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Been paid to such person, or aster such.price or value (hall have been offered to him, ot that on his refusal ih- (aid Willinm Hall sh-ill have dep< fie d it at 'he office Of the Prothonotary of die Court of King*. B nch for the District of Quebec.

8ria«.««TM». IU. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said bridge

MauMbeirawd and lht said toll-Aouse, turnpike and dependencies to be erected thereon,or near

piraiioioVw"" thereto, and allo the ascents or approaches to the said bridge, and dI materials

JnTaCu.Mhf3' wbuh.shall be from time to time found or provided, for erecting, building, or

'J^la^-* maintaining and repairing the fame, (hall-be vested in the said William Hall, bil

HViiThrfiS'.L'i'uTM heirs and assigns for ever. Provided, that after the expiration of fifty years from the

thereos- passing of this Act, it IfJbal 1 and may be lawful for His Majesty, his heirs and fire

■ cessors, to assume the posts ffion and property of the laid bridge, toll-house, turn

.pike and dependencies, and the ascents and the approach s thereto, upon paying to

. the (aid William Hall, his heirs, executors, orators, or assigns, the full and entire

value which the lame.shall at the time of-such assumption, bear and be woith.

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IV. And be it further enact'd by th? authority aforesaid, that when and so soon •£3!*rIS»u£ as lhe said'brrdge shall he ertcted and built, and made fit and proper for the passage of travellers, cattle and carnages, and that the fame thaii have been certified by any two or more Justices Of the Peace, for the District of Quebec, after examination thereof, by three experts, to be appointed and sworn by the said Justices^ and shall have been adveinzed in the Quebec Gaz tte, it shall be lawful for the said William Hall, his heirs, executors, cuiato s and assigns, from time to time, and at ail times to ask, demand, receive, recover and uke toil, and for his and their own proper use benefit, and behoof, for pontage, as or in th name of a toll or duty, before ary "passage over the said bridge shall be permitted, the several sums following, that ■» to'lay: for every coach, 01 other four wheel-carriage, loaded or unloaded, with the driver and four persons, or less, drawn by two or more hoifes, or other beafts of draught, one shilllrg and three-pence cunency; for every waggon, or other-four wheel carriage, loaded or unloaded, one shilling currency; for every chaise, calash, chair with two wheels, or cariole, or other such carriage, loaded or unloaded, with the driver and two persons or less, drawn by two horses or other beads of draught, four-pence currency; and diawn by one horse or other beast of draught threepencecurrency; for every cart,'sled, or other such carriage, Loaded or unloaded, drawn by iwo'horles, oxen, or other beasts of d,aught, with'the drivers, four-pence currency; and if drawn by one horse or other beast of draught, three-pence cjrrency ; for eveiy person on foot one half-penny currency j for every horse, mare, male, ot other beast of draught, laden or unladen/ one half-penny currency; for every per* ion on horseback, two-pence«currency,j forevery bull, ox, cow, and all other bora, ed and neat cattle, each one penny, currency ; for every hog, goat, sheep, calf or Jamb, one half-penny currency. v ayent ete payees a tel individu,ou ames que tel piix oa valeur lui aura et6 offers, ou qu'ason refus le Hit William Hall l'ait conGgne au gresse de la Cour du Bane du Roi, poor le District de Quebec.

III. Etqu'il soit de plub statue" par l'autorit4 >fusdite, que le dit William Hall. wmia«:mii, seshoirs et ayans cause font revetus pour touiours de la propriete du dit Pont et de «o;«- nftt,,,&t la due Mailon de peage, JBarnere, et auttes dependances qui y (eront eriges lur ou <\upo*u pres d'leeux, et aufli de routes les metises ou abords du dit Pont, et de tous les rnatenaux qui seront, de tems en terns, obtenus et pourvus pour I'eriger, construire,

faire, emretenir et reparer. Pourvu qu'apres l'expiration de cinquante annees, a A ,.„pir,,,oa compter depuis la passation de cet Acte4 il sera et po ma eUre loiGble a Sa Maieite * £,ni"«0,» scs Heritiers et Successeurs de reprendre la possession et propriete du dit Pont, *£J(,re,">,,c£,. Mailon de Peage, Barnere et autres dependances, ainsi que lesaboids et mo n tees J'TM0d"t*!Jn,pTM,J a icclui, en payant au dit William Hall, ses Heritiers, Executeurs, Curateurs ou f^J^'^J^" ayans cause, l'entieie et pleine valeur qu'il pourra avoir et valoir au terns de telJe prise de possession.

IV. Et qu'il soitde plus statue par l'autorite' susdite, que lors et aussitot quele ,..-„,,,„. i„ ?, dit Pont seia eiige etconstrnit, et fait d'une maniere prepre et convenabe pour le t"u'ilJt"Lm'm'l passage des "voyageurs, bestiaux et voitures, ce qui sera certifie par' deux on plus ^eT.' ly***~ des jugesde Patx, pour le district de Quebec, d'apies un examm dicelui par H»£ «'«'aro« trois experts, qui seront nommss ct assermentes par Irs dits jugesdePaix, et Pobiomjtos* publie dans la Gazette de Quebec, il sera loisible au dit William Hall, ses Heritiers, uao* tau** Executeurt, Curateurs et ayans cause, de tems a autre, et en tous les tems, de demander, exiger, tecevoir et prendre a son propre usage et profit, pour le Pontonage, sous le nom de peage ou droit, avant de pertnettre le passage fur le dit

Pont, "les diffeientcsTommes suivantcs, c\ st-a-dire: Pour chaque carofle ou autre

voitui e a quatre roues, charge ou non charge, avec un cocher et quatre personnel

ou moins, tire par deux chevaux ou plus, ou autres betes de somme, un chelin et

trois deniers courant ; Pour chaque chariot ou autre voiture a quatre roues, charge

ou non charge, un chelin courant; pour chaque chaise, calech?, cabriolet a deux

roues, ou cariole ou autre voiture iemblable, charge ou non charge avec le hiTut.

cocher ct deux personnes ou moins, tir<5 par deux chevaux ou autres betes de

somme, quatre depiers courant, et tue par un cheval ou autre bete de lomrae,

trors deniers courant; Pour chaque chaiette, traine ou autre voiture iemblable

chaigee ou non charges, tiree par deux chevaux ou bœufs ou autres betts de somme

avec le cocher, quatre tleniers courant, et par un cheval ou autre be e de

somme; trois deniers courant; Pour chaque personne a pied, on demi denier

courant; Pour chaque cheval, jument, mule ou autre b£te de somme, chargee ou non

chargee, un denter et demi courant ; Pour chaque personne a cheval, deux deniers

courant; Pour chaque taureau, bœuf, vache et autre bete a come, de quel

qu'cspecequ'elJe loit, un denier courant; Pour chaque coebon, chevie, mouton

vtau, ou agneau, un demi denier courant.


Einopiicn t. V. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that witaia <*.». n0 perfon> horse or carriage employed in conveying a Mail or Letters under the authority of His Majesty's Post-office,nor for the horses.or carriages,laden or un laden, and drivers attending officers and soldiers of His Majesty's forces, or of the militia whilst upon their march or on duty, nor the said officers or soldiers, or arty ofthrm, cor carriages and drivers.or guards sent with prisoners of any description, (hall be wniiaaiKii chargeable with any toll or rate whatsoever. Provided also, that it shall and may be Sw^irdT«" lawful for the said William Hall, his hei's, executors, curator*, or assigns, rodimivance tk« to«a. nj^ ^ j.^ toll*, or any. of them, and afterwards if he or they shall lee fit again to Table of rates augment the fame, or any of them, so as not to exceed in any cafe the rates herein aamecomp'icuoiu beiore authorized to be taken. Provided also, that th ■ said William Hdll, hit ^coate 10 heirs,.execwor-i, curators, or affigns, shall affix, or cause to be affixed, in some conspicuous place, at or near such toll-gate, a table of the rates payable so. passing over the said bridge;., and so often as iuch rates may be diminished or augmented, he or ihcy (hall cause such alteration to be affixed in manner aforesaid..

VI. And beit further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said tolh, Jiall wuHaVJlau^be, and the same are hereby vested in the laid William Hall, his heirs and assign,

for ever. Provided, that if His Majesty shall, in the manner herein-before mentioned, iest.wtaleeua after the expiration of fifty years from the passing of this Act, assume the possession aHume^iie'pol- and property of ihs said budge, toll-house, turnpike and dependencies, and the asiK'g",Ac.ih«n cents and approaches thereto, then the said tolls (hall, from the time of such asba'veSJiilia iumptiou, appertain and belong to His Majesty, his heirs and successors, who (lull Majcij-. from thence-forward be substiiut d in the place and stead of the said William Hall,

his heirs and assigns, for all and every the purposes of this Act.

VII* And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person (hall »r.eforc:ibi'p"" forcibly, pass through the said turnpike, without paying thesaid toll or any part thertp?ke'°»HL'utn" of,ot shall interrupt or distuibthe said William-Hall, his heirs, executors, curators or who .ha'i'ob- TM affigns,or any.person or persons employed by him or them, for bm I ding or repairing wm-'Csi "* tnc saI<* bridge, or making or repairing the way over the fame, or any road or avenge *rJidde"«ctb0 leadrrg thereto, every person so offending, in each of the cases aforesaid, th'll, for every, such offence, forfeit a sum not exceeding forty shillings, currency.

Aimm as tbe VIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid.that as soon as the said

pT«Ed!TMCo,.h'er bridge shall be passable and opened for ihe use of the public, no person or peisoni

wS' (hall erect, or cause to be eiected, auy bridge or bridges, or works, or use anyiary

UJh'ndef" TM for the carriage of any perlons, cattlcor carnages whatsoever, for hire, across the laid

river Etchemins, within three acres of the ford opposite the church on the upper

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V. Pourvfi toiijours, et qu'il foil de plui» status parTautoritfe susdite, qu'aucano ersoin-, cheval ou voiture employs a transporter one Malle ou des Lettres, sous 'auiorite du Bateau des Postes de Sa Majeste, ni les chevaux on voitures charges ou non charges avec leurs conducteurs, qui accompagnent des Officiers et Soldats des Troupes dc Sa Majeste, ou d? la'Milice, fur leur rnarche ou en service, ni les dis Officiers on Soldats ou aucun d'eux, ni les voitures et conducteurs ou gardiena qui accompagnent des Prisonniersde toute description, ne seront sujets a aucun W)n:»mmii.*f. Taux quelconque. Pourvu auffi, qu'il (era loisible au du William Hall, scs Hoirs, T^J^t?. Executeurs, Curateurs et ayans cause, de diminuer lesTaux susdits, ou aucun d'eux, mt*J'£ et ensuite de les augmenter, s'irs le jugenti propos, de maniere a ne pas excider, en aT/Tn"»ilnl? aucon cat, les Taux que c."t Acte, autonle d'exiger. Pourvu auffi, que le' dil-fElSS* "u<lS8 William Hall, les Hoirs, Executeurs, Curateurs ou ayans cause, atticheront oa seront affi.her, en quelqu'endroit visible a ou pre< de la Barriere, une Table des T<tux payablcs pour passer fur le dit Pont, et auffi souvent que tels Taux seront diminues ou augmenies, its ou dies seront afficher tel changement de la memo maniere.

VI. Et qu'il (oit de plus statue par 1'autorite' susdite, que les dit* peages seront

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comme its font par le present, accordes au dit William Pall, ses hoirs et ayr.ns A mui„, ,,„„ caus. a toujours; Pourvu que si Sa Majeste- prend, en la maniere ci-devant men- i'l-MpSiton**. tionnee, apres 1'expiration de cinquante annees, a compter de la passation de cet j3£°£«SJta!! ACte, la posseffion et propriety du dit Pont, Maison de Peage, Barriere et autres ^^VU^S -dependances, et des montees et abords a iceux, alors les dits Peages, du tems de M^Ult*.4*" 8* telle prise de possession, apparuendront a Sa Majeste, les Heruiers et Successors qui seront des lots iubstitues au lieu et place du du William Hall, ses hoirs et ayans cause pour toutes et chacune des finsde cet Acte.

VII. Et qu'il soit de plus statue par 1'autorite susdite, que si quelque personne i„ p"arloua"nqu? passe force men t par ladite Barriere, sans payer le peage ou quelque partie d'lcelui, mV.TpUiri»,'aiw ou intetrompra ou troublera le dit William Hall, ses heruiers, executeurs, curateurs pa,"r7e pTMec. ou ayans cause, ou q elque personne ou perionnes par lui ou eux employees a batii mut'"'.'"^"" ou leparer It-dit Pont, ou pour faire ou reparer le chemin iur icelui, ou quelque dln.'ia'baiimin chemin ou avenue y conduisant, toute personne ainfi contrevenante encourra, on' dans chacundes cas susdits, pour chaque telle oifeuse, une amende qui n'excedera pas la lomme de quarante chelins, courant.

VIII. Et qu'il soit-de plus statue par 1'autorite susdite, qu'aussitfit que le dit Pont noe**. #>iS*

_ nil i»r i Li j \ 1 f ■ aucun Tont, &c.

iera pallable et ouvert pour I ulage du public, des tors aucune perlonne quelconque » » an anc. oe po J rra enger ou faire enger aucun Pont ou Ponts, pratiquer ou faire pratiquer »"»i'°< w '« aucune voie de pailage pour le transport d'aucunes personnel, bestiaux ou voitures ruh.v«. quelconques, pour gages a travers la due Riviere Etchtmins, a trois arpents e n

deca A a s


most fide, and within half a league below the said bridge; and if any person or persons fh:li erect a toll bridge or toll bridges over the s. id river Eccheming, wub> in the said limits, he or they shall pay 10 the laid William Had bis heirs, ext< PeaiUt/. uotors, curators and assigns, treble the tolls hereby imposed; for the persons cattle and carriages which- (hall piss over such bridge or bridges ; and if any person or persons shall, at any time, for hire or gain, 'pass or convey any person or persons, cattle, or carriages, across the said River, within the limits aforesdidj such c {Fender or cffmdrrt- (hall, for each carriage, person or- animal so carried across, foifeit and p.)y a- st-m not exceeding forty sh'liings currency. Pro* vided, that nothing in this Act comaintd, sh >ii b, construed to prevent the pub* lie from passing any of the fords ir» the laid- river,, w.thin the limits aforesaid, or in canoes, w.thout gain or hue.

Pwaityonp«r. IX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person seal! the bripe or maliciously pull down, burn, or destroy the said budge, or any part then of, or tin toll-house to be erected by virtue of this Act, every person so offending, andihereof legally convicted, shall be deemed guilty of felony*.

wniumHaiir*. X. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the sard William S«t" til Hall, to entitle himself to the benefits and advantages to him, by this Act granted, vumjuS?* shall and he is hereby required to erect and complete the said bridge, toll-ho ;fe, turn-; pike and dependencies within three years from the day <-f the pasting of this Act; and if the fame shall not be com plea ted within the term last mentioned, lo as to afford a convenient and safe passage over the said bridge; he the said William Hall, his heirs, executors, curators, and assigns, shall cease to have any right, title or claim of, in,or tothe tolls hereby imposed, whiclvshall from thence-forward belong to Hu Majesty; and the said William Hall, shall not, by the said tolls, or in any other manner or way, be entitled to any reimbursement of the expences he may have incurred in and about the building of the said budge; and in case the said bridge, aster it shall have been erected and compleated, shall, at any time, become impassable or. unsafe for travellers, cattle or carriages, he the said William Hall, his hetr.«,executors, curators, or assigns, shall, and they are hereby required, within two years from the time at which the said bridge shall, by Hrs Majesty's Court of General Quarter Sessions of the peace, in and for the said District of Quebec, be ascertained to be impassable or unsafe, and notice thereof to him or them by the said Court given, to cause the same to be rebuilt or repaired,and made safe and commodious for the passage of travellers, cattle and carnages; and if within the time last mentioned,'the said bridge be not repaired or rebuilt, as the case may require, then the-laid bridge, or «n>i>ieitcd. such parts thereof, as (hall be remaining, shall be, and be taken and considered no be the property of His Majesty; and after Inch default lo repair ot rebuild the

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