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•.rsfaX*"" forcibly pass throngh the said turnpike, without paying the toll or any part thereof, J^."^TM" or (hall interrupt or disturb the said Jean Thomas Tajchereua, George Pyle, Pitrrt KS*"*-" Edouard Dtjbarstt and Francois Roy, their heirs,executors, curaton or assigns, or j«a'-rto«'/ any person or persons employed by them,for building or repairing the said bridge, "r)\^v\miaKi. or making or repairing ihe way over the same, or any road or avenue leadi-ig therei££S?'iu"1. *o, every person so offending, in each of the cases aforesaid, shall, for every such fcaiXaU''*** offence, forfeit a sum not exceeding forty (hillings, currency.

"VI. And beit'farther erwQed'by the authority aforesaid, that as soon as the said tridp-n com- bridge shall be passable and opened for the use of the public, no person or peifoai

flensed, no other _ , «• _ rr . J , •■• t • i • «.",

rMf to be »_■ (hall erect, or came to be erected, any bridge or bridges, or works, or use any ferry

"iKa mtueafor the carriage of any persons, cattle or carriages whatsoever, for hire, across the laid >tiver Etchemin, within half a league above the said bridge,and below the said bridge, and if any.person or persons (hall erect a toll bridge or toll bndg s over the slid river, within the said limits, he or they (hall pay to the said Jean Thomas Tafchtrm, George Pyke, Pierre Edouard Dejbarats and Francois Roy, their heirs, executors, cuP;"I(J gators and assigns, treble the tolls hereby imposed, for the persons, cattle and carriages which (hall pass overmuch bridge or bridges ; and if any person or persons shall, at any time, for hire or gain, pass or convey any person or persons, cattle, or carriages, across the said River Etchemin, within the said limits aforesaid, such offender or offenders, (hall, for each person, carriage or animal so carried across, forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding forty (hillings currency. Provided, *,"*'!0- that nothing in this Act contained, (hall be construed to prevent the public fiom passing any df the fords in the (aid river, within the limits aforesaid, or in canoes, .without gain or hue.

VII. And be it farther enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person Anil ''""ho"*!!tm maliciously pull down, burn, or destroy the said bridge, or any part thereof,or the it»4rip?« toll-house to be erected by virtue of this Act, every person so offending, and being .thereof legally convicted, shall be deemed guilty of felony.

jrl2&TM'%L Vffl. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said Jtat ^,ra!"raoad' Thomas Ta/chereau, George Pyke, sPitrre Edouard Defbarats and Francois fiof, t° £uTJod°',t.u>i'*'' entitle themselves to the benefits and advantages this Act granted, Hull) bruu-e "w'thin and they ate hereby required to erect and complete the said bridge, toll-house, turntat«)«». ^ an{1 dependencies within three years from the day of the passing of this Act; s^

if the fame (hall not be compleated within the time Lit mentioned, lo as to afford. convenient and faff passage over the said bridge, they the said Jean Thomas Itf' thereau, George Pyket¥itrre Edouard Dejbarats and Francois Roy, their bars, executor!,

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paflTr foreement par Jadite Barriere san$ payer Je peage ou quelque partie d*iceloi, 00 interrompra oa troublera les dits Jean 7homas Tafchereau, George Pyke, Pierre SSrr'i^e'wn."* hicuard Dejbarattct Franp/is Rot leuis hMiticn, executcurs, curateurs ou ayans 2u%.ieir£rt!£ caul.-,on quelqne personne ou personnes par eux employees a.baltr ou reparer le die T^aV"'^.*" Pont, on poor faire ou reparer se cri'min fur icelui, ou quelque chemin ou avenue p"reeEX»»rIl* y coi.duilant, toute petsonne amsi contievenar.te encourra, dans chacundes cas "^"?," Rj, fusdits, pour chaque telle offense, une amende qui n'excedera pas la sonxtne do Sup^hc?11" quarante cadins, couiant.

VI. Er qu'il soit de olus statue" par Tautorhe susdue, qu'aussitot que le dis Pont .J^'^'8* sera passable et ouvert pourl'usage da public, del lors aucune perfoo'ieq-jelconquc J*ud*t»o« tie pourra 6ngrr ou faire fcriger aucun Pont ou Ponts, praliqutr ou faire pratiquci iXiTM"TM aucune voie de paibge pout le transport d'Aucuncs personnel, bestia-jxoi voitures ^Uti"*"1*1'"' quelconques^poar gages a travers la due Riviere Efheroins, a une deinie-lieut" aa destus du dit Pont, et au defsous du dit Pont, et si quelque personne ou personnel cor.ftruisentun Pont ou dt-s Ponts de peage fur la due Riviere Eu:h?nuns dan? les dites limites, elle payera ou elles pave*otit aux dits Jean Thomas laschercau, George Pyie, Pierre Edovard De/barats et Francois Roi, leurs Heritiert, Executcurs Curateurs et ayans cause, trois fois la valeur des peages imposes par le present Acte pour fc« personnes,bestiaux et voitures qui passeroni fur tei Pont ou Ponts,a si quelque personne ou perlonnes paffent en aucun terns que ce soit, ou transparent pour gag;sou gain aucune personne ou perfonnes^bestiaux, voiture ou voitures a travers la due Riviere Etchemins dans les limites su(dites,tc! contrevenant ou contrevenans encouiront **"»««: et payeront pour chaque personne, voiture ou animal ainsi traverse, une somme a'excedant pasquarante chelinscourant. Pourvu, que rien contenu dans cet Acte Pa""sa Be sera cense s'etendre a priver le Public de passer la dite Riviere Etchemins dans Ics hmices susdites a gue, ou en Ca not fans lucte ou gages.

VTt. Et qu'il soit de plus statue par l'autorise susdite, que si quelque personne ^^^t abat, arrache, hrule ou detruit malicieusement le dit Pont ou quelque partie d'ice- p^\"°;Y'«4 loi, ou la Mailott de Peage qui sera erigee en vertu de cet Acte, toute personne «•«•!••

amsi contrevenante, et en ctant legalement canvaincue, sera jugee coupable de Felonie.

VIII. Et qu'il soit de-plus statue parTautorite susdite, que les dits Jean Thomas J«» Tto«a» Tafchereau* George Pyket Pierre^ Edouard Delbarats et Francois Hoi. pour se donner c^r^ki,

. J a - -J- A £». L. VVem Edouar*

dioit aux pronis et avantages a, eux accordes parcel Acte, engeront et com- D^-wat. « p'eteront, et ils font parse present requis d'erigeret completer le dtt Pont, Maison )TrSnx n^it de peage, Barriere et au ties dependences, dans, trois aunees du jour de la passation da".gf,e.P|Ma'e de cet Acte, et s'ils ne font pasparacheves dans ce dernier terns mentionne, de ma- "plunU »m' -»iere a procurer un passage fur et commode fur le dit Pont, les dits J tan Thomas lXt.r" ""^ Te/chcreaUi George PfiC) Pierre Edouard Dejbarats et Franks Roi9 leurs Heniiers, -*' / r Execute ursy.

-cutors, curators, and assigns, (hall cease to have any right, title or claim of, in orta the totls hereby imposed, which (hall from thence-forward, belong to His Majesty; and {he said sean Thomas Tafchereau, Gctrge 2*ykc, Pierre Edouard Defbarati and Francois Roy, (hall not, by the laid tolls, er in any other manner or way, b- entitled to any reimbursement of the expences ihty may ha?e incurred in and aboat the building of the said biHge; and in case the said -bridge, after it shall have beencr rested and compleated, shall, at anytime, become impassable or unsafe for traveller*, cattle or carriages, they the said Jean Thomas Tafchereau, George ?yle, Pierre Edouard Dejbarats, and Francois Roy, thut heir>,ex(.cuors,curator*,and assigns, flull, and they are hereby reqai ed, within two years from ii>e time at which the said bridge fha)l, by His Majesty's Court of General Quarter Seffionsof the Peace, in and for the said District of Quebec, be ascertained to be impassable or unsafe, and notice thereof, to them by the said Court given, to cause the lame to be rebuilt or repaired, and made safe and commodious for the passage of travellers, cattle and Tmiity v not carriages; and if within the tune last mentioned, the (did bridge be not so repaired "or rebuilt, as the cafe may require, then the said bridge, or such part or parts thereof,

as shall be remaining, shall be, and be taken and considered to be the property of His Majesty; and after such default to repair or rebuild the said b'idge, the laid Jcm Thqmas Tafchereau, George Pyke, Pierre Edouard Desbarats and Francois Roy, their heirs, executors, curators or assigns, shall cease to have any right, title or claim of, in, to, or out of the said biidge, or the remaining parts thereof, and the tolls hereby granted, and their and each of their lights in the premises, shad he wholly and for ever determined.

•wotfo nw IX* And'be itTurtheT enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the present Act, ot «fca King's tight* aijy of the dispositions th-rein-contained, shall not extend, or be construed to ex. tend, to weaken, diminish, or extinguish the rights and privilege of His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, nor of any per Ion or persons, body politic or coi» poratc, in any of the things th rein 'mentioned, (txcept as to the power and authority hereby given to the said Jean Thomas Tafchereau, Geargc Pyke, .Pierre Edouard J)ejharats and Francois Roy, their heirs and assigns, and except a* to the rigbt» which X .are hereby expiessly altered and extinguished, but that His Majesty the King, his

heirs and successors, and all and every person or persons, h-dy politic or corporate, their heirs and assigns, executors and administrators, fh ill have and exercise the same tights as they and each of them had before the pasting of this Act, with the exceptions aforesaid, to every ess ct and purpose whatsoever, ana in as amp.e manner, as if this Act had never been pasted.

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X. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the penalties hers* by inflicted, shall, .upon .proof of the offences respectively, before any one or more ^Héritiers, Curateurs et ayans caufe, crfleront d'avoir aucun droit ou prétention fit le»péages par le prêtent impôts, lefquels dès lors appartiendront a Sa Majefté, et les dit* Jean Thomas Tdfchereaa, George Pykc, Pierre Edouard Defbaraia et François Roi, n'auront point de droit par le moyen dea dits péages, ou de ^uelqu'autre manière que ce Toit, à aucun remboursement d< s frais qu'ils pourront avoir encourus en bâiflant le dit Pont, et dans le ras q'ie le dit Pont, anrè» q-i'fl aura été Érigé et parachevé, devienne en aucun tems im глпс<Ы o> dan^éreux pour lee voyageurs, befltauxoj vottnres, les dits Jean 9Ъотаа Tafchereau, George rúe, Pierre Edouard Dejbarats et François Roi, leurs. Hen-iers, Exécuteurs, Curateurs ou ayans caufe, feront comme ils font p*r le prêtent requis de faire, (oui deux ans, d i tems que le dit Pont fera contlaré être impraticable ou dangereux, parla Cour de Seffion Générale de Quartier de la Paix de SaMjeflé, dans et pour !« Difttift de Q ébtc, et qu'avis en aura été donné à eux pai la d;te Cour, réparer, conftruireet bâ'ir de nouveau le dit Pont, et le midre lûr et commode pour le paffage des voyageurs, befliaux et voitures; et fi dans ce dernier tim5. ££"¿£'¿£"¡¡'12 ledit Pont n'eft point réparé, ou rebâ^-amC que le cas ролга ê;re, a'ors le dit Pont on telle partie ou parties d'iceb i qui fubfifterotft deviendront et feront pris et confidérés comme étant la propriété de Sh М<ф lté, et aorès tel défaut d?rér>arer o i rebâtir le dit Pont, les dits Jean Thomas Tafchereau, Georgt Pyke, Pierre Edouard "Dejbarats et François Roi, leurs HétKters, Exécuteurs, Curateurs ou ayans caufe ceiferont d'avoir a--.cun droit, titre ou prétention fur le du Pont oa les p^rtuo testantes d'icelui; et les pé-tges par le préfent accordée, de n êtne que leurs dioits dans les objets fufdits, feront entièrement et pour toujouia terminés.

IX. Et qu'il foit de plus ftatué par l'autorité fufdite, que le prëfent Afte

aucunes des difpofitions y contenues ne s'étendront ni ne (eront entendues s'étendre л^л»Т. "" à affoiblir, diminuer ou éteindre les droits et privilèges de Sa Majefté le Roi, Ses Héritiers et Succeffeurs, ni d'aucune peifonne ou per(onne>, corps politique ou inco poré en aucunes des choses y mentionnées (excepté quant aux pouvoir» et aulontés par le prëfent donnés aux dits Jean Thomas Tafchereau, Geoage Руке, Pierre Edouard Dejbarats et François Roi, leurs Héritiers et ayans caufe, (excepté quand aux droits qui font par le préfent exprefiément altérés ou étein s,) mais que Sa Majefté le Roi, Ses Héritiers et Succeffeurs, et toutes et chaque perfonne ou perionnrs, corps politique ou incorporé, leuTS Hoirs et ayans caufe. Exécute ra etadmmittrateurs auront et exerceront les mêmes droits (fous les exceptions fufdi'.ei) qu'eux et chacun d'eux avoirnt, avant la paffaiion de cet A61e, à tout effet quelconque, et d'une manière aufli ample que ii le préfent Acte n'avoit jamais été paffé.

X. Et qu'il foit de plus ftatué par l'autorité fuîdite, que les pénalités irfllgért ^ par le préfent AÊte, feront prélevées fur preuve des offenles rclpectivement devant *tJ;TMTM?ti£



of the J-asticcs of the Peace for the District of Quebec, either by confession of the off* nder, or by the oath of one 01 more credible w tries?, or witnesses, f which oath such J' slice is hereby empowered and required to administer,) be levied by distret, and sale of thegoods and chattels of such offender, by warrant signed by such J .slice o? Justices, and the ovrplu>, after such penalties, and the charges of such distress and sale are dt-ducle-i, shall be returned upon demand to the owner of such goods and chattels, one half of which penalties, respectively, when paid or levied, Quil belong to His Majesty., and the other, haifto the person suing for the fame

Ju«« i#»w Xt. And be it further enacted by. the authority aforesaid, that the monies to be Jrtp.irJd'toj! levied by virtue of this Act, and not herein-besore granted to the (aid Jtan Ihonsu Z*'TM!^TM^ Tosher eau, George Fyke, Pierre Edouard Deibarati, and Francois Roy, tbei' beirs Ko*.vZ""'b, and c-ffigns., and the several fines and penalties h reby inflicted, shall be, and the 5^"'«"^i n"^rt same are hereby granted, and reserved to His Majesty, his h-irs and succeflo's, for ^'accouaiwf for the public uses of ibis Province and the support of ihe government thereof, in toHi.* manner herein-before set forth and contained ; and th due application of I chrnoney,-fines and penaties shall be accounted for to His Majesty, bis heirs and successors, through the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, for (he time beirg, in such manner and form as His Majesty, his hens and successors shah direct,

Tie BitAreto XII. Provided always, and be it further enacted by th? authority aforesaid,that 5jrh,hlilTMrWy 'he said bridge hereby authorized to be built and erected over and upon the said tonsil^?1 '"* River Etchcmin*, be made sufficiently high, and that sufficient room be left between

the pillars or quays of the said bridge, to afford a free and navigable passage for rafts

of forty, feet square.

j«a Thomi* XIII. Provided always, and be it Further enacted by the authority aforesaid, fete'SraH'. that the said Jean Thomai Ta/chereau, George Pyke, Pierre Edouard Defbarati,nfc FrucoM 'r»», Frarpis entitle themselves to the bent ut i>f this Act,shall, and th y are here»°iiMioihfi»T. by required within two months fiom and after the passing of this Act, to give public give aot'keco'r ° notice three weeks in the Quebec Cazette,and in writing, to be affixed at the church Jo'buiid iV7 doors of each of the Parishes of Saint Clam, Saint Gervai.,and Saint Hemy.that they are hereby authorized to build and construct a bridge andtoll-houle over the said fiver Etchenun, at the place above-mentioned; and that the inhabitants of the said parishes are entitled to apply to the Grand Voyer, or to his Deputy, within three months after such notification, for the purpose of themselves building the said budge, which said notices shall be before a Justice of the Peace, certified upon the-oatb of any two Officers of Militia, residing tn the County of Dorchester to have been duly made and given, which Certificate, upon oath with a copy of the aforesaid Do* rices, shall be deposited with any notary public, residing in the District of Quebec.


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