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must be qualified, 113; equal rights institutions under compulsory edu-
for, 185.

cation law, 125; between school
Commissioner of Education, election, districts for education of pupils,

4; powers, 5; powers of Superin 1067; copy filed with State Super-
tendent of Public Instruction and intendent for education of pupils,
Secretary of Regents to be exer 106; reports of trustees and
cised by, 5; to appoint assistants boards concerning districts under,
under compulsory education law, 107; for tuition, districts making
126; to apportion education fund.

to receive quota, 106.
196; to distribute library moneys, Conveyance of pupils, 38–39.
183; to approve plans of school Copies of records etc., under seal,
houses, 41-42; salary and expenses,

evidence, 9, 102.
4; successors in office, term of, 4;

Cornell University, State Superin-
term of office, 4; vacancy in office,

tendent a trustee of, 9; state
how filled, 4; may withhold public

scholarships in, 96-99.
money for failure to comply with

Corporal punishment, see Discipline.
compulsory education law, 126.
For other powers, see Superin-

Corporate authorities, to raise sums
tendent of Public Instruction,

voted at special meetings for alter-

ations, improvements
Common school fund, 12, 195.

etc., 72;

board of education in cities and
Common schools, inspectors, 9; State
Superintendent to visit, 9.

villages to certify anticipated

also School districts.

expenditures to, 72; must levy tax
Common schools, meetings in, see

as certified, 72; may levy tax in
School meetings.

one sum or by instalments, 72;
Compensation, see Salary.

have no power to withhold sums
Comptroller, may withhold payment

certified, 72; power to borrow.
of moneys to counties, 11-12;

money, 73.
duties relating to education fund,

Costs of actions against school offi-

cers, 103.
Compulsory education, subjects to

Counties, apportionment to, 13, 14.
be taught under, 120; Indian chil-

County clerk, public money certi-
dren on reservations, 190-94; law,

fied to, 15; to give notice of va-
full text of, 120–26.

cancy in office of school commis-
- Condemnation, schoolhouse by school sioner, 25; to forward to State

commissioner, 27; proceedings for Superintendent certificate of elec-
acquiring site, 90.

tion of school commissioners, 25;
Contingent fund, established, 13;

to file oath of office of school com-
supplementary apportionment to

missioner, 25; school commis-
be paid from, 15; money from

sioner to file trustees' reports and
to be paid separate neighborhoods,

commissioners' abstracts with, 29.

County judge, may appoint person
Contracts, between board of educa- ! to distribute public money, 18;

tion and teachers, 81, 107; with to determine amount of costs in
other cities and districts under certain cases, 103; to hear and
compulsory education law, 125; determine appeal on refusal of
conveying pupils, 38–39; misde- ! district to vote tax for costs, 103-5;
meanor for trustee or member of may impose penalty, 29; may fill
board of education to be inter vacancy in office of school com-
ested in, 83, 159; with private missioner, 25.

County treasurer, to be furnished | District attorney shall report fines with certificate of apportionment, and penalties to boards of super17; to credit fines and penalties visors, 20. to school moneys, 20; shall add District clerk, duties, 46–47; elecunappropriated library money to tion, 36; election, Section 7 of succeeding year, 99; shall apply title 8 relating to not to apply to for public money, 15; public certain towns, 90; to call special money certified to, 15; to furnish election in districts of over 300, school commissioners with amount 40-41; duties in election in disreported by supervisors, 16; to. tricts of 300, 77; to notify perfurnish school commissioners with sons elected or appointed to office, amount of fines and penalties, 16; 45; to record result of election as to sue bond of supervisor, 18; announced by inspectors in disshall require bond of supervisor, tricts of 300, 78; to give notice 18; to pay amount of uncollected of meeting, 34; to call special taxes to collector, 61.

meeting when annual meeting is Course of study, trustees to pre not held, 34; penalty for refusing scribe in common schools, 52;

to record names in districts of board of education to prescribe over 300, 40, 77; penalties for in union schools, 79.

failure to preserve and deliver

records, 47; penalties for failure Deaf and dumb, institutions for, to report officers elected to town 115-16.

clerk, 47; to keep poll list in disDecisions of State Superintendent, tricts of over 300, 40; removal

public money may be withheld from district, 33; duties in separfor disobedience of, 11; final, 89, ate neighborhoods, 118, 119; to 101. See also Appeals.

administer oath to teachers, 55; Declaration of voters, see Voters. teachers to deliver register to, 49; Deficiency, district to vote tax for, term of office, 44; trustee not.

eligible to office of, 44; trustees to Deputy superintendent, appoint file bond of treasurer with, 48; ment and salary, 8; to act in case vacancy in office, how filled, 46; of vacancy in office of State Su notice of appointment to fill vaperintendent, 8-9; chief clerk may cancy to be filed with, 46.

be appointed second deputy, 181. | District meetings, see School meetDiplomas, indorsement by Superin ings. tendent, 1o.

District officers, election, 35-36; elecDiscipline, trustees to prescribe rules tion in districts over 300, 39; elec

for in common schools, 52; board tion disputes, how decided, 41; of education to prescribe rules for subject to fine for refusal to serve, in union schools, 79; corporal 46; subject to fine for wilful neglect

punishment, when permitted, 158. of duty, 46; penalty for refusal to Disorderly persons, truants pro make report, 34: powers and ceeded against as, 125.

duties, 33-36; proceedings when Dissolution of school districts, in annual meeting not held, 34;

common school districts, by com qualifications, 44, 71-72; resignamissioners, 31; common school tions, 47; term of office, 41, 44; districts adjoining union school length of term when elected as districts, 88; union school dis special meeting, 34-35; vacancies tricts, method of procedure, 86–87. in office, 45, 46.


District quotas, 13; districts en-

titled to, 13-14.
District treasurer, how appointed in

union school districts, 70; bond, 37,
71; to receive proceeds of sale of
bonds, 47; compensation in union
school districts, 70; to pay money
only on drasts, 85; duties, 47-48;
election, 36; eligibility, 36; pay-
ment of moneys to, 47, 85; quali-
fications, 70; to receive all money
from supervisors in union schools,
22; to be paid money for teachers'
wages by supervisor, 22; term of
office, 36, 44; trustee to notify
treasurer and State Superintendent
of failure to pay money, 55-56;
trustee not eligible to office of, 44;
vacates office by failure to give
bond, 45, 71; vacancy in office of,
how filled in union school districts,
71; vacancy supplied by appoint-
ment of trustee, 45, 46.
Districts, excluded, allowance to, 14.
Drawing, free instruction to be

given, 110-11; evening schools for
instruction in, 110.

sioners, 28; state certificates, 10;
for state scholarships in Cornell

University, 97.
Executive sessions, board of educa-

tion may hold, 84.
Exemptions, clerk in certain

counties, in manner of election, 90;
Brooklyn not exempt from provis-

ions of title 9, 91.
Exemptions from taxation, 60, 80,

140, 149-52; dwelling house and
land owned by religious corpora-
tions, 149; pay, bounty and pen-
sion money of soldiers and sailors
and real property purchased there-
with, 152; real property of re-
ligious, charitable and educational

corporations, 149-50.
Expenditures, vote on, 38.

Education fund, 195-96.
Educational qualifications, office in

common school districts, 44; office

in union school districts, 72.
Employment of children, under com-

pulsory education law, 122-23; in

street trades prohibited, 174.
Employment of teachers, see Teach-

Enumeration, see Census.
Estimates, accounts and expendi-

tures, by State Superintendent, 10;
board to present estimate of ex-
penditures to annual meeting, 83;
evening schools for instruction in

drawing, 111.
Evidence, copies of, seal evidence

equal with original, 9, 102.
Examinations, in physiology and

hygiene, 109; use of school build-
ing for, 29; by school commis-

Fees, see Salary and fees.
Fines and penalties, apportionment

of, 16; when apportioned by State
Superintendent, 20; refusal of
clerk to record names of voters, 40,
77; neglect of clerk to preserve
records, 47; for violation of com-
pulsory education law, 121, 123;
for the benefit of counties, 20; dis-
trict attorney to report, 20; refusal
of district clerk to deposit records
with town clerks, 32; for neglect of
district clerk to report to town
clerk officers elected, 47; for failure
of district officers to report, 34; for
neglect or refusal of district officers
to perform duties, 46; for refusal of
district officers to serve, 46; draw-
ing draft on supervisor in certain
cases, 159; entering building un-
lawfully, 159-60; altering or chang-
ing entries, forgery in third degree,
160; disobedience of fire drill law,
186; failure of teacher to attend
institute, 93-94; for failure to close
school during institute, 93-94; in
joint districts, 21; for wilful neglect
or refusal to deliver books to libra-
ries, ior; disturbing lawful meet-
ings, 158; misappropriation etc.

and falsification of accounts by states, 189; board may hold for public officers, 158-59; refusal to use of districts, 80; not invalid for serve notice, 33; neglect of public want of competent trustee, 19; officers, 158; neglect or refusal of Legislature to control exclusively, officers to sue for, shall forfeit 19; to libraries, 100; to libraries amount of, 102; attempting to and other educational institutions, prevent officers from doing duty, 190; local boards of normal schools 157; resisting officers, 157; refusal may hold, 173; real and personal of officers to surrender to successor, estate for use of common schools, 157; to be paid to county treasurer, 18-19; State Superintendent to 20; to whom paid, 29; violation of supervise, 19; trustees to render physiology law, 109; injury to accounting to State Superintendrecords and misappropriation by ent, 19. ministerial officers, 158; to be re- | Globes, district to vote tax for, 37; ported to school commissioner, trustees may purchase, 54. 22-23; school commissioner to Gospel and school lots, supervisor to publish school books, sell furniture report to State Superintendent, or receive gifts, 26; disobeying sub 19-20; State Superintendent to poena of school commissioner, 29; report in regard to, 20; supersued for by supervisor, 22-23, suits visors made trustees of, 21; sold for, 103; making false statements in under certain conditions, 179. reference to taxes, 159; violating Gospel fund to be apportioned by textbook law, 105; trustees for supervisors, 179. paying unqualified teacher, 49; Graduates of normal schools, see trustees for issuing order when no Normal school diplomas. money is in collector's hands, 52, Grants, see Library moneys; School 53; neglect or refusal of trustee to moneys. account, 56; for failure of trustees to care for code, 106;trustees inter Health and decency acts, 53, 81. ested in contracts, 159; illegal vot High school, see Academic departing, 35-36, 40, 77; failure of dis ments. trict and trustee to provide water | Holidays, part of school term, 13; closets, 53, 81-82.

defined, 155; anniversary day in Fire drills, laws requiring, 185-86. Brooklyn schools, 156. Fire escapes, trustees and boards of

education to provide, 53-54, 82. Incorporated villages, see Villages. Fires, trustees to provide for build | Indebtedness, see Bonded indebteding, 54.

ness. Flag to be displayed on school Indians, not admitted to common grounds, 17778.

schools, 48; appropriation of pubForest preserve, assessment and tax lic money for, 13, 114; not ination of land in, 140.

cluded in census, 57; enumeration Fuel, district to furnish, 37; board

of children to be taken, 114; exof education to provide, 80.

penditures, vouchers and receipts Furniture, district to furnish, 37; to

to be filed with State Superintendbe kept insured, 37, 79; board of ent, 114; protection to title of education to provide, 8o.

land, 114; may be appointed to

normal schools, 172–73; on resGifts, 18-19; acceptance by state of ervations, compulsory education

bonds, warrants etc., from other of, 190-94; State Superintendent

to provide for education of, 9; , and proper care of books, 100;
State Superintendent to employ teacher to be, 100; trustee not
superintendent of Indian schools, eligible, 44.
113; State Superintendent to re-

Libraries, school: public libraries
quire reports of superintendents may take books of district libraries,
of Indian schools, 114; State 100; persons having books in pos-
Superintendent to report concern session to deliver them to proper
ing, 114.

authorities, 100; penalty for re-
Indorsement of diplomas and state fusal to deliver books, 101; when
certificates, 10.

board of education may retain
Industrial training, 111-12; in tru dictionaries etc., 100; gifts may
ant schools, 125.

be received for, 100, 190; inspec-
Inspection of schools, by school com-

tion by school commissioner, 27;
missioner, 27; by State Superin-

insurance, 51, 79; law, all existing
tendent, 9, 86; by boards of edu provisions applicable, 100; release
cation, 84.

of school authorities concerning,
Inspectors, common school, State

100; required books, 99; rules for
Superintendent may appoint, 9;

management, 100; shall not be
compulsory education law, 126;

used as a public circulating library,
training class, 06.

99; public not entitled to use of
Inspectors of election, common

school library, 101; to be kept in
school district, 36; district of

school building, 99; state teachers
over 300, 39, 77; canvass vote, 78. library, 181-82; board of educa-
Institute conductors, State Super-

tion may transfer to free public
intendent to appoint, 91.

library, 100, 101.
Institutes, see Summer institute;

Library moneys, acts relating to,
Teachers institutes.

181-83; apportionment, 13, 16,
Insurance, board of education to

99, 183; requirements for share
insure schoolhouse, apparatus etc.,

in apportionment, 99; apportioned
79; of library, 51; normal school

by school commissioner, 16; ex-
property, 17172, 174; trustee to

penditure, 99; gifts may be re-
insure school property, 37, 50-51. ceived for, 100; to be paid by

supervisor, 22; set apart by
Janitor, trustee to provide, 54.

school commissioners, 16; tax for
Joint districts, see School districts. raising, 37, 100; disposition of
Judge, see County judge.

unapportioned moneys, 99; may
Judgment for teachers' wages, how

be withheld from district or city
satisfied, 38.

using library money for other pur-

poses, 101.
Kindergartens, free, ; pupils en-

Liquors, not to be sold near school-
titled to share in public money, 17.

house, 2014-2.
Literature fund, 84, 195.

Loans, charge upon counties, 12;
Labor law, act amending, 174–75.

State Superintendent and State
Lanterns and slides for visual instruc-

Treasurer may borrow money
tion, 161-63.

when counties fail to pay, 12.
Laws repealed, 126–29.
Librarian, board of education to
appoint, 80; report when required, Manual training in the public schools,
100; shall be responsible for safety 111-12.

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