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Page 79 - ... to make a just and equitable estimate of the loss and damage to the respective owners, lessees, parties and persons respectively entitled to or interested in the said lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises, and to make report thereof to the said supreme court with due diligence.
Page 81 - ... corrected and revised, or a new report to be made by them In the premises, to the said court without unnecessary delay ; and the same on being so returned shall be confirmed or again referred by the said court In manner aforesaid, as right and justice shall require, and so from time to time until a report shall be made or returned In the premises which the said court shall confirm; and such report, when so confirmed by the court, shall be final and conclusive...
Page 82 - ... in any court having cognizance thereof, and it shall 'be sufficient to declare generally for so much money due to the plaintiff or plaintiffs therein by virtue of this act, and the report of said commissioners, with proof of the right and title of the plaintiff or plaintiffs to the sum or sums demanded shall be conclusive evidence in such suit or action.
Page 86 - An act relative to improvements touching the laying out of streets and roads in the city of New- York, and for other purposes," passed April 3, 1807; and the map or plan of said city is hereby altered accordingly.
Page 99 - When private property shall be taken for any public use, the compensation to be made therefor, when such compensation is not made by the State, shall be ascertained by a jury or by not less than three commissioners appointed by a court of record, as shall be prescribed by law.
Page 85 - York are hereby authorized and empowered to order and cause to be raised by tax on the estates, real and personal, subject to taxation according to law within...
Page 49 - York, is hereby empowered as soon as conveniently may be after the passage of this act, to order and cause to be raised by tax on the estates, real and personal, subject to taxation according to law, within the said city and county...
Page 53 - All property so devised, granted, bequeathed or conveyed, and the rents, issues, profits, and income thereof, shall be subject to the exclusive management, direction, and control of the said Board of Park Commissioners.
Page 162 - As there are no dark places at noon day, so education and culture — the true sunshine of the soul — will banish the plague spots of democracy; and the dread of the ignorant exclusive who has no faith in the refinement of a republic, will stand abashed in the next century, before a whole people whose system of voluntary education embraces (combined with perfect individual freedom), not only common schools of rudimentary knowledge, but common enjoyments for all classes in the higher realms of art,...
Page 162 - Were our legislatures but wise enough to understand today, the destinies of the New World, the gentility of Sir Philip Sidney, made universal, would be not half so much a miracle fifty years hence in America, as the idea of a whole nation of laboring men reading and writing, was, in his day, in England.

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