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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1863, by

John Bartlett, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Mas.



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THE favor shown to former editions has encouraged the compiler of this collection to go on with the work and make it more worthy.

It is not easy to determine in all cases the degree of familiarity that may belong to phrases and sentences which present themselves for admission; for what is familiar to one class of readers may be quite new to another.

Many maxims of the most famous writers of our language, and numberless curious and happy turns from orators and poets, have knocked at the door, and it was hard to deny them. But to admit these simply on their own merits, without assurance that the general reader would readily recognize them as old friends, was aside from the purpose of this Collection,

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Still, it has been thought better to incur the risk of erring on the side of fulness.

Owing to the great number of Quotations added in this edition, it has been necessary to make an entire reconstruction of the book.

It is hoped the lovers of this agreeable subsidiary literature may find an increased usefulness in the Collection corresponding with its present enlargement.

Cambridge, December, 1863.





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Cranch, C. P., 364 | Greville, Mrs., 267
Crashaw, Richard, . 135

Halleck, Fitz-Greene, 357
Defoe, Daniel, 177 | Heber, Reginald, 322
Dekker, Thomas, 136 Hemans, Felicia, 342
Denham, Sir John,. 136 Henry, Patrick, . 383
Dennis, John, 401 | Herbert, George, 131
Dickinson, John, 280 Herrick, Robert, 133
Doddridge, Philip, · 230 Hervey, Thomas K., 355
Dodsley, Robert, . 280 Hesiod,

Donne, Dr. John, 126 Hill, Aaron,

Drake, J. Rodman, 312 Hobbes, Thomas, 367
Dryden, John, 166 Holmes, Oliver W., 361
Dyer, John, 229 Holy Scriptures, 1
405 Home, John, .


Hood, Thomas, 346
Emerson, R. Waldo, 357 Hooker, Richard, 368
Emmet, Robert, . 386 Hopkinson, Joseph, 282

402 Hunt, Leigh, . 341
Euripides, .

392 Hurd, Richard, 383
Everett, David, 282

Irving, Washington, 391
Farquhar, George, . 214
Fletcher, Andrew,. 375 Johnson, Samuel, 231
Fletcher, John, 129 | Jones, Sir William, 269
Fouché, Joseph, . 384 Jonson, Ben,

Francis I.,

Franklin, Benjamin, 377 Keats, John,
Frere, J. Hookam, 282 Kempis, Thomas àg. 366
Fuller, Thomas, . 374 Key, Francis S., 363

King, William, 173
Garrick, David, 237
Garth, Samuel, 406 | Lamb, Charles, 297
Gay, John,

212 Langhorne, John, . 268
Gifloril, Richard, 17? | Lec, Henry,

Goldsmith, Oliver,. 246 Lee, Nathaniel, 175
Grafton, Richard, 403 Le Sage,

Gray, Thomas, 238 L'Estrange, Roger,
Green, Matthew, 225 Logan, John, 279
Greene, Albert G., . 36+ Longfellow, II. W., 360
Greville, Fulke, 123 | Lovelace, Richard, . 134


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