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and the (aid Jean Lagorce, shall not, by th? said tolls, or in any other manner or way, be entitled to any reimbursement of the expences he may have incurred in and a, boat the building of th: (aid bridge; and in cale the said bridge, after it shall have been erected and compleatid, (ball, at any time, become impassable or unsafe for travellers, cattle or carriages, he the said Jean Lagorce, bis heirs, executors, curators, and assigns, (hall, and they are hereby requited, within one year from the tirre at which the laid bridge (hall, by His Majesty's Court of Q larter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the said District of Montreal, be ascertained to be impassible or unsafe, and notice thereof to him or them by the said Court given, to caase the same to be rebuilt or repaired, and made (afe and commodions for the passage M^tolud.' ** °* travellers, cattle and carriages; and if within the time last mentioned, the laid bridge be not so repaired or rebuilt, as the cafe may require, then the said bridge, or such part or pans thereof, as (hall be remaining, (hall be, and be taken and considered to be the propeity of His M-ijefty; and after such default to repair or rebuild the said bridge, the said Jean Lagorce-, his heirs, executors, curators and assigns, shall cease to hive any right, title or claim of, in, to, or out of the said bridge, or the remaining parts thereof, and the tolls hereby granted, and his and their rights in the premises, (hall be wholly and for ever determined.

Im t» a«*t XI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the present Act; °* 'or acy ot the dispositions therein- contained, shall not extend, or be construed to ex. tend, to weaken, diminish, or extinguish the rights and privileges of His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, nor of any person Of person-, body politic or corporate, in any of the things therein-mentioned^ (except as to the power aod authonty hereby given to the laid Jean Lagorce, hi» heirs and assigns, and except as to the rights which are heieby expressly aite'red or extinguished,) but that His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, and all and eveiy person or persons, body politic or corporate, their heirs and assigns, executors and administrators, (halt have and exercise the lame rights as they and each of them had before the pasting of this Act, (with the exceptions afo e(aid) to every effect aid purpose whatsoever, and in as ample manner as if thia Act bad never been passed.

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XII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the penalties hereby luflicted, shall,, upon proof of the offences respectively, before any one or more of the Jiltices of the Peace for the District of Montreal, either by confess} >n of (he offender, or by the oath of one or more ciedibie witness, or witnesses, (which oath such Justce or Justices is hereby empowered and required to administer,) be levied by distiels and sale of the goods and chattels of such offender, by warrant snr les peages par le present imposes, lesquels des lors appartiendront a Sa Majeste,

ct le da Jean Lagorce n'aota oo'iit de droit par le tnoyen des dits peages, ou do

qaelqu'.iuue maniere que ce sou, a aucun reraboursement des frais qu'ilpo <rra avoir

encourus en ban slant le dit Pont, et dans le cas ou le dit Pont, apres q Vil aura ete

erigeet paracheve, deviendroit en aocun terns impraticable ou dangereux pour les

voyageurs, bestiaux, ou voitures, le dit Jean Lagorce, i-.t Heritiers, Executeurs, rt*»*«i*

Curateursou ayans cause, seront, comme il» font par le present requis de fairs, dans

le cours d'un an du tems que le dit Pont (era constate etre impraticable o i dtnge

reux, par la Cour de Session Generale de Quattier de la Paix de Sa Majeste, dans et

pour le District de Montreal, et qu'avis en aura ete donne a lui ou a eux par la dite

Cour, rdparer, construireet batir de nouveau le dit Pont, et le rendre fur et coai

modepourle paflage des voyageurs, bestiaux et voitures, et fi, dans ce dernier tems,

le dit Pont n'est point repare ou rebati, ainsi que le cas pourra Sire, alors le dit Pont

outelle partie ou parties d'icelui qui subsisteiont, deviendront et seront pris et con

fideres comme etant la propriete de Sa M-»jeste, et apres tel defaut de reparer ou re

batir le dit Pont, le dit Jean Lagorce, les Hentiers, Executeurs, Curateurs et ayans

cause ceffcront d'avoir aucun droit, titre ou prevention sur le dit Pont ou les parties

restantes d'icelui, et les peages par le present accordcs, de m3me qua son et leur droit

dans les objets sufdits, seront entietement et pour toujours terming*.

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XI. Et qu'il foil de plus statue par l'autorni fusdite, qlie le present Acte ni aucune des dispositions y contenues ne s'etendront ni ne seront entendues s'etendre a affbw iMn>«iuau blir, diminuer oueteindre res droits et privileges de Sa Majeste le Roi, ses Heritiers S?R<*°

et Succeffcurs, ni d'aucune perlonneou personnes, corps politique ou incorpore, eo aucune des choses y mentionnees (cxcepte quant aux pouvoirs et autoritfi par le preseM donne* au dit Jean Lagorce, les Heritiers ct ayans cause, et excepte quant aux dioits qui font par le prelent expreffement alteres ou 6teini3,) mais qae Sa Majeste le Roi, Ses Heritiers et Successeurs,et toutes etchique perlonne ou personnes, corps politique ou incorpore, leurs Hjirset ayans cause, Execmeurg et Administrateurs auront et exercerontles memes d<oits (sous les exceptions susdites) qu'eux et chacun d'eux avoient avant la palsation dc cet Acte a touteffet qudconqae, etd'uste maniere auffi ample que si le present Acte n'avoit jamais ete passe.

XII. Et qu'il foit de plus statufi par l'autorite susdite, que les pSnalites infligees MMii«ao»tiu par le prelent Acte seront prfelevees fur prejve des ottvnses respectivement, devant nH^tta."TM* on ou plusieurs des Juges de Paix pour le District de Moritt^al, foit pa/ confession

du contrevenant,Oii iurle ferment d'un ou plufieurs Temoins dignes de foi, (lequel ferment tel Juge de Paix est par le present autorife et requis d'administrei) par saifie «t vente des effets et biens mobiliers de tel contrevenant, fur un ordre signe de tel

luge Dda

signed by such Justice or Justices, and the overplus, after such penalties, and the charges of such distress and sale are deducted, shall be returned upon demand to the owner of such goods and chattels, one half of which penalties, respectively, when paid or levied, shall belong to His Majesty, and the other half to the person suing for the same.

Mane? teiied XIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid} that (he monies to be

*Jt^Litrf'toDd levied by virtue of this Act, and not herein-before granted to the said Jtan L&.

?£dBih?^«^i gorce, his heirs and assigns, and the several fines and penalties hereby inflicted, shall

h«Era°tedP.onHiI be, and the fame are hereby granted and reserved to His Majesty, his heirs and

rnuSfortorni successors, for the public uses of this Province and the support of the government

M»j«<}- thereof, in manner herein.before set forth and contained; and the due application

of such money, fines and penalties shall be accounted for to His Majesty, bis heirs

and successors, through the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for the

time being, in such manner and form as His Majesty, his heirs and successors shall


The Bndgoto XIV. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that ner"hat°TMruaof the said bridge hereby authorized to be built and erected, over and upon the said P°w withoutTM^ river Sud Ouest and Calix, (hall be made sufficiently high, and that sufficient room be left between the pillars or quays of the said bridge, to afford a fiee and navigable passage for rafts of forty feet wide.


.iron L»e«r«-. XV. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that losh.toel.rof the laid Jean Lagorcc, to entitle himself to the benefits of this Act, (hall, and he 2oi1«tf I0/.TM » hereby required within two months from and after the passing of this Act, to Seriate.*aM ve public notice three weeks in the Montreal Gazette, and in wriiing, to be affixed at the church doors of the parish of Saint Hyacinthe, during the iame space of time and publicly read after divine service in the morning of each Sunday and Holiday, intervening the course of that time; that he is thereby authorized to build and construct a bridge and toll-house over the said rivers Sud Ouest and Calix, al the place above-mentioned; and that the inhabitants of the said Parish are entitled to apply to the Grand Voyer, or to his Deputy, within three months after such notification, for the purpose of themselves building the said bridge, which said notices shall be before a Justice of the Peace, certified upon the oaths of any two Officers of Militia, residing in the County of Richelieu, to have been duly made and given, which Certificate, upon oath with a copy of the said notices-, shall be deposited with any Notary Public, residing in the County of Richelieu.

Juge de Paix, et le surplus, après déduction faite de telles pénalités et des frais de telle saisie et vente, sera rendu à la demande du Propriétaire de tels effets et biens mobiliers, moitié desquelles pénalités respectivement, lorsque payées ou prélevées appartiendra à Si Majesté, et l'autre moitié à la perlonne qui en fera la poursuite. •

XIII. Et qu'il fort de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que les arg:ns qui seront '-<■« «g». <i»i prélevés en vertu de cet Acte, et qui ne sont pas ci-devant accordés au dit Jean ^Te'rtupie *<* Lagorcc,.hs hoirs et ayans. cause, et les différentes amendes et pénalités infligées par »ntePo'nt\«o" le présent seront, comme ils font par le présent, accordées et réservées à Sa Ma. iasorw,'1" S»] jesté, ses héritiers et successeurs, pour les usages publics de cette Province, et le «p^itlSTson' soutien du Gouvernement d'icelle en la manière ci-devant exprimée, et il sera tenu M^lS/efuS compte à Sa Majesté, ses Héritiers et Successeurs de la due application de tels ar- compté*TMs'a m. gents, amendes et pénalités, par la voie des Lords Commissaires du Trésor de Sa JWté" Majesté, pour le tems d'alors, en telles manière et forme que Sa Majesté, ses Héritieis et Successeurs l'ordonneront.

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bâtir le Pout.

XIV. Pourvu toujours, et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que le dit Pont qui doit par le présent être bâti sur les dites Rivières du Sud-Ouest et Calix frra suffisamment élevé, et il y aura un espace suffisant de laissé entre les piliers ou ^'Sn/pa!!»*. quais du dit Pont, pour que les cages de quarante pieds de largeur puissent descendre les dites Rivières, et y passer fans interruption.

XV. Pourvu toujours, et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que le ÏZJiïg£îla dit Jean Lagorce, pour se mettre à même de jouir du bénéfice qui lui est accordé par ^eLê'cwActe", cet Acte, sera et il est par le présent requis de donner, fous deux mois après la passa- iTâuVul' 2. tion de cet Acte, notice publique pendant trois semaines dan» la Gazette de Montréal, ou par un écrit affiché à la porte de l'Eglise de la dite Paroifle de Saint Hyacinthe, pendant le même espace de tems, et lu publiquement à l'issue du Service Divin du matin de chacun des Dimanches ou Fêtes d'Obligation qui interviendront dans le cours de ce tems, qu'il est autotisé par le dit Acte à bâtir et construire un Pont et Maison de Péage sur les dites Rivières du Sud-Ouest et Calix, à l'endroit ci-dessus mentionné, et que les Habitans de la dite Paroisse ont droit de s'addresserau GrandVoyèr ou à son Député, dans les trois mois après la notification pour bâtir euxmêmes le dit Pont, et il fera certifié sons le ferment d'aucun deux Officiers de Milice, résidants dans le Compté de Richelieu, que les dites notices ont été duement faites et données devant un Juge de Paix, lequel certificat ainsi fous ferment ainsi qu'une Copie des dites Notices seront déposés chez aucun Notaire Public, résidant dans le Comté de Richelieu.

„^rt.o"!Set° XVI. Provided always, an<] be it furth-r enacted by ths authority aforesaid, that •m*V«w.',if *he inhabitants of the aforesaid Pa ish of Saint Hyacinth , in the County of Richelieu,'shall, within thr-e months after such notification as aforesaid, apply by Petition to th Grand Voy-r of the D Itrct of Montreal, or to hi* Dep >ty, to obtain a Prods Verbal, and (hall cause th: same to b* ratified according to Uw, before the twenty-fiist day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, specifying that th- said bridge shall be erected by the said Paish us Sa<nt Hyacin* the, or by a part of the fame, according to th • lavs now in fore, and fh ill theeafterin virtue of the (aid Proces Verbal, erect the said bridge w.thin one year to be computed from the date of the homologation of he said Procet Verbal, then, and in such caie, the (aid Jean Lagorce ih ill not avail himlelf of this Act for the proiiw. purpose of erecting the said bridge, and levying the said rates of toll. Provided

always, that if such Petition as above mentioned, be not made and presented to the Grand Voyer, or to his Deputy, as aforelaid, within three man hs, and a copy thereof served upon the said Jean Lagorce^ within three mon hs after such notification as aforesaid, it shall so thwuh, aster the exp ration of the said three mouths, be lawful for the laid Jean Lagorce, to avail himself of this Act, and to proceed immediately thereafter to the erection and construction of the said budge and tollhouse.

FitucAet- XVII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Act shall be

deemed a public Act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such, by all Judge*, Justices of the Peace, and all other person* whomsoever, without being specially pleaded,


An Act to authorize George Waters AUjopp, Esquire, and others therein mentioned, to build a Toll-Badge over the River Jacques Garner in the County oi Hampshire,

(24th April, 1819)

0 t

WHEREAS the erection of a Bridge over the Rive Jacques Cartier, at or ab jut ten ap nts from the present Ferry, adjacent to the confl v nee of >he laid river with the Saint Lawrence, in the County of Hampshire, would materially contrib te to th* convenience of h -• inh ibuant» of the adjaent parishes: And whereas George Waters Mtfopp, Robert illfopp and Anna Maria Alifapp, have by their Petition in this behalf, prayed for leave to b i!d a Toil-bridge over the said River Jacques Caruer, at the aforelaid yJacc—Therefore, may it pkafe Your


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