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Exemption is certain cues.

II. Provided always and be it farther enacted by the authority aforesaid, that noPerson, Horse Or Carriage employed in conveying a Mail or Letters under the authority of His Majesty's Post-Office, nor for the Ho»ses,.or Carriages, laden or not laden, and Drivers attending Officers and Soldiers of His Majesty's Forces, or of the Militia, whilst upon their march or on duty, nor the said Officers or Soldiers, or any of them, nor Carriages and Drivers or Guards sent with Prisoners of any description, shall be chargeable with any Toll or rate whatsoever. Provided also, that it shall and may be lawful for the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs, executors,. curators or assigns to diminish the said Tolls, or any of them, and afterwards if he or they shall fee fit again to augment the fame, or any of them, so as not to exceed in any cafe the rates herein-before authorised to bs taken. Provided also, that the • TMo*«£p7c'o» said J3"*TM Casgrain, his heirs, executors, curators, or assigns shall affix or cause to ,i«. ,t eact T»u- be affixed, in some conspicuous place, at or near such Toil-Gate, a Table of the Rates payable for passing over the said Bridge; and so often as such rates may be diminished or augmented he or they shall cause such alteration to be affixed, in manner aforesaid.

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III.1' And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said Tolls, shall be, and the same are hereby vested in the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs and assigns, for the space of fifty years from the day of the passing of this Act. Provided uheMd'oVSÆlJ.' a'ways,taat if His Majesty shall,aster the expiration of fifty years from the passing of this Act,assume the possession and properly of the said Bridge, Toll«House,Turnpike and dependencies and the ascent, and approaches thereto, the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs,executors, curators or assigns shall be entitled to recover, have and receive of and from His Majesty, his heirs and successors the full and entire value which the fame may at the time of such assumption bear and be worth, and the said Tolls shall from the time of such assumption appertain and belong to His Majesty, his heirs and successors, who shall siom '.hence-forward be substituted in the place and stead of the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs and affigns}for all and every the purposes of this ALL

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liate of the Draw

ari.l-:r to be railed for tbe passage of vtMeli.

Penalty for negleet.

IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs, executors, curators, representatives or assigns owing, holding or having charge of the said Draw-Bridge,shall at all times upon verbal notice or request to that intent, be bound forthwith to raise the gate of the said Draw-Bridge, without any toll,fee,orrecompense order to afford and give passage to all and every vessel,craft or decked boat, having a mast or masts,navigating in and upon the said River Ouelle.under the penalty of one pound,currency,for each and every default, to be paid with costs of suit to such person or persons as may be aggrieved by realon of each and eveiy such default, without prejudice to the damages which the above named Pierre Casgrain, his heirs, executors, curators, representatives or assign*


II. Pourvu toujours, etqu'il soit de plus statues par l'autorite susdite, qu'aucune JS^l!""1 *""" personne, cheval ou voiture employe a transporter tine Malle ou des Lettres, sou* l'autorite du Bureau de la Poste de Sa Majeste, ni les chevaux on voitures charges ou noncharges avec leurs conducteurs, qui accompagnent des Officicrs ou Soldats des Troupes de Sa Majeste, ou de la Mi! ice, fur leur marche ou en service, ni Ustlits Officiers ou soldats ou aucun deux, ni les voitures et conducteurs ou gardiens qui accompagnent des Prisonniers de toutes descriptions, ne seront sujetsa aucunsTaux quelconques. Pourvu aufli, qu'il sera loisible au dit Pierre Casgrain, ses Hoirs, p.,,,,,, Gamut* Executeurs, Curateurs ou Ayans Cause, de diminuer les Taux susdits pu aucun d'l- J'S^Tw ceux, et ensuite, s'il le trouve neressaire, de les augmenter de manioc a ne pas ex- le,«SJ" T»hie d« ceder, en aucun cas, les Taux que cet Acte les autorise d'exiger. Pourvu auffi, que ?a","I5drei?*m1" le dit Pierre Casgrain, hi Hoiis, Executeurs, Curateurs ou Ayans cause,afficheront %g£'*"vu' B"~ ou seront asticher, a quelqu'endroit visible a ou pies de la Barnere, une Table des Taux payables pour passer fur le dit Pont, et aussi louvent que tcls Taux seront diminues ou augmented, ils ou elles seront asticher tel changement de la memo maniere.

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III. Et qu'il soit de plus statue par l'autorite susdite, que les dits p6ages seront, j^'X'JTM^ comme ils font par le present, accordes au dit Pierre Casgrain, scs Hoirs et Ayans J°Du(1ru^"pa^n^I^ cause pour 1'espace de cinquante annees, du joui de la passation de cet Acie.— 1^^TM,*? J« Pourvu toujours, qae fi apres l'expiration de Cinquante annees, a compt<;r de Si°m»^u" d"" la passation de cet Acte, Sa Majeste prend possession et propriete du dit Pont, JMaison de Peage, Barriere et autres dependances et des momes et bords a iceux, le dit Pierre Casgrain, scs Heritiers, Executeurs, Curateurs on ayans cause auront droit d'avoiret recevoir de Sa Majeste, ses Heritiers et Successeurs la pleine et entiere valeur qu'ils pourront avoir au terns de telle prise de possession, et les dits Peages, du terns de telle prise, de possession, appartiendront a Sa Majeste, ses Helitiers et successeurs qui seront des lors (ubstitues au lieu et place du dit Pierre Casgrain, ses hoirs et ayans cause pour toutes et chacune des sins de cet Acte*

IV. Et qu'il soit de pins statue par l'autorite susdite, que le dit Pierre Casgrain, r^Portedu pont

*■ ..»•• T-.- S\ n ir r sr l I4»il tera le»<« pour

ses Heritiers, Executeurs, Curateurs, Reprelentans ou ayans caule, poiiedant, <i«nner passage t

, » ^. _, - . . . r l '.' touJ vaiweaui

tenant ou ayant charge du dit ront Levis, leront tenus en tout tems, lur notice verbale ou demande a cet effet, de lever fans de 1 ai la porte du dit Pont Levis fans aucun droit, honorairc ou Recompense quelconque, afin d'accorder et donner passage a tous et chaque Vaiiseau, Barque ou Chaloupe pontee, portant mi mat ou des mats, qui naviguera fur la dite Riviere Ouelle, sous une penalise d'une Livre courant p4B»ut4,<>ur «*■■ pour tous et chaque desaut, laquelle sera payee avec les frais de pourtuite, a telle personne ou personnes qui auront fouffert a raison de tous et chaque tel desaut, sans prejudice aux dommages que le dit Pierre Casgrain3 set Heritiers, Executeurs,


shall have caused by such neglect or delay in raising the gate of the said Draw-Bridge, and of which he or they shall be responsible to those who may have soff\.rcd Of sastain.d such damages.

Pteirecueninre- V. And "be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that in case the saiS gujrri tor*,*,a. Bridge (hall, at any time, become impassable or unsafe for Travellers, Cattle or Carriages, he the said Pierre Casgrain, bis heirs, executors, curatots, or assigns, shall, and they are hereby required, within eighteen months from the time at which - the said Bridge shall, by His Majesty's Court of General Quarter. Sessions of the Peace, in and for the said District of Quebec, be ascertained to be impassable or unsafe, and notice thereof, to him or them, by the said Court given, to cause the same to be rebuilt or repaired, and made safe and commodious for the passage of p.mMvif »t re- Travellers, Cattle and Carriages, and if within the time last mentioned, the said *"'"' Btidge be not so repaired or rebuilt, as the cafe may require, then the said Bridge

or such part or parts thereof, as shall be remaining, shall be, and be taken and considered to be the property of His Majesty; and after such default to repair or rebuild the said Bridge, the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs, executors, curators or assigns, shall cease to have any right, title or claim of, in, to or out of the said Bridge or the remaining parts thereof, and the Tolls hereby gran:ed, and his and their right in the premises, shall be wholly and for ever determined.

t<«,iivTMrTM. VI. And be it further enacted bv the authority aforesaid, that if any person, grC iSi?' ft3'1 forcibly pass over the laid Bridge, without paying the Toll or any parr Si^oI«r'u"ttJ thereof; or shall interrupt or disturb the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs, executors, tatanJuJjSeBrid* curators or assigns, or any person or perrons employed by him, or them, for building or repairing ihe said Bridge, or for making or repairing the way over the same, or any road or avenue hading thereto, every person lo offending, in each of the cases aforesaid, shall for every such offence, forfeit a sum not exceeding forty shillings, cunency.

wo.BHVhre, Xt. to VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that no person or pen

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above the said Bridge, and below the laid Bridge to the mouth of the River; and if any person or persons shall erect a TollBridge or Toll-Bridges over the said Rivet, within the said limits, he or thty shall pay to the said Pierre Casgrain, his heirs, executors, curators and assign?, treble the Tolls hereby imposed, for the Persons, Cattle or Cainages,which shall pass over luch Bridge Ot Bridges; if any Person or Persons, shall, at any time, for hire or gam, pals or convey any Person or Persons,

Cattle. Curateurs,Représentants ou ayans cause auront causés par le défaut et négligence de lever la Porte du dit Pont Levis, et dont ils seront respond blés envers ceux. qui les auront soufferts.

V. Et qu'il soit déplut statué par l'autorité susdite, que dans le cas où le ^J*? £££;',; dit Pont devienne en aucun tems impraticable ou dangereux pour les voyageurs, PmU bestiaux ou voitures, le dit Pierre Casgrain, ses Héritiers, Exécuteurs, Curateurs, su ayans cause, feront comme ils font par le présent requis de faire, fous dix huit mois du tems que le dit Pont fera constaté être impraticable ou dangereux, par la Cour de Sessions Générales de Quartier de la Paix de Sa Majesté dans et pour le dit District de Québec, et qu'avis en aura été donné à lui ou à eux parla dite Cour, réparer, construire et bâtir de nouveau le dit Pont, et le rendre sûr et commode pour le passage des voyageurs, bestiaux et voitures ;. et si, dans ce dernier tems, le di Pont n'est point réparé, ou rebâti, ainsi que le cas pourra être, alors le dit Pont ou telle partie ou parties d'icelui qui subsisteront deviendront et seront pris et considérés comme étant la propriété de Sa Majesté, et après tel défaut de réparer ou rebâtir Je dit pJ'"£âufs" "'** Pont.le dit Pierre Casgrain, ses Héritiers, Exécuteurs, Curateurs ou ayans cause cesseront d'avoir aucun droit, titre ou prétention sur le dit Pont ou les parties restantes d'icelui; et les péages par le présent accordés, de même que son ou leur droit dans les objets susdits, leront entièrement et-pour toujours terminés.

VI. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que si quelque personne ,,^1^"TM^ passe forcément sur ledit Pont, sans payer le péage ou quelque partie d'icelui, ou TM.' PaTMîeTMpé£" interrompra ou troublera le dit Pierre Casgrain, ses Héritiers, Exécuteurs, Cu- aVpiMM1^'"1* rateurs ou ayans cause, ou quelque personne ou personnes par lui ou eux employés ïdu^iîpontj&ï" à bâtir ou réparer le dit Pont, ou pour faire ou réparer le chemin fur icelui, ou

quelque chemin ou avenue y conduisant, toute personne ainsi contrevenante encourra, dans chacun des cas susdits, pour chaque telle offanse, une amende qui n'excédera pas la. somme de. quarante chelins, courant.

VII. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, qu'aucune personne quel*

conque ne pourra ériger ou taire ériger aucun Pont ou Ponts, ouvrage ou ouvrages •,,.

7 r • ■ 6 i rr i r J. demi-lieue de di»

pratiquer ou taire pratiquer aucune voie de pauage pour le transport d aucunes per- »<"» <" ^»u. <i0

s ^ . n- •„ I r&rx„ 1 J- D- •* £k dit Pont ni jraqu'à.

tonnes, beniaux ou voitures quelconques pour gages a travers la dite Kiviere Ou- rembouchure de u fille, à une demi-lieue de distance au dessus, et jusqu'à l'embouchure de la rivière »"'• au dessous du dit Pont, et si quelque personne ou personnes construisent un Pont ou des Ponts de péage fur la dite Rivière dans les dites limites, elle payera ou elles payeront au dit Pierre Casgrain, ses Héritiers, Exécuteurs, Curateurs ou ayans cause, trois fois la valeur des Péages imposés par le présent pour les personnes, bestiaux et voitures qui passeront fur tel Pont ou Ponts, et si quelque personne ou


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Cattle, 6/ Carriages across the said River Ouelle, within the limits aforesaid, such offender or offenders, shall, for each Carriage, Person or Animal so carried across, forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding forty shillings, currency. Provided that nothing in this Act contained, shall be construed to prevent the public from passing any of the Fords in the said River, within the limits aforesaid,'or to crossover Canoes, without gain or hire,

uMi!!*1d.w!lP<th*I1, VIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person BridEoorTou-hou- shall maliciously pull down, burn or destroy the said Bridge, or any part thereof, or the Toll-House erected or to be erected by virtue of this Act, every person so offending, and thereof lawfully convicted, shall be deemed guilty of felony.

Not to effect the IX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Act or

Htiu-'» ri'»riti

any of the dispositions therein contained, shall not extend or be construed to extend, to weaken, diminish or extinguish the rights and privileges of His Majesty the King, his Heirs ar d Successors, nor of any person or persons, body politic or corporate, in any of the things therein mentioned (except as to the powers and authority hereby given to the said Pierre Ca/grain, his Heirs and assigns, and except as to the rights which are hereby expressly altered or extinguished) but that his Majesty the King, his Heirs and Successors, and all and every person or persons, body politic or corporate, their Heirs and Assigns, Executors and Administrator;, shall have and exercise the same rights (with the exceptions aforesaid) as they and each of them, had before the passing of this Act, to every effect and purpole what* soever and in as ample manner, as if this Act had never been passed.

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periaitjfhowreco. X. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the penalties hereby inflicted, shall, upon proof of the offences respectively before any one or more of the Justices of the Peace for the District of Quebec, either by confession of the offenders, or by the oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses, (which oath such Justice is hereby empowered and required to administer) be levied by distress and (a'c of the goods and chatties of such offender, by wariant signed by such Justice or Jjistices of the Peace, and the overplus, after such penalties and the charges of such distess and sale are deducted, shall be returned upon demand to the owner of such goods and chatties, one half of which penalties, respectively, and when paid and levied, lhall belong to His Majesty, and the other half to the person suing for the same.

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