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prrson«, cattle, or carriage*, across the said River Chm-lie'«*, with n the said limits aforesaid, such offender or offender• shill, for each person, caniage or ai.imal so carried acros*. so feit and p<y a s rn not exceeding forty sh I ing$ currency. Piovtdrd, that nothing in this Act contained, (hill be construed to present th- p blic fiom pasting any of the fordi in the' laid river Chaadiere, or in canoe*, w.ihuat gain or hue.

J^ininJH^ VII. And be it farther enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any p-rsoo (hall tjwhridceoruii malicioT fly poll down, burn, or d (troy the said bridge, or any p.rt ther of, or tha

toll-bouse to be erected by virtue of this Act, eveiy person so offending, and bang

thereef legally convicted, shall be deemed guilty of felony.

n^^dlT^M VIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said Fratifois .la yerrauitf to entitle himself to the benefits and advantage to him, by this Act grained

(hall and he is hereby required to erect and complete the said bridge, toll-ho le, t m» pike and dependencies within five years f'om the day of the paffi-gof th s Act; and if the fame shall not be compleated within the lime last mentioned, so an to affuid a convenient and safe p^fL-ge over the said bridge, he the said Franp>i yerrault, his heiri, executors, curaors and astigns, (htii cease to hiv any nghi, title or claim of, in Ot to 'he tolls hereby imro'td, wh ch flu I. f < m thence.forward belong to H»» Majesty J and the-said Franfti Vtrrauli, sh^i- n;i by the laid tells, or in aty other manner or wy, be u iiicd Jo any e mnul m ut ut the exLe^Ccs he may incurr. d in and abo.t the building of the lad B id-r; a d in ca(e the (a;d b idge after it fh 11 have bten erected ana cmplra ed, (hail at ny time become lmuaflable or unsafe for travellers, Cjiie o- erria^es, he the laid frarptis Ferrault, h.s heirs, executors, cira'ora or atiigns, fh i I and th y <>ie h reby required, wi hin two years p'jj^tf °°« f om'.he tune el which ih; tai .1 b id*e shal. by Hi.< M .jestv's Couit of Geneial Charter S (hon of the p. ac-, in and toi th: Lid 1J stncl of Quebec, be ascertain* eu to be rrp.iU b e or unlas , and notice th.ieof to him or (htm by (he said Court given, o cauie he lame to b rebuilt or repaired, and made sate and commodious for the p U ge of travellers, catt e aud carnages; nd if wuhin the time last men* tioned, h laid bridge be not so repaired, or rebuilt, as the cale may require, then the Lid bridge or luch pa/t or parts thereof, as shall be remaining, (hall be and be tA n, and be considered 10 be the property of His Majesty; and after luch defa h to repair or reb lid the laid bridge, the said Fratlfois Verrauk% his heirs, executors, cur-tor* or asiign» dial cease to have any right, tale or claim, of, in, to ot out of the said bridge., oi the emuming parts thereof, and the tolls hereby granted, and h.s and tbcjr tights in the ptemiies, shall be wholly and forever determined.

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personne oil personnrs passent en aucun terns qoe ce foil, ou transportent pour WntUt,• g,ig ft on gain aucune personne on personnel:, b staux, ou voitures a travers la due Riviere Chaudier*, dan* les 1 mites luldites, tel contrevenant ou contrevtnans enco rront et payeront pour chaqoe personne, voiture ou animal aipsi traverse, one somme n'excedant pas quarantc chelins courant. Pourvu que rien contenu dans cet rrovua, Ade ne sera cense s'eiendre a priver le P .blic de passer la dite Riviere Chaudiere, dans les limites fusdites, a gue, ou en Ca not, fans lucre ou gag's.

VH. Et qu'il soit de plus status par I'autorite snsdite, que si antique personne ***«*—»** aba:, arrache, fcrole ou deruit malicieul-ment le dit Pont ou quelque parne die- «t»'n>nt >« lui, o-.rli Mellon de Peagequi lera eriger en vertu de cet Acte, toute personne «*«••* air si conuevenante, et en etant convai. cue, (era jugee coupable de Felonie. .

VIII. Et qu'il sort de plus stitue pir I'a-itoMte susdH*, que le dit Frantnis m. vemuir Vtrrault Dour fe dotiacr ledroit aux proSts et avanragrs accorded p*r cet Acte, fen-era J^u'd^rC"* e: comp eiera, et it est par le pief'-nt requis d'e iger et coroaleVer le dit Pont, Sn^M*1"** Ma 'on ie peage, Barnere et a.tres dgpendances, dint cinq anne s di jour, de fa passuiun de Cet Act', et »'il nV(I point paracheve dans ce deroier urns mentions, eV manieie a oroc -rer un passage lur et commode fur le dit Pont, le dit Fraifois Fcrrault, 'es Executeuri, Heutiers, Coratems et ayant cause cess, ront d'avoir oucuri droit on iK'rrMml'ur le* peages par le present imposes, lesquels des lors appartiendtonta Sa Ma|eite, et le oit Francois Vtrrault n'aura point de droit par le mnyea des du* peages, ou de quelqu'aitre mamere que ce loit, a aicm remb)urscment des frais qu'il uourra avoir encourus en baiissant le dit Pont, et dans le cas que le dit Pont, ap>e q «'il aura ete er-ge et paracheve, devienne en aucun terns imoraticab'eou dange eux poir les voyig-urs, belli iux o t voit ires, le du Francois Ferrauit, les Heritiers, Exeeuteurs, Curaieurs ou ayans cause, f\ ront, comme ils font par le prelent requis de faire, feus deux ans du terns que le dit Poot sera conflate ere ltnpraiicabl- ou dangeieox, pat la Cour de Session Gent rale de Quartier de .a P ix de Sa Majeste, dins et po ir ie District de Quebec, et qu'avis en aura ete dunne a lui ou a eux par la dite Cour, reparer, construue et ba ir de njuveau le du Pont, et Je rendre fur et commode pour le pass-g- des voyageurs, bestianx et voitures, et si dans ce dernier terns, le dit Pont n'<st point repare ou rebat , ainsi que le cas rfuml Æ pourra eire, alors le dit Pont 01 idle partie ou panics d'icciui qui lubsilteron , dr vicndiom et leront pns et comme etant la prourie e <le Sa Majeste, ct apres td defaut de reparer et rebaur le du Pont, le dit Francois FerrauU, les he'it cis, ex cuteuis, curateurs ou ayans cause, ecsseront d'avoir aucun dioit, litie ou pretenuon (ur le dit Pom ou ie- parties restmtes d'lcelui, et lei peages par le pitfen. acco des, de n are que (on et leui diou dans les objcis sutdtts leroat eniieicmcai tt pour toujoais tetmiues.

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»eJu»s£r'Ku«! IX. And be it fuither enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the present Act or any thing therein contained, shall not extend or be construed to extend to weaken, diminish or extinguish the rights and privileges of His Majesty the K'ng, bis heirs and successors, noi of any person or persons, body politic or corporate ma< y of the ihings therein-mentioned, (except as to th« power and authority, gi. ven to the said Francois Verrault, his heirs and assigns, and excent as 10 the right! which aie hereby expressly altered or extinguished) but that his Mijesty ib . King, his heirs and successors, and all and every person or persons, body poltnc or corporate, their heirs and assigns, executors and administrators, shall have, an J exercile the same rights, as they and each of them had before the passing of thi.< Act, with the exceptions aforesaid, to every effect and purpose whatsoever, and in at ample manner, as if this Act had never been passed.

Frwujouver. X. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that in case the said

rault 10 construct , N n . - - ,' . .' * . ,

a.irjwbri.iSefor river fjhaudiere should herearter be navigated in part above and below the said above ami beiow bridee by vessels having masts, the said Francois Verrault, his heirs and ash ns.

she Said Bri(lge< O / . r • 1 r rw p r

shall cause to be made a draw bridge, to admit of the passing of such vessels navi? gating in and upon the said river, without any toil, fee, or recompence. XI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the penalties hereby inflicted, shall, upon proof of the offences respectively before any one or more -of the Justices of the Peace for the District of Quebec, either by confession of the offender or by the oath of one or more credible witness or wirntfles, (which oath such Justice is hereby empowered and required to administer,) be Kvied by distress and sale of the goods and chatties of such offender, by warrant signed by such Jus. tice or Justices, and the overplus, after such penalties and the charges of such distress and sale are deducted, shall be returned upon demand to tha owner of such goods and chatties, one half of such penalties, respectively, when paid and levied, shall belong to his Majesty, and the other half to the person suing for the same.

^"taci".'^ XII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the monies who p^vCTmuu levied by virtue of this Act, and not hereih-beforc granted to the said Francois toi'aud"..TM! Verrault) his heiis and assigns, and the several Fines and Penalties hereby >rfl cud iX'MajSE? io (ball be, and the fame are hereby granted, and reserved to his majesty, his' heirs uwx&*fTM and successors, for the public uses of this Province, and the support of the Government thereof, in manner herein-before set forth and contained; and the dj= a: p> cation of such money, fines and penalties sh.WI beaccouoied for io H.s M*jesty, h s heiis and successors, through the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty'* Tie-io« ry for the time being in such manner and form a& His Majesty, his heirs and successor* shall direct. Xill.

IX. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que le présent Acte ni au- «,££, "'^"«S cunc des dispositions y contenues ne s'étendront ou ne seront entendues s'étendre à JÆi;,e,dr'"" affoiblrr, diminuer ou éteindre les droits et privilèges de Sa Majesté le Roi, se» Héritiers et Successeurs, ni d'aucune personne ou personnes, corps politique ou incorporé en aucunes des choses y mentionnées (excepté quant aux pouvoir et autorité par le présent donnés au dit François Verrault, ses héritiers et ayans cause, et excepté quant aux droits qui font par le présent expressément altérés ou éteints) mais que Sa Majesté le Rot, ses Héritiers et toutes et chaque personne • ou personnes, corps politique ou incorporé, leurs hoirs et ayans cause, exécuteurs et administrateurs auront et exerceront les mêmes droits (fous les exceptions susdites) qu'eux et chacun d'eux avoient avant la passation de cet Acte à tout effet quelcon- V que, et d'une manière aussi ample que si le présent Acte n'avoit jamais été passé.

X. Et qu'il soit de plus statatué par l'autorité susdite, que dans le cas où la dite „!£"££,,*'!£ Rivière Chaudière deviendroit ci-après naviguée en partie audessus et aud.ssous dû ""V"*0," ^: dit Pont pour des Batimens portant des mats, le dit François Perrault, ses héritiers "ua"ssu""i![u^! et ayans cause feront faire un Pont Lévis pour le palïage de tels Batimens navi» J^°"d* d" guant dans et fur la dite Rivière fans aucnn péage, émolument ou récompense quelconque.

XI. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que les pénalités infligées Whiham dont par le présent Acte, seront prélevées fur preuve des offenses respectivement devant un nM^^^JT ou plusieurs Juges de Paix pour le District de Québec, soit par confession du contrevenant, ou furie serment d'un ou plusieurs Témoins dignes de foi, (lequel ferment tel Juge de Paix est. par le présent autorisé et requis d'administrer) par

saisie et vente des effets et biens mobiliers de tel contrevenant, fur un ordre signé u
de tel Juge de Paix, et le surplus, après déduction faite de telles pénalités et des'
frais de telles saisie et vente, sera rendu à la demande du Propriétaire de tels effets
et biens mobiliers, moitié desquelles pénalités respectivement, lorsque payées ou
prélevées, appartiendra à Sa Majesté, et l'astre moitié à la personne qui en fera
la poursuite.

XII. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que les a'rgents qui seront i^,^,,^.

Prélevés en vertu de cet Acte, et qui ne font pas ci-devant accordés au dit François >«**?■ »"».•«• m ^* g cet acte 61 qui ne

Perrault, ses hoirs et ayans cause, et les différentes amendes et pénalités infligée» SVau'ïit Fssi .par le présent seront, comme ils font par le present, accordés et réservés à Sa J^, vJTMu,tal Majesté, ses héritiers et successeurs, pour les usages publics de cette Province, et JS5?*S,fj£K "le soutien du Gouvernement d'icelle, en la manière ci-devant exprimée, et il sera itut^m^. tenu compte à Sa Majesté, ses Héritiers et Successeurs de la due application de M^",tm,1"" à s* tes argents, amendes et pénalités, par la voie des Lords Commissaires du Trésor de Sa Majesté, pour le tems d'alors, en telles manière et forme que Sa Majesté, fa Héritiers et Succcsseuis l'ordonneront,

Z e XIH.

fetamta'JS.S Xlll. Provided always and be it farther enacted by the authority aforesaid, irut irt^'fert^Mj 'he said bridge hereby authorized to be biiilt and erected over and upon the said fm.jUM?1" "" river Chaudiere, be made sufficiently high, and that sufficient room be left between

pillars or quays of the said bridge, to afford a free and navigable pafiage for rafts of

forty feet wide.

•o^SStHtoVi'm." XIV. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, SVr1hhejiIS'S that the said Francois Verraullto entitle himself to the benefit of this Act, (bill, and tr^ibori^ he is hereby required within two months from and after the puffing ot th s Act, to jjjjjjju ">• give public notice three weeks in the Quebec Gazette, and in writing, to be affixed at the church door of the Parish of Sainte Marie, Nouvelle Beauce, during the fame space of time and publicly read after divine service in the morning of tach S.mday and Holiday intervening in the course of that time, that he is thereby authorized to build and construct a bridge and toll-house over the said river Chaudiere, at the place above-mentioned; and that the inhabitants of the f<td Parish are entitled to apply to the Grand Voyer, or to his Deputy, within three months after such notification, for the purpose of tkerns.lves building the laid budge, which said notice shall be before a Justice of the Peace, certified upon the oaths of'any two Officer* of Militia, residing, in the County of Dorchester, to have been duly made aud given, which Certificate, upon oath with a copy of the aforesaid notice, shall be deposited with any Notary public, residing in the County of Dorchester.

yP'5*u,aG^«n,S XV. Provided always and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if v^ftt P««i lhe inhabitants of the said Parish of Sainte Marie, <k la Nouvelle Beauce, shall within three months after such notification at aforesaid, apply by Petition to the Grand Voyer of the District of Quebec, or to his Deputy, to obtain a Precis Verbal' and shall cause the same to be ratified according to Law, before the twenty-first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, for the purpose of causing the said bridge to be erected by the (aid Parish of Sainte Marie de la Nouvelle BWuce, or by a part of the same, according to the law* now in force, and shall the e-«(tcr in virtue of the said Proces Verbal, erect the said bridge withtn one year to be com* puted from the date of th- homologation of the said Proce$ Verbal, then and in such cale the said Francis Verrault, shall not avail himself ot this Act, for the parpose of erecting the said bridge and levying the said rates of toll, provided always that if such Petition as above mentioned, be not made and presented to the Grand Voyer or to his Deputy as aforesaid,.within tnree month*, .and a copy thereof t>i»ed upon the said Franfots V-errault, within three months after such-notification a»aforefaid, it sh .11 forthwith after the expiration os the said three months, be lawful for the said Franpis Verrault, to avail htmlelf of this Act: and to proceed immediately thereafter to the erection and construction of the said biidge and toll-house.

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