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Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. Fourth The First Book of Botany, designed to Cultivate the edition, thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged. By J. Observing Powers of Children. By Eliza B. Youmans.

Forsyth Meigs, M.D., and William Pepper, M.D. 80,

$1.25 12°, pp. 183. Clo.....


pp. 900. Clo. $6.00; leather... From Messrs. Berendsohn Bros., N. Y.

This present edition has been almost entirely rewritten

and re-arranged. Several of the articles, as those on Adler's Progressive Drawing Copy Book.

12 Nos. Obl. fol. Pap....

Eclampsia, Chorea, and Parasitic Skin Diseases, have been . $2.00

much enlarged ; and others, as the various articles on the From Messrs. Robt. Carter & Bros., N. Y.

Diseases of the Stomach and Intestines, and that on EczeLily's Lesson. By J. H. Mathews. Illustr. 16°, pp.

matous Affections, entirely rewritten. The new matter thus 217. Clo...

added amounts to nearly 200 pages. It has been the effort

..75 c. Our Father in Heaven : The Lord's Prayer Explained

of the authors, while endeavoring to make the work fully

represent the state of our knowledge upon the subjects and Illustrated. A Book for the Young. By Rev. J. H.

treated of, to retain its eminently practical character; and Wilson, M.A. Illustr. 16°, pp. 325.

Clo..... ..$1.25

with this view, an unusually large amount of space has
The Passion Week. By Rev. Wm. Hanna, D.D., been devoted to the consideration of the treatment of each
LL.D. 12°, PP. 344.

. $1.50 disease. Busy Becs; or, Winter Evenings in Margaret Russel's

From Mr. Geo. Maclean, Phila.
School. 16°, pp. 391.


Color in Dress. A Manual for Ladies. By W. & G. From the College Courant, New Haven.

Audsley. Cr. 89, pp. 48. Half clo.....

50 C. The Correlation of Vital and Physical Forces. A Lecture del, before the Am. Institute, N. Y. (No. 2 of Uni

From Mr. J. Munsell, Albany. versity Series). By Prof. Geo. F. Barker, M.D. 12. Our Knowledge of California and the North-west Coast Pap.....

..25 c. One Hundred Years Since. By H. A. Homes, A.M. 8°, From Messrs. Duffie & Ohapman, Columbia, S. C.

pp. 20. Pap. Reynolds' Series of New Pictorial Readers and Spel Narrative of a Bear Hunt in the Adirondacks. By lers. 6 vols. 12", bds. Cont. : Elementary Spelling Verplanck Colvin. 8°, pp. 16. Pap. Book, 15 c. ;--Primary Reader, 25 c. ;-First Reader, Fungi. By C. H. Peck. 89, pp. 18. Pap. 40 C. ;--Second, 60 c. ;-Third, 80 c. ;-Fourth, hf. bd.


From the National Temperance Society, N. Y.
From Messrs. Fields, Osgood & Co., Boston.

Tom Blinn's Temperance Society, and Other Tales. By
T. S. Arthur. 12°, pp. 316. Clo..

The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches. By
Francis Bret Harte. 16", pp. iv, 239. Clo..... • $1.50 The Drinking Fountain Stories. Illustr. 16°, pp. 192.


Miscellanies by W. M. Thackeray. Vol. V. : Catherine,
Titmarsh among Pictures and Books, Fraser Miscellanies, From Messrs. T. B. Peterson & Bros., Phila.
Christmas Books, Ballads, etc. Household Edition. 16°,

The Banished Son; and Other Stories of the Heart. pp. Ili, 631. Clo...

By Mrs. C. L. Hentz. 12°, pp. 277

Clo. $1.75; pap.
From Mr. Andrew F. Graves, Boston.

$1.50 Little Addie's Library. By Cousin Bell.

The Macdermots of Ballycloran. A Novel By An32°. Cont. : Addie's Country Home; Addie's Visators;

thony Trollope. 12°, pp. 441. Clo. $1.75 : pap.... $1.50 Working for Mamma ; Addie's Brother : Addie's Birthday: The Sail on the River : Addie's Story Book ; The Lost Daughter; and Other Stories of the Heart. Laura's Garden ; The Lost Child ; Working for Papa ; By Mrs. C. L. Hentz. 12°, pp. 308. Clo., $1.75 ; pap. The Magic Lantern ; Addie's Party. Clo., in box. $3.00

$1.50 From Messrs. Harper & Bros., N. Y.

George Canterbury's Will. By Mrs. Henry Wood. The Bazar Book of Decorum. The Care of the Person, 89, pp. 266. Clo., $1.75; pap....

$1.50 Manners, Etiquette, and Ceremonials. 16°, pp. viii, 278.

The “Bab" Ballads. Much Sound and Little Sense. Clo......

$1.00 By W. S. Gilbert. With illustr. by the author. Sq. 12°, Sketches of Creation : a Popular View of some of the pp. 222. Clo., gilt edges....

$1.75 Grand Conclusions of the Sciences in reference to the History of Matter and of Life. Together with a State

From Messrs. Slote, Woodman & Co., N. Y. ment of the Intimations of Science respecting the Primor

Guide to Williams & Packard's System of Penmanship, dial Condition and the Ultimate Destiny of the Earth and for Teachers and Adepts. Obl. fol. pp. 59 of text, and the Solar System. By Alex. Winchell, LL.D. Illustr. 25 plates of copies. Clo.....

$2.50 12°, pp. 459. Clo....

. $2.00

From Messrs. Wm. White & Co., Boston. From Messrs. Hurd & Houghton, N. Y.

Helen Harlow's Vow. By Lois Waisbrooker. Haydn and Other Poems. By the Author of “Life

PP. 290.

Clo. Below." 16", pp. 161. Clo......


From W. J. Widdleton, N. Y. Nathan Read ; his Invention of the Multi-Tubular Boiler and Portable High-Pressure Engine, and Discovery of

Wit and Wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith, being Se. the True Mode of Applying Steam-Power to Navigation

lections from his Writings and Passages of his Letters and and Railways. A Contribution to the Early History of the

Table-Talk. With a Biographical Memoir and Notes by Steamboat and Locomotive Engine. By his Friend and

E. A Duyckinck. 89, PP. 458.

..$2.25 Nephew, David Read. 16°, pp. xvi, 201. Clo.

Sinai and Palestine in Connection with their History:
From Messrs. Lindsay & Blakiston, Phila.

By A. P. Stanley, D.D. New edition, with Maps and

$2.50 The Cell Doctrine : Its History and Present State. For

89, pp. lv, 535. Clo........ the use of Students in Medicine and Dentistry.

Also, a

From Messrs. A. Williams & Co., Boston. copious Bibliography of the subject. By James Tyson, MD. With a col. plate and other illustr. 89, pp. 150.

The Monks before Christ: Their Spirit and their His. Clo.......

... $2.00

tory. By J. E. Johnson. 16°, pp. xv, 144. Clo..$1.25 The author has “sought to obtain a continuous history of Miss MITFORD's unpublished papers, as all the evolution of the cell doctrine' up to its present state, without embarrassing his pages with a large number of iso

readers of her lately issued Memoirs will be delated facts. He has attempted, however, to secure a com- lighted to learn, prove to contain what the Athepleteness, and to make the work useful to physicians and others engaged in research, By careful rofcrcnces, and the

næum terms "a rich crop of literary anecdotes addition of a bibliography, which he has sought to make

and literary history." They are being prepared accurate and oxtended.

by Mr. H. F. Chorley for publication,

12 vols.







NOTES ON BOOKS AND AUTHORS. DISRAELI AND GLADSTONE.-The difference 0. T. and Only a Fiddler, two novels, in between the two representative party-leaders in press by Hurd & Houghton, will form vols. v. and England is not imperfectly shown by the books vi. of the author's edition of Hans C. Andersen's which they produce as the fruit of their parliamen- works. tary vacations Mr. Gladstone plunges into

Mr. Sylvestre, forming the third volume in Homer, and gives us Juventus Mundi. Mr. Disraelí sets his fancy and ingenuity to work, and will be ready in June,

the series of George Sand's Novels (Roberts), presents a novel. Mr. Gladstone is a scholar and a man of thought ; Mr. Disraeli is a genius and Words and their Uses, a book prepared a wit. If the former may be called the Edmund from the celebrated Galaxy articles on this subBurke of the day, the latter must be called the ject, by Richard Grant White, will be issued this Sheridan. But then Disraeli writes good novels, month by Sheldon & Co. and they find more readers than his rival's learned essays. The twenty-three years which have

Yonge's English-Greek Lexicon.-An interest. elapsed since his last novel appeared ought to ing incident in book-publishing should be noted in afford material for a romance as brilliant and fas- connection with the second day of April. That cinating as “Vivian Grey." His new work, morning the Harpers published the English-Greek Lethair

, is a satire on various social and political | Lexicon of C. D. Yonge, edited by Dr. Drisler follies

. The author has the ability to make it and Dr. Short, a work which has been in their just what one of its class should be--piquant, press just twenty years. The history of the vol. keen, witty, and readable.Boston Advertiser.

ume would involve the most important occurren

ces in the building-up of the immense business of Lothair has, simultaneously with its appear this publishing house ; the great fire; the erectior ance in England, been issued by the Appletons, of the new iron edifice in Franklin Square, &c., who have purchased the advance sheets at a high &c. Two of the partners have passed away, and price. "Lothair,” the hero, is a young English the younger members of the firm have grown up nobleman of the highest rank, who, left an or. from boys to men, while the English-Greek Lexi. phan at an early age, is intrusted to the care of con has been in preparation. In the mean time, two guardians, one a Scottish duke of the Presby- | the Harpers have often printed books of consideterian faith, and the other a cardinal of the rable magnitude, from title-page to colophon, Catholic Church. The plot turns, in part, on within a short night.-Chicago Post. the struggle between these opposing forces, and embraces, besides, Fenianism and various other The Virginia Tourist, Sketches of the piquant and interesting episodes.

Some of the Springs and Mountains of Virginia, and accounts prominent characters of the novel are Americans, of its Mineral Springs, with a medical guide to the and in the course of it the American sculptor

use of the waters, by E. A. Pollard, author of Story and his statues are very highly compli- The Lost Cause,” will shortly be issued by the mented.

Lippincotts, in a 12° vol., with engravings from

actual sketches. Hox. C. A. WASHBURN's work on Paraguay will give a complete history of that unhappy book in preparation by J. Disturnell, to be issued

Fifty Miles around New York,” a guide country, together with reminiscences of Mr. Washburn's own diplomatic career there in trou early in June, is to be embellished with maps and blesome times, and a survey of the resources of illustrations, and will contain descriptive sketches the

country, and its moral, social, political, and of all objects and places of interest, together with material condition and prospects. The book will the riflroad and steamboat routes to the summer be published by Lee & Shepard in two 8o vol- resorts within the radius of fifty miles from the umes, with numerous illustrations.

city. Out of the Past, by Parke Godwin, published Sheridan's Troopers on the Borders, a Winby Putnam, contains papers on Jeremy Bentham ter Campaign on the Plains, with Incidents of the and Law Reform, Journalism, Edward Living. War Path and the Chase, and Manners, Customs, stone and his Code, American Authorship, The and Traditions of the roaming Indians South of Last Half Century, The Works of American Arkansas, and with comments on the administraStatesmen, Comte, Goethe, Thackeray, Strauss, tion of Indian affairs, by De B. Randolph Keim, Raskin, Emerson, &c., &c.

is announced by Claxton, Remsen & Haffel. The life of Lord Palmerston, by Sir H. Bul- finger. wer, which will be made up greatly from his own Pro Aris et Focis, a Plea for our Altars and letters and journal, and which abounds in per, our Hearths, by the author of “Waiting for the sonal narrative, anécdote, etc., will be published Verdict,” is in press by Virtue & Yorston. by J, B. Lippincott & Co.

In Exitu Israel, by S. Baring Gould, is to Life and Letters of Hugh Miller, by Peter Bayne, M. A., also, Leading Articles on various be published by Macmilan & Co. subjects

, by H. Miller, edited by his son-in-law, Songs before Sunrise, the new volume of Rev. J. Davidson, are announced by Gould & poems by Świnburne ; and Dante G. Rossetti's Lincoln ; the latter also by Virtue & Vorston. Poems, have been published by Roberts Bros.

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Only work can make us free" is the key. OLIVER OPTIC (William T. Adams) goes to note to Spielhagen's masterwork, Hammer and Europe in June to obtain material for his second Anvil,

series of “Young America Abroad.” This series, The Lovers of Gudrun, by William Morris,

like the first, will be written from actual observa. the acknowledged masterpiece of the author, is tions, and not from the writings of others. published in separate form, price $1.00.

Chromos, Photographs, Engravings. Every Saturday will issue a series of full-page drawings by Eytinge, comprising some of the

L. PRANG & Co., Boston, announce A principal characters and scenes in Dickens's works, Friend in Suspense, by Sir E. Landseer, half and another series by Hennessey, representing chromo, size 113 x 83 inches ;-City Life, by De Booth in his most famous parts.

Vos; Country Life, by Ferd. Lautenberger,

Companions, full chromos, size 8 x 67 inches; and Hours at Home promises the Unpublished Letters by Charlotte Brontë, in several successive Vos, Companions, size 65 x 64 inches.

- Travelling Comedians, Nos. 1 and 2, by De numbers.

A. L. SEWELL & Co. publish a smaller chromo Prof. DeMille seems just now to be a favor of Beard's Red Ridinghood and the Wolf, size ite. Appletons' Journal and Harper's Bazar are 134 x 18, $6.00; the old chromo is of the same both publishing novels by him; he contributes to size as the original painting, 18 x 24, price two Boston papers, and also writes popular juve- $10.00. niles for Lee & Shepard. His last, just published, Colton, ZAHM & Roberts, 172 William is entitled “The Boys of Grand Prè School," a

Str., N. Y., publish a large chromo of Guido's continuation of “ The B. O. W. C."

Beatrice Cenci, the gem of the Barberini Palace
A new work by E. Marlitt, author of “ The at Rome.
Old Mam’selle's Secret,"
.” “Gold Elsie,” etc., is

J. GURNEY & SON, N. Y., have made a Superannounced by the Lippincotts.

Imperial picture of Agnes Ethel as Frou-Frou,

which is said to be one of the most exquisite speThe cheaper edition of Archbishop Stanley's Sinai and Palestine, issued by Widdleton to meet

cimens of photography. a popular demand, contains all the colored maps has received a fine assortment of German chromos.

A. K. P. Trask, 40 North 8th Str., Phila., and illustrations of the fine edition. A new novel by Florence Marryat is announced

SARONY & Co., N. Y., have lately added to by Loring; a new novel by Walworth, author of their collection of celebrities an admirable photoWarwick," —by Carleton,

graph of Longfellow. W. J. WIDDLETON is about to publish a cheap

Scott's portrait-bust of Edwin Booth as edition of Gilmore Simms' Romances, beginning

Hamlet has been photographed by Rockwood. with the first of the ever-popular “Historical Ro.

The reproduction is quite successful as a likemances of the American Revolution,” The Parti. san— the work that began the author's well

T. WHITTAKER, 3 Bible House, N. Y, pubknown series of historical writings, called the lishes Karl Lessing's famous two pictures: LuPartisan Novels, comprising also "Mellichampe," ther's Thesis Nailed to the Church Door in Wit“Katharine Walton,” “The Scout,” “Fora. tenberg, and Luther Burning the Pope's Bull, reyers,”

Eutaw," Woodcraft,” etc., carrying produced by photo-lithography with great fideiity the reader through the whole Revolutionary pe.

and skill. Size 26 x 21 inches, with titles in Eng. riod. Should the publication of this series in

lish and German, price $4.00 per pair, or single, cheap form meet with favor at the hands of the framed in black walnut, $5.00 each. public, they will be followed at short intervals by H. B. HALL & Co., 63 Fulton Str., N. Y., the « Border Romances” of the same author, have sent us their retail price list of fine steel enand those in turn by the remaining works to the gravings, mostly from pictures by Chappell, Landcompletion.

seer, Stewart, Ansdell, Hall, Herring, etc. The Dr. Stow.-A Memoir of the late Rev. Dr. prices are evidently very low, to judge from ChapStow is in preparation ; all interested in the book, pell's celebrated "- Washington at Home,” 24x18 and all who can aid the author by sending any

without margin, which only costs $3.00 plain, and facts or items of interest, or copies of letters writ

$5.00 India. Among their forthcoming issues we ten by him, will confer a great favor.

All com:

notice, at the same price, Chappell's Lincoln at

Home, to match the above ; also Washington and munications may be addressed to Mrs. Elizabeth

Martha as new pair, by Hall, 15x12, each $1.50 L. Stow, 20 Harrison Avenue, Boston.

and $3.00; and The Young Missionary, 124x9!, Rev. Dr. B. H. Nadal has undertaken the $1.00 and $2.00. preparation of the life of the late Dr. M'Clintock,

Morning Prayer, a beautiful chromo by his fellow professor at the Drew Theological Louis Kurtz, after a painting by John Phillips, has Seminary, and solicits the use of letters or other recently been published by E. X. Trafton, Chidocuments that may add to the completeness of

cago. his work.

Isn't it Funny?" is the title of an admiraMrs. PRENTISS's story, “Stepping Heaven ble chromo aster W. Fisher, published by W. H. ward(Randolph), has already sold to the num Tenney, and for sale by A. A. Childs & Co., ber of 6,000 copies.



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The Home Above is a beautiful engraving, re done away with, and neatly turned wood wickets presenting Faith clinging to the Cross and looking are substituted. Le Cercle is pronounced far suupward

. Published by Mrs. J. H. Thomas, perior to croquet by eminent judges, among them Phila.

Gov. Burnside, Chas, G Pickering, Esq., Jerome Birds of Prey, 12 fine pictures of birds, 54x47 C. Butler, and many others. inches, printed in oil, are for sale by M. Doolady, P. C. GODFREY, 119 Nassau St., N. Y., has g8 Nassau Str., N. Y.

the Parlor Air Pistol, which, by the use of com

pressed air, shoots, by one charging, 5 to 10 shots, Games, Toys, etc.

from 30 to 50 feet, accurate as a pistol. Price ADAMS & Co., Boston, have the Chameleon $3.50. Top. It consists of a heavy metallic disk, vari. ously colored, having a hollow stem, in which

MISCELLANEOUS. may be placed, while spinning, the bent wires CLAXTON, REMSEN & HAFFELFINGER pubaccompanying it, which, as they rapidly revolve, lish The Planter's Account Book, containing a assume the form of cups, vases, goblets, globes, simple form of accounts adapted to the wants of urns, &c. By simply touching the disk, its color Southern Planters, broad cap, 2 sizes, pp. 80, changes

, presenting every variety of beautiful $1.25; pp. 120, $1.50. They have nearly ready, shades and combination of tints. A round, tri- | The Household Treasury, a Blank Book for all colored card is placed upon one of the wires, and, who desire to preserve in a permanent form for if touched while spinning, gives a yet more won easy reserence the many valuable receipts for derful exhibition of colors, which constantly cooking, etc., obtained from friends and other change from centre to circumference. By revolving the top upside down, a fine specimen of the MURPHY & Co., Baltimore, publish Registers of Chromatrope

, or Chinese Fireworks, is wit. Matrimony and Baptism, prepared by order of the Dessed. This top will spin five minutes. Full Xth Provincial Council of Baltimore : Matrimoniappliances for running it, consisting of a porcelain orum Registrum ; and Baptismorum Registrum, saucer, handle, cord, wires, tri-colored card, dia ad Mentem Patrum Concilii Provincialis Baltigrams and directions in English, French, and morensis X. Concinnatum. These Registers, careGerman are enclosed with the top in a neat box; fully compared with printed forms in Latin, in price $1.50; if sent by mail, 63 cts, extra for pos conformity with the formula prescribed by the tage They also have a steamship, 47 x 1 inches; Roman Rituals, will be issued in neat style, in with boiler and fag; will steam and run for quar- | Books of a convenient size, and sold at low prices. ter of an hour, or longer. Advertised at $1.25.

A. D. F. RANDOLPH & Co. publish the PasBarlow's Musical Games and Descriptive tor's Register, by W. T. Beatty, a large blank Pamphlet, by which the science of music can be book, containing such a register for sermons and taught in a very amusing and progressive manner, places preached, of baptisms, communicants, visits, are published and for sale by J. P. King & Co., funerals, etc., as will commend itself to any me113 East 4th Str., N. Y. Price 50 c.

thodical man; and a Duplicate Certificate Book, D. B. Brooks & Bro., 55 Washington Str., for the use of churches which dismiss members, and Boston, have now ready their new and fascinating will by its use retain the names in the side after the Field Game Le Cercle, which is said to admit of certificate has been torn off, like a check from a much more variety and far greater skill in play, check-book. Their Pastor's Visiting Book (price ing than Croquet, and also can be set up and $1.00) ought to be in the pocket of every pastor. played to advantage (when required) on about They also have a Relief Map of Palestine, 10x8 half the space ordinarily used for Field Croquet. inches, intended to show the Holy Land as' it is: It consists of 6 stakes with cross-bars, 1 ball at the hills, mountains, valleys, etc., in their exact tachet to each end, and nearly touching the appearance, in folio paper, $1; and in black wal. ground ; 12 Wicket Pins ; 6 Playing Balls; 6 Mal nut or gilt frame, $1.50. lets ; i large ball with stake, for centre of circle ; I starting post; I score table with 6 dials.

JUST READY. Wickets are numbered from 1 to 6, cross-bar

Antonia. A Novel. From the French of George Sand. stakes the same, balls attached to cross-bars are By Virginia Vaughan. 12° (Roberts.) Clo., $1.50. numbered from 1 to 12. The patented ball shaped

Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection,

Series of Essays. By A. R. Wallace, author of “The or spherical mallet is a new and important fea

Malay Archipelago (Macmillan.) Co., $2.00. ture, and will eventually supersede the old style Five Thousand a year ; and How I Made it in Five croquet mallet when its merits become known, - Years Time, Starting Without Capital. By Edward Mit

chell. 12o. (Loring.) Pap., 38 c. round bat, with all skilful base ball players , has wholly taken the place of the old

F. Spielhagen. By Wm. Hand Browne. (Leypoldt square-sided bat. Being a perfectly round ball & Holt.) Clo., $2,00. placed on a handle, it balances nicely in the hand,

Life of Count Bismarck. From the German of Dr.

Geo. Hesekiel. Illustr. (Harper.) Co.,$3,0O. and cannot strike the foot in playing. It is also Lothair. A Novel By B. Disraeli. 12o. (Appleton.) less liable to deface the balls. Another peculiar Clo., $2.00. 89. Pap., $1.00. ity of the game is the swinging balls, 12 in num

Miss Van Kortland. A Novel. By the author of " 'My ber, handsomely painted and numbered, which,

Enemy's Daughter. 80, (Harper.) $1.06,

Only a Girl; or, A Physician for the Soul. A Romance. when struck by the players' ball ever so lightly,

From the German of W. v. Hillern. By Mrs. A. L. Wister. will vibrate like a pendulum, and immediately in 12o. (Lippincott.) $2.00. dicate which ball was struck.

Put Yourself in his Place. (See Reade in Alphab. List.) The iron wickets

Yonge's English-Greek Lexicon. Ed. by Prof. H. Dris of which ladies complain so much in croquet are ler and Chas. Short. 89. (Harper.)


as the prese

Hammer and Anvil.

A Novel

From the German of


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APPLETON'S JOUR.VAL publishes* the following Maurice, 64; Harrison Ainsworth, 64; George list of the ages of living authors: Gulian C. Ver- Borrow, 65; Robert Chambers, 67; William planck, 87; Richard H. Dana, 83; George Tick. Chambers, 69 ; Barry Cornwall, 70; J. P. Planché, nor and Charles Sprague, 78; John Neal, 76; 73; Rev. G. B. Gleig, 73; George Grote, 75; J. John P. Kennedy, 75; Sarah J. Hale, 74; William P. Collier, 80;-French: Taine, 41; About, 46; Cullen Bryant, 73; Stephen H. Tyng, Francis Renan and Erekmann, 47 ; Chatrian, 43 ; Octave Lieber, and George Bancroft, 70; William H. Feuillet, 57; Laboulaye, 58;- German : Spiel. Seward and Catherine E. Beecher, 69; Lydia M. hagen, 40; Elise Polko, 43; Mosenthal, 48; Child and Leonard W. Bacon, 68 ; Ralph Waldo Freytag and Hackländer, 53; Geibel, 54; Dingel. Emerson, 67 ; Horace Bushnell and George stedt and Louise Mühlbach (Mundt), 55 ; AuerD. Prentice, 66; William Gilmore Simms bach, 57 ; Gutzkow, 58 ; Freiligrath and Fritz and M. F. Maury, 64; Theodore S. Fay, Reuter, 59 ;-Danish: Andersen, 64 ;–Norwe. John G. Whittier, Louis Agassiz, and H. W. gian: Bj rnston, 37. Longfellow, 62; James Freeman Clarke, Isaac McLellan, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, 60;

A paragraph, lately published, giving the ages of Charles Sumner, Horace Greeley, and Alfred B.

American poets, suggests a statement of their Street, 59; Harriet Beecher Stowe and Samuel property, and how in each case it was acquired : Osgood, 58; C. R. Cranch and John S. Dwight,

BRYANT is reputed worth $500,000, made chiefly 57; J. T. Headley, W. H. C. Hosmer, H. T. | by journalism; LONGFELLOW is estimated at Tuckerman, Henry W. Bellows, Henry Ward $200,000, the gift of his father-in-law, NATHAN Beecher, and E. H. Chapin, 56; Richard H.

APPLETON, besides the very considerable profit of Dana, Jr., and John Lothrop Notley, 55; John his poems; HOLMES is rated at $100,000, herediG. Saxe and Epes Sargent, 54; E. A. Duyckinek tary property, increased by lecturing, and literaand Parke Godwin, 53; James T. Fields, John

ture; WHITTIER, who iives frugally, is worth Bigelow, and Arthur Cleveland Coxe, 52; William $30,000, inherited and earned by his popular pen ; E. Channing, Henry Giles, Mrs. E. V. South Saxe is reputed worth $70,000, inherited and worth, Mrs. E. F. Ellet, F. S. Cozzens, E. P.

earned in law, lecturing, and literature; LOWELL Whipple

, and James Russell Lowell, 51; Julia is said to be worth $30, coo or $40,000, herediWard Howe, Thomas W. Parsons, C. A. Bristed, tary and acquired in his chair as Professor in Harand Herman Melville, 50; T. B. Read, Samuel vard College; Boker is rich by inheritance, and Eliot, J. G. Holland, and Edward Everett Hale, worth probably $100,000; BAYARD TAYLOR is a 48; Alice Cary, William R. Alger, James Parton, literature, lecturing, and dividends from his Tri.

man of independent property—the profits of his
and Donald G. Mitchell, 47 ; Francis Parkman
and George W. Curtis, 46; Richard H. Stoddard, bune stock. Verily our American poets are a
George Hl. Boker, Bayard Taylor, and Charles G. prosperous set of fellows !~Harper's Bazar.
Leland, 45; Mary A. Denison and Charles L.

ON good authority it is stated that Anthony
Brace, 43; Paul H. Hayne, Mary L. Booth, and | Trollope has accumulated $250,000 ; Thomas
William Croswell Doane, 38; William Swinton, Carlyle $150,000; and Charles Reade more than
36; Ellen Louise Chandler and James Grant either.
Wilson, 35; Thomas B. Aldrich and E. S. Rand,

The whole amount received by Miss Auster
Jr., 33. English and French.-François P. G. for her novels was £700; just one-tenth of the
Guizot, 83; Charles Knight and Victor Cousin,

sum paid for one work (Romola) to George Eliot. 79; Sir John Bowring, 77; Thomas Carlyle and William Howitt, 74; M. A. Thiers, 73; Emile

Since the year 1835, George Sand has received de Girardin, Victor Hugo, and Barry; 68; Benja- Every new volume of between three and four

from her publishers upwards of a million of francs.
min Disraeli, Sir Lytton Bulwer, Harriet Mar-
tineau, and Alexander Dumas, 67; Mary Howitt hundred pages which she writes is worth from
and George Sand, 66; W.E. Gladstone, 61; | fifteen to twenty thousand francs to her.
Alfred Tennyson, 60; Louis Blanc, Charles Justin M'Carthy, according to a statement
Dickens, Robert Browning, and Charles Mackay, in a London paper, is earning $10,000 a year in
57; Charles Reade, 55; William H. Russell and this country, “what between literature, journal.
Anthony Trollope, 53; Tom Taylor, 52; Rev. ism, and lecturing.
Charles Kingsley and John Ruskin, 50; Wilkie FANNY FERN is said to be paid $5,000 annual,
Collins, 45; Matthew Arnold, 44; and James ly for her exclusive contributions to the New York
Hannay, 42.

We add, from another source, the following
English authors: Henry Kingsley, 39; George George D. Prentice's poems includes a life of their

The plan of the proposed publication of Mr.
Meredith, 41; John Hollingshead, 42; George author, composed of contributions from his most
Augustus Sala, 43; J. A. Froude, 51; intimate friends. Mr. John G. Whittier, Mr.
Capatin Mayne Reid, 51; Arthur Helps, Rufus Prentice, Dr. T. S. Bell, Mr. Fortunatus
51; G. W. Lewes, 52;, Charles Darwin, Cosby, Mr. Paul R. Shipman, and Mr. Henry
53 ; Shirley Brooks, 53; Charles Reade, 55; Watterson are to contribute papers on different
John Forster, 57; John Oxenford, 57; A. W. biographical, literary, political, and professional
Kinglake, 58; Dr. John Brown, 59; John Hill points in the career of the dead journalist

. Burton, 60; Lord Houghton, 60; Mark Lemon,

PROF. TAYLER LEWIS writes of Dr. F. W.
Edward Miall, 60; Charles Lever, 62; John
Stuart Mill, 62; Lord Lytton, 64; Professor Upham's new work on “The Wise Men : Who

They Were," as a work of learning and genius, * This paragraph has been crowded out for several months. written in a style clear, impressive, and brilliant.


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