain interest. tor's corrections and additions.

ing matter in the shape of Novelettes, Tales, &c., The Monitions of the Unseen, and other Poems, and original articles on subjects of interest from is the title of the new volume by Jean Ingelow, history, biography, natural history, science, &c., in press by Robert Bros. Her poems, Songs of and on the topics of the day. The first number Seacre

, have been published with music' by Lee & will contain biographies of Bismarck and Louis Walker, Phila.

Napoleon, with portraits; a description of the Coughs and Colds, or the Prevention, Cause, Chassepot rifle, Needle gun and Mitrailleur, each and Cure of various Affections of the Throat, with with illustrative cuts; a condensed History of the

Franco-Prussian war, from the beginning to the cases illustrating the remarkable efficacy of outdoor activity and horseback exercise in

permanent. by arresting the progress of diseases of the chest, Putnam's Magazine will be consolidated with is the subject of a new work by W. W. Hill

, Scribner's Monthly on the completion of the preM.D., author of " Health by Good Living,” shortly Scribner's Monthly will be at Geo P. Putnam and

The up-town subscription office of
to be issued by Hurd & Houghton, at $1.50.
Crittenden's Counting House Bookkeeping,

Sons', 23d st. and 4th ave.
Single and Double Entry" (E. C. & J. Biddle,

The Woman's Advocate of Dayton, O., has been Phila)., has recently been carefully revised and consolidated with the Woman's Journal, the orenlarged by the addition of a Sei of Books on

gan of the American Woman Suffrage Association, Banking, by John Groesbeck (author of the

now published at Boston and Chicago, and edited by "Crittenden Commercial Arithmetic and Business Mrs. Livermore. Manual"), and of other important matter.

This The Young Sportsman has been consolidated work is one of the most complete and most prac- with Merry's Museum, the oldest (established by ticable treatises on Bookkeeping published.

Peter Parley) and one of the most popular maga. Misunderstood, by Florence Montgomery (Ran-zines for boys and girls. dolph), “is not a child's story. It is intended for Mrs. Martha J. LAMB, whose juvenile stories those who are interested in children; for those secured popularity, is about to publis), through who are willing to stoop to view life as it appears Messrs. Gould & Lincoln of Boston, Aunt Matto a child, and to enter for half-an-hour into the tie's Library, consisting of four illustrated vols., manifold small interests, hopes, joys, and trials entitled Christmas, Sunday School, Fun and which make up its sum."

Profil, and Drifting Woodward.

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present time.

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New PRIZE VOLUMES.--The committee to which has created a profound sensation throughout award the second premium of $500 offered by France and Italy. Father Hyacinthe says of it: Messrs. Lothrop & Co. have designated two “ It is a terrible blow to the Ultramontanes, for manuscripts as possessing very eminent merit, it contains nothing but incontestable facts, and is while marked by such dissimilar qualities as to not less conclusive in arguments than it is moderrender a choice between them very difficult. One ate and respectful in form. The author, an exof them bears the title “Short Comings and Long cellent Catholic, is personally known to me, etc." Goings,” the other that of “Lule Falconer." It will be edited by Rev. Leonard W. Bacon.

They therefore recommend that the offered pre. The author was a member of the legation of mium be equally divided between the two authors, French foreign affairs at Rome, and had full and that Messrs. L. & Co. add such a sun to the knowledge of all he has here revealed of the doings $250 as will compensate the writers liberally for of this most secret Council. their work. This has proved wholly satisfactory to all concerned, and the two books are being car

Evans, STODDART & Co., of Philadelphia, have ried rapidly through the press. They will be nient form the Receipts from Godey's Lady's

originated a good idea in republishing in conve. issued during the month of September, with at

Book, which will be heartily welcomed by the least iwo others belonging to the second prize series. Others will follow speedily. The committee pro: cised by the popular editoress (Miss S. A. Frost)

many admirers of that Journal. The care exernounce the books of the second prize series sully I will insure satisfaction. equal, if not superior, to those of the first, which had so wide a popularity. Manuscripts are al

The Great European Conflict-Franco-Prus. ready coming in in response to the offer of the sian War-France and Prussia Compared, and unequalled premium of $1,000, and a peculiarly A Review of the Balance of Europe, by Geo. W. choice lot of books is expected. The committee Bible, is the title of a very interesting historical of award in competition for the $1,000 prize con

and statistical work on Europe, just issued by sist of the following eminent gentlemen : Rev. Dr.

Bible Brothers. It compares France and Prussia, Heman Lincoln, Rev. Dr. G. T. Day, D.D., showing their condition, resources, etc., and reand Rev. J. E. Rankin, D.D.

views the balance of Europe, giving the present Both Sides of the Street, by Mary Spring Walk- situation of all the European powers. er, the $600 prize volume, and Moth and Rust, Gingersnaps, by Fanny Fern, author of "Folly by a Lady of Ohio, the $300 prize story, just publish as it Flies” (Carleton), consists of rich, spicy, offed by Henry Hoyt, Boston, were chosen from among hand paragraphs, sparkling with unrestrained yet over 300 competing manuscripts. (See New Prize lofty humor and plainly told truisms, pointing out Library, in Alphab. List.)

the faults into which many people, perhaps unLEE & SHEPARD are about to publish the works consciously, fall. of Marie Sophie Schwartz, the brilliant Swedish ROB. CLARKE & Co. have just published a authoress, translated by Marie A. Browne and Seline Berg. The first two books, “Gold and complete Catalogue of American and British Law Name" and “ Birth and Education, translated Reports, etc., with an index of subjects. No

Publications, including Treatises, Text-Books, by Miss Selina Borg and Miss Mary A. Browne, bookseller, lawyer, or librarian, should be without will be issued simultaneously within the month.

this admirable work of reference, which has only Miss Schwartz is a charming, vigorous, and ex

one defect, viz., the omission of the places of tremely popular writer, and cannot fail to delight and instruct.

publication. HURD & HOUGHTON

a uniform

MACMILLAN & Co. have in preparation “ Tales edition of the complete works of Frederick S.

of Old Japan,” translated, with copious explana. Cozzens, in 5 vols. 12°, each $1.50, containing : tory introductions and comments, by Captain A. 1. The Sparrowgrass Papers; 2. The Sayings of

B. Milford, whose intimate knowledge of the Dr. Bushwacker, with an autobiographic sketch; literature and customs of the Japanese, gathered 3. Acadia, a Month with the Bluenoses; 4. The during his three years' residence as attaché to the Débardeur, a new novel ; 5. The History of New British embassy at Jeddo, is well known. The Plymouth.

light thrown by these tales and by Captain MilHenry L. HINTON, 680 Broadway, editor and

ford's comments on the civilization and the cuspublisher of Booth's Acting Plays, has published a

toms of this very singular people cannot fail to fine portrait of Edwin Booth, on steel. Price,

command a wide and deep interest, while the Artist's proofs, $2.00; India proofs, $1.00.

stories themselves are as attractive and amusing as

the “ Arabian Nights." A most interesting JOHN ELDERKIN, editor of the Booksellers' feature of this book will be the illustrations. Guide, which has had great success under his some forty full-page blocks--as they have been charge, is preparing a volume for the press, bear-drawn and engraved on wood for Mr. Milford in ing the title of “Sporting Sketches.” It contains Japan, and by native artists. They are drawn some new matter, and also many of Mr. ELDER- and cut with great skill and humor, KIN's essays, which have already become popular HERBERT SPENCER has issued the twenty-fifth through the press.

number of his system of philosophy. It is de: CHARLES C. CHATFIELD & Co. announce as voted to that portion which gives a special in press the “Doings of the Council,” a transla- synthesis of instinct, memory, reason and the feeltion from the French of a very important work | ings.


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