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161, 257

IN D E X. Soap, Patent for making

135 Venus (the Planet) seen at Noon Societies, on Female Benefit ones 240 Verse, English Books on

83 Socinus, Anecdote of 364 Versification, on the English

114, 269 Song-writing, on 436 Violer, an Ode on the

442 Sonnets, on 327 Virginian Opossum, described

120 Spain, on the Poetry of II, 195,275 Volney's Statistical Queries

92 Anecdotes relative to

96 Voyages and Travels, Review of Books on 490 Spanish Literature, Retrospect


522, 528 Walpole, Horace, his Letter on Grace in ComState of


438 Spring, Elegy on

a Letter of

279 Statistical Queries

Anecdote of

197 Stim, a young German, Account of

Sir R.

339 Stockholders, Number of 418 Walpoliana, No 1

197 Switzerland, Coxe's, a Remark on fee Public Affairs.

3 Tobacco, King James on the Use of 12S


436 Taliesen, Legend of 34 Waitc Lands, on

90,420 Taxation, on the Right of

the Culture of

269 Tennant, Mr. his Defence of his bleaching Li- Washington, Predi&ijn relative to 263 quor

405 Water, Patent Apparatus for raising 294 Theology and Morals, Account of Books on 503 Waterpipes, a Patent Machine for boring Thompson, Dr. of Naples, on Siliceous Incruita. Weather in London, Observations on, in 1797 i tions

334 Webber, Mrs. on Mrs. Langham's Monument Thunderstorm, a remarkable one 151

166 Toads in Stones, on 333 Weights, on the English

13, 14, 15 on the Probability of 258 Welih Indians, Inquiries relative to found in Stones, Doubts as to 27

Poetry, Specimen of

105 a new Experiment upon 175 Archaiology

445 Tombuctoo, a Letter from a merchant of 242 Whiston, W'm. an Account of

2$5 Tontine.a Correction in the Account of 174 Wieland, Translation of a Poem of

400 -s, Inutility of 87 Wife, Lines on the Death of a

287 Toplady, Mr. on his Pofthumous Works 172 Wilkes, John, Esq. Sketch of his Life 43,48 Topography, Review of Books on


Addition to the Account of Tours, Account of Buoks of


in Ireland
17, 545 Wisbech, Female Society

83 Tradesmen, defended against Mr. Godwin 426 Wolverhampton, described

39 Tuke, Mr. on sowing Grass Seeds, &c. 272 Works in Hand, Notices of Jee Varieties Tyranny, Parental, on


51,131, 210, &c. Valentine-day, Lines on 443 Wortley Montague, Lady, Anecdote of

197 Varieties, Literary and Philosophical, including Wye, Phenomena of the

343 Notices of Works in Hand

York, an Account of a Girl's Charity-school 51, 131, 210, 289, 370, 445 there

319 Ventilating of Ships, Mode of 176 New, description of

181 Living Authors, t, whose names occur in the following Volume : Aikin 297 Beatson 139 Buning

380 Congreve 494 Adelung 513 Beddoes, Dr. 85, 161 Burton

379 Cormick

297 Allwood 290 Bechstein 516 Burger


506 Almon 50; Burgess

220, 483 Ambrose 136, 220 Belsham

140, 453
495 Creve, Dr.

240 Anner


518 Crott, Dr.

505 Amory, Thos. 365 Benjoin 50; Campbell

139 Cross

499 Anderson

509 Capafelli
206 Cumberland

508 Anftruther 500 Beyer 521 Carpio

527 Cummins, Mrs. Archard 505 Billingsley 4,8 Carrick, Dr.

496 Currie, Dr.

500 Archer 379 Biliet, Dr.

1ji Carlin, carior 468 Dallaway 490 Arthy

86, 454. Carvagal

525 Dalziel

131 Atkinson 507 Blair, W.

3 Cavalio

139, 502 Damiani Atterbury 219 Blaney, Dr. 505 Chamberlaine 497 Daubery

504 Attwood, J. 62 Bode

517 Charnock
377, 379 Dawson

435 Auckland, Lord 488 Boettiger

3 Charleiworth

Denis Aufere

522 489 Booker, Dr. 506 Charton

505 Devienne Bacon

375 454 Bosanquet 500 Clare, Earl of

Donovan Waden

518 Borkhausen, Dr. 516 Clayson, Sir R. 484 Dorn, Dr. Bancroft, Dr, 511 Boucher 504 Clements

218 Dowling Bapillo

509 524 Bourguet, Dr.

517 Coleman Baring

379 D'Oylcy
489 Bree, Dr.

453 Doyle

528 Barbauld, Mrs. Sio Bryan, Margt. 59,498 Collins, Capt.

290 Drummond Barry 138, 494 Bryant 495 Coleridge Beaumont 492 Budworth 455 Colnan 138 Daliek


494 Bell

494 Coxe

454 Blair




139 315



8 Dumourier 380,455

515 Hook


519 Smee

400 380 $20



Florian Foot

377 $16

Fox, J:



IN DE X. Dutton

221 Hinckley 222, 487 Moreton 220 Schrader, Dr. Si Dyer 114, 121, 260 Hindenlerg

579. Moler

508 Sheldrake 298,503 Edgeworth 453 Holcroft

738, 508 Moulds Elkington

219, 453 Shepherd, Dr. gos 7

Mirs 289 Mowbray 487 Simplon Engeschall

451 Monroe

489 Sinclair, Sir Johø 499 247 Home

131 Murhard Eton

500 378 Ho


Dr. 503 Murphy 59, 131, 493 Smith, Dr. 377, 496 Euitace 506 Hornsey 309 Naffer

521 Sommering Evans

519 220, 269 Hu ks

507 Nath

140 Somerville, Dr. 290 Ewing 226 Hudson

220 Nayr, M. Evre

49% Sotheby
505 Huftland
soi Nichols

490 Southey
522 Hughes

488 Nicholson Fawcet

377 Spalding Huilock

135 Ny meyers Fellowes

520 Spofforch 381 Hunter 139, 210, 507 Nitsch

505 Sprengel Fernandez, Dr.

$19 524 Humpage 503 Noble

45,4 Stack house Ferrari

138 295, 451 Huntingford,

505 Northmore


Starke Fitin

521 37; Huffey 172 Ord

499 Staunton, Sir G. 165 Fillin 136 Hutcheson 500 Ortiz 525 Steibelt

218 Fitègerald 221 lieland 497 Ouseley 497 Stieghitz

520 456, 508 Jackson 123, 511 Pallos, Dr. 449 Stockdale, Miss

380 503 Jones

Parsons, Mrs. 221 Stuart Fortto 377 370, 380, 507, 512 Parke

483 Sturm Fordyce, Dr. 210, 297 Jourdan, c. 140,488 Park, Mungo, Mr. Taylor, Thos. 509 Kant

140, 517 Franklin, W.

297 King
380 Parkins


62 Francis 499 Kingsbury, 298,487 Peacock

486 Tidd Francklyn

378 483 Knight

499 Peart, Dr. Frafer

502 Tillock

5 499 Kraiter

508 Pilkington 138 Thelwall Freeman

291 495 Krug Gamble

Mrs. 5io Tomich

219 493 Laborie, Dr. 485 Pitt, Morton Gardiner

486 Tooke

131, 495 376 Laing 131 Plesmann

516 Toulmin Garnett, Dr.

364 502 Lamb 507 Pleydell

221 Townson Gaskin, Dr.

455 505 Landseer

$ Plaucquet, Dr. Gaultier, Abbé

519 Trapp

493 370 Landaff 539, 486 Plumptree, Miss 509

Trebeck Geddes, Dr.

455 3, 503 Langley

490 Powre

132 Tucker

455, 456 514 Latham, Dr. Geisler

502 Polwbele

493, 506 Underwood, Dr. 379

Mr. Gerard, Dr.

504 Ulteri, Dr.

516 504 Lauderdale, Earl of Price Gifford

221, 510 Valancy, Gen. 484 131, 488 484 Priestley,Dr, 160, 496 Vega

518 453 Lewis Gisborne

508 Priest
138 Velasques

525 506 Lee, Miss Gwillim

509 Pruby 378, 506 Volney 25, 92 439 Leybourn 220 Puller Godwin

500 Waddington 486 Liter 489 Pye 506 Wagner

521 12, 60, 493,355 Lloyd Good

507 Ranby 221, 487 Wakefield
377 Rashleigh


84, 239, 322, 487 Gordon, W. 326 Lofft

324, 443 Reeve Gotling

138, 295 Wallis, Dr.

503 517 Loxdale 172 Reil


Walcot, Dr. Gtaham, Dr.

494 493 Lysons 140,490 Relle


Waldron Gray, Dr.

508 485 Mackay 221, 512 Relph

221 Walker Gregory, Dr.

,297, 50g 210 Mackenzie

Rennel, Dr.

Warner 140, 291, 492 Griffith, Thos. 22 Makay


Warton, Dr. Grolman, Dr.

5°5 519 Mallet, du Pan 488 Robinson, Mrs.

Ware Gutie

5oz 518 Mangelsdorff 513 Halės

291, 508

379 Mangourit
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520 Rulfe

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$12, 523 Hanway, Mrs. 509 Marriot 500 Rotenmuller 520 Wilcocke

453 Mason 379, 498 Roth

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994 3.8' Mathison 521 Rush, Dr.

371 Willich, Dr. 505, 400 Harrington, Dr. 210 Mesurier, Le 488 Ruffel, Dr.

496 Wilmot

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518 Salos Hariam

527 Williams, Mifs 297 Milner 291, 453


509 131, 222, 453, 491 Helme, Mrs. 378 Mitchell



sos 381 Moira, Earl

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138 Saunders, Mrs. 510 Winchelsea, Lord 499 Heron

494 Monboddo, Lord 505 Schlozer Herreschwand

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378 Young Hewlet

506 Moody, Dr. Hill, Sir Richard 381 Moore

491 Schiller

506 Schkurs
For Remarkable Parlons deceased, see the last Page of the Volume.

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A few days fince was published (price One Shilling) the SUPPLEMENTARY NUMBER, completing the FOURTH VOLUME of this work. The Articles contained in it are conceived to be highly valuable and interesting; among them are the following :---1. The half yearly Retrospet of the State and Progress of Donieftic Literature.---2. A curious Translation from Plato, by Mr. Taylor, on the Atlantic History and on the State of Athens, nine thousand Years prior to Solon, which has never before appeared in any

modern Language ;--- 3. Experiments on Prusian Blue, by M.Proust ;---4. Mr. Richter on necejary Connection :---5. On Exchanges ;---6. Proportion of Light from Combustible Bodies, by J.H.HASSENFRATZ;--:7. LALANDE's History of Astronomy for 1796; ---8. The Medals of the French Revolution, & c.--9. Description of the Marine School at Amsterdam;---10. Lives of Vondermonde and Flandrin;;--11. Account of the Perfor who committed Suicide at Bristol;---12. Conclusion of Mathematical Quejlions, &c.c. With ibe Title and Indexes to the volume. The four Volumes may now therefore be bad complete, af every Bookseller, price One Pound Nine Shillings, neatly half bound.

March 393

June 59


For the Monthly Magazine. May began with much rain; but beOBSERVATIONS ON THE WEATHER came fine, with a high degree of heat, in IN LONDON IN 1797.

its advance; and strong lightning was an THE "HE thermometer, hung out of the earlier occurrence than usual in it. June

window of a rooin in the first floor, was very variable: it had a sufficient with a north-west exposure, gave the fol- number of fine days to engage the farmer lowing averages at nine in the morning : in cutting down all the grass, which the January 381 July 66

preceding month had brought to unusual February 351

August 631 rankness of growth, but had also such al

September 56% terations of heavy rain, that hay-making April 481

O&tober 481 was a very difficult and uncertain buria May 521

November 413 ness. July had great heats and some tre

December 424 mendous thunder : it was, on the whole, Average of the year,

a tolerably fair month ; but was liable to That of the year 1796 was 4912: 1o that occasional storms of wind and rain, which the difference of heat in the two years con did much damage in beating down the fifted almost folely in the distribution, not corn, which from the length and thickin the sun. In 1796, the first months were ness of its stalk, was generally unable to warmer, the middle of summer cooler, recover itself. Augult afforded very una and the end of the year more frosty, than favourable weather for getting in the harin 1797. With respect to heat, the year · vest. Its nights 'were for the moft part 1797 offers little remarkable, except that rainy, and prevented the benefit of many February was colder than March, almost drying days. September began pretty as cold as January; and that December fair, but ended rainy. One perfectly fair was warmer than November. The excess week in the beginning of October was the of July above June is also fomewhat un- whole of the usual Michaelmas summer.

The wetness of 1797 has been The rest of the month was warm, and the most observable circumstance attend- variable. Cold and wet, and warin and ing it, in which it has surpafled all the wet, were the respective characters of Noyears for a confiderable period. As november and December, with occasional actual measurement of rain has been taken tempestuous weather, fog, and an uncom. by the present writer, he can only give mon moisture in the atmosphere, even the loose result of his daily observations when it did not rain. The prevalent on the state of the weather. From these winds in the whole latter part of the year it appears, that the four first months of the were from the south and west quarters. year were hy no means unusually wet. If a northerly wind one day gave an apFebruary, on the contrary, was uncom pearance of the setting in of winter, a monly dry; but fog was considerably pre- change on the next, raised the temperature * valent in it and the other cold months, of the air to autumnal warınth, and coMONTHLY MAG, No. XXV.




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45 25th


57 Toth

3d Julye 68




2 Dr. Rennell on the Pursuits of Literature.Mr.Blair on Nitrous Acid,&c.
tered the sky with clouds. The year To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine.
closed with remarkable mildnefs, and SIR,
winter could not be laid yet to have com T is well known that many medical
menced its reign.

J. A. I men have been lately engaged in mak

ing experiments to ascertain whether, or For the Monthly Magazine. not, the venereal disease, in all its comAVERAGE Of THE GREATEST HEAT plicated forms, can be radically cured by

OF THE YEAR 1797. THE OBSER- medicines containing a large proportion

of oxygen, or vital air; and particularly
o'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON, AT by means of the nitrous acid and oxy-
Norwich. The Thermoineter fitu- genated muriate of por-arh.
ated the same as last year,

The very respectable testimonies which Montb, Average. Coldest Days. Horseft Days have already appeared in favour of these Jan.

41 9th at 32° 20th ac 491 remedies, and the mild as well as expedi. Feb. 431 8th


51 tious manner in which they are said to March 45 – Some observations being lott, operate, have induced me to give them a not exactly known.

fair and unprejudiced trial, in a great April 491 6th

42 25th


variety of cases; and also to folicit the May

comunications of other gentlemen in June

50 19&28 65

London, who have had opportunities of 58 inch

81 August. 64. 5 & 23

60 8th 71

exhibiting them : but I am sorry to obSeptem. 597 26th

Ift 67

serve, that our experience obliges me to O&tober 511 26th 431st to oth 59

differ in opinions froin those physicians Novem. 451 24th 35 6, 7, & 8 53 and surgeons who have raised our exDecem. 43 uith 37

17 &19 51 pectations on this subject. Average of the year, 524

This diversity of opinion being found. Hottex day, July 17, at 81° wind S. W. ed on actual observation, and not on any Coldeft day, Jan. 9 32

N. E.

preconceived notions, has einboldened me From a comparison of the above with to use the freedom of circulating a printed the observations inserted in the Monthly letter, to recommend the trial of the new Magazine for Jan. 1797, it appears, that, medicines in advanced stages of the dirnotwithstanding a great variation in parti- eale; where well marked blotches, nodes cular months, the average of the whole year ulcerated fauces, ozæna, and otber, cha1797 differs but to from that of 1796, ratteristic lympioms of a genuine fypbilës which was 524. The inonths, January, appear: since, in these cales orly can we April, June, August, September, were be fully allured that the syphilitic poison colder in 1797 than in the year preceding; exists in the constitution, and indubitably the other months were hotter in a greater requires the administration of an anti-veor less degree. July 17thi, 1797, was 6o. nereal medicine. higher than july 15th, 1796, but the

The most judicious practitioners, and thermometer never sunk fo low as in some those of the largest experience, are ready of the days preceding the Christinas of to confess, that although it be usually ad3796.

vileable to give mercury in recent stages

of the venereal diseale, with a view to For the Monthly Magazine.

prevent the farther progress of the sympR. RENNELL having seen in the toms, or the occurrence of a confirmed tion of a report of his being concerned in starces, the patients would escape and rethe Pursuits of Literature, is perfectly con cover their health, by a proper plan of vinced that the Editors will have the jul- treatment, without the use of mercury : tice to contradict, from hin, in the most and, notwithttanding this fact may be diftinct pointed manner, fo groundless and denied by some fpeculative persons, it is injurious a report. In no part of that s too well authenticated for us to rest the production liad Dr. Rennell the most proof of an anti-venereal remedy folely, or diftant co-operation. Satirical writing of even chiefly, on its efficacy to remove the "Every kind, particularly of an anonymous primary lymptons. All deductions from nature, is perfectly alien to his habits and such premises must, therefore, be extremely occupations.

fallacious and questionable. Dr. RENNELL will consider the inset I have taken the liberty to trouble you tion of this declaration in their next Ma- with these cursory hints, for the attention gazine as a considerable obligation con of medical men in the country, in hopes terred upon him by the Editors. that you will favous mg by incerting them

London, Dec. 15, 1797,


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1798) Mifatements of Profeffor Robifon detected...Site of Paradise. I in your Magazine: and I beg leave, at statements contained in the book before, the same time, to suggelt, that it is my mentioned, may obtain the requisite inintention to publish the relult of my ex formation, by applying to me. periments and enquiries, (under the title

AUGUSTUS BOETTIGER, of " Critical Remarks on the Vener:al. Dif

Counfellor of the Upper Consistory, zaļl,") together with such observations

and Provost of the College and cafes as I may be honoured with from Weimar, in Saxony, of Weimar, other practitioners.

Jan. 5, 1798.
Great Rufel-Street,


For the Montbly Magazine.
jan. 22, 1798.

'ANVILLE, in his Geographical

Memoir L'Eupbrate d le Tigre, page

14, has indicated to the cast of Roha, or To the Editar of the Monthly Magazine.

Edeffa, a tract of country, elevated and

beautiful, which now bears the name of LATE publication, entitled Proofs Eden. This diftri&t lies in the center of ROBISON, has excited my great furprize; the Euphrates. At its foot arifes, on the pad I am at a loss to conceive how circum- eastern side, the river Mygdonius, on which Itances, long ago buried inoblivion, could, are situate the towns of Nesibis and Sinwithout making any farther enquiry, be jar; and on the western fide, the river represented as still existing, by the author Chaboras, on which are situate the towns of a book, which tends to stigmatize some of Relain and Thallaba. These two riof the moft respectable characters in Ger- vers now unite, and fall into the Eumany, From the beginning of 1799, phrates at Kerkifieh ; but nejther of them EVERY CONCERN OF THE ILLUMINA- appears to pursue its ancient course, the TI HAS CESSED, and no Lodge of Free. Mygdonius having originally flowed, mafons in Germany has, since that period, amid the dry ravine called Tirtar, which taken the leat notice of them. Evident meets the Tigris above Hatra; and the proofs of this assertion are to be found Chaboras amid the dry ravine called Seamong the papers of Mr. Bode, late baa, which meets the Euphrates below Privy Counsellor at Weimar, who was at Ofara. the bead of that Order iv this part of What forbidş our supposing this Eden Germany, and who died in 1794. After to have been in the contemplation of the his death, all those papers were delivered author of the second chapter of Genesis ?. up to the present Duke of SAXE-GOTHA, Dr. Geddes, in his note on the passage who, on application, would, doubtless, (II. 14,) admits, that by Hiddekel is permit the inspection of them. The league meant the Tigris, and by Perath the Euof Dr. Barth, known to Mr. Robilon phrates : with the other two rivers only only from the Annals of Giessen, a very ob- he is embarrassed, and at length fixes on {cure periodical publication, was a phan- the Araxes and the Oxus, which travel to tom, which no fooner appeared, than it the Caspian and Euxine leas. was laid and destroyed by Mr. Bode him- The Philon, however, is said to bound felf, who printed a pamphlet, entitled, the land of Havila, where there is gold. More Remarks than Text, which foon Now, a considerable atretch of the Mygopened the eyes of the public. This donius is yet called Al Havali, and thus league, a poor financial scheme, was retains obvious traces of the name and planned by a man of more genius than contiguity of that province, which may principle, but never carried into execu- well have extended as far fouth as the tion. This appears from the papers, mouth of the Zab, a stream celebrated written during the whole of the transac- 'for its gold.

tion, which being bequeathed to me by Of the name Gihon, no traces are in* Mr. Bode, are now in my poffeffion, and deed to be detected along the banks of the

true transcripts of them may be obtained Chaboras; but this river is said to have by any one, who wishes to receive them. bounded the land of Cush. Now, the land Although I was not a member of that of Cush (Genefis X. 7,) comprehended fociety, yet I was intimate with Mr. the five fubdivisions or townships of Seba, Bode, and prefent at his death ; conse. Havilah, Sabtha, Raamah, and Sabtbequently I am enabled to vouch folemnly chah. Safa and Zahdicena, (or Gezirat) for the truth of the above ; and to on the western bank of the Tigris, appear engage, that any person in Great Bri- "evidently to preserve the names of Sabthah sä, who; being alarmed at the erroneous and Sabthechah. Seba, with the prefix


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