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Department Bulletin

No. 3




PLAN OF THE CONVOCATION OF 1905 In the plan of the University Convocation for 1905 it was determined to depart from the miscellaneous program of previous years and to give the entire time of the meeting to the intensive study and consideration of one subject. To warrant this procedure, the subject had to be of vital interest and acknowledged timeliness to the educational and general public.

In conference with the Convocation Council it was agreed that the one topic which overshadows all others in public interest is the industrial and commercial development of this country and the training which should be given our youth in the public schools, colleges, universities and special schools to best fit them for the changing conditions which the 20th century is bringing upon us.

The subject seems naturally to fall into three subdivisions; viz, Education for Commerce, Education for the Trades and Other Industries, and Education for Agriculture; the arrangement of the program and the selection of speakers were made accordingly.

It was desired that the leading papers be followed by thorough discussion. Many of the leading educators of the State were asked to participate, but there was no preferment on the program and all were invited to give their aid, in the hope of securing practical suggestions for the use of our school and college curriculums.


Wednesday afternoon, June 28

The Ten Eyck

3 p. m. Informal gathering at headquarters
4 p. m. Executive session of Convocation Council

Wednesday evening, Court of Appeals 7.30 p. m. Registration 8 p. m. Announcements

Dean JAMES E. RUSSELL, for Convocation Council

Prayer by Rev. D. O. MEARS D.D. 8.15 p. m. Chancellor's address

Regent DANIEL BEACH Ph.D. LL. D. 9.30 p. m. Informal reception in the State Library

All members of the convocation and guests were cordially invited to meet the Regents of the University and the Commissioner of Education.

Thursday morning, June 29, Court of Appeals 9 a. m. Registration 9.30 a. m. Announcements

Dean James E. RUSSELL, for Convocation Council Presentation of the subject of the convocation by

President EDMUND J. JAMES LL.D., University of Illinois Address: The Teacher and the Business Man

President CHARLES D. McIVER, State Normal and Industrial

College, Greensboro N. C.
Discussion led by
CHEESMAN A. HERRICK Ph.D., Director School of Commerce,


Thursday afternoon, June 29, Senate chamber, 3 p. m.

EDUCATION FOR THE TRADES AND OTHER INDUSTRIES Report of committee on consolidation of state organizations

DR GEORGE P. BRISTOL, Cornell University, Chairman Address: Industrial Education from a Layman's Point of View Hon. ROBERT C. OGDEN, New York, Chairman Southern Edu

cation Board

Discussion on how to fit industrial training into our courses of

study led by
Dean James E. RUSSELL, Teachers College, New York

Thursday evening, June 29, Senate chamber, 8 p, m.

EDUCATION FOR COMMERCE Address: A New College Degree Hon. FRANK A. VANDERLIP, Vice President, National City

Bank, New York, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Address: Education for Commerce in the Far East

Prof. J. W. JENKS, Cornell University

Friday morning, June 30, Senate chamber, 9.30 a, m. Announcements

Dean JAMES E. RUSSELL, for Convocation Council


Address: Agricultural Education in America and its Importance

to the Commonwealth and the Nation Dean W. A. HENRY, Director of Agricultural Experiment

Station, University of Wisconsin Address Hon. W. M. Hays, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Wash

ington D. C. Address: Ways and Means of Fitting Education for Agriculture

into the School Curriculum
Pres. John R. Kirk, State Normal School, Kirksville Mo.
Discussion led by
Prof. L. H. BAILEY, Cornell University


The opening session of the convocation was held in the chamber of the Court of Appeals on the evening of June 28 and was opened by prayer by the Rev. Dr David O. Mears.

Following the prayer the annual address of the Chancellor of the University was delivered by Senior Regent Daniel Beach Ph.D. LL.D.

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