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under and in virtue or* this Act,by any Justice or Justices of the Ponce, be it farther enacted by the authority aforesaid, that it shill be lawful to and for the said Justices of the Peace to demand and have for every summons, one shilling, currency, for every Cory of a Summons, fix pence, currency, (or every Subpœna one (hilling, currency, for every copy of a Subpœn sixpence, currency, for evtiy Judgment, and copy thereof, one shilling and three pence, currency, for every Warrant of distress, bneshil ing and three pence, currency ; and that the Peace Officer oi Serjeant of Mi« litia, for every service and sigmficapion of the same, sha I have at the rate of one shilling, currency, per league, for the distance he shall hive gone to pel form such service, the distance in returning fiom the place where such service shall have been made not entitling h:m to any allowance.

A tegMei <• V. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said Justices of

*kn>u the Peace shall keep a Register of all Suits which sha I have been brought b fore

them respectively, in virtue of this Act, and shall give copies thereof to Inch persons

ropieitob* as shall demand the lame, and my for itch copies claim and have a: the rate of

•**"■' sixpence, currency, for every hundred words, unoer a penalty often pounds, cur

rent money of thi.s Pio^ince, on the said Justice of the Peace for ref< sing to give

a copy thereof, to be recovered by the patty to whom the said co.y (hall have been

vniKyfcri*- refuled, one h-i f of which penally shall belong to His Majesty and the o.her half

fu«i. to tjje pany complaining.

pTM»«yonp«. yj# And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, th-t if any Person or P>j *nt nimof Person.- shall refule or negif ct to pay and satisfy such sum or sums of money within

money, after .***'* *

j***TM?< «*•»•*■ eight days after judgment obtained, together with such costs as upon such complaint as aforclaid (hall be adjudged, the fame being demanded, such justice ot J >stictsof th Peace shall by-warrant of seizure and sale, under his or their b<»nd and seal or hands and ieals, (which warrant of leizjre and sale (hall be in the form herein after mentioned,! catile the same to be levied by distress and (ale of the goods of 'he party or parties (o refusing or neglecting as aforesaid, together with all -costs and chaige-s attending luch distress and sale, but which shall not in any cale, exceed ih. sum os seven shillings and three pence, current money of this Province*

tiLT?"""* VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that ihii, Act shall contime and be in force until the fiist day of May, which will be in the yeai ot out Loid one thousand eight bundled and twenty-one and no longer.

.nrfe"',*irhoid VIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the penalties im

KceicNd. posed by th's Act shall be levied by distiels and (ale of the goods and chattels ot the

offender, by a warrant or warrants under the hand and sal of any Justice of (he

Peace of this Province, and ihe fame shall, when levud, be paid iuto the bauds of

the Receiver General of the Province for the time being, for the use of Hi* Majesiy,His Heirs and Successors, for the Public uses of the Province, and for the support of the Government of the (ame, and shall be accounted for to Hit Majesty, His Heirs and Successors through the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for the time being, in such manner and form as His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors shall direct. No. 3, FORM OF A SUBPŒNA.



Parish (Township or Seigniory ) of To all and every the

Bailiffs, (Huifsiert,) Constables, and other Officers within the Parish, (Township

Form es Sum- o • \ * »-v T Tt- W n

Bum. or Seigniory) ot Greeting. In His Majelty s n uTir.yoii

are hereby commanded to summon A. B. of if he may be found

within the County of or Township of to be and

appear before of His Majesty's Justice of the Peace, residing in the

said Township (or Seigniory) at the dwelling-house of on

the day of at of the clock in the noon;

then and there to answer to C. D. of who demands of the said A. B.

the sum of for and do you make due return of this

Summons, with your doings thereon on or before the (aid day.

Witness hand and seal this day of in the

year of His Majesty's Reign, and in the year of our Lord


Parish, (Township or Seigniory) of To all and every the

vBr«.rw«. Bailiffs, (Huifiers) Constables and other Officers, within the said Parish, (Town-toŒ"c,"u" ship or Seigniory) of Whereas A. B.of x did

on the , day of before of

His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, residing at recover Judg

ment against C. D. of for the sum of for his Debt

and for his costs, of which execution remains to be done. You

arc therefore hereby commanded in His Majesty's Name, to levy of the goods, chattels and effects, of the said C. D. (except his beasts of the plough, hit implements of husbandry, the tools of his trade, and one bed and bedding, unless the other goods and chattels (hall prove insufficient,but not in any cafe the bed and bedding) the aforesaid sum and costs, together with for the expences of this execution, returning to the said C. D. the overplus if any there be, after having fully satisfied.the aforesaid sums.

Witness hand and seal, this day of

in the year of His Majesty's reign, and in tho year of cor



A. D. 1819. Anno Quinquagefimo Nono Georgii III. C. 10. 391

vincr, et poor le soutien du Gouvernement d'icelle, et il en sera tenu compte à Sa Maj'^st-, ies Héritiers «t Successeurs, par la voie dis Lords Commissures de la Trésorerie de Sa Majtsté, pour le tems d'alors, en telles manière et forme que Sa Majesté, ses Héritiers et Successesr» l'ordonneront.


Paroisse, Township (ou Seigneurie) de à tous et chaque soS-L*""*

huissier, connétable et aunes, cfficiers dans la Paroisse, Township (o<i Seigneurie) de Salut: Au nom de Sa Maj-sté, vos è pit

le présent commandés d'assigner A. B. de s'il le trouve

dans le Comte (ou TownûVp) de pour compacître

devant • des J iges de Paix de Sa Majesté, réûdint dans ce dit

Township (ou Seigneurie,) a la demeure de le jour

de à heures pour là et alors répondre

à C. D. de qui demande du dit A. B. la somme de

pour et il vous est enjoint de faire un du retour de cette sommation

avec vos procédés sur icelle, à le ou avant le dit jour

Témoin seing et sceau, ce jour de dans

année du Règne de Sa Majesté, et l'année de Notre Seigneur.

No. 2. FORMULE o'UN WARRANT D'execution.

Paroisse, Towafhip (ou Seigneurie) de à tous et chaque hiiflîer,

connétable et autres officiers dans la dite Paroisse, Township (ou Seigneurie) de wi,TMTMV«rf1n

Vu que A. B. de le jour de devant des Juges de Paix de *

Sa Majesté résidant à a obtenu jugement contre C. D. de

pour la somme de pour sa dette, et de pour ses dépens

dont exécution reste à faire; Vous êies donc par le présent commandés, au nom
de Sa Majesté, de prélever, des b'ens, meubles et effets du dit C. D. excepté les
animaux de la charrue, ses instrument d'agriculture, ses outils de métier et son lit et
couvertures, à moins que les autres biens, meubles et effets, ne loient trouvés
insuffilans ; mais dans aucun des cas, son lit et couvertures, la somme susdite et
dépens avec pour les frais de cette Exécution, en remettant a; dit

C. D. le surplus, s'il y en a, apiès avoir entièrement satisfait les sommes susdites;
Témoin seing et sceau, ce jour de

dans la année de Sa Majesté, et dans l'année de Notre Seigneur.

No. g.

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Province or Lower-canada,
County of

Form of Sub- —( _

•«»»• 'To Greeting:

(We) command you, that laying aside all and singular business and excuses, you and each of you, be and appear in your proper person before (us) at the Parish of (or Township) of in the County of on the

day of at o'clock, in the

noon of the same day, then and there to testify all and singular those things which you, or either of you know in a certain cause, between Plairi

■ tiff, and Defendant, before me the undersigned Justice of

the Peace, and this you, or either of you (hall by no means omit, under the the penalties of the Law.

Given under my hand and seal this


An Act to continue for a limited time two several Acts therein-mentioned to regulate persons engaged in the trade of baking and selling Bread in the Cities of Quebec and Montreal and in the Town oi Three Rivers.

(94th April, 1819.)

preamble T 717HEREAS an Act was passed in the fifty-fifth year of His Majesty's Reign, VV intituled "An Ad to regelate persons engaged in the bi» sine ss or trade of •^iii^up??. Baking and Selling Bread, within the cities of Q .tbc and Montreal, and in the Ac/m.""^-nil! town of Three Rivers ; and to repeal an Ordinance therein mentioned," which said c»p.»,co*«mi<ed. ^q was by an ^ft passed in the fifry.feventh year of His Majesty's Reign, intituled, ** An Act to continue an Act passed in the fifty fifth year of His Majesty's Reign, *• intituled, "An AB to regulate persons engaged tn the business or trade of baking *' and felling bread, within the Cities of Qutbec and Montreal^ and in the Town of •• Three Rivers; and to repeal an Ordinance therein'mentioned" in part altered, amended and continued, uutil ihe first day of May, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, on which day the same will expire: And whereas it is expedient further to continue, for a limited time, the aforesaid Act first above mentioned, at altered and amended by the last mentioned Act: Be it therefore enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of ihe Legislative Council and Assembly of the Province of Lower Canada, constituted and assembled by virtue of and under the authority of an Act passed in the Parliament

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