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toT?ioi«T?om' H. And be it further enacted by th? authority aforesaid, that it shall and may TMil^i'"miue be lawful in all cafes of controverted El ctions, to examine and lake 'he lestm-ony of all and eveiy witness or witness-s wh ch (h- II o* mav be pod ced by ihe D»rt .•$ before any special Committee of the Houle of Assemb'y, which may be by ihe uii •fTe".^"'TM" Hoale of Aflembly appointed for th»t purpolc; and the Chai man of such ComtheVathi'"^ mittee, and he ls^h-r by authorized and empowered to administer to the said witnesses the oaths required by the laid first-m ntioneil Act; and the M'tnberi oTfhTM of the said Commitie<, and the person acting as Cleik to the laid Committee, Dull takiTTr'oirt, b fore examining such witnesses, and taking their testimony, take the oath» required I^alx? to' to be made and t-ken by the eighth-chuse of the fair Act first herein-befor. mentM, ftoewd. ,joneci . an(j it fl,d|j Df tne d„ty 0f such Committee to report with all convenient (peed to the said House of Assembly, the testimony which they shall have taken touching and concerning the affair in question.

p««ity ibr III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that any person who iwourj. flj^j be-guilty of wilful and corrupt perjury in every evid nee which he (hail give before the Commissioners appointed in virtue of this Act, or b fore any special Committee appointed in vi'tue of the same, in consequence of any oath which he (h .11 have taken in virtue of this Act, (hall.on conviction thereof, incur and suffer the like pains and penalties to which any person convicted of wilful and corrupt perjury, is liable by law.

continuance or IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Act sha'l con« tinue to be and remain in force until the first day os My, which will be in the ycaj of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty, aud no longer.

C A P. VI.

An ACT for the cneouragement of Agriculture in this Province.


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T^T HEREAS ihe welfare and prosperity of this Province depend upon its Agri* VV culture; for the encourag meat and improvement whereof Your Majesty hath ever evinced the most paternal lolicitude—Wherefore, we, "Your Majesty's moll dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of Lower-Canada, in Ptovincial Parliament assembled, taking also into our consideration the Speech delivered to us from the throne, at the opening of the present Session of the Legislature, most hum by bfeech your Majesty that it may be enacted, and be it enacted by the King's Must



II. Et ou'il loit de'p'us statue par I'au'orite susdite, qu'il sera et pourra e;tre loi- VA"eiBW*e»psibledan> tons ;e»rasd Ekchons contellers. d examiner et rcc voir Je temoignaee ** ?21'r "amitt,a de (onset chaque lemcMn ou Tmhoiih qoneront o J poirront et'e prod'ius paries

parties, deva-.taucon Com te Special d •'a Chimbre d'Ass'inbiee, qu': lie jugera a ptOf-O-de nom era cet effet, it le PieG-lent (tract i\ est par le-preknt autorite,. et auouvoir d'administm aux dits Temoiris les Sarmens requis par le-dit Act* mention- i*pr*«iii*n«a* ne<"n pr m er instance; t les M mores d . dit Corn tie ainsiqur la perfonne agiffant ■wwS",ie *•/

Gor Jj.^i '.* 1,_ ij» .1 rr> / merit au i temoius.

renrer au dit Comiie prenaront, avant a examiner ids 1 emoins et rt-cevon i^Meuirwctio

Jeuts temoignages, le* Sermens qu'il est requis de faire et de prenrire pjrla huilieme p»^n>n't u°wl

Clause du dit Atte nv ntio ne en prem ere ii stance. Ei il lera du devoir de tel rappon"TM^!

Comite dt faire rapport a la Chambe d'Aflen bite, avec toutc la diligence poslible, ^c eut"pro'

dj Tenaoignage qu'il aura pris et Kc , touchamel concernant l'affaireen question.

III. E* q-»*il foil de plus statue; par l'autorite susdite, que toute perfonne qui sera Mums p»,r'. coupable de parjure volomaire w subornedins tout temoignage qu'elle pourra rendre £Si"r* V8lwl" dVvantles Commiffaires nommes en vertu de cet Actc, ou devant aucun Comu6 en vertu u'lct-lui, en consequence d'aucun Serment qu'elle aura prete ca vertu dt cet Acte, encoura et souftrira, lur conviction de telie offense, les memes peine-ct penalises auxquelles toute autre perfonne convaiocue de parjure voloo* laire et luborne, est sujette par la Loi.

iy. Et qu'il soitde plus statue par l'autorite susdite, qoe cet Acte sera et conti- Dun» de <« ..jeta a etre en force jusqu'au premier jour de Mai, qui sera dans 1 Annie de Notre'"' Seigneur mil huit cent vingt, et pas plus longtema..

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ACTE pour l'encouragement de l'Agriculture danscette Province.-


A TTENDU que le Bonheur et la Prosperite de cette Province depend de son PrfainbuiB

Agriculture, et qu'il a plu a Votre Majeste, dans sa sollicitude paterntlle, de temoigner un de6r constant d'en faciliier l'<ncouragement et 1'amelioration ; En consequence Nous, les Fiddles et Loyaux Sujets de Votre Maj ste, les Communes du Bas Canada aslemblees en Parlement, ayant austl.pris en consideration la Harangue qui nous a etc delivree du Tron . a 1'ou.verture de la prclente S.iQon de la Legists turt, supphons bumblement Votre Majestu qu'il puisle eirc statue, ct Q I'll soit


Majesty, by and With th*? advice and consent of ihe Legislative Council and Affem« bly of the Province of Low. r-Canada, constituted and *ss mb.led by virtue of and under the authority of an Act pass-d n she Parliament of Great B>itai ., intituled •• An Act to repeal cmin part? of *n Act oassed in the fourteenth vear of Hi« Mi"jesty's Reign, intituled, " An At! for making more cffcftual provision for tht gov »^» ^" ernment of the'Province ot Qutbec in North America," and to make fu-rher provision torthfpromoiioa .« sor th? government of the laid Provi ce; and it Is hereby ■. nacted by the auiho

of Agricultures O Liri l c %- r>

rity of the same, tha' it shall and may 0 • I ■< wlul to and tor the Governor, Leutenant Governor, or person administering th- Government of this Provinc- for the time being to advance out of the unappropriated monies at present are, or which hereafter may come into the hands of the Receiver-General of the Province, a sum of money not exceeding two thousand ro mds, Current money of this Province, to any Agricultural Society or Societies which already is, or are, or that may herr-after be form?d in the several D (Incts of Quebec, Montreal, and Thret-Rivers, und?r the sanction of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or person administering the government of this Province for the time being, :o be employed by the said Socteties,for the promotion and encouragement of Agriculture; and out of the laid sum of two thousand pounds that of eight hundred shall be employed for the aforeiaid purposes in the District of Quebec; that of four hundred pounds shall be employed for the lame purposes in the District of Three-Rivers; and that of eight hundred pounds fliall be employed for the like purposes in the District of Montreal,

II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,that it shill and maybe

A ir^ii* tt \t tin 1 a

-Society to ofer lawful to and for the said Agricultural Society or Societies, by advertisement in the

periT«c.iieKe newspapers of Quebec, Montreal, and Three-Rivers, and by luch other notification!

*r*l°' as the said Societies may respectively think proper, to offer rewards or premium!

for the product on of any specimen of luperior excellence of any species of grain,

puse, or other uses .1 Vfgetab'es, the giowth of this Province; for the invention,

production, or extension ofthe use of any implement or implements, utensil ot u*

tenlils of Agriculture, or of tillage fit for abridging labour, or capable of procuring

any other important advantage; for the introduction ofany improved method orptac

tice of culture or h'sb mdty, or for the attainment of any other object whatsoever

whereof the promo'ion or encouragement is within the scope of the institution of the

said Society or Societies; and that the rewards or premium;, which the said Society

or Societies may have offeied shall bo publicly distributed or paid in the several

counties of the said Districts at the places which shall have been indicated by the

rUiinirie pre. notifications. And provided always, that no single premium (hall exceed it

"'roo'an".,"' amount the sum of twenty pounds, current money of this Ptovince. statué par la Ties Excellente Majesté du Roi, par et de l'avis ft consentement du Conseil Légiflanf et de l'Assemblée delà Povince du Bas-Ganada, conflit .es et ass mbles en vertu et fous l'autorité d'un Acte passé dan» le Parlement d la GrandeBretagne, intitulé, "Acte qt i rappelle certain's parties d'un Actepaflé dans la q- *torz'ème Année d: Règne d Sa Majeflé, huit lé. " A He qui pourvoit plus effica"cement pour le Gouvernement de la Province de Québec dans lAmérique Sertentïio. *l nale," et qui pourvoit plus amplement pour leGouvernemrntde la dis Provincej"' El il est par le prélent statué par la dite autorité, qu'il fera et pourra êrr* loisible au ,£>*,<*, •>«*. Gouverneur, Lieutenant Gouverneur ou à la personne ayant l'Administration du mllT.ri*? Gouvernement de cette Province pour le tems d'alors, d'avancer l.jr les a gens non c"llare* appropriés qui font maintenant ou qui pourront se trouver ci-après, entre les mains du Receveur General de la Province, une somme d'argent n'excédant pascelie de deux mille livres, argent courant de cette Province, entre les mams d'aucune société ou sociétés d'agriculture qui font maintenant ou qui pourront être ci-après formée», dans les divers Districts de Ouébc, Montréal et des Trois-Rivières, (oirs la sanction du Gouverneur, Lie tenant Gouverneur ou de la personne ayant l'Administration du Gouvernement de cette Province pour le tems d'alors, pour être employée par les dites sociétés, à promouvoir et encourager l'agriculture, et fur la dite somme de deux mille livres, celle de huit cent livres fera employée po ir le» fins susdites, dans le D.strict de Q ébec, celle de quatre cent livres fera employée pour les mêmes fins, dans le District drs T rois-Rivières, et celle de huit cens livres lera employée, pour semblables fins, dans le District de Montréal.

II. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, qu'il sera et pourra être loi- , *** s«iéd. fible à la dite société ou sociétés d'agriculture, d'offrir par un avertissement dans les fnroVa", ï*. papiers nouvelles de Québec, Montréal et des Trois-Rivière», et par telles autres ch.nli.iou. a» i.

r i • r v- . r a . . i m-illeuK q.mlité

notifications que les ducs locietes pourront relpectivement îuger convenables, des d-iucuM e«p*c« lecompenlei ou primes a ceux qui produiront quelque échantillon de la meilleur qualité d'aucune espèce de grains, légumes et autres végétaux utiles, du cru de cette Province, à ceux qui inventeront, introduiront ou étendront l'usage d'aucun intirument ou instruments, ustencile ou ustenciles d'agriculture ou de labourage propre» à abréger l'ouvrage, ou capables de produire quelqu'autre avantage important à ceux qui introduiront quelque méthode ou pratique de culture ou de labourage, ou qui remplira quelqu'autre objet quelconque, que 1'institution de la dite société ou des dues sociétés ont pour but de promouvoir ou d'encourager, et les récompenses ou prîmes que la dite société ou sociétés pourront avoir offertes, seront publiquement distribués ou payés dans les Comtés respectifs des dits Districts, aux lieux: qui auront été indiqués par la notification. Pourvu toujours, qu'aucune ., , „ récompense simple n'excédera la somme de vingt livres, argent courant de cette "£J^e£J'i,£, Province.

■i*wi«irtio III. And whereas the breeding of good and strong hor fe* j and of good anl £'VPr*u7>MiM stwn-T neat cattie, and the improvement of the breed us- flieep, and hogs would 'to produce great benefit to the Inhabitants* and to the Province; Be it furth r enacted by the authority aforesaid, that any person o> perlons, b^ing a subject or subjects of His Majefly residing within this Province, who, upon a day 10 be 6xed by any such Society or Societies as aforesaid, once in every year (public notification therefore being made in manner above-mentioned, and al the places indi* cattd by th■• laid notifications) (hall produce at such place or places the best stailion, mare or gelding,,of the age and height to be fixed by the respective Societies as a. sotesaid, such stallion, mare or gelding being of the genuine Canadian b eed, {hail be entitled to a premium or reward, not exceedng twenty f ends, current mon y of this. Province. And any pet ion or persons who shall produce the best b ill, cotr or heifer, of the age and breed to be so fixedn shall be entitled to a piemi m o; re« ward not exceeding twenty pounds, currency. A 'd to the person or persons who shall produce the best ram, ewe or wether, of the age and bree d to be so fixed and notified, shall be entitled to a premium or reward not exceeding five pounds, currency. And to the person or person* who shall produce the best hog, male o<- female, of the age and breed to be fixed and notified as aforesaid, shall be entitled <o a premium or reward not exceeding five pounds, currency. Which laid several- suras or pre* iitums shall be paid out of the monies by this Act appiopnated, on the fact being established by.inspection and report of persons ■ appointed by. the said Society or Societies*.

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$?<%Vu?' IV. And be it furtherenacted by the authority, aforesaid; thai each"of thesaidSo1""' cieties of Agriculture respectively, shall re, ort the application of the said sums tf

money to the three branches-of the Legislature within the first ten days of the next Session, with their remarks and observations upon the state of Agriculture, and upon what may remain to he done for the advancement thereof..

tteSoDefto'bi*" V. Arid be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the due application

*tam&*)!xa'°^ a" mon'eS expended in virtue of this Act,.shall be accounted loi to His Majeiiy,

his heirs and successors through the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treat 'iy

for the time being,in such manner and.form as His Majesty, his heirs and luccesibi*

(hall direct.

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VI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Act hall bfl deemed and taken to be a Public Act, and as such shall be noticed by all the Judge), justices of the Peace, and other perions. whomsoever, without specially pleading ihe lame.

1 CAP.

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