The Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute, Volume 2; Volume 29; Volume 36, Issue 2

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Includes sect. "A survey of literature on the manufacture and properties of iron and steel, and kindred subjects" (title varies)

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Page 573 - Report of Progress of the Geological Survey of Canada for 1874-75." Dr. Ells, also, in the "Report of Progress...
Page 447 - Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim is (d).
Page 1098 - Institution as far as shall be in my power, and will attend the Meetings thereof as often as I conveniently can: provided that, whenever I shall signify in writing to the Secretary that I am desirous of withdrawing from the Institution, I shall (after the payment of any arrears which may be due by me at that period) be free from this obligation. Witness my hand, this day of FORM F.
Page 812 - ... per cent. of iridium and osmium, fused with some pure iron, gave a button, which, when forged and polished, was exposed, with many other pieces of iron, steel, and alloys, to a moist atmosphere : it was the last of all showing any rust. The colour of this compound was distinctly blue ; it had the property of becoming harder when heated to redness, !ind quenched in a cold fluid. On observing this steel-like character, we suspected the presence of carbon : none, however, was found, although carefully...
Page 1098 - Society as they are now formed, or as they may be hereafter altered or amended ; provided, however, that whenever I shall signify in writing to the Society that I am desirous of withdrawing my name therefrom, I shall (after the payment of any...
Page 1071 - Paris ; de l'Union des charbonnages, mines et usines métallurgiques de 'la province de Liège, etc., etc.
Page 1098 - ... similar vote, at a subsequent meeting, to be held not less than three, or more than six months after the first ; and notice of this last meeting shall be duly advertised as the Council or a general meeting may advise.
Page 550 - ... holding marine shells, were observed to be banded by irregular dark colored layers, in which the iron ore predominated. The same thing was afterwards remarked by me in stratified sands at much higher levels in the vicinity. Where these sands form the beach, they are exposed to the action of the waves, which effect a process of concentration, on a grand scale, so that, it is said, after a prevalence of certain winds, great belts of nearly pure black sand are exposed along the shore. At the...
Page 768 - It was proposed by DR. CT WILLIAMS, seconded by ADMIRAL JP MACLEAR, and resolved : — " That the best thanks of the Royal Meteorological Society be communicated to the President and Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers for having granted the Society free permission to hold its Meetings in the rooms of the Institution.
Page 592 - ... more nearly related to asphaltum. It resembles the latter closely in appearance, being very black, brittle and lustrous, with a broad conchoidal fracture, and, like asphaltum, is destitute of structure, but differs in fusibility and in its relation to various solvents. It differs from true coal in being of one quality throughout, in containing no traces of vegetable tissues, and in its mode of occurrence, as a vein, and not as a bed. The vein occupies an irregular and nearly vertical fissure,...

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