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14. Luke xv. 22. Rev.

1 Pet. v. 5. Gal.

Rev. xy. F iii. 27. Shoes. The Preparatin- of the Gospel of Peace. Eph. .

vi. 15. Luke'yr Armour. A covering of Grace against the Assaults of

the Enepy. Ephes. vi. 11. An Helmet. Salvation. Eph. vi. 17. 1 Thess. y.


The Shield. Faith, to defend the Vital Parts,

and resist the fiery Darts of Satan. Eph. vi.

16. Sword of the Spirit. The IVord of God. Eph. vi. 17.

Heb. iv. 12. Rev. i. 16. A Rod or Wand. Power and Rule. Psal. cx. Psal. i.

9. Exod. iv. 17. A Cloke. Hypocrisy and Malice.

and Malice. 1 Pet. ii. 16. 1 Thess. ii. 5. A Crown. A Garland of Herbs or Flowers, bestowed

upon Champions and Conquerors, as the Reward of Victory. 1 Cor. ix. 25. 2 Tim. ii. 5. 1 Pet. v. 4.

Rev. ii. 10. Life. The Life of a regenerate Spirit : Immortality.

Isai. xxxviii. 16. Gen. ii. 9. Psal. xvi. 11. xxxvi.

9. Matth. xix. 17. John vi. 53. Sleep. Death, to be followed by a Resurrection

John xi. 11. Dan. xii. 2. 1 Cor. xv. 20. Death. The State of a Soul insensible of Sin and Cor.

ruption, and destitute of the Spirit of Life. i Tim. v. 6. ' Jude, 12. Rev. iii. 1. A State of Mortification, Death to Sin, and Crucifixion with Christ Rom. vi, 8. i Pet. ii. 24. Col. ii. 20. Gal. vi.

14. Bread, Food, or Nourishment of any Sort. The Word

of God. Deut. viii. 3. Matth. iv. 4. Heb. v. 12, 13, 14.

Hunger and 11.-t. The Appetites of the Spirit after

Righteousness. Like i. 53. Matth. v. 6. John

vii. 37. Psal. xlii. 2. Itching Ears.

A Lust after the Preachers of false Doctrine. 2 Tim. iv. 3. Bodily Infirmities. All the Distengers and Weak

nesses of the Mind are expressed by them. Isai. xxxv. 3—6. Matth. viii. 17. Isai. i. 5. "Miracles on the Body were therefore signs of Salvation to the Soul. John ix. 5, 6.


PARADISE. Was an emblematical Residence; the

Name being applied to the invisible Residence of the Blessed. Luke xxiii. 43. 1 Cor. xii. 4. Rev, ji. 7. Also to the Church and Tabernacle. Cant. iv.

12. Lam. ii. 6. Jerusalem. The earthly a Sign, Earnest, and Puttern

of the heavenly. Gal. iv. 26. Rev. iii. 12. Heb.

xi. 10. 12. 22. Sodom. The Name is applied to any Apostate City, or

to the wicked IVorld at large. Isai. i. 10. Rev.

xi. 8. Jude, 7. Egypt and Babylon. Mystical Names of Wickedness,

whether of Jews, Heathens, or apostate Christians.

Rev. xvii. 5. 1 Pet. v. 13. Rev. xi.8. A Tabernacle. The Body of Man, in which the Soul

dwelleth. 2 Cor. v. 1. 2 Pet. i. 13, 14. An House, a Temple, are used in the same Sense. 2 Cor. y, 1.

1 Cor. vi. 19. An House The Church of God, in which his Family

live, and he dwells with them. I Tim. iii. 15. Heb,

iii. 6. The Ark of Noah, The Church in which we are saved

by the IVater of Baptism. 1 Pet. iii. 21. The Wilderness. This IVorld, through which Chris.

tians pass, and undergo all the Trials of the Hes brews, in their IVay to Canaan. Isai. xxxv. 1, Isai. xli, 18. li. 3. 1 Cor. x. 5,



HIGH PRIEST. Christ the only true Priest, in

whose Person and Name every other priest is appointa ed to act, under the Law and the Gospel, Heb. iv;

14. v. 1. Sacrifices. Redemption by the Blood of Christ, Heb.

ix. 22. Eph. i. 7. Incense. An outward Sign of the Devotion of the

Heart in Prayer, ascending up to God, Psal. cxli.

2. Luke i. 10, Acts x. 4. Rev. v. 8. Passover. What the Paschal Lamb was at its first

Institution, when the First-born of the Hebreus were all redeemed by it; such Christ is to us, 1 Cor.

v. 7. Circumcision. An Engagement, like that of Baptism,

to renounce the Flesh and circumcise the Heart. Deut. X. 16. xxx. 6. Phil. iii. 3.

Col. ii. 11. Rom. ii. 29. Washing with Water Purification from Sin and

Guilt. Psal. lxxiii. 13. li. 2. 7. Isai. i. 16. Jer.

iv. 14. 1 Cor. vi. 11. Tabernacle. A Representation of this IVorld and the

other; and its Services a Rehearsal of what is done in

both. Heb. ix. 1, &c. The Vail of the Temple. The Body of Christ, opening

the Kingdom of Heaven by its Death, when the

Vail was rent, Matth. xxvii. 51. Heb. x. 20. Manna. The Bread that cometh down from Heaven,

and giveth Life unto the World. John vi, 31-33. Priests Garments. Emblematical of Purity and Sanc.

tification, Psal. cxxxij. 9.

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Quid enim munus reipublicæ adferre majus, meliusve possumus,

quam si docemus atque erudimus juventutem! His præsertim moribus, atque temporibus, quibus ita'prolapsa est, ut omnium opibus refrenanda ac coercenda sito

Cic. de Divin. lib. iii.

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