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An Act to authorize 'Jean Lagorce to erect a Toil-Bridge over the Rivers Sud-Ouest and Calix, in the Parifli of Saint Hyacinthe, in the County of Richelieu.

(14th April, 1819.)


WHEREAS (he erection of a Toil-Bridge o^er the Rivers
lix, near their confluence (and which empty into the Rii

Sud-Ouest and Ca. iver Yamaska) at the place where the King's Highway now passes over the said rivers Sud-Ouest and Ca. lix, in the Parish of St. Hyacinthe, in the County of Richelieu, would materially contribute to the convenience of the Inhabitants of the adjacent parishes: And i.uoriJd*!?** whereas Jean Lagorce hath, by his petition in this behalf, prayed leave for to build a Bri£.\£ui. Toil-Bridge over the said rivers Sud-Ouest and Calix, at the aforesaid place; ThereTm1'cm£.°*** sore, may it please Your Majesty, that it may be enacted, and be it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Assembly of the Province of Lower-Canada, constituted and assembled by virtue of and under the authority of an Act pasted in the Parliament of Great. Britain, intituled," An Act to repeal certain parts of an Act passed in the fourteenth '« year of His Majesty's reign, intituled, " An AH for making more ejseSual frevi*' Jion for the Government of the Province of Quebec, in North-America," and to make «« further provision for the government of the said Province;" and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the fame, that it shall be lawful for the said Jean Lagorce, and he is hereby authorized and empowered, at his own costs and charges, to erect and build a good and substantial Bridge over the said Rivers du Sud-Oucstand Calix, and to erect and build one Toll-House and Turnpike, with other dependencies, on or near the said Bridge; and alsotodo, perform, and execute all other matters and things requisite and necessary, useful or convenient for erecting and building, maintaining and supporting the said intended bridge, toll-house, and turnpike, withother dependencies, according to the tenor and true meaning of this Act.

II. And be its urther enacted by theauthority a fores aid,thai for the purpose of erecting, j.ihSriied Io'bm building, maintaining or supporting the said Bridge, the said JcanLaeorce, his heirs.

the land on el- °* J rr n. lie i_ Pii i • .

ther M* >f the executors, curators, and aliigne, inall trom time to time, nave roll power and authority to oue«an° cm, take and use the land on either side of the said riversdn Sud-Ouest end Calix, and there mater°ai> nec«- to woik up, or cause to be worked up the materials and other things necessary for

larj foi construe- n ex- i r % m i «•. • ° «- . « *

tioethebridre, erecting, conltructing, or repairing the laid bridge accordingly; the said Jean LiLbio «u«SctioB gone, his heirs, executors, curators and assigns, and the persons by him or them .wont»ndocen- employed, doing as little damage as may be, and making reasonable and just lam* £,"?.(a'ama"..' faction to the respective owners and occupiers of all such lands and grounds as shall ill#iati.o..nlt. ^ a]r^ere^J damaged, or made use of for the value of such land as well as for that of



Acte qui autorise Jeun Lagvrcel. bâtir un Font de péage, sur les Rivières du

Sud-Ouest et Calix dans la Paroisse Saint Hyacinthe, Comté Richelieu.

(«4mc. Avril, 181g.)

ATTENDU que l'érection <Tun Pont de péage si»f les Rivières du Sud-Oneft et ****** Calix, pièa de la jonction d'icellcs (qui se déchargent dans la Rivière Yamaska) à l'endroit où passe le chemin du Roi, actuellement fur les dites Rivières SudOuest ou Calix, en la Paroisse de Saint Hyacinthe, Comté de Richelieu, augmentèrent de beaucoup l'aisance et la facilité des communications des habitans des Paroisses circonvoisines; Et attendu que Jean Lagorce a par fa pétition à cet effet demandé permission de bâtir un pont de péage fur les dites Rivières du Sud-Ouest et Calix, à l'endroit susdit; Qu'il plaise donc à Votre Majesté qu'il puisse être statué, et qu'il soit statué par la Très Excellente Majesté du Roi, par et de l'avis et consentement du Conseil Législatif et de l'Assemblée de la Province da Bas-Canada, constitués et assemblés en vertu et sons l'autorité d'un Acte passé dans le parlement de la Grande-Bretagne, intitulé, "Acte qui rappelle certaines parties d'un Acte "palTé dans la quatorzième année du Règne de Sa Majesté, intitulé, "Aftc qui •' pourvoit plus efficacement pour le Gouvernement de la Province de Québec, dans PAAmérique Septentrionale," Et qui pourvoit plus amplement pour le Gouvernement "de la dite Province;" Et il est par le présent statué par la dite autorité, qu'il sera loisible au dit Jean Lagorce^ et il est par le présent autorisé et a pouvoir d'ériger et „£3!e«?82 bâtir, à ses propres frais et dépens, un Pont solide et suffisant sur les dites Rivières K^ÏDtp1°n,R1! du Sud-Outst et Calix, et d'ériger et construire une Maison de Péage et une Barrière ï>"2u?£j£*" avec d'autres dépendances fur, ou près du dit Pont, et aussi de faire et exécuter toutes autres matières et choses requises et nécessaires, utiles ou commodes pour ériger et construire, entretenir et soutenir le dit Pont projette, Maison de Péage, Barrière et aunes dépendances, suivant la teneur et le vrai sens de cet Acte.

II. Qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, qu'afin de parvenir à ériger, jo. r^or» bâtir et entretenir, et soutenir le dit Pont, le dit Jean Lagorce, ses Héritiers, Exê- î!££t« £„£ enteurs, Curateurs et ayant cause auront plein pouvoir et autorité de prendre, de &**%£* £Z tems à autre, et de se servir du terreinsoit d'un côté ou de l'autre des dites Rivières sid-o?«trtc». du Sud*Ouest et Calix, et là de travailler ou faire travailler les matériaux et autres '«mtérf»*^ choses nécessaires à l'érection, construction ou réparation da dit Pont, en conte- ïSSiTM^ <£ quence le dit Jean Lagorce, ses Héritiers, Exécuteurs, Curateurs ou ayans cause, *u»";mbc.£". et les personnes par lui ou par eux employées, causant aussi peu de dommage que £?bïuûxr>p£' possible, et accordant une compensation juste et raisonnable aux Propriétaires et ?",«£" ,2,ï£ Occupants respectifs de tous tels terreins qui seront altérés, endommagea ou mis en «£»£? «£ ^ Ce a usage'*

the alteration or of the damages which they may cause to the proorietors by means of or for the purpose of erecting the said bridg*, and the said house as above deiignated; and in cafe of diffe enco of opinioa and di'pute about the quanfum of such satisfaction, the fame (hall be (ettled by His Maj sty's Court of King's Bench, for the District of Montreal, after a previous visitation, examination ancles. timation of ihe pieinises, shall have been made by experts to be rumci by the parties respectively; and in default of such nomination by them, or either of thm, then by the said Court, in manner and form prescribed by law, and the said Court is-hereby authorized and empowered to hear, settle, and finally determine the amoint Frorto. of such compensation in constq'ience.—Provided always, that the (a-.djean Lagoree,

his heirs, executors, curators and (signs, (hall not commence the erection ot the said bridge and other works, by which any p rson may be deprived of bis land or part (hereof, or may suffer damage, before the price or value of the said land and damages, estimated and settled in the manner before prescribed, shall have been paid to iuch person, or after such price or value shall have been offered to him, or that on his refusal, the said Jean Lagorce shall have deposited it at the office of the Prothonotary of the Court of King's Bench for the District of Montreal.

»rHe».4c.TMt- HI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said bridge and

»d la the Mid lj»j i <-i»i **

jen the slid toll-house, turnpike and dependences to be erected thereon, or near thereto,

beirs and atalgnv; * r l_l_slw»l j ■■

attbe eipiraiton anr] a|f0 ine ascents or approaches to the laid Bndg*, and all materials which shall be

or 60 yeans His *• . «°

MniTlhe""^"! from time to time found or provided, for erecting, building, or maintaining an J repair* briliofe"»c'". - 'Dg tne s-m<r» Ma" De vested in the sard Jean Lagorce, hi« heirs and assigns for ever. '^0thJ»'f,ai«; Providcd, that after the expiration of fifty years from the pasting of this Act, it shall loeihotof. an(j may tjg iawful for His Majesty, his heirs and successors, to assume the possession and property of the said bridge, toll house, turnpike and dependencies, and the ass. nts and approaches thereto, upon paying to the said Jean Lagorce, his heirs, executors, curators or assigns, the full and entire value which the lame shall at the time of such assumption, bear and be worth.

IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that when and so soon iiJb.ii!^d'loE as the laid bridge shall be erected and built, and made fit and proper for ihe passage; Jn«'"iit{rabv*i- of travellers, cattle and carriages, and that the fame shall have been certified by TM"'tied"<.1c1ertlin any-two or more Justices of the Peace, for the District of Montreal, after examination ioiufor postage, jh^ec-f^ by three experts, to be appointed and sworn by tha said Just ces, and thill have been advertized in the Montreal Gazette, it shall be lawful for the said Jean Lagorce, his heirs, executors, curators and assigns, from time to time, and at all times to ask, demand, receive, recover and take toll, and for his and their own proper use, benefit and behoof for pontage, as or in the name of a toll or duty, be* fore any passage over the said Bridge shall be permitted, the several sums following, that is to fay: for every coach, or oiher four-wheeled carnage, loaded or unloaded, with the driver and soar persons, or less, drawn by two or more holes, .or other . i bealU

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