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$ 207 Board of examiners; examination; fees. Upon the taking effect of this act, the New York State Nurses Association shall nominate for examiners 10 of their members who have had not less than five years' experience in their profession, and at each annual meeting of said association thereafter, two other candidates. The Regents of the University of the State of New York shall appoint a board of five examiners from such list. One member of said board shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years. Upon the expiration of the term of office of any examiner the said Regents shall likewise fill the vacancy for a term of five years and until his or her successor is chosen. An unexpired term of an examiner caused by death, resignation or otherwise, shall be filled by the Regents in the same manner as an original appointment is made. The said. Regents, with the advice of the board of examiners above provided for, shall make rules for the examination of nurses applying for certification under this act, and shall charge for examination and for certification a fee of $5 to meet the actual expenses, and shall report annually their receipts and expenditures under the provisions of this act, to the State Comptroller, and pay the balance of receipts over expenditures to the State Treasurer. The said Regents may revoke any such certificate for sufficient cause after written notice to the holder thereof and hearing thereon. No person shall thereafter practise as a registered nurse under any such revoked certificate.

§ 208 Waiver of examinations. The Regents of the University of the State of New York, may upon the recommendation of said board of examiners, waive the examination of any persons possessing the qualifications mentioned in section 206, who shall have been graduated before, or who are in training at the time of, the passage of this act and shall hereafter be graduated, and of such persons now engaged in the practice of nursing as have had three years' experience in a general hospital prior to the passage of this act, who shall apply in writing for such certificate within three years after the passage of this act, and shall also grant a certificate to any nurse of good moral character, who has been engaged in the actual practice of nursing for not less than three years next prior to the passage of this act who shall satisfactorily pass an examination in practical nursing within three years hereafter.

$ 209 Violations of this article. Any violation of this article shall be a misdemeanor. When any prosecution under this article is made on the complaint of the New York State Nurses Association, the certificate of incorporation of which was filed and recorded in the office of the secretary of state on the second day of April, 1902 the fines collected shall be paid to said association and any excess in the amount of fines so paid over the expenses incurred by said association in enforcing the provisions of this article shall be paid at the end of each year to the Treasurer of the State of New York.


Abolition of libraries, 25.

! Approval, of books, 25; of library
Absences, from Regents meetings, transfers, 23; of acceptance of

9-10; from trustees meetings, 19. ! library gifts, 21.
Absolute charters, see Charters. Archives in State Library, 11.
Academic certificates, see Certificates. , Art associations, incorporation, 15.
Academic departments, defined in Associations, transfers of libraries by,

University law, 8; grants, 14. i 23. See also Charters.
Academic diplomas, see Diplomas. Attendance grants from academic
Academic examinations, law author- fund, 27.

izing, 11; admission to, it; fees,

B.D.S. degree, see Dental degrees.
Academic fund, laws, 14-15, 27; de- i Bar, admission to, see Law, practice

ficiency, 15, 27; quota, 27. See of.
also Literature fund.

Bequests, limitation, 35; protection
Academic students, grants on at of, 36; of certain personal property
tendance, 27.

exempt, 40; how used, 24. See
Academic year, 44.

also Property; Trusts.
Academies, term defined, 8; may Birds, certificates to collect for

establish separate departments 15; i scientific purposes, 28-29.
dissolution, 31-33; incorporation, i Boards of estimate and apportion-
15; may hold real estate, 15. ment may establish library, 21.
See also Academic fund; Charters; ! Boards of examiners, see Dental
Secondary school libraries; Trus- i examiners; Medical examiners;

Nurses examiners; Public account-
Acceptance of library gifts, 21.

ant examiners; Veterinary ex-
Accountants, see Public accountants. ! aminers.
Accumulation of trust funds, 37. Bond of Secretary, 9.
Acts repealed, 25, 27, 65.

| Books, Regents may buy for li-
Admission to examinations, II.

braries, 24; standard for local sub-
Advice from State Library, 24.

sidies, 21; transfers of state books,
Albany Medical College, gift to state 13; wilful detention, 23; bought
medical library, 12.

with public money: approved, 25;
Amendment, of Regents ordinances : forfeiture of grants, 23; return

or bylaws, 10; of charters, 16; of, 15, 25. See also Loans; Public
of trustees, bylaws etc., 20.

library grants; State Library.
Apparatus, loans for extension work, Books and apparatus grants, laws,

II. See also Books and apparatus. 15, 27.
Appointment of University em- | Botanist, state, member of museum
ployees, 5, 10.

staff, 13.
Apportionment, see Grants.

| Branch institutions, establishment
Appropriations, for State Library, 12. ! restricted, 17.

See also Academic fund; Funds; Branch libraries, authorized, 21.
Public library grants.

Branches of State Library, 13.

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Bulletins, issued by Regents, 14; ! Commissioner of Education, election, receipts from sales, 24.

5; powers, 5-6; salary, 5; sucBusiness schools, use of name college, i cessors in office, 5; term of office, 17.

5; traveling expenses, 5; vacancy, Bylaws, Regents, power to make, in office, how filled, 5.

alter or repeal, 10; license ex- Commissioners, school, see School aminers power to make, 47, 57, 67- commissioners.

68; trustees power to make, 20. ! Committees, of medical examining C.P.A., use of abreviation, 74. See board, 47. See also Executive also Public accountants.

committee. Capital stock, taxation, 29-30. Common council, authority to esCertificates, of appointment on state tablish libraries, 21.

examining boards, 47, 6768; con Common school fund, inviolable, 3; ferment by Regents, II; of dis L disposition of revenues, 3. solved academy stock, 33-34; pro- Common school libraries, transfers, vision against fraud, 17; trustees 23. See also Secondary school libpower to confer, 20. See also raries. Credentials.

Common schools, maintenance, 3. Certified public accountants, see | Constitution, state, extracts from, 3. Public accountants.

29. Chancellor of University, election, Construction, of University law, 26; 9; term, 9; oath, 9; duties, 9. i

of medical law, 54; of dental law, Charitable corporations, bequests to, ! 62; of veterinary law, 72.

35; exemptions from taxation, Contract, for library privileges, 21.

38-40. See also Corporations. Corporations, bequests to, 35; disCharters, University: 15; alteration solution, 16; extension of business

or repeal, 16; conditions of granting, I restricted, 17; incorporation by 17; library, 15, 22; property re

special act forbidden, 29; libraries quirements, 17; substitute, 16; transferred by, 23; management, surrender of, 17; suspension, 14,

30; property holding, 30; pur16, 17;

poses of forming, 29; appointprovisional:15-16; give no power

ment of receivers, 16, 31; certain to confer degrees, 16;

must be created by Regents, 29; restrictions: on location, 17; i taxes, 29-30; exempt from taxadegree-conferring power, 17; estab.. tion, 38-40. See also Charters; lishment of branches, 17. See also

Institutions of University. Corporations.

Counterfeiting credentials, 18, 54, 63Circulating libraries, see Free public 64, 73. libraries.

County treasurer, trustee of unCirculation,'subsidies granted on, 21. claimed academy stock, 34. Cities. may establish libraries. 21. Court of Appeals, libraries, 42; rules 42; may hold trusts, 37.

for law students, 43-44. Collections, see Scientific collections. I Courts, jurisdiction on dental cases, Colleges, term defined, 8; degree- 04.

conferring power, 17; diminished Credentials, for extension work, II; trust funds, 38; incorporation, 15;

fraudulent, 17, 54, 63-64, 73; Reconditions for incorporation, 17;

gents may confer, II; trustees use of name. 17. 44: may hold may confer, 20. See also Certifitrusts, 36; waterworks and sewer' cates; Diplomas. systems, 40-42.

Creditors of academy, notice to, 33; Colonial history in Regents custody, i claims, 33. I 2.

| Cumulative credit for English, 50.

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