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pmnittft knnr XII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the penalties here•oti-iatoe. ^y irflickd, shall, upon proof of the offence* respectively before any one or more of

the Justice* of the Peace for the District of Montreal, either by conftslion of the. offender or by the oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses, (which oath such Justice is hereby empowered and required to administer) be levied by distress, and sale of the goods and chattels of such offender, by wan ant signed by such ]i (lie or Justices, and the overplus, after such penalties and the charges of such distress and sale are deducted, shall be returned upon demand to the owner of such goods and chattels, one half of which penalties, respectively, when paid or levied, (hall belong to His Majesty, and the other half to the person suing for the same.

v.t u> Im the XIII". And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Actor any ^H-.rtghH. thing herein contained, shall not extend or be construed to extend, to lessen, takeaway or affcct.the rights or privileges of the King's Majesty, his heirs or successors, or any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, in any of the things herein-before mentioned,except astothe powers and authority hereby given to the said Louis Michel Vigtr^ his heirs and assigns, and except to the rights which are hereby altered or extinguished, but that His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, and all and every person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, their heirs and assign?, executors and administrators shall have and exercise the same rights (with the exceptions aforesaid) as they and each of them had before the passing of this Act, to every effect and purpose whatsoever and in as full and.ample a manner as if this Act had never been passed.

M^ Imm v XIV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the money to be

^MtoUntoMh 'evicd by virtue of this Act, and not herein-before granted to the said Louis Michel

2'JTMVi'f£ii2d£ Viger, bis heirs and assigns, and the several fines and penalties hereby inflicted, shall

»*&££?*.£ be> and lhe sam* are nercby granted, and reserved to His Majesty, his Heirs and Sue

JJ^SJ. ** "■"■ ecssori, for the public uses of this Province, and the Government thereof, in manner

herein-before (et foith and contained: and the due application of such moni.s, fines

and penalties (hall be accounted for to His Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, in

such manner and form, as His Majesty, his Heirs and Successors (hall direct,

through the Lord* Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, for the time being.

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XV. And bf it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Act (hall be deemed a public Act, and (hall be judicially taken notice of, as such, by all Judges, Justices and all other persons whomsoever, without being specially pleaded.


XII. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que les pénalités infligées -^"wOni'v^ par le présent feront prélevées sur preuve des offenses respectivement devant un ou e,é*"plusieurs des Juges de Paix pour le District de Montréal, foil par confession du contrevenant, ou sur le serment d'un ou plusieurs Témoins dignes de foi, (lequel

Serment tels Juges de paix font par le présent autorisés et requis d'administrer) par saisie et vente des effets et biens mobiliers de tel contrevenant, fur un ordre figaé de tel Juge de Paix, et le surplus, après deduction faite de telles pénalités et des frais de telles saisie et vente, sera rendu à la demande du Propriétaire de tels effets et biens mobiliers, moitié desquelles pénalités respectivement, lorsque payées et prélevées, appartiendra à Sa Majesté, et l'autre moitié à la personne qui en fera la poursuite.

XIII. Et qu'il soit de plus statue par l'autûritê susdite, que le présent Acte, ni t^V'^".'^ aucunes des dispositions y contenues ne s'étendront, ni ne seront entendues s'étendre lea<lroU,*,,,l*i

à affaiblir, diminuer ou éteindre les droits et privilèges de Sa Maj fie le Roi, les Héritiers ou Successeurs, ou d'aucune personne ou personnes, corps politique Oit incorporé en aucunes des choses y mentionnées (excepté quant aux pouvoirs et au* torité par le présent donnés au dit Louis Michel Vigtry Ecuyer, ses Hoirs et Ayant cause, et excepté quant aux droits qui font par le présent expressément altérés ou éteints,) mais que Sa Majesté le Roi, Ses Héritiers et Successeurs et toutes et chaque personne ou personnes, corps politique ou incorporé, leurs Hoirs et Ayans cause, Exécuteurs et administrateurs auront et exerceront les mêmes droits (lous les exceptions susdites) qu'eux et chacun d'eux avoient avant la passation de cet Acte à tout effets quelconques, et d'une maniera aussi ample que si le présent Acte n'avoit jamais été passé.

XIV. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que les argents qui seront «i*«» préi,.prélevés en vertu de cet Acte, et qui ne font pas ci-devant accordés audit Zouii JdVrfv'yÏÏ Michel Viger, les Hoirs et ayans cause, et les différentes amendes et pénalités j£o'iMkï>Vvig«! infligées par le présent, feront, comme ils font par le présent, accordées et réservées Sint$Vi**1'0" à Sa Majesté, ses Héritierset Successeurs, pour les usages publics de cette Province, jÏÏSje» n~ «£

1^-1 nii i _:x ■ J • i -*ir rendu compte à S*

et le Gouvernement d icelle en la manière ci-devant exprimée et contenue et il iera M>j»té,
tenu compte à Sa Maj t fié,les Héritiers et Successeurs de la due application de tels ar-
gents, amendes et pénalités, par la voie des Lords Commissaires du Trésor de Sa
Majesté pour le tems d'alors, en telles manières et loi me que Sa Majesté, Ses
Héritiers et Successcus l'ordonneront.

XX. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité fusditr>, que cet Acte fera jugé A«up>Mir> être un Acte public, et que comme tel,il en fera judiciairement pris counoisiance par tous Juges, Juge» de Paix et autres personnes quelconques, fans qu'il soit spécialetuent plaidé.


Cap. xxxvn.

AN ACT to authorise Jean Marie Langlois, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, to build a Bridge over the River Yamajka, at the foot of the cascade, opposite the village of Saint Hyacinthe, in the County of Richelieu, to fix the Rates of Toll for passing thereon, and to provide regulations for the said Bridge.

(22 March, 1817.)

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WHEREAS Jean Marie Langlois, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, has with considerable expense purchased a certain lot of ground and a Bridge on props (chevalets) erected many years ago, over the River Yamajka at the foot of the cascade of the said Ri ver, opposite to the village in the Parish of Saint Hyacinthe, in the County of Rxhelieu, and whereas the said Jean Marie Langkis, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, by his petition in that behalf has set forth the ncessity, the benefit and the additional security which the public would derive from the erection of a substantial and sufficient Toll Bridge at ihe place before mentioned, instead of the present insecure and incommodious Bridge on props (chevalets); be it therefore enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Assembly os the Province of Lower-Canada, constituted and assembled by virtue of, and under the authority of an Act passed in the Parliament of Great-Britain, intituled, " An Act to repeal cerrain parts of an Act passed in the "fourteenth year of His Majesty's Reign, intituled, '• An AH for making more effectual "provisionJor the Government os tht Province os Quebec, in North-America " and *' to make further provision for the Government of the said Province;" And it is hereby enacted by rhs authority of the fame, that it shall be lawful for the said scan Marie Langlois, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, and he is hereby authorised .ima Mwif o«r. andeoipowered, at his own costs and charges, to erectand build a permanent, sufficient "."hirBriditfoter and substantial Bridge, over the said River Yamajka, at the foot of the cascade of the •.Bi.wYunaA.. ^ RiveJ. and 0ppofjte to ,ne viHage jn the said Parish of Saint Hyacinthe, and to

etect and build oneToll-House and Turnpike with otherdependencies.oaor near the (aid Bridge, and also to perform and execute all other matters and things requisite and necessary, useful or convenient for erecting and building, maintaining and supporting the said intended Bridge, Toll-House, and other dependencies, according ihe tenor and true meaning of this Act; and further, that for the purpose of erecting, building, maintaining or supporting the said Bridge, the said Jean Marie Langlois, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, his heirs, ex ecu tors,curators and assigns, shall, from time to time, have full power and authority to take and use the land, on either side of the place called the cascade, and there to work up or cause to be wrought up the materials and other things necessary for erecting, construct


Acte pour autoriser Jean Marie Langlois dit Germain, à construire un
Pont sur la Rivère Yamaska au pied de la Cascade vis-à-vis le Village
Saint Hyacinthe, Comté de Richelieu, pour fixer les droits de péage
fur icelui, et qui pourvoit à des Règlemens pour le dit Pont.

(2 2C. Mars, 1817.)

ATTENDU que Jean Marie Langlois dit Germêin, a acquis à grandi frai? trims*. ■**• un certain espace de Terrein et Pont à Chevalets bâti depuis plusieurs années fur la Rivière Yamaska, au pied de la Cascade de la dite Rivière, vis-à vis le Village de la Paroisse de Saint Hyacinthe, Comté de Richelieu : et attendu que le die Jean Marie Langlois dit Germain,, par sa Rcquêie à cet effet expose la nécessité, s'avantage et l'augmentation de fureté qui rélulteioit au Public, par l'érection d'un Pont de péage, solide et suffisant à l'endroit susnommé, au lieu du Pont à Chevalets - toujours incommode et dangereux, maintenant usité; Qu'il soit donc statué par la Très Excellente Mdjesté du Roi, par et de l'avis et conlentement du Conseil Législatif et do l'Assemblée de la Province du Bas-Canada, constitués et assemblés en vertu et fous l'autorité d'un Acte du ParKment de la Grande Bretagne, intitulé, "Acte qui rappelle certaines parties d'un Acte passé dans la quatorzième année du "Rcgne de Sa Majeflé, intitulé, Acîe qui pourvoit plus efficacement pour le Gouverne-"nutU de la Province de Québec dans l'Amérique Septentrionale," et qui pourvoit plus "amplement pour le Gouvernement de la dite Province;" Ec il est par le présent statué par l'autorité susdite, qu'il sera loisible au dit Jean Marie Langlois dit Geimain fwt*"d?o?niSS!" et il est parle présent autorisé et a pouvoir d'ériger et bâtir à ses propres frais et "«'pomtm?'/^ dépens un Pont permanent, solide et suffisant lur la dite Rivière Yamaska, au 'Z.u. au>in Y*' pied de la Cascade de la dite Rivière,et vis-à vis le Village de la dite Paroisse de Saint Hyacinthe, et d'ériger et construire une Maison de péage et une Barrière, avec d'autres dépendances, fur, ou près du dit Pont, et aussi de faire et exécuter toutes autres matières et choses requises et néceflaires, utiles ou commodes pour ériger et construire, entretenir et soutenir ledit Pont projette, Maison de péage, Barrier* et autres-dépendances suivant la teneur et le vrai sens de cet Act<', et Oe plus afin de .parvenir à ériger, bâtir et entretenir et soutenir le dit Pont, le dit Jean Marie Langlois dit Germain, ses Héritiers, Exécuteurs, Curateurs et ayant cause auront plein pouvoir et autorité de prendre, de tems à autte, et de se servir du terrein soit d'un côté ou de l'autre de l'endroit nommé la Cascade, et là de travailler 01 fatre travailler ies matériaux et autres choses nécessaires à l'érection, construction ou. réparation du dit Pont, en conséquence le dit Jean Marie Langlois dit Germain, ses Héritiers,. Exécuteurs, Curateurs ou a vans cause, et les perlonnes par lui ou par eux



ing or repairing the said Bridge accordingly : the said Jean Marie Langhis, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, his heirs, executor}, curators or assigns,* and the persons by him or them employed, doing as little damage as may be, and making reasonable and just satisfaction to ihe respective owners and occupiers of all such lands and grounds as (hall be altered, damaged or made use of for the value of such land as well as for that of the alteration or of (he damages which they may cause to the proprietors, by means of or for the purpose of erecting the said Bridge and the said House as above designated ; and in cafe of difference of opinion and dispute about the quantum of such satisfaction, the fame dial! be fettled by His Majesty'* Court of King's Bench, of and for the District of Montreal, after a previous visitation, examination and estimation of the premises shall have been made by Experts, lo be named by the parties, respectively: and in default of such nomination, by th-m or either of them, then by the said Court, in manner and form prescribed by Law; and the laid Court is hereby authorised and empowered to hear, settle and finally determine the amount rmiw. of such compensation, in consequence. Provided always, that the (a\d Jean Mint

Langhis, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, his heirs or assigns, (hall not commence the erection of the said Bridge and other works by which any person may be deprived of his land or part thereof, or may suffer damage before the price or value of the (aid land and damages estimated and fettled in the manner before prescribed, shall have been paid to such person, or after such price or value shall have been offered tohjtn or that on his refu I sal, the said Jean Marie Langlois, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, shall have deposited it, at the Office ot the Prothonotary of the (Court os King's Bench for the District of Montreal.

! to, and also the ascents or approaches to the laid Bridge, and all materials (hall be, from time to time, gotten or provided, for erecting, building, making or main-taining and repairing the fame, (hall be vested in the said Jean Marie Langlois,w^»ftw «.«e»pt«- '"W'so called Jean Marie Germain, his heirs and assigns for ever. Provided, that after Mob-«, "?"<«"•■ the'expiration of fifty years, to be accounted from the passing of this Act, it thall l"?d°S^4c°w-*nd may De 'awfulr His Majesty, his hdrs and successors, to assume the polfeffion EEn'ioi« othe^wiM and property of the said Bridge, Toll-House, Turnpike and dependencies, and the "eiraiuiSfani'iid asoentk and the approaches thereto, upon paying to the said Jean Marie lang/cif, .mire..loe o>eieof. 0|jjerwjfe called Jean Marie Germain, his heirs, executors, curators or assigns the full and entire value which the fame may, at the time of such assumption, bear and wkeo the nridt« be worth; and when and so soon as the (aid Bridge shall be erected and built, and i,1'"i",*°fl,S«sTMiOT. made-fe and proper for the passage of Travellers, Cattle and Carriages, and that the j'"jn»H.r«u«- (ame shall be certified by any two or more Justices of the Peace, for the District «in?? wtiortorf of Montreal, after examination ihereof, by thres Experts, t_> be appointed and sworn ,"1£*Q,T?uiTqU*e Dy lnc ^alc^ Jast'CCS» a"d be advertised in the Quebec Gazette, it (hall be lawful for the said Je&n Marie Langlois, otherwise called Jean Marie Germain, hu h*'5 executois,curators and assigns, from time to time and at all times, to aik, demand, r

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