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to be carried on; provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply to a place which on the 23d day of March, 1896, was lawfully occupied for a hotel, nor to a place in which such traffic in liquors was actually lawfully carried on at that date, nor to a place which at such date was occupied, or was in process of construction, by a corporation or association which traffics in liquors solely with the members thereof, nor to a place within such limit to which a corporation or association trafficking in liquors solely with the members thereof at such date may remove; but none of the exemptions under subdivision 2 of this section shall apply to subdivision I of this section; nor ...

18 Misc. 346; 23 id. 468; 31 id. 569; 40 N. Y. Supp. 1107; 25 App. Div. 428, 431; 27 id. 564, 570; 34 id. 390; 47 id. III


Academic departments, academies Annual meetings, see School meet-

changed to, 85-86; apportionment, 1 ings.
84; established by board of educa Annulment of certificates, for failure
tion, 80; state payment of tuition to complete agreement, 51; for
of nonresident pupils, 188; quali failure of teacher to attend insti-
fications for entrance, to be estab tute, 93-94; by school commis-
lished by Regents, 85; visitation sioners, 28; by Superintendent, 10;
by Regents, 85.

Superintendent to note annulments
Academies, academic departments of all certificates and diplomas,

may be adopted, 85-86; leased by 11.
union school district, 85; returned | Apparatus, board of education to
to trustees in dissolved union provide, 79, 80; insurance, 79; re-
school districts, 88; teachers train pairs, 54; tax for, 37; trustees may
ing classes in, 95.

purchase, 54.
Acquisition of schoolhouse sites, 90 Appeals, copies of, evidence, 102;

costs in certain cases when tried
Actions, county judge to compel dis in courts, 103; decisions in, final
trict to levy tax for costs, 103,

by Superintendent, 89, 101; from
104-5; district pays expense of, action of meeting dissolving union
37; expense of serving notice for . school district, 31, 89; from va-
formation of union free schools, lidity of election, etc., in district
67; supervisors sue for fines and over 300, 41; laws concerning,
penalties, 22–23; by and against 101-2; rules of practice under,
school district officers, 103; by and 133-38; school commissioner may
against trustees of school districts, take testimony, 29; from acts of
156-57; supervisors compel trus school commissioners, 29; Super-
tees to replace lost code, 106; intendent's power concerning, 101-
supervisors sue for money due 2; Superintendent to keep record
from school officers, 32.

of, 102; who may appeal to Su-
Acts repealed, 90, 126-29.

perintendent, 101. See also De-
Affidavits, district clerk may take to cisions.

register, 55; of expense of insti- | Apportioning valuation of railroads,
tute, school commissioner to make, telegraph, telephone and pipe-
92; school commissioner may take, line companies, 147.
28; Superintendent may take, 11; Apportionment, see School moneys.
teachers, to correctness of register, Appropriations, 5; Arbor day, 117;

education fund, 195-96; Indian
Age, qualifications for teachers, 28, schools, 114; institutes and sum-

48; at which students are eligible' mer institutes, 94; training classes,
to compete for Cornell scholarships, i 95. See also School moneys.
97. See also School age.

Arbor day, 116-17.
Aggregate attendance, see Attend- Assessments, 58-66; banks, 142;

equalized, to be used thereafter,
American Museum of Natural His 59; of lands in forest preserve, 140;
tory, 162.

lands lying in one body, 58; pro-

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cedure when supervisors can not agree on equalization, 59; property exempt from, 149-52; railroads, 147; manner of reducing, 59; by supervisors, equalization of, 59; telegraph, telephone and pipelines. 147; valuation of property to be taken from last assessment roll of town, 58–59. See

also Taxes. Attendance apportionment accord

ing to, 16–17; how ascertained for purpose of apportioning public money, 17; institute week, how reckoned, 93; record of, to be kept by teachers, 49; report of, by trus

tee, 57. Attendance officers, appointment

of, under compulsory education law, 123, 193; may arrest truants, 124; procedure on arrest of truants, 124.

Ballot boxes, in common districts,

36; in districts of over 300, 40, 77

sale of bonds, 73, 75; may borrow money, 74-75, 82; to adopt bylaws, 79; canvass of votes, 78; clerk, 70, 71; colored schools established by, 112-13, 185; no member to be interested in contracts, 83; contracts with school districts, 1067; to prescribe course of study, 79; dissolution of union school districts by, 88; copies of proceedings of dissolved union districts to be filed with State Superintendent, 89; division into classes, 68; drafts to be signed by president and secretary, 84, 85; free instruction in drawing, 110; subject to all duties of common school district not inconsis

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Ballots, in common districts, form of,

36; in districts of over 300, 40, 78. Banks, school savings, 17677. Banks and banking associations, tax

ation of stockholders in, 58, 142. Bequests, see Gifts. Blackboards, district to vote tax

for, 37. Blanks, State Superintendent to pre

tent with this title, 82; election, • 68, 75-78; election of in cities and

villages, 69; election in districts of over 300, 7677; notice of election, 77, election disputes, 78; election of president, 70; to call special election, 78; may establish evening school, 110; statement to corporate authorities of anticipated expenditures, 72; estimate of expenses to be made at annual meeting, 83; to amend estimate if necessary, 83; duties under fire drill law, 186; to provide fire escapes, 82; to provide school with flag, 177-78; to provide fuel, 80; to apply proceeds of gifts etc., 80; to hold property when transferred by gift, etc., 80; to hire rooms, 79; same immunities and privileges as trustees of academies, 82; may establish industrial training departments, III; to act as inspectors of elections, 77; to close schools during institute, 92-93; public money may be withheld if board fails to close school during institute, 93; may establish kindergartens, III; to appoint librarians, 80; meetings, 75, 76, 84; only one member of family eligible to membership in, 72; moneys

pare, il. Blind, institutions for, 115-16. Board of education, to establish aca

demic departments, 80; moneys from literature fund applied to academic department, 84; lease of academies, 85; to regulate admission of pupils, 79; appointment of officers, 70; shall not exceed appropriation, 84; to provide ballot, boxes, 77-78; bodies corporate, 70; statement concerning bonded indebtedness, 73; bonds to be required of collector and treasurer, 71; shall give notice of time and

paid to treasurer for use of, 85; / villages, 69; to hold until suc-
to pay moneys only upon resolu cessors are elected, 78; to pre-
tion, 84, 85; moneys apportioned scribe textbooks, 79, 105; may
to common schools, how applied, purchase free textbooks, 76; may
84; number restricted, 87; num establish rules and regulations
ber, how increased and diminished, concerning free textbooks, 76;
69–70, 87; to provide for instruc manner of changing textbooks in
tion in physiology and hygiene, union schools, 105; title of prop-
79; powers and duties, 79-86; erty invested in, 80; to give notice
proceedings open for public in of action changing number of trus-
spection, 83; qualifications of tees, 87; powers of trustees under
members, 7172; to exchange real title 9 in city of Brooklyn, 91;
estate, 80; to sell real estate when powers of trustees in cities of not
authorized by vote of district, 80; more than 30,000, 91; to regulate
proceeds of sale of real estate, how tuition for nonresident pupils, 80;
applied, 80; to execute or have vacancies in office of clerk, treas-
sale of real estate, 80; statement urer, collector, to be filled by, 71;
of receipts and expenditures to be vacancy in board, how filled, 81;
published, 83; to copy record of may appoint competent physician
proceedings, 83; removal of mem to vaccinate children, 139; to ap-
bers for cause, 81; reports, 86; to point visitation committee, 84; to
establish rules relative to dis provide free instruction in vocal
cipline, 79; to have charge and music, III; to provide water-
disposition of school property, 80; closets, 81. See also Union school
to keep schoolhouses and furniture districts.
in repair, 79; to keep schoolhouses Boards of supervisors, see Super-
and furniture insured, 79; to pur visors.
chase sites and schoolhouses, 79; Bond, collector, 63, 66; supervisor to
designation of schoolhouse sites give, 18; extra surety required in
without vote, 82; to have full cities and villages, 84; treasurer
management and control of and collector to give, 47, 71;
schools, 80; may hold executive treasurer's and collector's, amount
session meetings, 84; powers as in fixed by district, 37.
title 9 under special laws, 91; to Bond and mortgage, sale of site to be
appoint superintendent of schools, í taken as security for, 43.
82; to prescribe salaries and duties Bonded indebtedness, districts hav-
of superintendent of schools, 83; ing, not to be divided, 31, 87.
general supervision by Superin- Bonds, issue of, 43, 73, 75; notice of
tendent of Public Instruction, 86; sale of, 43, 73; payment of pro-
tax for teachers' wages, 75; when ceeds of sale, 47, 73; statement
board may levy tax without vote, 1 concerning to be filed with clerk
83-84; to employ teachers, 80-81; L of board of supervisors, 43, 75.
to pay teachers' salaries monthly, Bookcase, district to vote tax for,
81; contracts of employment to 37.
be delivered to teachers, 81; rela-
tives can not be employed as Canvass of votes in districts of over
teachers without two thirds vote, 300, 78.
81; can not remove teacher except Census, biennial school, 180-81;
for cause, 81; term of office, 68, expense of, 12-13; whom to in-
87; term of office in cities and clude, 57; Indian children, 114;

Superintendent to determine | City treasurer, public money certiwhether district is entitled to fied to, 15. employ a superintendent, 12-13,82; City treasurer or chamberlain shall Superintendent to determine when apply for public money, 15. not shown, 14; to be reported by Clerk, see District clerk.

trustee, 57; when taken, 57. Code of public instruction, trustee to Certificate of apportionment of pub care for and replace if lost, 105-6; lic moneys, 17.

penalty against trustee for neglect Certificates, see Annulment of cer to care for, 106; printing and dis

tificates; College graduate certifi tribution, 117. cates; Normal school diplomas; ! Collection of taxes, see Taxes. State certificates; Teachers' cer- , Collector, appointment in union tificates.

school districts, 70; appointment Challenges, declaration of person to be filed with district clerk, 46;

challenged, 35, 40, 77; illegal vot to give bond, 63, 71; bond to be ing in common school districts, 35; filed with town clerk, 63; expense illegal voting in districts of over of filing bond a district charge, 63; 300, 40, 77.

amount of bond, 37; recovery of Chief clerk in Department of Public moneys on bonds, 66; vacates office

Instruction may be appointed sec by failure to give bond, 45, 71; ond deputy, 181.

custodian of moneys, 65; to disChildren, employment under com burse public money, 63; not to dis

pulsory education law, 122-23; em burse public money in districts ployment in street trades prohibit having treasurer, 63; manner of ed, 174. See also Pupils; School election, 36; trustee not eligible to age.

office of, 44; fees, 64; to make up Cities, apportionment to, 14; appor loss of moneys, 65; to give notice of

tionment for superintendent, 12; collection of taxes, 63-64; to notify when entitled to additional appor nonresidents, 64; to notify presitionment, 13; districts can not be dent, etc., of canal and pipelines, annexed to, 31; special provisions i 64; to notify ticket agent of railfor districts over 300 do not apply road corporation, 64; payment of to, 41; election of board of educa moneys to successor, 65; payment tion in union school corresponding of moneys to treasurer, 65; report with cities, 69; moneys raised in, to of receipts and disbursements of be paid into treasury, 84; tax for moneys, 65; to receive money from school purposes levied in, 72; term supervisor, 22; to certify to trusof office of board of education in tee taxes not collectible, 61; to pay union school corresponding with taxes returned to county treasurer, cities, 69.

61; term of office, 44; to pay money City and village superintendents, ap over to treasurer, 47; trustee to

portionment of public money for, notify treasurer and State Super12, 13; board of education may intendent of failure to pay money, appoint, remove, fix salaries and 55-56; vacancy, how supplied, 46, duties, 82-83; to have general over 71; delivery of warrant to, 62. sight of Arbor day exercises, 117; College graduate certificates, State to assist in holding Cornell scholar Superintendent may grant and reship examinations, 97; districts em voke, Io. ploying entitled to benefits pro- Colored children, schools for, 112-13; vided in section 2, 83.

in New York city, 113; teachers

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